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Art Keyblade's Pieces


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Here's the opening illustration to this thread. I hope it's to your liking because it's my favorite one so far. I so <3 teh swirlies. X3

Well, I finally decided to put up a thread posting my works of art that I have made from Photoshop. I will and promise to keep this thread going and not withering up and die. n.n; Anyways, I'll put up my works of art that I think is good enough... and I hope that a lot of people will respond to my efforts. Well... let's get this party started, shall we?


Oh, and here's a banner that I made in case anyone wanted to show everyone what I can do. I just had to make one... I'll put up some more banners if this isn't to your liking.

I hope I can make some good artistic friends like White... he just seems to be so... popular lately. n.n

Well, I hope this thread goes good and steady because I'll be posting my good graphics... I think. n.n Oh yesh!! I also maybe want to have a saying just like the cool White... I've always wanted to be like him. XD[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Wai~! A KW thread!

[COLOR=#9E0B0E]First, I'd like to personally thank you for answering them request threads. No wonder you've suddenly gotten a whole lot better in graphics. Well done, chief.[/COLOR]


[b][u]Kairi banner[/u][/b]

[COLOR=#9E0B0E]I love the background! Saturated shades are always good in my book, so are swirly patterns. They also bring out Kairi's eyes (or the color in them) so that at least ties the background to the subject.

However, I feel that you could have done more to Kairi's picture. It looks sort of plain and dark against the bright and busy background. I suggest you play with the Levels a bit, just to balance the brightness of both elements. Also, it's hard to read the font you used for "KW". Perhaps you could use a simpler looking font? [/COLOR]

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[SIZE=1]Don't encourage White like that, his ego is big enough already >_< (Even if he does have cool shirts)

I like the effects you've used for these pictures. I can't really add much more, because Delta covered everything I wanted to say. Like her, the only thing I can see wrong with the banner is the text and the Kairi stock. Apart from that, it's looking great.

The image you're using as your title picture doesn't really seem like one. It's too small, for one, and because you have a big paragraph of text above it, the picture looks a little lost. It would look much better if you had that image first, then everything else. (Like White done, if I remember correctly).

Apart from that, everything's looking spiff. Post more next time so I have a proper excuse to write a lot. ^_~[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Thanks a lot, guys.... makes me appreciate my artwork a little more.

Anyways, here's some new pieces that I've made. This one is something that I played around with in PS. I was taking pictures for Art and I thought that this picture was amazing. It's big.. but pretty. n.n;


And this one.... is the very first picture that I learned to color in PS!! YAY!! XD It's Riku... so... yeah. Awesomeness... n.n


I know it might be huge... but if someone could tell me what a good size for these would be so that I could do that in future refernce, that would be great. n.n

Please rate and there'll be more to come!! n.n

[B]EDIT:[/B] I know... the beginning picture is so small.... that is why I'm disliking Photobucket now... lyk3.. 0MG!! XP[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Heehee... :animesmil

You make Kairi look absolutely hotter, K.W. The blue swirly background for the banner and very first pic is beautiful, too. Like Delta said, it brings out Kairi's eye color. 9.5 out of ten, now I gotta go look at your other pics... :animeswea

EDIT: Holy crap... The flowers were absolutely beautiful, and they make me wanna go to the flower shop and get a bunch :animesmil 8.8/10

The Riku pic is ofcourse not the best Anime-style drawn pic ever, but it's not even nearly close to the worst. The colour is pretty great, and the drawing is good too. It turned out really good in the end, espeically for your first try. 8/10.

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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Huzzah!! Thanks, my Number One Fan!! Oh.. and BTW.. I'm totally loving your new sig. XD


Well, here's a new piece by me made just last night. I've always wanted to do something with Ed (yay!) and I found this awesome and sad pic.... so, I decided to make this.. picture... thing-y. o.o I totally love teh swirlies!! XD

Again, Comments and Compliments!! n.n[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Well I have to say I love all these picture, especially the Ed one and the flowers one was cool too. I've been playing about with photoshop too lately, as you already know, and I can respect these pictures more now.

The color on the flowers picture made me think "ooo pretty!" which is what you want them to make people think. I really don't know how you did the effects on the Ed picture, you'll have to show me some time. I can't wait to see any more pictures you're gonna do!
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[B][COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Wow methinks the new one is good, great even! :animesmil Me being an FMA fanboy, I obviously like this pic.

The picture is great, because it shows the sadness of Ed, after all that he's been through. And basically, it's his fault, so the phrase on the picture is just what it's supposed to be.

The red colour goes great, and alot better than it would be if Ed was coloured normally, or coloured any other colour.

And yet again, the swirls kick butt! :animesmil [/COLOR] [/B]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Huzzah!! Oh my goodness... it feels good to be back!! Yay!! Thanks Nomura... I so <3 you! X3 Anyways, sorry that I don't have any new artwork to post right now because I've been on that awesome trip to Holland, but I promise that I'll whip up some awesome stuff and post it here! I'm thinking of making a Kingdom Hearts wallpaper or something.. I dunno... would anyone use it?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Heh, yeah... I'm still trying to learn how to get some good and full use out of it! Maybe.. just maybe... I can be a great Photoshop Artist... *looks with a far off gaze*... yeah right. Anyways, continuing on....


Here is my everlasting devotion to my favorite color... BLUE!! XD I just thought that since alost everyone has done something like this with a color, I wanted to do it, too. Yup, that's me... always wanting to be like the popular kids. X3

Oh yesh! And here's some banners that I would like to be graded!





If anyone would like to use these banners and want an avatar to go with it, please PM me first and I will send it to you.

Once again, Huzzahs! and WTFS?! XDXD

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[size=1]Nomura, Kune, your critiques of Keyblade's works was lacking at best. You offered nothing specific that Keyblade did well or poorly, and as a result, they cannot get better. Without knowing what to improve and what they've already done well, nothing can change. This is most unfair to the artist. While your intentions were good, "Good job!" just doesn't cut it.[/size]
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[size=1][font=georgia]Keyblade, I must say, I love your work.

[b]The first art thing:[/b] I don't know, it doesn't really appeal to me. It looks good, and the background and fonts work well with one another, but nothing sparks interest, as you said, a devotion to your favorite color blue. I give it an [b]8/10[/b].

[b]Banner #1:[/b] The background, the font, the blue theme, that part is wonderful. A border is always a plus, and all that blends and it looks great. I have a problem with the image; it kind of fits the banner, but not enough. It's a little to dark, and it seems like a kind of low quality image. I give this banner an [b]8/10[/b] also.

[b]Banner #2:[/b] This one, is my favorite out of them all. Everything fits; blue theme of course, artsy things all over the place, and the font is good. The border color is great; it doesn't stick out too much, but it isn't too light. The image is great for this banner, as it isn't too dark which I see sometimes in your work. I give this a perfect [b]10/10[/b].

[b]Banner #3:[/b] Ah, mostly everything looks good as always. Font is nice and the background isn't dull. The image seems a little blurred though, but it doesn't interfere too much. I give this banner a [b]9/10[/b].

[b]Banner #4:[/b] The only not blue one, heh. The blend of colors works very well, and the image fits (and must I say is quite adorable). Glittery, swirly things over to the left give some more flare to the banner, and the border color matches well. The font seems choppy though, and it doesn't really give emphasis. I give it an [b]8/10[/b].

Well, good job. Overall, I see your backgrounds are perfect, and no need about missing borders, but image selections should be looked at.[/font][/size]
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  • 2 weeks later...
[quote name='Zero Tolerance][COLOR=Red']You make very beautiful works of art. Maybe you should consider a career in graphics arts.[/COLOR][/quote]
[size=1]Alright, Zero Tolerance. Welcome to Otakuboards.

Here on OB, we expect a certain quality to posts. For a great example, look at Kanariya's post right above yours. Do you see what Kanariya's has that you lack? It's substance. Your post does nothing to help the artist. If they've done something well, please tell them what they've done well. If it's not perfect, tell them what they could fix. A "great job!" will do nothing to help an artist improve.

I'm getting somewhat tired of reposting these warnings on post quality, folks. Let's pull things together.[/size]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Wow... sorry that I haven't been posting here in forever, guys... schools been killing me slowly. I swear.... I think my teachers have gone crazy for work or something... X. x

Anyways, I'm sorry that I don't have a BIG project to turn in now, but I swear I'll do it this weekend so that I can make you all happy. XD Right now, I only have a few banners and avi's that I just made that needs to be rated. n.n Thanks for helping me improve, everyone.






Comments and Compliments Again, Please!! XD[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Okay, I'll comment on the features rather than the banners.

[U]Scan Lines:[/U] You must, [B]must[/B] be careful when using them on such a high opacity, because they tend to blur the picture quite badly. Your Riku banner, for example, isn't nearly as good as your others because of the dark and blurry scanlines. They would have looked much better if they were on a lower layer or, if you really wanted them over Riku, a lower opacity. Otherwise, the banner is nice. Though I'm not sure why he has pink butterflies. *imagines him chasing said butterfly with net*

I really like your Uryuu banner the best, because he is pretty. =D You worked quite well with the stock and the colours all blend really nicely. Well done. (Nice choice of font, too.)

I like forward to seeing a larger scale graphic in the near future.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Uwaah! Thanks, Zeke, for FINALLY (lol) replying to my thread. Now I'll lower the Opacity of my scan lines... I never really thought of that.... O.o


TA-DAH!! For the Fangirl's that love the men of Fullmetal Alchemist! I DID THIS FOR YOU ALL!! XD[/CENTER]

Anyways, I tried to do something animated in this piece.... but I really don't know how to do anything in that program. TT.TT Only thing I really know how to do is make stuff flash.... and that's it. So, if anyone could help me out... that would be great! XP Comments and Criticisms, please. n.n

Oh and if you want to see it without teh flashing, look [URL=http://img350.imageshack.us/my.php?image=edroy6py.png]here.[/URL]

Also.... MORE BANNERS AND STUFF!! XD Maybe I should call this "Keyblade's Random Place". Yeah... that would've been better. n.n






Once again, thanks everyone for putting up with me and my rants. *bows* I can only hope that I can get better with your help. n.n Now, if only the great artists Delta, Retibution and White would post in my thread so I can be like them cool kids... *gazes off into the distance* Yeah right... > >;[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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As always I love your new artwork, the effects you use on all of your banners in my opinion are great. I try to use your banners as a reference to help with mine but I still can?t get that cool glowing effect sadly. Looks like you had a butterfly theme going with these ones.

Anyways I noticed that in all of your banners the colors always match quite nicely so good job with that. Also I don?t know why but I like the DNangel one a lot, probably cause it?s just so?sparkly. Oh and I like the one above it, dunno what?s that off though sorry. I liked the way you had the image on the left with the glow effect and the image on the right just normal. To me it makes it look like the picture on the right is in the foreground and the left picture is in the background so that?s cool.

I can?t wait to see further work and I know you?ll get even better than you are now so don?t worry, as they say practise makes perfect.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]*Twitches* Uh oh.... this can't be good. o.o;

Actually, I use brushes that are already pre-made or I downloaded them. I'm still trying to learn exactly how to make brushed, so until that end.... eh heh. n.n;

Uh... I hope that doesn't mean that I'm a bad artist or anything... TT.TT[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]It doesn't mean that you're a bad artist, it just means that you have room for improvement. It's a personal view of mine that an artist must overcome their crutch on other people's brushes if they ever want to surpass the level they're at. I mean, after all, a person downloading brushes only needs to download better-looking brushes to 'improve.'

I'd recommend trying to do things without other people's brushes. Instead, look up tutorials for making your own brushes from random images and textures. It seems that you've got a general grasp on how your program works and a good idea of how to arrange the elements in your pieces. Really, it should be an exercise in learning how to do the things you're currently doing with brushes manually.

And as a general sidenote, try not to overwhelm your pieces with effects/oversaturation (as Ezekiel said earlier, I think) and try making your text more effective. Either it's a pixel font in the corner or an underpowered, nearly invisible thing. Experiment above all, and you'll make leaps and bounds.[/size]
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