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Sign Up Stranded [M-VLS]


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[size=1]Creepers and vines whipped at the bare flesh of his arms. He struggled to get to his feet in the burning sun. His head was swimming, and he could barely see three feet in front of him. Something had happened...he was somewhere strange.[/size]

[size=1]He tore through the dense jungle of creepers, ripping at them with his hands, tearing them from the trees as he stumbled blindly through the trees. Strange noises, animal sounds, the wind assaulted his ears. He coughed, his lungs full of burning air.[/size]

[size=1]Finally he was out of the jungle, and he had emerged on a golden beach, pure white sand stretching as far as the eye could see, clear blue water all the way to the horizon. But behind him, where he had just come from, was thick jungle, and smoke rising above the treetops.[/size]

[size=1]Where was he? And, more importantly, who was he? He could not even remember his name...Harry...Harold...Alan...Alex? Was that his name? Alex? Yes, it must be. His name was Alex. He looked down at his clothes. Jeans and a white shirt, slightly ripped, a little charred, but for the most part in tact. His hair was short, and there was a little stubble growing on his chin.[/size]

[size=1]That told him who he was, now for where. He sat down, trying to remember what had happened. He was in America, that's right. He was trying to find something...in a huge building...an airport. He had been looking for something...or was it someone...in an airport. But he had gotten on the plane, and it had been about an hour, maybe more, he may have fallen asleep...then something happened. The plane ripped itself apart, tore itself to shreds, and burning chunks of it fell out of the sky...that was right...[/size]

[size=1]But he couldn't be the only survivor. There must be some others somewhere. Maybe if he found the plane, or what was left of it, he would find some people who were with him.[/size]

[size=1]He got to his feet, but there was no need. Already from the jungle there were groups of people already emerging, as scruffy-looking and as exhausted as him...[/size]


[size=1]I'm not going to reveal too much of this RP now, that's why the intro is not as long as some of my others. Now here is the low-down.[/size]

[size=1]As you may have guessed, this is based on a Lost-style theme, people stranded on a desert island, weird things happen. But, everyone on this island has lost their long-term memories. They remember who they are, and how old they are, but very little other than that, apart from what has happened recently. They remember boarding a plane, and the plane crashing, but apart from that, they remember very little. This is a quest to find out what happened, and why they are here, with a very big twist which will appear at some point.[/size]

[size=1]But, on this island, anything can happen. The impossible becomes possible, the improbably becomes extremely probable.[/size]

[size=1]Now, instead of a sign up, I want a character snippet, of your character finding themselves in the jungle, and making their way out onto the beach. But give me plenty of description, of your physical appearance, what they can remember of their past life, and their personality, but this is one thing I have to ask you to do. Please make your character's personalities as different from each other as possible. I really want them to be a massive, diverse spread of personalities. If there are two that are even remotely similar to each other, I will have to choose the better snippet to go through. I want sadists, crazies, loners, people who keep themselves to themselves, extroverts, introverts, anything you can think of, but keep it varied. I cannot stress this enough.[/size]

[size=1]And, one last thing. There will be deaths in this RP, and not just of NPCs. Players will die, and very few of you will last until the end of this RP. Think of it like OB Survivor. If you are underachieving, or if you disappear without informing me earlier, you will be killed off. Is that clear?[/size]

[size=1]Take a look at the introduction to find out a little about my character, and PM me if there are any problems.[/size]

[size=1]Happy creating![/size]
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[SIZE=1]First of all I want to say that it's great to have a new type of RPG here. I just hope that the plot doesn't follow Lost's storyline, because here in Finland they're still running the first season and I don't want to get spoiled. And now on to the snippet...[/SIZE]


He woke up to a hard hit on his forehead. He opened his eyes and saw a large beak with two dark eyes staring down on him behind it. A tucan?!

He shooed the bird away and tried to sit up, but the ground under him trembled. It took him a while to realize where he was. He was surrounded by branches and leaves of some sort of palm tree. The branches swayed as he moved. He turned his head and saw many other palm trees. Same thing on the other side. No solid ground anywhere. This meant that...


He managed to produce a short scared holler before he hit the ground many feet below the treetop where he had been lying.


He rubbed the back of his head, feeling the hot blood dripping to his fingers. Same thing on his forehead. That ******* bird!

He began to cry miserably. Here he was, stranded in a jungle with no idea how he had gotten here or how he could get out. Why did these things always happen to him?!

The blood from the wound in his forehead was flowing to his eye, mixing to the salty tears. He knew he had to do something, so he ripper off a strip from the hem of his neon green t-shirt and tied it around his head, like a mockery of a bandage.

"****!" he swore, wiping his tears to the back of his tanned palm. "Get a hold of yourself, Dash! Stop being such a wussy!"

Dash? Who the **** had such a... Oh. [I]He[/I] was Dash. Daniel Ashgrove. Sheesh. How could've he had forgotten that?! His own name?

It began to lighten up to him that he didn't remember a whole lot of other things, either. It amused him. In fact, he was so amused that he began laughing out loud.

"Whohoo, I'm free!" he shouted from the bottom of his lungs, and sprinted to the thick bushes.

He ran and ran and ran, all the while laughing. He was at the top of the world, free like the tucan that had pecked open his head. Free to do whatever he wanted.

He didn't stop running and laughing until he suddenly came to a beach. The pure white sand and the glimmering turquoise ocean blinded his vision. He raised his hand to cover his eyes, and suddenly saw movement on the corner of his eye.

He turned to look, and saw a bunch of other people. He waved to them, and began walking along the beach to join them.

He was happy now.


[size=1]Here's a more traditional sign-up:

[B]Name[/B]: Daniel "Dash" Ashgrove
[B]Sex[/B]: Male
[B]Age[/B]: 20
[b]Appearance[/b]: slim build, tanned skin, marine blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, wears a light green t-shirt with yellow sides and beige long shorts.
[b]Personality[/b]: bipolar, manic-depressive, rapid mood changes, often confused
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][B]"Owww!"[/B] Kaze screamed as he felt pain from his left arm.

He woke up in the sand, near the salt water. He gently opened his eyes. He slowly sat up and say the large cut on his left arm. He wondered how that happend. He started to look around and saw that he was on an island.

[B]"Where the hell am ,"[/B] he whispered to himself.

He quietly sat there think how he had gotten there. He soon remembered little of the plane crash and where he came from. It took him a while to remember his name, Kaze. He remember how old he was, sixteen. He looked around once more and slowly stood up.

[B]" Maybe there are other people around,"[/B] he thought.

He started walking in to the island jungle. His white shirt and his red shorts were torn a little. He walked deeper into the jungle holding his arm. The was no sound except the wind and trees and heard some animals. After and hour of walking he sat under a tree. his arm was paining him. Then he heard something move. His eyed widen and saw it was another person.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
[B]Name[/B]: Kaze
[B]Sex:[/B] Male
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She felt a hard pain in her side. It stung terribly and she growled quite loudly as she leaned up. She felt her side. A small cut was there. She glanced at what had caused it. A small piece of metal from... something.

'What was it again' she thought. Oh thats right... a plane.

She slowly stood up, her head and side hurt but other than that she felt fine. She glanced around and saw other wreckage. Stuffing from seats was scattered around her feet. She glanced up and saw the seat she must have been in. It had been torn in several places by the metal and branches. She must have fallen from the seat when it got caught in the odd tree.

"Now..." She said but stopped. Who was she again? She remembered something bird like... "Now Avian stay calm." She said to herself quietly. She remembered her name was Avian Hawke. "Where is uh... Jake." She muttered to herself.

"Avy, anne!" She her a quiet cry. She shook her head and looked for the sound. She located it in another seat hanging from the trees. This time however someoen was still strapped into it.

"Jake!" She leapt into action looking for a way up into the tree. She found a route with some vines and branches that in a way created a ladder for her. She got up there and saw a little boy with golden curley hair but nost of it was red now. Blood from some wound had soaked his hair.

She went quickly into grabbing a hold of the small boy who seemed to be just around the age of seven. She un did his belt and hel onto his arm as his body swung freely below her. She slowly and one handedly crawled back down the tree and set him on the ground.

She looked him over all the while talking to herself, "Hmm i wonder where he is hurt. he is bleeding quite a bit. Hmm I should find something to ... here we go a bag. She unzipped the bag that must have been in an overhead compartment and found a yellow shirt and a green one. She tied the green one around her wasit to cover her own wound and then started mopping up jakes blood from his head. She soon found a very deep gash in the back of his head.

He looked weak so she picked him up and began to walk. She could hear waves so went towards them. If there was a beach or lake that mean clear open spot so she wanted to find it. She pushed her way through the jungle and made it out into the sun. It hit her lightly tanned face and she had to shielf her light brown eyes which had little hints of yellow around the edge.

She couldnt think of what to do but it wasnt long before she didnt have to do anything. She watched as Jake's eyes slowly **** and his body went quite limp. She sat there staring at him for a while. She couldnt beleive what was happening. She looked out over the ocean. Where were they? Or where was she?

She saw other people not many but a few stepped out of the jungle. This made her feel uneasy. She didnt like large amounts of people. Many people at all for that matter. One walked over to her and seeing all the blood asked, "Who was this?"

She looked at the woman silently, "My little brother. I think..." She muttered. She remembered the word brother but couldnt remember much other than that.

She stood up and dusted the sand off her loose tan cloth pants. She did remember she wore them when flying, they were the most comfortable. They had a rope around each pant let got keep the bottom tight if one wanted and a rope belt with a small stone like object the rope went through. She was also wearing a dark green t-shirt that had a large rip across the back and one in the side. She untied the shirt she had tied around her waist and the bleeding had stopped but she knew it pain wasnt over.

"I shouldnt have fallen asleep. I should have stayed awake the whole time." She grummbled to herself.

"I doubt that would have kept the plane from crashing." She said again.

"I know that its just that... I could have I dont know kept him closer or something."

"It wouldnt have helped."

"Why am I not that sad... I mean someone died but I mean saddER that my family member died."

"Maybe because you only knew him for a few hours. Remember."

Indeed she did. She remembered meeting her mother and little HALF brother at the airport. The mother couldnt keep Jake so she was handing him over to her ex husband and daughter. She rememberd her father was in the seat in front of them and they were both falling asleep. Then the plane shooke and it all happend a little to fast. She remembered next waking up with a pain in her side.

She ran her fingers through her light brown hair that had very thick bold blonde streaks through it. It was very hot from the sun. She looked around and the lady that asked her who jake was had backed off to the others.

"She sees me talking to myself and shes all scared... sheesh." She said blankly.
"Meh some people just dont understand thats all" She said. "Now... I wonder if father survived. And if so where is he?"

She sighed. She was 18, her life just beggigng only to have it pretty much end in the crash. She had very high doubts of rescue or survival.

PERSONALITY EDIT: She talks to herself. Says something or asks a question and then she answers it as if there were two people in the conversation. This isnt exactly because of insanity or anything... She just doesnt like being alone, Nor does she like silence. It makes her severely uncomfortable which results in her talking to herself. However she is afraid of large groups of people, or strangers, as well which makes her some what anti social. So most of the time you might see her shying away from people AND talking to herself because of it. If this isnt clear then Now I understand why I get so many strange looks sometimes...
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All this sound... all around him...what was this sound...where was it coming from...A person! No not a person...but then what is it... Who's there?

With a sudden burst of fear and anxiety, he poped up to a sitting postion. He was disoriented, every thing was in a blur for a moment. But as things came into focus he became even more axious and confused. He began to realize he couldn't remember who he was, or where he was either.

He tried to reach his feet, but was still feeling dizzy and stumbled about for a moment. Once finding his balance he looked around himself and saw the lush and overly dense forest brush that seemed to be wrapped all around him. He started pulling at the creeper vines that had found there way across his chest.

His head began to stabilize and he panned the area surrounding him. He soon realized that no matter how much he looked, he had no idea where he was. More distressing then that, he soon realized that he couldn't remember who he was. He began to panic, not knowing what to do or where to go. He started to rip through the brush and run off in some random direction. It didn't matter where he was going as long as someone else was there. He hated this solitude.

The sound of running water came to him as he ran on. Was he near a river? That meant water. It was at this time he noticed how amazingly dry his throat was. He had to have something to drink. He broke through a clearing, and then slipped down a muddy enbankment and into a small creek. Muddy or not the water looked and smell fresh. He put his face straight into the water and began to take long, deep gulps of the water.

After quenching his thirst he started to calm down and re-examine himself. First, who was he? Charles...no....Carl...no...Clark! That was it, his name was Clark. With that figured out he started to try and think on what he was doing here. He sat in the shallow creek, since this is where he felt safest at the moment. He rememberd a plane...and a woman. Who was this woman? Was she his girlfriend, fiance, wife? He couldn't remeber. Then it dawned on him that he might have not even been with her, he might have been following her. But this still didn't answer the question of who she was.

He cleared her of his mind and thought about how he got her. Let's see, there was a plane and then.... burning. Did the plane crash? Was it a bomb? Damn, it was all to fragmented to tell. He could only remember screaming and burning. Other then that, it was all just a blur tragedy. Clark sat in the creek a bit longer as the water moved past his chest. He started to think that if he pulled out of it alright, then there had to be atleast a few others out there.

Clark stood up in the water, finally having his wits about him. The current was rushing past him, so he decided to follow the current. It might bring him to a lake. Or better yet, the beach. Clark started walked in the water, following the current. The smell of salt hit the air and he knew that meant he was close to the beach. If he made it there, then he might find other survivors. He didn't want to be alone anymore.

The brush surrounding the creek began to fade and let out into this vast open beach. It was of pure white sand and a crystal blue ocean. It was more then he had dared hope to see. He stepped out of the water and laid down on the soft, yet hot sands of the beach. He soon realized he couldn't remember what he looked like either. He looked to his arms first, both were tan and hairy. He started to feel over his body. He wasn't fat, but he was kinda soggy. His legs were pretty thick and solid though.

He rolled off his back and went to the water to check his reflection. He was in need of a shave, his face had a thin black stubble on it. His face was kinda swollen looking. He had dark brown hair and green eyes. He responded to the image in the water with "Ick, that's me?! Well at least I've still got my personality."

And with that he rolled back over and laid on the white sands of the beach, waiting for the arrival of any other survivors.
[B]Name:[/B] Clark Tellas
[B]Age:[/B] 25
[B]Pesonality:[/B] Logical and usually calm. He has a light hearted personality, and likes to joke around with others. He hates being alone more then anything. He doesn't remember much about himself, so he isn't very sure what else there is to know about himself.
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[size=1]Thank you all for your sign-ups! It's nice to have this looking rather popular already. Just a few tiny little niggles:

Can you all just make absolutely sure that your personalities are very different, and also, can you try to make them a bit clearer in your snippet? Or, if not, just attach a section to your snippet that looks a little like this:

[b]Personality: [/b]......

If you could, that would be much appreciated.

And a couple of things directed mainly at 1NOnlyCloud. Firstly, you wouldn't be able to remember your name straight off. If you recall, I said that everyone on this island is suffering from memory loss, so bad that it takes a struggle to remember your own name. Secondly, your apology not withstanding, your snippet is too short. Take a look at some of the others for an example of length. You don't have to make it as long as Frankie's, but it should be a little more in-depth than yours. And also, attaching a picture of your character was not an option. I need to see your descriptive skills in your snippet, and that means giving me a physical description, even just a brief, relatively detailed one, of your character. Other than those things your snippet looks good, just needs a little more work.

And in answer to your fears, Sandy, this will not follow the storyline of Lost. It is merely based on the same basic theme as the show, but towards the end it will become very very different, I assure you. To be completely honest with you, I haven't even seen any episodes of Lost, I have just heard about it and have had this idea floating around with no real substance in my head for a long while, and decided to flesh it out a little.

Other than that, all the sign-ups are looking good so far, it would be nice to see a few more coming in. I don't think I mentioned it before, but I don't need all that many characters to get started, so if need be I can start it with the limited number of characters we have currently.

Thanks to you all for signing up, I had all but lost faith in my own RPs, but you have restored it!
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Heh I apologize for making mine so long. I just got going and the next thing I knew it was quite long and I was still willing to write more. Anyways Iv edited the bottom with a clearer look to her uh... personality... its kind of mixed.
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]I love Lost! Awesome idea, Blayze!

A low moaning broke the natural sounds from the swaying trees. Slowly her eyes opened and adjusted to the bright light that hung overhead. She moaned in pain as she lifted her aching arm to her forehead, shielding the golden rays from her eyes. A colored bird swooped down and landed firmly on a branch in front of her. He started cheeping in a high pitched tone and it sounded like he didn?t enjoy the new visitor.

?Oh? uh?. Sorry.? She mumbled, trying to remember the correct word to say. Looking down at herself she saw that she was sitting on a blue seat. Her clothes were very gimpy looking and her arms were covered in purple bruises. Dirt and soot speckled her strawberry blond hair and she knew that she looked like a complete wreck.

?What-? she stopped though when she noticed what was past her body. Below her was a forest floor of bushes, trees, vines, branches, and odd plant that she had never seen before. She herself was actually perched in between two branches. Fear bubbled up from her stomach and she suddenly felt extremely dizzy.

?Who? What? Oh gosh.? She stumbled out loud to herself. She couldn?t remember a thing. While she breathed in gasps of air she tried to recall anything about her; name, age, anything! Meanwhile, the same bird was still squawking angrily at her, ?Oh, will you shut up!? She screamed, frightening the colorful creature into flight, ?Robin?? the words had just randomly blurted from her mouth. Her name was Robin.

The branch suddenly gave out a moan of strain. For now her name was enough, she had to get out of this tree before she went down with it. Taking a deep breath, Robin cautiously lifted up from the blue clothed seat and started to take baby steps towards the trunk, trying her best not to look down at the forest floor that rested far below. The branch suddenly moaned even louder and started to crumple beneath her torn sneakers. A high pitched scream erupted from her mouth as she leapt towards the trunk. The branch cracked down the middle and went tumbling down along with the seat she had been in just moments ago.

?The plane!? Robin suddenly blurted as she clung to the tree trunk, trying to calm herself down. The seat had been her seat on the plane! Section 2 Row 27 seat 1. She wanted that seat because it was right next to the isle and she could see the other people on the plane. Robin strained to remember, but all that came to her was the images of terrified faces and the sound of ripping metal.

Feeling with her feet, she managed to find a sturdy branch and lowered herself onto it. This repeated for what seemed like hours until she made contact with solid ground. From the bottom, the forest looked much more beautiful than terrifying. The trees held some towered above and the leaves gently swayed in the wind. Birds chirped and sang strange songs as they flew overhead and danced in the air. Robin giggled to herself as she counted 11 birds fly above her. 11? that was her age? No, she was turning 11? today! Or was it tomorrow? It was why they went on the plane, but who?s they?

She sighed to herself and started walking towards? wherever. She wasn?t going to get anything accomplished by frying her brain over her memories. She had seen the blueness of an ocean while she had been up in the tree and it didn?t seem to be to far from where she had landed. Maybe there would be other people there! Robin started to quicken her pace in excitement, not wanting to be along in the jungle anymore. She stumbled over vines and tore up roots, but nothing could slow her pace, except for the dry feeling in her throat. The girl came to a halt as a trickling stream came into view.

?Thank you!? She gasped, looking up into the sky. Robin fell to her knees beside the water and splashed the coolness onto her sweating face. After the ripples faded away she took a good look at her reflection. She had long red hair and like most red heads her face was dotted with freckles. Her eyes were a deep blue color and she had her ears pierced with fake diamond studs. They had been a birthday present! Robin shook her head in amazement. These memories kept coming up at the most random moments. She continued her jog and eventually broke through from the wild jungle and onto a sandy beach.

?Wha!? Robin yelped as she stumbled over a rock and fell flat on her face, normally she would have been embarrassed, but the sight of two people running towards her made her heart leap.

------Basic Info------

[b]Name[/b]: Robin Watts
[b]Sex[/b]: Female
[b]Age[/b]: 11 (just turned)
[b]Appearance[/b]: Very short for her age, but has some muscle from sports. Long red hair, deep blue eyes, and freckles. Is wearing tan capries and a dark green T shirt.
[b]Personality[/b]: Wise beyond her years, speaks her mind, very confident, has a few phobias, tries to do what?s best for herself and others, she?s also still a child and doesn?t fully understand certain things (Innocence), clumsy.
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Black silk covered my eyes, and I could see nothing. A familiar, pleasant sensation covered my body. A feeling like the fingers of a woman caressing the entirety of my body. It was paradise for that time. Suddenly, pain. Great pain. My skin was set a blaze, like a fire was set upon my very flesh, and I woke up in a panic, looking upon my torso to see dozens of black insects swarming my body. I leapt up frantically screaming, swiping the creatures from my clothes and person. After the confusion had ended, I checked myself further to realize what I had been wearing. An open white button shirt, now torn and dirty. My pants where black slacks, and I was bare foot. I looked at my hands a saw the dirty, dark complexion on them. I had dark skin. I ran my hands through thick auburn hair and over my smooth, sharp features.

After checking myself completely, I looked out to my surroundings. It would have seemed that I was in some thick section of vegetation, some where seemingly untouched by man. I looked out past the brush and thickets to see a beautiful horizon over a white sanded beach, littered by hunks of burnt metal and ash. Suddenly, heavy thoughts and memories attacked my mind, inducing a terrible headache. I lurched over and grabbed my head as visions of busy airports, rushing ocean, and sudden darkness flushed my mind. [I]My mind... My... Me... Who am I! Who am I![/I] I began panicking once again and punched a tree in frustration, splintering the wood, but ignoring the agony on my knuckles. [I]A name... I have name... M-m-MIKE! That?s it! My name is Mike! Yes, that was it. [/I]The panic subsided slightly then. I looked back out to the beach, and started out towards it. The sand felt soothing on my bare feet after walking through the thick woodland. The wreckage from what seemed to be a plane was strewn all across the beach and forest. I decided to follow the wreckage down the beach.

As I continued down the beach side, I noticed the red liquid dripping from my hand. I wiped the crimson spill on my slacks and continued on. The pain was nothing, survival was a higher concern. It still troubled me deeply that I could not remember anything. Nothing past my name and what had happened just moments ago. The headache began it?s return, and I clenched my skull again. I forced my eyes open to look onward and in the distance, I could barely make out what seemed to be a small grouping of people... I continued my trek and tried to subside the agony in my head...


If it isn?t obvious, my character is a young man. Around the age of 19, he is aggressive and strong bodied. He is a smart young man, never the less, and is a brave individual. He is, however, short tempered and head strong. This is his major personality fault. Please tell me if there is any thing to be changed.[/color][/size]
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It all seemed like some kind of dream, or at least I wanted it to be. I found myself doubled over a branch, wondering how it was that I ended up there. Speaking of which...who was I? I reached for my wallet, but quickly found out that it wasn't there. Turns out, I put it in my duffel bag not soon after take off. So much for that idea. I slid my way down the tree, careful to mind my newly screwed up ankle. Upon reaching the ground, I saw a puddle of clouded water. I figured I might remember my name I could see my face. Upon looking into it, I remembered that the fair-skinned guy with the dark-brown combed back (corporate-style as he calls it) hair looking back at me was named Mason.

"Well how 'bout that..."

I tried to stand up, but the toll of the recent events was a bit too much for my 6'7 frame and I collapsed under my own weight. Hell, I was only 175 lbs, that should been nothing for a healthy 26 year-old, right? Wrong.

I took a quick survey of my surroundings and saw trees...lots and lots of f***ing jungle trees. I thought I heard waves in the back ground, but I chalked that up to the incident at first. But...after a while and I made a little sense of some of the things that were happening, I realized that I wasn't hearing things. Those were actual waves...

"No way..."

I started hobbling towards the sound of the waves. My other injuries weren't that bad, a few lacerations...brusied rib...nothing major, so I was able to get to the beach without much trouble. I saw what looked to be a group of other survivors from the incident and hesitently made my way over to them...something in my gut said that they weren't to be trusted. But I really couldn't afford to not get involved with them, right?


(Personality: Leary of other people upon first contact, fairly balanced as far as optimism/pessimism. Though, he's also very skeptical.

Sorry, if it's not quite up to par...and the past tense'll vanish once this actually begins. I just found that way to be a bit easier to work with for the snippet.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=darkgreen]The raspy gasping sound was easily distinguished as someone trying to get water out their system. Choking, coughing the sound of what seemed like hyperventilation was loud and noisy but not as noisy as the splashing sound the clear liquid made when he exited the girl?s body. She continued to cough still able to smell the thick scent of sea water and sand. She was still able to taste it too, Disgusting. Dirt and sand covered her burning scraps and bruises. She obviously had a hard time getting to where she was at the moment. Her knee was bloodied, she assumed she nearly drowned, and she didn?t know where the hell she was or who for that matter.

The thought washed away by the gulps of sea water she had taken in moments before, she didn?t know and at the moment she didn?t care. The feeling of despair washed over her. You know, that bitter morbid feeling like when you know you?re in some **** you can?t get out of or some thing happens that just sets you in a bad mood for the rest of the day well, that feeling was flowing through her veins at the moment. Morbid thoughts on how she could have just died only a few minutes earlier. ?God . . . ? she choked out of her sore throat. Wet braids slapping against brown skin. She wasn?t very optimistic about her situation at the moment, She was to out of it to realize she was in one at first.

Slowly, everything started to come back to her.?Oh God. . . .,? First that she was bleeding and it was burning the pain slowly sank in when she thought about it more. Then she realized she was in fact on a plane and not an island when she last checked.?Oh God . . .? The bare facts seem to hit her like a brick or maybe a large metal pipe. Stumbling while she made her way away from the water and towards the land, looking for a building, a house, anything that even noted the that there was in fact civilization on the damned island. She struggled still to remember her name, her memory failing her each time she attempted to remember, Everything just seem like one big headache.

?Jane get hold of yourself, cool it.? She Paused, that was who she was, Jane. Jane Baise, At least that?s who she thought she was. No, she was sure that was her name. Now she stared forward at the trees, intimidating her at the moment. The loud sounds of the birds ear shattering screeching obviously phased her since she jumped when she first heard it and forced herself to pushed back leaves and thick greenery to try to see if there was anyone that could help her. Legs still burning and bloody covered in sand that failed to be wiped away by the numerous plants that brushed against her skin. Jane found herself back at the beach. ?There has to be someone-? she stopped herself seeing a group of people immediately yelling for help. Her vision wasn?t as good as it should be, she needed glasses. She didn?t remember that at the moment. She was to busy rushing towards the group of people but, when she got closer she realized from the looks of it they were in the same boat she was in. ?Note to self, never again will I fly on a plane...?

Name: Jane Baise
Sex: Female
Appearance: light brown skinned with braids, she wears a pair of blue jeans and a brown shirt. Her eyes are a light greyish/ hazel color.
Personality :A pyromaniac in recovery, Jane is morbid graphic and not exactly a very happy person to be around unless you like getting snapped at and put down, She is said to not have a good side. She often panics when she gets in extremely bad situations but she forces herself to do whatever is needed to survive. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]Animals. He didn?t really liked animals, never had a dog or anything like that, he never saw the point in animals. Who would? They were noisy creatures; so noisy they had awoken him from his sleep. He groaned, trying to see where he was but his messy blond hair had prevented it. He stood up, shaking a little, blinking once or twice before he actually wiped his hair out of his eyes. He kept his hand in place to shield his eyes from the scattered rays of light that had someone broken through the treetops. This was all becoming more confusing. He kept looking at the trees for some time until his attention was drawn to his arm.

Scars. Scars all up his arm, underneath, above, deeper scars and lighter ones going all the way up his arm. He drew in a sharp breath and suddenly noticed his shirt was ripped, badly. It was torn open revealing part of his shoulder, his shoulder that was also scarred. They weren?t recent, that was one thing he knew. No these seemed to be very, very old. Besides, he couldn?t remember being cut recently?

?In fact? he couldn?t remember [I]anything[/I], including his name.

He drew in another breath again and started to walk, staggering every so often, his deep blue eyes wide open from shock. He looked up to the sky, blinked once or twice, and remembered something about a plane. A plane? Maybe that?s how he got here. It didn?t seem like a good landing from the way his clothes were, and the fact he was in the middle of a jungle. Maybe the plane had crashed? Yes, that was probably it.

Another shaky breath entered his lungs. He was panicking now, not being able to remember who he was. He touched the scars on his left arm as if for comfort, or a way to find out about his past. He wanted his parents, even though he was far too old to be a whining child.

His parents? no, he couldn?t remember anything about them, either. He didn?t know what a mother was and? a father? well, the word father made him think of hate and anger. Fear. No, he didn?t like his father. He was even named after his father. Darren something? Luther, was it? Yes, he concluded it probably was. No, he didn?t really like being called Darren, since it was his father?s name. He preferred his second name, Luther. That was much better.

Relief gave him enough time to breath properly again. He calmed down, looking at his arm again. Luther didn?t remember much but he got the impression that the terrible scars on his arm had something to do with his father. He really didn?t like that man, what seemed strange was that he couldn?t remember why.

Luther looked around himself and wondered. He wondered if he was alone. Maybe he was, but he wasn?t scared of being alone. He felt like shouting out for other people, he [I]wanted[/I] to, if he could be bothered. No, he wasn?t lazy; he just didn?t want to talk. He doubted anyone would hear him over those noisy animals, anyway. He really didn?t like the animals in this jungle, yet he didn?t want to hurt them. No, Luther didn?t like the thought of hurting anyone else nor did he like the thought of them being hurt. If anyone was going to be hurt it might as well be him.

Hmm? self pity? Luther had only just thought of that. Or was it just a mixture of bravery and morals? Well, he didn?t know. He wanted to find out, and find something to do. He didn?t want to spend an eternity weeding through a jungle. Though the thought of being alone was a appealing one he didn?t find the thought of being bored out of his skull as appealing. He shrugged and decided that searching for his memories and other survivors (if there were any) would be a good way to pass the time.

[B]Name:[/B] Darren Luther
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet, a little bit of a loner, protective to people (or just not wanting to see them get hurt) and has a little bit of self pity. A self-harmer in most of his teenage years and has obvious issues with his father. He's not violent or mad, just likes to keep his problems to himelf.
[B]Appearance:[/B] Blue eyes, blond hair, quite short for his age. He has a dark blue, ripped shirt which reveals the scars on his left arm and causal jeans.[/SIZE]
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[I]Wind? rushing? whirring... [/I]

She sat up with an effort and looked around. Trees covered her in a dense and yet warm shade. She moved to braise herself up on her arm but a sharp pain rushed through her. Blood ran down onto her light tanned hand. A gash five inches in length lay open and filled with a dark mix of blood and dirt. She looked around to see large pieces of metal and a seat with a ripped belt hanging from a nearby branch. [I]An accident. [/I]

She picked herself up and headed for the sound of water. A waterfall came into view through the trees. She lowered her arm under the edge of the water and watched as the momentum cleaned the wound. She removed her over shirt revealing a white tank top, and ripped a thick stripe off wrapping the arm expertly. She then checked herself for other injuries. [I]Nothing major, just scratches[/I]. She brushed her light colored hair from her face and the flash of metal caught her eye. [I]A bracelet[/I]. She pulled it over and saw writing engraved on the silver plaiting. KAT. [I]Maybe that was who she was? sounded right, Kat[/I].

She moved back toward the wreckage. [I]A plane, she had been on a plane. England?then America maybe?[/I] She moved some of the ruble and a backpack fell free. She pulled the zipper back to reveal women?s clothing, tee-shirts and a pair of jeans, a pair of kaki cargo shorts. The base of the bag was singed and a wallet dangling from the strap was melted. [I]Fire. There had been a fire[/I]. She turned the bag inside out. A bag of beef jerky and some pill bottles fell out. She pried the wallet apart and found what looked like an ID. Most had been charged beyond recognition, but the picture had light thick hair and light tanned skin.

She packed the bag and turned the rest of the rubble over. [I]Nothing else of use[/I]. With that, she grabbed the bag and she moved down the hill. [I]Maybe there?d be others like her?[/I]
Age: 23
Personality: Methodical and calculating. Quiet but social enough. Physically toned and has very sharp reflexs.
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whoooshh.... Whooosshhhh.... Shpllllsshhh

She heard this noise and leaned upwards. She was sitting on the edge of a jungle, looking out over a large ocean. She smiled and looked around. She didnt know how she got there or remember much about, well anything. But for some reason she liked it here.

She stood up and looked at herself. She had one green shoe and one red shoe. The foot with the red shoe had a green sock and the foot with the green shoe had a red sock. She smiled. This seemed normal to her. She followed up her legs. She was wearing pants, no shorts, wait... pants and shorts? One leg was long (the right leg) and the left leg was cut very short like summer shorts. This seemed normal to her too.

Moving on up she was smiling. A purple t-shirt with one blue sleeve and one orange sleeve. They seemed to have been sewed on by ...

"Myself" She giggled as she remember, "But uh... who is myself?" After a few minutes more of not really caring who she was she looked around. She noticed her hair was shoulder length and and dark brown.

Myself...Myself... Who is myself.... Karen, no... Karla, no.... Kayla... Yes that was it... but she had a feeling no one called her that. Kay... just kay.

She walked down to the waters edge and was the water washed around her ankles she looked down at her reflection, or what of it that she could see from the moving water and foam. She had blue eyes with green mixed in randomly making her eyes look rather strange but to her this seemed normal. There was cut on her forehead but she ignored it even as the blood dripped into the water below.

She smiled and saw other people gathering farther down the beach. She skipped, or tried to in the soft sand, towards the others and soon she was there. She walked right up to a man and got about four inches from his face and smiled.

"Uh..." He backed away, "Are you ok... your head is bleeding!"

She smiled, "Kay! Monkies live in my shoes! See!?" She said happily holding up one of her feet for him to look at. He glanced at her shoe and then at her. She smiled at him strangely.

"What is your name?" A lady asked, she hadnt heard the monkey remark


"Lovely name. Why are bleeding? Can you remember?"

Kay got this very determined thinking look on her face and then ran in a circle, "Because mommy said jesus loves me!"

She sat down in the warm sand and lay down in it. She flipped off both shoes and socks and set them next to her. She quietly whispered to both shoes as she crammed her soggy socks inside.
[b]Age:[/b] about 16
[b]Description:[/b] ..... One red shoe with green sock, one green shoe with red sock. Pants shorts... one leg long one leg really short. a purple shirt with one blue sleeve and one oreange sleeve. Dark brown hair and green and blue eyes.
[b]Personality:[/b] Crazy as a watermelon.
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[size=1]I've seen all I need to see. Now that I have enouhg good characters to be getting on with, I'm going to say:

[/size][center][b][size=2]SIGN-UPS CLOSED

[/size][/b][left][size=1]Unless you give me a really good sign-up by PM, or you are especially nice to me and give me cookies. Here are the characters:

Alex - Me
Daniel "Dash" Ashgrove - Sandy
Avian - Frankie
Clark - Starwind
Robin - KKC
Mike - The Boss
Jane - madnessofthecat
Darren - vicky
Kat - Astdis

Sorry to those who didn't quite make the cut. It was tough on me, seriously. It drained me completely.

To the others: welcome! I should have the first post up either tonight or tomorrow, and after that, you can get posting! There will be no posting order, and there will only be certain events that I need to portray. Other than that, it's your RP, have fun with it!

Again, PM me if there are any questions.

EDIT: It's up! Have fun, and PM me if there are any problems with your first post
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