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[I]All People Are The Same[/I]
[I]We all live In The Same World[/I]
[I]Angels Come[/I]
[I]Demons Come[/I]
[I]Angels Perish[/I]
[I]Demons Perish[/I]

Zidane stared into the never ending void of the valley. The Final Battle between Zidane and Alkaine was nearing an end. The fight had been going on for hours and there was no winner.

"Some times I wish we wouldn't have to die" Zi dane murmured as his blood covered face looked into the sky.
"Like that would happen" Alkaine's cold stare pierced his own blood covered face.

They were at it again clashing swords and punching and kicking at each other. Zidane slashed a horizontal cut across Alkaine's face. With that they took flight into mid air blocking each others combos on the way a 180 degree flip left Zidane open for attack.

"With this last attack I finish you my brother, [B]Norou!![/B] "

Zidane at the last second blocked with his left forearm. Alkaine was no where to be found.

"[I]I'm still alive brother. now your cursed, the only way to break it is to break my UTGARD sword[/I] "

A small black circle inscribed on the bottom of his forearm was the curse. A sudden headache made him fall to the ground. A shock caused his red hair to turn blonde.


In a flash later his hair had returned to normal.There were now to souls living in his body. One, the 17 year old Zidane.Two, the 14 year old Zaix...

EDIT: Can you please move this to the Inn please I put it in wonrg spot on accident.
EDIT2:Man I'm an idiot, lol I forgot sign up


Age: 14-30

Personailty:What are they like?

Race: Angel,Demon,Human

Weapon: Please no like gatling or machine guns. Stick with sword or anything wih a blade.

Short Bio:

Apperance: Pic or writting doesnt matter

BTW I'm playing Zidane
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my old profile ^__^
[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Cliff

Age: 21

Weapon: two large 6ft long swords

Personality: He is fearless,Quiet and serious about things.

Race: Angel

Bio: He managed to escape the descruction os Asgard. He also seeks revenge on the destroyer. He wanders around the world looking for the other angels that survived. He look for the angels thats seeks revenge on the destroyer of Asgard.[/FONT][/COLOR]

With Black wings and a beaded necklace and
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Name: Zidane


Personaility: A strong noble man, funny and serious. He has all moods he can be funny serious happy or depressed his moods vary.

Race: Angel

Weapon: ASGARD Katana.

Bio: Up above

*Only difference is he has red hair. With bright white wings.


Age: 14

Peronsility: A quiet calm and collective boy.


Weapon: ASGARD Katana

Short Bio: Very Little is known about Zaix

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Azuroth

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]Personality:[/B] Azuroth really just is insane, he takes extreme pleasure in torturing anything that breathes and can scream, he enjoys even being tortured. His sadistic ness is beat by none of his personality traits, but under his insane exterior is the mind set of a cold killer, cunning, quick and ever evolving to further help him in his on going hunt if angels.

[B]Race:[/B] Demon
Weapon:[/B] Dagger Tail, Weapon is in pic. The tip end of the weapon that you cannot see is an arrow pointed blade with the corners curving up.

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Azuroth was born and raised in the demon world, raised around blood, anguish, torment and eternal suffering of all. His surroundings only sparked the monster most see today, but what really turned him into the mad creature he is, is by seeing a demon brutally murdered by another. The other demon was captured and sentenced to a horrible death.

The sight of seeing such a grizzly death of one demon and the executing of another made him create images of him slaying others in such graphic manors that they started to take a toll on his mind, wearing it down until he became a monster far worse then any demon. As a child he found that pain felt very good, the stinging sensation of a minor wound or the excruciating feel of a blade sinking deep into some ones flesh.

After several years his interest in death, torture, and destruction made him learn effective methods of interrogation. In the demon world, that meant breaking somebody physically and mentally. Breaking their spirit so they would say anything you wanted. He even went so far as to fusing a weapon straight into his left arm. The weapon he had infused into his flesh was a legendary weapon amongst demons.

It was said that the weapon has tasted so much blood from Angels, Demons, Humans, and other species that exists in the universe that created a mind of it?s own. Thinking individually from the user and doing as it wished, it constantly craves blood and death. The weapons hunger never satisfied. That is what drew Azuroth to the weapon.

And to this day, the Azuroth and his Dagger Tail have slaughtered several hundred angels. But the insanity of his own making and the unsatisifible hunger of the Dagger Tail lead him to the murder of more demons then angels. This earned him the runes that were placed all over his body, restraint runes to keep him from killing any more demons. The runes can even kill him if all the words on the rune are known and spoken aloud.

Fortunately for him, very few understand the runes. So he kills as he pleases, avoiding the beings that understand the runes at all cost. Trying to keep from being a slave to their words.
Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/DarkPrince_Throne.jpg] Azuroth. [/URL][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Aeris, Moonlight Guardian
Age: 17
Personality: stubborn, kind of cruel, and a fighter
Race: Demon
Weapon: four swords
tetsaiga- can strike down 100 enemies(attacks wind scar and blacklash wave)
tensaiga-can revive 100 dead( attack dragon strike)
sounga- can releas 100 demons( attack dragon twister)
tokijin-sword made from an orge's fang( attack dragon flash)
Short Bio: she came from a distant land. she carries four swords with her that can come or disappear at her will. she received her swords from a swordsmith that was good at making swords from fangs. she travels around for awhile to find someone to fight or to hang out with. she arrives at the battle and joins the fight.
Appearance: has long light purple hair, red eyes,and dog like ears. wears skimpy kimonos that are not full but a top and a skirt.
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Guest Asagard
Name: Asagard
Age 16
Race: human
Appearance: Male with side parting hairstyle, Black eyes that look serious yet so mysterious. Wears a sleeveless shirt and a jacket to cover his oback and his arms. Has a well fit body. Carries a staff behind his back and a sword at the side of his belt. Most wearing a long pants
Personality:Friendly, Compassionate, Polite, Protective of precious possesions and often what most people would call charming
Bio: Born with the power to control and create fire. Asagard has always been alone since only a few dared to be his friends. Until one day. his best friend was killed and by the time he reached his house, everyone was killed. Saddened by this unholy act as the house was covered in black blood. demon blood. He was then taken in by a good samaritan and taken care off and taught the morals of God and the use of wepons. One day an angel told him to go on a journey, Asagard than set off with his foster parent's blessing.
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I didn't sign up for the last one but oh well, it sounds cool ^_^)

Name: Neko

Age: 19

Personality: Very quiet and shy. She only speaks when she feels it is necessary or when she feels strongly about something.

Race: Angel

Weapon: samurai sword

Short Bio: She was abandoned as a young child and doesn't remember anything before the incident. She often has nightmares of times she had with her parents but doesn't believe they're real memories. She has held a grudge against her parents and wants to meet them so that she can teach them how it feels to be left alone for years. Her skills with a sword are partly hereditary and partly because she has had to survive on her own with only a sword for years.

Appearance: [URL=http://www.rosh1.co.il/seeu_forums/MsgFiles/6_8_2005_1_20_sad_anime_girl.jpg]Neko[/URL]
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Guest blooming


Personailty:sweet kind caring but when it came time for battleing for her life she cares about nothing but her life and she'll kill anyone who tries to kill her and she seeks revenge on whover caused the destruction of asgard


Weapon:she posseses the great sword takimaruki(attack:fire dragon tornado) a sword that can slay a hundred dragons plus heal friends and family and she also has the great sword of the wolf demon the swords name is shilamiko a sword that can release one thousand ogres and demons to fight for her(attack:wolf flash)

Short Bio:she never knew her father but she does know that he was a great warrior and she will never be as great a warrior but her mother died when she was 6.before her mother died she was given the sword takimaruki. shirinoka posseses now both she does remember one thing about her father and that was she would always hear her father fighting for his life.she was 12 when she found the sword of wolfs stuck in the cement.others tried to posess it but they got injured badley so shirinoka gave it a try and she pulled it out and used it against demon and dragons ever since then.

Apperance:she often wears a black cloak that goesdown to the ground that she only takes off in battle to reveal a black halter top and a black mini skirt with black knee high boots and black hair that goes down to her feet
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Guest bleached
Name: Jack "Hellspawn" Sisco

Age: 21

Personailty:Very calm and obedient. He does what he is told and nothing more. He does not try to make anyone mad, just tries to make himself look good enough to keep. He ralely smiles, but when he does, he is about to kill. The smile that is on his face at that time, is something that scares the creature that he is hunting.

Race: Demon

Weapon: Normally, he does not use a weapon, he mainly uses his skin, which is a morphing skin that can change into anything he thinks of. But besides that, when he feels like showing off, he has a giant buster sword that is about three feet across, and eight feet long. The hilt is another three feet, so total it is three across and eleven long.

Short Bio: He grew up in the darkness of the night. Never knowing what time it was or who was around him. He was born of the darkness and lives there now, unless something that has tormented him far more than the darkness comes near. Angels.

He hates them soo much that he would sacrafice his life if it even made a scratch on an angels body.

After many years in teh darkness, he found somehing. A sword. At first, it wa s too heavy to weild, but eventually he was able to become strong enough to control the weight of the sword.

After fighting demons that were around him in the pitch black of the area, something happened. All of the darkness around him fused to his body to form the dark morphing skin that surrounds his body. When Jack could finally see agian, all he saw when the darkenss surrounded him was a peaceful land, the it went red.

Now, Jack travels around under the name "Hellspawn", killing any Angel he can come across. Every now and then, he will kill a holy human, but until he kills every Angel, he has vowed to never sleep.

Apperance: Will do when I get home I am at school right now.
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Think I will use one of my old profiles
Name: Lokin

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Cold and heartless. Lives to kill and the taste of blood. He has a dark sense of humor and does not hesitate to kill bhefore he thinks.

Race: Demon

Weapon: Dia katanna

Appearance: stands almost at seven foot but is a few inches shy of it. He has deep crismon red sclaes with a black stripes across him. He has a white underbody, with crimson eyes and silver horns and a large wingspan.
He has a crimson chetsplate made out of dragon sclaes with three black slash marks across it. His back plate is almost a mirror image of it. He has crimson shoulder pauldrons with three white spikes on them and crimson greaves. He has crimson shin bracers with three sliver spikes on them as well. He has metal covering the top and sides of his feet but no the bottom so he has more traction. His entire left arm and hand is clad in crimson metal with silver spikes going down the side. His right arm has a black forearm bracer with rubies and diamonds in it and has a black bicep bracer on the same arm just like it. His left wing is covered in crimson armor as well. Last but not least he has a crimson helmet shaped like a dragon head that makes him look even more like a killer.

Short Bio: Lokin was born and bred to be a cold hearted killer. Ever since he was little, he constatnly fought other demons. Many years of blood, pain, and death have changed him into a creation of pure evil.

He has always hated angels with a passoin, but will not stop from killing demons who he does not respect that get in his way. Only a select few of demons does he actually associate with.

He hates angels with every pore of his body and will not hesistate to kill even the weakest of them. In his mind they are weak and must die
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Personality:Very calm,and outgoing


Weapon:a little jewel that gives me anything that I need at any moment

Short Bio:Always acted human but never really was

Appearance:'Bout 5'6" with medium black and brown hair,red eyes,a black and red tube top,a black and white mini skirt,and black high-top boots.Along with my outfit I have bright gold wings. [/COLOR]
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