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RPG The Next World RPG [play]


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This is I think the first RPG i've started, so don't laugh at me!

[I][B]INTRO:[/B] In another world similar to that of Earth, an evil wizard is gaining more control over the planet little by little. The wizard's name is Lord Rysorb. His plan is to rid the little planet (which is called Zorga) of all that is good and plunge it into his own little realm of darkness. In order to do that, he needs to turn all life into nothing but stone. He has summoned monsters to make sure this is done. Trolls, mutants, zombies, vampires, demons, ogres, ect. roam this land.
In a forest in this land, a fairy uses some magic to summon people from earth to stop him right before she is turned to stone. The small little group is seperated on their way coming here and must now rejoin and stop Lord Rysorb and his minions. [/I]

[I]Kool wakes up on the ground next to a forest. Apparently she had been unconsious. For how long, she didn't know. She just knew that one second she was at school, the next she was here.[/I]

Kool-(thinks)What the?! Where am I? What happened? *head starts hurting.* Ow! My head! [I]As she looks around at her surroundings, she tries to remember what had happened. She remembers that the school went dark and suddenly turned into a pitch black tunnel. The only thing she could see was a small bright light far away. The light then started getting bigger fast as it came closer. When the light reached her, it felt like an explosion. She couldn't remember what happened next after that, so the next thing she knew was that she was lying here on the ground. Trying to remember more just made her head hurt worse. But she remembered one more thing. Right before the light hit her in the tunnel, she remembered seeing more people in the tunnel. [/I]

Kool-Did they come here to this place too? I bet they did. But where are they? [I]Kool looked around again to see if she could see anything that she hadn't noticed before. All that she could see was the forest next to her and a never-ending area of wasteland. Her mind again turned towards the people she saw in the tunnel. She then looks at the forest.[/I]

Kool-(thinks) they might have gone in there. [I]She decided to go in. The trees ahead of her looked dark and forbidding. She grabbed a nearby stick to use as a weapon if she needed one. Kool took one step into the forest when suddenly, her T-shirt and baggy pants turned into a dark blue robe, black pants, and a silver cape, and the would-be-weapon-of-a-stick turned into a sword. :wow: Suddenly, she saw some bushes rattling in front of her. A chill went up her spine. She held her sword at ready and approached cautiously. Then a huge 2-headed spider that was 2 feet tall crawled out of the bush. Kool let out a cry of surprise and slashed at the spider cutting both of its heads off. The spider then burst into flames.[/I]

Kool-What [I]IS[/I] this place?!?! [I]She then ran off deeper into the woods. Finally she had reached the end of the forest w/little trouble. It was sunset by then, and she still didn't find anyone let alone any sign that humans were here.[/I]

Kool-I know they landed here. somewhere. We must have been seperated on our way here. How am I supposed to find them? I have no clue how big this place is, I don't know where they are, I don't even know where I am!! *sigh* It may take months before I find anything here. *head starts hurting again.* Man. My head hurts too much for my brain to think about all of this. I'm going to lie down and call it a day. [I]Overcome by weariness, Kool huddles up in her cloak and goes to sleep on the ground with her sword close at hand.[/I]
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Kool is awaken by strange noises in the bushes nearby.

Kool: What the...?

Another spider comes flying out at her. She attacks with her sword and cuts in 2 straight down the middle. Some how it regenerates and becomes 2 and they both attack. They surrounded her, 1 infront , 1 behind. She attacked the one infront and the one behind was about to attack when it's legs were cut from it's body. Then Andrew jumps down from a tree and stick his gunblade into the spiders guts. Kool quickly destroys the other with little effort.

Kool: I knew I saw other people!

Andrew: What the hell is this place and how did I get here?

Kool: I don't know either.

Andrew: One minute I'm walking through the compound and then BANG I'm here.

Kool: Compound?

Andrew: Yeah. I'm Andrew, Brittish intelligence officer. You?
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[i] The Trees above them move [/i]

Andrew: What was that?

Kool: I dunno....

[i] Pumar jumps from the trees [/i]

Pumar: Hello

Kool: Hello who are you?

Pumar: I am Pumar, The Legendary Lynx

Andrew: I have heard of you.

Pumar: Yes im quite famous. Now we must be alert. They are all over the place.

Kool: Yes, lets advance

[i] They walk off [/i]
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Pumar:Well, no. When our ship got attacked. I jumped out and landed on the trees below. I saw some life boats in the northern mountains.

Kool: Lets go there...

[i] They walk North to the mountains [/i]

Pumar: But be warned.... It was heavily guarded, they have a base there. I dont think they survived, maybe they did, maybe they were captured. We need to destory all of it no matter what.

[i] They keep walking [/i]
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Pumar: Every base has a core, and if we can get to it and disrupt it. It will self destruct. But its heavily guarded 10 fold more in the core's area.

Kool: Okay, i say we just find all of the suvivors and regroup, then we attack

Andrew: Sounds good to me

Pumar: Yes it is a good idea.
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[I]Zack sits up and shakes his head in the forest[/I]

Zack: oww...where am I!?!?....

[I]Zack looks up into the sky and sees two moons. he turns and almost falls out of a branch, he quickly regains himself and leans against the main part of the tree. He looks foward and below and notices he is in the top of the tree and the ground is a good 200 ft below him[/I]

Zack:...ahhh...my head...it's throbbing with pain...where am I?

[I]Zack looked back up at the stars and found a couple of familier constelations, this made him fel better for if he was still on Earth he coud navigate by the stars...but he knew he wasn't on Earth. He remembered a tunel...a dark tunel of light, and he remembered seeing other in this tunel. Obviously they weren't in this tree so they must of been seperated...but he also remembered something else...a voice...imploring him for help...[/I]

Zack: one minute at home getting ready to go to school...the next on an alien world...

[I]Zack remembered what the voice said clearly now...It had asked him and the others to help save it's planet from an evil force...it had told them it had used the last of it's life force to draw them to this planet...to save the people of this planet[/I]

Zack:...but why me...I am just a normal kid...

[I]The voice had something about each of them having powers that would be important to helping revive the world from the dark wizards grasp[/I]

Zack:...I have no powers...all I have are my daggers...

[I]Zack reaches into his backpack and pullsout a pair of steel daggers, Their blades shimmer in the moonlight and the edges are razor sharp. Zack looks at them then put them in a pair of sheaths and attaches the sheaths to his jeans, he dumps his books out of his bag[/I]

Zack:those will be useless here...just slow me down...

[I]Zack leans against the tree and stares at the double moon[/I]

Zack:I guess I will stay here for tonight...then try and find the others...

[I]Zack stays awake all night watching the stars and moon. One is white similar to luna around either...the other is bright orange and many times smaller then the other. They both seem to rotate around each other while around the planet.[/I]
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Sere: :sits up: Ow . . . where am I? :looks around: I musta hit my head harder than I thought . . . :sighs: Oh well, might as well look for any hint of . . . life . . . :looks above and shivers: So dark . . . any light around here? :all of a sudden, a small light appears in her hand: :wow: That wasn't supposed to happen . . . :finally notices the tree she's standing beside: I place to spend the night . . . :sits and watches the unfamiliar stars:
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Pumar: Whoa, what was that.... I heard something fall thru the trees.

Andrew: me too..

Kool: Lets go!

[i] They run and notice Anti [/i]

Pumar: Whoa. Hello

Anti: Hello. My name is Anti

Pumar: Mine his Pumar, *points at Kool * thats Kool, and * points at Andrew * Thats Andrew

Anti: Hey guys
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OOC:I feel through the trees?....mmms...what ever...

Zack:Hi...why are you guys here?

Pumer:we are going to fight a battle....

Zack:ahh....well good luck...

Pumer:arn't you going to come?....wern't you summoned also?

Zack:I was summoned...but I am not ready to be running off to a battle...so I will pass...

[I]Zack turns back to the tree and climbs up it back to the top[/I]


[I]Zack watches the group walk off in the direction of some moutins and Zack turns back to watching the stars and moon, deciding what to do[/I]
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Ash wakes up witha throbbing pain in his head. He can't remember what happened and he is in to much pain to remember. he then hears voices in the near distance. He decides to creep up on them just incase they are enemies. When he sees three figures. He then walks out on them.

Kool: who are you?

Ash: I'm Ash. could you please tell me what i'm doing here because i haven't got a clue.

Kool: We're not quite sure either but you can come with us if you like.

Ash: Where are we going?

Kool: Into Battle

Andrew: Hey don't i know you.

Ash: Maybe

Andrew: You must have been in the tunnel to

Ash: Tunnel?

Andrew: That's how we all got here.

Pumer: We better hurry up you guys. We'll explain on the way.

They all head off towards the mountains
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*suddenly, the ground underneath them starts shaking.*

Andrew-is this some sort of earthquake? *the ground caves in.*


[I]Thud![/I] *they all hit the ground that was underground.*

Kool-Where are we?

Pumar-about 50 feet underground. Otherwise, we're in the same spot as we were on the surface.

Zack-well, there's no way we can get back up, so let's look for a way out that way. *points ahead.*

*the small group then starts walking the way Anti had pointed in. They then stop suddenly cause they hear a voice.*

???-you have come! But how did you get here?


???-you have finally come! There had been some rumors on the mountains that you were here!

Ash-Enough of this! Who are you?

???-I am a servant of Lord Rysorb. That's enough for you to know.

Andrew-Who's Lord Rysorb?

???-*gasp*You don't know who my Lord and Master is?! Shame on you! He is the Dark Lord of Zorga.

Kool-(thinks)so that's where we are!

???-anyway, the guards on the mountain have said that a group of children have come to stop my master from accomplishing his dream. He asked me to stop them from doing this. So, with this said, I'm going to kill you! Good bye.

Kool-(thinks)Oh no! We can't even see where the voice is coming from! We're just sitting ducks! *Kool hears a humming noise and by reflex, side-steps out of the way as an energy beam came close to where her head was.* That....was...WAY too....close! :nervous:

Zack-there it is!! *from a corner of the cave, a demon came flying out to get a better shot at them. The demon pointed its finger at Pumar and a small beam shot forth towards him. Pumar dodged it.*

Pumar-Don't let it hit you!! *everyone draws what weapons they have. They then start attacking.*

Kool-(thinks)now's our chance to hit it! *Kool runs forward w/her sword drawn and slashes it across the stomach.*

demon-why you....*pushes Kool against the wall.*

Ash-*jumps into the air and knocks the demon to the floor.*


Zack-everyone get it!

*everyone starts attacking the demon before it has a chance to escape. They then kill the demon. Something then comes from the demon.*

spirit-thank you for getting me out of that demon's body. He had imprisoned me there. As a reward, I will give each of you a telepathic link to me in case you need my help and get you out of here.


spirit-yes. Close your eyes. *everyone closes their eyes.*

spirit-there. I must go now. Take care of yourselves. Good bye!

Pumar-Now we can get out of here! *They fly out through the hole.*

Zack-there's one thing I didn't get. How come we fell through?

Kool-I bet it was because that spirit that was in the demon wanted us to free it. That's the only reason I can think of.
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OOC: My sister invaded the computer to show me smilies . . . I woulda posted sooner . . .


Sere: People . . . maybe . . . :walks in the direction of the now dissapated voices: :arrives just in time to see someone scramble up onto a branch: Hey you! What ya doin' way up there? And are you human or not?!
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OOC: one flaw Kool...I am not with yall...oi sometimes I wonder if people read others post...err that isn't pointed at you...yet...just some people do that quite often...first time I have seen you do it though...and my name is ZACK!!!!

[I]Zack feels the earth shake under his feet[/I]

Zack:what is going on?....

[I]Zack cast a glance towards the moutin range and wonders if the quake came from there[/I]

Zack:I will investigate in the morning...

[I]Zack looks down as he hears someone shouting[/I]

Sere:Human or not?!?


[I]Zack jumps down from his branch and lands in front of Sere[/I]

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It is no problem...as I said you arn't one of the ones who do that ALL the time...oi so it is no problem, just thought I would let you know...hope I didn't come off to rude...oi....and I can type about 20-30 words a minute ((which is pretty fast...))
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Ooopps...I forgot to attach Charlie's face in the Sign-Ups! Oh well, I'll add it here...

(If anyone cares, this is the same Charlie from Hybrid Vigor...This RPG began after HV II ended...)

Charlie is in his house, putting on his Armor-Suit and arming his 'Launcher.

CF-I swear, Artoni has some weird sence of dating! Hunting? When did watching a movie or going to a fair become boring?

Charlie got out of his house and headed to downtown Safiro, where Artoni lived. While he was walking, he noticed a strange light.

CF-Hmm...I should check that...

When Charlie got close to the light, he was sucked in. After a lot of spinning and twisting, he ended up in a forest.

CF-:eek: WTF is going on!?
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[I]zack stares at Sere[/I]

Zack:I am Zack...and I might talk to myself...but I wasn't...some more people just passed by here...heading for a battle...

[I]Zack shrugs[/I]

Zack:I will be heading out to find them in the morning...would you like to join me?
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Zack:...and you...it will be safer in the tree...so come on...

[I]Zack turns to climb up the tree[/I]

Zack:I will go first...

[I]Zack climbs back up to his limp and looks up at the moons[/I]

Zack:....so you are one of the summoned?

Sere:yes I am...

Zack:.....I wonder why we were called here...all I know is it was to protect something...the sky is different from back on Earth...
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[I]Zack grabs her as she almost falls again[/I]

Zack:maybe you should stay near the trunk...

[I]Zack moves her close to the trunk of the tree and walks back out on the limps[/I]

Zack:you say youv'e been here before?...did you hear the voice in the tunnel??
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