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Art New to OB but maybe not to art...


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Well, I just registered...This is my first post...sigh... :animeswea

I figured it would be nice to get a couple comments on some of my work for once. The following pictures are my own, the first drawn in pencil and scanned, edited with cut'n'paste on pictures of various objects or textures (granite, bubbles, etc.). I think it's kinda good; don't know about anyone else...Anyway, the second is for a story of mine on Fanfiction.net called To Cast A Shadow. It was first done in pencil, then in ink, and the pencil was carefully erased. I took about two weeks at least on it :animesigh but I have succeeded in finally getting it done. Yay!

[URL=http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h306/Postal_Chicken/snowfaerie.jpg]Snow Faerie[/URL]
[URL=http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h306/Postal_Chicken/Legend%20of%20Zelda/tcas_castpics.jpg]Cast Picture[/URL]

I hope you like it. I don't know about it myself...Oh well. Please leave a comment or two? It's not perfect but I love to draw and I think I have potential whether anyone else does or not...I've never taken classes and I'm iddy-biddy still :animeshy: so I have a bit of time left before I'm done growing psychologically...wait, not just a bit...
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Welcome to OB! I warn you, most of the people here chew up newbies and spit them across the planet. You seem like a nice enough kid, and you made a good, long post, which is respected here :animesmil

Also, your pics are pretty darn good. I like the Zelda one, though I wasn't quite sure who the girl at the top right was.

Snow Farie, though, was awesome. You definetally did a great job with that one, and it should be on a poster in Hot Topic.
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[size=1]Both the drawings are quite cool. You're rather good with proportions so it seems. The only thing that really bothers me, are the faces.

The faerie girl's eyes stand a bit weird, her nose is a bit too low for her eyes and her chin does have a kind of awkward shape I think. Perhaps you should draw her face from a different angle... about the same angle as the rest of her body. The rest of the image looks great, though. And great wings too =p

In the Zelda one, again the proportions of the body are correct, but the faces aren't quite. But that's about all I can see right now. Nice details, yet you kept it really clean. Good job on this one too.[/size]
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[size=1][color=slategray]Don't take what Tical says [I]too[/I] seriously, we aren't that harsh.

As for your work...

[B]Snow Faerie:[/B] This is really nice. Very detailed, I'm impressed. The only thing that seems a little weird to me is the shading under her chin... it just... doesn't match up. Also, it looks like she has a lazy eye. Otherwise, it's brilliant. The proportions are almost dead on, and the color scheme is very agreeable with my tastes.

[B]Cast Picture:[/B] This picture absolutely rocks my socks. I love Zelda, and this is really cute. *eats it*

You seem to have very strong points in proportion and detail, which is incredible. So keep it up![/color][/size]
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:blush: Thank you so much :animesmil I've never gotten really good reviews on my art before. Yay!

I have to agree, I'm not good at faces. They are not my strong point at all :animeswea and thanks for voicing what you thought, Boo. I knew there was something up with my Snow Faerie's face...I drew it three or four years ago and at the time felt like I would never get it right again if I ever tried to redo her face. I may try to do another pic of her, though. It will be my next project. But I have to say I disagree about the faces in my cast picture. The only one I'm wary of is the horse...

The cast picture is not really complete; I'm working on coloring it using MGI PhotoSuite 4. It will take a while, probably, but being the weekend I'll have time.

Yay! I'm so happy! *runs around happified*

Oh...The cast picture, the names of the characters are as follows:
[INDENT][B]far left:[/B] Adult Link, Fierce Deity Link (modified for my story).
[B]center left:[/B] Dark Link (aka Kumori).
[B]top right:[/B] Moji (the fisherman's daughter, an OC in meh story).
[B]center right:[/B] Jericho (Ganondorf's horse, tho it doesn't look like it).
[B]bottom right:[/B] Malon.[/INDENT]


[COLOR=RoyalBlue][b]EDIT (Retribution):[/b][/COLOR]

sigh...5 hours and fifty flub-ups and I've finally colored it. I don't have a background tho...sigh again...

[URL=http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h306/Postal_Chicken/Legend%20of%20Zelda/tcas_castpics2.jpg]To Cast A Shadow ~ Cast Pic (colored)[/URL]

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I hope I do, and thank you so much :animesmil again! My family says I draw better than I write but they've only read things I've written from three or four years ago. I'm working on To Cast A Shadow, with Dark Link as the main character. Hopefully, it leaves a lot to the imagination without butchering Hyrule and the Legend of Zelda storyline. My Fanfiction.net profile is [URL=http://www.fanfiction.net/~brokensilversoul]BrokenSilverSoul[/URL] and I currently have two stories, both incomplete, which are a part of a series: Before the Darkness: A Prequel, and To Cast A Shadow: Book One. The cast pic shows all the main characters, minus Nabooru and Zelda. I'm not good at drawing them believably...Well, you know it's a Gerudo, but you wouldn't know it's Nabooru (very low supply of references) and I just don't like drawing Zelda and have only tried once and found her to be slightly aggravating.

If you do check out my stories I'd be so happy! I don't have many reviews on it, but I'm working on chapter 8 of TCAS and there's a prologue too ^.^

I'm working on some individuals of Malon and Moji right now. I have plenty, but they're on peach-colored lined paper in a small spiral notebook which wouldn't scan too well on my flimsy printer that won't even print...

Yay!! I'm so happy! Still!



Well, here are my portraits of Malon and Moji. The full-body of Moji is originally on that pink flowery spiral notebook paper I was talking about, but it was easier to edit out that I thought. I was going to draw Malon leaning against a milk crate but I changed my mind. I think she looks cute! :catgirl:


I hope you like!

EDIT: Here's another pic, one of Nabooru from a couple weeks ago I just scanned and colored...I hope you like this too. In case you're wondering, her hair has been bleached white at the tips from being in the desert for so long.


[size=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Welcome to OtakuBoards, Silent Reveries. Double posting is strictly forbidden, and I've edited them into your previous posts. If you'd like to add in information to the previous post and no one has replied, use the 'EDIT' button rather than cluttering up the thread with extra posts. Feel free to PM me with questions or concerns.

[b]- Retribution[/b][/size][/COLOR]
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