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Disagreeable Neighbors


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I?m sure everyone knows what I?m talking about here. The neighbors who have some of us wishing we lived out in the middle of nowhere away from other people. Or have us wishing we could evict them for bad behavior. I cringe to see that some of them actually have kids, as their behavior is downright childish. We have a couple of neighbors like this and unfortunately one of them lives in the house right behind ours.

When they first moved in a few years ago they decided to add on to their home in their backyard. Instead of having the construction workers throw away the trash from their lunch into the garbage can the owner had them throw it over the fence into our backyard. My mom had to go over there and talk to the construction company to put an end to it, as the owner wouldn?t do anything. He would even collect the trash from the workers just so he could toss it over the fence!

Also when they first moved in it was near the end of the summer and when I was walking my dog past his house he came running out of the house and started yelling at me. Apparently a dog had pooped in his yard and he was convinced it was my dog! Never mind the fact that if he had any brains at all he would have realized that a tiny dog like mine doesn?t put out poop that big!

What made it worse was his wife just stood in the background and didn?t even try to stop her husband from yelling at an eleven year old kid. I put up with it at first until he started accusing me of stopping by there every day all summer so my dog could poop in his yard and that he was tired of cleaning it up. At that point I got mad and yelled at him, telling him that the house had been empty all summer and that he only moved in last week! I then proceeded to chastise him for being an adult and yelling and lying to a kid. I got pretty loud at that point. He just looked surprised and shut up. So I went on my way and I don?t walk in front of their house anymore.

Anyway, their most recent bad behavior consisted of cutting down a branch from a pine tree that hung over the fence a bit and then throw the branch over the fence into our back yard. It just never ends. This neighbor looks for ways to be disagreeable. Honestly if I could, I?d spank him and ground him for the whole summer.

I?m sure all of you have dealt with nasty neighbors at one time. Any suggestions or stories of your own experiences? [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I know what you mean! Before I moved my next door neighbour hated my dog. My dog hates squirelles(spelling?) so she would always bark. Well my neighbour would throw stuff over the fence to try to get her to stop barking. He'd yell things like "Shut up you flithy mutt"etc. Also when he would see me by myself in the street or anything he'd always make a comment about by dog barking and how shes never quits. So me, being the sweet adorable little child would just nod politely then walk away-fast. Well anyways one day he had company over and I was playing with my dog in the backyard. His backyard overlooked into ours and well he was sitting outside on his deck with his company. My dog saw a squirell and started barking. I being me, just sat there and yelled up at them "I hope you don't mind she'll be quite in a minute. Chloe just loves the outdoors and she'd be cross with me if I dragged her inside." Well he couldn't protest to me because one lady that he had over had already told me how cute my dog was and we had a nice little chat about dogs. So my dog barked for about 10 minutes straight and my neighbour turned so red in the face. It was so hilarious. Ah, I love my dog. Sorry for the novel but thats what I did, got revenge. Horrible I know but my neighbour deserved it(or thats what I think, seriously you don't chuck sticks and stuff at a dog!).[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Georgia]I hate it how some neighbors just will "assume" it's your dog that's crapping on their lawn! I mean, I walk around with a bag of steaming poop and they come out an yell at me, when I'm obviously cleaning it up and am very conscientious about it. :animesigh The cycle never ends; a dog craps, someone gets angry, and then finds a scapegoat.

I remember one year when I was living in an apartment I had this couple living next to me. Well, at eleven o'clock on a school night when I was trying to get to bed I heard this loud obnoxious pounding coming through the walls. This went on and on, and there seemed to be laughter, a party going on in the background. Well, my mother goes next door to see what's up, and it turns out that they had decided to put together an Ikea desk...and hold a party. Yeah them.

But my biggest pet peeve was in my last house, on the dog walk route, there was this house with the most ANNOYING light ever create! It was fluorescent, and it buzzed like a mosquito magnified a million times. My mother and I walking past it would always contemplate taking a baseball bat to it.

I guess the best you can do with annoying neighbors is be civil and hopefully they'll stop. Or if not, pray that they move.[/FONT]
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well when you live in army barracks like me, you will pretty much [B]always[/B] have ****** neighbors in either the room to your left or your right. The worst thing is when they're blasting music through the paper-thin walls at 2am in the morning when you have to be awake at 5am for the PT formation, and its never good music either.

Usually if you just go over there and tell them to turn it down politely they'll do it, but 99.9% of the time on the weekends 99.9% of the people in the barracks are piss drunk and normal human reasoning doesnt work so well. But i usually let it slide on the weekends anyway.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1]Mhm.

Well, this has been happening to me lately. I live in an apartment building, almost all of my neighbours are cheery, nice, polite, etc. But there is this on woman who just lives to get on my last nerves, I'll call her Cherry for now.

Well, when I moved into the apartment, Cherry lived 1 door down the hallway. When I was moving in, I told the movers to put some of the furniture in the hallway while I went to grab some lunch and return quickly. Bad move. As I am getting out of my car and stepping onto the kerb, I hear some sort of yelling on the 3rd floor (my floor). I quickly ran up the stairs to see what all the ruckus was.

Turned out that Cherry didn't like the fact that a 2 lb stool was in front of her door - please note that this was the only peice of furniture near the vincinity of the entrance area to her apartment- and she was taking it out on the movers.

I asked her why she was yelling to the top of her lungs, and she said that the stool was a SAFTEY hazard.

"I can trip over that stool, and fly down into the parking lot!" . Also take note that the hallway is 5 feet long, and the only way she can "fly" from her doorway and into the parking lot is if she was an aeroplane.

I ignored her for the remainder of that day, and we didn't talk for a couple of weeks.

That was until yesterday.

Cherry decides it's ok to use my small trash bin outside my door for her poddles poop bags, loose hair from combs, and other random dog neccesities.

When I confronted her about the fact, she starts to yell at me again! All I wanted her to do was use her own trash can!!

"Well since the trash can was near my door, I thought it was mine to use!"

Mhm, sure.

This has obviously been a dispute about space, and I will not have to see Ms. Cherry as long as I live. I'll be moving to Santa Monica to start a new job there.

Hopefully, Ms. Cherry isn't there to greet me.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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Thankfully i've never had any dog related neighbour problems. I have had problems though.
There's probably the most annoying family in britain living across the road from me. The kids are pretty bad and always leave their skateboards and bikes in the street but I suppose they're not much different from regular kids. Their mother is the really annoying one.
When she yells at her kids to shut up she's about twice as loud as they are!! That doesn't help when i have my window open and i'm trying to study for my exams. Also she stole a trolley from the supermarket and one day my mum took it back. I don't know what exactly happened but I can tell it wasn't good since the two of them haven't spoken since. Not that I mind of course.
The guests at their house make a lot of noise too. One time a kid that was visiting them stole a bag of cement from another neighbour and spilt it onto the street which was very dangerous to cars. My mother had a right go at him too. All I can say on the matter is go Mum!!
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[size=1][color=slategray]I wouldn't really say my neighbor is.... "disagreeable," but I certainly have some problems with him. You see, we live next to an old couple... but you mainly only see the man outside. They are both retired and honestly have nothing to do. And, I swear, he spies on my family. Whenever we are outside, all he does is watch us. It's really... creepy. And whenever he approaches either my sister or I, he seems to know EVERYTHING that is happening in our family at the time. How could he possibly know that? And it doesn't comfort me that we have about a million windows in this house.
He also likes to do things that concern part of our property. Such as, once, he cut down a tree that was in our property boundary, and he [I]knew[/I] it was on our property, too. How did he get authorization for that? That sort of upset me, because I liked that tree. He also tends to pick things from our garden and such. [I]That[/I] does not make my mother happy, because we don't have very good soil in our yard and she has to literally do hard labor to get anything to grow in that damned little garden.
He also built a shed type thing that is partway on our property, too. I mean, I know this guy is getting on in his age... but that gives him no excuse. He should know better. I think this guy just needs a hobby. And I think we need a fence.[/color][/size]
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I have been blessed with very nice neighbors. *thanks lucky stars*

I do have a horror story about my brother's neighbor who use to be my backyard neighbor. When my hubby and I moved into our new home my brother bought my old house. Anyway, the backyard neighbor was fine. She and her husband pretty much kept to themselves. After we had moved out the neighbor's husband passed away a few months later.

This was the time my brother moved into the new house and started remodeling and stuff. The backyard neighbor widow went a bit bonkers after her husband died. She started to yell at all of her neighbors for "stealing her land". Mind you, her husband years before had put up their fence so they were the ones who set the propery lines. She then torn down her fence and started to push over everyone elses' fences in to their yards!

Her next door neighbors lawn was "on her property" (which it wasn't) and she put chemicals on the lawn and killed it. She then told that neighbor she was going to get chickens and build the hen house right on that area. This is in city limits, you aren't allowed to have livestock.

One of the neighbors called a survey crew to come out and map out the propery lines. The put in the brightly colored stakes where they legally should go. Which, was where her husband had put the fence up previously. She didn't agree with them and knew they (the survey crew) were out to get her so she pulled out the stakes and threw them into her neighbors yards.

One of the other neighbors had one of Richard Marx's albums blasted towards her house from 7 am to 7 pm. Why? Only the crazy neightbor would know. My brother not wanting to be involved just rebuild the fence about 2 feet into his property and paid her no mind. I think my big bro is going for saint hood since I wouldn't let some crazy lady cheat me out of propery I paid for!

The police had been called more times than anyone could count. All the damage done, the noise issues (blasting 80's pop on a stereo all day long!) and just the constant harrassing! In the end all the neighbors ended up going to court over this battle. Needless to say the court ruled in favor of the neighbors, not the crazy lady.

The best part was when she wrote a letter to the newpaper editor about how evil her neighbors were being to her...stealing her land and causing mayhem in the neighborhood. Apparently all the neighbors, the survey crew, the police and the judge had picked her out to torment. It's really sad and all. I should call my brother and find out what happened to that lady....
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[COLOR=#004a6f]I personally haven?t had many problems with neighbours, there?s the occasional disagreement (neighbours or us being too noisy) from both sides but it usually gets solved and we apologize and move on.

I live in a townhouse, so our neighbours are pretty much right beside us. They share our walls. And my house is sandwiched between our neighbours, while others are lucky to only share on wall. Anyway, we can hear our neighbours sometime through the walls, especially if they are arguing with each other or their dog is barking or whatever. Oh, by the way, I?ve had quite a few different neighbours, because most people only stay for a short time (I wonder if it?s because of us?), and move out.

And we don?t notice our neighbours on the left side as much as our right, because our doors aren?t right beside each other, so I?ll just focus on my neighbours on the right.

Our right-hand neighbours right now seem to be going through problems so we hear a lot of yelling, but we don?t complain because we?re pretty loud sometime too. We don?t talk to them much. I don?t even know their names!

The neighbours who lived there before them, I knew better. They were okay I guess. But a bit before they moved, they got a dog. It was a golden retriever puppy (but he was huge!) and it was really cute. But my mom?s kind of scared of dogs so he was a bit of a problem. At first they kept him tied up in front, but he could easily walk onto our side of the lawn, so we couldn?t even avoid him if we wanted to. He was friendly at least.

They moved him to the back after that, but since we?re right beside our neighbours, he could again, easily come into our yard and even climb up our back stairs. For some reason he preferred our yard over his owner?s and he specifically went into our yard to poop. We had to ask our neighbours several time to pick up after him, and they got annoyed with our nagging. And they kept him outside in the back by himself for a long, long time, and he would just bark and bark, which was annoying. And it was a weird bark too, so that made it even more annoying.[/COLOR]
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Guest Prick Wizard
I don't think I get along with my neighbours.

Once a month on a monday night I host a great elven convention in my back garden where elves, humans and dwarves alike can meet to share secrets and fascinating stories about heroic adventures. Me and my friend have a great time and often start a bonfire in the middle of my garden. We sit round the fire sometimes to try and enchant objects, perform rituals and try to summon dead elves by speaking in mystical tongues and perfoming tribal dances.

My neighbour is such a weirdo and often shouts abuse out the window and asks us to keep it down. Monday has always been a sacred night for elven people yet he refuses to understand the importance of the event.

I also sometimes sleep in my front garden under the stars and he has been known to throw things (usually coins, custard creams and digestive biscuits) at me out of the window and pretend it wasn't him. He only does this when his friends are there. He is just showing off but making himself look VERY VERY silly. He also calls me "princess mikey" which he thinks is really funny but just obviously isn't.

He is very immature.
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[FONT=Georgia]God, there are some real wackos out there. If they're so concerned with having any neighbors at all, why don't they move into the desert?

All this has been reminding me of my dad's crazy landlord in England, Trevor, who thinks everything is an "environmental" disturbance. We live on the top floor, and under our flat lives this nice German couple, and the husband plays the cello. Most nights if you lie on the floor you can hear him practising, and I've always enjoyed it. But not Trevor-he writes it up on his little "bulletin board" outside his door. He's complaining about freakin' professionally played Bach!

For some reason though he doesn't mind our washing machine making the floor vibrate. People are strange.[/FONT]
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[quote name='Chabichou][COLOR=#004a6f']I personally haven?t had many problems with neighbours, there?s the occasional disagreement (neighbours or us being too noisy) from both sides but it usually gets solved and we apologize and move on.[/COLOR][/quote][SIZE=1]Same here, usually. We haven't kept neighbors to our right for a steady number of years, same goes for the other side.

When I was younger, everyone in the neighborhood was close friends. We could play music as loud as we wanted, dance in the streets, and pretty much anything you could name in the middle of the night and no one would care. We even had block parties on the fourth of july. However, there was always my left neighbors, who was this old german natzi couple that lived next door. The only reason I knew they were natzi's was they had the flag over there TV, and disturbingly my window connects to one of theres directly in which it showed the old man in his underwear watching TV. I swear I shall never see again. This is why I always keep my blinds down.

Anyways, when I was a kid I use to walk by on the sidewalk and get harrased. They would "Shoo" me like I was a dog and tell me to get off their property.They even yelled at me when I walked off the sidewalk on this pile of dirt from the construction on the road. Also, my dog ended up running up to their dog when I was taking him for a walk, they had a beagle and it was the meanest dog I've ever met. It tried to bite me all the time and the woman would complain that I had a beast of a dog and that it was always trying to eat her and should be put to sleep immediately. There was also one night where my sister and I was just listening to music inside my room and the old man had the nerve to come over and bang on our door screaming.

So as you can see, I've had one crazy set of neighbors that I'll never forget. Eventually they left, but with that we've never had neighbors who have stayed in that house for more then a year. Last I remember, we had college guys living there who would through parties and got caught having sex [i]in the middle of the road[/i]. So their dad who payed the rent, kicked them out and now we have two teenagers who are stuck up and a mother who hides from us. Yeah, I think that house has seriously been cursed. My neighboor has since become bland since then.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Sienna]Right now I have good neighbors and even a good roommate. But last year the house next to the landlady (I live in a basement apartment) had this guy living there that was in all honesty an absolute pig. When he wasn?t drunk and throwing parties at three am, he would be outside chucking trash and empty beer bottles into the street.

One of the neighbors across the street has a tiny little miniature poodle and naturally it would bark like mad at him when he was throwing trash into the street. So then he would take the bottles in the street and chuck them at the dog. Fortunately it was behind a fence so he never did actually manage to hit the dog.

Over all I lost count of the times the police had to be called since any attempt to talk to him resulted in vulgar language and him threatening to harm you. And when the police did show up he was very good at immediately running into his home and hiding for days and refusing to answer the door. But then once things calmed down for a few days he?d go right back to being a jackass.

Last summer was the worse since suddenly he had people over every single night all the time. They would stay anywhere from five to thirty minutes and then leave. And if they blocked someone trying to get out of their driveway, they were very ugly and nasty to the person asking them to move.

At this point I began to suspect he was up to something illegal and apparently so did the police. After about a month of people showing up all the time they came and broke into the home and arrested him for selling illegal drugs.

The house has since been sold and fortunately the new people are nice and friendly.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Verdana]I have problems with my neighbors.

Yet it is just their kids that mess with us, the smell of their Dads & Sisters drugs are unappentizing to say the least.

To get to the story, when we just moved here [Which was about 2 years ago] the house didn't set a good feeling about it [at all].

When I was bored, I desided to ride my bike [Its reason-able right?]
Then, the kids [girls] - [I]I guess they liked the way I looked.[/I]
This isn't a joke at all. They always wanted to talk to me.
[I avoided them. I don't know why, but I did]

We live by a real big lot. It has some trees, but besides that, it is fine to play catch. [Not a acual game of coruse.]

I think I explained it well, but click [URL=http://img163.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lowteirdrawinghouse7dh.png]HERE[/URL]

There, now you understand right?

Well, the kids were playing football at their front yard. So, me and my brother went over there and asked if we could play with them. They said, 'shur'. Their ball was flat, so we went and got ours - which isn't flat.

We played alittle bit, the kids sister comes at yelling at him. If I can remember correctly she was wondering who we were...

But them after alittle while of them not knowing the rules, we just walked home [It was close anyway.].

That for some reason, made them a enemy.
So they came vandalize our house [With us inside]. My brother called the police.
Told them what was going on. They were going to send someone over. Which is what suppose to happen right?

The police never came by our house. I don't know why...
Vandalizim is a crime right?

Then our bike tiers got flat...
Every day. It was only commen sense to think of them right?
But we just let it slide. Every body makes mistakes, yes?

Alot of different things happen like that lately. We are trying to move and everything, but it is hard to find a houes.

Other weird things that have been happening that can't be traced back to them:

We got a couple air units stolen from our house. I don't know how it happend, but someone managed to steal 2 air units - IN windows.

Also, it was just last week or so, our lawn mower was stolen, with about 600 pounds of weight. I was surprised and yet mad at the same time when I heard the news. Now what can we go on?
*Gasp* There is a shoe print on the ground since it rained!

Some reason... we haven't called the police. Who says they will show up this time?

Thanks for your time,

David [/FONT][/Color]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I don?t have any disagreeable neighbors at the moment, but when I was a kid we had a neighbor across the street who every morning would put their dog out so it could walk across the street and poop in our front yard. I remember my mom tried to ask them to put their dog out into their own fenced back yard, but they just kept doing it anyway, even if my mom or dad were outside in the front yard.

Hearing my parents complain about it inspired me to take water guns, the hose and glasses of water and chase the neighbors dog out of the yard by trying to soak it every time it came over to poop in our front yard. I remember how angry the neighbor across the street got when they saw me and anyone else I could get to help chasing their dog with water.

It got to be a game, as the neighbor would wait until they thought we weren?t around. I would hide with either my siblings or friends and then charge when the dog started to do its duty on our front lawn. I know the neighbor complained to my mom but she never told me that I had to stop soaking the neighbor?s dog. We did that for a couple of years. Surprisingly the neighbor just kept trying to pick a time when they thought we weren?t home or around. We must have soaked that dog several times a week. And in the summer sometimes we got the dog several times a day.

It finally ended when the dog got sick and had to be put down. It wasn?t anything we did but rather a case of being too old to fight off an infection it got. They got another dog, but wisely put it out in their own backyard this time around. [/COLOR]
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I live in an apartment building that is mostly seniors, so my neighbors are pretty cool, really quiet.
I was going to work today and the old guy who lives next door saw me all dressed up and he gushed to me about how nice I looked all fancy. Sometimes it's a little creepy but as long as he meant it in a non-perverted-old-man sort-of-way then it was sweet.
However I did have one creepy old guy hit on me. :sick:
That was not fun.

But there's one older guy, who's like 10 years older than my dad, he's always outside smokin so I'll chit chat with him and he'll tell me stories about back in his day. Today his story was about how some guy he didn't even know gave him a bag a pot so he rolled 54 joints and gave them out to people at a pub, and then got some other young kids kicked out for selling pot. Even though he never made money off it. He didn't smoke it so he didn't care. Whether or not this story is true, who knows, hehe.

And the weekend manager is like my adopted grandpa. He's really nice, he's a WW2 veteran so he always tells me stories too. Apparently he can speak Punjabi or something.

It's really nice because my grandparents on both sides of the family have passed away, and I'm at that age where I want to hear about what it was like for them when they were younger. They've been around alot longer than I have, so I like to hear what they have to say... as long as it's not perverted. :animesigh
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My next door neighbour has...or should i say HAD a dog that barked constantly from 9am when they left for work, right up till 6pm when he got in. That mutt drove me crazy, crazy enough to toss the little bastard a juicy slice of poisoned meat. Now the peace and quiet and long lie ins have returned and life is good!
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[quote name='Chabichou][COLOR=#004a6f']Why do so many people have neighbours who are spiteful for no reason at all? What kind of a jerk would purposely send his dog across the street to poop on someone's yard?[/COLOR][/quote]

Because people aren't smart.
People are ignorant.
People are bums.

They don't think, 'Hey! I would get in trouble for this...".
They think, "I don't wanna pick it up... Hey go over there!".

I wish I had good neighbours.
But is it really ever going to happen?
I mean, there would have to be good people on both sides...

But the kids get offended quick. So, when I move, I'm going to be the good neighbour.
No the one that needlessly makes enimies. I offer that to anyone who would join me ;)
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][FONT=Book Antiqua]My neighbours are pretty good, except one incident.

A few years ago, my mom stayed home from work because she was sick. My siblings and I were at school, my father at work and my cousin was downstairs sleeping.

My mom woke up because of heavy knocking at the door. She went to go answer it, and it was my neighbour, from the house beside ours. Back in the day, my brother and other neighbour hood kids would play baseball. Anyways, He came to the house drunk. He started yelling at my mother and accused my brother of knocking off the side view mirror off the car he never even uses!

My mom said that my brother wasn't even playing baseball, but the man continued to yell. My mom's head started to hurt. The man continued to yell, so my mom called my cousin to handle this. He came up stairs and asked the man why was he harassing his sick auntie. Eventually, his wife came and apologised to my mom about her husband's behaviour. We ended up paying for the mirror. I walk past his car almost everyday, and he used silver tape to repair it himself. i wonder what ever happened to the money...

I forgot some other drama! My neighbour across the street moved in a year or two ago. This family is made up of a man, and his grown daughter. This daughter is known to have a thing with married men. She even told my parents about how her man is cheating on her with his wife! Nowadays, she comes around my house a lot, asking for my dad. My sisters, brother and I are convinced that she has a thing for my dad![/FONT][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Chabichou][COLOR=#004a6f']Why do so many people have neighbours who are spiteful for no reason at all? What kind of a jerk would purposely send his dog across the street to poop on someone's yard?[/COLOR][/quote][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I wish I knew. It certainly makes no sense to me. When the neighbor behind us threw the branch back over the fence he could have hit someone or damaged plants. On some level I think they just don?t care. It?s like on some level they never grew up. Compared to my other neighbors it?s like having an alien living behind us who just happens to look like a human.

To be fair, our other neighbors are just fine. We don?t have any issues and for the most part we get along just fine. I just wish the guy living behind us would set a better example for his kids. I?d hate to see them grow up and be exactly like their father. [/COLOR]
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