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[SIZE=1]This is the Underground thread for my latest roleplay, Akai'Teth. Base information for your sign ups is found here and any questions can be asked. If you already have a realm in mind, you only need to read its information. This isn't all necessarry.

Akai?Teth is split into four realms, each God rules over their own and each are very different in their own ways.
World Facts
?The basic language spoken across all realms is Akai and the inhabitants are known as Akairans.
?The currency is Shia: 1 Shia is equal to about 5 dollars.
?The mode of transport between realms is a hover train. It looks like a normal modern train but is kept afloat by magic, all power is taken from the sun, wind and water.

[COLOR=Red]The realm of the Fire God.[/COLOR]

?This place is like a dessert, the only trees that are seen to grow form the forest known as Enchant, which lies exactly in the middle of this realm. In here animals live, water flows and plants grow wonderfully, but no people live there knowing that they would destroy the only place of beauty in their land.
?The main city is [B]Atashka[/B] and lays South-West of Enchant. Its population is approx. 10 000 and it is one of the largest and busiest cities in all of Akai?Teth.
?The buildings are made from stone and mud; only the bare minimum amount of wood is used for fear of it running out.
?The structures are thin and tall, channelling the heat up to the roof and ventilating through small holes in the ceiling.
In winter, the structures maintain the heat during the cold nights but in summer they are only just bearable to live in.
The people are still trying to design new accommodations for themselves.
?Smaller villages are dotted around the dessert, one quite important village is [B]Ballor[/B], which lies to the North of Enchant and is inhabited by many explorers and merchants that travel to the other realms in a hope of buying and selling raw materials.

Lei-Su is known for its metal and stone, no other realm has such an abundance of iron, granite or limestone to name a few.

Besides Enchant, there are two other landmarks in Lei-Su; one is the Great [B]Pyre Temple[/B]. The magnificent golden and amber structure that lies to the East of Enchant, right on the border.
Flames constantly burn on each of the four corners of the temple, a beacon for travellers and a warning for enemies.
True followers of Pyre reside here, they pray and worship him each day, they do not fight like the rest of the population and are protected by Pyre?s flames.
Weary travellers are welcomed to stay and rest until they are fit, without having to pay, but they are required to leave something to be sacrificed to Pyre.
There is a rumour that 100 years ago, a merchant could not offer anything for the God and was instead used as a human sacrifice, feeding the temples great fire and causing billowing smoke to leak from the temple, covering the suns light and casting Lei-Su into an eerie darkness. Of course, this has never been confirmed.

The other landmarks are the great mines of Akten?Shei lying to the South of Enchant. No one works there any more but bandits and criminals have used the endless tunnels as a means of hiding and transporting illegal goods into the other realms.
Iron is still buried deep within the earth and some people have been known to strike lucky and find a diamond.

[U]The People:[/U] People if Lei-Su are very good physical workers, but aren?t very skilled when it comes to making weapons.
They forge swords in the heart of blazing fires created by their own people?s magic but know that they are not capable of using these weapons to great effect.
Thus they have nurtured their magic skills and are the strongest with these powers out of all the four realms.
They use physical attack spells, rather opting to be aggressive than defensive.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]The Weather Goddess? realm.[/COLOR]

?This is the realm in the sky. Floating islands that hover constantly above the land below, 300 feet in the air.
Ladders reach down from these massive islands to ground level where residents can then take a hover train to another realm, for a price, of course. Not all inhabitants can easily afford this.

?The islands themselves are all very similar, except for the largest, the capitol city of Ru?ke Whim, [B]Leaisha[/B].
A beautiful city usually filled with joyous laughter, music and the buzz of markets.
Towering buildings built with limestone and painted with a coat of gleaming gold paint, this place is a sight to behold and is the greatest and richest city in all of Akai?Teth. Many actors, singers and performers dream of travelling here, bringing their shows and finding fame.
?Its population is approx. 15 000 and growing, with people from other realms travelling to Ru?ke-Whim in a hope of finding fortune in Leaisha.
The people travel by hover trains powered by the energy harvested from wind and the sun, giant bridges join towns and larger villages, all leading to the capitol.
Everyone lives in apartment buildings, but all are of a large size making any normal person seem like a millionaire, the people are very proud.
Since the people live in the sky, there is no place for planting fields to grow food, therefore trade is a big thing so instead of rich merchants paying Shia to see shows or buy things, they trade for food and wood.
?Ru?ke-Whim is famous for it?s cloth. Many merchants and aristocrats travel far to get their hands on the material, a precious item.
Hand woven by the most gentle of hands and washed in the collected rain water from there own God, this cloth, known as[B] Heaven?s Weave[/B], is the softest and most beautiful.

[U]Landmarks: [/U]
The only famous landmark in Ru?ke-Whim is the [B]Grand Theatre[/B] in Leaisha. A beautiful building decorated by the greatest artists from Yul-kash, crimson curtains laced with gold made from Heaven?s Weave and the stage made from the wood of the best trees in Auro?shi, it really is a sight to behold.

The theatre holds 2 000 people with seating arranged as a circle around the massive circular stage. No one ever misses a move the actors make and binoculars are supplied to all seated near the back.
The seats themselves are padded with sheep?s wool and covered again in Heaven?s Weave, with a gold trim.
Food and drinks are supplied by theatre staff, constantly checking if people need refreshments and the only charge is for the tickets, everything else is free.
Some shows will be free, giving the theatre more of a reputation by allowing people who wouldn?t usually be able to afford the shows have their choice of seat first.
Many performers have made their names in this theatre and anyone that performs on that stage is always honoured.

[U]The People:[/U]
The people of Ru?ke-Whim are known to be passive, very skilled at using white magic spells such as shields and healing magic. They use bows and arrows and spears efficiently, but they are not ones for using a sword.
They usually opt for the peaceful route but when pushed like they have been lately they make good fighters, always trying their hardest to win.
Most people, like the other realms inhabitants, do not like their Goddess and wish that they could be free of her, but true believers in this realm are the hardest to argue with, they are very religious and worship everyday hoping to keep their Goddess happy, to let them win this war.

[COLOR=Navy]The Water God?s realm.[/COLOR]

?Yul-kash is a realm surrounded by crystal waters. The mainland is like a tropical island with palm trees and shrubs that are used to humid weather; under the water there are many buildings, mostly factories, schools and work places.
?All the people live on the surface of the water in houses much like huts. Built from wood, the roofs are made from grass or hay; very good for keeping the houses cool in summer.
?Since this realm had never experienced winter, the people are only used to the heat and cannot handle temperatures like you would expect in Ru?ke-Whim.
The buildings under the water are dome shaped and built of glass, only the first meter of wall is stone and they are painted a metallic blue colour, reflecting the sun off the surface and making the building gleam.
?Tubes are connected to the buildings and they are how the people enter them, even though they are known to hold their breath for over 5 minutes, many of the buildings are deep down.
?Each town with a population of 600 plus has a train station, most villagers are too poor to afford to travel below the ocean anyway and make their living as fishermen.

?The capitol city is [B]Aquea[/B] and has a population of 1500, it is known for having very talented artists and they are usually requested by other capitols to decorate temples or important buildings.
?Many famous artists are insanely rich but still live in a normal hut, happy with what they have, that is what earns them respect from other Akairans.
?Most buildings in the capitol are decorated with the works of many different artists, each beautiful in their own right.

All the buildings under the ocean off the coast of Yul-kash are beautiful, but one to see is the Art Gallery, known by all as ?Gleam? a nickname derived from the ancient Akai name, ?Arushka?shu Mei? translated roughly as ?Building of Light? or ?Gleaming Building?
The people are very proud of this glass dome, just seeing it from the outside is a wonder.
Each pane of glass is shined to perfection and reflects even the slightest ray of sun light, making it seem brighter than it ever could, the building looking like a gem under the water.
Inside, the different rooms are themed around different art styles or seasonal themes.
One room to see is the Winter Hall. Lucky artists who dared to visit Ru?ke-Whim in the middle of winter came back with the most amazing still life?s to wow the city with, all are exhibited in this one room, lit dimly to give the affect of a winter morning with imitation snow falling gently from the ceiling. All who have seen it have left with an awed expression.

Another famous place in Aquea is the train station (Aqua Alure), with each of its tubes taking a deep plunge into the ocean, carrying its passengers to their destination safely each day.
Only five trains run from here to other places in Akai?Teth but even so, it?s the biggest station out of them all. Having a total of 20 tracks each reaching a different station or building.

[U]The People:[/U]
Everyone is trained to swim from as soon as they can walk. Even though most people prefer to take the train, it is tradition for everyone to be able to hold their breath for at least 5 minutes by the time they reach the age of 18.
As a test to see if they have reached adulthood, recently turned 18 year olds will undergo a massive underwater course, lasting 5 minutes exactly for strong swimmers.
If they need to be helped or rescued along the way, they have not reached adulthood and will still be classed as a minor.
So far, only 3 people have died, according to the records.

These people are strong psychical fighters but not very skilled with magic. They use tridents and short swords to battle, some using custom built weapons or unique swords from Lei-Su. They do not favour armour as they often choose to swim away as a retreat than to run, they prefer to let the battle come to them rather than to go to the battle?and ultimately, death.

[COLOR=DarkGreen]The Nature Goddess? realm.[/COLOR]

?Possibly the most beautiful of all four realms. Everywhere you look there are flowers, trees, waterfalls and animals. Everywhere is life and happiness, even during this time of war.
?This is the only realm that has no capitol, or even standard buildings. All the people live in tribes and as nomads, travelling to different forests and areas when the seasons change.
?Most summers are beautiful, the sun filtering through the leaves of massive oaks and redwoods, casting a serene beauty over the whole of the realm. This is when all the celebrations occur.
?All the tribes gather together, creating a circle of people, all celebrating their luck in having such a bountiful land. Other people are invited from the other realms to join in the celebrations and thank their Gods for what they have been blessed with, even though most of the time these prayers have no substance.

When the houses are set up, they are made from reeds and animal skins, very quickly put together but stable once they are put up.

The people live off the land, most of them herding cattle or sheep and cultivating fields. The women make wine and other drinks, desserts and salads while the children are taught in clearings by intelligent professors.

This realm is known for it?s wonderful wine, sold in every realm and rumoured to be the favourite drink of the Gods, or so the wine makers would have everyone believe. It is also known for the intelligent professors that are constantly leaving to teach in the other capitols, earning Auro?shi a good name.

The only noticeable thing in Auro?shi is the vineyards. People from Ru?ke-Whim can look through telescopes and watch the grapes sway in the summer sunshine, a most peaceful thing.
Artists have travelled to draw pictures of the grapes when they are ripe and have always returned home with a complimentary bottle of wine.
The whole of Auro?shi is beautiful, and any explorer wanting to relax will always be welcomed in any of the tribe?s campgrounds in any season.

[U]The people:[/U]
These people are hands down the most powerful swordsmen. No one has ever defeated them in war and it is all down to animal instinct. By keeping in touch with nature, the people of Auro?shi are able to tap into a warrior?s rage when they fight, almost going berserk on their enemy.
They have no talent for magic and even the most intelligent of professors cannot grasp a simple spell, although, some do say they have a certain magic for nature.
When in a tough spot, children have been known to call upon packs of wolves to protect them, this is the hidden gift of the next generation of Auro?shi.

[B][U]Mount Akai/White Mountain:[/U][/B]
This is the mountain where the God Akai landed when he was thrown from the heavens, it lies in the centre of Akai?Teth and is not owned by any realm but stands as a beacon, seen by all. His skeleton is still there at the peak to this day, a constant reminder of what happened.
On his skull, the history of the war between he and the Gods is inscribed, allowed to stay there because it keeps the people living in fear.

No one will ever dare to mess with the Gods again, until now?.heroes, discover your power, and bring peace to Akai?Teth once again?.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

You have me really at war with myself over which faction to be a part of Jamie, I hope you're happy :-P, I'll probably end up going with either a character from Lei-Su or Yul-Kash as those are the ones that currently appeal to me. Just out of curiosity, does any race favour heavy armour in battle ?[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]
Guess this is my fault for not asking while I was at school, Stupid bell caught me x-x

Yet I was wondering that if we could somehow be able limit the number of weapons/magic so that we could be able to wield both, maybe because the way that I am seeing this rp from what I gathered, it would be kinda odd to be only a fighter and not touching magic and vice versa. Yet this could just as well be hormones, don't know which though.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I honestly never thought, but now you mention it, I imagine fighters from Auro'Shi would be big on heavy armour and Yul-Kash would probably have a lighter armour, like leather or something. Lei-Su would possbily have some sections of their army, like the ones who use their crude swords, in armour but the ones who use only magic would be in robes. I can't believe I never thought of that before.

I believe those from Lei-Su also use weapons. I contradicted myself a little in the sign up, didn't I by putting whether you were one or the other. I think I put that those from Lei-Su and Ru'ke-Whim used both magic and weapons, but were stronger on the magic side.

Hope that answered your questions. Thanks so much for the interest. ^^[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Hello, I just wanted to say that my post might be few. And that is because I am trying out for football this year and the practice schedule will absorb pretty much my entire day for the rest of school and everyday of summer except for the first week. I just wanted to warn you a head of time. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your understanding.

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