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Fave actor?


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Bwa, I was wondering? who's your fav actor/actress? also, whats your fav movie they were in?

mines Jackie Chan:D ! he is the coolest! His best movie (there are millions i know, i can't remember all the names of his movies ive seen, ie: dragon twins, who am I?, rush hour, rush hour2, shanghai noon, plus millions of really cool translated ones, the best if u ask me;) )

any how, the best movie he made, I say would be 'Who am I?' and 'Jackie Chan's first strike' both were on TV a while back, but the best are on SBS every now and again.

Another cool one (i cant remember the name of it) is about this buried Nazi stronghold loaded with gold and secret Nazi plane developmen stuff, has anyone seen it?

ok, i know thats alot to ask, but i couldn't be bothered asking it in different posts
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[COLOR=darkred][SIZE=1]I actually have MANY favorites. .

Ok, top males:

Mel Gibson - he plays drama better then ANYONE, and when he is in a comedy, he is just as good as anyone else, if not better. He is also king of the action too. . WOW, he is just awesome period! Wow. . he was awesome in Patriot and Payback, and Braveheart, as well as a ton of others.

Robin Williams - He just plain rules. He is sort of an inspiration to watch sometimes, and though he gets ragged on a lot by media and everyone, he is just brilliant in some of his movies. He was GREAT in What Dreams May Come. . that was my personal favorite with him.

Jack Black - LOL, he is just THE Comedy Man. . .his songs rule too =P Looking forward to Orange County coming out soon too ^_^

John Cusack - WOW. . he just plays his roles so well. . . he is sort of the psyco to watch, but if you love his work, it is awesome.

Top Females:

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Ya, smack me if you want, but she is a good actress. . some might say corny. . but that is YOU'RE opinion, and this is MINE :shifty: Loved her role in Can't Hardly Wait and also in Heartbreakers =P

Carrie Fisher - She did awesome in the Matrix, and is a very good actress in many of her other movies she has played in.

I have many more, but can't think of them now, since my brain has shut off ^_^ . . .so. . . :help:

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really? interesting choices there. I like Jackie Chan as he:

*does all his own stunts

*shows some of the martial stuff ups at the end lol (it takes guts to show others your faults, even if they are hilarious:laugh: )

*brings his own style into the movie

*any movie he's in, no matter how serious or dramatic, will always have quirks or funny bits

thats my opinion :D I have heaps of other fav actors/actresses but I cant remember their names. Other fav movies include:

Robin Hood Men in tights

The Princess Bride (i think thats its name, you know, with that guy Ingdigo montana (sp?) and the 'inconcievable!' guy


plus loads of others, couldn't be bothered listing them all
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[COLOR=darkred][SIZE=1]The ONLY problem that I have with Jackie Chan is that in ALL of his movies, he tends to fall back a lot when fighting, and doesn't really try to fight (even though that is the character he tends to play). Also when he fights, he uses a ton of foreign objects to fight, instead of just kicking the crap out of the people. . it was fun for a movie or two, but got old for me REALLY fast.

As for martial artists - Jet Lee. . . he is just beatiful to watch in movies fighting. His style is so smooth and he is just totally awesome with some of the moves he does. He is really coming along with his ability to speak English, and I see him becoming quite a good actor (Yes, I think he is good already, don't get me wrong). He did awesome in Romeo Must Die, and was also really good in The One.

Still thinking of more =P . . will be back soon
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Squashed Snail [/i]
[B]I like Jackie Chan too! Also I like Shrek, the Donkey in Shrek, Eddie Murphy, Steven Segaul (sp?), and err, can't think of anymore. :D [/B][/QUOTE]

Eddie Murphy as the donkey in shrek

BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

He is so ****ing funny as that donkey, that is my favorite movie of all time!!
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1) jim carrey--man on the moon
2) bruce willis--12 monkeys
3) hayley joel osmond--a.i.

1) claire danes--romeo & juliet
2) drew barrymore--uhh, mad love i guess?
3) juliette lewis--natural born killers

those are probably my favorite movies, too, except for mad love. i just think drew did a good job playing a crazy girl in that one.
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My favorite actors would have to be Adam Sandler,lol he just cracks me up in most of his movies.Same goes for Jim Carey.And Jackie Chan is a great actor himself.

As for the ladies then i say Sarah Michele Gellar,whew looks good and acts good.:toothy:
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My fave actor has got to be Arnie or Sylvester stallone because of their cheesey one liners and extreme amounts of cockiness. Without their one liners there would be no point watching their films. The best arnie film is comando by far and the best sylvester stallone film is rocky 3 or 4 i cant decide.
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Guest Unregestered
hmmm . . . my favourites, Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, Harvey Ketiel, Ving Rhames, all of Pulp Fiction fame.

Jim Carrey's good.
Julia Roberts is good.

Well, thats a bit sexist, one woman . . .
There is more, I just can't think of them right now.
I'm not a pig . . .
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[color=indigo]Hmmm...Favorite Actors...here is a few

1.Sean Conory (I mean he is James Bond)
2.Harrison Ford (I have never seen him in a movie I don't Like)
3.Brad Pitt (he might be a prettyboy, but he is in some great movies)


1.So many beautiful actresses, but my all time favorite is Marylin Monroe:blush: :blush: :blush: [/color]
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My fav actor/actress ......Let ME think....
Actor- Jean Claude Van-Damn...or is it Jackie Chan...or Steven Seagal...or Arnold S.... I have too many and the smae goes for actresses too

There's Jamie Lee Curtis... Angela Bassett...Julia Roberts... Cameron Diaz...and many other

As far as my fav movies...all I gotta say it THE MATRIX and all other Sci Fi!!!
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My favorite actor is Seth Green. He always plays this punked out weirdo. I liked him in the Austin Powers movies and in Can't Hardly Wait the most. He looks especially good with blue spiked hair. I don't really care for actresses, but I guess Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. I especially like them together in Charlies' Angels. I love that movie!
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[color=deeppink]OH NO I FORGOT MY FAVORITE ACTOR OF ALL TIME...! *runs for cover*

[size=3]Ewan McGregor!!![/size] I knew I had left someone out earlier...and it was [i]him[/i]!

*tackles Ewan and proceeds to kiss him*

Some day I'll meet him and make him sing for me! His voice just makes me sigh *melts*...[/color]
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