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Manga major genre poll for me


What is your favorite genre of manga?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite genre of manga?

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Hey, i want to get a good poll from my favorite people here in OB. Im gonna list some genres of manga as well as thier descriptions (in case u dont actualy know what they are..... :animeswea ) plez tell me what you SINGLE ONE UNO genre is your absolute fav. give me what you think in both a post response and in the actual poll.

1.Action - A story that indulges a reader's penchant for physical exertion, through the depiction of combat, sport, chase, or a confluence of these.

2.Drama - A story in which the conflict rests in the personality of its characters in an environment that is typically more a natural setting.

7.3.Sci-Fi - A story that uses projections of science into the future for purposes of illuminating core themes of our modern age.

4.Romance - A story that focuses on love as the key motivating factor for human behavior.

5.Mystery - A story that is propelled by the revelation of information in increments that culminates in an uncovering of larger scheme.

6.Comedy - A story for which humor is the central conceit.

Horror - A story in which the induction of fear is the primary goal, either through the introduction of the unknown, the supernatural or the macabre to its main characters.

8.Fantasy - A story that involves magical or fantastical elements as part of its established world, whether this be more traditional fantasy such as that involving warriors and dragons, or the mystical realms of angels, devils and mer-people.
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I like all genre of manga. I own at least one manga of each of the genre you have listed. The one that I have the most of are Horrors genre like Model and Pet Shop of Horrors. I find them interesting. The only thing with horror is that they are wmixed with ohter genres like Romance (Model) or some of the other genres yu have listed.
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[FONT=Georgia]I enjoy all those genres of manga, but the one thing I absolutely cannot do without is: [b]comedy[/b]. If no humour can be found in tragedy than it is just meaningless, one dimensional. I'm a big fan of [i]Angel Sanctuary[/i] and [i]Death Note[/i], but that is because through the terror and the struggles the characters face, there is still that element of comedy mingling throughout the story. Like when Kato accidentally sells his body for experimentation in the 13th volume, or L's insistence on sitting crouched on a chair practically in pajamas while everyone around him is in a suite.

So yeah, I need that comedy! :catgirl: [/FONT]
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I usually enjoy manga when it can create a creative blen of genres. For instance -- I love drama because I like to see strong character developement. But at the same time, I am not a big fan of things that are ultra-modern. For instance, I don't like it to take place in modern day in a regular town unless they spice it up with lots of extra-terrestrial or zany activity.

What I also like is fantasy, but not your run-of-the-mill fantasy stories -- they have to be unique and creative, and branch out, like King of Bandits Jing. Unfortuanetally, these series often lack good character development.

So really, I am quite picky about which stories are my absolute favorite -- albeit I do love ALL genres -- but to pick specific ones, I'd rather go with individual anime.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fooly Cooly

Those three make up a genre which I will simply refer to as 'my favorite genre'
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]I like pretty much everything that you have listed. Though I tend to lean towards those with more comedy in them as I always enjoy a good laugh. Probably the only thing I don?t really care for in any type of Manga is action and magic spells. It?s not that I don?t think the story doesn?t need it, it?s more of I enjoy seeing that aspect when it has been animated. It just isn?t the same when it?s drawn vs. actually being in action. Though I suppose it has to be drawn to eventually be animated.

Anyway, the other thing I really like drama, something that will help the characters grow and develop due to the conflicts being brought up in the story line. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#656446]I voted for "Action" because it's the only genre other than "Mystery" that features respectable amounts of gore. Whodunit manga tend to get wordy, especially when the protagonist explaining us dear readers why so-and-so happened. Action manga, on the other hand, have all these dynamic panels and place greater emphasis on the concept "show, don't tell". And I never get tired of seeing characters entering a scene with a cool pose and a large "ZAN!" written behind them.

But I cannot think of a manga I've enjoyed that will fit in one, single genre. [i]BLEACH[/i] ain't 100% action and [i]Crimson Spell[/i]'s sooo not your generic fantasy manga either (and yes, I read Ayane Yamano). I guess it's also a strategy storytellers employ: 200 chapters of pure action just won't make for an interesting read.

Ah, I think I'm starting to enjoy Uzumaki, however twisted that may sound.[/COLOR]
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I'm opposite of Indifference, so to speak. I don't enjoy the comedy genre of both anime and manga, but if it's in the specific genre I like (action) I may get a kick out of it. But more than likely, I never do unless it's actually funny.

While I don't care for the comedy genre, my favorite genre is action. Also as Indifference stated, it's better to see it in motion, but sometimes I can actually picture the movements while just looking at a drawing, or rather I like to picture the movements that's suppose to be happening. (That's not coming out right, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say.)

Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, and Tenjho Tenge (not because of it's nudity, in fact I think it can still be good without it.) are a couple of my favorites.
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