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RPG Superheros sign ups


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This is a new RPG based in a world similar to that of Marvel or DC, where there are superheros to protect the world, and super villians to try and take it over. So, heres the basic plot:

An evil super-villian named Psycosis has begun he plot to inslave the world. Though he himself is not a major power, he has incredible mental abilitys which allow him to inslave the minds of those who have evil in their hearts. He has gained control of atleast half of New York already, and a few super-human villians with which he has created a formitable army. Superheros of the world unite, for this is our darkest hour.

These are the stats you need.


Here is mine:

Name: Shockwave
Real Name: Jon Ericson
Age: 23
Appearance: Slicked back black hair, bright blue eyes, silver sunglasses with blue lenses, blue/white uniform.
Super power/ Ability: Fastest Man in the World. Sub-Super Human strength
Bio: Coming from a long line of Race car driver, he has had an obsetion with speed since childhood. And when he found out that he had a form of super-human speed, and could outrun even the fastest Racecar, he was extatic. He moved from his familys suburbian home outside of DC to the city of NY to go to NYU, and spends his off time defending the city.
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[B]Name:[/B] Neo
[B]Real Name:[/B] James Kay
[B]Age:[/B] 19
[B]Appearance:[/B] Looks like neo of the matrix. Long black cape, black glasses, black army boots.
[B]Super power/ Ability:[/B] Has the ability to bend/Manipulate the rules of earth. I.e gravity. (Don't worry, i won't overuse this power)
[B]Bio:[/B] He is.... The one.
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Name: Kool
Real Name: Samantha
Age: 13
Appearance: same as always
Super power/ Ability: super strength, she can fly, she can shoot lasers from her hands, ect.
Bio: she was an average girl until she noticed that something wierd happened. It wasn't long after that that she doscovered her powers.
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Name: Shadowstar
Real Name: Erica Adams
Age: 25
Appearance: Working on a Heromachine pictie, I'll put it up soon. She has blue hair and wears a blue eye mask, and a purple/blue costume. Looks actually pretty cool, not fruity :p
Super power/ Ability: Mad ninja skill-er...wait, I already have a chara like that. :all: Hm. OOh! NINJA SKILLS!
Yea. She has mad ninja skills. She can blend into almost anything, uses her hands and feet like schinaz, extremly agile...hm...where have I heard this before?
Bio: Erica was /going/ to be in the olympics, until her act got sabatouged by a rival. In the hospital where she wound up, her surgery managed to not only fix her body, but enhance it to the point of superhuman. Deciding to use her newfound strength and agility for the good of mankind instead of for their entertainment, she trained in the art of ninjas (Hiyah!) and is now a crime fighting do gooder. Hoohah!

Pictie! Pictie!

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Name: Amiba
Real Name: Amber
Age: 13
Appearance: Appears to be a regular school girl when on normal days with Blonde Hair and blue eyes, but when danger calls she is transformed into her ability form, she appears as wearing all black to camoflage, her eyes turn red and have a nightvision stare, when spotted she has the ability to camoflage with her surroundings. She works mostly in the night.
Ability: Her special ability is elements, she can create fear in her opponent/enemy's mind and show them whatever fear they have to weaken them, she can also metamorph into a black cat to make quick escapes.
Bio: It all started when she was very young, she had a strong interest in dark magics and stuff and had a strong belief, when cornered by bullies she had passed out and later found out that her power had come forth, the bullies last said they had seen red glowing eyes and a flash of lights then had also passed out, creating...ther perfect super hero...AMIBA! (corny ain't it? :D heehee):naughty:
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Apperance: (as Akira)Spiked blonde hair, yellow eyes, ecko sweater, grey cargo pants, skatebaord (As DarkMan)Big black cape(think spawn)All black bodysuit, and green slits for eyes

Bio:A High School student, Akira came into contact with some strange material in the Science Lab, transforming him! (What, like Captain America isn't more cheesy?) :all:

Note:New smilies! :drool:
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Name: Morphion
appearence: average 17 year old, dark hair. tatto of baby dragon on my back.
skills: mastered every martial art. unbelievable reflexes
can instantly absorb energy from anything eaten.
energy begins and ends with stomach.

real name: Dave Skie

Bio: a sneaky 15 yr. old boy into eating and practicing martial arts. is assistand instructer at dojo.
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Name: Necron

Real name: Craig Kensindan

Age: 15

Appearence: A grey/white T-shirt and cargo shorts, and a skateboard with the biohazard symbol on it.

Super power: He is made of liquid metal, so he can marge with, or pass through anything made of metal. He can also turn his hands into knives, and similar stabbing weapons. Bullets pass straight through him.

Bio: He was run over by a truck when he was only 5, and most of his body was crushed. Scientists battled long and hard to save his life, and eventually undertook an experimant to make his body metal. The process was a complete success, and he now lives an....... almost normal life.
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[color=indigo]Name: Alexander Dumas

Alias: Hell Storm

Appearence: He is a man of 30 or so with an impressive build and a rugged complexion. His hair is entirely white and his eyes are entirely black.

Abilities: Hell Storm can create fire as a whim, he can also fly.

Bio: Hell Storm was a former member of the SAS. During a campaign in the Baulkans, he was exposed to a nerve gas that nearly killed him. While he was being treated in the hospital there was a reaction between the gas and his medication, he immediatly burst into flames. Since he has been released from the hospital he has been trying to come to terms with his powers.[/color]
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Name: Pumar
Real Name: Mike Gusa
Age: 16
Appearance: He is a Lynx, golden soft fur. Wears a thick Silver metal. Blue eyes.
Super power/ Ability: Psychic Abilities. Super Speed and Stregth. He can also Fly fast.

Bio: He is from the planet Jezu. He was send here as a child. Rasied here, he learned and controlled his unnatural powers. He now, helps the World in its time of need. We his other friends. And his GOOD friend Necron.
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Cool I suprised to get so many ppl so quick. Is everyone ready to start. I think I'll wait til tomarrow to officially start and give more ppl a chance to sign up.

Also, Majora's Mask, you forgot to list Darkman's powers. And guys, lets not make it so where all so overly powerful we can't be beaten. Than there would be no challange and no fun.
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[b]Name:[/b] Warlock (I know I use it all the time, but what're you going to do?)
[b]Real Name:[/b] Scott Reilly
[b]Age:[/b] 24
[b]Appearance:[/b] 5'11", black hair, stylish black sunglasses, a jet-black cape and simple black trousers and shirt.
[b]Super Power:[/b] Warlock has the ability to move anything with his mind, and also has a slight power with fire.
[b]Bio:[/b] Part of a science experiment when he was only a mere 1 month old, Warlock was given the power of using his mind to move anything. He was also part of a test to try and make the person able to make fire easily, but the test was a failure. However, lately, Warlock has been able to make small fires, but not easily...
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[COLOR=royalblue]Real Name: Iris Chastain

Alias: Raika

Age: 15

Appearance: 5'8" Thick red hair, very light skin, and dark blue eyes. Long black cape, with a hood. Black pants, white tank top. Enough said.

Powers: Can change wind into energy. Flight.

Bio: Tall and serious, Iris was taken from her home at age five. She has subliminal magic powers that let her use wind to suit her purposes.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Outlaw [/i]
[B]Also, Majora's Mask, you forgot to list Darkman's powers. And guys, lets not make it so where all so overly powerful we can't be beaten. Than there would be no challange and no fun. [/B][/QUOTE]

Okay...Powers..um....He can jump really far, he has a Uzi, and is really strong.
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Count me in.

Name: Majin Man (it was the only thing I could think of)
Real Name: Andrew
Age: 18

Appearance: When normal Andrew wears Blue jeans a white vest, trainers and a denim jacket. As Majin Man he looks exactly the same.

Super power: Has amzing super human strength. Can control and emit Electricity and any form of water (ice, water, water vapour) from his body.

Bio: Andrew joined the army and volunteered for the secret experiment that gave him his powers. At first the experiment seemed to fail so Andrew quit the army and carried on with his life. After a few weeks his powers started to manifest and he decided instead of going back to the army he would help humanity. The army constantly tries to track him down but so farhave failed. Andrew doesn't wear a costume because he doesn't care if people now about his powers and he shows off a lot.
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