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Stupid things you've done with your friends.


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[COLOR=DarkOrange]What are some of the stupidest things you've done with your friends?

One time me and my bestfriend went swimming at this lake.We went to a very deep part of the water
and i said"Let's die toghether."She said"O.k"
We took each others hands and we both went underwater I was under for like a minute when
I couldnt hold my breath anymore and decided i didnt really want to die.So i got up she was already up.I was
Soooooooooooo mad.So we got into this fight.Im was saying"You were going to let me die."
She said"so were you."
Anyways we ended up not talking to each other for like 5 minutes then we made up.
But that was one of the stupidest things we've did.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Busch Gardens. Water Ride. Fifty Degrees. Yeah.

Momentary lapse of judgement, I got too caught up in the moment and went along with my friends. I made a personal promise to never, ever lose my judgement or get too caught up in being with friends to do something stupid. Though it was harmless - and miserable afterwards - who knows when it could be more serious next time?

As for the suicide, that's kinda creepy. Glad you decided you didn't want to die.

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[SIZE=1]It's hardly the most stupid of all stupid things, but I once loaded a pint of Coca-Cola with something close to 30 sachets of sugar. It took about 15 minutes of near-constant stirring to mix it all in, and I could only drink half of it in the end. Still, I managed to drink more than my friend who only drank a quarter-or-so of his, with less sugar mixed in to begin with.

Yeah... it took me quite a while to fall asleep that night, unsurprisingly.

There [I]are[/I] other things I could mention, but some of them are just too embarassing. :cross:[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Courier New] xDDDD We were in Pizza hut. Ok. Alot of us. Even some of the cavern's elders, because we all went there for dinner after work. And. We all started throwing stuff at eachother. Lemon wedges, straws, everything. XDD And the lady walked in with our last pizza and she saw all the stuff that was everywhere. Apparently they did it before without me. Because she said nothing. xDD Then I spat a sausage at Denver and Seth. ): [/FONT]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=Indigo]wow. There are alot of things XD but I'll stick with one that's more recent.

For my birthday, some of the ladies from my old soccer team and i went for dinner at Denny's. We had a good time, we were loud, we threw things, we spilled stuff all over the table. After dinner, we decided we'd go pick up a cake from the Sobey's near Kaylee's house. So we walked to the Sobey's and went to the bakery. We took a very long time deciding on them because i was very tempted to get the one with army men on it XD eventually we picked a small cake, and the lady asked us if we wanted anything written on it. I smiled and said "can you write Happy Barmitzvah on it, please?" she gave me SUCH a weird look. Plus she asked me to spell it XD when she handed me my cake I got another weird look, and then we paid and left. On the walk to Kaylee's house, we thought it might be fun to sing. So we walked along this busy road, singing whatever someone suggested. My friend Kim and I got through the whole Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge XP then we decided to dance AND sing so we got a ton of honks as well. It was one of the best birthday's I've had. I love those girls and we always have weird fun like that whenever we're together ^^[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT=Georgia]I have done many stupid things with my friends, most of them involving truth or dare :animeswea Since I've always been kind of secretive about things, I would always choose a dare-which is just asking to be hit with the most disgusting tasks ever. One time, I think I may have been asked to kiss a toilet...I don't want to contemplate whether I went through with it or not.

But the worst was when I took truth, and was asked "What is your deepest darkest secret?" Now, a year later this was beaten out of me, but I did not want to say it-I was horrified! So I quickly backed out and did a dare, which was to eat a whole sardine from a can. It was the most vile thing I've ever eaten-I was gagging, and wanting to throw up. But I wouldn't tell my secret, so I ate the whole thing. It took me half an hour.

Years later, I think: wow, at thirteen I was a real idiot.:animestun [/FONT]
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[font="Gill Sans MT Condensed"][color="#993366"][size="2"]Dear lord, I can think of plenty of stuff. What first comes to mind was the time when I was at Natalie's house, and I was really bored, and I was playing with a bendy straw... and all of a sudden I go, "you know, do you think it would hurt to snort pepper?" She shrugged, and I decided to give it a try. Dumbest thing I've ever done in my life. It. Hurt. I was rolling on the floor, screaming in pain and sneezing, both of us laughing at my expense. It stung for like, an hour, and I kept sneezing, and each sneeze brought out, like, half a teaspoon of pepper. Pretty gross. It was fun. XD

Then there was the time the two of us went to Wal-Mart to buy school supplies... at 1 in the morning. OK, word to the wise, don't EVER go somewhere with a caffeine-influenced cheerleader and expect it to be normal. But going to Wal-Mart that late is great, because there's no one there. We totally dumped a whole case of Elmer's glue in some lady's cart when she was in another aisle and ran off. Then we played hide and seek. We were being so loud and we were all shouting at each other from seperate aisles, "Hey Natalie! I don't think we're being obnoxious enough!" "Really? OK, is this better?" "Yeah! Pefect!" "What was that?" "I said, YEAH, PERFECT!" It was classic.[/size][/color][/font]
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Suicide pact, that sounds like fun but it sucks if the other person gives up >_>

My bro and I do a LOT of stupid things - hardly ever dangerous cuz we are both wusses, but stupid nonetheless. I can't even think of one thing which I can single out, as usually when we go somewhere we make an effort to do as many cool and fun (i.e. dumb) things as possible. The first thing that comes to mind is breaking int song in public places frequently.
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Trebuchet MS]I have countless memories of my friends and I acting like jackasses,lol. There was this one time when we were at my house, 2 of my friends and my sis and her friend, we went swimming in our pool and decided it would be cool if we went skinny dipping.
I didn't want to at first, but they convinced be, we stayed there until like 4 AM, and my mom came and asked why there was so much screaming.
It was probably because of the possum that was there. But my sis threw it over to the neighbours backyard with a shovel. I don't know if this was stupid or just fun,i say both ^^[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Guest SuzakusNoMiko
My friends and I went to a school dance last year and I'm certainly not the type of person to ask a cute guy a stupid question. But they dared me to spend the entire dance trying to find a guy named Azusa Domyoji, which there wasn't and ask him if he was Azusa in Japanese. So, I spent the entire dance saying one of the only phrases that I knew in Japanese at that time. And most of it was made up words by the end of the night. But I went up to one of the cutest guys at the dance only to have him say 'yes' to my stupid question. My friends got into his face and started squealing like addicted fangirls and then ran off to the bathroom with me in tote. For the rest of the night they forced me to find 'Azusa' again, but to no avail. It was stupid at the time because now our school's dances boy count has gone down about 30%. We go to an all-girl's school.
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Guest Heero yuy
Wow, there' s is a lot of stupid stuff I did with my friends...

Probably the time where we played Roman Candle baseball, my friend got some roman candle fireworks from his uncle. It was a friday night, nothing much going on...being the losers that we are, we didn't have any dates or anything else important. Plus, we didn't have money to go out and see a movie. So he pulled the fireworks from underneath his bed and showed them to us. We were trying to think of what we could shoot with it. Then it came to me, what if we played baseball with it? They looked at me and smiled, I knew this was going to the dumbest thing and I'm probably get burned and have to go the ER for the fourth time in my life. So, we took his little brothers baseball bat and since it was my idea, I had to bat first. And my other friend, who owned would pitch and my other friend would be the catcher. So, the friend who was the catchter got a paint ball mask on and hockey gloves and a trash can lid to deflect the hot fire ball that shoots out of the firework. I, being really dumb, just put on a hat and some gloves and grabbed the bat. Then the pitcher lit the firework and pointed it towards me, it shot off and I was so freaking scared I just jumped back. The fire ball just hit the trash can lid and bursted all over, every suffered some type of burnt injury...and we all had to go the ER...

but it was fun...stuff you'll cherish with your friends, and realize how completly dumb you were or still are.
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Well lets see:

- My friend Don peed in a beer bottle and drank it
- My friend Isaiah hit himself in the head with a frying pan
- I hit my friend Isaiah in the head with a frying pan.... and a shovel, and a cooking tin, and a frozen dead goose
- I punched Isaiah in the face for 5 bucks and broke his tooth
- Don's brother bit the head off a goldfish
- My friend Rob got shot in the chest with 20 paintballs from 20 ft away on his bare chest and stomach
- Isaiah tried breaking a bottle over my head while he was dressed up as Boba Fett
- Isaiah jumped off a roof dressed up as Michael Myers
- Me, Don, and Isaiah tried to drink a gallon of milk each as fast as we could. Puking ensued. Lots of puking.
- I got hit in the buttocks while my own belt by a stripper at a bachelor party. There was a bruise across the crack for like 2 weeks.
- My friend Josh ran out in front of traffic naked for no reason

Oh my god the list goes on... but Im lazy. So maybe more later. maybe.
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One of the stupidest things that I have done with my friends was at my friend's birthday party. We had a crazy game that we were going to play and we were all at the high school's pool near where we lived.
So, my frinds and I each took turns pretending to sacrifice people and in the process we were all yelling "rah, rah ruki, sacrifice!!" We were just about to 'sacrifice' my friend's brother, when the lifeguard blew his whistle at us. "Stop sacrificing people!", He yelled at us. We stopped, but we ended up doing the exact same thing at another pool later on. Of course we weren't really sacrificing people, but it probably looked like it to the lifeguard.
That was one of the stupidest, and most fun, thing that I have done with my friends.
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[color=purple]i think one of the stupidest things i did with my friends Jenn and Wilmoo (we call him that cause, well, we can that's why!) stuck "We Love Sonoma" stickers ALL over ourselves, our main park and on cars and buildings. you know, stupid stuff like that asnd when we thought it was funny to put a sticker or two on a limo. but then decided not too and kept walking toward a wine taseting place, and then, what do you know, a COP shows up and asks our names and numbers and told us that we were doing "false advertisement" when putting on the cars and we could go to COURT!

so what do we do??? we lie! we say that we didn't put it on any cars...so they have another cop walk us around and take EVERY SINGLE FREAKING STICKER WE USED!!!! that took a while! but they never called our parents, there were A LOT of moments where we thought they knew, but thankfully, they didn't...but it was real stupid, they were just stickers![/color] :animestun
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[font="Gill Sans MT Condensed"][color="#993366"][size="2"]A Cheerleader. Caffeine pills. Three guys and me. A Ferris wheel.

This story sounds good enough already, doesn't it?

Yeah, Natalie and I were on a Ferris wheel with three guys, and when we got to the top, she stood up and started pole dancing on the pole in the middle of the carriage. It... was... nuts. I stuffed a dollar bill in her shirt. XD![/size][/color][/font]
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okay, my turn.....

I jumped off of a 3 story roof for 10 bucks at age 12
I played with deadly snakes
we set off fire works 2 feet near a gas well and blew Mosh a bigger ditch
we ate habenaros with no mean for cooling our mouths down.
got drunk off of orange juice and sprite(yes that is possible)
cooked bacon naked
we've doen some stupid things but I think the top stupid thing has to be when Me Michael, Mosh, and about 7 others went to Wallmart and took over the kiddy aisle...

Well what happened was this, we had to go and but christmas present for a few familes out chores class was sponsering and well we got appointed. So we went to wallmart and me being the spontanious one grabbed Michael's hand and ran t the boys section and took a remote control car from the shelf and it was already out of the box and set it down and started to chase people around with it, well a few of us decided to get into those big wheels for toddlers or what not and well we were nascar racing through the asiles in those things, we got banned from Wallmart, I ran over a little girls doll and knocled over a rack of bikes cause Mosh Took my tire off, we had to pay for it all out of our own pockets. Now the stupid part is we did this in Wall mart, target, Geffories, KB toy, Toys R us...every toy store you can think if we did it and got banned....
There's mine
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Oh boy, this is gonna be a large list...

I had a bunch of people i hung out with back in HS and we did a ton of stupid crap all the time. I only hang out with about 2 people from that group now but back in the day we:

-Collected money from people in a TGI Fridays while eating there by singing outloud and dancing to the songs they put on the radio and singing our version of happy birthday to this girl. The staff was really cool about it until the manager suggested we calm it down a little bit. Was a good crowd too...when you don't get a good crowd you get my next one:

-For the same thing in a diner, got kicked out by the manager who threatened to call the cops on us.

-On a class trip to one of our teacher's hometowns in upstate NY, me and 3 members of the aforementioned group roomed together and we played a prank on this other guy who is always bugging us. One of us distracted him by asking him to go with them to the store, while we took his bag with his clothes in it, hung it by a small rope and duct tape from the balcony of the motel, took his boxers out and wrapped them in a bunch of duct tape and started throwing it around the parking lot as a football. When he came back he saw his bag and started cursing us out, and we gave him the duct tape wrapped boxers and told him to keep it. He was fuming when he found out what it was, apparently they were pretty messed up and he had to trash em. I'll admit i didn't expect that to happen but it was funny (or i suppose mean from other POVs) nonetheless.

-We acted out a movie scene in the middle of a movie theater (Black Hawk Down i believe) and needless to say we got booted for that instantly.

-Me and another friend had a soul skittles eating contest, in which we downed a super sized bag each in one gulp (well not a gulp, but a single mouthful)...it was one of the most painful things in our lives, the sugar absolutely killed my teeth. I must have brushed my teeth three times that night and used mouthwash.

-I didn't do this one but it's pretty funny nonetheless, there was this pseudo homeless guy in a wheelchair acting like he was paralyzed on a big street near us, to expose him one of my friends ran by and grabbed his cup of money, the dude instantly got up and started running after him. We honestly didn't think he would do it...guess he wasen't too commited to the act.

-Me and a group of friends busted this cop-in-a-box (the cops with those little *** golf caddy looking vehicles) chops and while he was giving someone else a ticket we tipped over his little car and dumed a can of black paint on it. The dude was being insolent and abusing his power, no reason to feel bad what so ever. We complained about him once and he got a warning, after the incident i hear he was actually promoted...weird how some of these things work out.

Whole bunch of other crap that probably isn't appropriate to post here, but majority of dumb (and in some cases very rewarding) things ive done in my life were done in high school. I haven't done much since i gotten into college, atleast not on the level of some of the crap i did in HS. Funny to think i'm the only one of my friends who hasen't been arrested at one point in time, even if it's just for a moving violation.
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this was sometime in september.
i rode a 4-wheeler in a ditch [intentionally] with my [blonde] friend out in the country and almost hit a tree. i tucked and rolled. she didn't. her leg was ripped open on the foot peg and had to go through a 6 hour surgery. she still has the scar, and it's one of the ugliest things i've ever seen. i just got a few scratches. it was really funny. but i know one thing: i'm never riding a 4-wheeler with her (or any blonde, for that matter) ever again. lol.

Me: stands there staring at her leg
Her: "What?"
Me: still staring
Her: looks down at her leg "Ew."
Me: "Ew? Is that all?!?! That thing is disgusting! You need medical help NOW!"
(BTW, about 4 inches of her skin is just haning off of her leg)
Her: "Give me that pillow."
Me: gives her the pillow to put on her leg
Me: "Dude, i'm not squeemish at all, and that almost made me puke."
Her: "I know. Okay, let's get back to Georgie's. Tell her not to freak out."
Me: "Okay. You want me to drive back?"
Her: "Duh."

it went something like that.
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My friends and I are generally god kids, but we happen to be odd little children. One day in physical science (mind you we are high schoolers) my friend Holly licked my science homework. Just bause she felt like it. So I licked her homework to make it equal. She then licked my paper once again, and licked my hand. On a regular basis, Holly and another friend of mine named Constance will bite people. My friend Jonathan had a bite mark on his hand to prove it.

And there was one day after school in card club (a club for card games and video games and D&D) where La-chan and I were looking at this really hot piece of FMA fan art where Edward was dressed as a maid, Mustang was dressed as a maid with cat ears and tail, and Hughes was in between them with his arms around them. We are complete yaoi fan girls (I don't prefer FMA to be yaoi, but the picture was smexy). It was not really indecent, there was no nudity, but we just kept looking at it and giggling. The teacher who was supervising the club saw it and said it was a good drawing, which made us laugh harder. A sophmore boy came in and looked at it and said how hot Ed and Mustang were in the picture. We then told him that Ed and Mustang were both male, and he freaked out. His eyes got wide, he kept telling us that they had to be girls, until he just gave up and left the room. Which made us laugh harder at the male insecure with his sexuality.

Stupidity is oh so very fun.
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