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Saiyan: Chronicles [PG VL]

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The twin suns of the Nyx system had set on third planet, leaving only the pale starlight to illuminate the surface of the dead world. Years beforehand the planet had been cleared for resale, the stench of death was still potent, as though the fallen still lingered in anger against those who had brought oblivion to them. The only source of life was three figures quietly sitting in the face of a large camp fire, nobody spoke, nobody needed to speak, this was just another brief rest on a dead world, just one more in the two decades they?d spent running from Frieza.

One of the figures relaxed back against the ground, his tail tied around his midsection like a belt, Bardock never enjoyed these little stops, he always felt that eventually one of Frieza?s goon squad would catch up to them and finish off the last few survivors from Planet Vegeta. Bardock was pushing fifty, and yet didn?t look a day older than thirty, that was the nature with Saiyans, they reach their prime quick and stayed there for decades before eventually meeting their end in glorious combat against an entire world of enemies, or at least that?s what every Saiyan wanted, they might not live long enough to do so. Toma and Seripa sat nearby, Toma was taller than Bardock and a few years younger, he?d been his right hand for as long as Bardock?s team had been a team, now the three of them were the last free Saiyans left in the galaxy. His fingers traced over a few loose stones on the ground, the area was an old battle field, probably the ruins on an old city where the Nyxans had made their last stand against whoever had cleared the planet. Bardock held them between his fingers for a moment before crushing them into dust, against most other beings in the galaxy Bardock and his team were a nightmare, death incarnate, against Frieza and his elites, they were nothing more than corpses.

Seripa was the youngest member of the team by far, she?d joined only a few years ago, before Bardock had really earned the notoriety that had put him in such demand, and eventually lead to the death of half his team at Dodoria?s hands. The Saiyan had never forgiven himself for that, he?d lost two good men, two good friends because he didn?t see he was becoming a threat to Frieza, he feared what Saiyans were capable of becoming, eventually the Legendary Super Saiyan would have returned, and that would have spelled the end for Frieza. Instead Bardock sat alone with his remaining comrades, the last remains of a once proud race. Toma it seems had been following the same train of thought Bardock, but it was Seripa who spoke first.

?[b]So we?re it ? No other survivors except for Vegeta?s team ?[/b]?

?[b]It looks that way.[/b]?

Bardock returned his attention to the fire, it was a symbol of the rage that burned within him, but he knew he?d never be strong enough to take Frieza, there was only one being who could do that, he?d seen it. Slowly he formed the words, although neither Seripa nor Toma had ever said it to him directly, Bardock?s ?visions? were not something they had complete faith in.

?[b]There may be one other.[/b]?

?[b]Who ?[/b]?

?[b]My son.[/b]?

?[b]Kakarott ? What makes you think he survived ?[/b]?

?[b]As far as I know, he was scheduled to leave for Earth just before the planet blew.[/b]?

Toma sighed, they?d been on the run for the last twenty years, sometimes, just sometimes he considered piloting his pod straight for Frieza and meeting his end like a proper Saiyan. But Bardock was his friend, he trusted him and it was that trust which had kept them alive for so long, the didn?t mean however that he wouldn?t question his friend?s plan, especially ones that put them at risk of being caught.

?[b]Still an if.[/b]?

?[b]Even if it is Toma, we need to check it out. He?s a full blood, one of only seven left.[/b]?

?[b]What makes you think he won?t side with Vegeta as opposed to us ? Hell he might even join Frieza.[/b]?

?[b]Because he?s my son.[/b]?

?[b]So?s Raditz.[/b]?

Bardock scowled at that sentiment, but Toma was right, Bardock had managed to contact Raditz year back and asked him to join them, his elder son?s response had been that Bardock was a coward to keep hiding and should have met his end on Vegeta like a real Saiyan father. Bardock hadn?t seen Kakarott since he was just a baby, before he?d been sent to Earth, but Raditz had told his father there?d been no word from his little brother since then, it struck Bardock as strange, Earth was a low class planet, it shouldn?t have taken him any longer than a few years to conquer it. Perhaps something had happened to him, but if he had died, then who was it Bardock had seen challenging Frieza on that?s strange world.

?[b]Bardock?s right Toma, even if Raditz wouldn?t side with us, at least he never told Vegeta we survived. Kakarott is our best chance for an additional man. He?s probably in his twenties now right Bardock ?[/b]?

Seripa hadn?t spoken since the conversation began, but generally if she agreed with something, it was the best course of action. She?d become the voice of moderation among the three, if Toma was too pessimistic or Bardock?s plans were too rash, Seripa was not above letting either of them know it.


?[b]How far away is Earth ?[/b]?

Having given in to defeat, Toma wanted as much info as he could about the next stage in this little sojourn. That way at least he could form some kind of back up plan in case something went wrong.

?[b]About six months in the pods.[/b]?

?[b]Better get going then.[/b]?

Toma and Seripa stood up from the fire, dusting themselves off. Bardock stayed sitting a moment, reflect the events of his life that had brought him to this moment in time. He wasn?t happy about it, the Saiyans as a race had grown complacent and arrogant, failing to teach their sons how to be men as well as warriors, and they?d paid the ultimate price for that.


?[b]You don?t need to thank us Bardock, we?re still a team.[/b]?


The hum of the pods activation was enough to relax Bardock?s nerves. His eyes closed as he tried to picture what his son would look like, of course that fact that most Saiyan children resembled their parents meant that Kakarott would look nearly exactly like his father, but perhaps there would be differences, he?d just have to wait and see...


OK, for those of you who have no idea what this is, Saiyan: Chronicles is a new RPG set in the Dragonball Z universe. The difference between this version and the normal one however is that Bardock, Goku?s father survived the destruction of the Saiyan race because he was not on Vegeta at the time. For those of you who?ve seen the Bardock TV special, we?re playing it from the angle that Bardock arrived early enough to prevent Toma and Seripa?s deaths on Planet Meat, but not those of Panbukin and Totapo. Managing to kill the remaining members of Dodoria?s elites left behind, the three Saiyans go into exile on the edges of Frieza?s galactic empire trying to stay one step ahead of his death squads. As you might have guessed from the intro, Bardock and his team plan to journey to Earth to try to convince Kakarott to join them.

As you might expect I?ll be allowing people to sign up for any of the Z Fighters, including Piccolo, however the majority of the Saiyan roles have already been filled by those who have helped put this RPG together. The sign up will be rather small compared to the usual one, taking a leaf out of Josh's book, I'm going to include only a small number of fields to work with, and I'll be judging based on quality and knowledge of the Dragonball universe.

[CENTER]|[B]Sign Up[/B]|[/CENTER]

[b]Character Name:[/b]

[b]Signature Attacks:[/b]

[b]Special Abilities:[/b]

[b]Character Chronicles:[/b]

As I said the fields would be rather small, however the most important is Character Chronicles which will serve as a combined appearance, personality and biography section and will be where most of my scrutiny will focus. The overall sign up should not exceed 750 words altogether which is a fair compromise between quality and succinctness.

The Underground thread will be posted at some stage later today, I just wanted to get the actual sign up thread posted. I'll also be including a full cast list from which people can choose their characters.[/SIZE][/LEFT][/FONT]

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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][B]Character Name:[/B] Gohan

[B]Signature Attacks:[/B]
[I]Masenko:[/I] Gohan's first and most used attack. Its origins are from Piccolo who presumably taught the attack to Gohan while training together in the wilderness. He holds his hands crossed with the palms facing forward above his head, creating a yellow-coloured energy ball. Then he throws his hands forward and fires the beam, with the beam's pattern almost similar to the Kamehameha.

[B]Special Abilities:[/B]
[I]Kamehameha:[/I] He holds his hands near one of his sides (usually right), creating a shiny, blue energy ball. Then he throws his palms forward to fire the beam.
[I]Renzoku Kikou Dan:[/I] A combination of many small ki blasts fired at a very rapid rate, which causes a machinegun like effect. Useful for quick and widespread damage, but is very draining on ones energy level.

[B]Character Chronicles:[/B]
?Try not to call me, Videl?

Gohan entered his study quietly, sitting at the small desk. There was a small pile of paper just lying there, with a simple pen resting on top. He popped his knuckles and picked up the writing instrument, he had decided to write his Bibliography, the Chronicles of his Life so his descendants could read about his past. He took a breath, and put ink to paper;

?My name is Gohan, born to Goku and Chi Chi. I?d always thought I was a normal child, but then again, I never met any other children when I was young. I was born to a loving, cosy family with a nice home in the quiet mountainside, I thought everything was perfectly normal, but little did I know?

Growing up, mum always drilled into my head that studying was the most important thing in life. Though secretly, dad used to contradict her and we?d joke for a long time about other things that were more important, ?Like food? as he used to say. But mum forced me to constantly study; I spent most of my days doing school work from home with a private tutor. He was awful; I [I]really[/I] didn?t learn much from him, though he took all the credit because I read ahead.

Still, on my days off which I rarely had, dad used to take me out and we?d go exploring, that?s how I met Icarus. I know I said I didn?t know any other children when I was young, and that?s true, because Icarus was a dragon. It may seem foolish to people who read this now, but he was my best friend growing up, and we understood each other. It was always fun going exploring on his back, but then I always got in trouble with mum when I got back dirty.

Talking about what I looked like, I cringe when I look back on photos from my childhood, because the clothes my mother dressed me in at that time was just embarrassing. Mum gave me a bowl hair cut, and kept it like that for years, at least it was always covered by a bright red hat with gold trim and a cool ornament on top. I hadn?t known at the time, but that ?ornament? was the fourth of the seven dragon balls needed to summon the great Shenlong. Then for clothes I wore a bright yellow, sleeveless tunic with red hems and a kanji symbol in the centre, with a green long sleeved shirt underneath. I wish I had been smart enough to choose my own clothes at the time. But the one thing I didn?t know that other people didn?t have was my tail, marking me as a saiyan, even if I?m only half-blooded, just because it got in the way and was sensitive, I often kept it wrapped around me waist, under my clothes.

As a child, I was a scaredy cat, but I still had a strong urge to protect my family and friends. People always told me I was a lot like my dad, with a noble and gentle heart; I guess that?s why I acted how I did when [B][I]they[/I][/B] arrived??

Gohan stood up, popping the vertebrae in his neck; Pan would be getting home soon and he knew she?d want to play with him, which was one of the things he loved most about being a father.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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[b]Character Name:[/b] Raditz

[b]Signature Attacks:[/b]

[b][i]Double Nova:[/i][/b] Raditz collects an intense amount of ki within both of his outstretched hands and then combines the two orbs into a single, dense ball of energy, which he then unleashes upon his opponent at intense speed, causing an enormous explosion to result.

Raditz hasn?t defined his own fighting style past an small array of energy blasts and attacks which he uses in combat. He has began concentrating more unto his style recently, but has yet to produce any original attacks as of yet. He hopes to perfect them within the near future.

[b]Special Abilities:[/b]

[i][b]Oozaru Transformation:[/b][/I] Upon laying eyes on the full moon or a created alternative, Raditz?s Saiyan body transforms into an enormous beast of war, the dreaded monster apes called Oozaru. The truest form of the Saiyan race. Once in this form, Raditz, and any other of the Saiyan, is nearly unstoppable.

[b]Character Chronicles:[/b]

2 years ago...

[b] ?So... what?s this place called again??[/b] Nappa questioned in his regular ogre-like voice as he struggled to lift his large body out of his traveling pod. He scanned his desert surroundings confused by the absence of those life. Three searing-hot space pods sat on top a plateau, starlight lighting the flat stone.

A long-haired Saiyan stepped out from the pod to Nappa?s left. Raditz. [b] ?Why does it even matter??[/b] he spoke in a harsh tone, his voice gritty and hoarse by nature. [b] ?We?re just gonna wipe it out anyways...?[/b] He scratched the top of his messy black hair as he scanned the area himself.

[b] ?Oh now, Radtiz...?[/b] came a scrappy, deep voice from the right. A short, however, intimidating Saiyan with tall hair. Vegeta. [b] ?We must aid Nappa in the expansion of his small mind...?[/b] he teased the bald Saiyan. Raditz sniggered a the joke as Nappa grumbled under his breath. Vegeta shot a glance over his way. [b] ?This planet is called Hanzan. A desert planet inhabited mostly by a race of sand dwelling humanoids. Weaklings....?[/b]

[b] ?That?s a shame... I?m getting tired of all this fodder we?re having to clear out.?[/b] Raditz growled as he stepped to the edge of the plateau and scanned the area with a small screen-device over his right eye. He stopped over a single area in the sands for a moment. He had found something. The resulting number stopping over the area was fairly low. [b] ?...might aswell be stomping on insects...?[/b]

Vegeta walked over to him and looked in the same direction as him, scanning it with his own device. [b] ?Found something have you??[/b] he asked interested.

[b] ?Yeah... I?ll handle it.?[/b] he sighed as he slowly levitated into the air and towards the desert.

Nappa scurried over to Vegeta in confusion. [b] ?Hey! Hey! Where the hell is he going?!?[/b]

[b] ?He?s going to handle some business...?[/b] Vegeta replied solemnly.

[b] ?Aw! Come on!?[/b] Nappa complained immaturely, as was his nature.

[b] ?Silence! Let us watch..?[/b] Vegeta growled as he observed Raditz slowly ascend over the desert.

Raditz?s hair blew in the desert wind wildly. He looked over a small alien encampment, short beings scurrying amongst themselves, unaware of the approaching death above them. His face grew disapproving. He was truly bored with his recent missions under Freiza. He was even more upset with the other beings he was forced to work with. Nappa and Vegeta were of his kind, and they were the only two keeping him attached to Freiza to begin with. For a moment, he reminisced over his father and his brother, both of them still alive. He was deeply shamed by his father?s cowardice in the face of death. He held hope for his brother, and dreamt of reuniting with him soon, some day.

However, work was at hand. Raditz began concentrating his energy and power within. His muscles and tendons tightened with intensity. He gripped his fists and gritted his teeth as a golden aura surrounded his body. He began growling as he focused his ki. He quickly stuck out his hands, extending them to outwardly. Vegeta watched amused as he watched the attack charge. Nappa stood back in anger, watching Radtiz grudgingly. Orbs of golden light formed within both of Raditz?s palms, pulsating with dense energy.

Raditz laughed to himself slightly. [b] ?Heh... it begins...?[/b] he then brought his hands quickly together, causing the two orbs to form into a single, slightly larger, ball of energy. It rumbled with it?s intense density as he growled fiercely. Then he gave out a fierce battle cry, [b] ?DOUBLE NOVA!!!?[/b] he called out. With that, he unleashed the golden orb into alien camp with immense speed. The golden orb made contact, and with it, a flash of light went off, and then a ferocious explosion rising into a mushroom cloud. The camp and the area around it was decimated, a large fire being the only remains of the small village.

Vegeta looked upon the destruction with a delighted smile. Nappa gave an unamused ?humph? at his reply.

The flames of death glowed in Raditz?s eyes as he gazed upon his work with an uncaring scowl. His soul felt empty. He was unsatisfied...


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[FONT=Verdana][LEFT][SIZE=1][b]Character Name:[/b] Bardock

[b]Signature Attacks:[/b]

[list][*][b]Riot Javelin:[/b] A spiral shaped energy attack, how long ago Bardock developed the attack is uncertain, but one sure thing is that it?s effective. Very few fighters who encounter Riot Javelin have walked away from it alive, let alone unharmed. The technique is formed by focussing a considerable amount of energy into one hand and released in a throwing motion. [/list]

[b]Special Abilities:[/b]

[list][*][b]Kanassan Gift:[/b] After the incident on Planet Kanassa, Bardock gained the ability to read minds and see into the future, neither of which is under his conscious control and has often proven more detrimental than helpful.

[*][b]Oozaru:[/b] Like all Saiyans, Bardock has the ability to transform himself into a giant ape under the influence of a full moon, or the artificial moon technique he developed. Growing to a staggering 200 feet tall, his strength, speed and power are all multiplied ten-fold. Unfortunately destruction of either the moon, artificial or otherwise, or the removal of his tail will reverse this transformation.

[*][b]Artificial Moon:[/b] A fighting genius among Saiyans, Bardock developed the artificial moon technique for planets without a natural moon. This small ball of light exactly mimics the radiation given off by a normal moon causing a Saiyan to transform into an Oozaru.[/list]

[b]Character Chronicles:[/b]

[CENTER][[B]Planet Turan - 17 Years Ago[/B]][/CENTER]

?[b]We need to move now, Freiza?s troops are already on their way ![/b]?

?[b]But this is our home.[/b]?

?[b]What?s your home worth compared to the lives of your children ?! You can resettle somewhere else.[/b]?

?[b]Bardock ! Why the hell are we wasting our time here ? If Frieza?s elites find us here we?re dead ![/b]?

This was Bardock, Saiyan conqueror turned defender. He?d sworn the day they escaped Meat that he?d never allow Frieza to destroy another life, if he wanted the planet, let him have it, but no person would die for it. Turan was the third planet in the sector to have elite teams on their way, it was also the biggest in terms of overall population, which meant it would have the biggest number of casualties. Bardock?s team had arrived four days previously, and had already managed to warn several of the inhabited cities of their impending doom, the idea that a group of Saiyans would try to protect them seemed impossible to believe, but after two days of begging and pleading, evacuations had begun.

The elderly Turan looked up at his would-be Saiyan hero, tanned skin from fighting on a hundred different world, tight toned muscles, and a single prominent scar across his lower left cheek. The green scouter over his left eye matched the tone of his armour nearly perfectly, under any other circumstances he?d have expected his life to end in the next few moments. Turan lay on the edges of Frieza?s ever expanding dominion, but these Saiyans had come to save them from that monster, perhaps the destruction of their homeworld had igniting a buried nobility within the warrior race. The first hundred evacuation ships had already left the system for deep space outside of Freiza?s reach, yes they would have a new homeworld eventually, and they?d owe it all to these Saiyans.

?[b]Toma, these are the last few from this city. We can move on to the next one. Seripa how are we doing on time ?[/b]?

?[b]We?ve got less than two hours before the elites reach Turan. If we?re getting out of here Bardock, we need to go now. I know you?ve gotten used to these mercy missions, but we can?t head Frieza off every time.[/b]?

?[b]Damn it.[/b]?

Bardock hated this, he didn?t have the man power to face down Frieza?s elite teams, for all he knew, Vegeta, Nappa and his own son were the ones heading here. It was strange to find himself on the other side of the fence, only a few years previously he?d have gladly slaughtered the children running towards the ship, now he just prayed they?d get out of the sector in time. Toma and Seripa hadn?t grown accustomed to what they were doing yet, Bardock didn?t want them to be orders, he wanted them to do it because they wanted to help these people. One day, one day he?d meet his son Kakarott and when that happened, Kakarott would know his father was a good man.

?[b]Alright, let?s get going.[/b]?[/SIZE][/LEFT][/FONT]

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[B]Character Name:[/B] Toma

[B]Signature Attacks:[/B]

[I]Rail Cannon[/I] ? An attack developed by Toma when he was but a youth. Twin orbs of yellow Ki are charged in each hand as his arms arc adjacently to his hips. Bringing his arms together infront of him, hands in opposite vertical positions, the orbs are forced together, the magnetic pressure from which catapults energy outwards in the form of a magnificent yellow beam.

[I]Reavium[/I] ? Toma creates a bladed field of deep blue Ki around one, or possibly both hands, and uses them as sabres. Impact with a reavium blade is almost certain to penetrate the skin and cause severe internal damage. Sufficient force behind a reavium blow almost guarantees complete severing of the impacted area.

[I]Demented Shell[/I] ? Toma?s most powerful attack. This highly explosive orb is formed with Toma placing one hand over the opposite shoulder. The orb gained the name ?demented? due to it?s highly unstable appearance and nature, seeming as a black ball of energy crackling and ripping itself apart from the mass of kinetic internal force. The orb, once thrown, will explode with tremendous force upon contact with the first thing it meets, resulting in tremendous and often fatal damage.

[B]Special Abilities:[/B]

[I]Oozaru[/I] ? Upon direct contact with a moon, or an artificial form of moonlight, Toma?s body morphs into that of an enormous ape-like figure. In this state, his power is increased ten-fold, though his mental state is reduced to that of an animal with a feral bloodlust. The process can be reversed by either removing the source of the moonlight, or Toma?s tail itself.

[I]Quicksilver[/I] ? Increases Toma?s speed for a short time to the point that he becomes almost inconceivable to the eye. Often seen using this to deliver a rapid succession of blows to an opponent, or to deal with a group of opponents when severely outnumbered. The attack is usually signified by his Ki aura switching to an elegant silver from its normal electric blue.

[B]Character Chronicles:[/B]

At times? he wondered why he still followed him.

This was one such time.

Toma watched as the Pod door closed and sealed with a sharp hiss. Through the tiny, tinted viewport he could see Bardock climbing into his own Pod. They exchanged glances, and in that instance he knew the answer all over again. He saw no malice, no fear, nor joy in his companions face. He saw the burden of a man bearing the weight of a thousand worlds on his shoulders. A man who, despite his stalwart build and jaw set in stone, was perhaps beginning to lose that glint in his eye, the glimmer of hope he had held onto for so long. For every world that they saved, tens more fell. Three proud warriors were no match for a galactic army? and they were beginning to run out of places to hide.

In that instant, as in many before, he realised that he couldn?t leave Bardock, even if he wanted to.

Toma sighed, half out of concern, half out of exhaustion. He tapped in a few instructions on to the navigational controls, and re-tied his short pony tail as the Pod levitated slowly into the atmosphere. Another world saved, as best they could muster, and then the monthly journey onto the next world to liberate. Rinse, repeat. They all felt it in the depths of their soul, a leech sucking at their Saiyan pride. Running was not in their blood, and they were all getting very tired of it. Arguments were becoming more frequent, and each was slowly becoming more irritable and impatient. Toma felt it with every passing breath? the proud Saiyan trio?s last stand would be soon.

[I]?Seripa, Toma, confirm prep for launch.?

?Standing by.?

?Same here.?

?Copy. See you in about eighty days.?


?What is it Toma??

??We?ll find him.?

??I know.?[/I]

Toma?s soul eased slightly. As they departed on the final hurdle to find Bardock?s son, Toma knew that it would soon be over, one way or another. His blood rose, bringing a smirk to his lips. He knew that Earth would finally be the place where he could show Frieza?s armies what a Saiyan warrior could really do.

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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1][B]Character Name:[/B] Seripa

[B]Signature Attacks: [/B]

[INDENT][U]Chaser Blast- [/U] An ability that Seripa has found most useful when fighting an awkward, fast foe. She creates a large ball of highly explosive ki, managing to match it with that of her fleeing opponent. The energy blast with then home in on her foe. It does, however, lose energy the further it has to travel, but it?s very hard to avoid and Seripa uses it mainly for knocking her opponents down so that she can then hit them with her powerful fighting moves.

[U]Exploding Orb-[/U] As the name suggests, Seripa can create a large orb of very unstable energy which, when it hits something solid, will explode in a shower of lasers. Rather than just exploding in a contained area, this attack has maximised effect by firing off small lasers every which way. This is especially important, because the attack is unlikely to hit Seripa?s opponent. The smaller lasers will, more than likely, do some serious damage.[/INDENT]

[B]Special Abilities:[/B]

[INDENT][U]Ki Force-[/U] by focussing Ki in her hands and feet, Seripa increases the force her punches and kicks deliver. She vastly prefers close combat, so has refined this technique in order to get the most out of her physical attacks. She knows that an opponent should be taken down fast, rather than in a complicated show. This is why she hits hard, fast and accurate.

[U]Oozaru-[/U] Like her teammates, Seripa can transform into a large ape, increasing her powers exponentially. Considering she is already a woman driven by bloodlust in battle, this makes her a deadly opponent, seeing as her senses are heightened and animal instincts take over. As the others, this can only be reversed by the destruction of the moon, or the removal of her tail.[/INDENT]

[B]Character Chronicles:[/B]

Water dripped from Seripa?s hair as she pulled her head from the freezing-cold lake. It had been weeks since she?d had the opportunity to even attempt to relax, and now the only thing that came close was a quick wash of her short hair. She ran a momentarily de-gloved hand through the thick, black locks and noticed with dismay that they simply sprang back into their usual place, a not quite spiky, not quite feminine style.

[B]?Seripa, come on. You know we can?t hang around.?[/B]

The woman scowled and looked over her shoulder to the speaker, his long shadow looming over her in the light of the setting suns.

[B]?You can?t let me relax, can you, Toma??[/B]

[B]?Not when we could be ambushed, no.? [/B] his usual friendly face didn?t waver from it?s current expression of stress, worry and anxiousness. Bardock was over by the pods, his forehead rested on his knees.

[B]?All these years, Toma. I can count on both hands the amount of times I?ve washed my hair.?[/B]

[B]?And you never look a bit different afterwards, come on!?[/B]

The Saiya-jin gave her comrade a dirty look, marching past him with an indignant huff and the squaring of her shoulders. She didn?t hear Toma chuckle under his breath, which was probably for the best.

So much they had been through, and so much they had given up. Seripa was a warrior first and foremost, but she was also a woman. She supposed that she found it harder to close herself off from all the emotions her male teammates could so eagerly ignore.

But Bardock?he was so troubled. Every time he spoke of his son, Seripa felt her heart break a little more. The look in his eyes was enough to make her realise just how little she knew of the man. The real Bardock, not the genius warrior she had grown to know and, over the past few years, love as she would love a brother. She walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He barely flinched.

[B]?Are you ready to go??[/B]

[B]?As ready as I?ll ever be, Seripa.?[/B] He stood and her hand slipped from his shoulder. That was all she needed to hear.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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[INDENT][SIZE=1][B]Character Name:[/B] Nappa

[B]Signature Attacks:[/B] [list][*][b]Bomber DX:[/b] An attack that can be used over and over, Nappa charges up wave ki and fires it with one hand.

[*][b]Bakuhatsu-ha:[/b] Nappa rases two fingers in the air and creates a large explosion around him. This attack takes a small sum of energy when used just once, but the more he uses it the more energy it takes. He often uses it to destroy large cities.

[*][b]Saiko Waza:[/b] An attack invented by Nappa, he only uses it as a last resort. Nappa fires a blue beam of energy from his mouth similar to that of Saiyans in their Oozaru forms. He calls this his ultimate move.[/list]

[B]Special Abilities:[/B] [list][*][b]Oozaru:[/b] A skill used all too often by Saiyans, Oozaru is the name of a giant ape form any Saiyan with a tail turns into when a moon is present. This giant gorrilla possesses only one attack that uses Ki and that is firing powerful beams of Ki from their mouths. The Oozaru form can be stopped by either cutting off its tail or getting rid of the full moon.[/list]

[B]Character Chronicles:[/B]

[QUOTE][center][B][SIZE=1][Space, Approaching Earth in two Space Pods][/B][/center]

[B]"Are we there yet?"[/B] sighed a large, muscular man. He had a bald head, the only hair visible hair being his black eyebrows and thin handlebar mustache. He leaned back in his chair, looking over to the man drving the spacepod next to his. It was Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans. Also one of his partners and friends.

[b]"Shutup, Nappa. You're acting childish."[/b] Vegeta spat. Nappa grumbled and leaned forward again, grabbing the steering wheel with his hands instead of his feet. He yawned and spoke again, to Vegeta's dismay.

[b]"Why are we going to this pitiful planet, anyway?"[/b] Nappa asked in his regular brute voice. [b]"I'm sure Radditz can handle one small excuse for a planet."[/b]

Vegeta growled at Nappa. Nappa certainly knew how to press Vegeta's buttons, and his temper only got larger and larger as the years went on. The only reason they kept Nappa around was because of his fierce strength in battle.

[b]"Because..."[/b] he said calmly. [b]"Radditz left quite a while ago and he has made no appearance as of yet. And if I'm correct, the planet has not been destroyed."[/b] Nappa scratched his head. Vegeta had no patience for anyone that didn't do their jobs correctly. Even his own friends. Nappa sighed and concentrated on the empty space, wizzing past stars and planets.

He stretched one of his arms, glancing at his large muscles. He grinned and made a pose, almost laughing at the poor souls he would be soon crushing with his fists. He also felt his soft brown tail. Like most Saiyans did, he had his tail wrapped around his waist like a belt. This lessened the chance that someone would cut it off.[/SIZE][/QUOTE][/INDENT][/size]

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[B]Character Name:[/B] Prince Vegeta

[B]Signature Attacks:[/B]
[I]Galick Gun:[/I] An attack charged by placing the back of his right hand into the palm of his left hand. A large purple aura accompanied with crackling electricity signals that this wave is coming your way. Vegeta throws his hands outward once charged to deal massive amounts of damage toward his foe.

[I]Final Flash:[/I] Vegeta charges his energy by throwing his arms horizontally out to his sides. He then joins them together and directs them at his target and unleashes a huge beam of pure energy that his highly destructive.

[B]Special Abilities:[/B]
[I]Moon Ball:[/I] An energy ball originally created by the warrior Bardock, this energy ball shines a light which perfectly mimics the light of a full moon. This allows Saiyans to become an Oozaru even on planets, which have no moon.

[I]Oozaru:[/I] Generally accepted as a Saiyan’s most powerful ability. A special gland in the tail allows a Saiyan to grow to massive size when looking at the light of the full moon (or a similar mass of energy). The form also grants the Saiyan ten times the power they used while in humanoid form.

[B]Character Chronicles:[/B]

[I]Several months before…[/I]

And so Vegeta sat. Head down, eyes closed and arms crossed firmly across his chest. He somewhat enjoyed the quiet flight after planet purging. It allowed him time to consider his actions during the purge and gave him some time alone before going before the stinking lizard again. He involuntarily growled at the thought of his “master”, but quickly calmed himself when his scouter beeped.

[B]“What is it Radditz?”[/B] Vegeta asked with his usual irritable tone.

[B]“I’ve located Kakarot my Prince. With your permission I’d like to go and meet with him myself.”[/B] Radditz deep voice seemed uncharacteristically upbeat all of a sudden. Although, like his father and brother, Kakarot was only a third class an extra Saiyan would make a big difference when the time came to take Frieza down.

[B]“Hmph. As you please Radditz. Just don’t take too damn long this time.”[/B] Vegeta retorted through a smirk. As much as the third class annoyed him, he hated to have him go. This of course meant that Vegeta would be left with moronic giant Nappa for a while. Vegeta valued him on the battlefield because he was a fierce fighter who did as he was told, but other than that the man couldn’t hold an intellectual conversation if his life depended on it.

[B]“Thank you my Prince.”[/B] Radditz replied before turning his scouter off.

[I]Present moment…[/I]

Again Vegeta found himself in a pod, dragged into the same conversation for a fifth time by Nappa.

[B]“Because, Radditz left quite a while ago and he’s made no appearance as of yet. And if I'm correct, the planet has not been destroyed.”[/B] At that, the giant was silenced so Vegeta clicked the button on his Scouter and removed the machine from his ear.

[I]I swear, it’s hard to find good help[/I] he thought to himself before lowering his head and closing his eyes again. Maybe he could get some sleep before they arrived on Earth and discovered the fate of the third class’.

[I]If you’re thinking of betraying me for your brother Radditz, I’ll personally make sure you pay for it…[/I] He silently promised as the two pods hurtled through space getting every closer to a planet that would alter a substantial amount of lives.

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