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RPG Fall of the Vampires [M-LVS]


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[size=2][font=book antiqua][color=darkred]Blood dripped from the cailing of the circle stone room like a soft ran and ran along the grooves in the stone floor to the fountain of blood in the middle of the room. Red lights cast an eerie glow over the place as a the sound of metal grinding was heard. The elder vampire walked in followed by another that was holding a umbrella over her and two more dressed in full ceremonial armor and carrying swords. Torn apart peices of bodies lay about the room as she gingerly made her way closer to the fountain. [b]"Kizan"[/b] Suddenly two black wings poked out of the top of the pool of blood as Kizan strode up the steps and stood in front of her, blood dripping of his spiky demonic looking sliver armor that covered everything but his wings.

[b]"Why have you summoned me this time wench"[/b] He grew tired with them. They were so weak he could crush them in a single blow. He would play along and get rid of this pesky Hunter's guild and then rule this puny planet.

Eden motioned tot he two soldiers. [b]"You asked for practice so I brought you our two best fighters."[/b] Kizan smiled barring his teeth as his yellow eyes seemed to disasmble the warriors locating their weakness. [b]"If any of you two can kill me you will inherit my power"[/b] Upon hearing that the two soldiers were instantly unfrozen from their spots and rushed Kizan as he reached behind him and pulled two large broadswords from his armor and fastened them together in a double bladed staff. In less then a second the two vampires stood dead on the ground. [b]"Weak"[/b] He slowly turned around. [b]"Keep the humans on their toes at all times. Find their guild so I may destroy it"[/b][/color]

Carmen slowly walked through the halls of the town library research section with this team of two other trackers. [b]"This is the part I hate the most"[/b] Their dim uv lights panned across the room and any hiding spots the vampires could be in. Whenever the light touched on of the vampires, whether barely or full on they always let out a loud hiss giving their posistion away. Carmen made sure his gun was loaded when he heard a noise behind him. He pun around as three jumped from a book case. Bullets flew back and forth as both sides opened fire. One of the vampires lunged over one of the overturned tables but felt the blast of Carmen's shotgun. After every thing had settled down his group searched through what the vampires were looking for. [b]"Oh shit. Call the Guild. Tell them to call a council meeting"[/b]

Five days later and every tracker, priest, and blade sat in the huge meeting room. A projecter cast an image on the screen and the room fell silent. [b]"It appears that the vampires have made their next move. We have no idea if this is just another legend they are chasing or if this creature is real. Find everything you can and from now on no one works alone. I want at least two blades, two preists, and an odd number of trackers in every group. Godspeed"[/b]

Carmen sat in the tavern as hunters traded stories back and forth. He looked around at the people that surrounded him. He had to find at least two blades and two preists in this crowd. One of the his seven men said they knew a preist so he had one more to find. His eyes scanned the crowd and then a smile fell over his lips when he saw a certain person at the bar and another at a table with another hunter. He slowly stood up and walked over to the person at the bar and sat down then ordered himself a drink. [b]"So Sarin...How has your hunt been going?"[/b]

OOC: Bascially right now the hunters are trying to gather information while the vampires do the same but try to keep the hunters from discovering Kizan as well as trying to find the Guild HQ. If you are vampire. Start at the mansion going about your daily lives and the humans need to post about the meeting then the tavern[/font][/size]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Allura sat ina corner of the meeting room and listend carefully to everything and got up and left as sson as it was adurned. She walked about town alittle and then headed to the Travern and sat in the corner in the darkness. She looked at a group of noisey teens and smirked as she over head them.

"I'm gonna be a Blade! And I'm gonna kill all the vampires in the world! I'll kill them all!"
"You'll have to go over Sarin and Allura, they are two of the best in this region!"
"I can do it and I won't be afraid of anything!"

Alkura reached down to her theigh and unclipped her pouch that held her own customized weapon and slid a razor sharp thin steel playing card from the pouch anf flung it into the wooden table and laughed as al three boys jumped. Standing she sauntered over and plucked the card from the wood and leaned over to the one that had been talking.

"You think you can manage the Blade training? You'd be lucky to make it through the woods to a trainging facility."
"Who the fuck do you think you are?"
she twirled the card on her finger tip and smiled as it spun with out pierceing her skin.

The boys blinked and rushed out to tell their buddies about what had happened, she smiled as a voice called to her and turning she smiled more.
"Allura Jackson. Must you always do that to the younger ones?"
"Hello Sarin, good to see you as well."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[I] Walking in the torrents of rain outside of the Kredion made his way into the nearby tavern. As he pulled his hood back he saw that several of the Guild members were already here, as he looked around he saw it looked like an average tavern and went up to the counter and ordered a mug of hot water. As he stood there watching the small crowd he shifted the heavy pack to the counter and undid the clamps on the pack pulling out a small pouch of strong sweet smelling herbs carefully he poured some into the mug, used a small stake in his backpack to stir the mixture into the water. As he slowly slipped the tea, the guy who had approached earlier this week about giving a hand to the guild greeted him in a loud voice. [/I]

Ah Kredion Glad you could make it how are you doing? The Large man asked.

I am fine today my friend but I hear that the guild has stirred up a nest of those nasty vampires? Kredion Replied.

Yeah they are now if you will please come over here I have a few people I would like you to meet my young friend. The man said.

[I] As the two walked over to the small crowd of people in one of the corners the larger man pushed his way in and made room for Kredion to get fitted in as they got closer Kredion noticed that two looked like the Infamous Blades. [/I]

Now Kredion I would like you to meet my two good friends Allura and Sarin The two best blades in the region. The man said.
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[SIZE=1]Eden was putting the final brush stroke on a painting that had taken her no less than 100 years to complete. As her thin brush put the final black line underneath the rearing horse?s eye, the heavy set door to her painting wing burst open. Two vampire soldiers, their chests heaving, stood to attention. Eden waved her hand, a gesture for them to be at ease.

[B]?Milady, our perimeter guards caught two human spies, your presence is requested in the hall.? [/B] Nodding Eden turned back to her painting, admiring it once more before she left. Chores such as deciding what to do with spies were extremely boring. She had lost count long ago of exactly how many men, women and children she had sent to their deaths.

Eden followed the soldiers to the hall, where the two male humans they had caught were shackled to the floor. She sat in a large chair, which of course, had the best view of the medium sized hall, which was usually used to accommodate a large group of guests. She sat cross-legged in the chair, her black dress riding very far up her thighs. The two soldiers stood either side of her and willed themselves not to look; two more male vampires stood either side of the shackled men.

[B]?So, you caught these men Versas??[/B] one of the perimeter guards stepped forwards and bowed, taking one knee.

[B]?I did milady. Torqin and I found them at the outer most boundary, they were attempting to break through un-noticed.? [/B] Eden nodded slowly as she observed the two spies, what was most un-usual was the fact that she could sense no fear from them. Tilting her head she leaned forwards and started into the eyes of the captured men.

[B]?You are not scared?? [/B] she questioned, her voice booming around the hall. [B]?Speak, before I get board with you and give you to my women.? [/B]

[B]?We, are not scared, we will go to heaven. You will forever burn in fires of hell you abomination.? [/B] Eden tilted her head again; a smile crept across her painted black lips.

[B]?Was that supposed to scare me? Gentlemen if you are not afraid now, you will be.? [/B] She snapped her head back up and looked at Versas and Torqin. [B]?Men, you found them?go, have some fun.? [/B] The two perimeter guards? faces lit up with anticipation and delight as they took the now screaming spies away. Eden turned towards her two messengers and dismissed them. The man who had first called for her presence turned to her as he was about to walk away.

[B]?Lady, were you really going to give those spies to your women?? [/B] Eden laughed as she walked past him.

[B]?Indeed Baron, they haven?t had any excitement for a long time. Perhaps you would go visit them? While you are there, Send for Krishna?[/B] she was still laughing has she walked ahead of him towards her chambers. Baron was of course referring to Eden?s force of female vampires, some of these women were her maids, and others did errands and chores for her. Some were even highly trained assassins. When spies or other trespassers/betrayers were found they were usually sent to Eden?s women. They were more cruel then the male vampires, sexually assaulting the humans that were caught, drinking their blood, whatever they felt like doing, they did. Being sent to Eden?s women was considered a fate worse then death by many a vampire and human.

Eden reached her chambers but decided to make a detour to her office; there she would wait for Krishna, she had many things to ask of her. Traps needed to be placed around the mansion and Krishna was perfect for the job. Eden signed various documents on her desk and put them to one side. The spies had managed to get to the outer most boundaries which at that point in time was unacceptable. She needed to take very precaution to make sure that Kizan was kept hidden.

But finding spies wasn?t a rare occurrence; the perimeter guards would torture the men for information before every drop of blood was sucked from their bodies. Any information would be relayed to her, if it was useful, perhaps they would strike it lucky and they would uncover the location of the guild. That was mostly wishful thinking on her part. [/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Sarin was on his third drink when the meeting had ended and Carmen had come and seated himself next to Sarin, asking him about his hunt, Sarin was about to tell Carmen about how miserable the hunt has been and that he was gonna need his help once more to hunt down his particular prey.

And that he had a rather strange encounter with a unseen race of night dwelling creatures. That was what he was going to say until he heard the voice of some foolish teenager ranting about being the best blade, and how his friends tried to set him straight.

Then, he heard the peculiar sound of a special weapon thudding agaisnt the table and causing the boys to jump, Sarin gripped his bamboo staff and rubbed his thumb across the nearly invisible line and turned in his seat to look at the face of a new, familiar voice. He instantly knew who it was when he saw the card being flipped between her fingers, he grinned lightly and watched as the boys ran out of the tavern. He then spoke to her, still gripping his staff.
"Allura Jackson. Must you always do that to the younger ones?"[/B] Allura turned around and walked over to him, a smile was already on her face as she was turning around, the smile only grew as she saw Sarin, she spoke to him in a rather soft voice.
"Hello Sarin, good to see you as well."[/B] She wrapped her arms around him as he wrapped his around her and squeezed her, they released each other and Sarin turned towards Carmen.
"You remember Carmen, He has helped both fo us on several hunts and i'm pretty sure he is going to ask for ours." [/B]Allura reached out and shook his hand warmly, with a smile still on her face, Carmen returned the favor then sat back in his chair as he was about to say soemthing when his attention suddenly turned distant and he got up, telling them he would be right back.

He then quickly took off and left Sarin and Allura waiting. Sarin rubbed at a rather annoying under his shirt, it burned lightly then subsided. A few moments later, Carmen returned with a young man, far younger then himself. He must have been a teenager at best, but, he had this rather unsetteling aura to him that didn't feel good to Sarin. Carmen introduced both Blades to this young man, the young man speaking up after he finished.
"Hello, I am Kredion. I'm a priest."[/B] He reached out his hand, Sarin reached as well but suddenly felt ill when he drew to close to him. So he retracted his hand and just nodded his head at him. Allura, looked at Sarin oddly for a moment then looked back to the boy and grasped his hand and shook it firmly. She glanced at Sarin one more time then set her gaze on the young priest. Carmen noticed this as well and moved to Sarins side, he then leaned into Sarin, talking into his ear.
"Is something the matter with our new friend here? I know you don't like to work with many, if any, people but we need to work together."[/B] Sarin took a moment to find the words, then spoke to him.
"Its not that, theres just something weird going on. Being near him makes me sick. I need to speak to you privately."[/B] Carmen nodded, he looked around a bit and tugged on his sleeve and pointed to a door leading to a back room. Sarin nodded and both of them stood up, Sarin touched Alluras shoulder and she looked at him.
"Me and Carmen will be right back, we have matters to discuss. And none of your sneaking into our conversation. I know how quiet and quick you are, just get to know Kredion here. We'll be back."[/B] Sarin and Carmen took off to the back room, passing by people quickly and entering the back room with in a few moments. Sarin entered first and Carmen followed, closing the door behind him as Sarin checked the room for anyone hiding. He found no one and turned to Carmen.
"So what is it that you need to tell me?"[/B] Sarin looked around one more time with his eyes before speaking, then looked to Carmen and began his tale.
"A few days ago, I came across a different species of a werebeast. And this bastered was wicked fast. Fast and silent. He almost got me, but I managed to fend him off and escape, regretable."[/B] Carmen started pondering this, then spoke after a few seconds.
"Is there anything else of importance you need to tell me."

"Yeah, the creature got me. Right across my back, nothing deep or lethal just a scrap. But it hurts like i've been cut open deep."[/B] Carmen raised an eyebrow and let out hm as he scratched his chin.
"Let me see it."[/B] Sarin pulled off his coat then pulled his shirt off, revealing many, many scars across his body. He then turned around, showing the worst of his scars, and the scratch across his back, it went from his left shoulder to his ribs on the right side. Carmen approched and touchd it, Sarin flinched lightly then remained still as Carmen examined the cut carfully tracing it with his index finger and checking to make sure it wasn't deep.

The cut was a few days old but was still bright red and had odd spiderweb like lines coming out of the cut. Carmen examined the mark a few moments longer then back away, Sarin put his shirt back on then picked up his coat and slid the sleeves back on. Carmen scratched the top of his head then sighed.
"I'm not sure what to make of it. This is odd, lets just wait another day or so and we'll see how it goes. If it starts to react weird again, then we'll have someone proficient with werebeasts."[/B] Sarin nodded and they then headed out of the room. [/SIZE]
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[size=2][font=book antiqua]Carmen pondered over what Sarin had just told him. If someone or something had managed to get the better of Sarin then they had a real problem. [b]"Could you tell what it looked like?"[/b]

Sarin shook his head. [b]"No there wasn't that much light but from what I could see it looked a lot like that picture of that creature in the book. It almost seemed like it was toying with me not trying to kill me"[/b] Carmen just shook his head. [b]"Well thats one lead that points to this creature being real. Let's get the others had head out to where you saw him. Let everyone else search their own paths. If we need help then I'll call the guild"[/b]

The two made their way out of the room to where Allura and Kredion had been talking. The rest of his men and the second priest had already gathered. Carmen cleared his throat and the group grew silent. [b]"Alright get your things we leave now. Sarin and I might have uncovered a lead and we are going to investigate. Where was this?"[/b]

[b]"Lower west side of the city around the warehouse section of the city"[/b] Carmen arched an eyebrow. [b]"Major vamp territory there. You get bored?"[/b] Sarin frowned. [b]"No odd enough I found a several dead ones. I was down there trying to find someone who could point me towards Eden"[/b]

Carmen rested a hand on his shoulder. [b]"Like I said. Find me and I can bring you to her. It ain't hard to find the vampire elder. Let's move out"[/b] The group made their way across the city and eventually down into the cluster of warehouses. He pulled out hsi shotgun and turned on the dimmed uv light as the rest did as well. The priest pulled out a cross and began chanting while Allura and Sarin had their hands on their swords. Carmen walked right next to Kredion as Sarin led the way. [b]"Keep your eyes open, men"[/b] He turned to Kredion. [b]"Name's Dustin, by the way. "[/b]

[color=darkred]Kizan flew through the night over to where he had last visited. It was fun getting out and killing the homless people wandering the streets in the lower area of town. He landed on one of the streets and peeked around the corner to see three guys huddled around a trash fire in a barrel. In no time they were split open from end to end, with blood spilling on the ground and dripping from his mouth. Most of the vampires in this area had either challanged him thinking him to be just another werebeast but soon felt the strength of his claws and the others ran back to the mansion and were forced to keep quiet. This was his domain at night though he wished he could come in the day when people when working. He laughed at the thought of vampires bruning to a crisp in the light. Due to the fact he was pure vampire he didn't have that problem and silver didn't bother him either. he only had one weakness and no one would know what that was. Only Dracula knew that part.

He walked along the alleyways and streets until he saw dim lights panning the inside of one of the of buildings. [b]"I wonder what that is"[/b] He flew through a broken wall and crept along the beams of the ceiling until the group came into view. Immediatly a familiar scent caught his nose. That person was leading them straight to where he had toyed with him in the first place. [b]"Coming to kill me I reckon?"[/b] Eden had told him about the fighter he had encountered. Sarin was his name and one of the best blades around. He almost luaghed at how easily he had taken the guy offgaurd and toyed with him. He chose four of the guys holding guns bringing up the rear. These two would die the others would live with a new fear in theri hearts.

The group stopped right under the beam he was sitting on and began conversing. He hooked his feet on the pole as he lowered down right behind the group and grabbed two at the very edge slicing open their neck before they could even make a peep and them disappeared back into the shadows devoering their flesh and leaving a unrecongizable mess behind. He grabbed one more and then returned to his perch watching them. The one chanting with the cross would go next.[/color][/font][/size]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial Narrow]Krishna bent the man's head backwards as she lunged for his throat, fangs extended. A thick pop ensued as her fangs sank deep within his flesh allowing rich, metallic blood to rush into her small mouth. Its taste and texture overwhelming her senses as she pulled at his throat for more, never seeming to get enough to fill her. She pulled harder and more quickly until the man stopped squirming and his blood gone.

Krishna threw the body away in frustration like a little girl would throw her doll. His lifeless corpse hit the wall and three female vampires rushed at it to see what she had left behind. Krishna snarled, the females jumping away from the corspe in reaction, though the motion was not directed towards them.

"Find me another!" She cried out, tossing her fists like a child.

"Krishna," a short voice called out her name. Her head swiveled up towards the balcony at the top of the stair well. "Baron has sent word that Lady Eden wishes your presence."

An elegant smile of such wicked pleasure raced across Krishna's younger features. She danced about in place for a moment before rushing up the stairs and past the woman that had called out to her. Baron, a handsome enough vampire, stood at the champer doorway, a rather nervous expression on his face. Four fairly lovely vampiress sat with devious smiles on their faces across the room, eyeing him with lustful intentions.

Krishna stopped in front of him, blocking the vamprises' view. His eyes danced about her wildly. She was encased in the youthful form of a girl just hitting her teenage years and she loved most of all seducing perverted men into her bed chambers then sucking them dry. Wicked men deserved such wicked fates.

She reached forward, her dazling blue-grey eyes swallowing Baron whole, as she clutched his hand. He trembled under her touch from fear she assumed as she placed his index finger into her mouth. Her tongue slid along the bottom of his finger as her lips tenderly pressed against the base. She pulled it from her mouth softly, scrapping her teeth along his flesh. She watched him shutter before bitting down on its tip to taste his blood, but not indulging in it.

She smirked.

"You have a sick way of showing your apperication," he grumbled as she leaped away down the hall like a school girl.

"Milady sent for me?" Krishna grinned as she approached Eden's office doorway, lowering her head but never letting her smile to drop.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Allura walked over to sarin and began to walk beside him.
"So, your still after Eden eh?"
"Of corse, you?"
"I feel she had something to do with my brother's changing, so in answer to your question, yes I do look for her and Justin as well."
"Your brother?"
"Yes, i ran into him while I was on my way here, I barely escaped from him. I believe Eden may have taken a likeing to him. He smeels like her."
"You still remember what that fould women smells like?"
"You see someone kill your entire family before your eyes and turn your most trusted person infront of your very own young eyes in my case...you never forget what they look or smell like."
Sarin nodded and looked at her.
"You still know how to use those cards of yours well don't you?"
"Sarin, must you insist on asking dumb questions or did your incounter with Eden knock some stupid into you?"
He chuckled and continued to look forward as he talked with her.
"About what you saw by the warehouse. You said that all the vampired were dead, what do you think could have doen it?"
"I'm not sure, but I know it's not good."
"Did it get you Sarin?"
"Why? You worried?"
She grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side to look at her.
"I'm not stupid Sarin, I have known your for a while, since I was younger then I am now, you move with the fluidity of water and today your movements have been broken to say the least."
"As I said, why do you care? Worried?"
"And if I am?"
He looked at her oddly.
"Listen Allura, we are Blades, we need no attraction between us, we never know if we are to live to see the next day."
"No shit sherlock."
He blinked as she threw his arm away and watched his face frown in slight pain.
"You stupid son of a- I always told you to call me if you need assistance."
I was fine."
"You got caught. That's not fine Sairn."
she turned and began to walk again, now at the back of the group that they had formed.
"Why do you care so much Allura?"
She scoffed and continued walking not answering him this time.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Lilith smirked as a young boy around eight chased a big dog around the corner. His blonde hair and bright blue eye's seemed to shimmer in the moon light as he looked at her.

[I]So innocent, so pure. What a pitty.[/I]

She smiled and wrapped her hands around the boy. He laughed and hugged her back.

"Thank you for getting my dog back."

"No problem. Aren't you out a little late for a boy your age?"

"Ummm... no. Why do you care anyway? Your out here alone."

"On the contrare. I have an adult with me."

The boy lokked around and smiled.

"Your lying. I don't see anyone."

A black figure dropped behind him and he turned around with a lttle scream. A man around twenty with crimson hair and eyes bent down and placed his hand on the boys shoulder.

"Your mother is out looking for you. Go home."



The boys eyes widened and he ran off down the street.

"I wouldn't talk kids like that."

"Why not?"

"You know why. We should go, if the elders found out you snuck out again your going to be in big trouble."

Lilith frowned and hugged him tightly.

"How did you find me anyways Vic?"

"Your not that hard to track."

"Lets go."

She squeezed his hand tightly and they disappeared in a cloud of dust.
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[SIZE=1]Sarin watched as Allura walked away, looking at her in a new sense but quickly shaking himself off and going back to his duty as in keeping his eyes a head of him and watching out for any enemies that might try to sneak up on them. He gripped his blade handle tightly as a cold feeling started to slither it way deep into his very core, he could feel something close by.

He slowly turned in a full circle, looking for where the feeling was coming from, then soon looked up too see a figure standing above them with a thick liquid dripping from his sinister grin. Sarin's eyes widened as he released the whole sheath and pointed at him with his bamboo sheath, every looked up with him as he gripped the sheath so hard that his knuckles turned white. Sarin?s face hardened as he exposed his teeth to the creature standing in the rafters. He whispered only loud enough for the creature to hear him.
"You...."[/B] The creatures grin turned into a full blown sinister and hungry smile, his armor glinting in the moon light. Everyone that looked up at this new monster was in shock and awe at how it had managed to sneak up on all of them and remain undetected, and then someone in the group gasped as they realized they were missing some people.

The creatures smile grew into until it couldn?t contain itself and gave a deep throated laugh, it stared Sarin dead in the eyes as its teeth and armor glinted and the blood slowly stopped dripping from its mouth. Sarin could see the lust for blood and carnage in its eyes, the horrible being of something that was older then anyone on this earth and had a knowledge that surpassed anyone.

Sarin was drawn so deeply into its eyes that he barely heard the crash glass and the roars of vampires. The Sarin had to look away from the creature and drawn his perfect blade, the silence of it from pulling from the bamboo and the light clatter of it hitting the floor as he held it ready for the encroaching vampires. He could hear the screams of some of the party, the ones that weren?t lucky enough to hear them coming, Allura wasn?t one of them.

She was just as quick as Sarin in pulling her blade and holding several cards in her hand. Carmen had the UV light on full blast and was unloading rounds into any near by creature. Kredion was using his staff effectively and striking at any night dwelling monster coming for him or sneaking up on others of the party. But, what he had failed to realize was, they were all that was left of there group, the rest had been massacred quickly and effortlessly.

The only one left was the other priest with the cross drawn, Kredion stayed close to him. Sarin struck out at the first creature that crossed his path, swiftly and fluidly swinging his blade with one hand. He cut diagonally across the monster and then used his sword to bring his sheath up, flipping it into the air. A vampire lunged at him as it was falling into his hand.

Sarin smashed down the vampire with the sheath, sending the abdominal monster to the floor and then sent his sword through the creatures back, passing through its heart. He then pulled the sword toward him and it sliced through the vampire neck and head, He swiftly spun and cut another?s head of cleanly, so cleanly that the vampire didn?t realize it was dead until Sarin pushed him over with the sheath. Sarin at this point, along with everyone else, had forgotten about the Beast above them who continued to watch as the battle ensued, how his attention was changing from Sarin, to Carmen, to Kredion, to the priest he was protecting, and finally to Allura.

That is where his gazed settled the longest; he was entranced by her swift and effortless movements, and how she eliminated the vampires with such ease and finesse that he had to keep watching. He had never seen such a human fight with such intensity and ability, let alone a female fight like that. He started to drift on the rafters, changing his mind from going for the priest, to going for her.

He started to walk towards her in the rafters, gracefully and silently, like a ghost with the moons shine giving him a greater glow and look of mist. Sarin was cutting another creature down, sending it back to where he believed it belong, as he barely noticed it move across the darkness and over Allura. Sarin?s eyes opened wide with fear for her, then narrowed and focused on the beast as his anger rose in him. He screamed at the shadow that slowly worked his way down to the floor and to Allura.
?Don?t touch her!?[/B] Allura?s attention changed as she killed another monster and looked to him, Sarin was focusing on the creature coming up from behind her. Carmen had heard the scream from Sarin and looked to him, then looked in the direction of where he was looking. Kredion then looked as well; the priest that had lasted the time looked as well, a mistake on his part. The moment he let his attention focus somewhere else, a vampire came up behind him from the shadows and grabbed his shoulders, sinking his fangs into the priest?s neck and pulled him into the shadow.

The priest screamed as he was dragged into the darkness. Kredion turned swiftly to see he was gone and slew a vampire in anger of losing the other priest. Carmen unloaded more rounds into approaching vampires; Sarin killed another vampire with the same fluidity as the previous ones. But, he was moving now, getting every closer to Allura and the monster that was only a step away from her. Allura turned to see the beast and struck out with one of her cards, the card just nicked it and he continued to come at her.

She then struck out with her blade and he brought his claws up, holding the blade back with barely any strength. He then used the other hand to push at her abdomen, sending her flying back and into some crates, Sarin bolted at the beast. Swinging the blade with more ferocity then fluidity and went straight for him, barreling through any creature that crossed his path.

Trying to get to the one that had toyed with him before, just as he reached him he was in mid swing on his blade. He brought it down with all his strength, right down on its shoulder; the creature didn?t even flinch as his blade came in contact with its armor and shattered into a million pieces. Sarin came all the way down and his eyes stared at the blade as he fell to the floor onto his knees, holding his shattered blade in both hands. Staring at it as he started to shake lightly, he then looked up at the beast, his bamboo handle still clenched tightly in his hands. The creature grinned and let out a deep throated laugh, Sarin spoke to the beats through his teeth.
?Who and what are you?? [/B]He said with such anger and pain in his voice, the creature leaned down and whispered into his ear.
?I am Kizan, and I am the last of my kind.?[/B] He then stood up and Sarin looked into this sinister eyes as a fist came down and hit him in the face, sending him down, then a foot bring him back up into the air right in front of Kizan. He then spun around lighting fast and kicked Sarin in the chest sending him through the air and into the crates behind Allura.

Carmen saw both of his friend get pummeled like they were nothing but mere toys, he also witnessed Sarin?s sword shattering in front of his eyes. He cocked his gun and started loading rounds off at the creature while blowing away as many vampires as possible. The shells shocked the creature a little, enough to get its attention and started moving towards him, Carmen screamed as he continued to load out shells. Kizan pushed the gun away and crushed his fist against Carmen?s stomach, forcing him to double over.

He then brought his knee up and smashed it right in his face, Carmen?s head snapped back and he started to go down when Kizan grabbed the back of his shirt and twirled him around and threw him like a pebble into a wall. Carmen fell form the wall and lay on the floor almost like he was dead. Kredion was the only left awake; Kizan didn?t have to move since Kredion?s young spirit made him charge Kizan. Despite his better judgment, Kizan caught his staff, right as it was coming down on his head.

Kizan simple tore the staff from his hands and threw it aside, then grabbed the young priest by his collar and lifted him up off the ground. Kizan brought him close to his face and took a deep breath through his nose, taking in the smell of the teenager and seeing if he was worth draining dry. He growled lightly as he looked into the young mans eyes, and spoke to him in his menacing voice that seemed to leak evil and impurity from his very mouth.
?You are not worth drinking, to young, not yet ripe enough.? [/B]He smiled as Kredion did his best to keep from showing his feeling of pure terror and kept from breaking down. Kizan then tossed him aside, like he was a rag doll, Kredion hit the ground hard, bouncing up lightly then sliding across the ground. Kizan was about to make his way to the others, but he heard the vampires hissing and looked into the sky, he saw how it was slowly starting to brighten up.

He growled under his breath and ordered for them to leave, the vampires quickly evacuated and Kizan followed behind them. Looking at the group that not lay on the floor, bleeding and broken. He smiled once more in his sinister way and disappeared into the darkness.
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[SIZE=1]Eden looked up to the doorway of her grand office as she heard footsteps approaching. She signed one last document before putting her pen to rest and flexing her fingers which all popped and cracked as she curled them inwards.

[B]"Milady sent for me?"[/B] Krishna stood in the doorway, bowing her head but still sliming. Eden stood and smiled back, warmly greeting her. She had a lot of time for Krishna, she considered the young vampire family and thought of her as a sister.

[B]?Krishna, when you have time, I?d like you to investigate the area where the spies almost gained access. I need you to lay some traps you know we cannot afford humans snooping around at this point in time?? [/B] Eden trailed off in apparent thought and walked towards her large office window. Krishna knew there was something wrong when Eden acted like this; she was one of a few vampires who dare ask her about it.

[B]?Milady, is there something wrong??[/B] Eden turned towards her and smiled and pained smile.

[B]?Nothing can?t be fixed by a nice hot bath. I have had my maids send you down a rather nice selection; they have given me more than I need, as usual. Please, have fun my dear. Oh and do inform me when Kizan decides to come back ?home?. I?m sure that I?ll have to tend to his every need. Please also see if Lilith has decided to sneak out again. She will have to be punished if we find her messing about... ? [/B] Eden then walked towards Krishna and took her hand and smiled before walking out of her office. Krishna was worried about Eden somewhat but she would have to ask for a proper explanation when she was in a better mood. For now, she would do as the lady had asked. But she definitely wasn?t acting her self.


Eden went to her chambers and stood, staring out a very large window. It had begun to rain and no word had come of Kizan returning. [B]?Reckless? [/B] she spoke out loud; she was trying to conceal his existence and he was flaunting it. It wasn?t as if she would ever challenge him, no one would. He was far superior to all of them and could wipe them all out with a mere click of his fingers. The thought depressed Eden greatly. She had lived so long on this earth and had never before felt so helpless.

[B]?How could they possibly understand?? [/B] She muttered as she walked from her bedroom into another room. This room, held her dinner. A gorgeously handsome young man was chained to an ornate chair. His head hung low, in defeat, his long curly dark hair fell in front of his face. His arms were pinned behind his back to the chair and his legs were shackled to the floor. Eden walked over to him; she placed her hand under his chin and lifted his head up.

She was momentarily taken back by how utterly beautiful this man was, she bent down to his eye level. He had deep blue eyes, full of defiance yet he wasn?t struggling, he had resigned himself to his fate. His face was obscured buy his hair. She sensed something about him, he wasn?t afraid. It was almost as if he wished for death.

[B]?What is your name??[/B] the man jumped at the sudden sound of Eden?s voice, it was smooth and light. He at first didn?t want to answer but felt he had too.

[B]?M-my name is Xavier Milady.? [/B] She circled around him, slowly, like a shark. Eden caught a glimpse of his face and her expression changed from one of hunger to sorrow.

[B]?Leave. My men will not attack you.? [/B] She pointed towards the exit, his bindings dropping off as if by magic. Xavier stood and walked three paces before turning towards the vampreess. Eden looked away from him and pointed to the exit but he did not leave.

[B]?Why do you spare me?? [/B] He asked, his voice was raspy and had a strange coldness. She became more aware of a slight scent of betrayal.

[B]?Leave before I change my mind boy.?[/B] She refused to look him in the face.

[B]?No.? [/B] he stated. Eden snapped her head up to look at him, he walked towards her. His eyes changed from defiance to pleading. Her eye colour was slowly changing from a crystal green to a deep blood red; her fangs also slowly grew longer. ?I have nothing to go back too; I sought your scouts out on purpose??

[B]?You have a strange method of suicide boy.? [/B] Eden?s eyes had now completely changed to red; her fangs protruded from her top lip and hung over her bottom lip.

[B]?I did what I had to do.? [/B] Eden?s face became awash with pain, this boy looked so much like him. A love that had been lost for a long time, he has also spoken those words to her, many years ago. She walked closer to the human until her face was as close enough to be able to feel his warm breath on her face.

[B]?Why do you torment me??[/B] He looked at her with confusion, she suddenly changed her tone of voice blocking out old memories. [B]?If it is revenge you want I can give it to you and much more.? [/B]

The human looked at her as if she had just read his thoughts, how did she know he wanted revenge? How did she know? It didn?t matter however, tonight what was left of the man he once was would die. Xavier took one step closer to Eden and tilted his head to one side. Try as she might to resist she couldn?t any longer. Her eyes changed from red to a luminescent blue as she held Xavier like one would a lover and sunk her fangs into his neck.

He squirmed under her grasps for a few seconds before relaxing completely, letting her feed. Xavier began to feel extremely light headed and fell to his knees. Eden picked him up and carried him into her bed room, laying him down on the silk sheets. It would be morning soon and he would awaken the next night, nothing like the man he once was.

She lay next to him, and watched him sleep. If there was no news of Kizan soon then she would be prepared to go out and look for the damned thing herself. Sun or no sun. [/SIZE]
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OOC: I know, I'm new, don't worry, I have permission to be here...


The dark was deep and punctuated only by lighting striking in the distance. Through the rain she could make out the outline of the great iron gates. She ran a hand over the rough bars and closed her eyes. The gate creaked open before her and she mounted the walkway with a sharp clicking of her boots reverberating threateningly in the silent night as her long brown leather trench coat swished in beat. Coming to the doors, she pounded loudly and demandingly upon the wood. A servant opened the doors and peered out warily at her. She smirked at him and leaned on the door frame.

[B]?Tell Lady Eden her darling enforcer is home.?[/B]
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[font=book antiqua][size=2]Carmen's eyes slowly opened a few hours later. Pain shot through his stiff body as he gingerly brought himself to sit upright. His wounds had by now dired and scabbed over though his clothes were soaked and there was a puddle on the floor. His gazed over to his fallen comrades who were now better off then he was. Sarin was already awake thoguh looked like shit as he sat on a crate gazing at his broken sword.

Carmen made his way over to Allura and gently patted the side of her face waking her up. [b]"Come on"[/b] He heard a rustle as Kredion came out of the debri and sat down next to them. What seemed like an eternity passed before anyone broke the silence. Kredion eyes jumped from one person to the next. [b]"I think we are in a load of shit right now"[/b]

Allura gave a half smile. [b]"I didn't know preists use that kind of language"[/b] Kredion shook his head. [b]"Only when the time comes for it"[/b] Cramen rose back to his feet.[b]"[Let's head back to the guild and check the archives on this guy"[/b] Allura walked over to the wall and pulled her card out as Sarin began scooping up the peices of his sword. [b]"We didn't even scratch it"[/b] Allura held up her card where a tinge of red was on the edge. [b]"I beg to differ"[/b] Sarin suddenly rose holding a small peice of crimson metal. [b]"And it looks like his armor isn't unbreakable after all"[/b]

Hours passed as they waited for the tests to come back on the samples they had obtained. A lab tech walked in and handed the sheets down on the table that was strewn with books. [b]"Here's the reports"[/b] Carmen looked them over. [b]"Well this agrees with what we found. Kizan is half vampire half weredragon. Unfortuantly he has none of their weakness. The only thing he is weakened by is a special type of obsidan which is only found inside volcanos where it is too hot to go. Fortuantly his swords are made of this so that is what we have to use to kill him. His armor is our main problem. It is a mix of diamond, ruby, titanium, and silver.

[color=darkred]Kizan watched from the shadows of Eden's room as she got up from her bed and closed the window curtains before the sunshine came through. He silently emerged and gazed down at the boy as she turned around and gasped then let out a sigh

[b]'You should be more careful and not so reckless. If the humans do find out about you then we are screwed"[/b]

[b]"They already know..."[/b] Kizan cringed as she screamed. [b]"What! You reckless son of a bitch. Now they..."[/b] She soon found herself up against the wall with Kizan's hand around he neck constricting her air. Kizan held one of the broken pieces of Sarin's sword. [b]"I doubt they could do anything even if they tried. All I want is one small favor. Bring me Allura"[/b] With that said he strode out the door into the hallway. Vampires moved out of his way so as not to piss him off. He rounded the corner when something else caught his eye. It was a yuonger vampire about twelve or thirteen even he guessed her about high 100's or low 200's. She had tattoos covering her right arm and neck and someon her stomach with somwhat spiky looking hair. [b]"Well well"[/b] He came up behind her as she was gathering what looked like items to make traps into her arms then turned around running staright into him and fell back on the ground.

[b]"Why you little bitch! Watch where your...."[/b] He voice left her as her eyes caught Kizan's. Kizan smiled as she hurrdily tore her eyes away and bowed her head trying to get everything back together. [b]"That's quite a tongue you have there. I have half a mind to cut it off."[/b] He crouched down and grabbed her chin forcefully and tilted her face towards him. [b]"I thought I would never see another pretty face. I will let you keep that tongue on one condition. It remains sharp to all those against you."[/b] He grabbed the rest of the things on teh ground and helped her up. [b]"Come down to the catacombs sometime. My door is open and I will tach you a thing or two"[/b][/color][/size][/font]
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[FONT=Arial Narrow]Krishna smiled with giddy pleasure as he handed her the things she had dropped. Though unconcious, she flashed him her well kept fangs as he wondered back down the hallway in the opposite direction than she. She watched him for a moment, fasinated by such a powerful being that put Eden to shame.

With a soft, deadly giggle, she swirled on her heels and leapt down the hall with boundless energy preparing to set her traps. She zipped past a dozen others that were chatting about Kizan and him being there before she came across the front door. Krishna was not one to pay much attention to visitors or servents, just wasn't in her nature unless they were food. Then they were fair game, but most humans didn't wander upon their front steps begging for a good time.

?Tell Lady Eden her darling enforcer is home.? a voice like nails on a chalk board rang into the front hall way as Krishna danced by. Of course, the voice wasn't actually something so awful as to be compared to that, but it Krishna it was. This fair blonde vampire was a threat to her and her attention she recieved from Eden.

A horrible loud hiss escaped Krishna's teeth as she spun around, dropping everything in arms with a loud clatter. With graceful, effortless motion she pulled her two katanas from her hips and lunged towards the door. The servant was slashed aside in two bloody pieces as Krishna's blade met steel. The blonde woman shoved back forcefully against both blades, snarling at Krishna.

"Leave!" Krishna growled as she pushed the blonde woman back. Though the much smaller vampriess knew that her strength was no match against this older vampire, rage and jealousy fueled her to continue.

"Out of my way child," the blonde said calmly as she stood up straight as if Krishna was no threat to her at all.

Krishna roared and lunged forward again, her right blade slicing the upper part of the battle field while her left slashed at the lower portion at the same moment.[/FONT]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Hope you don't mind Astdis :animeswea figured our characters could bring some added drama to the vampire side :D [/SIZE]
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  • 3 weeks later...
OOC: Alright everyone, I was told to get this thing going agian, or at least try, so here you go. Everything might not be that clear, but after a little bit, it will clear up alot.

A man smirked as he opened the doors to a small building. He stopped and looked at the lights that were coming from the ceiling. "UV lights. Interesting, smart. These people may have some hope after all." He smirked agian and shook his head as he opened another door and was introduced to a bladded card to his neck.

"Who the hell is this guy?" A female said, not taking her eyes off of him. Dean grabbed the card from her hand and threw it at the wall, it nearly going all the way through. Only a small corner sticking out to be seen.

"That will not kill me sweetheart." He let out a small ha, and then walked over to the table where here were peices of paper. He picked them up and then began to laugh.

"Who the fuck, this guy is crazy, I swear." Another guy said, holding a shotguy to his chest, smirking.

Dean looked over to the guy sitting down, holding the hilt to his once sword and sighed. "You guys are pathetic. You let Kizan do this. I know that he is strong to you people, but damn, he is no Dracula. I have seen Dracula, and he is something to be scared of, not Kizan. He is a pushover, sorta." He srugged as he walked over to the guy holding his hilt.

"What do you want?" The guy looked up, a glare in his eye. "Who are you?"

"Me, my name is Dean. I know how you all feel. Kizan is a little strong, but you are putting him up on a pedastool." He leaned over to the preist and frowned. "I don't like you guy. Just the smell of you pisses me off, and trust me, if you think Kizan is bad, wait till you see me pissed off. Its alot worse." He smilied agian as he turned to the female.

"Just what the hell are you, and how much do you know about this mixbreed." Allura asked, glaring at he new man that seemed to barge into their conversations.

"Like I said, my neame is Dean. I am a purebreed." He watched them all stand up, weapons drawn, sortof. One of them didn't really have anything, but he kept his hilt in his hand anyway. Dean smiled and showed them his teeth. "Wrong, no vapire in here. They couldn't get past the uv lights, well only two people could. Yours truely, and Kizan."

"That still doesn't explain what you are." Preist said, glaring at him.

"You really want to know, meet me under the old bridge tonight at eight. There will be alot of vampires there. I think they got word that I have shown up in town. Kizan will not be happy about that, but do not worry. If he shows, he is mine." He smirks and clenches his fist as he walks out of the building.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Allura gorwled in her throat and walked over to stand by Sarin.
"Who does that guy think he is? He's lucky we didn't kill him."
She looked over and Sarin and put a hand on his shoulder as he looked at the hilt in his hand.
"Look, it can be fixed, I'm sure we can find someone to fix it for you."
Looking at Cameron she sighed and took a card out and started to twirl it expertly.
"So, what exactly are we dealing with here wizard?"
He shook his head.

"I honestly can't tell you at a hundred percent right now."
"Brilliant. I'm gonna go for a walk. Let me know when something has been found out."
She walked past Sarin and put her hand on his shoulder again and let it linger for a moment longer giveing him some comfort before walking out the door and to the small out door area in the back. She breathed in a deep sigh as she reevaluated the fight from earlier. It had happened so fast that she could hardly remember all that happened all she remembered was the whole time wondering where the rest of the group was and if Sarin was alright with his injury from a previous fight. She took the card in her hand and threw it with deadly accuracy into the stump a few yards from where she stood. She took another deep breath and walked over retreaving it.

"I don't understand. Sarin and I have known each other for a long time and we have always had a good working relationship. But he is right, we can not allow it to get farther then that. We don't know if we will live to see the next day."
She plucked the card from the stump and tapped her chin with it thoughtfully.
"But you would think that knowlage like that would make a person want to live life to the fullest."

She tossed the card into the air and caught it again as she walked in a wide circle.
"Just hope that these thoughts don't make me falter in my fighting."
She blew air through her lips and sat on the stump and twirled the card on her finger hissing lighting as it pierced her skin and made a bead of blood come up on it.
She spun as she heard a light chuckle.
"And here I thought you knew how to use those things."

She shook her head and looked up at the sky, a light blush on her cheeks.
"How long have you been there Sarin?"
"Long enough."
She took a deep breath and sucked on her finger as she slid the card back into the pouch on her leg.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Sarin let a small grin creep across his face, and then made it vanish as quickly as it came. He then walked over to Allura, walking with a sort of grace that only a blade seemed to maintain even in the heat of battle and possible death. He stopped about a foot away from her and took a deep breath of the cold night air, letting it rush through his lungs and refresh his body. As he inhaled, he smelled many things; many things that were something he wouldn't normally smell or even know were out there. He smelt the scent of the grass, of flowers unseen by human eyes, the smell or concrete and steel.

Hundreds of scents swarmed him as he had never known, but the most intoxicating of them all was the smell of Allura. The one scent that over powered them all. As the scent coursed through his nostrils and his lungs, he began to remember all the times him and her spent working together. How many monsters had fallen to their blades, to their eloquence and grace. How they had eliminated hundreds of creatures of the night with very little effort, with just the blades the held.

And now, his most prized weapon, the blade that gave him the nickname of the Bamboo blade. Had been shattered in one swing, by a creature that had not bested him once, but twice. The both times he narrowly escaped, the first time was by him fleeing and receiving a mere scratch on his back that seemed to not want to heal. In fact, it continued to get worse as time went on. And the second encounter almost cost him the one of the only friends he had.

As Sarin stood before Allura, smelling the sweet scent radiating off her person, the mark on his back, the one from Kizan. Began to flare and burn and spread, the sheer burn of it was enough to bring ordinary men down, but the pain that pulsed through his body like a heartbeat was even more crippling then the burn. But, he remained standing, holding himself high and giving off the appearance that he was perfectly fine.

Soon, Allura began to speak, but the words were very muffled a vague to Sarin. The rhythmic sound of the infection spreading through his body blocked most of her words, to the point where he could no longer hear anything but the poisonous heartbeat. And soon enough, his body gave way to the pain and poison and he crumbled to the ground. Allura rushing over to catch him before he hit face first into the dirt, she managed to save him from the crash and lay him down, sitting him up right.

Sarin placed a hand on her shoulder and looked up at her with his light brown eyes, and she saw something that showed what was wrong, she saw a yellow tinge in the middle that seemed to try and spread across the whole iris. As if something was trying to take over from the inside, but was failing to take full control. Sarin began to speak through his teeth.

[B]"My back.... the mark on my back, it burns Allura."[/B] Allura reached into her pouch and pulled out a card, she went around behind him and cut open the back of his shirt then tore it open. She saw grotesque mark on his back, it had turned black with a hint of vile green in it. The spider like veins from earlier and thickened and looked to be vines spreading through him, all had a vile green and puttered black color that made Allura a little sick to her stomach. Allura spoke this time.

[B]"What happened? How did you come scross such a wound and survive?"[/B] Sarin gritted his teeth and breathed deeply trying to get the words out while still fighting the infection.

[B]"I, met Kizan once before. I was tracking Eden again, and instead found a vampire feeding ground." [/B] Sarins breathing started to get heavier and more labored, but he continued to speak.

[B]"So, knowing me, I went in, planning to slay them all. But, I soon found someone had already done that for me. The vampires had been torn apart and drained dry, I came across Kizan then. Feasting on another vampire, ripping it to shreds just for pure pleasuer. I tried to get the jump on him, he was too quick, too quiet for me. He vanished in front of my eyes and managed to lay a claw on me. It seemed like thats all he wanted to do, he just toyed with me. Until I finally found a moment where I could vanish."[/B] Sarin gripped his chest, the black and green veins spreading slowly, the yellow tinge still trying to spread while being held at bay. Allura spoke to him quickly.

[B]"I'm going to get Carmen, I'll be right back."[/B] She was about to take off when Sarin grapped her arm, she looked at and saw something odd and terrifying at the same time. She could see the nearly see through scales on hs arm, spreading up to his hand, Sarins voice took on a more aggressive nature.

[B]"No, not yet. I need to finish what I was saying. That man, the one named Dean, I could smell him. The wretched smell of a pureblood, his scent was toxic enough to poison even a humans dull senses. But, my senses aren't human anymore. I can see so much now, I can hear new sounds, smell new scents and feel movement through the ground. I have to get back on topic, I need you to make a promise Allura. A promise only you can successfully keep."[/B] Allura looked deep into his eyes, the yellow tinge slowly being pushed back into the darkness of Sarins pupil. She listened intently.

[B]"If this infection, this disease, whatever you want to call it, gets out of control and I no longer am myself. I want you to end it all, I want you kill me. Understand?"[/B] Sarin said through labored breathes. Allura stared at him wide eyed, pondering the response should could possibley give her oldest friend and companion. [/SIZE]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]OOC: I pass this on to you Knuckles girl.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Allura felt her hands begin to shake and took a deep breath.
"Sarin...I don't think-"
"It's not about thinking Allura, if it takes me I could turn on all of you in a second and wouldn't think twice about it."
She shook her head in disbelief.
"Sarin, your a good person, and I'm sure there has to be a cure!"
"Allura, promise me."
She felt the tears burn her eyes and bit her lip, she hadn not cried in years and was ashamed that it was Sarin to see her do so once again.

"I don't know if I can."
He looked at her, his grip on her arm tightening.
"But I'll try."
Taking the card she took her hand and sliced open her left palm, noticeing how Sarin watched it very closely. She looked at him and closed her hand. Sarin noticed it was a blood oath and nodded.
"Now, will you let me take you to see Carmen?"
"I'm okay now Allura, I think I can make it with out seeing him tonight."

She heaved a sigh and helped him off of the ground to sit in the stump where she had been sitting earlier.
"Sarin, can I ask you something?"
"Yes. We've been working together for a long while now and I have never known you to ask."
"I am asking because I feel the need to."
She sat on the other side of the stump and put her back to his, leaning on it and looking over her shoulder at him.

"Do you really think a relationship will not work?"
"Because, you could have to kill me."
She nodded and looked away from him, standing up she wiped her eyes and took a deep breath.
"I promise you, if something should go amiss with you and the infection should start to win, I will end it."
He caould hear the pain in her voice and how her words were getting choked but before he could say anything she began to walk away deeper into the garden.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=2][font=book antiqua]OOC: Glad to see this back up and running. If the vampires do start to post again that will be even better

Carmen walked into a dark room where the sound of metal being striked could be heard. A man dipped a heated blade down into the water and a long hiss came out as it cooled. Momnets later he pulled it out and handed it to Carmen. Carmen sheathed it then left. He found Sarin moments later Sitting outside. [b]"Its getting worse isn't it?"[/b] Sarin nodded. Carmen produced the blade from behind his back and held the hilt out to Sarin. [b]"Present"[/b]

Sarin pulled the blade out. The blade was solid black with a red edge. [b]"What is it made of?"[/b] Carmen smiled. [b]"The black is a new alloy some of the preists came up with. The red is bascially Kizan's armor. A substance can be cut by itself. So naturally Kizan's armor can be cut by the same material it is made of. That means if you score another hit. He is going to be one pissed of and hurt fucker."[/b] He turend and walked away down tot eh library. He pulled old books off the shelf. [b]"Their has to be something to help Sarin"[/b]

[color=darkred]Kizan sat in his room and closed his eyes as a voice spoke in his head. [b]"You didn't write brother"[/b] Kizan let out a smile. [b]"Its seems you are back"[/b] Suddenly a new aura presented itself in his mind. [b]"So it seems I did infect him"[/b] He slowly stood up and disappeared into the day without a sound. After an hour he stood leaning against the tree behind Sarin. It wasn't until at least ten minutes later Sarin suddenly gripped the sword and pulled it out.

[b]"I know your there. Come out"[/b] Kizan noticed the way he gripped this sword differently, with more assurance that it wouldn't break so he would just have to take it away from him. Kizan slowly stepped out. [b]"i am not here to fight you merely to talk"[/b] Sarin charged suddenly. He was getting faster every time they met. Kizan suddenly pulled out one of the huge broadswords and knocked Sarin's away into a tree, then sheathed it. [b]"Now you will listen. Walk with me"[/b] He turned away and started walking then smiled as he heard Sarin pull hsi sword as he walked towards him.

[b]"This is a Truce between you and me. No one must know."[/b] Sarin tilted his head [b]"And what is this agreement"[/b] Kizan smiled. [b]"I what you to help me Find the Blood Vice. A cross that will help me return back to a purebreed."[/b] Sarin took a step back. [b]"Help you. Your insane"[/b] Kizan's eyes suddenly flashed and Sarin fell to the ground in pain as the wound burned. Kizan knelt down. [b]"you do not want this curse. You help me find this, not only will it cure me of this vampire trait, but also rid you of your coming change. If Dracula gets a hold of this when they wake him, it is the end of us all. I leave you to decide"[/b] He pressed his hand on Sarin's shoulder making the pain grow before he disappeared in the woods.[/color][/font][/size]
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Dean walked through the woods with a smile on his face. He knew what was happening, and he seemed to be happy about it. He sniffed at the air, then sat down on a stump. A few moments later, someone came through the brush and stared right at him.

"What the hell are you doing here? How did you know that someone was going to be comming through here?" Allura asked, walking around him with caution.

"Truth is, I didn't, but someone else did." He pointed to his teeth then smiled. "Kizan came by, he talked to one of yours, but he didn't stay long. He was gone before I could do anything, or even get here. He knows that I am here, and I think he is getting a little nervous." He smiled bigger then stood up.

"What are you talking about?" Allura asked, a small hesitation in her voice.

"Kizan is different, as you know. He is no normal vampire, nor is he a weredragon. He is both, and both of their strenghts are in him, but no weaknesses. So, its only strange to wonder what he is doing in this town. There must be something here that he is after." Dean started to rub his chin then stopped.

"That didn't answer my question. What were you talking about him being nervous?" She slowly reached down and grabbed a few of her bladded cards.

"Kizan, he knows me, better than anyone. And I know him. I know how to kill him, I know how to weaken him. I know everything there is to know about him. He knows this as well, and that it why he runs from me. I am one of the few that could actually kill him without a problem, unless he does one thing. I would not be able to kill him if he becomes a pure weredragon, and I think thats what he wants to do." Dean frowned then looked behind him.

"What is it? Is there something there?" Allura asked as Sarin and Carmen showed up. "What are you two doing here?" She asked, glancing back at them.

"We had a bad feeling about you goin out by yourself." Sarin said, pulling out his new sword.

"You three listen up. There are four vampires, weak ones but vampires non the less. You leave them to me, and you will know who and what I really am." He smirked as his eyes changed into a yellow color.

"Whats going on?" Carmen asked, taking a step back.

"I am a purebreed. The last of the werewolves. Interesting, huh?" Dean said, turning around as he grew two feet. Hid body trippled in size as his muscles grew. His face started to resemble a wolf snout as teeth started to grow. Withing half a minute, a giant werewolf stood before the three fighters.

"Holly shit!" Sarin yelled, gripping his sword harder.

"Just stay back." Dean growled. He let out a giant roar that seemed to shake the ground. As he finished, the four vampires jumped out of the trees and landed on him. He stood up tall and grabbed one by the head. He smiled and squeezed, crushing its skull as it cried out in pain.

He swung his arm around, knocking the second ones head clean off. The body fell to the ground, lifeless as its head rolled away like a ball. He turned to the second two who couldn't do anything but hiss at him.

"Listen up you pathetic creatures. You let your master know something. Tell him that his brother is back, and really pissed off at him." He jumped, landing on one, then looked up at the other one. He let out a deep growl as it fled out into the woods.

He raised the vampire up into the air. He took his claw and started to dig into its chest, cutting it open like paper. He then stuck his hand in the vampires chest and pulled out its heart. He let out another deep roar, shaking the ground, then ate the heart. He dropped the dead creature as his body started to change back into his human form.

"So, what do you think. Do you have a chance at beating him now?" Dean turned to the three with a gleam in his eyes.
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OCC: reposting this so DC and others can respond...


Riley saw the flash of steal and leapt up and back, flipping in the air and landing on the other side of the girl. Glancing down she saw a small cut in her pants where the blade had glazed her.

[B]?Well, glad to see the soldiers in my charge have kept up with their weapon studies in my absence.? [/B]

Krishna let out a low growl and made a move to charge her. Instantly a gun appeared in Riley?s hand aimed coolly at her head.
[B]?You can be dust for the servants you?ve left alive to clean in the morning.?[/B]

[B]?A gun? Probably loaded with explosive rounds. Pathetic. I?d expect more from you.?[/B] but Krishna didn?t move toward her, just leaned with a blatantly non caring expression.

Riley shrugged [B]?It?s effective, that?s all that counts here.? [/B]

[B]?Oh come on, who killed your fighting spirit [I]boss[/I]? I?m disappointed.? [/B] Her voice dripped with distain.

[B]?Well, shockingly, I?ve got more important things to worry about than your disappointment child. Don?t you have a hunter to torture somewhere??[/B]
?Huh, right, like I?ve got nothing better to do.?

?Would you rather I give you orders then??[/B]

Krishna bristled and moved toward Riley slowly [B]?I?d like to see you try bitch.?[/B]

Riley smiled slightly [B]?Don?t push your luck.? [/B] with that she turned and headed down the hall toward Eden?s quarters, vampires inclining their heads and parting in her wake. She heard a loud hiss from behind her and preceded as if she hadn?t heard it. Seconds later she was slamming Krishna against the hard stone of the wall at full force. There was a loud crack of stone and bones as Krishna fell sharply to the ground.

[B]?Never stab an opponent in the back child. It?s gutless and cowardly.?[/B] she leaned in over Krishna and whispered through her teeth. [B]?I?m disappointed.?[/B]

Riley rose and walked off to check in with Eden.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow]Krishna snarled as the vampiress walked off to see her Krishna's precious Eden. It took everything within her not to chase after the woman and attempt to tear her a part, but she knew that would only anger Miss Eden and that was the last thing she wanted to do. Krishna sheathed her mighty blades and grumbled over to the objects she had dropped yet again. She faintly wondered if they would still work.

Her playful nature had left her as she made her way to the outside of the mansion and started to lay traps. Her thoughts clouded with what Eden was doing with that bitch, Riley. Why did she have to come back? They didn't need her, she was suffecient enough to handle events here, she wasn't a child any more.

Krishna mashed her teeth together as she buried the last of the traps next to a lone tree in the yard. She stood up and dragged her dirt covered hands across her skin tight leather pants. Of course the dirt didn't stick to her clothing, but simply slid from her delicate flesh and back onto the earth. She saw something in the corner of her eye and instantly was drawn to it.

Something darted past the last set of windows on the far east side of the mansion and disappeared into the night. Even her vampire senses could not keep up with whatever it was. Or maybe, the reason she couldn't, was because it wasn't really there. An imagination she had created in her mind. But it alarmed her. Something wasn't right, even if she was only seeing things and Lady Eden needed to know right away. Maybe she could talk with the new and powerful stranger.

She lept through the yard with easy steps up onto the roof and through a balacony window towards the back of the mansion. No one saw her as she raced down the hallway with the speed that only her race could master. Muscles flexed and pulled against her small frame as she burst through the closed door ignoring the fact that she was surely going to feel the wrath of Lady Eden.

"Lady! Something has happened!"[/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]Sarin watched as he saw the three vampires ripped apart, his eyes that held the yellow taint that constantly spread and recceded. Always showing that hint that he was infected, always whoing how he was fighting this disease, this plauge that ravaged his body. That sought to do nothing but turn him into a beast that he had slain for so many years. He thought about this mans tranformation, how effortless it looked to changed shape, to take on the form of another, more terrifying and brutal monster. He wondered if the same would happen to him if this infection spread beyond his control.

Then, the words of Kizan echoed through his mind. The request for help in order for Sarin to be rid of his corruption. Something he believe he should do, before anything happened to the others, especially Allura. Thats something he could not live with, so, his decision was made right then and there. With none of the others knowing of what he was going to do, he figured he would wait a little while longer. Long enough for them to get more absorbed in what was being presented for them. Carmen was already on this guy, inspecting him closely and asking his questions that seem to be obvious when barely thought about. But, proved to be knowledge none of them had.

Allura was skeptical now, her eyes had that look of a possible threat in front of her. She held on to her cards firmly, Sarin gripped the handle of the new blade Carmen hade given to him. The black metal with the red edge that gave his weapon a more fearsome look. A look of a black hole, the look of how nothing could escape its might or the inevitable doom that awaited all who dare get near it. Sarin only had to wait a few more seconds before they started to forget he was there. This worked to his advantage, he quickly and wuietly slipped away. Sticking to the shadows and avoiding anyone who would possibly give him away.

As he made his way to the streets, his vision showed less normal colors, instead, it showed him odd shades of red, orange and yellow along with humanoid bodies. He could see the body heat radiating off people, and slightly hear the faint heart beat of any who got close enough. His powers were weak at best right now, but developing into something more. This was something he did like, the enhanced senses made him a more deadly predator amongst the night walkers. Able to sort out whos who and whats what, able to now tell humans from vampires more clearly then before.

And much to his surprise, his speed and muscle increase were far more dramatic then he believed, he hardly realized when he was running. The sheer grace and effortless motion he seemed to have made this corrupt powers more attractive. How people could see them more as gifts rather then curses, and if he didn't keep his head, he would become prey to this curse. But, he continued to use his new speed and strength, leaping from the ground on to a roof top and taking off towards the new scent that was filling his nostrils.

The tainted scent of a new beast, of the one that had so easily taken him down the first and second time. The being that made Sarin like this, Kizan. The half-breed. Accepted in neither worlds, yet seen has a god in both. Sarin would help him find what he was looking for, and kill him when the time came. Sarin soon came to a kind of fortress yet not quite. A stronghold for the vampire race, the breeding ground for these creatures, the creatures he had hunted for so long. He could feel the cold sensation in his core, the very same feeling he had felt the second time he had encountered Kizan.

Coming to a wall, Sarin looked around for any means to climb up it. Seeing none he thought for a several seconds before he just acted, his muscles contracting and extending instantly. Giving him enough force to send him to the top of the wall and enough strength to get down the other side. He stood in a courtyard, mesmerized by his ever growing strength and the unique beauty of this stronghold. Quickly he shook away his awe of the carfully crafted building. And found whatever means to get in, he had to kill a few vampires to gain entrance, but it mattered little to him since they would die eventually.

As he entered through the decent sized, wooden door, he caught the scent of more then just Kizan, but of Eden as well. This was overwhelming at the least, he quickly took off, silent yet quick. Passing by many doors and windows to get to where he neede to, making his way to Kizan, and his ever lasting prey and tormentor, Eden.[/SIZE]
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[B]?M?lady Eden? [/B] Riley entered her sire?s private rooms and bowed her head slightly in respect.

[B]?My child, welcome home.?[/B] She glided forward and gave Riley a quick embrace before motioning her to a chair. [B]?You have excellent timing. The soldiers under your command have been getting restless.?[/B]

Riley ran a hand over the cut in the leather of her coat she had just received [B]?I noticed.?[/B]

[B]?You know of course of the powerful lord we now have under our roof,?[/B] Eden said draping herself over a chair across from Riley.

[B]?Yes, that?s why I came.?

?My messenger never reached you??[/B]

[B]?No M?lady. Perhaps he was? derailed. I?ve noticed the hunters have become far more organized of late.?[/B]

Eden nodded dejectedly. [B]?Yes, the constant thorn in our side. Trouble is defiantly brewing.?[/B]

[B]?Is there any plan of?? [/B] Riley was cut off by the slamming of the door against the wall as Krishna rushed into the room.

[B]?Intruders, on the grounds?[/B]

Eden stood and Riley turned her head, hand on her hilt, listening. [I]Then she heard it, the front door was being thrown open?.[/I] She turned to Eden

[B]?He?s headed this way.?[/B]

Eden looked only at Riley [B]?Then kill him.?[/B]

Krishna hiss slightly [B]?I could do just as well as her mistress?[/B]
Eden?s eyes flared[B] ?Riley is your superior. I placed her in charge of the warriors of this keep many moons ago and you will respect that. Put your personal issues aside and follow her lead. Now!?[/B]

Riley looked into Krishna?s hateful eyes and saw that she did understand; the threat was getting closer and that was a priority to work together over an inner rivalry. They both drew their weapons and Krishna let Riley lead her out the door straight into the path of the intruder?
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Allura shook her head as she listened to everything and decided that she needed some time to think it over.
"I don't think it makes any sense. None of it."
Many of the people in the room gave her a weird look, Carmen walked up to her and felt her forehead.
"Do you even know what we're talking about?"
She felt her face turn hot as she blushed, the honest answer to that question was no. She had no idea, she was concentrated more on where Sarin had dissapeered to when he thought she wasn't looking, the odd look in his eyes, and wether or not she should track him down. She was worried that what he was afraid of had happened, that he had changed and was now a threat; if that was true then she was the one to take care of it, he had asked her to do it, no one else.
"You know, I think I'm just tired, it's been a long day and I need some rest."
she inclined her head in an apology and walked out the door, passing Carmen's room she slipped in and pilfered a bottle or two of Holy Water and a cross that she hid up her sleeve. She walked to her room and grabbed a cloth that held her extra pack of cards that were freshly shaprned and traded them, for the pair already on her leg. She was just about to leave when she heard Carmen in her door way.
"Your going after him aren't you?"
"What would you do?"
"He is a good friend of mine you know, he never asked for my help, therefore I must assume that he did not want the help."
"Assumption is the number one true hell. He asked for my help Carmen, and I'm going to do just that, I'm going to help him."
"You care for him."
"Not that way you think."
"I have a feeling it is exactly as I think, you know it'll never work."
She turned and faced him, her eyes lined with tears but a large, defying smile on her face.
"You know, that's what they keep telling me, but I'll never believe it till it actually happens out that way Carmen."
She brushed past him and began to follow the path that Sarin had taken, it took her a longer time than it would have if she had a tracker but she could tell where a light foot step had fallen here and there, she followed rumors of a young man with odd colored eyes that seemed to be sprinting everywhere and even one that claimed she saw a young man jump a full building. She nodded her thanks and continued walking, she was on the right track. She followed all the way till she reached a large and elaborate building, two people were waiting on the door front, gaurds, she took them out silently and crept inside blinking as she came face to face with a face she remebered all to well.
"Little sister, how good to see you well."
She felt her heart constrict as she looked at her older brother, he looked the same as the day he died.
"I don't want to fight you brother."
"And what makes you think I'll just let you go and attack my dear Lady Eden?"
She flipped the top to her cards and pulled one out.
"Brother please, make this easy on me."
She felt the butt of a rifle hit her neck and the last thing she heard was the crule laughter of her brother and others as she lost consiousness and dropped to the floor.
"Take her to Ladt Eden. She will handle her."[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
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