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Fifteen Random Songs Game Reborn!


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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Oi. About 6 months ago this game was around and was really popular, bringing in even people who weren't frequents of the music forum. the premise is this:

A lot of people listen to and talk about a lot of music 'round here, but a lot of them would be surprised by the stuff on their media player. Here's what you do -- use your music player's scramble function to bring up 15 completely random songs. The idea is that these are songs you didn't choose on purpose -- some of your results you might not have even known were on your computer. The game is always fun and full of surprises!

So basically, all you have to do is show us what 15 random songs you came up with, then tell us what you think about them. for those of you who don't use media players, there are other methods. I like going to random pages of my [B]youtube [/B] playlist and selecting videos blindly (I have like 200 on ther, lol) or if you use an internet radio service that lets you see your last fifteen tracks, that's good too.

i got:

[B]1[/B]. The Lawrence Arms - the Devil's Takin' Names
[B]2[/B]. Mindless Self Indulgence - Futures
[B]3[/B]. Opeth - To Rid the Disease
[B]4[/B]. Stephen Lynch - If I Could Be A Superhero
[B]5[/B]. TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun
[B]6[/B]. Ensiferum - Warrior's Quest
[B]7[/B]. Agalloch - The Lodge
[B]8[/B]. Liquid Tension Experiment - Osmosis
[B]9[/B]. Brigth Eyes - Four Winds
[B]10[/B]. Gorillaz - Rock The House
[B]11[/B]. Type O Negative - In Praise of Bacchus
[B]12[/B]. .hack//SIGN - Aura
[B]13[/B]. Tenacious D - Kyle Took A Bullet for Me
[B]14[/B]. Tool - Lateralus
[B]15[/B]. Coheed And Cambria - Neverender

This, I'd say, is a good list. It managed to get everything i listen to seriously (cept [B]the Mars Volta[/B]) as well as quite a few things i don't listen to as frequently (forgot that [B]MSI [/B] song even existed.) number 15 is probably the single video I've played more than any other since my youtube profile was created, lol. i'm also glad i got one of the greatest anime songs ever on there. There's also some songs that at one point I used to listen to constanlty, like the first one, but now I don't listen to at all. Like right now I've been listening to number 9 like crazy, but a week from now i'll have forgotten all about it, lol.[/COLOR]
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Here is what I got.

1. HIM~ The Path
2. HIM~ Lose You Tonight
3. Bon Jovi~ You Give Love A Bad Name
4. Bon Jovi~ Always
5. Green Day~ No Pride
6. HIM~ Buried Alive By Love
7. HIM~ Gone With the Sin
8. Gretchen Wilson~ Raining On Me
9. Gretchen Wilson~ We Ain't Even Cold Yet
10. My Chemical Romance~ This Is The Best Day Ever
11. My Epipany~ Perfect Fit
12. HIM~ Solitary Man
13. Linkin Park~ Numb
14. Billy Joel~ The Night Is Still Young
15. U2~ Love and Peace or Else

Its a pretty good list to me. Alot of HIM came up. I didn't know I had that many HIM songs on the computer. I happy that some country got into the list too. Also the Billy Joel isn't one of my songs but my Dads.
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[SIZE=1] Go:[list=1]
[*]Digital Love [Boris Dlugosh Remix] / Daft Punk
[*]The Boy Brushed Red | Living In Black And White / Under0ath
[*]Two More Years [MSTRKRFT Edition] / Bloc Party
[*]Banquet / Bloc Party
[*]Because I Want You [Club Mix] / Placebo Vs. Ladytron
[*]Mr. Brightside [Richard Humpty Vission Mix] / The Killers
[*]Luno / Death From Above 1979
[*]You'll Be Under My Wheels / The Prodigy
[*]Kid A / Radiohead
[*]Reinventing Your Exit / Under0ath
[*]Seeing Red | Screming At A Wall / Thrice
[*]Somebody Told Me [Josh Harris Club Remix] / The Killers
[*]Death By Misadventure / Anberlin
[*]First Day [General Midi Remix] / Timo Maas
[*]I Dissapear / The Faint

yep, pretty much a bag of chex mix consisting of some metal, electro and punk rock, exactly what my playlist is built of.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Blue]Otay here's my list.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]1.Blue October/ Hate Me
2.Avenged Sevenfold/ Seize the Day
3.Avenged Sevenfold/ Eternal Rest
4.Wolfmother/ Woman
5.Breaking Benjamin/ Evil Angel
6.System of a Down/ B.Y.O.B
7.System of A down/ Chop Suey
8.Three Days grace/ One-X
9.AC/DC/ Back in Black
10.Breaking Benjamin/ Topless
11.Mudvayne/ Happy?
12.MCR/ BLack Parade
13.MCR/ Famous Last Words
14.Linkin Park/ breaking the Habit
15.Breaking Benjamin/ Diary of Jane[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DimGray]These songs are some of my favorites. Some of them were the first songs I've heard from the artist. (Chop Suey, Diary of Jane,Hate Me, Seize the Day.) [/COLOR]
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[font=arial][size=1]Transistor Transistor - Put Down the Bible and Pick Up the Bottle
Russian Circles - Enter
Hot Water Music - Sweet Disasters
Cinemechanica - Go Stop Explode
Sinaloa (the post-emo one, not the Mexican one) - Word Through Wires
Funeral Diner - Addendum
Days Away - Stay the Same
The Jonbenet - It Made Them Sick
Christiansen - Jhazz Never Spelled So Good
Swing Kids (the hardcore one) - El Camino Car Crash
Botch - John Woo
Opeth - Forest of October
Moss Icon - I'm Back Sleeping, or ****ing, or Something...
pg.99 - We Left as Skeletons
Pretty Girls Make Graves - This is Our Emergency

I'm kind of disappointed that there's not a lot of ambient music on this list, but whatever. I ended up with a lot of 90's hardcore bands, for the most part. I don't know about the exact bands, but it's what I primarily listen to. I'm proud of most of the classics that made it in, although none of you will probably know of them. ^^;[/font][/size]
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[FONT=Arial]1. Smashing Pumpkins; "Today"

2. Nightwish; "Dark Chest of Wonders"
LOL NIGHTWISH. I think I just have this album in my library for nostalgic purposes.

3. Evanescence; "Going Under"
...what the hell?

4. Placebo; "Bulletproof Cupid"

5. Blood Brothers; "Set Fire to the Face on Fire"
I love this song, and I love the Blood Brothers based on just this song and "Laser Life."

6. 30 Seconds to Mars; "The Kill"
I didn't like this song that much when I first heard it on the radio, but I saw the video (which is based on The Shining) and decided it was my favorite by them. One of my friends gave me an autographed copy of this album for Christmas.

7. Son of Sam; "Of Man"

8. Five Iron Frenzy; "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
This is the first ska song I've ever heard. A friend gave this album to me when I was in the fourth grade and I'm pretty sure they were my favorite band that year. Then I moved on to N*Sync, of course. :/

9. Misfits; "Where Eagles Dare"

10. AFI; "Dream of Waking"
I'm sure this is one of AFI's most least known songs, but like all their music I love it.

11. Thursday; "Hole in the World acoustic"
I have this song on the first Punk Goes Acoustic album. I like it a lot, as well as the original version that I bought off of iTunes.

12. London After Midnight; "Kiss"
This is my favorite song by them, and probably the first I heard.

13. String Quartet; "I Want a Mohawk (AFI cover)"
Hahah, a string quartet playing a punk song. It doesn't have the same effect as the original does (since there's no one singing "I wanna ride my skate, I wanna stay out late, I want a mohawk but mom won't let me get one"), but the novelty of it is just so cute.

14. AFI; "The Prayer Position"
One of my favorite songs off the Black Sails in the Sunset album. I would love to hear this song live, and especially play it live.

15. Nightwish; "Dead to the World"
This was one of the first songs that led me to listen to Nightwish. The opening piano line is just so cool. :][/FONT]
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[FONT=Tahoma]Ok since my playlists have updated, I shall give it a go:

1) [u]I'm Back[/u] - [b]Dope[/b]
-One of the few songs I like from the band, nothing really special bout it. Just sounds cool.

2) [u]Beautiful Lie[/u] - [b]30 Seconds to mars[/b]
-One of my favorite songs from the band, though not in my top 3. I've really taken a liking to the band since actually being recently introduced to them ;P.

3) [u]The Truth[/u] - [b]Nonpoint[/b]
-One of my favorites from Nonpoint, great band. Never woulda know that the guy was hispanic though unless I heard Rabia.

4) [u]Next to Nothing[/u] - [b]Breaking Benjamin[/b]
-Great song from my favorite band, what more can I say? I'm listening as I write this, I expect a couple more Breaking Benjamin songs to come up as they are the only band that I have every song off every album they've come out with on my playlist, heh.

5) [u]You Know My Name[/u] - [b]Chris Cornell[/b]
-People may recognize this as the opening theme to Casino Royale, it was a pretty awesome opening sequence and a great song to go along with it too. Great movie as well.

6) [u]Panic Prone[/u] - [b]Chevelle[/b]
-One of my favorite songs from Chevelle, a band I used to really be into, still am but not as much. This and Breach Birth are still songs that I never skip on my playlist.

7) [u]Oblivion[/u] - [b]30 Seconds to Mars[/b]
-My second favorite song from the band. So much runs through my head when I hear this song, it's a real imagination catalyst.

8) [u]Petrified[/u] - [b]Fort Minor[/b]
-My favorite FM song, Shinoda's solo project was great but I definitly can't wait to get Linkin Park's new material, it's been too damn long.

9) [u]JENOVA[/u] - [b]The Black Mages[/b]
-One of the most bad *** remixes of a favorite final fantasy theme i've ever heard. I've always been meaning to play through the game again and turn this up during one of the Jenova fights, ;P.

10) [u]Coffee and TV[/u] - [b]Blur[/b]
-I don't care what anyone says, this is an awesome song with a halarious video. That little milk carton rules.

11) [u]Evolution[/u] - [b]Ayumi Hamasaki[/b]
-Cool fast paced song, she's got a sexy voice and she is sexy, period.

12) [u]Godspeed[/u] - [b]Anberlin[/b]
-A band i've really become obsessed with lately, and a great song from them. One of my favorite up there with Paperthin Hymn, Dismantle Repair, and Ready Fuels.

13) [u]Breath[/u] - [b]Breaking Benjamin[/b]
-Was wondering for a moment if there was only going to be one of these on the list. My favorite song off of Phobia, along with Evil Angel and Dance with the Devil. I'll reiterate again, great awesome f**king band.

14) [u]The Game[/u] - [b]Disturbed[/b]
-Love the instrumental of this song personally, but the original version itself is awesome.

15) [u]This Fire Burns[/u] - [b]Killswitch Engage[/b]
-Awesome song, always gets me hyped up. Also, for anyone that understands what I'm talking about: CM Punk. End.

Nice mix of a lot of great songs from my main playlist. Quite a few of my favorite bands up there.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]1[/B]. Slow Country - Gorillaz
This is a nice, relaxing little number. It's got a soothing melody and vocal delivery that just makes you wanna chill and sing along.

[B]2[/B]. The Velourium Camper II: Backend of Forever - Coheed And Cambria
This is actually probably my least favorite [B]Co&Ca [/B] song ever. The riff is boring, the song is boring, the lyrics are stupid... just not a good song.

[B]3[/B]. Son et Lumiere - The Mars Volta
This is one of niftiest intros ever as the poetic opening is simply awesome and it leads straight into [B]Inertiatic ESP [/B] -- or it would have if it weren't on scamble.

[B]4[/B].[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=pBfEBE4-fLU] [COLOR=DarkOrange]I Don?t Wanna Be Me - Type O Negative
One of the first [B]Type O[/B] songs I ever heard, also one of their faster songs. Video is freaking hilarous, you go watch! (click!)[/COLOR][/url]

[B]5[/B]. Cicatriz ESP - The Mars Volta
Not the best of [B]De-Loused[/B], but a solid, 12 minute track nonetheless. The chorus is surprisingly catchy. On the live album [B]'Scabdates' [/B] this is 46 minutes long!

[B]6[/B]. Cassandra Geminni III - The Mars Volta
This is weird. You see, this song comes in 8 parts, and this particular one is only like 2 minutes long. Hearing it on scramble is just kinda like 'WTF'?!

[B]7[/B]. The Dream Is Dead - Type O Negative
One of the better tracks on [B]Life Is Killing Me[/B]. Depressing, but nice. If that makes sense.

[B]8[/B]. Punk - Gorillaz
I try to see myself what goes on. Make it up my self I never. Always say shut up, I'm fed up. Every time I say what up! (best 1-minute song ever!)

[B]9[/B]. The Pot - Tool
[B]10,000 Days [/B] is the most disppointing of [B]Tool's[/B] albums, and this song is okay, but not particularly brilliant. Wish I could get [B]Lateralus [/B] onto this computer...

[B]10[/B]. Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt - The Mars Volta
Yet another song from the [B]De-Loused [/B] album! One of my favorites on there and one of the best choruses ever.

[B]11[/B]. I Like Goils - Type O Negative
[B]Peter Steele's [/B] way of saying 'I'm not gay.' Hilarious.

[B]12[/B]. Napoleon Solo - At the Drive-In
One of the more boring [B]ATDI [/B] songs, and prolly my least faorite from the album. Overall, not a bad band though.

[B]13[/B]. The Killing Lights - AFI
One of the coolest [B]AFI [/B] songs and totally dance-worthy. You cannot not get this stuck in your head at some point after listening to this album.

[B]14[/B]. Blood Red Summer - Coheed and Cambria
One of ye olde great Coheed singles. An all-around cool, calming song.

[B]15[/B]. Vicarious - Tool
Once again, not thier best album, and not their best song, though it's still alright.

This is what my Rhapsody player gave me. I honestly think it was trying to compensate for the lack of TMV on the other thing, lol! i get the feeling there's less stuff on my Rhapsody then i first thought >_< I'll find a different and more broader method for next time. In the meantime, I;d say this is a good representation of some of my favorite bands... and AFI. Not a favorite, but still a good song. [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]I?m insanely bored and very much procrastinating at the moment?

[B]1:[/B] [I]99[/I] -Fighstar
Whee I <3 these guys, however not one of their more heavy songs which I like much better

[B]2:[/B] [I]Headfirst For Halos[/I] ?My Chemical Romance
Hurray for 'Old School' My Chem. I love these guys to death but sometimes wish they had stayed this way.

[B]3:[/B] [I]The Kill [/I] -30 Seconds To Mars
Love this song, Love the band, Clurr I will most happily take that autographed copy of the Album off your hands. ; ___ ;

[B]4: [/B] [I]37mm[/I] ?A.F.I
A.F.I Never a band I thought I would find my self listening too, but I like them all the same.

[B]5:[/B] [I]Move Away[/I] ?The Killers
Ahh The Killers, they bring back some memories. I don't really like their new album as much as the first.

[B]6:[/B] [I]Cancer[/I] -My Chemical Romance

[B]7: [/B] [I]Attack[/I] -30 Seconds To Mars

[B]8:[/B] [I]Signal Fire [/I] ?Snow Patrol

[B]9: [/B] [I]Pleased To Meet You[/I] ?Wolfmother
Bow down too their awsome afro's, well the lead singer anyway. These guys are cool, I like 'Joker and the Theif' or whatever its called, the best of their songs.

[B]10: [/B] [I]Miss Murder[/I] ?A.F.I

[B]11:[/B] [I]Drowning Lesson[/I] ?My Chemical Romance
My most fave song off their very first album next too Our lady of sorrow.

[B]12: [/B] [I]The Twist[/I] ?Chubby Checker
"Come on baby, lets do the twist!" Ahem... : D *proceeds to 'twist'*

[B]13:[/B][I] Thunder[/I] ?AC//DC
The most awesomest aussie band everah.

[B]14:[/B] [I]My Time[/I] ?Pete Murray

[B]15: [/B] [I]Make This Go On Forever [/I] ?Snow Patrol
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1. Reminiscence [] Thoughts Not Extinguished
Chrono Cross OST
This is a great soundtrack, though I don't listen to this song a lot.

2. All I Ever Wanted
Depeche Mode
A friend introduced me to this band, and I like a lot of their stuff now.

3. Reptilia
The Strokes
A great song, I love this CD. One of my all time favorites in the alternative department.

4. Ipsen's Ancient Castle
Final Fantasy IX OST
Another great soundtrack, but again I don't listen to this song specifically. Glad I heard it though.

5. Church on Sunday
Green Day
A song from a non-American Idiot CD. This album (Warning) was pretty good.

6. [Feelings of Love]
Rockman Dash OST
I picked this up recently (import 2100 yen) and this CD has become one of my new favorites. This is my favorite non-RPG playstation game.

7.Date Rape
From a greatest hits album. This band is one of my favorites.

8. [Cruel Angel's Thesis] Tv Version
Refrain of Evangelion
Another soundtrack, this time an opening.

9.Combat Zone
Eureka 7 OST 1 (Season 1)
This is my favorite anime CD to come out recently. Naoki Saota did a wonderful job on it and I cannot wait for Season Two's CD

10.[Condor Heights]
Final Fantasy VII OST
Reminds of the painful Condor Heights strategy mini-game. A good collection though.

11. [Everyday Peace]
His and Her Circumstance OST
Another soundtrack...starting to see a trend. I really like it though with its carefree jazzy feel.

12. Tell Me When to Go
I have a little hip-hop, R&B, and Rap on my iTunes. I really like this song it's hilarious.

13. A Morning in Norkia
Last Exile OST 1
A good CD from a great series.

14. Vagrancy
Samurai Champloo OST
This CD was surprisingly well done. It gives off a hip-hop feel (much like the show) and is a great CD all together. This song is from the DVD selection screen.

15. Theme of Mitochondria
Parasite Eve OST
A good CD and I loved the game. This song feels dark mysterious, much like the game

A lot of video game and anime soundtracks on this one. Most of my other music is alternative, but the E40 song showed up ( one of the few artists that can put Listerine strips in a song). A decent list, I'd consider saving it as a play list, a lot of variation....well at least CD wise, genre is a different story I guess
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[color=crimson]Superpredators by Massive Attack-

This is a very good trip hop song by a very good trip hop band. It's hard to find though since it was only on a soundtrack and a Japanese edition of one of their CDs, lol.

Keep Fishin by Weezer-

Not their best song to me but this is a nice little happy-sounding song. :) I prefer Hash Pipe to this.

What It's Like by Everlast-

I've always admired this songs lyrical content and the emotions behind it. It is thoughtful in it's tone and doesn't really force you to feel this or that, it just beckons you into it.

Dam That River by Alice in Chains-

Now this is a great song that I know by heart. I'm not sure if it's the best AiC song but it's the one I listen to the most.

Dreams (Axwell Remix) by Deep Dish-

This is a song I heard on an A State of Trance program and had to get. The vocals are sung beautifully and the beat is just perfectly matched with it.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia (cover) by Primus-

The music video really has to accompany this song but by itself it's still a really neat song.

Crooked Teeth by Death Cab for Cutie-

Again, not the best offering by this band but a good enough one. Mellow, easy going and a bit tongue in cheek.

We Will Rock You by Queen-

Gonna be a big man someday!

Wolves by Jesu-

Good drone doom. His haunting voice and the constant strumming of the guitar and beat behind him just drive home a sense that you are hearing a spectre.

O Fortuna by Carl Orff-

I mainly got this because of FF7. I have to admit to that. On it's own though the piece is still stunning and I can see why so many bands do covers or rip offs of it.

American Pie by Don McClean-

A long, long time ago I can still remember.. how that music used to make me smile.

Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru-

The Japanese version is very nice too. I forget what it is called.. it started with an H I think lol.

Moya by Godspeed! You Black Emperor-

A very fine, moving song. Sometimes I wonder what more haunting vocals/lyrics would do for post-rock but I guess that defeats the purpose of it's ambience.

Stars by Hum-

A little-loved song from 1995 that is better than most rock since.

Four Kicks by the Kings of Leon-

Man I love these guys.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1]1. [u]Supper's Ready[/u] - [i]Genesis[/i]
Mmm. This one took time - 24 minutes. 7 style changes. Lovers at the End Of All Things. Yay.
2.[u]The Neverending Story[/u] - [i]Limahl[/i]
Cheesy 80s technopop.
3. [u]Firth of Fifth[/u] - [i]Genesis[/i]
Brilliant piano, but another fairly long song. yay!
4. [u]The Hero's Return[/u] - [i]Pink Floyd[/i]
Hmm. Wish this song didn't fade immediatly into the GUnner's Dream. It makes shuffling hard. :(
5. [u]The Feeling Begins[/u] - [i]Peter Gabriel[/i]
Really cool instrumental with loads of sitars.
6. [u]Rum And Coca Cola[/u] - [i]The Andrews Sisters[/i]
Yay for 1940s music and Der Bingle references.
7. [u]Something More[/u] - [i]Switchfoot[/i]
Cheerfully deep. :D
8. [u]Legend of a Mind[/u] - [i]The Moody Blues[/i]
A song about Timothy Leary, a 1960s druggie/prophet. Great flute bits.
9. [u]Handbook for the Sellout[/u] - [i]Five Iron Frenzy[/i]
Punkska = me <3
10. [u]5:15[/u] - [i]The Who[/i]
Happily emo, slightly pervy. Yep. sounds like the Who.
11. [u]Since I Met You[/u] - [i]dc Talk[/i]
12. [u]Empty Spaces/Young Lust[/u] - [i]Pink Floyd[/i]
[i]Congratulations. You have uncovered the secret message....[/i]
13. [u]Nara[/u] - [i]E S Posthumus[/i]
I love this band so very much.
14. [u]All You Zombies[/u] - [i]Hooters[/i]
Holy Moses on the Mountain, Batman!
15. [u]...Baby One More Time[/u] - [i]Bowling for Soup[/i]
....There is no explanation.
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[color=deeppink][b]Theme to Tale Spin[/b]

Spin it, let's begin it, bear and grin it when you're in it. You can win it in a minute if you spin it, spin it, spin it.

[b]Excitable Boy - Warren Zevon[/b]

This song is so messed up and yet so upbeat, it's wonderful.

[b]Soul Man - Blues Brothers[/b]

Nice cover.

[b]Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles[/b]

This particular file is both "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "With a Little Help from My Friends," which is convenient. Although I prefer the Joe Cocker version of "With a Little Help from My Friends."

[b]The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix[/b]

Nice and slow Hendrix classic.

[b]Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult[/b]

They say he's got to go.

[b]Pouring Crystals - Doctor Who[/b]

This is, uh, actually a sound effect used on Doctor Who. I've got a bunch of these on my playlist because I didn't realize they were mostly sound effects when I added them, heh.

[b]Santeria - Sublime[/b]

Not my favorite Sublime song, but it's still good.

[b]Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band[/b]

I'm not actually too fond of this song, but I'm too lazy to prune my playlist.

[b]Sensorities in Laboratory - Doctor Who[/b]

More sound effects.

[b]Revolution - The Beatles[/b]

This is some weird, mellow version that I very much prefer over the original.

[b]Theme to Big Bad Beetleborgs[/b]

Hah! Power Ranger's bastard cousin.

[b]Looking for Lester - David Bowie[/b]

Lovely jazzy instrumental.

[b]Ain't That Pretty at All - Warren Zevon[/b]

Warren Zevon is teh awesome.

[b]Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely - Back Street Boys[/b]

Oh my, how did that get there? [/color] [IMG]http://a0.vox.com/6a00c22523d659604a00d09e69eb30be2b-pi[/IMG]
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[FONT=Arial]1. .hack//SIGN; "Grandpa's Violin"
I love this song so much. It's the most beautiful anime song I have ever heard, and it used to make me tear up.

2. AFI; "Kung-Fu Devil"

3. AFI; "Midnight Sun"
I have this track twice; one by itself and one hidden behind another track. On the hidden version there is about eight or so minutes of silence after the first song before Midnight Sun begins. The intro is really sudden and creepy so it usually scares me if I've forgotten that it's coming.

4. AFI; "Catch a Hot One"
Oh my, that's three in a row! :]

5. Placebo; "Something Rotten"
I don't really like this song that much. The chorus is nice to sing along to, but the song itself is a little boring.

6. Misfits; "Ghouls Night Out"

7. Adicts; "How Sad"

8. Siouxsie and the Banshees; "Candyman"
One of my favorite songs by them; the most favored being "Cities in Dust."

9. .hack//SIGN; "Where You Are"

10. Placebo; "Centrefolds"
I think this is my favorite song off of their Sleeping With Ghosts album. It's the prettiest song on there, and I used to never listen to it for no reason.

11. Placebo; "Infrared"
As of late, this is my most favorite Placebo song out of all of the ones I've heard. My friend put this on a Valentine's Day mix CD for me and I pretty much fell in love with it (I already loved Placebo, though).

12. AFI; "The Hanging Garden"
I think I hold a soft spot for this song (as well as every song on their A Fire Inside EP and Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes album) just because I purchased it at their concert. Other than that it's just a cover of a Cure song that I've yet to hear.

13. .hack//SIGN; "Useless Chatting"

14. London After Midnight; "The Black Cat"
I haven't really heard much of this song...it's really too boring to sit through.

15. Queen; "Killer Queen"
I haven't heard too many Queen songs other than the ones everyone knows about (Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, etc.) but this is one of my three favorites (the other two being Bicycle Race and Bohemian Rhapsody, of course). I have some great memories surrounding Queen that makes them fun to listen to.

Man, this time around was not so good. :/[/FONT]
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Pretending~ HIM
Good song to start of the list. From their greatest hits album And Love Said No. One of my personal favorites. I like the soft sound, a change from some of the harder stuff I have been listening to.

Blood (Empty Promises)~ Papa Roach
Alittle bit harder then the last song. I like how the it went from the softer him song to something harder to balance it out.

One Last Time [Rockfield Madness Version]~ HIM
A different sound compared to other him songs but still soft music.

Minority~ Green Day
I like this song. It kind of goes with my school class themes on becomeing your own self and how you can make a difference even if you are part of the minority.

Living Hell~ Heartsbane
Alittle known German band. They don't have a cd or what not but on thier Myspace page they give you a link to where you can get there music. They sound like Nighwish a bit.

Wishmaster~ Nightwish
Very good song of theirs. Fast keeping you with the song though random lyrics.

Lying From You~ Linkin Park
Harder song, good song to be on the list.

Tight Wad Hill~ Green Day
One of their lesser known songs. I feel is a great song to maybe dance to because of the beat.

Ready, Steady, Go~ Generation X
One of my Favorite bands ever. Its good to hear Billy Idols voice and see how he has changed over the years. Really sound wise he hasn't change but song themes have.

Crazy Mama~ Billy Ray Cyrus
No comment really except that I like Billy Ray Cyrus music.

All Jacked Up~ Gratchen Wilson
Great country song. Tells you what not to do when your drunk after partying to hard.

Blanket of Fear~ Papa Roach
One of the hardest songs that made it on to the list. I like the song personal and think it fits right after the country music to give you a faster song to listen to instead of the slower ones.

Longview~ Green Day
One of their best songs really. That doesn't get much credit any more. A song that you can relate to on some level.

High In The Sky~ Heartsbane
Look at the other Heartsbane on the list above.

The Sacrament~ HIM
To end it with a soft song brings it back to the beginning. It kind of winds down the list and bring it to a close

None of my dads songs made it on the list this time which is good. A completely new list compared to the last one. I like this list better then the last one. There is a better mixs instead of mostly having just one artist.
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[B]1. Explosions in the Sky - [I]It's Natural to Be Afraid[/I][/B]
I absolutely LOVE Explosions in the Sky. Post-rock FTW. This song is beautiful (much like the rest of the album). Can't get enough of them.

[B]2. Enslaved - [I]Lunar Force[/I][/B]
Enslaved are pure classic. One of the coolest bands in the black metal scene, always progressing and evolving into something new and interesting. These guys will be one of my favorite bands for a long time.

[B]3. Old Man's Child - [I]Twilight Damnation[/I][/B]
I've hardly listened to this band at all, but I'm not a huge fan of cheesy symphonic black metal, so... eh.

[B]4. Apocalyptica - [I]Quutamo[/I][/B]
Everyone pretty much knows about this cello qaurtet by now. This is one of my favorite songs by them.

[B]5. Leviathan - [I]Those Slimy Things Are Real[/I][/B]
YES! This is my favorite Leviathan song! I love the atmosphere and cool song structures Leviathan churns out. w00t.

[B]6. Sinergy - [I]Written in Stone[/I][/B]
I'm not a huge Sinergy fan, but I feel that Alexi Laiho's guitar work with them is better than it is with Children of Bodom.

[B]7. Botch - [I]I Wanna Be a Sex Symbol On My Own Terms[/I][/B]
Botch is a talented band who's music annoys me... I'm not even sure why I have this on my iTunes.

[B]8. Suidakra - [I]Signs for the Fallen[/I][/B]
Suidakra is an immensely cool band who has released nothing but solid albums (with the exception of the metal-core wankfest that was Command to Charge, but it wasn't terrible). This is my favorite Suidakra album, methinks.

[B]9. Pelican - [I]March to the Sea[/I][/B]
Excellent band, excellent album, excellent song.

[B]10. Pagan Reign - [I]I Boga Raspiali...[/I][/B]
I just got this, so I hardly know anything about it. This is one of their first works, so it's a bit raw even for me, but who knows.

[B]11. Marduk - [I]Perish in Flames[/I][/B]
Black metal... yeah. Nothing that really stands out to me.

[B]12. Protest the Hero - [I]Turn Soonest to the Sea[/I][/B]
One of my brother's CDs. This band annoys me almost as much as The Numer 12 Looks Like You. Yuck.

[B]13. Catamenia - [I]Freezing Winds of the North[/I][/B]
Catamenia is a cool melodic black metal band from Finland. Nothing incredibly special, but they get the job done, and some of their songs are downright catchy.

[B]14. Woods of Ypres - [I]Sea of Immeasurable Loss[/I][/B]
One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. Hail Woods of Ypres!

[B]15. Wolves in the Throne Room - [I]Face in a Night-Time Mirror, Pt. 1[/I][/B]
Ah yes, the almighty effin' Wolves in the Throne Room. This band absolutely destroys most of the bands in this genre, and this album is entirely captivating every single time I put it on. A pure masterpiece.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]1[/B]. The Mirror - Pearls And Brass
One of my favorite [B]P&B[/B] tracks. the riffs are just spectacular, and the entire song radiates of awesome.

[B]2[/B]. From Sinking - Isis
Also one of my favorite [B]Isis [/B] tracks. This was the first song I ever heard by the band and it remains among my favorite.

[B]3[/B]. Points of Authority - Linkin Park
I like this version of the song more, though the remix has probably the coolest music video that ever existed. Come to think of it, why haven't i posted that yet?!

[B]4[/B]. The Suffering - Coheed And Cambria
One of the better tracks off of [B]GAIBS4[/B], and has a very strange video. Catchy and nifty.

[B]5[/B]. Odal - Agalloch
Not my favorite [B]Agalloch [/B] song, but one of the first I ever heard. You really need a player with plenty of bass to do this song true justice.

6. Junesong Provision - Coheed and Cambria
One of the staples that nearly coat their first album. not their best but damn good.

[B]7[/B]. Ticks & Leeches - Tool
one of [B]Tool's [/B] signature 'angry tracks' as I like to call them. Oddly enough, no cuss words in it though. Prolly to stay in line with the rest of the album. The echoing of his voice when he screams 'suuuuuuucking meeeee dryyy!!!' sounds awesome.

[B]8[/B]. Dirty Harry - Gorillaz
I can't say anything about this song without busting into rap.

[B]9[/B]. Homecoming - Green day
One of the albums that helped get me into listen, and I'd say I listened to it a good couple hundred times back when I was into it. not a bad album, though i've come a long way from that now.

[B]10[/B]. Suite Pee - System of a Down
Not their best album or song, but still a rockin track that I can headbang to. Do to my moms obsession with this band, I've probably heard it more times than I ever needed to, but it's still cool.

[B]11[/B]. The Trees - Rush
There is unrest in the forest, there is trouble with the trees, for the maples want more sunlight, and the oaks ignore their pleas. See the trouble with the maples (and their quite convinced their right) they say the oaks are just too lofty, and they grab up all the light. But the oaks can't help their feeling; if they like the way their made, and they wonder why the maples can't be happy in their shade.

[B]12[/B]. Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
Prolly my favorite song by this band. i don't care what anyone says, this is a totally kickass album and song.

[B]13[/B]. Miranda, this Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore - The Mars Volta
the least best of the greatest album of all time, but no part of this album could ever be considered flawed in my eyes. Everythings eternally perfect.

[B]14[/B]. Angry Inch - Type O Negative
One of their coool short tracks and a cover from [B]Hedwig and the Angry Inch[/B].

[B]15[/B]. Facing the Plastic (Mindless self Indulgence remix) - Serart
[B]Serj Tankian [/B] of [B]SOAD's [/B] amazing solo project, and a remix by [B]MSI[/B]. i don't care who you are, [B]Serart [/B] deserves your attention.

So i used a series of strange methods with my computer and CD collection to somehow concoct this list. It's prolly a bit closer to the stuff I've listened to more, though a few songs get little attention these days. Not a bad list by any means.[/COLOR]
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  • 2 weeks later...
[FONT=Arial]1. Strung Out; "Velvet Alley" acoustic
I love this band based on just three songs, and this is my favorite by them. They are just amazing.

2. Heliumvola; "Veni Veni"
I found out about this group when I was in the eighth grade and into this kind of foreign music. They're completely electronic and have very choral vocals, and all their lyrics are either German, French, or Latin. I'm not sure what they're doing on my iPod now, since I've quite moved on.

3. Slipknot; "Vermilion, Pt. 2"
Okay, this is the ONLY Slipknot song I am able to like. I'm pretty sure it's the least Slipknot-ish song that they've written. It's at least the least Slipknot-ish song I've heard. Anyway, I can't help but like it and I'm not sure why.

4. Adicts; "Viva La Revolution"
Ah, this song was fun last year. I'm not so into the Adicts anymore. Bah.

5. AFI; "Wake-Up Call"
There are plenty of AFI songs in my library I've yet to hear, simply because there are so many total songs. I haven't listened to this one yet because my iPod was broken when I first got it and I'm cautious about listening to old AFI songs through speakers.

6. Horrorpops; "Walk Like a Zombie"
This song has a catchy chorus, and zombies are awesome.

7. Nightwish; "Walking in the Air"

8. Alkaline Trio; "Wash Away"
I love this cover more than the original version by TSOL, probably just for the less edgy vocals and that this version doesn't have a cheesy synth solo. It has piano instead. :]

9.TSOL; "Wash Away"

10. Rasputina; "Watch TV"
I haven't heard very much of this song, either. I don't know why but I haven't been as interested in Rasputina as I was last year.

11. AFI; "Weathered Tome"
I love Black Sails era AFI because while it's more finely written than the earlier albums, it still has that hardcore punk sound to it. The mix of both is pretty much my favorite thing.

12. Love Spirals Downwards; "Welcome Christmas"
Haha, this is a goth band I used to listen to a lot when I was in the eighth grade. I remember searching for them in Windows Media player in my computer class then and finding this song and listening to it. Ah, memories. By the way, this is a cover of the song from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (fla voo floraze da hoo doraze, something like that).

13. AFI; "Wester"
I love Art of Drowning AFI even MORE than Black Sails AFI because it's even more finely written. This album has pretty much the greatest lyrics ever. My friend has this song as a ringtone on her Sidekick, and I could identify it within a second of ringing. Bam.

14. The Unseen; "What Are We Waiting For"
I don't listen to the Unseen that often for the same reason I rarely listen to old AFI. I don't know when the eff word is going to be screamed out and I can't risk my parents hearing it. Hah.

15. Mindless Self Indulgence; "What Do They Know?"
I love MSI so so much. This isn't really on my list of favorites by them, though. The 7:15 bell at my school sounds exactly like the first chord of this song, so whenever it rings I start singing it.[/FONT]
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[font=arial][size=1][b]Pink Razors - [Waiting to Wash Up #06] Sincerity Is So Pretentious [1:53][/b]
This is one hell of a fun punk band. One of my friends pretty much exclusively listens to these guys, so I figured I'd give them a shot and I like them. This is probably one of my favorites from them.

[b]Hot Snakes - [Audit in Progress #04] Kreative Kontrol [2:22][/b]
Hot Snakes are really amazing, but this song is my least favorite from them. It's overly repetitive.

[b]A Fine Boat, That Coffin! - [A Fine Boat, That Coffin! #06] Zerfall von Molekülen in einfachere Bestandteile [0:51][/b]
These guys are an amazing German hardcore band that plays kind of like Dillinger Escape Plan, I actually think they're better. The guitar in this song is really cool, especially.

[b]Combatwoundedveteran - [This Is Not An Erect, All-Red Neon Body #35] Disembowelment At Room Temperature [0:42][/b]

[b]Some Girls - [Heaven's Pregnant Teens #07] Totally Pregnant Teens [0:54][/b]
Scathing hardcore at its absolute best. :D

[b]Thirty3 - [Ether #08] Pirates Sleep With Cowboys, And Cowboys Eat Their Young [2:47][/b]
One of my favorite songs ever. This band is so amazing, it's a shame that they hardly got noticed at all, even with all the glowing reviews.

[b]The Locust - [The Locust / Melt-Banana #04] Priest With the Sexually-Transmitted Diseases Get Out of My Bed [0:34][/b]

[b]Godspeed You! Black Emperor - [Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven #00] She Dreamt She Was A Bulldozer, She Dreamt She Was Alone In An Empty Field [9:43][/b]
This is half of the first track of the second disc of this set. This is probably my favorite part of this record, but all their other stuff is better than this.

[b]Gospel - [The Moon Is a Dead World #02] Yr Electric Surge Is Sweet [4:14][/b]
One of the best bands to ever be formed. I love these guys, and it's a shame I never got to see them live. If you like progressive rock and hardcore, this is the band you need to check out. NOW. Also, the lyrics in my signature are from this song.

[b]Melt Banana - [Cell-Scape #08] A Hunter In The Rain To Cut The Neck Up In The Present Stage [2:33][/b]

[b]pg. 99 - [Document #5 #02] Comedy of Christ [2:15][/b]
I stole my Xbox Live name from this song. :D They have better, but this is a solid song.

[b]Kylesa - [No Ending / A 100° Heat Index #01] No Ending [3:18][/b]
I love Sludge Metal, and Kylesa's probably the best there is. Furthermore, this is their heaviest song, which I got to see performed live. It was ridiculous.

[b]Oasis - [What's the Story Morning Glory] Champagne Supernova [7:28][/b]
Noooo! Oasis makes me cry! Turn it off turnitoff turnitoff!!!

[b]Phoenix Bodies - [Raise The ******** Flag #06] I Guarantee You're A Pile Of **** [2:11][/b]
This band almost made me deaf. :)

[b]The Great Redneck Hope - [Behold the **** Thunder #03] It Sure Does Get Lonely Out Here in the Boondocks. Thank God for Cock. [0:40][/b]
I mean, what can I say.[/font][/size]
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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]I don't have an ipod so I'll just pick some random songs from my youtube account:

1.) Balla con me- From Winx Power Show. Roughly translates to Dance with Me (The clip I have to this song is from the show- and it makes no sense. Of course this could just be because I don't understand Italian)

2.) You're a God- Vertical Horizon (The video for this song on my playlist was done with clips from the animated Anastasia movie)

3.) We Are- Ana Johnson (The video for this song is done with clips from Tokyo Mew Mew)

4.) Vola se Voi- From Winx Power show- Roughly translates to Fly if you want or When you fly I fly (Again the same problem as Balla con Me. Italian and I don't click, but the song is pretty)

5.) Glycerine- Bush (The video I have for this one is clips from Naruto.)

6,) I'll stand by you- I don't know who sings it, but the music video is clips from Winx Club.

7.) Everything you want- Vertical horizon Yet another Naruto AMV. But instead of TV clips it was a lot of Naruto/Sakura fan art.

8.) Girl Next Door- Saving Jane This song was done to clips From InuYasha and centered on Ayame and Kagome

9.) Saimo Le Winx- Winx Power Show. The song translates to We are the Winx and was done using clips from the cartoon

10.) Non 'ce amore- Winx Power show- Translates to no more love

11.) The Happy Song- Liam Lynch- done to clips from Avatar the last Airbender- Mainly Sokka clips

12.) End of the Innocence- Don Henley. Original music video from 1984(?) It's really amazing how a song from over 20 years ago still has an impact

13.) Canadian Idiot- Weird Al- Just a jumble of strange clips that go along with the song

14.) To the moon and back- Savage Garden- An Xmen evolution fanvideo centering on Rogue and Gambit

15.) Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day This video used clips about Pyro from the 3rd (?) XMen movie

I just realized there isn't a single country song on my playlist. which is pretty strange for me since most of my CDs are country.[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=Gray]1 - [b]Eric the Half-a-Bee[/b] by Eric Idle.
Crazy song, one of the best "What the hell?" funny songs every recorded.

2 - [b]El Amour de Mi Vida[/b] by Warren Zevon.
Not my favourite song from The Wind, a little too slow for me, but still worth a listen, even if I do usually skip over it for She's Too Good For Me...

3 - [b]No Second Thoughts[/b] by Tom Petty
I liked a few songs by Tom Petty. Therefore, I assumed I liked every song by Tom Petty; so I downloaded his entire discogrophy. Now I'm too lazy to get rid of it. I've never even heard this song.

4 - [b]Alabama[/b] by Neil Young
I may like it more because of Lynyrd Skynyrd's response to it, but it's a great song in its own rights. Probably the best use of Neil Young's vocals in his whole career.

5 - [b]Rippy the Gator[/b] by the Arrogant Worms
Any song that's about a limb-loving gator and starts out "Hey kids, welcome to the Uncle Bobo Show!" is freakin' gold.

6 - [b]Highly Illogical[/b] by Leonard Nemoy
Ah, I'm such a nerd. Horrible song that makes me laugh every time I hear it; Leonard Nemoy should be sitting in a library reading phone books into tape recorders, not pretending to be a popstar!

7 - [b]Common People[/b] by William Shatner
Ironic that these two would be one after the other... Anyway, this is one of my favourite songs outright. The fact that it's Bill Shatner singing it just adds a whole new dimension of hilarity to it.

8 - [b]If I Needed Someone[/b] by the Beatles
My least favourite Beatles song ever. Moving on.

9 - [b]The Image of Me[/b] by Tom Petty
See #2

10 - [b]Great to be a Nerd[/b] by the Arrogant Worms
Hilarious song, practically written about me. God damn I love the Worms... Classic stuff.

11 - [b]Joe's Garage[/b] by Frank Zappa
Man, Vinnie Calaiuta's drumming on this song is wicked; it's a great listen. Pick up the whole album if you can.

12 - [b]Couldn't Stand the Weather[/b] by Stevie Ray Vaughan
Great blues tune, amazing guitar work by SRV as expected, and one of my favourite choruses ever.

13 - [b]Werewolves of London[/b] by Warren Zevon
Zevon's best song IMO. Incredibly catchy keyboard lines and an iconic "a-woooooooo" make this one of the most enjoyable songs on my computer.

14 - [b]Jewish Princess[/b] by Frank Zappa
A not-safe-for-work classic by Zappa is hilarious and more then sugestive. Make sure you play this song in the right company. Oh Zappa, he didn't won't no troll, just wanted some Yemonite hole...

15 - [b]You Keep me Hangin' On[/b] by the Vanilla Fudge
Slow, trippy, and easy to sing along too, I love airdrumming to this song. Great example of the good things about the sixties.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]I'm not even being really random this time, I'm just picking whatever 15 songs i want to talk about right now, beacause i feel like it, because I am an American Cowboy.

[B]Song[/B]: Stupid MF
[B]Band[/B]: Mindless Self Indulgence
[B]Description[/B]: A song about stupid people, as the name expects. Don't expect to understand any of the lyrics except for the highly controvercial chorus, lol. Seriously, as the name suggests, if you don't want to hear the f-bomb dropped a lot, don't listen. Anyway, MSI' combination of rock and technio with hip-hop elements and a lethal drug dose is addictive. Love this song. [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=QKXWAE8YYxY]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Windrider
[B]Band[/B]: Ensiferum
[B]Description[/B]: This is one of my favorite Ensiferum songs, and they are currently one of my bands though I've heard no more than 20 of their songs and don't like all of them as much as others, though the ones I love are spectacular. This song is one of their heavier, and also one of their most inspirational, ans can be said of many of their songs. The folk and metal elements are combined perfectly here, and every time he screams 'windrider' i want to slash a beast down. Currently this is linked in my sig, but in case that changes soon, here's a link [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=cXRpQ7y0MM0]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: The Funeral Portrait
[B]Band[/B]: Opeth
[B]Description[/B]: I don't bother with the full song as often as the slightly cut short version in the 300 video I'm linking to. This song has some great riffage and an amusing atmosphere that makes the length worth it. It's dark, gives the feeling of blood, and when you watch this video especially, it's got a feeling of all around cool. One of the best songs from Blackwater Park, even if that's not my favorite Opeth album. Cool *** solos too.[[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=bzJBuDiGpLI]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Hey You
[B]Band[/B]: Pink Floyd
[B]Description[/B]: A truly amazing, somber, beautiful piece. Seems to fit overly well with most of the anime I watched as represented in countless AMVs. This song makes me intensely sad every time. The solo is perfect, the lyrics are heavy, and the imagery is strong. Every part of this song is amazing. [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=zbP4fEzs6lQ]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Day 8: School
[B]Band[/B]: Ayreon
[B]Description[/B]: School's a real *****, and I know how the guy feels. If you like opera in your rock and metal in your symphony, this is for you. Complete with multiple singers, cheesy lyrics, and total awesomeness, you can't hate this song without being a jackass. y the way, gotta love the fitting Zatch Bell vid [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=66papeNh9dA]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Everything Means Nothing
[B]Band[/B]: Toe
[B]Description[/B]: A really cool song by an instrumental Japanese post-rock band. This was the first song I heard by them and it's intensely cool. The riffage is great, but the best part is how they masterfully blended the instruments in an amazing way. The bass, guitars, drums, all are absolutely spectacular. It's an experience not to miss. [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=9d5xC4QJjE0]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Stealing Society
[B]Band[/B]: System of a Down
[B]Description[/B]: One of my favorite SOAD songs. It's heavy and yet airy - a really great song no matter which way you look at it. It's interestin, and it doesn't sound like any song I can think of in existence. The pending energy during the verses is almost quizical, and when it starts jamming around halfway through, I can't help but get into it. Probably the best of Hypnotize, though the whole thing is pretty damn epic. Listening to this album with while playing Halo harkens some of my greatest memories. Warning: foul language and bad video. [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=aqnUGekjcjo]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: The Great Debate
[B]Band[/B]: Dream Theater
[B]Description[/B]: Since the last took the whole duration of the song to type the description, i went for a 10-minute opus this time. This is one of my favorite DT songs, and an excellent example of prog-metal as a whole. This song is excellent because unlike too many DT songs it doesn't put all it's focus on mediocre, squealy solos. The lyrics are perfectly neutral, and the recordings of public statements at parts blend in well. Musically, it's simply outstanding, namely for the intriguing time signatures. Stem cells and Ghost in the Shell spoilers.[[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=GE1icZxWkQQ]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Odoru Akacha Ningen
[B]Band[/B]: Fumihiko Kitsutaka
[B]Decription[/B]: The first ending theme to [B]Welcome to the NHK[/B]. Four WTFs please. [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=-SxcTB472co]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Little Busters
[B]Band[/B]: The Pillows
[B]Description[/B]: This song honestly sounds better as an insert in the anime [B]FLCL [/B] for several reasons. A. it gets repetitive since it's basically a verse and chorus repetition, though it's so damn catchy it's impossible to care. The only thing that bothers me is the way his voice sounds when he says 'just witing for the little busters.' in any event... 'where the kids think of the future/maybe kids don't need their masters/just waiting for the little busters/oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah'. Epic. [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=ORQeOVOPv7c]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Bring the Pain
[B]Band[/B]: Mindless Self Indulgence
[B]Description[/B]: Wait, I don't even really know this song. I've heard a different version, but not this quite. not to mention I already put an MSI song on this list, and this on'e oly a hundred times crazier and worse. Just don't even watch, heh. [[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5qHfqcWIDo&mode=related&search=]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Sleeping Giant
[B]Band[/B]: Mastodon
[B]Description[/B]: By no means their best song, but good nonetheless - one of their calmer tracks I suppose you could say. The opening instrumental is great. That's not why I'm posting this. You really have to see this video. It's the funniest thing i've ever seen. Sadly, these kids remind me so much of my brothers and I and it's so something we would do. Cheesy as all hell XD [[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21btXJ3U2tA]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Gor-gor
[B]Band[/B]: GWAR
[B]Description[/B]: This opus of immense magnitude is what introduced me to the incomparaby amazing GWAR. They are your masters and you must die for them accordingly. Until your blood has been pumped from the hole where your had once connected to your body, you must spend your every moment in tribute to the almighty rulers of earth known as GWAR. Probably some violence. [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=KyZ3pgABwss]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Supersonic
[B]Band[/B]: Bad Religion
[B]Description[/B]: ZOMG notime to type thisstuff I only have under 2 minutes whatdoido um... wellits reallycoolandicanrelate to it and stuff so I really like it and It's got a sonic video and stuff which is all cool and OMG typos so constantly I quiet now, LOLZ [[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=4hNyGsabBaM]link[/url]]

[B]Song[/B]: Stinkfist
[B]Band[/B]: Tool
[B]Description[/B]: An honestly completely depressing song, which brings me to the point of this list altogether. I mean, I guess that's how I relieve my stress - by listening to music and typing meaninglessly long posts. It's like existentialism wrapped in guitars and lyrics that make me want to die, right? Cuz that's how every Sunday ends in the long run, even when you get to stay up later. You could live forever and still die, couldn't you? Okay,i've gotten off topic there. Although when it comes to tool, i could say anything and remain on-topic so there. In any event, beyond it's length this post is entirely wierd enough already and I have a lot of bold tags to add...[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#9907BB]It's about time someone brought this back from the dead. *cough cough* I mean, what a great idea! Well, here goes my list. =][/color]

[indent]1. [B]Motion City Soundtrack[/B] - Autographs & Apologies
- [B]MTC[/B] is one of my favorite bands and this song is actually pretty mellow with sort of an upbeat feeling.

2. [B]Lil Jon[/B] - Shake That Monkey
- I've never listened to this song all the way through; I get bored easily.

3. [B]N.E.R.D.[/B] - Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix Edit)
- The guitar intro to this song is just awesome. I listen to this just to hear the guitar.

4. [B]Usher[/B] - Caught Up
- Honestly, Usher's not that great for me anymore. I've started to get disinterested and that's not a good sign because I [B]HARDLY[/B], [B]RARELY[/B], almost [B]NEVER[/B] get disinterested in any artist/band.

5. [B]Keyshia Cole[/B] - Love
- Keyshia Cole's a great singer, no doubt, but I'm just not partial to this song. The beat's lovely and everything but to me, it's just another sappy love song about a girl who got hurt by a guy and yada yada yada.

6. [B]Shaggy[/B] - Wild 2Nite (feat. Olivia)
- Another hip-hop-y song! Yay! As for the why: It's just a random song that makes me want to move. And I like songs like that; they're a wonderful welcome in my playlist.

7. [B]Eru[/B] - Glasses
- A Korean song about dark glasses which is a metaphor for the sorrow in the person's heart and how he's covering up his tears and sorrow by wearing the blackest, darkest glasses. It's a lovely song.

8. [B]Gym Class Heroes[/B] - Make Out Club
- :animesmil I've got to say, a lot of the songs that [B]GCH[/B] sings has a double-entendre to it. However, for this song I'm not sure there is one; even so, it's a funny song and [B]GCH[/B] roxxors my soxxors to the fullest.

9. [B]Mya[/B] - Do You Only Wanna Dance?
- Mya. Mya. Mya. Lovely girl. End of story.

10. [B]Story of the Year[/B] - Swallow The Knife
- Another of my favorite bands alongside [B]Motion City Soundtrack[/B] and [B]Gym Class Heroes[/B]. Their songs are really cool and I love the instrumentals in the song.

11. [B]Saliva[/B] - Bleed For Me
- I forgot where I got this from but the guitar intro is great and the song is really balanced with everything.

12. [B]Jem[/B] - Stay Now
- I discovered [B]Jem[/B] back in Freshman year, I think, and loved her since. She's got a beautiful voice and she's one of the few mellower artists in my playlist.

13. [B]Mae[/B] - The Sun and The Moon
- Another favorite band. End of story.

14. [B]Matchbox Twenty[/B] - Disease
- I knew about them ages ago but just recently started having an affinity for them.

15. [B]Dem Franchize Boyz[/B] - Oh I Think They Like Me
- I'm not going to even indulge on that. Let's just say it gets annoying very quickly.[/indent][/size]
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[FONT=Arial]If you haven't guessed, I really really love doing this.

1. AFI; "This Time Imperfect"
Really, what all can I say about AFI? It's obvious they're my favorite band and that I needlessly obsess over them, to the point it effects my fondness towards other bands. I love almost every song the same (I'd say of a little over 100 songs, there are probably 90 that I love equally, then maybe 8 I consider my true favorites and one or two I don't like that much). This song falls into the "love equally" category, but I'm positive that at some point in my life I considered it my favorite.

2. Evanescence; "Hello"
UGH. Evanescence was my favorite band when I was in the seventh grade, next to AFI. I've definitely moved on from them, though. However, at my school's Talent Show a girl sang this song, and I immediately sent the friend that first introduced me to Evanescence (and AFI and many other bands) a text message that simply read "LOLZ." She messaged back with "I was about to send you the same thing!"

3. Five Iron Frenzy; "Ugly Day"
I first listened to this band when I was in fourth or fifth grade, and I'm pretty sure I considered them my favorite then. That was before I had ever heard the word "ska." I still like them, their just not in my top whatever. I'm not too fond of ska. :P

4. AFI; "Leaving Song"
I used to not like this song very much, but it moved into the "love equally" category several months ago. My band's "tour manager" says it's her favorite song, and it's fairly easy to play, so my vocalist and I wanted to perform it at the Talent Show (unfortunately, this plan never came to fruition). The manager and vocalist went with me to the AFI concert in February, and the band played this song for the first time ever. I was flattened with awe.

5. Strung Out; "Velvet Alley" acoustic
Haha, this song again. Well, I still love it just as much as the last time I posted and it came on. I really want to learn the acoustic version to play at a coffee house gig my band wants to get.

6. See-Saw; "Epitaph"
I still have a lot of .hack songs in iTunes, just because they fill me with comfortable nostalgia. This song is probably one of my favorites off the .hack//Liminality soundtrack, next to Mai, Grandpa's Violin, and Sweet Memories.

7. Finch; "Letters to You" acoustic
I'm pretty sure this came up on an early post, too. Hissss.

8. Thursday; "Lovesong Writer"
This was the second Thursday song I've ever heard (Hole in the World being the first), and I love it a lot. My New Jersey friend put it on a CD that she mailed me.

9. Trevor Jones; "Home at Last"
This song is from Labyrinth. :]

10. Mourning Waits; "This Too Shall Pass"
A local screamo band that I've seen a couple times. I heard their screamer throws up blood after every show, which is sad. The entire band is going into tenth grade or lower and they already have a large fan following (I used to see several people in MW shirts every day at school) and a four track EP. Their myspace is [URL=http://myspace.com/mourningwaitsfl]here.[/URL]

11. Regina Spektor; "Hotel Song"
This woman is amazing. This isn't my favorite song, but pretty much everything I've heard by her is great.

12. Green Day; "When I Come Around"
This is the only Green Day song I have in my library...probably because it's the only one I like. Hah.

13. Nekromantix; "Alice in Psycholand"
Mm, psychobilly.

14. Nightwish; "10th Man Down"
Hahah. This band always makes me laugh. I have so many inside jokes about them with the music friend (the one responsible for Evanescence, AFI, and so many others).

15. AFI; "Ny-Quil"
The last few times I've been very sick, I refused to take anything except for Dayquil and Nyquil, just because of this song. I took Nyquil the night of the AFI concert, and I couldn't help but laugh.[/FONT]
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[size=1][color=#9907BB]Yay~ New list! I love this game. ^_^[/color]

[indent]1. [B]KT Tunstall[/B] - Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
- Cute song.

2. [B]Bi [aka Rain][/B] - But I Love You
- A Korean song. Not one of my favorite artists. He's just another Korean artist trying to make it big.

3. [B]Trans-Siberian Orchestra[/B] - Carols Of Bells
- Haha, Clurr's going to be happy. I heard about this group from her and haven't really listened to them until recently. They're really great and actually make classical music sound just a tad more interesting.

4. [B]Judy Crystal[/B] - Nori Nori Nori
- A DDR song. I'm addicted to techno- always have been and always will be. This song makes me want to play DDR now. Too bad I suck at it. -____-

5. [B]Trans-Siberian Orchestra[/B] - Fur Elise
- Another [B]TSO[/B]! I think they're one of the few in my list that I have over ten songs of. XD

6. [B]Evanescence[/B] - Call Me When You're Sober
- A song written for her ex-boyfriend (?) about his alcoholism. Amy Lee is truly a talented artist and I don't care what anyone else says.

7. [B]DJ Alligator Project[/B] - Turn Up The Music
- Another techno song. It sounds a lot like the rest of the techno songs in the world, but I like it.

8. [B]Black Eyed Peas[/B] - Don't Phunk With My Heart
- Ah...one of the few songs I fell in love with. It's got a good dancing rhythm to it and it's upbeat. That's all that matters to me.

9. [B]Rachael Lampa[/B] - Outrageous
- I was given her CD about three years ago but I never listened to it until recently. She's a pretty good singer.

10. [B]The Prodigy[/B] - Smack My ***** Up
- Oh me, oh my. I must say that the video to this song is hilarious and I think I laughed my butt off even after it was over. The Prodigy's got a unique Electronic/Semi-Techno/Hip-Hop-ish style.

11. [B]Snoop Dogg[/B] - I Got 5 On It
- A rap song, what else can I say?

12. [B]Third Eye Blind[/B] - Crystal Baller
- Like Matchbox Twenty, I knew about them before but just recently started listening to them.

13. [B]Usher[/B] - Throwback
- I never listened to this the entire way through.

14. [B]Todd Thibaud[/B] - Dragging Me Down
- I heard this song while I was watching Smallville and liked it.

15. [B]JoJo[/B] - Leave (Get Out)
- I like this song. Yeah...<_< >_>[/indent]

[color=#9907BB]I'd have more to say about the songs, but I'm on a time limit. And besides, my list didn't produce songs that I can go on and on about.[/size][/color]
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