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[color=darkred][size=2][font=book antiqua]Okay time to get this going we waited long enough.

Rider Chaos-Ashen Iscaria-Sazabi
Rider Grace-Riiko Watanuki-Hitsuzen
Rider Arcane-Daimonas Rigas-The Spartan
Rider Snow-Mimiru Sunoyuki-Tempest(if the signup is finshed or it goes to some1else)
Rider Bolt-Jack Learon-Silent_sword909
Rider Ivy-Umiko Shendi-Knuckles' Girl
Rider Granite-Gueno Nathratu-Ushima
Rider Breeze-Evangaline Akira-XxXLolitaGothXxX

Ashen's spear flew up and blocked the stranger's sword. He had no idea who this guy was or why he just blocked his weapon considering he was fighting for him but something inside told him he needed to calm him down. The man was like a fire straight from hell. A shower of sparks went into the sky and made people cover their eyes and run. Ashen felt a rush of power and emotions go into his body almost like he had just take this man spirit. The look in the stranger's eye told him that he was just fine and his temper was back to normal. Ashen saw the last guards move towards them but met the end of his spear knocking them out cold on the ground. Ashen then turned to the guy. [b]"Thanks for the help uhh?"[/b]

[b]"Daimonas. What did you do to me that made me calm down?"[/b]

Ashen smirked. [b]"Your guess is as good as mine. Name's Ashen"[/b] He turned to see more guards coming. [b]"I think now is a good time to run"[/b]

[b]"Normally I would take them but for some reason i don't know I agree"['/b] The two of them took off through the city and made it safely outside. Ashen turned as a strange felling came over him and he saw a girl with blonde hair and seem to shine forth with a pure bright light from within coming up the road towards them. Not only did he have a weird feeling about here but from the other road he felt another presence that seemed to have the same taint as Daimonas coming from this road. Actually he felt more coming from all around him

OOC: I gave Hitsuzen and Knuckle's Girl chars openings in here as well as Spartans. Bascially just have your char run into us some way some how or make their way to us Have fun and as soon as people post we will get this going[/font][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Red]Gueno looked up from his seat at the bar of the Inn and saw a wanted poster of him. His bounty was worth the most after having to kill all those people. "You there, you under arrest." Gueno turned in his seat and saw several soldiers armed with swords standing between him and the exit. "You really want to do that?" A soldier swung his sword. Gueno grabed the mans arm and twisted it so the sword pointed downward. He pushed it forward, using great strength, into the soldier. He looked up and the soldiers saw his blood red eyes. They ran in fear as Gueno picked up the body. He laid it infront of the tree outside. He engraves the letter I meaning one. Bellow that was the mark 51. His eyes returned to their normal empty blackness. "There's that feeling again." He put up his hood and walked into the dark woods. It would take all night to reach the next town. He felt energy all around. It felt like his energy, yet somewhat different. The closest one was in the forest with him, somewhere. "I might finally get some answers." He walked down the path with renewed hopes of his task being accomplished.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Riiko walked the streets with many doubts. Who was she and where was she going? All she knew was that she needed to go somewhere. But where? As Riiko walked she saw two men up ahead. She looked at them and noticed that they had some sort of dark auras. It made her frightened but she needed to know where she was. Riiko walked up to the men, a little scared, and asked, "Do you know where I am? I seemed to have lost myself."
Riiko didn't know whether they would respond or try and take advantage of her like all the other men. But they looked like they knew the area and seemed to know where everything is.[/COLOR]
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Jack didn't know where he was going. He didn't even know why he went through all the trouble of carrying the sword over his shoulder; he didn't know how to use one anyways! For the last couple of days, he had been wandering somewhat aimlessly, when in truth, he had been following the path that his soul told him to take. He had traveled all the way from his raided coastal village, to an inner river valley. "Here," he thought, "is surely the place where I can restart." He couldn't quite place it, but for some reason, this PLACE called to him.

He arrived at a town nestled into the middle of the river valley, and realized that it was in a sort of panic. Apparently, some very strong men had come through, and taken out some of the town's guards. He cringed at the thought of bandits, and turned to leave town. Just then, the CRAZIEST of thoughts occured to him. Maybe HE, ALONE, could find these men, and bring them to justice. He shuddered at the thought, but it seemed almost pleasing to him. He couldn't wait another second, lest he change his mind. He quickly asked the nearest person to him, which way had the men gone?

They fearfully pointed, and he rushed off. He didn't know why he was doing this. Ever since the day that his village had been raided, he had not been thinking things through. He just didn't have the answers! Before long, he came upon a cross roads, where three people stood together; two men, and a most beautiful woman, with long blonde hair, and a sweet smile on her face. He waited for noone, but came up beside the woman; dropped to one knee, and said, "M'lady, I have found you. I am here to serve." As his mouth formed the words, he couldn't believe he had spoken them. He DEFINATELY couldn't explain this!
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[SIZE=1]Daimonas stared at both of these strangers that stood before them, as tif they knew who they were. He felt this unsetteling aura to them, one of light and kindness. It seemed to way down on his very soul, he didn't like the feeling and didn't like how this woman looks seemed more decieving then how she really was. The man that had just bowed before her was an interesting sight as well.

He had a blade slung across his back that seemed rather ordinary in appearance, but had a feeling of power behind the plain exterior. He growled to himself as he moved in front of Ashen he was protecting for some odd reason. He drew his blade and placed it next to the mans neck, looking down at the kneeling man, shifting his gaze ever so slighty to the woman then to her servant.
"Who are you two? You cannot just walk up and ask us who you are, we don't even understand whats happening here. Stand up warrior." [/B]Daimonas rose his blade as the man rose. Daimonas could see something in his eyes, something hidden and powerful. Like a rage of energy coursing through him, ready to be released in a flash, but with devestating power. Daimonas felt the fire raging from within, the power of his temper taking hold as it showed itself in his eyes. The shift of brown eyes to a pitch black would startle anyone who stared into them. The blade in his hand began to resonate a wave of heat, sizziling the air around the blade.

Daimonas didn't like these people at all, just being near them weighted him down, constricted him. He felt as if his soul was trying to catch its breath in an endless sea that refused to let him to the surface. The blood red edge drew closer to the mans neck, then he felt a hand grab his shoulder and his fury had subsided.

The blade no longer resonated heat and was now cool to the touch. He turned his head to see Ashen staring at him with eyes of dark power. Daimonas eyes changed insantly, taking back the hard, dark brown look. He sheathed his blade and stepped to the side of Ashen, gesturing with his hand towards the woman, and using his eyes to point at the man.
"They are all yours, Ashen."[/B] Daimonas stood idly by as he watch Ashen approch the two strangers with an odd confidence that seemed to fit him perfectly, as if he was a King addressing his people. His commanding presence alone was enough to bring many men to there knees and to serve him loyaly. Diamonas felt liked he need not take a knee, as if just looking at Ashen for the first time cemented his loyalty to this man.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Red]Dawn arose as Gueno neared the exit of the forest. The energy he felt last night was distant. The crossroads appeared and there were several people consversing. He approached them as a voice talked in his head. "Axe, axe, axe." It repeted over and over. (What is that voice?) He put up his hood as he neared them. Out of th coner of his eye he saw some animals retreat back into the forest. They know something might go down. The only thing visible was his mouth, no one can see his eyes. He put his hand on the hilt of his sword. The Topaz jewel gleming in the morning sun. "Do I have to add to my body count?" He walked passed them when someond's hand blocked his path. "Where do you think your going, stranger?"

Gueno loooked them in the eye, knowing they wouldn't be able to identify his face. "I've seen people stronger than you try to take my bounty." He grew his sword and held it to his annoyance's face. "Please, don't be one of them." In his left hand he drew his dagger. He held the both strangely, like they didn't belong in his hands. It was like something else did, something bigger. (Axe!) Said the voice in his head. (Go away damn it.)[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Navy]Umiko yawned as she walked onto the road from her point in the woods, she frowned it wasn't like her to venture from the woods but something told her this might be a good idea. She scatched the back of her head and looked up from the ground and raised an eye brow at the bunch of people in the road, taking a deep breath she began to walk cautiously towards them. Getting closer she got a good look at Ashen and felt a strong pull from her to him, like she did to the woods, home almost, but that was ridiculous, she had never seen him before in her life. She walked close and aw a yooung man on one knee infront of a very pretty girl, although the girl at this time looked terrified and he looked like a fool. Taking a deep breath she put her hand on her whip st in case and walked by them stopping for a breif moment.
"I think you should get off of your knees, you look like an idiot."
They all blinked and one of the men, the way fathest from her looked at her with an odd look.
"What's it to you what he does? Your a stranger as well for all you know he knows her."
"From the look on their faces, doubtful."
"And you just make asumpions like that?"
She was about to make a retaliation when something made her stop and think, this felt familiar...like she had fought with this person before.
"I don't have time for fools like you."
"Who are you calling a fool?! Ashen, is it just me or is she a bitch?"
Umi felt her eye twitch and reached for her whip, spinning she was face to face with him, her nose almost touching his.
"If I were you, I'd take that back, I'm blunt, not a bitch."
The man he had called Ashen looked almost over whelmed.
"Will everyone please calm down?"
Taking a deep breath and stood back and crossed her arms. She stood there, not really unerstanding why.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Red]Well if thats all there is to this little gathering, then I'm moving on." Gueno sheathed his weapons and turned to walk away. "Wait!" says the one names Ashen. "Isn't it strange that all of us has gathered here." Gueno turns and gets a better look at him. He seemed familliar. "Nothing happenes by accident. It all happenes like it's suppose to." Gueno's mind is in overdrive. He seemed to recall saying that before.

"Alright, I want answers. Who are you people?" He removed his hood revealing his face. His blue hair blowing in the wind. These people, he felt like he could trust them. Gueno turned to the young boy who was on his knees. "She's right dude. You did look like an idiot." "Shut up!. Who are you anyway." "I am Gueno Nathruta. Wanted by this country's militia."[/COLOR]
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Jack got up, a little confused. He had just humbled himself in front of all these people, and HE didn't even know them!! He WAS a bit nervous; that guy with the hood had said he was a criminal. But, for some reason, he felt he could hold his own here, EVEN AGAINST the girl with the thorns. She kind of scared him. He put his hand out to the obvious leader here; the tall guy in the middle of everyone.

Jack laughed nervously as the man reached to take his hand. When he did, it sent a shock wave of energy through him. He jumped back, and yelled, "Yeow!! That tingles!" He felt, different somehow, he couldn't figure out why. He looked back at the man, who replied kindly, "Well, the name's Ashen. Welcome to the crossroads!"

The lady he had kneeled before earlier, looked a little uncomfortable, and he couldn't help but smile. She was so beautiful, and HE had kneeled before her. For some reason, he thought he was extremely cool at this moment. She returned the smile, with her long blonde hair flowing around her. To him, she seemed like an ANGEL, sent from the heavens. "Hello," she replied, "my name is Riiko. It's an, *giggle* honor to meet you,... uh... What did you say your name was?"

Jack bowed, being compelled to by the ladies words. "I, milady, am Jack Learon, your humble servant." Again these words seemed foreign to him, but he had accepted them; they were right. She giggled again, and nodded her head. "Well met, Jack." she replied. The rest of the gathering rumbled with disapproval of the act-first-think-later fellow. But the man named Ashen digressed, he had a seemingly unknown band of strangers at his call. Now, WHAT to do with them?
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Navy]Umi snorted as the young man bowed again, she was rolling her eyes when he looked at her.
"What's so funny?"
"Just the fact that I think if we manage to team up with each other I know which one I'm eatting should we run out of food."
The man in question paled.
"Your joking right?"
"Jack correct?"
He nodded.
"I never joke."
He blinked and looked around.
"I vote we leave her behind."
"Well in that case I'll be on my way."
The guy named Ashen looked at her as she walked away and stopped feeling a bit nervous. She spun around glareing at him.
"Have we met?"
"I seriouly doubt it, I think everyone here would remember meeting someone as sour as you."
She pinned the man behind Ashen with a look of hatred.
"I don't remember addressing you jackass."
He frowned at her and looked at Ashen.
"I don't understand the point in PMS if it makes them this way."
"That' it!"
Umi put her hand to her hip and smiled at him wickedly.
"Uh oh, I think I'm in for a lecture."
"If you want to call it that."
She swung her arm out flipping her whip open reveling the length and the evil looking thorns that adorned it as well.
"I'm going to cut you to ribbions smart mouth."
He blinked in surprise and took a step back.
"Um, I think I understand now."
Ashen got between them.
Glareing at the other man she looked at Ashen and obeyed.
"The name is Umiko, call me Umi."
She leaned on a tree aggravated and sweating in the sun.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Red]Gueno stepped forward to the kid on the ground and grabed him by his arm and picked him up. He whispered [B]"Do you go around pledging your loyalty to every pretty girl you meet?"[/B] He looked him in the eye and turned around to the rest of the group. [B]"I suggest that if we want to carry on this conversation, we take it else where."[/B] Gueno saw several soldiers coming out of the forest. Four out of the five were privates and carried swords. The fifth was the commanding officer, which are not required to carry standard equipment. Behind his back was an axe. (Axe!) said the voice in his head. [B]"Aww man! Not again."[/B] Gueno approached the horsemen as they dismounted.

They walked up to Gueno and compared his face to one on a wanted poster. [B]"This is it, kill him!"[/B] Gueno drew his sword to block the the on coming attack. He drew his knife and slash the neck of the soldier. To more men approached and he took the out with a simple slash. The next one approached and Gueno stabbed him, getting his sword stuck. It broke as he tried to remove it.

The CO struck with a verticle slash. Gueno simply sidestepped to avoid it. He grabbed the neck of the CO and delivered a powerfull choke slam on a tree trunk. Blood trickled down turning the ground red. He examined his broken sword and removed the topaz stone in it's hilt, thinking he could sell it. He tossed the sword. [B]"Useless."[/B] Gueno noticed the axe on the ground and felt drawn to it. His dark eyes turned blood red as he grabed it. The voice in his head no longer was there. [B]"Now this is me."[/B] He put the axe on his back using the strap the commanding officer used to keep it there. He turned back to the group and walked over to them as his eyes went from red back to black. [B]"Well thats pretty much how I spend my day."[/B] He wiped the blood from his face and pocketed the topaz. He marked on a nearby tree [I]V[/I]. Below that, the number 56.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Daimonas started to chuckle, the group of people glancing back at him as his chuckle turned into a roar of laughter. He was gripping his gut as the laughter sufficated him the air around him, he inhaled deeply as he rubbed his face. Still letting out the laughter in small incriments. The woman with the whip spoke, gripping the handle once more as she looked at him with serious distaste.
"Whats so funny jackass?"[/B] He rubbed his left eye with his hand and let the last bit of laughter escaped before speaking.
"You are. A long with Mr. Serial killer here. Both of you think you are so tough, so powerful. As if you were anything important to me."[/B] He started to chuckle again when he saw Gueno step up to him. The axe laid perfectly across his back as if it was meant for that. Daimonas just grinned as the chuckles escaped in small amounts. He grabbed the hilt of his blade as he noticed Umi was ready to draw her whip again. He looked passed Gueno to speak with Umi.
"You think that whip instills terror, you have no idea what terror is."[/B] He drew his blade, the clean and pure ring of his blade leaving its sheath was magestic, but sinister in the fact that it echoed from a blade of pure darkness. The convex shape to it making it seem as if one edged to any with untrained eyes. He grinned as he caught the sun just right and let it glimmer of the blood red edge with the two pronges adding to its effect.
"This here, is simply more then a weapon of terror, its a weapon of war. And if you plan to draw that whip again, you better be prepared to use it."[/B] He felt as if this fight between him and this woman was normal, like everybody had there fair share of blows thrown and returned by her. And Gueno standing in front of him, it was a familiar scene to him. He changed his gaze to Gueno, watching as the light glitered of the edges of his weapon. The grin remaing on Daimonas face.
"Now you, Gueno Nathruta. You need to consider that you are not the only experience killer here. Also, you need to take notice that I am not someone you can present yourself to and think you will intimidate me. I killed my fair share, family being part of it. And, I get the feeling that the only reason why I don't remove your head from your shoulders is because of Ashen. So, be carful."[/B] He looked passed Gueno once more, seeing the woman gripping her whip tightly now. Her knuckles turning white. Daimonas grin was gone now as he pointed to her with his blade.
"That goes for you too, woman. Watch what you say or even Ashen here won't be able to stop me from cutting your tongue out of your pretty little head."[/B] Daimonas was certain Ashen could stop him, he had before in Daimonas' rage back in the village. But, it made for a good threat when need be. He sheathed his blade and took a few steps back, standing besides Ashen with his arms cross and his head held high. He spoke again in a harsh tone.
"I am Daimonas Rigas, and I believe we should indeed move this little party along if we are going to avoid anymore problems because of fugitive boy here."[/B] Daimonas purposfully made it degarading, calling him boy instead of man. He kept his eyes hard as he let his fall back down next to his blade, his other hand stroked his chin and slid down his beard as he waited for them to move out.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkred][size=2][font=book antiqua]Ashen watched as everything started to grow out of control and epople grew agitated with each other. [b]"Enough"[/b] the aura around him pulsed. Everyone stopped what they were doing. [b]"finally peace the way i like it"[/b] He turned to Umi. [b]"It is a pleasure to meet you my darling"[/b] He then turned and faced the group. Oddly he felt a strange connection to all them but the two females had to be the hottest things he had ever seen before.

[b]"What makes you think you can tell us what to do"[/b] Ashen turned to see Gueno and Jack staring at him. He patciane with them was growing thin. Daimonas moved into interven but Ashen held up his hand. [b]"I will order you like i feel like it. Do not second guess me on whatever I say. Umi come here"[/b] Umi walked over to him as he put his arm around her. [b]"Now for some reason that i do not know these two seem to what to protect me and Daimonas here i already now is perfectly able to. umi here I don't even want to let her loose."[/b] Gueno pulled out the axe. [b]"Try me..."[/b] A powerful sidehand sent him sprawling to the ground.

Ashen smirked then turned to Jack and held out his hand. [b]"Jack right'[/b] Jack nodded. [b]"we already shook"[/b] Ashen smirked. [b]"shake again"[/b] Jack reached and soon the shock came back to his hand and sent him against the tree. Ashen brushed his hari out of his face and stood before them. [b]"i suggest you do not try me again. Now for some reason we are here and we each have this odd qaura about us. Did anyone have a dream about a horse and a rider'[/b] He noticed each one of them nod. [b]"this is all very strange as we all share this in commen. i too had the dream but in mine . the rider that stabbed me was at the front of the pack. Ican only guess this means that we are the riders whatever that comes down too.From here on out i suggest that we get along from this point forward"[/b]

He turned to Riiko. [b]"You though seem to be a conflicting interest to me. your presence is one of innocence not tatinted like mine and three others here besides Jack. May i ask as where your rider was in yoru dream?"[/b]

[b]"Reicht next to the one with the spear."[/b] Ashen drew his spear. [b]"is this the one you saw in your dreams."[/b] Everyone nodded. [b]"very strange but conerns nothing at this moment. I will say we need to travel to the gypsies and see what they have to say. you can come or you can stay i care nothing. Daimonas and Umi are coming correct?"[/b] They nodded. [b]"Riiko you care to accompany me there it is not far from where we stand?"[/b][/font][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Red][B]"I'll go. It's not my fault if you guys get killed though."[/B] Gueno looked at the bodies of the soldiers he killed. [B]"I'll go to."[/B] Speaks Jack, still standing by Gueno. [B]"I need some time to think before we set off."[/B] He walked away towards Daimonas. He stopped and pulled him close enough to whisper in his ear. Gueno's knife poking his chest. [B]"You have no idea what I have been through. You think I'm, afraid, of that sword of yours? I'm more afraid of your bad breath."[/B] He walked away from the group, shoving Daimonas with his shoulder, to collect his thoughts.

Jack walked up behind Gueno. [B]"You ok? You seem angry." "Do you have any idea how it feels to be on the run for five years? "No, I don't" "Then stop asking questions about how I feel unless you understand."[/B] Gueno turned and saw Jack staring at him. [B]"Look, I know you mean well. But.. You know what? Screw it. I forgot what I was going to say anyway."[/B] Gueno felt a connection between him a Jack. Like there were friends from before. ([B]I still don't understand.[/B]) Gueno removed his cloak and left it on the ground. The weather was getting warmer anyway. [B]"Alright, lets do this."[/B] Gueno and Jack return to the group.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Riiko was a little worried with all the commtion that had happened. All she wanted to know was where she was. Now, she was with a lot of men and another woman. She knew that having the girl Umi around would not be as bad if she was by herself. Riiko did not want to ask the question that Ashen had asked before but responded to the other one.
"Riiko you care to accompany me there it is not far from where we stand?" asked Ashen.
Riiko thought about it then said, "Sure why not. I can't see any harm as to where we are going." She said with happiness.
Riiko was worried about what was going to happen and what was where they were going. The group then set off towards the gypsies.

Riiko stayed somewhat behind all of them. She didn't want to let any one know what the rider was in her dream. All that she could remember was that there was no spear but only a kind presence and a kind woman that healed her. The woman was beside a white horse. The woman only said, "Let those around you see for who you really are."

[I]What do I do? I'm lost and I've seemed to be caught in yet another trap by men. But at least this time it isn't just me. I'm so lost but if I leave the same thing might happen again. What to do what to do?[/I]

While Riiko was thinking they had finally reached the gypsies. "We're here. This is where the gypsies live," said Ashen.[/COLOR]
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As the group walked, apparently to some, "Gypsies," Jack walked beside Ashen, not saying anything. Occasionally, he would glance back to Riiko, to see if she was alright, and more than once caught Ashen looking back as well. Jack scratched his head, and sighed, "How did I end up with THESE people?" He wondered to himself.

The girl Umi; to say the least she frightened him. But, he was also impressed by the way she held her own against the other men. It seemed out of everyone here, SHE knew how to take command. He looked back at Riiko.

The guy Gueno, he was intimidating! He was big, with that giant axe he now had on his back. He seemed to be a simpler man, though still not one to be trifled with. Jack suddenly got the notion that he was observing these people to see how well they would help in a fight. He shuddered, fighting didn't sit right with him.

He continued on with his observations; Daimonas was a pompus fool, who would kill you as soon as look at you. Jack didn't like the way he always defended that other guy; Ashen. He was no more of a leader than Jack himself! But, in spite of his feelings, he didn't dare question the authority of the group, lest they decide he's better off dead.

Then there was, Riiko. Saying her name made his head reel. It was like, she had some HIGHER PURPOSE, but, it was just a feeling. He did know, however, that he would not let her down. He had an insatiable appetite to prove himself, and win her approval. He was about to think of how to do this, when they arrived at the Gypsies camp. It was in the middle of a large clearing in the woods; far enough away from society to not be caught by local guards, yet close enough that there was always farms 'ripe' for the picking.

Stopping beside Ashen, he asked, "So, what's the reason we're here? I see no need for Gypsies. What do you intend to do here?" His tone was accusing; he didn't want to get involved with such low-lifes. He heard a laughing behind him, and turned to find that the Gypsies had surrounded them. A few reached out to grab Riiko, and Jack wouldn't have it! He jumped, in a kind of springing motion, and kicked the Gypsie in the face, knocking him to the ground. Not knowing how he managed it, but not caring, he drew Riiko up closer within the circle, shielding her with his body, and those of his fellow groupmates. The Gypsies drew their weapons, and advancedupon the group of travellers.
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[COLOR=Red]Gueno drew his axe and saw as the gypsies went after Umi. He swung his axe, but the gypsie dodge. This brought it closer to Gueno in order for him to punch it in the face. [B]"You ok?"[/B] Umi drew her whip and snapped it. The sound echoing throughout hte clearing. [B]"Thanks, but I don't need your help." "Least you could do is say thanks."[/B] Gueno saw as Jack stood by Riiko. ([B]Hope he dosn't get to in over his head.[/B]) The sound of a whip echoed in his ear. He struck out with his axe with surprising speed. A gypsie rushed in and Gueno blocked with his knife. He kicked the gypsie and it went to Umi. She lashed at it with her whip and it went down. [B]"Nice move."[/B] Gueno was surprised at Umi's skil. No doubt she was good, but Gueno found her to be amazing at combat. Gueno waited for further orders for Ashen.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Purple]Evangaline was coming out of one of the Gypsies tents when she saw all the commotion. She ran into the front of all the Gypsies, holding her giant fan in front of her when she saw the group that the Gypsies were surrounding. There were six people that they were around. All of them seemed to call to her in one way or the other. She brought down her fan and said," Stay back everyone. These people mean no harm to any of us."

The Gypsies fled back into their tents without a word. After they all went back to their tents, she turned and faced the group." What are you doing here? You seem to be here for a reason. So out with it," she said in a demanding tone

The man that seemed to be the leader of the group came up to her and said," We are hear to find out what the meaning is of some dreams that we all had. Do you think you can help us?"

"I will be able to. Now follow me and stay calm."

She led them to the tent that she came out of and had everyone sit down. "Now, tell me what these dreams are about."[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Daimonas waited until the last possible moment before drawing his blade with a speed hard to mimic without the talent for sword fighting. He swung the blade in a fluid and relaxed fashion, it sliding effortlessly in his hands as he slashed at one and cleaved one of the gypsies in a diagonal pattern. His entire left side falling away from the rest of his body, his head attached to the dismembered side. He dodged a blow, then dodged another, swiftly moving on the wind. He swung his blade again, removing the mans hand and disarming him. The gypsie fell to the ground on his knees and screamed while he gripped the bleeding stub where his hand was once.

Blood pouring from the wound, Daimonas's face was obvious with his heat in battle. The dead face that felt nothing for anyone on the field. That slaughtered all that crossed him, regardless of what they said or did. He removed limbs from all that passed in front of him, all attempting to bring there blades and other weapons down on him. He could feel the fire building in him, he brought a foot up and smashed it into one of the mens chest. Cracking the sternum and leaving them without breath, he then threw his blade through the air. It twisted through the air and removed a mans head easily from his shoulders. The blade then firmly planted itself into a tree.

Daimonas let the nature of the rider take hold, he started using his bare hands to destroy the gypsies. Grapping an arm and twsiting behind a mans back and then raising it suddenly, a disgusting pop followed as he screamed. His screamed halted as Daimonas grabbed his neck and then jammed his knee into the mans neck. The snap of his brain stem breaking off clearly heard, discarding the body he snatched the mans blade. He smashed another gypsie in the face with the handle, sending him sprawling to floor. Daimonas stabbed the blade through the mans gut, pinning him to the ground leaving the man to shred his fingers on the sharpened blade trying to escape.

A gypsie woman charged him this time, he used his elbow in a fluid motion and smashed it against her face. Smashing her nose in something horrible, he grabbed her neck and squeezed mercilessly. Crushing her windpipe in no time at all and leaving her to die slowly. Daimonas went from his slow walk, to a jog as he saw someone trying to remove his blade from the tree. His jog picked up to a sprint, at the last second Daimonas pushed himself off the ground and brought both his feet up. Smashing both of his boots straight into the mans head. The gypsies head lashed back so hard his neck snapped. Daimonas stood up and yanked his blade from the tree with minimal force.

He walked back to the man with the stub for a hand, he stared at it. Weeping to himself as the blood contiuned to flow, he cried in pain and anguish. Daimonas heard none of it as he stood over him. The man looked up at Daimonas, he pleaded for his life, holding up his only hand and the stub in obvious surrender. Daimonas looked at him with a look of death coming to collect his promised soul. His eyes had that horrible pitched black look, a fire burning deep inside of thise bottomless eyes. He spoke in a hollow and horrible tone, one not belonging to him.
"D'Haraians give no mercy, we take no surrender."[/B] Daimonas gripped the blade tightly in his right hand as he stared. He felt no remorse, no compassion. He hadn't felt anything since he was betrayed, and that fatefull day with the dream. He knew feeling nothing made him better at what he did, made him that much more effective at cutting throats. He drew back his sword, the two prongs presented and ready to kill this man.[B]

"For D'Hara!"[/B] Daimonas yelled out in a battle cry as he slammed the blade with immense power. The blade smashing through the bone and organs easy, passing through this man easily before existing. Penetrating his heart dead on, Daimonas tised the blade so it was no vertical. He brought it up with a might force, slicing open the mans head. Brain matter followed as the blade exited, splashing lightly on Daimonas, along with the blood of the several other victims. The rest of the corpses brain spilled out as it made contact with the dirt. Blood draining from the lifeless corpse as Daimonas let the blood drip from his blade. He turned toward Ashen, walking toward him with the pitch blackness still holding control and giving him his strength.

He saw the new person present herself to the group, this one had a giant fan as a weapon. Daimonas was lost in his heat of battle, he altered his course and started walking toward the woman with the fan. He was not three feet away before a spear moved in front of him. He halted as he saw who it belong to, he sheathed his blade and saluted Ashen. Pressing his fist over his heart before moving away, the look of darkness still heavily possessed his eyes as he took his place beside Ashen.[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Navy]"Why is it that everytime I get comfortablesomething has t happen to gunck it all up?"
She spun the whip above her head and snapped it furiously giving a warning before she attacked.
"I did warn you bastards."
She spun her body and let the whip fly into the face of a male gyspy sliceing him across the eyes.
"This is the last time I ever think that I can get away with out hurting someone."
she lashed the whip downward and hit the ground in front of Daimonas and smiled as the groud split where it had landed, she watched the dust settled and saw a large gash where it had hit.
"I think that I know how to use this thing jus as well as I brag that I can."
She let out a smile chuckle and went her way to fight her own battle.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=darkred][size=2][font=book antiqua]Well considering we weren't suppossed to fight the gypsies. I will find some way to make this work.

Ashen watched as the group killed gypsies left and right. This was not what he came here to do but was kind of funny. He watched as any of them neared him Daimonas immediatly killed them. Soon a girl with the same white aura presented herslef and Daimonas made a move but Ashen stopped him with his spear. [b]"Leave her be"[/b]. He rested a hand on Daimonas' shoulder and felt the heat, anger and power rush into him. [b]"What might your name be"[/b]

[b]"Eva why are you here killing these people?"[/b] Ashen shook his head. [b]"I did not come here to kill but to talk to the Higher One but this sword happy idiot behind me just attacked he didn't realize that they were only seeing if we mean harm which I do not"[/b] He jerked a thumb behind at Jack how only scowled at him. Eva nodded. [b]"I will take you to the Higher One"[/b] Ashen turned to Umi as they walked behind Eva. [b]"Not only deadly in looks but deadly in combat as well"[/b] They walked inside the huge tent on the other side of the field. The tent inisde was filled with incense with teh higher One sitting in the middle of it. [b]"Ahh so the Riders have finally come back. This means the great war will begin here shortly.I am sure you want answers"[/b]

Ashen nodded as he knelt to one knee and the others followed suit as the incense began swirling and show four riders on each side. [b]"During one of the first great wars between heaven and hell over this planet each side made four riders to clear out the oppostion on earth so they could come in. These were the strongest demons and angels ever created with amazing powers over the elements. These riders fought multiple times each one ending in a stalemate till the last time. With each fight though the Rider Chaos Lord of the Dark Riders fell more in love with Rider Grace. At the last fight Chaos dismounted Grace and before he shoved his spear threw her he knelt to one knee and asked her to marry him, put this fued to an end and save this planet from boith clutches."[/b]

Ashen smiled when he heard Jack make a sound about the two leaders marrying. They both knew that Riiko was Grace and Ashen knew Jack was head over heels for Riiko, he couldn't blame him she was beautiful. but Umi, her looks and skill with the whip, that sense of being uncontrolable and idepenent was what was getting him. The Higher One began again . [b]"The eight riders then stood against their own kind in the lasty great war and fought to the death destroying both armies and making htem retreat back into their realms. But the riders had a failsafe they cast a reincarnation spell to bring them back when the next war starts. Before they died though they told their stroy to my great grandfather and gave him the power to bring htem back which he passed onto me. It is time for your change into power"[/b] He walked outside and motioned for Ashen to stand by him. [b]"This will hurt"[/b] Ashen nodded as the higher slammed his hands against his chest. Pain coursed through Ashen's body as he fell to the grass clutching his fists. Suddenly the sky began to grow black though it was the middle of the day and shadows closed in around the feild blacking it out to where you could see your hand even if it was touching your nose.

Ashen felt weight coming up under neath him and suddenly the shadows retreated into his body. Centuries of skills, knowledge, power, memories came into his head. Death and blood was everywhere before his eyes.He opened his eyes. under his stood the great black armored steed he saw in his dream. his body was covered in armor he could feel the great pair of black wings on his back folded against him and is his hand was his spear only it pulsed black. the Higher one smiled. [b]"Hail Drakkan Vira, Rider Chaos and Lord of the Riders. Master of Darkness and evil and bringer of blood. you along with Grace have special talents. you can take another riders power away if they need to clam down to they disobey you which never happens. they follow your every command as you have the voice they have no choice. Alos they can not harm you in any way. If you die the other three demons die but even the angels cannot raise their weapons against you as they would not last."[/b]

He then turned to Daimonas. [b]"Rider Arcane and lord of fire. Your temper and anger makes you stronger. The hotter it becomes the greater your power but you must keep it in check. You are Chaos' personal guard as you and him have fought through hundreds of battles against immpossible odds and won every time."[/b] He then turned to umi. [b]"Ivy, the most vicious of the demons, your skills and words are your greatest weapon as you can turn brother against brother and even convice lesser demons and angels to fight for you through your trickery and deception. you won your place in the riders due to saving Drakkan and Arcana from being caught by angels in the first war"[/b] Gueno was next.[b]"Grantie controller of stone your power is you feel no emotions which you will learn soon enouigh. No hate, happiness you feel nothing. It is through that you get your power"[/b] He took a step back and nodded to Drakkan

Drakkan turned to Daimonas. [b]"Abaddon, we ride again to let death run its course"[/b] Drakkan reached down into the campfire and ran his gauntlet into the fire scooping up the flames and let the fireball hover in his hand. Suddenly the flames went black and threw straight at Daimonas hittiong him in the chest which covered his body in black fire. The Higher then handed Drakkan a red rose which turned black in Drakkan's hand. [b]"Omi, my rose come forth."[/b] He tossed the rose to Umi which when she caught it suddenly encased her in vines. Drakkan toosed a plaiin rock in his hand. [b]"Dronsu"[/b] He tossed the rock to Gueno which suddenly burst encasing him in stone. [b]"Let the demons come forth"[/b]

OOC: I want the demons to post about their change then I will have the angels change. From here on out it is your demon/angel name that you use until the end[/font][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Red]The rock burst and Gueno was shrowded in darkness. He stood in th black as he watched himself be encased in stone. Slowly the stone moved up his body, he felt like he was getting heavier. Soon the stone coered him from top to bottom. He moved closer to the figure and touched it's forehead. The stone started to crack. Slowly chipping away revealing a new person. A man in a black shirt and jacket. Blue hair and an eyepatch Two strpa from his back where his wings are.

The man reached out and grabed Gueno by his throat. A black energy formed between them. He closed his eyes and when he opened them, he was in the stranger's body. He was thrusted back into the real world, the only thing different was that he was mounted on a black horse. He raised his axe and shouted. [B]"I am Dronsu! Rider of stone!"[/B][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Navy]Omi stood there, feeling the power go through her veins and sighed as it finished. Let out a deep breath and smiled a wicked, sweet smile. Flicking her hair she smelt a faint scent in the air, doing it again she blinked as the young man by the door began to get a hazy look in his eyes. He walked over and knelt infront of her.
"Mistress, your command."
She looked up at Drakkan and smiled at him, even more so when Abaddon snaped his fingers and burnt her slightly makeing her bleed, her blood was no longer red as it had been, but it was a light pale green, the smell of it was exceptionally strong and the Higher One took a step back.
"You are poison made flesh my dear."
She smiled a little more and flicked her hair again releseing the scent and wakeing the young man. Reaching for her whip and blinked as it was missing.
"Where is it?"
She hated admitting it but she felt vaunerable with out it on her hip and she hated that feeling more then anything. She heard Abaddon chuckle from behind her and spun around seeing him tossing it up and down. Drakkan shook his head as this was something that was not unnormal for the two of them, he knew that they would never hurt one another to the point of death, but telling them to quit was impossible. Omi frowned and let out a small growl.
"Aw, has little Omi lost her whip?"
"If you wish to have a head in five seconds you will give it to me."
"I'm so frightened."
She lunged at him and when he went to take a step back from her he looked down to see a large thorn vine coming from the grouond to hold him in place, the vine looked like a rose vine and in fact it was.she pounced on him and began to hit him till he let go of her whip, only when she was on the ground and away from him did she let him loose. Looking up she frowned, walking to the water basin she gasped, she looked diffrent now, her hair was longer and it was a dark red, her eyes a deep green. Her looks corresponded to the rose that Drakkan had thrown her. She looked at him and smiled a true, sweet smile; he smiled back at her being the only one to witness the beauty of her smile and considered it something worth seeing. In a mere second she was back to her stotic self and enjoying her granted powers as her and Abaddon went back to their sibling like quarrel.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]The black fire swollwed Daimonas whole, doing simply more then just incinerate his clothing. It burned at his flesh, melting it away as it seemed to try to reveal something a knew to the world. The fire coursing through his veins as it searched quickly and with a deadly purpose, it continued to take away all the parts of him. Everything was burned away as all that stood was a being of pure fire and evil, the fire began to take a new shape. Crafting a new form for its weilder and showing its true abilities as the rider took control.

The fire stretched itself out as it began to plump in form, the arms growing thick and larger then ever before. His chest reaching barrel size as it expanded to full width, his head widened as well as elongating,the horns forming as the fire reached out away form his skull. His legs thickened and grew to support the massive form that was the central core of Abbadons body. His toes and fingers all became clawed, the fire forming a tail with a spade end to its full length. His wings sprouting out of his back and soon came to full size, adding to the intimidating look Daimonas remembered seeing.

The memories of everything that had ever happened in the life of Abbadon enbeded itself into his mine. The sight of burned corpses and blood filled battle fields litered with the corpses of all that had dare pass him. The fire lifted from his limbs, coating his body in its tainted warmth, it covered his arms and his legs. Wrapping around his waist and dropping a fire sash between his legs. The fire vanished as he saw what was replaced by it, armor that glinted in the way he remembered. He flexed his hands and arms as he felt it tighten and loosen, he felt the mobility once more in his body.

Abbadon grinned in a dark and sinister way, the way that all the riders would remember easily. He cracked his neck and started to play with the fire in his hand, letting it float as if water, and leak over the sides of his hand. He grinned as he simple closed his hand and it vanished into nothing, he saw as Omi had changed and thought it was oppurtune moment to use his powers again. He simple snapped his fingers and fire lashed out at her, only cutting her a little, but enough to get him to grin once more. As Omi had been looking herself over, he snatched her whip without her knowing. He chuckled as she noticed he had it, tossing it up and down like a toy.

She managed to get it back by trapping his leg with a rose vine, and jumping on top of him. He felt hardly any of her blows to his defined body, grinning as he eventully let it go. He couldn't stand the smell from her, it was intoxicating in too many ways for his liking. The Higher One looked over Abaddon as he let his wings spread out before pulling them back close to his body he bowed at the waist to Abaddon.
"Rider Arcane, lord of fire. Abaddon, welcome back."[/B] He grinned again as his empty eyes looked around to the others. He then felt a warming sensation from his hip as he looked down at his blade, he drew it looked at it. He didn't have to look close to see how the heat resonated off of it. The heat wave clear enough for all to see, it looked as if it was about to burst into flames at any moment. Abaddon felt the warmth and power of the blade pass through him. His grinned widened as he heard a whine from a horse. He looked and saw a creature running from the plains, he could see the fire trailing behind it as it raced to him.

The creature stopped dead in front of him, he looked at it with recognition and awe as he remembered the creatures name. The creature was a steed, the steed he had ridden into countless battles with, fire coated its tail, hooves and mane of hair down its neck. Liquid fire leaked from its nostrils, eyes and off the tips of its ears. The rest of the steed would have been a redish black color, if it didn't shimmer like the heat on the horizan. It looked as if it was incorporial, unable to be touched by any. Abaddon walked up and patted the mane of hair down its neck, the fire feeling like course hair through his fingers. Anyone else, the fire would have bruned their hand off in an instant. The horse nuzzled him as he patted its nose.

The steed was large and needed to be if it was to support Abaddons large body. Abaddon turned away from the horse as he continued to pet its firey mane, looking to Drakken. Bowing his head to him and then looking back up to him.
"It is good to be back, it is about time we had this war. I looked forward to contiuning my duty to you and slaughtering any who get in the way."[/B] He pressed his large, metal clad hand to where his heart would have been. All that was there now, was fire and the anger that brought on his most powerful abilities. Drakken nodded his head with smile on his face. Abaddon bowed his head once more as he looked to his steed, patting it on the neck and petting its long face.
"Good to see you old friend, its time we cause more trouble and spread the fire again. Are you ready for that Abigor?"[/B] The horse nodded its head furiously, he chuckled as he pet its face again. He could help but smile and chuckle as he thought about all the damage him and Abigor were going to bring on this world, standing by the side of Drakken once more. He relished the idea as he kept his shimmering steed content, feeding it fire from his hand.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkred][size=2][font=book antiqua]Drakkna nudged his horse slowly forward till he was right beside Omi. [b]"Hello there darling"[/b] He saw the higher one move out of the corner of his eye. [b]"It is time to change the others"[/b] Drakkan frowned. Angels he still disliked most of htem just because the way he was raised but one. He moved his horse around Riiko circling her. [b]"Grace still hasn't come out yet"[/b] The hgiher one moved in front of Riiko, Jack, and Eva. [b]"Rider Grace queen of the riders and master of light. Your beauty is matched by none of the other angels. your gifts are the same as Drakkan only with the angels."[/b] He turned to Jack. [b]"Rider Bolt and creater of lighting. your loyalty is known far and wide. Your power is that you are a stratgist and along with Drakkan can easily formulate battle plans."[/b] He then turned to Eva [b]"Rider Breeze, the faster rider and the most gentle. controller of wind and your power is one of peace. As Omi can decieve you can give people peace of mind and make their greastest fears no longer there"[/b]

Drakkan stepped back as a pilliar of light shot from the sky covering Riiko, Jack, and Eva

Alright now the angels turn to change[/font][/size][/color]
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