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Sign Up Naruto: Ninja Cronicles (M-SLV)


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With the years coming and going in the Leaf Village, so to do the Genin and other Ninja in the village as well. Students that pasted the last Chunin exam have become full fledge Ninja. This means that there is a new stream of Genin. Some will make it some will not.

The name is Siniku, Siniku Yoshimitsu or as the kids and cuties call me Mr. Snickerfox. That is for my tendency to chuckle at random. Hehe. Oh sorry. Some of the genin this year look good... And some look like that Knuckle head Naruto... I don't see how he became a Jounin. Anyway, I am said to have new students along with several other of the Jounin. I hope I get some that have some talent.

Then again the less talented ones are the funnest to train. They aren't conceded. So I am going to keep all of this years events in this Journal. They might be good they maybe bad but could go ether way. In fact I should give this journal a proper name... Hmm... Here is a good one:

The Ninja Cronicles

Good Luck to myself, and all the other Jounin.

Ok this is oviously set sometime after the show. So anything could happen. ANd I didn't make anything happen much in the Intro because... what fun is a Rp if you know what is going to happen?


1) You can be Show Characters or someone desended from them. But orginals are highly valued.

2) No God Modding! You can't always dodge everything.

3) No Powerplaying unless someone says you can. I know under certain circumstances if a RPer is unable to post cause of a Absence or have someething going on then it is nessessary. But please keep it to a minimum.

4) This is the most important rule.... Have fun. ^^

5) If you are a sertain class Genin and such you must make your power equal to your rank. If I feel that one is over its power....It will NOT be accepted...

OH and no Sanin.... There are only 3.
Sign Up:





Village of Origin:




Personality Quirks:

Special Jutsu: (No blood line trait UNLESS you arefrom that blood line/ Made up ones are acceptable but nothing over board/ And also list your Unique Jutsu here)

Special Weapon: (Arm Blades to Giant Swords)

Bio: (At least a paragraph ladies and gentlemen)

Here is my character:

Name: Siniku Yoshimitsu

Age: 25


Rank: Jounin

Village of Origin: Leaf Village

Appearance: Wears a Anbu Kitsune Mask with the Leaf Symbol on his face. Hair is mid length,orange and eyes through the mask are Yellow, however his true eye color is a raven color. He wears a sleeveless shirt that is purple as is his pants.

Likes: The Ladies, his students,Sake, sleeping, and peeking when he can.

Dislikes: People that are rude to women, Kids with attitude, and hangovers

Personality Quirks: He likes to snicker. And has a tendency to flirt with the lady Jounin, often turns into a fox for hugs

Special Jutsu:

Eye Shine: Lets him see in the dead of night.

Kitsune Transformation: Transforms him in to a cute cuddly fox.

Summoning Style: Kitsune: Summons a fox

Special Weapon: Sickle and Chain

Bio: Sniku Yoshimitsu is possibly one of the strangest Ninja ever to grace the Leaf Village. He always has his Kitsune mask on so no one really knows what he looks like. Dispite his aura of mysteriousness people have grown to like Snickerfox, as the young students call him because of his tendency to snicker at random times, but he has also become fond of the ladies of the Leaf Village. Much to thier dismay sometimes. He is currently awaiting his new students.


Name: Adoma Shittake

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Rank: Missing Nin

Village of Origin: Village Hidden in the Grass

Appearance:5'11" Blue eyes, brown hair and tanned skin. Has round glasses overhis eyes and wears a black sleeveless shirt with a flower on the back along with black pants and ninja slippers. His head band has no symbol on it.

Likes: Kids, his purpose, Ramen, most ninja

Dislikes: People who pick on the kids, Anbu Hunters

Personality Quirks: Sleeps alot, laughs some, never gets close to Ninja

Special Jutsu:

Transformation: Elemental

Sleep Powder Hurricane: Spreads sleep powder over the area.

Item Transformation

Special Weapon: Katana and Suriken

Bio: Adoma entered the Grass academy when he was 12 and during his time and on after he learn how to be a ninja but never reached the rank of Genin because people kept telling him he was never going to make it . He got fed up at the age of 15 and suddenly left the academy. He wanted to go create his own Ninja academy and to show that even the smallest Ninja can be great. But now he is repeatedly hunted by Hunter Nin. None have been able to kill him yet and he spares most of his attackers. That is his Ninja Way.
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Let's hope those problems won't happen again like last time because I was really getting into the rpg.....Well, gotta try again sometime. :-)

I'll just use my character from before, just to make things easier.

Name: Keasora Seiyaru

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Rank: Jounin

Village of Origin: Hidden Leaf

Appearance: Keasora stands about 5'10 or 5'11, around there. He has short dark brown spikey hair, along with forest green eyes, even though he wears sunglasses most of the time. He wears a black sleeveless hoodie with his clan emblem, which is a symbol in the shape of a moon. He also wears a necklace that has a snake shaped emblem. Also wears camoflauge (did I spelled it right, if not, tell me so I can correct it)

Likes: Spicey foods, music, art, girls, books, getting stronger, practice fighting techniques, making new friends, meeting new people

Dislikes: Rambling idiots, annoying people, cheese, tomatoes

Personality Quirks: Very quite, though he has a sarcastic side. Keasora tends to be very observent when fighting and not fighting, which gives a major advantage when fighting. He can be a ladies man at times, but that would usually happen if he's in a good mood or just excited. He's very nice meet and also is very friendly too. Loves to make sarcastic remarks to anyone who makes unpleasent comments about something.

Special Jutsu:

Dark Chidori- A technique that's similar to the normal chidori, but requires more power and is several times more powerful. It has a purplish/bluish glow to it. It does severals times more damage, but can cause so much strain to the muscles that they could be permanently paralyzed if he uses it too much.

Shadow Dragon Flare jutsu- Keasora breathes out a blackish/purplish fire in the shape of a dragon.

Summoning Jutsu: Shadow Fang, the Black Wolf- Keasora summons a black wolf named Shadow Fang, usually used to help track down enemy because of his good sense of smell.

Special Weapon: Shark Teeth- a pair of knives that have ridged edges on the blade.

Bio: Not many people know about Keasora or his past. Keasora is one of the most strategic jounins in the village hidden in the leaves. It has saved countless ninjas so many times during dangerous missions. Many people have known him as the "Silent Eagle" because of the fact that he's quite most of the time an he has the eyes of an eagle. His parents were killed in a war so he moved in with his uncle, which is where he got his 2 knives or the Shark Teeth. Many new challenges awaite him for this dawn of time.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Gosa Kosenki

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village of Origin: Hidden Leaf

Appearance: [url]http://photobucket.com/mediadetail/?media=http%3A%2F%2Fi152.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fs167%2Fcloudstrifejen%2FCalintz_Evil_2_by_shadow70121.jpg&searchTerm=calintz&pageOffset=6[/url]

Likes: Girls, irony, humor, perfecting his skills, fighting bad guys, fighting, Yue
Dislikes: Posers, people with no honor or sense of humor, girls who dont like him

Personalty quirks: Gosa will protect anything he thinks is right. He will not back down. A good ally to have in a brawl.

Blood limit: Flaming Druson

Binding Justsu(Nin or Gen): good for ambush

Summoning Jutsu: Recon and Message relaying bears. Low level bears even an idiot like Naruto could summon. But then again, he is Naruto.

Special weapon: Single katana that divides into two seperate blades.

Bio: Gosa was often by himself. He has a close circle of friends. Parents were killed and he went to live with his with his uncle with his sister who is also a shinobi. He entered the academy when he was ten. There was this strange kid who seemed really happy to be there. It creeped him out. But the kids good attitude rubed off on Gosa and he started doing better.[/COLOR]
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OOC: lets hope this works out better then the last one.

[B]Name: [/B] Soma Arumaru

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Rank:[/B] Jounin

[B]Village of Origin:[/B] Unknown

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Argentosoma010071.jpg][U]Soma[/U].[/URL] He's about 5'10 and weighs 145 lbs. Despite the fact that his eye appears damaged, he insists he can see perfectly well out of it.

[B]Likes:[/B] Sleeping in trees, walking in the woods at night, hot baths, lo mein noodles.

[B]Dislikes:[/B] Bossy people, punks, know it alls, brats, and white rice.

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet, seemingly innocent, and a bit reclusive. He's kinda private and tends to keep to himself for the most part. He only really interacts with the others in his cell, or whom ever he might be sent on a mission with. He's nice enough, but people seem to think poor of him due to the many numerous scars all over his body. He's veiwed by most as an outsider and many have a rather poor opinion of him. It's completely unfounded, but you'd never convince them otherwise. Despite this, he actually likes the leaf village and enjoys his work with them. He tends to seem pretty stoic most of the time, but he is in fact just as emotional as anyone else.

[U][B]Special jutsu:[/B][/U] He specializes in lightning and water Jutsu.

[B]Lightning flash jutsu:[/B] This is a powerful, and amazingly quick attack. It requires lots of chakra focused into both the hands and feet. Both a released at the same time to create and almost instantaneous strike.

[B]Water fang Jutsu:[/B] This conjures, what appear to be, large, ravenous wolves, that strike and ravage the target, using shear water pressure to rip the target apart.

[B]Summoning-sky lord jutsu:[/B] This summons from the sky a massive eagle. It has a wing span of 40 feet and from beak to tail 25 feet. It has golden feathers, crystal blue eyes, crimson red beak, black feet and silver talons. It's wings trinkle water as it flies and can generate everything from a light shower to a powerful hail. It's cries sound like thunder and it's talons rain lightning.

[B]Special weapon:[/B] He wears metal gauntlets on his arms. The right, gold colored, the left, silver. They're both clawed, which what he uses them as, metal claws. He uses them for slicing and tearing. The right he calls Lightning, the left Thunder.

[B]Bio:[/B] He remembers little beyond 4 years ago. He was found bleeding and barely alive on the far edges of the hidden leaf territory. His wounds were of mixed variety. Some appeared to be from blades, while others looked like animal bites and even flesh tears. All that anyone could tell was that something horrible had been done to him. Unfortunatly some of his scars never healed well, so some are still rather nasty looking.

His skill as a shinobi became apparent only days after his recovery. For some reason that even he doesn't fully understand, he was able to perform advance level jutsu with little effort. Many believed him to be a spy from another village in another land, but after much interrogation and probing they came to the decision that he was being honest. He really couldn't remember what happend to him, or where he was from.

It was more then a little obvious that he was well suited to become a shinobi of the village. The Hokage insisted that he go threw the full cycle like any other ninja. He flew through both the academy and the chunin exams in his first two years. Then earlier this year he was promoted to the rank of jounin for his exceptional skill and loyalty for his new home land.
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Name: Gaaza of the desert

Age: 19

Gender: male

Rank: Jounin (he has seniority over jounin in training exorsizes, if he decides a method is not fair or too dangerous he has the rank to stop the jounin from using that exorsize, but in all other situations other jounin have seniority over him, as a trade off)

Village of Origin: sand

Appearance: [URL=http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w134/hifzhan_arimi/Gaara_by_UVER.jpg]Gaaza[/URL] His short red hair similar tatoo and overall body type , along with his sand gourd like his fathers, make most who first see him think he's the Gaara kazekage of the sand village, and not the great Gaara's son Gaaza.

Likes: sand, games, fun, girls, and jokes.

Dislikes: things that don't make sence, hate, love, and death

Personality Quirks: easily angered but not easy to get fighting.

Special Jutsu: Kekkei Genkai- desert life/desert fusion

Special Weapon: sand

Bio: He grew up under the tutalage of his father Gaara, being the only other person with the sand kekkei genkai at the time he was the only one who could teach Gaaza about it properly. He tought his son all of the abilities and powers of the sand and how to perfectally control it. Gaara atained the blood line trait from baring the shukaku. After learning from his father Gaaza decided he wanted to be a teacher himself, he now travels from village to village being praised for his teaching skills.

When it comes to fighting Gaaza is a complete neutral, believeing he isn't fit to decide which sides motivation is more just. He never fights unless he himself is in danger. He may help slightly to defend a loved one but otherwise he won't blink an eye to a village being destroyed. For that matter no one has ever seen Gaaza fight, they've seen him on the battle field doing nothing and around the villages teaching but not one person has ever seen him in the midst of a fight.

Contrary to that, almost everyone who's heard of him believes he's one of the most deadly warriors ever to grave the battle field, he has all of the fearfull abilities of his father Gaara, and more, having his bloodline trait advancing to the next stange, like the sharingan and mangekyo sharingan the sand line has two levels- the first being able to control sand the second being able to convert your body itself to sand and back. These powers make people who haven't seen him even get angry think he's one of the worse enemies to ever be facing.

proof: Gaara's sand power is never officially made into a kekkei genkai but he only has it after the shukaku and he still has it afterwards, so in theory it could be entirely plausable that it is a blood line trait.

OOC: Hey man, I decided to use my newest guy, he's overpowered yah, but he rarely fights, usually giving advice or training. Also, Kusu could be in this too, because having a villian to fight now and then is always fun. Just tell me if you want him in it too.
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[COLOR=Magenta]Name: Tsubasa Sora

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Rank: Jounin

Village of Orgin: Hidden Leaf

Appearance: [URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Flowers/anime_fav34639063.jpg]Tsubasa[/URL] is 5'7" and sometimes wears kimonos when she's out and about.

Likes: Her job, new genin students, kimonos, guys, guys who bring her sake and drink it with her, funny people, and sitting some place high and looking out into the village.

Dislikes: Annoying people, rude people, selfish people, and cold people.

Personality: Kindness to everyone. And will defend or help until the end. She is very serious when it comes to trusting anyone.

Special Jutsu:
Summoning Jutsu: [URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Flowers/anime_fav34639063.jpg]Searching Kyawl[/URL]- is a cute cat that if you tie a message around its neck and tell it to go to someone, it will follow your order and go.

Tenshi Grasp: heals and summons a tenshi for battle. Tenshi's name is [URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Angels/angel.jpg]Freya[/URL] .

Ghost Jutsu: transforms so that she is invisible and can go through walls also

Special Weapons: Two Katanas that can connect at the handles.

Bio: She was raised up like any normal ninja but she was always a little strange for some. She would always ingore what was around her and trip on nothing and would always smile and laugh. Tsubasa was not really all that strange, she was just grown up like that. Her parents were loving and caring. Her mother owned a small shop that make trinkets and jewelery while her father made kunais, shurigan, and any weapon. Tsubasa was always kind and very talkative. She had many friends that loved her personality and sense of humor. Every day she would go home and stop by someplace that was high up and she would sit there unitl she went home. Most people didn't understand why. She only did that so she could see the whole village from up high. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Purple][COLOR=Indigo]Name[/COLOR]: Toki Shirube

[COLOR=Indigo]Age[/COLOR]: 20

[COLOR=Indigo]Gender[/COLOR]: female

[COLOR=Indigo]Rank[/COLOR]: Jounin, almost anbu

[COLOR=Indigo]Village of Origin[/COLOR]: Hidden Leaf

[COLOR=Indigo]Appearance[/COLOR]: [URL=http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Ninja%20Girls/My_ninja_style.jpg]Toki[/URL] is 5'9" and weighs about 132lbs.

[COLOR=Indigo]Likes[/COLOR]: nothing

[COLOR=Indigo]Dislikes[/COLOR]: everything

[COLOR=Indigo]Personality[/COLOR]: she appears cold and is. She is nice if you show her your trust. She can be very stubborn and has a bit of an anger problem. So don't try and piss her off.

[COLOR=Indigo]Special Jutsu[/COLOR]:
[COLOR=Navy]~Summoning Blue Dragon: summons a blue dragon like the one in the [URL=http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Dragon%20Tamers/BlueDragon.jpg]PIC[/URL]

Kakegenkai- Eclipse of Time: allows her the power to stop time for as long as she wants but it uses a lot of charkra

Angel-san/Prophesy-san: just like the game, she can tell an opponets moves, jutsu, and more. She can even predict their death in battle.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Purple][COLOR=Indigo]Special Weapon[/COLOR][/COLOR]: four razor fans and a sythe

[COLOR=Indigo]Bio[/COLOR]: Toki has always lived by herself since she could remember. Everyone thought that she was wierd and creepy. She never talked to anyone or did anything with anyone for she feared that they will get hurt by her. When she became an academy student, she never talked to anyone but was the best in the class. When she became a genin. Her teammates were some of the weirdest. They accepted her and she found friendship with them.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Navy][B]Name[/B]: Yue Uchiha

[B]Age[/B]: 14

[B]Gender[/B]: female

[B]Rank[/B]: Genin

[B]Village of Origin[/B]: Leaf Village

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Kimono/redanimekimono.jpg]Yue[/URL]

[B]Likes[/B]: SNACKS and fun things and playing baseball and snacks and sweets and did we mention snacks?

[B]Dislikes[/B]: no snacks and no fun

[B]Personality[/B]: she has a little twisted personality. She can be serious when she has to take things on but if it has anything to do with snacks or something fun, she is as happy as a little kid.

[B]Special Jutsu[/B]:

[COLOR=Black][B][I]Kakegenkai[/B][/I]: Sharingan, she is an Uchiha after all

[B][I]Kyocho[/I][/B]: summons a kitsune/pipe fox, it has several tails but that doesn't judge its power. The marks on its head does which it only has one.

[B][I]Zashiki-Warashi[/I][/B]: an attack that gets inside your mind and tortures you with your worst fear

[B][I]Karasu Tengu[/I][/B]: it summons itty bitty dwarfs that attack with giant fans[/COLOR]

[B]Special Weapon[/B]: tarot cards that use either fire, water, air, electricity, earth, etc.

[B]Bio[/B]: Yue was always different from all the other Uchihas. She kind of had a twisted personality as everyone recalled. She would always walk around as if she never wanted to be bothered. But whenever she passes a sweet shop, ramen stand, baseball diamond, or a park; her personality would immediately change from depressed and serious to happy and carefree. To her, she seemed to be cursed. she may have been a Uchiha, but she felt as though no one wanted her or be near her. Even that didn't stop her since she was always strong. She admired her dad which was none other than Sasuke. He taught her everything that she needed to know and has almost mastered the Sharingan.[/COLOR]
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(OoC: I hope it's ok that I use the same character. It took forever for me to get him perfect, and I want to play him out. :D )

Name: Toru Uragashi

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village of Origin: Waterfall Village, but resides in the Village Hidden in the Leaves

Appearance: [url]http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13967940/[/url]

Likes: Fighting (or taijutsu), practicing his technique, sarcasim, honesty, bravery, a good, fair fight

Dislikes: Cowards, cheaters, taking command, and genjutsu

Personality Quirks: Toru is a strong advocate for fair fights. He loves a challenge, but hates when others interupt the fighting with ninjutsu or genjutsu, though he can perform them as well. Will defend a friend no-matter-what. Can be sarcastic.

Special Jutsu: Waterfall style taijutsu, involves infusing the users palms with chakra, allowing them to attack and defend with their palms, and do either deadly damage or block even blades (if they're good).

Lengthing jutsu, when wielding his short sword, Toru can infuse some of his chakra into (or along) the blade, effectivly lengthening it by several inches.

Special Weapon: His fists/ feet, his short sword and a pair of kunai, (he keeps one on both legs).

Bio: Toru was part of a noble family in the Waterfall Village. He had two sisters, one older and one younger. His older sister became a shinobi, and earned great reknown for her deeds and skills. Toru admired his sister, and started training to become a shinobi himself. When his parents learned of this, they panicked, because they wanted him to become a politician and use words rather than ninjutsu. They stopped the training, and made him study.

His little sister, being afew years younger than him, did not understand his torment, but talked to him and tried to make him happy. After awhile, they became very close, and Toru told her of his plan to run away to be a great shinobi. She pleaded with him not to go, but he was insistant. Soon, when he was not yet 10, he ran away, and told his sister to watch him become great.

His parents and the elders were furious, because with him roaming around without guard, there was a chance that the location of the Hidden Water Village would be revealed. They could not let that happen, so, they trained Toru's small sister in the art of ninjutsu. She happened to be very good at it, and quickly became very powerful. She was then teamed up with Toru's older sister, and they began to search for him.

Toru entered the ninja academy in the Hidden Leaf Village, and also excelled. He became a genin, and has proven himself on many different missions. Though he still hasn't had contact from his village, he always watches his back, in the off chance that they will send someone.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Tsuma Kosenki

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank: Chunin

Village: Leaf

Appearance: [url]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i318/NightmareMiku/ninjagirl.jpg[/url]

Likes: food, guys, meditation, her brother

Dislikes: jerks, spiders, heaters, her brother

Blood limit: (See other character)

Summoning Jutsu: Attack bears- medium level summons

Weapon: spiked gloves (gloved with spikes on the knuckles)

Bio: Saved her brother Gosa when her parents were killed and she went to live with her uncle with and brother who is a genin. Is often found watching over her brother. She knows about his crush and often teases him about it. Often hangs out with the kunochi in the village, she is quite popular amognst some of the men.[/COLOR]
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Name: Kantello Aburame

Age: 19

Gender: male

Rank: Special Jounin

Village of Origin: Leaf

Appearance: [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/21/Vol34Shino.png]Kantello[/URL]

Likes: Challenges, Sparing and of course bugs

Dislikes: Loud people

Personality Quirks: Relates things to bugs, Very quiet most of the time

Special Jutsu:

Has the Aburame clans specialty of having special bugs that live inside of you.

Demonic Illusion:Jutsu breaker (Creates an illusion tricking the opponents mind into believing they cannot preform their jutsu's)

Demonic Illusion:Living Hell (This Jutsu makes the target think they are burning alive

Aburame Replacement technique(this replaces the person(this works on other's as well) with a bug clone so if it misses it looks as if he never used technique and if hit they can crawl on the opponent)


Other info:
Has Wind Chakra Manipulation
He uses Wind and Earth jutsu's because those are his elemental chakra types

Special Weapon: Kunai, shuriken and various scrolls and exploding tags.

Bio: Kentello grew up in his household like the rest of his cln and was inserted with destruction bugs at birth so that he was a living hive and they lived off his chakra in turn he has control of them. He has spent alot of his time training and studying bugs.

He is quite loud and outgoing for anyone in his clan but is still quieter and more reclusive than most other people for his clan mostly stays to themselves. He has gone out on training and became a special jounin at an early age and has the skill to becme jounin but has yet to take the test.

Name: Toron

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Rank: Jounin

Village of Origin: Mist

Appearance: 5'11", Small build with slightly long arms, palish skin with black hair. wears a black cloak that covers his entire body and has dual katanas on his back.

Likes: Chaos, hurting people, evil things

Dislikes: Good people, pointless games(ones just for fun), Boastful people

Personality Quirks: Likes to "play" with people before killing them

Special Jutsu:

Bloodline: Hyoton (literally Ice release) (same as Haku's but can't find last name for my guy)

All forms water Control(he controls water,Ice,steam much like Gaara controls sand)

Special Weapon: Dual Katanas

Bio: Toron was found to have Ice Release and while they don't know how he got it his mother was suspected to have cheated on her husband and when the people of mist killed her for having relations with a clan with kekkei genkai which they seemed as evil and feared them and after turned to kill Toron who was at the time 12 he was gone and went to train elsewhere. After training on his own and finding a sensei at age 14. After training with his sensei for 4 years his sensei betrayed him to the mist and he just got away, after that he has decided to get back at the world for making him an outcast.
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Ooc: Hey I totoly agree with Deathsye. I might have done some god modding but now I know. I'm just a genin and I don't have that much chakra. My character is the same as last time. So I don't need to post it again unless told to. I'll just put down my characters name, age, sex, skill, a little bio, and a new personality quiirk! Yay.

Name: Shinaru Junk
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Skill: Speed and Acaracy (If I spelled it wrong pm me and I'll fix it at the next I'm on.)
Jutsu: Extreme speed. Special Jutsu: Speed Dragon Summining.
Bio: Shinaru was found by his foster parents wondering in the forest carring only a head ban of the Sand with blood on it. His new parents where skilled in hand to hand combat style jutsu and taught him if he ran out of chakra, to use this technique. Its been 15 years since then and Shinaru made friends that are like family. Hopfully, he finds what happened to his real parents and where he came from.
personality Quirk: Shinaru likes to joke around, but he has a side of him only his closest friends know. He is a little lazy in the morning but latter in the day he's really hyper. He trains before he sleeps and hates staying in class. Shinaru takes extensive notes but doesn't read them.
Special Weapons: One long sword thats extremly light and durable, two daggers, and three shurikans on his back.
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Name: Kurono

Age: 21

Gender: male

Rank: jounin

Village of Origin: sand

Appearance: He wears a black ninja jump suit with three scrolls on his back. He is about 6'2" and 200 lbs. His hair is short and spiked and he has dark green eyes, and he wears black leather gloves that leave his fingers exposed.

Likes: games, sparring, training young ninja via sparring, making puppets, and puppets.

Dislikes: people breaking his puppets, losing, people who don't like sparring, and sushi.

Personality Quirks: He often has full conversations with his puppets. He will sometimes challenge people out of nowhere just to have a small bit of fun sparring.

Special Jutsu: puppet technique.

Special Weapon: three puppets, one names black hawk, who is a large bird like creature, one named puma who is a big lion like beast, and one named law maker, which is his most powerful puppet that resembles a puppet-esque replica of himself.

Bio: He was trained and raised in the hidden sand village. Choosing his shinobi way was difficult but he eventually decided to follow in his fathers footsteps. His father, Kankuro, was very proud and taught him much about the making and using of puppets. Kurono spends much of his time with his cousin Gaaza and helping him here and there in his teachings. Gaaza enjoys teaching and believes sparring is a great way to build on one's strengths, but he dislikes fighting for fighting's sake so he often gets Kurono to fill in. Which works out nicely because Kurono enjoys fighting and sparring.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Yuki Genki

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Rank: Genin

Village of Orgin: Born in the Sand lives in Hidden Leaf.

Appearance: [URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Flowers/redflower.jpg]Yuki[/URL] is 5' 5" and weighs about 125.

Likes: ramen, soup, udon... anything that has noodles!

Dislikes: weak hearted people, know-it-all kids

Personality: She is very strong and courageous. She is also very energetic and has a short attention span. She acts very calm but can blow up in your face like no other.

Special Jutsu:
Snow Whirl- creates a tornado of snow that engulfs a person and gives them frost bite.

Vine Flower Jutsu- petal dance of vines and flowers that attack them

Dillusion Seeds- she plants that seeds on flesh and then creates an illusion of their fears.

Special Weapon: Whip with a talon on the end of the whip

Bio: Yuki was raised in the Hidden Village of the Sand and then moved to the Hidden Leaf. When Yuki was younger she had trouble with making friends. She was an outcast for most of her life until she moved. She was all alone when she moved and since then she kept her past sealed. Her past begins with her parents. Both of her parents were loving and kind. But when she had reached the age of 10 she was attacked by two shinobi. She had harbored a fallen angel inside of her body, it deflects an attack back at the person. After the two attacked her she went over to where their bodies lied and lifted up the masks. To Yuki's surprise it was her parents that last words that they said were, "You did good. Now we can finally be rid of you."

With that, her parents died and she was left alone. By the age of 13 she had moved to the Hidden Leaf hoping to find a way to restart. But that was it. She was never able to go back to her same ways and ended up enjoying her life in the Hidden Leaf. She was never sad and she never was crying her self to sleep hoping that her parents would come back. Yuki worked hard to keep up with her rent and school. She worked whenever she could at a ramen shop. She loved ramen so much that she wanted to work there. Now that she lives in the Hidden Leaf, she was able to succeed and restart her life. She excelled in most of her classes and has made a lot of friends. But, she watches out for assassins who want to kill her and the fallen angel that she harbors.[/COLOR]
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Name: Syrian Kog
Gender: Male
Rank: Anbu black ops
Village: Unknown
Age: 20
Appearence: Tall 6'9'' wears a long dark red coat black jeans combat boots that r also a dark red.
Likes: War, weapons development, food, other people who are like him, and the ladies
Dislikes: Peace, people who are stupid, nasty food, and ladies who hate him
Personality: Syrian likes to hang out around leaf villages. He often sneaks into the female bath springs and "spy on him" Usually loud but takes things seriously. He makes wierd weapons that require alot of chakra.
Special Jutsu: Summing jutsu- high level weapons from his own factories.
Jutsu: battle jutsu-takes several minor soilder pills to build strength
Bio: Syrian became an Anbu when he was 16. He fights in any war that breaks out. He usually takes a few hours to figure out which side is the one needs the help.
He loves the ladies and does not kill anyone if it is not neccessary even though he loves war. If the enemy goes after children, ladies, and/or inoccent bystadards he losses he his mind. Wearing a head band with no symbol, he as become a drifter in the leaf territory.
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Accepted. I see your using the blank headband.

Name: Mika Himura

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Rank: High Rianked Chunin

Village of Origin: Village hidden in the Leaves

Appearance: Mika

Likes: Sweets, Snickerfox, Annoying snicker, Teasing Snicker's students

Dislikes: Loud annoying people

Personality Quirks: Laughs alot. Gets along with most of the ninja except the ones that act all depressed.

Special Jutsu:

Night Eye: Sees in the dark.

Wind Scythe: Shoots a blade of wind out of her sword

Transformation Justu: Ookami(wolf)

Special Weapon: Ninja Sword (Strait Katana)

Bio: Former Student of Snickerfox, Mika trained under him for 4 years until she became a Chunin and Snicker said to find her own training. She took this advice to heart and started training on her own. She did however grasp inspiration from Snicker learning how he saw at night and his Transformation Jutsu, Her Night eye how ever is less effective. She has recently been seen around town.
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