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Sign Up Pokemon: Prepare For Trouble (M-VL maybe S)


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[QUOTE]Welcome Trainers to the Pokemon League! You have been invited to participate in the yearly tournement provided by the Elite Four. Of course if you have the badges. When you come to the Indigo Plateau you will be faced with multiple challenges. You will face trainers you have never faced before. That is your challenge.

Also remember that you will need with you when yo come all 7 Badges from Kanto. Only when you have these are you allowed into the Tournement.

And the Trainer that reaches the finally round will be eligable for the Elite Four Challenge where you and your Pokemon battle against the best in the Kanto Region! Remember train well and keep your pokemon healthy.

Good Luck!

General Manager,

Wilson Gills [/QUOTE]

Six months have past since this Letter was sent to all the reaches of the Kanto Region. Many Trainers have failed to make it this year. But many more have made it. With the Tournyement so close many have had second thoughts. And many have the iron will to make it through.

But Unknowns to all even the Elite Four themselves, a dark shadow looms over the battle grounds. Shadows with the marking of the Organization that had broken up so long ago. The organization that said to so many, Prepare for Trouble...

"And Make that Double..." said a figure in a green vest with a faded red letter 'R' on the back of his vest. "This time... We will come back strong. And then once again... We will be the most feared Organization in the world!"



Up to 3 may be had.

Sign Up:




Side: (Trainer, Team Rocket,or Elite Four*)



Personality Quirks:


Pokemon Team**: (Pokemon name, Nickname(if any)Gender and Level(Power))


* Only FOUR people may sign up as Elite Four no champion, if you want to be an Elite Four you need a themed team.

** NO LEGENDARYS AT ALL! And must use REAL pokemon no made ups ones. You may use a pokemon from the new Pearl and Diamond Games if you wish
Examples and my Sign Ups:

Name: Hiro Masa

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Side:Team Rocket

Likes: His pokemon, Team Rocket, His team mate

Dislikes: Twerps

Personality Quirks: Very loyal to the Rockets

Appearance:Appearance- Blonde spiked hair and sunglass, has an orange eye color. And wears a black T Shirt and vest w/ a fade red R on the back. Also has black pants and boots.

Pokemon Team:
Tyranitar (Knight) Male Level: 45

Quilava (Cinder) Female Level: 16

Scyther(Muramasa) Male Level: 25

Biography:When Hiro was first getting in to pokemon training he was like everyone else thinking that battling was for fun and for making friends. But at 18 he got tangled with Team Rocket. For years he had been working for them and being one of thier strongest Mercs. But since thier disbanding Hiro has been homeless and nearly pennyless. He just got the modivation to start Rocket Back up... He just needs the perfect stage to do it.

Name: D Chan

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Side:Elite Four

Likes: Ladies, Drinks, and his pokemon

Dislikes: Disprespectful kids, People who are mean to the ladies

Personality Quirks: Flirts with women... A lot.

Appearance: 5'8" Wears a normal T Shirt(blue),Jeans, and white sneakers. Blonde Hair and blue eyed.

Pokemon Team:
Espeon(Sonny) Female Level: 56

Gardevoir(Bell) Female Level: 51

Slowking(Mr. King) Male Level: 49

Alakazam(Spoony) Male Level: 51

Claydol(Stoney) Male:Level: 35

Egg Gender: Unknown : Level: Egg

Biography:A young man living in
Cerulean City. D-Chan owns a small hot springs spa. Because of the Pokemon League tournment he had to close down for a while. He is the second teir on he Elite Four Challenge.
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Name: Karzar Xade

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Side: Elite 4

Likes: Ladies, art, dragons, his pokemon

Dislikes: Team Rocket, annoying people, rambling idiots,

Personality Quirks: Very observative bothduring and not during a battle. Always makes Sarcastic remarks to any unpleasent comments made. Karzar is usually quiet, but can get talkative if you get him to the right subject.

Appearance: Stands around 5'10 to 5'11 with some muscle build. Has greenish/bluish eyes with short brown spikey hair. Wears blue jeans with a chain wallet attached to it, a black zippey hoodie with a sleeveless black shirt under it, and a necklace that has a dragon emblem attached to it.

Pokemon Team:

Dragonite (Skyro): lvl 60
Charizard (Inferno):lvl 58
Salamence : lvl 56
Aggron: lvl 57
Flygon: lvl 56
Aerodactyl:Lvl 58

Biography: At the age of ten, Karzar's been always interested with dragon pokemon. By the age of 11, he began his pokemon journey with his first pokemon, Charmander. Later on, he decided to be a dragon pokemon trainer. So he first started off by capturing a dratini, which later on eveolved into Dragonair, and then into his strongest pokemon, dragonite. By the age of 20, he was asked to become one of the elite four, so he said yes. By then, he's known as the Lord of Dragons for his knowledge and excellency on dragon pokemon.
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[QUOTE]* Only FOUR people may sign up as Elite Four no champion, if you want to be an Elite Four you need a themed team.[/QUOTE]

~ T If you are going to be an elite four then you have to have a Themed team. My Elite Four D Chan has all psychic besides the Egg. Which will most likely be psychic. If you want to be a Elite Four you have to change your team.
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[COLOR=Purple][B]Name[/B]: Chiyuki Asamoto

[B]Age[/B]: 19

[B]Gender[/B]: female

[B]Side[/B]: Elite Four

[B]Likes[/B]: snacks, sweets, food, divinations, her pokemon, breaking stuck up/over-confident trainers, and fighting team rocket

[B]Dislikes[/B]: team rocket, stuck up trainers, and over-confident trainers

[B]Personality Quirks[/B]: very serious when it comes to battles and teaching trainers important lessons. She is very outgoing when it doesn't concern battling and when it considers food.

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Gothic%20Lolita/GothiloliANDMANEATINGBUNNY.jpg]Chiyuki Asamoto[/URL]

[B]Pokemon Team[/B]:


[B]Side Pokemomn[ some that she has but is in the pc][/B]


[B]Bio[/B]: Chiyuki was always of a fan of Pokemon battling when she was 8. She started her journey at the age of 10 and from there she started with and Eevee. Later she evolved it into an Umbreon and then caught four more Eevees and then evolving them into the other evolutions of Eevee. She caught herself an Absol since it was such a rarety to catch one. When she was 16, she was asked to be one of the Elite Four. They asked her because she was very skilled and already at a high level. She accepted and now she is the youngest Elite Four.[/COLOR]
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Ok as it stands now it is:

Elite Four:

Dchan: Myself

Karzar : Crazy Kev

Chiyuki Asamoto: XxXLolitaGothXxX


Hiro: Myself

Only one Elite Four spot left! After that only Team Rocket and Trainers will be accepted. So don't cry if you want to be an elite four and the last spot is taken.
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Name: Zander 'Guac' Kanevi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Side: Elite 4

Likes: Rainstorms, fantasy, scifi

Dislikes: Histoy, the news

Personality Quirks: He loves making everything seem make believe

Appearance: Spiky blond hair with orange streaks a turquoise shirt and orange pants

Pokemon Team**:
Magneton(Volt): Lvl 45
Electrode(Motor): Lvl 45
Lopunny(Candy): Lvl 45
Luxray(Sphinx): Lvl 47
Manectric(Fang): Lvl 47

Biography: Guac grew up in a poor village with his parents and three sisters. His parents and two of his sisters disargreed with him when it came to pokemon, prefering to use grass types. So when they were of age Guac and his older sister moved to a big city where Guac worked at a power plant design gym. Then Guac got invited to the Elite Four where he has been for the las two years
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[COLOR=Magenta]Name: Yuuki Takauchi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Side: Trainer

Likes: Training, traveling, battling

Dislikes: Thunder, Team Rocket, tough obstacles

Personality: She is a hyper active girl that loves to fool around. She has a joyous time battling and training. Yuuki is not one to mess with or she can blow up in your face.

Appearance: [URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Normal%20Girls/m44251477.jpg]Yuuki[/URL] is 5' 9".

Pokemon Team:
Flareon- 55
Altaria (Tsubasa)- 53
Salemance- 58
Delcatty- 55

Bio: Yuuki was born and raised in Kanto. She became a trainer when she was 10 and has traveled all over to become the best of the best, a Pokemon Master. She started out with an Evee and then evolved it to a Flareon. She later caught and another Evee and evolved it to a Vaporeon. She loved to travel and take on many challenges. Yuuki was in love with Pokemon and raised them all with and kindness and curosity. She encouraged her Pokemon and has made it all the way to the Pokemon League. She is ready to take on any challenge and would do it to make her feel the rush of adrenaline. [/COLOR]
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Name: Rayven Klien

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Side: Team Rocket

Likes: Odish, Fighting, her brother, and blood

Dislikes: Girly- girls, Pink, and Weaklings.

Personality Quirks: She is very aggressive and concieted. Her love for the fight tends to get her alot of trouble but she knows what she's doing. Plus her sadistic nature makes her very frightning at times.

Appearance:[URL=http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs15/f/2007/062/0/1/itachi_sexy_no_jutsu_concept_by_schellen.jpg]Rayven[/URL], this is Rayven except take away the clouds, and replace with one "R" on the left side of her chest.

Pokemon Team**:

Biography: Rayven was born into an average family with a mother, a father, and an older brother. Her brother left when she was five to start training and when he came back, he was part of Team Rocket. Since she had just turned ten, she decided to start her training and then join her brother in Team Rocket.

Her first and favorite pokemon was a male Odish, whom she named Oddy. After capturing Oddy she traveled to the mountains and cought her second pokemon Sneasel,whom she named Syth. Once studying up on her pokemon, she became obcessed with dark and psychic pokemon, and became a dark/psychic pokemon collector, with the exception of Odish.

Once she turned fifteen, she joined team Rocket and teamed up with her brother Alex(20),who was an Eevee collector. He had all evolutions(Eevee,Vapoeon,Jolteon,Flareon,Espeon, Umbreon,Leafia,and Glacia), and this is where she recieved Espeon and Umbreon. Together they captured and trained their pokemon. Waiting for the day to beat the Weaklings that confront them, and make the Boss proud.
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Erm... what's a Howler (besides the obnoxious red envelopes in the Harry Potter series)...??? Made-up Pokemon are not allowed... (drat)

Hmm, now for a character I've never RP'd before... Hey, mind if I go as a pair of Rockets, sort of like Jessie and James?

[color=darkred][b]Name:[/b] Carmen Akasaki

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Side:[/b] Team Rocket

[b]Likes:[/b] Insulting or threatening people, torturing Pokemon, competition, revenge

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Getting dirty, waiting, planning things out, being embarassed, boys

[b]Personality Quirks:[/b] Carmen tends to be rash and often jumps to conclusions. She doesn't cry upon losing but rather gives her opponent a vengeful look, and then tries to either avoid the person or find some way to beat them, even if it requires cheating.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Carmen is about 5'3" tall, with ple tan skin, brown eyes, and roughly styled black hair with hot pink streaks in it. She wears a black shirt with short red sleeves and a large red R on the front, a black skirt with some pink streaks in it like her hair, fishnets, and black boots that go up to her knees and have several chains hanging from them.

[b]Pokemon Team:[/b] (Pokemon name, Nickname(if any)Gender and Level(Power))

Skitty (Pufflet)--Female, level 72
Pachirisu (Filbert)--Male, level 38
Milotic (Venus)--Female, level 35
Mismagius (Sorciere)--Female, level 58[/color]

[color=royalblue][b]Name:[/b] Diego Peterburg

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Side:[/b] Team Rocket

[b]Likes:[/b] Coming up with brilliant evil plans, insulting people, stealing Pokemon, riding motorcycles, fooling people

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Girls, helping people, losing, being humiliated, competition, paperwork, being bossed around

[b]Personality Quirks:[/b] Diego usually doesn't show much emotion, other than obsession and a feeling of power. He prefers to plan things out rather than take things as they come, and he's quite patient and calm. He sometimes pays a little too much attention to detail as well.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Diego is about 5'6" tall, with pale skin and blind hair in a spiked mohawk. His bright blue eyes are normally covered with triangular sunglasses. He wears a light blue T-shirt with a black vest over it, and gloves that look like Ash's except black and with red R's on them. He also wears faded, slightly baggy jeans that are torn at the knees, and white shoes with blue laces.

[b]Pokemon Team:[/b]

Gallade (Metablade)--Male, level 47
Noctowl (Frau Nacht)--Female, level 47
Togetic (Moocher)--Male, level 47
Roserade (Sam)--Male, level 47[/color]

[color=green][b][u]For Both[/b][/u]

[b]Relationship Quirks:[/b] Carmen and Diego are not in any sort of relationship--in fact, the only thing that holds them together as a pair is their job in Team Rocket. Sure, they may occasionally agree on some little things, but for the most part they greatly differ in their strategy and personality. That doesn't mean they get into many arguments (except when they're not doing their job), but...

[b]Background:[/b] Carmen got her starts as a trainer, and Skitty was her first Pokemon. She initially had a goal to be both a coordinator and be in the Hoenn League (she grew up in Hoenn), but shortly before she got her fourth badge, she heard about Team Rocket who was recruiting at the time. Finally, some job to earn her money and let her crazy dark side show as well!

Diego, on the other hand, took the more scholarly approach at first. He too started out as a trainer, but as he got Togepi as his first Pokemon, he wasn't too excited about a Pokemon adventure. (And besides, he didn't like traveling too much.) So instead he attended the Pokemon Academy in Kanto. However, he was frequently bullied by his classmates there, and as a result didn't attend very many classes. He did well on all the tests because he knew the material, but he never went up in his education level... So of course he dropped out and decided to join Team Rcket instead to "take revenge on those silly children". But, when he joined, his boss gave him a "present"--a girl to work with. That girl was Carmen.

Carmen and Diego didn't really argue too much, even when they first met, but they never got too attached to each other either. They never went up very far in rank in Team Rocket, but they never sunk so low in rank that the boss got angry with them. They were balanced, pretty much...

Carmen and Diego did get some assignments from Kane, their boss, but Kane was pretty easygoing and didn't work them very hard. So therefore, the couple started their own fun little pastime of taking Pokemon and experimenting them in various and often cruel ways. Or, they killed Pokemon and examined them more closely. So this little side activity made the two a bit more independent than the rest of Team Rocket. In fact, more of their paycheck came from telling researchers what they found from their experiments than from what the Team Rocket bosses told them to do.

Also on the side, Carmen and Diego travelled together to earn some badges and catch some Pokemon. Pretty soon they had four Pokemon each, and the same seven badges from the same gyms in Kanto. And then they got a message informing them of a new Elite Four challenge, which brings us to the present...[/color]

Yes, in Diamond I do have a Pachirisu named Filbert and a Hoothoot named Frau Nacht and a Roselia named Sam--so I put them in here and levelled them up quite a bit. And Metablade is the name of a Pokemon I recently created...
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Brendan Stone



Side: (Trainer, Team Rocket,or Elite Four*)

food, sleep, pokemon, traveling, adventures

show-offs, rockets,

Personality Quirks:
Brendan loves to battle more than anything..except for adventures. He loves to travel and is used to being alone. He loves his pokemon and plans to become a master someday, and being a coordinator along the way couldn't hurt.

White hair, black and red jacket, white tshirt, tan skin, green eyes, 140 lbs., 5' 8'

Pokemon Team**: (Pokemon name, Nickname(if any)Gender and Level(Power))

Mudkip- Male - lvl. 34
Breloom- Male - lvl. 28
Growlithe- Male - lvl. 20
Egg- Yellow and Black

Biography: Brendan found Mudkip while he was in his school and a kid was trying to see how far he could attack at him until he caught him. He then got in trouble for attacking the kid back with Mudkip's own attacks, since his teacher thought he had a pokemon on campus. He got in trouble by his rich and overprotective parents, and sneaked out with his brother's help as soon as he could. He then found a shroomish that was being ignored by his pack and he soon adopted him. 4 badges later, in Saffron City, he found a stray Growlithe that no body wanted.[/COLOR]
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