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RPG OtakuBoards Survivor 4: The Sunflowers


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[font=Century Gothic][color=Gold]Congratulations, [B]The Sunflowers[/B]! You have made it to the second stage of [B]OtakuBoards Survivor 4[/B], and things are getting more intense than ever!

Here are the profiles of your members:
14 years old female from USA
Strengths: Discussion/Debates, Social Interaction
Weaknesses: Music, Movies/TV

[strike][b]Aaryanna_Mom/Kathy (Captain)[/b]
59 years old female from USA
Strengths: Discussion/Debates, RPGs
Weaknesses: Computers, Art/Graphics[/strike]

16 years old female from Canada
Strengths: RPGs, Social Interaction
Weaknesses: Discussion/Debates, Art/Graphics[/strike]

26 years old male from USA
Strengths: Discussion/Debates
Weaknesses: Everything Else

36 years old female from USA
Strengths: Discussion/Debates
Weaknesses: Music, Movies/TV[/strike][/indent][/color]

Now, your first job as the newly reformed team is to repeat the process that you did in the first challenge. This is...

[center][size=5]Seventh Challenge: Teaming Up Again![/size][/center]

You know the jist. What I want from you is:
[indent][B]1.[/B] A suitable new name for your team.
[B]2.[/B] A color to represent your team, but it cannot be [COLOR=DarkRed]Dark Red[/COLOR], [COLOR=DarkOrange]Dark Orange[/COLOR], [COLOR=Green]Green[/COLOR] or [COLOR=Blue]Blue[/COLOR].
[B]3.[/B] A flag for your team, which shows both the name and the color of your team.
[B]4.[/B] A strong captain to lead the team, to make the toughest of choices, to report to me and to decide on tie situations in voting.[/indent]

When you're done, the new captain should post the results into the main thread, just like the last time.

This time around, no one will get evicted, but there will still be a reward for the team that comes up with the more creative, unique and fitting features for them. The winners will get to [B]choose the pairs[/B] for the next challenge, which will be a [B]one-on-one duel[/B].

I hope that's something to put effort for! Now Survivors, [B]GO![/B][/font]
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First of all, welcome to the team SunfallE. ;)

I believe that most of you already know that I?m 26 and currently in College working on my Masters Degree in Music, my instrument of choice being the Cello. And that at this point my classes are far from boring as I'm getting more in depth as far as music theory, music education and choral conducting is concerned.

I also spend a fair amount of my spare time with my friends. In the summer?s we go hiking on trails, as there are a lot of nice hikes one can do in the mountains here and on weekends we almost always either go out to a movie or get together at someone?s house to watch movies. Anyway...

When I first started this I listed everything else other than debates and discussions as a weakness, but since then I've been learning how to do graphics and though I don't have a more expensive program like CS2, I've learned a lot so I can help in that area if needed.

Now I don't know about the rest of you but I'm excited. Not only have we gained a new team member but it's going to be fun to create a new flag and choose a new team color to represent all of us. We've got a pretty diverse team in my opinion, which can only be a good thing.

Now as for getting down to the challenge...First of all I'm of the opinion to keep the same Captain we had before since I think Aaryanna_Mom is a great choice. I really don't have an interest in doing it myself.

Secondly when it comes to the name, I'm thinking of something bright and cheerful and with that in mind I thought of this:


Because [COLOR=#DAA520]Sunflowers[/COLOR] are [COLOR=#FFD700]bright[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#B8860B]cheery[/COLOR], [COLOR=#DAA520]bold[/COLOR] yet [COLOR=#FFD700]comfortable[/COLOR], their bright petals stretched towards the sun. This unique behavior, known as phototropism, is a motif that has appeared in many ancient myths and is viewed as a symbol of [COLOR=#DAA520]loyalty[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#FFD700]constancy[/COLOR]. Their physical resemblance to the sun has also influenced their meanings. The [COLOR=#B8860B]sunflower?s[/COLOR] petals have been likened to bright yellow rays of sunshine, which evoke feelings of [COLOR=Sienna]warmth[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#B8860B]happiness[/COLOR]. In addition, the [COLOR=#DAA520]sunflower[/COLOR] is often associated with [COLOR=#FFD700]adoration[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#B8860B]longevity[/COLOR].

All of these things are traits that I think suit our team members. ;) And I found a nice site with the code for several gold colors that I think would look great since the yellow in the drop down menu for OtakuBoards doesn't really show up that well.

Here's the colors I found as well as the code that would be needed for the color tags should we need to post in the team color, if we were to go with this suggestion that is:
[color=#DAA520]Golden Rod - Code #DAA520[/COLOR]
[color=#FFD700]Gold - Code #FFD700[/COLOR]
[color=#B8860B]Dark Golden Rod - Code #B8860B[/COLOR][/B]

We would of course pick one of the three as the main color, I'm partial to either [COLOR=#FFD700]Gold[/COLOR] or [COLOR=#DAA520]Golden Rod[/COLOR] myself. And the others could be used as secondary colors when creating our Team Flag and matching avatars should we choose. And I've already scouted out some great Sunflower pictures for use in the new Team flag.

So there's my suggestion. ;) I'm sure all of you can tell that I was recently checking out flowers to give some to my mom for Mother's Day. Anyway, what type of color do you guys want to use or what other names do you have in mind? Also if I have another idea for names and colors I'll be sure to post it. Though right now I'm rather partial to my current suggestion.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][quote name='Rachmaninoff']First of all, welcome to the team SunfallE. ;) [/quote]Thank you very much, I must admit it feels a little strange though. Since I was sure you guys were going to snag one of the players who are good at graphics. ^_~ Still I'll do my best to contribute to a team that has clearly shown they've got what it takes, and I'm thinking we'll have lots of fun together.

I'm already familiar with Aaryanna_Mom and Aaryanna by virtue of knowing them in real life and I'm familiar with Rachmaninoff since he's been a part of my Silver One RPG and I helped him with the graphics for his RPG the Maze. So the only person here I'm not that familiar with is Anomaly. Though I've seen you around due to the survivor RPG we've all been a part of. ^_~

So for Anomaly I'll go ahead and repost a little about myself...

My real name is Elizabeth, though I usually go by the nickname Beth since I?ve never liked the nickname Liz. I?m 36 years old and I?m currently living in Provo, Utah, though I?ve also lived in Texas and California. And pretty much the entire west coast if you include the time when I was a truck driver. And I do mean one of those huge eighteen wheelers by the way.

I actually was pretty indifferent to anime until I discovered the wonder of subtitles, though I did collect art books. I usually spend my spare time either playing video games, reading science fiction or fantasy (I?m a big Dr. Who fan) or scrap booking as my family has made visiting Yellowstone National park a tradition and I?ve been there seventeen times and have a ton of photos. Anyway when I got hurt on the job two years ago and couldn?t drive for a while I started browsing forums online which eventually lead to here. And there you have it. Me in a nutshell.

Now I'm inclined to agree with Rachmaninoff and stick with the same team Captain you've had since Aaryanna_Mom is in my opinion a great choice. She's definitely in my opinion a great Captain.

As for a team name and color, I'm coming up blank, but then I'm also up late since it's nearly four am and I'm a bit tired at the moment. Though I do have to admit that I find name the Sunflowers catchy and the colors you picked are definitely bright and cheery Rachmaninoff. ^_~ I love all colors, though I was pretty fond of shades of gold and yellow when I was growing up.

I'm about to head off to snatch some sleep so I'll be back to see what the rest of you think as well as to post an idea for a name and color should I think of one. And like Rachmaninoff, I may not have a snazzy CS2 or one of the more expensive programs, but I still know how to do basic graphics and such. So I too can help out in that department.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to working with all of you. ^_^[/COLOR]
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Welcome to the team SunfallE, I think you'll fit in perfectly. ;) Now all of you already know me so I don't think it's necessary to repeat the information about myself, though if we wish to do so we can. And to put it shortly, my interests have not changed. I'm still into piano and organ since I teach both as well as gardening, scrap booking and reading.

And I'm still a grandmother of two adorable grandkids and hopefully one of these days I'll get to see them since my eldest doesn't live close. Though I love getting pictures of those adorable kids.

Now as for a name, I definatly think we need something to replace the rather strange name Sandy gave us. And I won't deny that the idea of using your suggestion here Rachmaninoff:[quote name='Rachmaninoff][B][COLOR=#DAA520]T[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFD700]h[/COLOR][COLOR=#B8860B]e[/COLOR] [COLOR=#DAA520]S[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFD700]u[/COLOR][COLOR=#B8860B]n[/COLOR][COLOR=#DAA520]f[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFD700]l[/COLOR][COLOR=#B8860B]o[/COLOR][COLOR=#DAA520]w[/COLOR][COLOR=#FFD700]e[/COLOR][COLOR=#B8860B]r[/COLOR][COLOR=#DAA520]s[/COLOR'][/B][/quote]Does appeal to me since I love flowers. :catgirl: And I'm terrible at thinking of names myself. So unless you guys think of another name, that works for me, though if we are going to go with flowers that does give me an idea, since we could go with:

[COLOR=Magenta][B]The Roses[/B] [/COLOR]

And choose pink as our color or even purple or a whole bunch of different colors since Roses come in so many colors. That would be a fun name too. ;) Especially since we could have matching avatars for that as well. Though if all of you think of a better name that's fine too.

Now as for choosing a Captain, if you guys want me to continue being the Captain I will, but if someone else wants a shot that's fine too. Since both Rachmaninoff and Anomaly have yet to have a chance to serve as team Captain. I know you say you don't want it Rachmaninoff, but I'm just saying if someone else wants to give it a try I'm fine with that.

Anyway, I'm thinking that this is going to be lots of fun. :catgirl:
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Hehe! Time to get started! :catgirl: We most definitely need to get rid of that weird name Sandy gave us. o_O I haven't a clue what that's suppose to mean. Anyway, now that we have gained a new member *hugs SunfallE* It's time to have some fun!

So far out of the two names that were suggested I like the Sunflowers the best. Even though I adore Pink. Since Sunflowers just seem more unique than Roses do. And I like the colors you found Rachmaninoff. All of them would look great. I kind of like the Golden Rod the best myself.

I've tried thinking of names, but I keep coming up blank other than silly things that somehow tie my dog into it. :animesigh If I think of something better I'll be sure to mention it though. Hopefully Alexa will have some good ideas. If not I'll be happy with either one of the names suggested so far.

Now as for team captain, I too think we should keep the same Captain. Though if Alexa wants to give it a go that's fine by me too. We make such a great team that it doesn't matter who the captain is. ^_^

Anyway, that about sums up my input for the moment. Once we decide on a name I can help by getting started on different flags for us to choose from. In fact if Rachmaninoff and SunfallE want we could each make one and then choose from them for the actual flag.

And I do want us to have matching avatars like last time. Though I probably won't put our names on it this time. Still if we go with Sunflowers, I already have some ideas that I'll try to see how they work. It would certainly be different than our dark red and previous mercenary motif that we had. A bright and sunny one at that! ^_^[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkOrange]Ah you guys. On the ball as ever! Brings a tear to my eye.

So SUP guys. I'm gonna do the grocery list thing because I just got home from work and I'm hella tired.

- Hey SunFallE! Welcome to the team! I've no doubts in my mind that you'll be a great addition =D For your convenience, I'll throw in a bit about myself, as you did for me!

I'm actually seventeen now, FYI Sandy ;D Only as of a few weeks ago, actually. I'm also a musician, and I've got a lot of respect for Rach here, who's working towards his masters. I play trumpet and I sing, and I have played violin, guitar and piano. It's my passion, but alas, I don't think I'll be keeping it up after I graduate next year. I've already decided I want to major in English so that I can teach it in Japan, and might sound silly but I'd like to go for a PhD in English Lit =3 I play club soccer, I work, I'm in 3 school bands and I do alot of drawing in my spare time. I'm in 2 advanced sort of classes for English and Social Studies, and I'm working towards an IB diploma in those. I love anime, even though I don't have alot of time for it anymore, and I'm a pretty avid cosplayer. Annd that's me, condensed!

- Kathy rocks my socks. I don't need to be captain, I'm having tons of fun just being on a team with you folks. I've more confidence than ever in all of us!

- I'm kinda short on ideas. Plus I picked Mercenaries so I should probably let you guys decide on a name xD If I think of any, I'll throw the ideas out at you for the sake of doing so. I don't mind being the Sunflowers or having Yellow as our team colour.I was going to suggest fuschia, but if we were fuschia, I wouldn't suggest a flower name. I'm not so inclined to the Roses because I think it's pretty commonplace. I mean, they're nice and all. But we're about having fun and I think that sunflowers represents us more because we're optimistic. Roses bring to mind a serious and romantic occasion. But that's just me, yo. I'll dig whatever the masses dig. Ya dig? ;D Once we pick something, I'd also like to give banner/avatar making a shot. For the heckuvit.[/COLOR][/FONT]

edit: Oy, I was creeping around the other team threads and saw someone suggested teal.. Man I love teal. I should've said teal.. I think they're leaning towards bright red.. so I'll try and think of a team name that goes with teal, and I'll get back to you.
edit to my edit: LOL how about The Conquistadors.
because we be burnin' and pillagin' and stealin' other team members all over the place. It would be an homage to all we've done and how much we've conquered since our humble beginnings. Just a thought =D
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[COLOR=#DAA520][quote name='Anomaly][FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkOrange] I don't mind being the Sunflowers or having Yellow as our team colour.I was going to suggest fuschia, but if we were fuschia, I wouldn't suggest a flower name.[/font'][/color][/quote]But Fuschias are such pretty flowers! LOL! Still I agree out of the two I like the Sunflowers the best. And as you can see the Golden Rod color code Rachmaninoff got does look nice. ;)

Still it's not like we have to make a mad rush, but unless we think of something better I say we go with the Sunflowers. And since all of you seem to agree I'd be happy to keep the position of captain and continue leading our awesome team. :catgirl:

[B]EDIT:[/B] In answer to your thought of teal and The Conquistadors what type of image would we use for a team flag if we went with that? [/COLOR]
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[B]EDIT:[/B] In answer to your thought of teal and The Conquistadors what type of image would we use for a team flag if we went with that? [/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Trebuchet MS]I was thinking about it and I thought maybe like, a not too complex banner of a flag like the actual conquistadors would shove in the ground when they claimed territory. Or maybe one of them sexy metal helmets like John Smith wore in pocahontas.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Thanks again for the warm welcome everyone. ^_~

Now as for the discussion so far... I'm in agreement with both Anomaly and Aaryanna in that the Roses are more common and I much prefer the Sunflowers. I also like the idea of Teal and The Conquistadors.

Since four of us know how to do graphics we could always make flags for both and then decide which one we like. Personally I'd like to take a whack at the Sunflowers one since that one appeals to me the most, where you could do one for The Conquistadors Anomaly. At least that's what I'm thinking. ^_~ And both Aaryanna and Rachmaninoff could pick which one they like the best and give it a try.

What do you think Kathy? [/COLOR]
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Sounds good to me. I like both ideas so I'll make one of the Sunflowers as well since that was my idea. Between the four of us we're bound to make one totally cool team flag. And I know that I intend to make matching avatars to go along with the flag. Well not so much matching as rather with the same theme.

So unless I hear differently Kathy, I'll get started on that tomorrow, or rather later today I should say. Then I'll be sure to send each of you a copy via pm. ;)
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Works for me, if each of you wants to work on a flag picking the name you like best. Then once you all send it to each person we can vote as to which one we like the best. I've no doubt that you'll all make great flags. I'm expecting it to be a hard choice. ;)
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]I like the one you did Rachmaninoff. ^_~ And I hope you guys like what I made since I have now sent it to all of you. And I can't wait to see what the other flags look like. I think Kathy is right, it's going to be a hard choice to make! :catgirl: [/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Anomaly]I still have to make one up @_@ I'll try for it tonight.

You guys made freakin' [B]CUTE[/B] banners. Fo rls. Tough to pick!

edit: mine is made and sent![/QUOTE]You all make the cutest and funniest banners. ;) I love all of them. Which is only going to make it harder when it comes to a final choice. Personally no matter which one we choose, I think the other team will never see it coming. You guys are awesome! :catgirl:
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Well I sent off the changes you requested last night Kathy, so just let me know what all of you think. If we do go with the last one I made I'll probably host it myself instead of using image shack since lately they've been a pain in the butt. That way we won't have to worry about it working like it should since I have a pro PhotoBucket account. ^_~ Though if we go with a different one I'll host it too if you guys want me to. I've got plenty of room to put up pictures.

Also if we do go with the last flag I sent, I vote for this color: [COLOR=#FFD700]Gold - Code #FFD700[/COLOR] because it's so bright, like Sunflowers. And because the yellow for OB doesn't show up very well where this color does. And if Sandy ends up requiring us to use our team colors it will look much better than this would: [COLOR=Yellow]OB Yellow [/COLOR] That's just a little to bright in my opinion. Though if I use colors when I post to go along with having the flag in my signature I'll probably go with this color:[COLOR=#DAA520] Golden Rod - Code #DAA520[/COLOR] Because it will look good with the gold and is a little easier to read. ^_~

So there you have it, unless all of you want me to make more changes, and I can since I saved it in the right format for editing, then I'm done and yes I'm biased towards the last one I made. Even though I love the others too. ^_~[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Well, I know who I'm going to be bugging for a new banner and avatar when its time to have a new one of my dog. I positively love what you did with the last one SunfallE, and if we go with it... I vote for this color: [COLOR=#FFD700]Gold - Code #FFD700[/COLOR] too since it's way better than the OB yellow, that one is too bright.

I didn't send you guys what I tried since I couldn't get them to look good. In the end I got frustrated with it. >_< I tried making one for both names, but Alexa's banner is much nicer than what I came up with. I'm sure if we had more time I could come up with something, but I like what you guys have made so I'm fine with it. Especially since I've done a lot of the graphics so far so I don't mind if someone else makes them this time.

Anyway, I can't wait until our decision is final so I can switch out my current banner and colors in my signature since it's going to look sweet! Hehe! :catgirl: I'll be sure to wait for the new links of where you finally host it though. I did the same thing with the Hopeless story we submitted, I used my photobucket account since imageshack can be such a pain in the butt. I got sick of rehosting the images only for them to not work the very next day! Grr! [/COLOR]
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Excellent work team. I've posted our results to the main thread as required for this challenge. :catgirl: I just love how all of you work so well together. I can't wait to see what the next challenge is going to be. And thanks again for your work in creating the flag and avatar's SunfallE, I love it!
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[COLOR=#DAA520][quote name='Sandy][font=Century Gothic]This time around, no one will get evicted, but there will still be a reward for the team that comes up with the more creative, unique and fitting features for them. The winners will get to [B]choose the pairs[/B] for the next challenge, which will be a [B]one-on-one duel[/B'].[/font][/quote]Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm wondering just what type of duel we will be doing. Especially since no one will get evicted this round. So I know that regardless, I'll get the chance to be a part of it. Still I'm thinking that Sandy must be planning on pitting us in challenges that take advantage of the attributes we listed, like graphics, music, anime, rpg, etc. So who ever wins could pit someone good at graphics against someone who listed it as a weakness.

At least something like that since otherwise what would be the point in being able to choose the duelists? There has to be some advantage of being the one to choose and I'm totally curious to find out! Hehe! This is going to be fun! :catgirl:[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Aaryanna][COLOR=#DAA520'] Still I'm thinking that Sandy must be planning on pitting us in challenges that take advantage of the attributes we listed, like graphics, music, anime, rpg, etc. So who ever wins could pit someone good at graphics against someone who listed it as a weakness. [/COLOR][/quote]Even if he did, a lot has happened since this started, so those lists of strengths and weaknesses probably aren't as accurate as they were when we all signed up. Still I can see where you are going with this. There has to be [I]something [/I]that would make getting the option of choosing the teams for dueling that would give the winner an advantage over the other team. That or Sandy's simply [spoiler]messing with us. =P [/spoiler]
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[COLOR=#DAA520]I agree, it will be interesting to see... Also...[quote name='BKstyles][font=tahoma][spoiler]We are being no such thing, we are being meticulous in our decision. Not to mention it only seems like we're slower relatively, seeing as how The Sunflowers did everything quick and without much deliberation. [/spoiler'] [/font][/quote]I just have to do this team: [spoiler]*pokes BKstyles* You forgot about pms when it comes to deliberations. =P It's not like we were going to openly post and tell you every little step of the process. *pokes BKstyles again for good measure* [/spoiler] :p

Aanndd.... Now that that's out of the way. I'm eager to see what the other team has done. If only so Sandy can make his decision and the next part will commence. Though I have to admit, making the banner and avatar was fun, even if it did take far longer than I expected it too.

Now as for the actual duel, I too am curious to see what it will be. I've got all sorts of ideas going through my mind so I really want to find out if I'm right! :catgirl: [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#DAA520][quote name='Anomaly]good effort guys! Lame reasoning behind the choice, Sandy ;D regardless though, they did have a [B]cool[/B'] banner. So aight. We can handle a little loss here and there, especially because we don't have to lose a player =3[/quote]I wouldn't say lame, confusing perhaps...*pokes Sandy*...but hardly lame. ^_~ And it was clear that in different area's each banner and name outdid the other. :p

Still unless Sandy has told the other team via PM what the upcoming duels will be, they will still be in the dark as far as matching people up goes. Besides just like they do, we have great team members so I have no doubt that the upcoming duels will be quite fun.

However, in closing, if Sandy doesn't understand why a name like the Sunflowers would apply to something like this...*hands Sandy a Sunflower*...There that should clear things up. [spoiler]*pokes Sandy again for good measure* ^_~[/spoiler] [/COLOR]
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[font=Century Gothic]Thy shall not question my judgement! *grumbles*

But to tell the truth, it really was a tough call. And the opposing team doesn't know anything that you don't about the next challenge. *thanks Beth for the huge flower*[/font]
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Haha! SunfallE may be brave enough to poke you Sandy but I sure as hell am not! lol Still I find it rather ironic that even winning the challenge still means they don't know what the duel's will be. So if they match people up incorrectly it may not do the Aces any good.

Now that the flag part is done I am supremely curious as to who I will be matched up with. And I dare say that after seeing what happened with the Story contest as well as the debates when I was no longer a part of this...underestimating us would be a grave mistake. ;) Though the same goes for us underestimating them as well.

With that being said, I'm looking forward to the challenge.
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Oh Sandy. I loveth thee anyway, and I shalt never officially dispute any of your calls ;D Have another sunflower, on me.

Oh I'm totally psyched for this challenge. Let's go get em, Sunflowers (haha, man it just doesn't quite have the same PUNCH as the Mercenaries did.. Oh well. Much love to it.)!
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