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The Panopticon


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What is the Panopticon? [wiki]

The Panopticon is a schematic for a prison based around a central tower where the wardens can keep constant watch over the prisoners without the prisoners ever knowing. In the words of the Panopticon?s original creator, Jeremy Bentham, it is "a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example.? Over the centuries the ideas have evolved, especially with heightened technology such as cameras and monitors. Ideas of a Panopticon society began to bubble to the surface. A good example would be George Orwell?s 1984.

The idea of a Panopticon society is one of a ?perfect? controlled society. It could be considered the ultimate idea of society for humans or human-like beings. It was only natural that some such thing would bubble to the surface when the ?best? of humanity underwent preservation.

The Competition

~: 21st Century Digital Boy:~
~: Darren:~
~: Hell?sMinion6676:~
~: Premonition:~
~: BKstyles:~
~: Sandy:~
~: SunfallE:~
~: Rachmaninoff:~
~: Soliel:~
~: Allamorph:~

The Contestants

Picture: satashatn4.jpg
Name: Sastasha Sandares
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Earth 2107 ? Human
Occupation: Rock Star

Picture: maryyx3.jpg
Name: Mary Winters
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Earth 1732 / Human
Occupation: Palace Maid

Picture: untitled1ad8.jpg
Name: Damian Legion
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Human -- Hades Galaxy (2576)
Occupation: Apprentice Arch mage

Picture: 80034809jt9.jpg
Name: Delilah Rousseau
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Human -- France (1823)
Occupation: Show Girl

Picture: luciahw3.jpg
Name: Lucia Travera
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Searian --Searis 3152
Occupation: Therapist

Picture: untitled12st5.jpg
Name: Marcus Fenix
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Human, Sera 2158
Occupation: Soldier, Special Covert Operations Unit

Picture: claireir3.png
Name: Claire Montoya
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Human -- Earth 2015
Occupation: Heiress to ZIO Cyber Corporation

Picture: Maria1.jpg
Name: Marius Stratums
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Human/ Earth 3089
Job: Alien hunter

Picture: katarmk0.jpg
Name: Katar Dakit
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Desico / 1879
Occupation: Mercenary

Picture: Cubechar2.jpg
Name: Meredith Taylor
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Tcheren / L'iyan around 2418
Occupation: Hunter/Mercenary

Picture: Kakashi-assassin.jpg
Name: Moatilliata Graden
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Tremulant Galaxy 4051
Occupation: Assassin

Picture: blackguy.jpg
Name: Desmond Sykes
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Earth, 2007
Occupation: Owns a CD store

Picture: untitled13pj2.jpg
Name: Nadia Dylenda
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Elf
Occupation: Druid/Ranger

Picture: merikhv9.jpg
Name: Merik Jeffers
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Earth 2010 ? Human
Occupation: Photographer

Picture: Cubechar1.jpg
Name: Brittany Cossentine
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race/Origin: Human -- Earth, 1995
Occupation: College student

Picture: 4q4jc6e.jpg
Name: Kayrel Malone
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: North America 3538 -- Elf
Occupation: Assassin

Picture: panopticon-oldman-1.png
Name: Oromis Tu'wail
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Lukan, the planet Creitz
Occupation: Veteran headhunter

Picture: 81275672wz0.jpg
Name: Julian Marx
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Human / America (2032)
Occupation: College Student

Picture: 61wlf1k.jpg
Name: Lillathica
Age: 138
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: France, 1423 / Vampire
Occupation: Potions Master

Picture: shadow-4.jpg
Name: Shilos Krieger
Age: 145
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Shadeas 5 - Hedgehog Person
Job: Dark Matter Collector

Picture: elianarg5.jpg
Name: Eliana Cedes
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Lonia 4309
Occupation: Exotic Dancer

Picture: glalb1.png
Name: Uriel Blaine
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Humanoid/Earth 3010.
Occupation: Genetic Engineer/Scientist

Picture: kimgu7.png
Name: Delita Lytle
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Cerulean, Planet Caelus, Pyx galaxy.
Occupation: Retrieval Agent

Picture: CUbechar6.jpg
Name: Alcuin nó Prideux
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race/Origin: Human / Earth, 2053
Occupation: Dog sled runner, Antarctic expedition

Picture: panopticon-catwoman-1.png
Name: Dafine Hecata
Age: 363
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Cheira / Planet Bastet
Occupation: Noblewoman

Picture: picforpanop.jpg
Name: Eloris Renten
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Encartic Romulus Space Station, 89 BC
Occupation: Warrior Trainee

Picture: 67994583zy1.jpg
Name: Etamet
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Origin/Race: Human from the planet Langma (2601)
Occupation: Hunter

Picture: 463.jpg
Name: Angela Godspeed
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Origin: Wingrus System/Winged Human
Job: Guardian

Picture: panopticon-girl-1.jpg
Name: Penelope "Penny" Archess
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: Human -- England, 1740
Occupation: pupil at a boarding school

Picture: 6cqo0pl.jpg
Name: Serena Scarlatti
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Origin/Race: 21st Century Earth, London / Human
Occupation: Computer programmer/hacker

The Groups -- Panopticon In Numbers

Unlike it?s predecessor, the Panopticon is situated to where it has multiple beginnings which lead to a single ending. The thirty contestants will be broken up into three groups, each beginning in their own area of space. The distance between them, or whether they will ever meet is the whim of the Central Command Center. That would be -- you and I. Each group will consist of ten contestants who will begin their journey together in one room after having a moment to meet each other. The groups are split up as follows.

GROUP ONE: Sastasha Sandares, Mary Winters, Damian Legion, Delilah Rousseau, Lucia Travera, Marcus Fenix, Claire Montoya, Marius Stratums, Katar Dakit, Meredith Taylor

GROUP TWO: Moatilliata Graden, Desmond Sykes, Nadia Dylenda, Merik Jeffers, Brittany Cossentine, Kayrel Malone, Oromis Tu'wail, Julian Marx, Lillathica, Shilos Krieger

GROUP THREE: Eliana Cedes, Uriel Blaine, Delita Lytle, Alcuin nó Prideux, Dafine Hecata, Eloris Renten, Etamet, Angela Godspeed, Penelope "Penny" Archess, Serena Scarlatti

The Beginning -- Group Two

Moatilliata?s memories didn?t add up. He was completely sure that only moments ago he had been standing over the throat of a castle lord which he had just neatly sliced open, but now he was suddenly standing in a large cube-shaped metal room. The room was devoid of anything save for a large screen that was flat upon the western wall. There was no shock for even a second in his mind - he had been trained heavily for this sort of situation. Perhaps he had fallen victim to the enemy?s trap. He looked down at the blade-glove he wore on his right hand. There was no blood, despite the gushing crimson he was sure he had seen pouring over the rolls of the fat emperor?s neck as the blade carefully slid across. His attention then came to something lying in the corner of the room behind him.

An ancient, rotten corpse was lying against the wall. He had no choice but to approach it. The body was of a man in some sort of uniform -- he bore little resemblance to any person Moatilliata had ever seen. The assassin quickly examined the man?s clothes, but could find nothing on him. He removed one of the man?s boots. Taking it in his hand carefully, he turned and lunged it at the screen. There was no reaction, though. No traps activated, and the screen made no noise whatsoever. Just then, someone else suddenly appeared on the other side of the room.

Like Moatilliata, he had the appearance of an older man, and from his instant reaction of complete acceptance of the surroundings, Moatilliata could tell that he was of a similar profession. The man was smoking a cigarette and placed it between his fingers just before turning to face the assassin.

?Oromis Tu?wail,? the man said. At first, Moatilliata was mildly confused. It sounded like nothing resembling a name to him -- the man seemed to be speaking a different language. This thought was discarded, though, as the man continued talking.

?Don?t suppose you know where we are, eh?? Moatilliata began to reply, but just as he opened his mouth, the screen suddenly flickered on, an image floating to the surface.


?Ladies and gentleman,? as the voice began to speak, a series of faces suddenly began to appear.

The faces flashed by one at a time at high speed as the deep, mechanical voice continued. ?You are amongst a group of experimental contestants brought here by the Central Command Center. Your goal is to escape the series of obstacles approaching. Many, if not all of you, are going to die. This is not a game. This is survival. How you survive is up to you. There will be penalties for those who act in a way that the CCC does not allow. Remember? we are always watching you. Looking in front of you, you will see a single door. You have 30 seconds before the room implodes. Choose your actions wisely. Survive.?

The scene continued to play over and over in a loop as the next contestants arrived.

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Group One

After seeing the video run on the screen, Katar Dakit was the first of the group of ten people to make it to the door. He started pushing it open, but it was really heavy.

"O heavens, thirty seconds!" a voice of a young girl screamed behind her. "What an awful nightmare I am having!"

"What is going on?!" a shrill male voice asked in panic.

"I don't know, but we have to get out of here and fast!" a woman replied.

A few other people rushed to help Katar, and together they got the door pushed open. Everybody ran as far into the corridor as they could. The door swung shut behind them, and then there was silence as everybody stopped.

Katar turned around to face the others. It sure was the strangest group of people he had ever seen. Many still had panic in their eyes, some woman was comforting a young girl who had fallen to her knees, but a few of them were calm but alert, their eyes were carefully observing the surroundings and the people around them. Just like Katar.

He knew that those few people were the ones who would survive this nightmare with him. In his job as a mercenary he had learned that the strong always survived.

Katar Dakir decided to be strong, and let the weak fall before him.

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Desmond Sykes, part of group 2 was trying to comprehend what was going on. He was just a CD salesman, how could he survive this?

He stood for 10 seconds... silent. After he was out of his trance, he went forward. He ran towards the door after he decided he wouldn't think too much of the Ponopticon, he just acted. He ran through the door. His future was looking grim for him. Yet, he played music inside his mind to soothe his thoughts.

Into a corridor he went. He -and most of the others - probably just ran in without second thought. The thought that he could die, played over and over like a record.

If he died he wouldn't be able to enjoy music, his life's love. He was selling CD's in New York, when poof! After he woke up he looked around at everyone. Being away from aliens because of the current technology of his time, he was sort of shocked. 10 others were with him in this; he would have to make good with those around him. Enemies are something that he couldn't afford.

A girl was beside him. She, unlike most of them, looked like she was from Desmond's era.

"Hello." He said. The girl looked over at him.

"Hello?" she said confused."

The name's Desmond, what's yours?" Desmond stopped, so did the girl. "Oh, my name's Brittany Cossentine." Desmond looked at her. "Nice meting you, I guess." He said, she looked at him, smiled then ran forward.

Twas short; the conversation. But Desmond knew inside that she could be an important asset. Just then Desmond remembered the person talking to everyone.

Maybe talking to others will get me tossed away? He thought that maybe making friends could be against the rules, but he just put that behind him.

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Group One

Lucia Travera spent a few moments calming a young girl who was a bit on the hysterical side before standing up and looking to the group she had found herself with. There were nine others besides herself. She didn't know what was going on. Lucia had just finished working with one patient and was about to admit the next one when she had suddenly found herself in this strange place.

And that video that had been playing, she had not missed the implication that most of them would die. She was trained to pay attention to what was going on in the conversations around her and she had not missed how the distorted voice had referred to them as 'experimental contestants' or the name 'Central Command Center' But even more importantly the part where it had said 'There will be penalties for those who act in a way that the CCC does not allow.' And yet no explanation of just what those ways were was given.

It irritated Lucia, someone was playing games and she didn't like it, not one bit. Experiments in psychology were done where she was from, but never with actual people. And considering how rudely they were brought here, without consent, she had no doubt that the threat of death was real. She looked at the room they were now in, there wasn't much to look at as it was empty and at this point it looked like there was only one direction to go.

Lucia made up her mind. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I for one have no intention of dying."

"Now now, there's no need to get excited." A richly dressed woman said.

"How do you figure that?" Lucia asked.

"Because no one would dare to harm me sweetie." She said as she reached into her expensive purse and pulled out a cigarette. Lighting it and then lazily smoking while she stood there calmly.

"And you are?" Lucia inquired. Instantly disliking the woman.

"Ah, of course," the woman said in a patronizing tone. "I forget that a little thing like you would have never heard of me. I am Claire Montoya, Heiress to ZIO Cyber Corporation." She stood there self importantly, waiting for the others to recognize her.

"But... there is no ZIO Cyber Corporation on Searis." Lucia replied, a bit confused.

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"What's going on?" Alcuin sat up and rubbed his head... He felt like he had a hangover, which wasn't uncommon for him when he was alone at one of his checkpoints during an expidition. The only thing that really made him nervous was that his many sled dogs that were with him the night before, were now replaced by odd looking people and creatures. He was in a circular room that was coated in glass tiles. Lights shown through the tiles illuminating everything and making Alcuin's headache worse.

Some of them had pointy ears. Others had two shades of hair, and some looked like something alltogether inhuman. In any case, this was the worst side-effect of drinking Alcuin had ever had.

"I do not know, but something seems to have brought us here." A very tall black man stood in front of the group. He was practically naked, but that didn't take away from his overpowering presence. Not only was he tall, but was very well built with a dagger strapped at his side and a spear in his hand.

"My name is Etamet. Pardon my rudeness, but where do you come from; You look nothing like the people of my country"

"It's Alcuin, and I'm from America, but I spend about a third of the year on Antactica with my sled dogs. What about you? Are you from Africa or something?" Alcuin realized that his comment sounded far more rude than Etamet's, but the man didn't seem to notice.

"Africa? I have not heard of this place. I hail from the planet Langma."

"It makes sense," another tall... Thing spoke clearly. It was the only being in the room that was obviously not human. Even in Alcuin's time, there were mutations which could eplain elongated ears or abnormal height. That's even how Alcuin had attained his snowy white hair. "We are all from different planets. My name is Dafine Hecata. I am from Bastet."

"That's dumb. There's no such thing as space travel, it's just illogical. I learned about it at school." A young girl, around 10 years old by the looks of her, spoke up in that adolescent matter-of-fact tone which was common for young people of her age.

"I've traveled to many planets before. I'm from Caelus, but I've visited at least 20 neighboring planets, so I suppose it's possible, but I've never heard of any planet named Langma, America, or Antarctica," The young woman with pointy ears stood up to speak. "whoever did this is very powerful. I'm curious to their intentions."

"As am I." Etamet concurred.

Alcuin was definately dreaming now, or maybe this was just the worst hangover he ever had. As these thoughts crossed his mind, the lone computer screen in the room clicked on to reveal a series of pictures and a very disturbing message. Each of the pictures were comparable to one of the 10 people in his room, but there were about 20 others that he didn't recognize.

When the message finished, Alcuin too dazed to take it seriously, several people began screaming, especiall the little girl with an English accent. 30 seconds huh? he thought. What's worse is that they couldn't really seem to find the exit.

Etamet jumped up immediately and began searching along with Dafine and the pointy-eared lady. Apparently, they had no problem accepting the fact that people could be from other planets. He thought they were crazy and immediately wished that if this really was a challenge of life and death, that the three crazy ones would die first.

When they finally found the door in the roof, Etamet pulled it open with his brute strength and Dafine jumped easily what was 10 feet to the floor above. She then began helping everyone out one by one, starting whith the small girl and then getting all the women out. What is this, the Titanic?

Alcuin was the second to last out of the room, followed by Etamet. By the time he was out the lights in the room were flashing red and sirens were going off. Etamet managed to get through just in time to see every surface of the circular room collide into each other, leaving nothing but a large mass of glass and metal to block their view. Daphine closed the door and surveyed the area.

"So what now?" Alcuin asked lazily?

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Group Three

Until just a few minutes ago Eliana had just finished getting ready to go out to dinner with a date. Or rather an evening with one of many clients from the club she danced for. With her long form fitting dress with slits running all the way up both sides, the sleeveless dark blue silk dress was hardly the right sort of outfit for running around. About the only good thing was that since she had only just finished with her hair and make up, she was still wearing the more practical and comfortable flat sandals since she always waited until she was done to put on her high heels.

At least she was wearing the dress with slits nearly up to her waist on each side instead of the other one she had been considering that had none. Especially since both of them went nearly to the floor. As a result, even though the catlike Dafine was helping people up once she had a grip on the edge she easily pulled herself up and into the next area without further help. Eliana had never seen someone like Dafine before, but then so many aliens visited her world she had lost track of how many there were. And in the end she didn't really care either. She had clients from all sorts of different races.

A few minutes later all of them were out. "So what now?" The one who had called himself Alcuin asked.

To Eliana he seemed a bit out of it, kind of like some of those she dealt with at the club, as if he was hungover. She certainly hoped not. After what the video had said, the last thing they needed was someone who had just been drinking. And she was quite positive that he had seemed annoyed that Dafine helped the children and women first. What a mess.

"I would imagine that we are expected to do as the Central Command Center stated in the video. It did say our goal was to escape and that there would be obstacles approaching.

I would imagine that means that if we don't get moving something unpleasant will occur. You saw what happened to the room we were just in, if we had not left as instructed, we all would have died."

"I know that." Alcuin said a bit annoyed. "What I meant is do we want to decide on a plan of action first."

"What type of plan? For the moment there's only one other door out of this room." Eliana said, indicating the double set of doors on the other side of the empty square room they were in. "Unless you're talking about who should be in charge."

"Obviously we are not likely to agree on a single leader," the one called Etamet spoke up. "But it is logical that those with skills should probably lead while the rest follow. I do not know what approaches but I am a hunter."

"Well my name is Serena," the girl with pink hair finally spoke up. "And if you want to do things by who has some sort of skills for defending themselves, that leaves me out. I'm good at computer programming and hacking, but that's about it."

A few minutes later after discussing among themselves who could do what, the group semi split up and then Eliana spoke. "I guess it's settled then. For the moment we'll stick to those who know something of defense being in the lead. I'll stick with the others right behind you since even though I'm a dancer, I have at least been trained in basic street fighting techniques."

She smiled apologetically, "It was kind of unavoidable since some guys don't understand the word no."

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Group One

Claire turned her head away from Lucia, not really paying attention to her comment. Though it was more like choosing willingly to ignore it. The wealthy lookin woman walked over toward the open corridor in front of the group.

"Where do you think you're going?" Katar asked, turning his attention to Claire.

"I'm leaving, darling. You may all stay here if you want, but as soon as I get out of this place I'll have my bodyguards escort me back to my living quarters and find out what's been..."

"...find out what? You really think getting out of here will be that simple? What makes you think your so capable? Daddy teach you how to break out of obstacle ridden prisons?" Katar went on, very doubtful that a stuck up corporate princess could really grasp the reality of their situation.

The others had diverted their attention to the back and forth antics of Claire and Katar. Lucia placed her hand to her mouth, thinking of something she should say to keep the peace. She took a single step forward, brushing the hair from her face as she readied herself for an attempt to keep control. She opened her mouth, but the voice of another came from behind her.

"Arguing amongst ourselves doesn't seem too productive, now does it? It's pretty clear just by looking around the room that there's quite a variety of people here. So Claire, don't have your feelings too hurt if nobody here has heard of you, or care to. As for you...if you have time to make retorts, why not contribute something useful?" the semi-deep male voice spoke, as the other turned to him.

"Yeah? Who might you be, anyway?" Katar asked, raising his arm infront of him.

"My name is Marcus, and I think it's best that we travel as a group if we indeed are trying to leave this place." he explained. It sounded like he had some experience in tight situations like this. He was right though, a simple look around and everyone could easily tell that there was quite a profound difference in the appearences of everyone, both faces and garments.

"I..I agree with Marcus. It's better to go together..." Lucia added in, her voice decreasing in firmness with every word she spoke. It wasn't that she was unsure of herself, but rather the atmosphere in the room seeming to grow increasingly cold as well as the tension already brewing between some people. Katar looked over at her and just narrowed his eyes.

"You know, you look like one of those girls who is better at standing there and looking pretty, maybe you should let the men talk things out for now...sound good?" Katar said, stepping closer to Lucia and going to grab her wrist. His eyes indicated that he cared little for any form of ramification for any possible actions he might have taken then and there. Lucia pulled away but not in time, Katar grabbed her and swung her around violently causing her to yelp in pain.

It wasn't long before a hand grasped tightly around Katar's shoulder, he felt like he was caught in a vice pincer. He was pulled roughly back from Lucia, his body hitting the wall as he recovered seconds later to see a blueish haired woman standing infront of him.

"What kind of scum are you? I've dealt with aliens that have more manners than you do. Do us a favor and keep your mouth shut while we figure out how we can all survive, if survival is even on your mind right now." she spoke, her arms crossed standing infront of Lucia as if to guard her. The young girl who Lucia tended to earlier ran over to the woman who claimed she was from a planet called Searis. She was gripping her wrist that was hurt when Katar grabbed her, the young girl dressed in what seemed to be a maid's outfit took Lucia by the arm and looked up with a concerned look. Some words were spoken between the two, though briefly.

"Hmph, do what you want. I'm very interested in getting out of here alive though...make no mistake about that." Katar said, backing down for the moment so not to make matters worse.

"Well, there's quite a few heroes in this little band isn't there?" Claire asked rhetorically, standing with her left leg extended further than her right. "Now who might you be, miss...alien woman?"

"Marius...and i'm not an alien, rather I hunt aliens that threaten earth." Marius responded. Her answer seemed to warrant some rather odd looks from four of the members of the group, Claire included.

"Aliens...threatening earth? You're joking around with us, right?" spoke the girl with snow colored hair. Her eyes spoke surprise, afterall she had been dancing and performing in one of the major cities of the planet earth for quite a few years and not once were aliens ever a major concern to a peaceful life. The temperature of the room now caused everyone's breath to be visible. It grabbed the attention of a few more people now, though still not alarming.

"She must be from earth during a different time...it's as I said earlier. Where I come from, it is not odd to encounter creatures from another planet or another dimension. As crazy as it sounds, i'm sure you'll find it's true once everyone reveals where they come from." Marcus suggested.

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[CENTER][U][SIZE=3]Group Three[/SIZE][/U][/CENTER]

Uriel Blaine was more than content to say next to nothing and allow Eliana and Etamet to tentatively take over. There was one thing that was bothering him more than anything else, the reference by this mysterious CCC that they were experimental contestants. As a Genetic Engineer he knew perfectly well that [I]experimental[/I] was merely another word for [I]expendable[/I]. And the way this CCC had been more than willing to kill all of them if they hadn't left the room immediately was troubling. What kind of experiment allowed for such a potentially high termination rate? And the people he was now stuck with, at least for the moment, they didn't seem to realize the danger as they were being far to calm. Calm enough that he was certain that it was highly likely that one of them was a member of this CCC deliberately planted in their group to observe them or to make sure certain conditions were met.

At least that was one possible scenario and for that reason alone he was observing everyone, searching for any clues as to what was going on. Saying next to nothing when talked to. But it was far to soon to have any real answers and as they started heading for the set of double doors leading out of the area the girl who had earlier said there was no such thing as space travel moved over and semi-whispered to him.

"[B]So why are you watching everyone?[/B]" She said, her eyes narrowed as if contemplating just what Uriel was up to.

Uriel had never liked kids, noisy, irritating and always breaking things. "[B]Why are you so nosy?[/B]" He shot back softly.

"[B]I'm trying to figure out what's going on of course![/B]" She said indignantly, "[B]Thats what my teacher is always saying, Penny, pay attention, Penny read this, Penny, Penny, Penny! So answer the question if you please.[/B]"

Uriel sighed with exasperation. "[B]I would have thought it was obvious kid, I'm trying to learn who everyone is. Just as you learn your classmates names in school.[/B]"

"[B]But this isn't school.[/B]" Penny pointed out.

"[B]So? Knowing who the people are around you as well as paying attention to your environment is crucial to survival, even if you aren't in a place like this.[/B]" Uriel explained. "[B]How else do you think any life form has managed to survive?[/B]"

Penny started to answer but Uriel cut her off, "[B]Go and bother someone else Penny.[/B]" Then he continued walking across the room with the others ignoring Penny who after giving him a cross eyed look behind his back, did as he suggested, heading over to ask someone else questions. He sighed with relief. Damn if he didn't hate kids.

Then as they all paused in front of the double doors leading to the next area Etamet reached out and started to open them. "[B]Guess there's only one way to find out what's on the other side.[/B]" He said as he opened the doors.
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Group Two

The instant the recording began to loop, Kayrel ignored it, shoving the unnecessary noise to the side. Thirty seconds was plenty of time, more than he needed; the others in the anteroom, for that was what it was, had already found the exit for him in their mad scramble to escape, and he had no desire to be crushed in a panicked mob. Kayrel enjoyed his space. Besides, the faster he left, the less he could take in of his surroundings.

Which, admittedly, were pretty spartan. Aside from the massive viewscreen, the floor, walls and ceiling were identical, constructed of five-foot square tiles that gave the immediate impression of a medical ward with their sterile whiteness. He turned in a complete circle as he strolled to the doorway, hands thrust nonchalantly into his pants pockets, noting the absence of any transportation or storage containers. Obviously who- or whatever had constructed this place had access to extraordinary technology, or very powerful magic, even compared to civilization halfway through the Third millennium. Granted, it wasn?t much information to go on, but it was something.


By the time he?d made it to the door, Kayrel was the only person still in the room. A confident smirk spread over his face, but he made no effort to quicken his step. The double doors hissed shut after he passed through, and the building shuddered with the force of the implosion. When it had finished, he carefully surveyed the members of his unanticipated party, who were now staring back at him in either disbelief of disapproval.


"What?" he asked, more smugly than necessary. "Never seen an elf before?"

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Group Two

Kayrel Malone was wary of the others in his group as well as slightly apprehensive. This wasn?t something he was in any way familiar with. None of the people around her looked anything like people he had seen, and one of them even looked to be some kind of humanoid animal. He had some experience with alien beings, and had even been assigned on killing them before, but this was beyond strange. The fact that some had maintained their head so well was bewildering. A few of the more normal-looking ones looked to be frightened, but no one was breaking down.

He was a trained killer - so why did he feel so frightened? Still, though, the entire group seemed to be fueling it?s own courage. The fact that any were taking it calmly was enough to bring the frightened nature of the group down substantially. Kayrel focused on taking deep breaths -- this was going to be fine? until the first death, he thought. He shivered and tried to maintain his constitution, unaware that he was hugging the back of the group. The corridor was especially extensive -- he wondered why any sort of place would need such a massive, empty corridor.

?Hey,? a voice suddenly came at him. Kayrel maintained a façade of cool, but Julian Marx could easily see how he had nearly jumped through his skin. ?it?s gunna be okay, alright? I think it?s just a joke,? he tried to assure him. Kayrel nodded slightly and pretended like he wasn?t frightened in the slightest, deliberately increasing his pace to meld in with the group. Before long they reached the end of the massive hall and Oromis calmly opened the sliding door at the end.

No one wanted to step into the next room immediately. Each of them merely stared inward a moment, wondering how they should go about it. Tired of waiting, Brittany finally stepped through the door and into the mysterious room.

Unlike the cube room, this one had a more unique shape. While the ground was flat, the rest was a large round dome - one the size of a two-story house. Brittany?s courage felt a sharp decline when entering the room became being in the room, but after a moment she realized that nothing had happened. She breathed a sigh of relief and moments later the rest of the group began to enter the room one at a time. Curiously, they all walked around the circular room, examining the walls and trying to figure out where it would lead to next.

Only Oromis and Moatilliata stayed at the door, sharing a quizzical glance. Both knew that nothing would get accomplished just standing in the doorway, so they proceeded into the room.

As they did so, the door suddenly vanished, transforming into more of the wall. Everyone?s eyes immediately shot to where the door had once been. This didn?t look good.

From overhead, the sound of a sprinkler suddenly shot out. A wave of liquid began pouring down upon the group. Some looked up, others down. Everyone was aware of what it was. Thick, crimson liquid. Lillathica felt it touch her lips -- a taste she knew well. Moatilliata watched it flow across his blade like he was standing in the shower. A vision he recognized all too well. Julian looked at his hands, his eyes full of shock. They were covered in blood.

?Blood!!! It?s ******* blood!!!!? he began hollering frantically.

?Calm down.? Oromis shot back.

?**** you! It?s ******* blood, man!!!?

?I said shut the **** up!? Oromis yelled.

?Well, ****, what the **** do you want me to do, man?! We?re ******* trapped, there?s ******* BLOOD coming from the ******* CEILING!!!?

Oromis walked over and delivered a heavy jab into Julian?s jaw, knocking him to the ground. Julian fell face-first into six inches of accumulated blood, from which he immediately shot up, startled.

?It?s rising?? Kayrel announced, detachedly. The sight of blood was not unknown to him - in fact it was a major part of his job. He had seen people get torn open from the stomach, their organs a mess on the ground as they emptied the contents of their stomach through every orifice. There was no reason for him to be afraid about being covered in blood. He couldn?t understand that the overwhelming circumstances were causing him to panic.

?Everybody remain calm?? Oromis commanded in his deep voice. The blood was climbing quickly. ?We have to find an exit - it?s probably behind one of the walls or in the floor. Try banging on everything and keep your eyes peeled.?

The group began banging on the walls and stomping around through the blood to try and hit the floor. This became more and more difficult as the blood continued to rise, the state of panic increasing with every inch. Within 20 minutes, it was up to 8 feet high.

Everyone kept themselves gently afloat at the surface. Utter terror was written on the faces of several members of the group, and even Oromis was starting to wonder if there was a way out of here.

?Don?t try to swim too hard; if you get tired you?ll end up drowning.? he explained.

?Oh ******* look around! We?re already going to drown! Screw you, dude, I?m diving down there to see what?s up.? Julian took a deep breath and ducked his head under.

?Wait!? Kayrel called too late. Seconds later Julian emerged again, his eyes closed tightly.

?****!? he griped as he wiped at his eyes, feeling like an idiot for trying to see through blood. Once more he started trying to bang on the walls, but to no avail. After several minutes he succumbed to Oromis? advice.

It had been nearly an hour, and for a long time, everyone had been fairly silent, merely trying to keep on the surface. Julian fought to keep himself from breaking down - a general sense of hopelessness was abundant amongst the group. As they neared the ceiling, though, Oromis exhibited an odd calm. He eyeballed the ceiling almost constantly. Kayrel noticed this, and part of him had some hope that he had a plan. The blood was almost 2 feet from the ceiling. The group was in a circle, only 5 feet in diameter due to the dome shape of the room.

Suddenly, Oromis shot out of the water and grabbed onto the sprinkler. Everyone turned up in surprise to see the older man grating his jaw as he hung from the mechanism. Oromis jerked his body, attempting to pull the thing straight out of the ceiling. After a moment in realization, Julian turned to the others.

?Let?s help him out, come on!? At these words the group snapped into action and several of them grabbed onto the older man?s legs, pulling as hard as they could. Oromis howled as he pulled with all his might, backed by the strength of the group. Finally, there was a sliding noise.

The base of the metal device had slid from it?s place - it had come out of it?s hole! The only thing holding it up was a metal cord that led up through the hole. Seeing this opportunity, Moatilliata quickly propped himself up using Julian?s shoulder and climbed onto Oromis? back. Using one quick slice of his blade claw, he cut the cord. Oromis fell from the ceiling, knocking back the people who were pulling on him. The shower of blood had stopped only a foot from the ceiling, and there was a small hole that seemed to be their only way out. They were all swimming so close that they were touching.

Immediately Oromis punched the place where the hole was as hard as he could, and began doing so repeatedly. After 3 punches, the area around the hole cracked and began to crumble down, a piece or two toppling onto one of the blood-soaked contestants. Once the cracks had formed, Oromis pulled at the edged of the hole, knocking the pieces downward as the hole expanded. When the hole was wide enough, he climbed out, followed quickly by the rest of the group.

Each of them stood or sat around the hole, gasping for breath. A mix of triumphant shock and surprised hope was evident in their minds. Leaving the stagnant pool of blood behind, they continued into the new corridor.

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[CENTER][COLOR=#DAA520][SIZE=3][U][B]Group One[/B][/U][/SIZE][/CENTER]

Mary Winters was shocked! She had been doing her duties as any good Palace maid does. Changing bedding and cleaning the castle. But one moment she had been making the bed and then the next she was here. And the people, they were startling, frightening and utterly foreign. She had tried to be brave and failed, falling to her knees when they had left the room. But one of them, a woman with astonishing blue hair, had immediately helped her, soothing her fears until she had quit crying and finally stood up. Introducing herself as Lucia. A name that surely was noble as Mary had never seen anyone wearing such finely woven garments before.

Lucia's dress was a bit revealing as it was far to form fitting and the top didn't cover her shoulders at all. If not for the lack of petticoats and the shortness of the dress that only went past Lucia's knees...Still if she had been snatched and brought her like Mary had then perhaps she had been resting in her private sitting room? Mary didn't know what noblewomen wore in private.

But what shocked her the most was when the fine looking gentleman grabbed Lucia's left wrist, hurting her. How could a gentleman hurt a lady? Mary nearly fainted from fear until one of the others interfered and made him let go. Instantly Mary ran to Lucia's side asking her if she was alright since she was favoring her wrist. Holding it up against her chest.

Lucia smiled at her, "[B]It's alright Mary, I'll be fine.[/B]" Though her glance towards the one who had hurt her didn't say so. She looked afraid.

Mary looked over at the man, she did not like the look in his eyes. Cold, calculating and uncaring. She had seen that look before, from one of her masters before she had been given to the royal family to pay a debt. Her previous master had been cruel, nothing like the stern yet kind master at the palace. [I]What a horrible man![/I] She thought. [I]And here I thought he was a gentleman! [/I]

"[B]You'd best stay away from him miss. That kind is trouble, just like my previous no good master was.[/B]" Mary looked up into her eyes, making sure that Lucia was paying attention.

"[B]Don't worry, Mary[/B]," Lucia said with an uneasy smile. "[B]I will.[/B]" But Lucia shivered just the same. Surprised that she was feeling so cold.

Mary just stood next to Lucia while the others talked among themselves, not really understanding most of what they said. Deciding to stick close to Lucia as the others still frightened her. Then suddenly Lucia spoke up.

"[B]It's getting really cold in here, I can see my own breath.[/B]" Lucia shivered violently, looking at the others but carefully avoiding Katar's gaze. Lucia had seen that look before in another mans eyes, and it only confirmed her initial impression of this place. Who ever had brought them here had surely put them together to see what would happen. They hadn't even been here five minutes and he had already attacked someone. If Marius hadn't stopped him...Lucia shivered again. Wondering who else in the group would be a problem.

"[B]She's right,[/B]" Marius observed, "[B]it is getting colder, we'd better get moving.[/B]"

"[B]I don't recall anyone putting you in charge.[/B]" Claire said. Dropping her nearly finished cigarette on the floor and stomping on it.

"[B]I don't need your permission to point out the obvious fact that it's getting colder and colder in here.[/B]" Marius said coldly. "[B]Stay here and freeze if you wish.[/B]"

"[B]Fine by me[/B]" Katar said taking the initiative and heading towards the doors. "[B]The air isn't the only thing in here that's cold[/B]." He shot a mocking glance at Marius before heading towards the doors.

A moment later the rest of them did as well, though Katar noticed that the woman with the blue hair and the one she had helped were keeping their distance. A moment later they were at the doors.

Impatient, Claire pushed past Katar and opened them, heading through the now open doors. Katar shrugged and followed, the others close behind. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][CENTER][U]Group Three[/U][/CENTER]

Angela Godspeed - or at least that's what her name was translated to - watched as Etamet, a man with peculiar dark skin, pushed open the double doors. As they gazed into the darkness beyond the doorway, lights started to appear into the ceiling three by three, revealing a large hall with no windows. There was only one other door, in the opposite side of the great hall.

Angela streched her murky brown wings. She felt constrained in these narrow halls, not being able to soar through the orange skies of her world. She also missed her weapons, since the people surrounding her looked awfully suspicious.

The group of ten people consisted mostly of females, but there were a few males as well. Angela liked these odds, as she was used to women being in control.

The Wingrus System - again, it felt like an artificial term - was ruled by the Great Mother, and Angela Godspeed was proud to be one of Her guardians. Oh how many were those winged souls that she had felled from the heavens before they could reach the Mother! Oh how blessed she felt for being one of the few of her kind to have ever seen the Mother in Her full glory! These wingless people couldn't've known about Her, so Angela would have to treat them as infidels, and preach to them about the salvation She offered.

There was but one problem. Angela could not talk, for in her world, there were no words, just thoughts.

[B]"Let's go"[/B], Etamet said simply, and moved into the hall. Angela watched as he was followed by the man with white hair, the dancer, the little girl and the red haired man, the feline woman, the girl with pink hair and the girl with pointy ears.

[B]"Are you coming?"[/B] asked a timid young girl with narrow eyes and brown hair. [B]"I am Eloris Renten, what's your name?"[/B]

Angela just shrugged, making the girl squint her eyes even more. [B]"You're not telling, huh? Well, you can count on me, for I am the apprentice of the mighty warrior Zolo. I will keep you safe."[/B]

Angela smiled. That girl thought she would need protection - her, the guardian of the Great Mother of Wingrus! But she nodded to Eloris, anyway. They seemed about the same age, and there was something very interesting about the seemingly shy girl who claimed to be a warrior in training.[/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OoC: Please pay attention to the details in Angela's personality I put into the text. Brown wings, no talking.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER][U]Group One[/U][/CENTER]

Meredith Taylor was already full of disdain for her group. She never liked getting involved with anything involving people she didn?t like, and she immediately hated half of this group. Her biggest beef already had to be with Katar, the ugly bastard who was already harassing felloe group members. If he became a problem, she decided it would be best to off him immediately. In her mind there were no qualms about dropping dead weight, regardless of species. Then there was that other uppity bitch, Claire. The thought of grinding the bitch?s face under her heal made Meredith smile. She almost giggled at the squishing noise her brain matter would make.

There was also the case of the flamboyant man standing aside in sunglasses, positively basking in self-importance. She could already tell that he was probably some kind of musician who was far too big for his britches. Another girl was dressed like a total slut. Meredith wondered what king of bugs were crawling around inside of her vagina -- how many abortions she?s had to suffer.

The most peculiar character was a grey-skinned shady fellow with beautiful black hair casting shadows over his face. The man had a powerful presence that Meredith found attractive. He, too, was standing silent and observing. Meredith wondered - rather hoped he was as sick as she was.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Tahoma][center][color=darkslategray][b][u]Group Three[/u][/b][/center]

Angela and Eloris brought up the rear of the group as Etamet catiously paved the path through the narrow hallway. Eloris took Angela's hand and together they ran to catch up with the rest. They passed by two members who were walking slower than the rest, Eloris just glanced behind her to see if they were coming or not but didn't pay much attention to it. She recognized one of them as the man who was talking with the youngest looking girl of their party.

The woman who walked the furthest behind now stopped short once the kids ran by and addressed the red-headed man.

[b]"So, you seem to know quite a bit about survival and this place. Maybe you should consider sharing some knowledge with the rest of the group."[/b] she spoke, stopping the man in his tracks. He turned to her only slightly and just eyed her from the corner of his glasses.

[b]"On the contrary I don't have a clue as to where we are, or how we got here. How would you have come to that conclusion?"[/b] the man responded in inquiry.

[b]"You were speaking with Penny back there, and spoke about survival tactics and the importance of getting to know everyone. Though all you did was observe. Are you that confident in your deductive abilities?"[/b]

The man now fully turned around and just stared back at the pointy eared, light haired woman asking him all these questions. She looked like no other person he's ever seen before, but at the same time she resembled a human like form. It didn't seem as odd as the winged girl or the feline like creature he had observed back in the room they were in however.

[b]"I was a good distance away from you when we talked. Are your eavesdropping skills so matured?"[/b] he shot back.

[b]"You could have spoken lower than you were and I probably still would have heard, you see us Ceruleans have quite the enhanced hearing sense. Even now I can hear the others up ahead talkin amongst themselves."[/b] she explained, taking him a bit by surprise.

[b]"I see, that must be what the pointy ears are for."[/b] he asked, amusing himself.

[b]"The shape of my ears is inconsequential, it's the insides that allow me my hearing. Anyway, my name is Delita Lytle. I'm a retrieval agent on my planet, which pretty much means anyone that tries to get off free from trying to renege on a deal to my employer gets a not so nice visit from me. It's safe to assume that we don't exactly come from the same place."[/b] The man just stood there a few moments before turning his head around back to the front.

[b]"Uriel Blaine, I'm a genetic scientist. So the knowledge I have of this place goes as far as what I indeed can deduce. It seems a lot less advanced then what i'm used to though."[/b] Uriel explained. [b]"In any case, as delightful as it was speaking with you it would be in our best interest to advance forward"[/b] he added in a slightly sarcastic tone.

He walked on, Delita followed still a bit curious about the secrecy of Uriel. They eventually caught up to the rest of the group, they had encountered a room with a rather tall roof with spiraling stairs going in both directions. It was easy to tell where the stairs leading up led as there were only around 5 stories above them with a few doors until they hit the roof, where as downward looked only like pitch black. Ahead of them there was another steel door. The group seemed split on how to approach their new decision to be made.

[b]"Ugh, this place is way too dark and dismal for my taste! Do we really have to go through all of this? Who's idea was this anyway?"[/b] a young girl with light pink hair whined as Etamet examined the door.

[b]"It won't budge."[/b] he spoke. Alcuin, the man who had introduced himself during their walk from the last room as a dog sled runner, walked over to the door to help Etamet.

[b]"Well...it looks like there's always...the stairs"[/b] the taller, dark haired woman mentioned.
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[color=green][center][u][b]Group Two[/b][/u][/center]

Merik had been quiet for the most part during their ordeal so far. But the fact that he didn't have his precious camra with him was slowly starting to grate on his nerves. The idea of being here with this gathering of people pulled from all corners of time and space was facinating, but not being able to document it visually was annoying the crap out of him. Marik wasn't too thrilled about waking around in blood soaked clothes either.

"Don't get me wrong, or anything," Marik finally spoke up, "I'm greatful to still be alive and everything, but this stuff really smells." Most of the group ignored him or wasn't paying attention in the first place.

"Well, human blood is a bit perticular." A lofty female voice laced with a French accent spoke up. Marik turned to see what appeared to be a young woman with pale skin and long crimson hair. He arched his eyebrow in a questionable look.

"And what makes you so sure that was human blood? That could have been cow blood or pig blood for all we know."

"It was the taste." Again, Lillathica's tone was cool and complacent.

"T-t-taste?!" Marik's face when as white as a sheet. He nervously covered his neck whith his hand. "D-don't tell me you're a..."

"Vampire? Yes" She sighed. "And I wouldn't go around believing those foolish fairytales. I don't even like human blood. I would much prefer the sweet taste of swine blood than the intoxifying taste of human blood."

"Fine. Whatever you say." Marik nevously seporated himself from Lillathica, not sure whether to believe her or not. Lillathica now found heself towards the back of the group. [i]Foolish mortal. Wouldn't be surprised if he were to die first.[/i][/color]
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[SIZE=3][CENTER][U][B]Group One[/B][/U][/CENTER][/SIZE]
Sastasha just sighed to himself, so much for finishing recording the new song his group had been working on. When he had opened the door to the studio and stepped through he had found himself here. And what a bunch of weirdos too! As they started through the doors to leave the rapidly cooling area, Sastasha wished that they could leave that scumbag Katar as well as the stuck up bitch Claire behind.

Sure he liked ladies as much as the next guy, but not enough to do what Katar had, and in front of all those people no less! Obviously the loser was use to getting away with what ever he wanted. Sastasha was use to getting what he wanted but usually it was the other way around, the ladies were throwing themselves at him, he didn't have to resort to grabbing them.

He was walking through the doors when he accidentally bumped into the one wearing a maid's outfit. "[B]I'm sorry,[/B]" he said with a charming smile. "[B]I didn't meant to bump into you.[/B]"

But the skittish girl just moved away and in front of the one with blue hair as if to guard her from him.

"[B]It's alright Mary[/B]," Lucia said.

"[B]But miss! He's probably a pervert like the other one, especially since you're not fully dressed![/B]" Mary said urgently.

Lucia was confused. Sure she was wearing a dress and her shoulders were exposed, but unlike Claire, she wasn't dressed like some floozy. Claire's outfit may have covered her completely, but it was open in the front clearly showing off her full figure with the diamond shaped opening right in the middle of her chest.

"[B]I don't know where you are from Mary,[/B]" Sastasha said kindly, "[B]But her dress,[/B]" he indicated Lucia. "[B]Is perfectly decent. Unlike a certain would be princess.[/B]" Sastasha smirked a bit when Claire shot him a dirty look.

Confused Mary turned and looked at Lucia, "[B]Is that true miss Lucia?[/B]"

Lucia smiled reassuringly. "[B]It is, what I have on is a summer dress.[/B]"

All of them jumped when Marius spoke from the other room. "[B]Unless you three plan on freezing, would you mind moving so I can shut the doors?[/B]"

Sastasha turned and faced her, "[B]I'm sorry, I was apologizing to the young lady for accidentally bumping into her.[/B]" He moved immediately out of the way along with Lucia and Mary, who was blushing over having been called 'young lady'

As Marius closed the doors Sastasha introduced himself to Lucia and Mary. "[B]Well since I know that your name is Lucia and yours is Mary it only seems fair to tell you mine. I am Sastasha.[/B]"

Lucia extended her right hand and shook Satasha's hand, "[B]Nice to meet you.[/B]" She let go with a small smile. He seemed nice enough.

When Sastasha turned to Mary, she ignored his outstretched hand and instead offered a small bow. "[B]Nice to meet you sir.[/B]" She said.

Sastasha laughed. "[B]There's no need to call me sir. Just Sastasha.[/B]"

"[B]Well isn't that just precious.[/B]" A snide voice said from behind the three, causing them to whirl around. "[B]Playing nice with two little goodie two shoes. I think I'm going to be sick.[/B]" Claire looked at all of them with disdain.

Sastasha put his hands in his pockets and smirked a bit, he had dealt with Claire's type before, greedy, grasping and vulgar. "[B]Well seeing that these two,[/B]" he indicated Lucia and Mary with a nod, "[B]Are much nicer that either you or that loser,[/B]" this time he indicated Katar who just raised an eyebrow. "[B]Then I suggest you and the loser get lost.[/B]"

"[B]Or perhaps it would be better if you three got lost.[/B]" Claire said viciously.

Lucia started to try and say something but Marius beat her too it. "[B]Listen here Claire, I've about had enough of your bitchy attitude so shut up. We don't have time for this kind of nonsense, we need to find the way out of this place.[/B]"

Claire whirled to face Marius, intending to say something only to halt at Marius's expression. "[B]Fine.[/B]" She spat before turning to look for the next set of doors.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Desmond's recent experience had gotten him dirty. "Shit! I hate blood!" No one heard him, he was still behind. Luckily he could see the group and he was Lucky he could be put through another tormenting trial again. Oh yeah, he enjoyed his last experience. He wanted to thank oromis for saving him and the others, but he didn't want to run, he needed to reserve his energy.

As Desmond started walking he heard his name. "Desmond!"

Desmond looked ahead and saw Brittany, the girl from before. He nodded for a second, then he realized who it was. "Oh, hello!"

Brittany fell behind so she could meet up with Desmond. "So what did you think of that little blood-bath??, she asked sarcastically. "Yeah, were lucky to get out of there!"

"No I don't think that. That CCC guy said obstacles not obstacle, so we should prepare for more." Brittany shrugged.

Desmond nodded. "Most likely. So do you know where we are headed?" Desmond asked. Brittany just nodded. "No I don't, but we have to survive, and for now that's all that matters."

Desmond looked around the corridor. It looked normal... for now.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#DAA520][CENTER][U][B]Group Two[/B][/U][/CENTER]

Well this was a fine mess that he had gotten into. Shilos Krieger didn't know how had ended up in this hell hole but one thing was certain. Those who were here with him were nothing like the more calm and collected world he was from. They had to be from different worlds since none of them looked like his people.

And from the beginning it was looking like who ever this CCC was or rather why they had brought them here was for some sick reason of their own. When they had been caught in the room that filled with the strange red substance it had confused him to hear the others refer to it as blood. Blood was black, not red. At least his was. And when Lillathica told the one called Merik that it was human blood due to the taste he had grimaced. One did not drink the blood of others. That was sick.

Shilos sighed as he followed along with the group. Attempting to clean the horrible blood off of him as they continued down the hallway they were in. If not for feeling completely lost he would have headed out on his own. But he didn't know what to do at all. So he shuffled along, simply following their lead.

He was closely behind one who called herself Brittany who was talking to someone called Desmond. Shilos was so short that both of them didn't seem to even realize that he was walking behind them. [i]What rude creatures they are.[/i] He thought as they talked as if they were alone. But then his attention was caught by the one called Brittany who was trying without success to clean the blood off of a strange pendant she was wearing. Shilos hadn't noticed it before, it must have been under her clothing. It was a strange yellow color and it looked like two sticks lying in opposite directions that crossed at one point.

"[B]What is that?[/B]" Shilos asked her, startling both of them.

"[B]It's a cross.[/B]" Brittany said, even as she made a strange little motion with one hand, muttering under her breath before she finally gave up and tucked it back under her shirt.

Desmond just groaned. "[B]Don't tell me that your Catholic.[/B]"

Brittany just laughed. "[B]So what? It's not like I'm all that devote you know.[/B]" She smirked. "[B]Besides, a little prayer can't hurt can it?[/B]"

"[B]I suppose not.[/B]" Desmond said with a sigh.

"[B]I don't understand, what are you talking about?[/B]" Shilos asked clearly confused. Just what was a Catholic and what did she mean by a little prayer?

"[B]Forget it, we need to catch the others before we get left behind.[/B]" Brittany took off and started running towards the others. With a sigh Shilos started to follow her and then Desmond did as well.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo][CENTER][B]Violation Detected?Rule Four Of Prohibited Actions Has Occurred?[/B][/CENTER]

[SIZE=1]Brittany Cossentine had not even taken more than a few steps when she vanished, leaving both Shilos and Desmond who had started following her standing there, wondering what had happened.

?[B]Brittany?[/B]? Desmond looked around. How could she have vanished? ?[B]Where are you?[/B]?

As if from everywhere the same distorted voice they had heard from the screen when they first arrived spoke:[B] [I]There will be penalties for those who act in a way that the CCC does not allow. Remember? we are always watching you. [/I][/B]

Penalties? ?[B]Wait! What are you talking about? Brittany didn?t do anything![/B]? Desmond yelled, ignoring the rest of the group who had come back to see what had happened.


Just as Brittany had suddenly found herself in this strange place, she once again suddenly found herself in the middle of a huge square room with no exits, roughly fifty feet long and wide. She barely had time to register that she was no longer with the others when a powerful bright light from the ceiling turned on shining directly down on her. The same distorted voice she had heard on the screen when she arrived spoke as if from everywhere.

?[B]Brittany Cossentine. You have acted in a manner that violates the Central Command Center?s rules. For your crime, you will face a punishment of the Panopticon.[/B]?

Brittany tried to open her eyes against the harsh bright lights blinding her, tears streaming out of her eyes as she looked around to see who was there. ?[B]What are you talking about? What rules?[/B]?

?[B]Your punishment will last 12 hours by the CCC?s time. For your crime you will face trial thirty seven.[/B]?

The bright floodlights turned off and a loud mechanical sound was heard as every other tile on the ceiling vanished and was replaced by what appeared to be sprinklers on a new section that came down about a foot from the ceiling in each spot.

Nervous, Brittany started looking for a way out, wondering if they were going to fill the room with blood like they had before. But as a humming sound was heard and sparks started to fly from what she had thought was sprinklers, she was no longer sure what to expect.

A moment later an arch of electricity flew from several of them and hit the floor, one of them close enough to brush her painfully. A moment later another set of electrical bolts was released from different points in the ceiling. [I]I?m supposed to dodge these for twelve hours?[/I] She thought as yet another set of bolts was released.

?[B]But... I didn?t do anything![/B]? She said to herself, even as she tried to watch the ceiling in an attempt to predict where the next set would strike.

But even as she did so, sections of the floor opened up throwing her off as she hastily shifted to avoid falling into the opening that had suddenly appeared in front of her. Brittany barely had time to register that the bottom was filled with snakes when the electrical bolt she had been trying to avoid hit the back of her left leg, causing her to scream in agony as the powerful current ran through her.

Brittany fell to the floor hard, knocking the breath out of her, barely avoiding falling in another pit, one that appeared to be bottomless. Sobbing she got back up limping a bit from where she had already been hit on her left leg. As if to add to the horror, on one wall a huge screen lit up showing a count down of the time remaining.[I] Only five minutes have passed?[/I] She thought with despair. [I]How can they possibly expect me to last twelve hours? [/I]

The thought occurred to her that the best path would be to stick close to the walls since the pits seemed to be towards the middle of the room. Dodging would be easier if she didn?t have to worry about falling into one of them. But even after she spent close to thirty minutes dodging the electrical strikes as well as avoiding the pits, when she finally make it to one of the walls... Brittany was immediately caught off guard when a set of razor sharp spikes shot out several feet out of the wall in front of her, nearly catching her in the chest, one of them grazing her left arm painfully as she dodged to the side, right into a bolt of electricity as it came down from the ceiling.

This time it caught her left arm, right where she had been cut. Again she screamed in agony when it hit, causing her to collapse, unable to stop herself as she teetered halfway on the edge of yet another pit. Then when the pain began to recede she finally managed to move away from the pit, trying to catch her breath, as she desperately got back up.

A moment later, clutching her left arm where she had been cut and electrocuted, Brittany stood there, tears running down her face from the pain as she looked over at the screen again. Time seemed to be moving in slow motion as only thirty-eight minutes had passed. [I] I?m going die,[/I] she thought as she barely avoided another set of electrical bolts. [I]I can?t possibly last another eleven hours and twenty two minutes! [/I]

She looked at the walls, afraid to go near them, the pits just waiting for her to fall in, and the bolts of electricity as they struck the floor in what appeared to be random strikes. [I]Am I in Hell?[/I] Brittany wondered.

[CENTER][IMG]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/Cubechar1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/imprisonpanopticon.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER]
[B]Notes:[/B] The twelve hours translates to 56 hours in real time from the moment this post goes up. [/COLOR]
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[U][CENTER]Group 1[/CENTER] [/U]

Damian Legion stood in aww of what was going on in this strange place. Never before had his adrenaline been pumping so much, and he had only just arrived in this place. Since his arrival he had seen many people interacting with each other, exchanging names and places of origin. The one who said his name was Katar seemed to be causing alot of tension with the others in the group. On the contrary Sastasha seems to be getting along with the others, except Katar, in the group quite nicely.

Damian had been using this time to consider all that had happened in the small amount of time he had been here. The quick rush out of the room he had appeared in seemed to cause alot of stress on many members of the group, mostly the female members, a few like Marcus seemed to be unaffected by by the situation that they found thimselves in.

Damian was tired of standing around waiting for someone to take charge, he began to walk down the corridor that they had found themselves in. Marcus was the first to notice the movement down the corridor, but before he could say anything a blade the size of his entire body came shooting down the corridor towards Damian.

Damian, almost realizing it too late, made a last second dodge to the side. He turned just in time to see the blade smash a gigantic gash into the floor of the corridor. The next thing he knew Marcus had him by the throut 2 feet off the floor.

[B]"What the Hell do you think you are doing?"[/B] he screamed at the top of his lungs.[B]"You should never go off alone in hostile territory, you could have killed yourself or the entire group just now!"[/B] he continued.

Damian barely even heard what Marcus had said to him, his mind was racing with the fact that he had almost died. His life had flashed before eyes just then, he saw all the long training sessions with the Grand Arch Mage on his planet. All the time and effort he had done hadn't prepared him for this situation.

Just as Marcus seemed to begin to release his grip on Damian he felt the conciosness slip away from him,Marcus knew that the young man would drop to the floor the moment he let go of him. Marcus sat Damian down slowly on the floor and turned towards the others in the group who had been staring at him in awe of what had just happened.

[B]"We need to all stick together if we are going to find a way out of the God forsaken hell hole,"[/B] he began, [B]"stupid as he is this guy had the right idea we need to keep moving. For all we know this corridor could be timed like the last room we were in."[/B] he said. There was a nod of agreement from the majority of the group.

They all began to get into a fairly close group and started to head down the corridor. Marcus headed over the the unconscious Damian and threw him over his shoulders, he was unexpectingly light for someone his size and build, by looking at him he seemed to fairly well muscled and very agile, but when Marcus lifted him up he seemed to weigh nothing at all.

The group moved to the end of the corridor without any more problems, Marcus approached the door.

[B]"Be prepared for anything."[/B] he called back to the others.

Marcus slowly opened the door to the next room, everyone seemed to be holding there breath in antisipation of what could come out of the door.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER][U]Group 2[/U][/CENTER]

Desmond was still in shock at what happened. The only person he had good interactions with, had disappeared. Desmond shook his head in disbelief. "No! So What? Does prayer go against the rules of the CCC?? Desmond asked, but the others just stood. Desmond shook his head once more. "Oh never mind..."

The group just advanced, ever so slightly. They had acted non-sealant, like nothing had happened, like Brittany never existed.

Shilos walked forth, he stood next to Desmond. "So what are you thinking?" he asked. Desmond just turned around he turned back and stared forward. "I don't know, but one thing I must say is that the CCC is cheap. Bastard probably likes tormenting us. If I ever find the person behind this I'll rip his arms off." Shilos shook his head

"Violence will get us no where. And be careful what you say, maybe insulting the CCC is another rule that must not be broken." Shilos looked back at Desmond. Desmond clenched his fist. "Desmond, or whatever your name was, why do you have such strong motions towards someone you just met?"

Desmond shook his head. "It's not that, it?s just..."

Shilos stopped Desmond in his tracks. "Tell me what the matter is?"

Desmond was getting teary eyed. ?Nothing, just something reminded me of my life on earth. I met someone there, a girl. She had died and I just hate seeing those I meet die the first day.?

Shilos faced the floor. ?Oh, I see.?[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial][U][B][center]Group One[/center][/B][/U]

[indent][align=justify]As the door opened, Marcus worked to bring his respiratory system back under control. Moving that fast with so little advance warning, even with his conditioning and enhancements, was certain to cause brief fatigue, and after watching a six-foot saw blade almost carve his current burden in two, he knew fatigue was a condition he coudn't afford.

The room beyond the doorway was pitch black. The light from the hallway the group was still standing in only lit the first couple of feet into the area; other than that, Marcus couldn't see anything. He couldn't hear anything, either, so he took two steps into the chamber, more to get out of the light than anything else.

[B]"Wait!"[/B] Mary called from near the back. [B]"Don't! You don't know what's in there!"[/B]

[B]"Exactly,"[/B] Marcus called back, [B]"so I'm going to find out. Give me a sec."[/B]

His irises glowed green as he brought nightvision online. With the light behind him now, the terrain was easily visible. He turned his head from left to right, looking for any obvious traps.

[B]"It's a cave,"[/B] he announced. [B]"There's some kind of switch to my left; I think it might turn on some lights."[/B] He turned around. [B]"Can someone take this guy for me?"[/B]

No one moved right away. Marcus sighed.

[B]"Look, I freakin' need my hands to do this?"[/B]

[B]"I'll take him."[/B] Marius pushed through to the front of the group. [B]"...since no one [I]else[/I] seems to to want to move forward."[/B] The alien hunter glared at various people, letting her eyes linger on Katar and Claire. Marcus transferred the unconscious Damian to her care and went back into the darkness.

[B]"This should only take a second,"[/B] he said.[/align][/indent][/FONT]
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[CENTER][SIZE=3][U][B]Group Two[/B][/U][/SIZE][/CENTER]

Nadia Dylenda was shocked when the girl named Brittany had been taken. She hadn't known her really, just as she didn't know any of those who were there with her. But unlike Kayrel who seemed to go from confident to terrified or the stealthy Moatilliata who moved like a trained hunter or even the strange Oromis, Brittany's movements had been those of an innocent. She had not cautiously watched the others, nor had she panicked like Julian had when they had been caught in the trap of blood.

All it seemed that she had done was to openly admit that she was religious. [I]Does that mean if I admit that I am a Druid I will be taken as well? [/I]She wondered. After all many considered the teachings of a Druid to be a type of religion. [I]I had better keep my mouth shut,[/I] she decided. Unwilling to risk the danger. There was no telling what the penalties would be for breaking the rules, even if they didn't know what the rules were. For all she knew Brittany's punishment could have been execution.

But what bothered her the most was that other than Desmond, none of the others seemed to care. Though Merik seemed to be shocked and Shilos confused. She decided at that moment to stick closer to those three since out of the group, Desmond, Merik and Shilos seemed to hold the least secrets. At least based on how they behaved. Julian seemed to unstable and the others...Nadia just shook her head as she followed the group back down the hallway and into the next room listening to Desmond as he railed against those who had brought them here, furious over what had happened.

But then even he fell silent as they entered the next area. "[B]Lovely,[/B]" Nadia said. Speaking for the first time and causing the others to turn and stare at her. In front of them was huge cavern, but what she was looking at was the huge stalagmites in the ceiling. Massive blocks of stone that looked just like a simple word would bring them crashing down.

Moatilliata just gave her a measuring glance before with a fluid movement that the others couldn't follow he tossed something at the closest stalagmite. It didn't matter that the object was small, the stalagmite broke free and with a huge crash came flying down, smashing into tiny pieces that showered all of them.

"[B]Shit! Shit! Shit![/B]" Julian said. "[B]What's with all these crazy rooms! Well there's no way I'm going through that![/B]" He turned to leave and halted as the doors slammed shut behind them and vanished.

"[B]Just put a sock in it asshole,[/B]" Oromis said in disgust as he started across, avoiding the falling stalagmites.

Julian started to yell only to halt when Moatilliata shot him a glance before following Oromis, the rest doing the same, sticking to the path he was clearing. Furious Julian followed them.

The were halfway across when an entire section of the roof broke off and a shower of huge boulders came down towards Desmond and Shilos. With a startled oath Nadia quickly shoved Desmond and Shilos out of the way, barely avoiding being smashed herself.

Desmond got back up from where he had went sprawling when Nadia had shoved him, intending to chew Nadia out for it and then stopped, his eyes going wide when he saw the huge pile of rocks where he had just been standing. "[B]Uh...Thanks.[/B]" He finally stammered as he realized that she had just saved his life.

"[B]Yes, I thank you as well.[/B]" Shilos said.

"[B]Forget it.[/B]" Nadia said as she walked past them and joined the others who were about to open the doors leading to the next area.
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[COLOR=Darkred]Desmond was huffing. He was surely shocked. IN his hometown boulders only fell when kids were acting like assholes, not during play-time. But of coarse, this wasn?t play time. He brushed off dust and stood back up. ?Well, that was a shocker!? He said. Shilos nodded.

?Well, we better get going.?

Desmond looked at Shilos body. ?Hey, what are you anyways?? Desmond asked. He poked Shilos? jet-black ears. Shilos wasn?t amused.

?I?m a hedgehog/ human hybrid. I also work as a dark mater collector. It?s complicated so I don?t want to go any further into detail.?

Desmond shrugged. ?interesting, oddly enough you look like a cartoon character I?ve seen!? Shilos was infuriated. ?Yes, I?ve heard of this Shadow from my co-workers back at Shadeas , but I?m not laughing with you, that?s for sure.?

Desmond looked around when suddenly the whole group was stopped. Luckily it was just a minor little detour, nothing serious. it seems ht after the boulders fell part of the ceiling fell with it, that chunk blocked the cave.

Desmond walked up to Nadia. he tugged on her clothing to get her attention. "May i hel- Oh, it's you!"She said surprised. "hey, I know you said no prob, bu I want to thank you again for saving us."

"Don't mention it Desmond, just trying to help! But these others don't care that much, especially for Brittany. Why did you care s much?"

Desmond scratched his head. "Well, she looks like my sister Mary Sykes. I met her 2 years ago in the park, she was lost at birth but found me. We go to talking then she was..."
Desmond started to cry. Nadia patted him on the back. "It's okay." She said reassuring him he smiled.

"Thanks. Well she was run over by a vehicle; it wasn't even an hour after I met her.? Nadia shook her head. "I hope we can meet each other again!" Nadia said. She walked away. But Desmond pulled on her clothes again. He looked at her eyes with a flame-like passion. "If I ever get the chance, I will save you. It?s the least I can do. Thanks for talking to me!"

Desmond smiled, Nadia shook her head. [/COLOR]
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[U][CENTER]Group 1[/CENTER] [/U]

Marcus moved slowly to the wall with the switch on it, he could hear the others behind him in the doorway, his highly sensitive enhanced hearing letting him here every breath they took. He positioned his hand under the switch, and so as not to blind himself when the lights came back on he turned off his nightvision inhancements.

[B]"I'm turning on the lights."[/B] he called back to the others.

he flipped the switch and for a moment it seemed as if nothing was going to happen, then slowly small lights began to light slowly around the cave. As the lights began to ignite the others slowly came out into the the chamber. It seemed to be an artificial cave of some sort. It wasn't a real cave but seemed to have been made to mimic one very effectively. Marcus began to survey the area for possible traps, he headed farther into the cave to see if there was an exit on the other side. The only exit he saw was a sheer drop on the other side of the cavern, seeing no other exits he returned to join the rest of the group still near the entrance.

[B]"How is Damian?"[/B] he asked Marias. [B]"He seems to still be unconscious, but barely so I'm sure we could wake him up."[/B] replied Marias.

Marcus looked around the cavern and spotted a small pond not to far away.

[B]"Bring him over to that small pond and we'll wake him up."[/B] he said with a laugh.

Marias took Damian over to the small pond and put him on the floor next to it. Marcus walked over and rolled Damian into the icy cold water of the pond. Damian was instantly brought back to consciousness, Marcus grabed him out of the water before he froze to death and sat him on the ground next to a large rock formation.

Marcus left Damian to recover from the shock of the cold water, and walked back over to the others. [B]"There is only one exit out of this cavern."[/B] he said calmly. [B]"Unfortunatly it is down a sheer drop on the other side of that rock formation."[/B] he said while turning in the diretion he left Damian. [B]"I Think we should......"[/B] he began. Before he could even finish his sentence he saw the rock formation begin to move, at first only slightly then there was what seemed to be an earthquake and the entire formation rose into the air.

It had to be at least 30 foot tall, and seemed to be humanoid in shape. Damian was staring at the others when he felt the build up of energy behind him, he turned and right away knew that it was an Earth elemental, a powerful being made of living stone, by the build up of power it was a very strong elemental at that. He quickly ran towards the others narrowly avoiding a stone arm crashing down on top of him.

On the other side of the room the others saw the creature's arm crash down and knew for sure that it had crushed Damian, then suddenly they saw him coming at him with impossible speed.

[B]"We have to get to the ledge!"[/B] Marcus screamed to everyone. The entire group followed Marcus around the side of the cavern the creature closing in behind them, every step like an earthquake, they all ran as fast as they could making a large cirle through the uneven terrain of the cavern. Marcus out in front trying to come up with a way to get everyone down the ledge before the creature could crush them. [B]"when we get to the ledge everyone jump."[/B] screamed Damian, who had now caught up with Marcus. [B]"Are you insane!" [/B] screamed Mary from the center of the group. [B]"Trust me I can get us down to the bottom of the ledge safely, all you have to do is trust me."[/B] said Damian.

[I]Now to make up for making a fool of myself earlier.[/I] Thought Damian.

Marcus, not sure of what to do in this situation, decided that he didn't have any better ideas so he should go along the what Damian was saying. [B]"You heard him everyone. When we get to that ledge don't hesitate just keep running right over it."[/B] he ordered everyone.

Damian ran out ahead of everyone and was the first to reach the ledge. He looked over, it was a good 200 ft. drop at least. He turned to see how far behind the others were, what he saw chilled him to the bone. The elemental was nearly upon them, he knew he had to work fast if this was going to work. He turned toward the ledge and began chanting very low, pulling the magical energies from deep within him he began chanting louder, weaving the spell into the fabric of reality. Hoping he would have enough power complete the spell he turned in time for everyone to reach him, just as the creature beared down upon them all they vanished in a blinding white light.

Moments later at the bottom of the cavern a crash that seemed to rock the foundations of the earth reached the group. All eyes were on Damian, the entire group was staring at him in disbelief.[B]"Amazing."[/B] said Sastasha awestruck. Everyone seemed to be waiting for Damian to say something. Damian turned to the group and said quietly, [B]"Not agian."[/B] And he fell to the floor unconscious and completely drained.
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