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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]While taking pictures of my animals and sticking them on deviant art I realized that I never once asked this question. Who has animals... Dogs cats... a doormouse?

As for myself I have two dogs and a cat. Technically the cat is the only animal that I actually own since I got her in the divorce (I'm willing to return her) The dogs are my dad's and my brother's. But I walk them and let them out for bathroom breaks.

So anyone else?[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I have 3 dogs which I loooooooove sooooooo much!
I didnt really like cats until yesterday I got the cutest cat in the world.
Here are some pics of him by a log.[/COLOR]

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[FONT=Arial]The first pet I got was a two year old American shorthair cat named Goldy. I still have him, he just doesn't really do anything anymore. He's not interested in cat toys or catnip and just sleeps in a chair all day. When he's not sleeping in the chair he's either sleeping somewhere else or hunting something outside.

A few years after getting Goldy, I somehow convinced my parents to get a dog on a whim. Thus Chipper joined the family. He's still with us, too. He never leaves my mom's side, though, so he's not much fun, either.

The most recent addition to the family is Charlotte, who followed my mom home as she was walking the dog. After taking her to the cat vet, we ended up buying a lot of toys and supplies for her.


That's her roaming around my Christmas stuff. :] [/FONT]
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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]Oh yeah, I have pictures of my dad's and my brother's dogs. None of the cat tho.

Here's one of my favorites.

[URL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57230266/?qo=20&q=by%3Achibihorsewoman&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps]Fudd and Guy[/URL]

I'll have to try and find more of my brother's dog. He's stupid, but really cute. He's also strong. Last winter he got himself tangled around the clothes line and unded up pulling it out of the ground, cement and all.

And just so you know. Fudd is the Beagle and Guy is the big white dog with his head in an unfortunate position[/color][/font]
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My university household joint-owns a goldfish named Bernard (in honour of this man):


[left]We also had a Boo and an Egon - but Bernard hogged the food and starved Boo to death, and Egon got sucked into the filter.
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[SIZE=1]Snatches the adorable little kitties. Oh..so cute.

Ahem, anyway. I have probebly posted this a bazillion times, but its still fun. I have three cats. I've pretty much always grown up with cats. We have had a dog or two in there, plus bunnies, fish, hermit crabs, and whatever else.

The oldest is black and white and her name is Samantha. We call her Mantha for short. We have had her half my life; I was ten years old when we got her. She's my Phoenix kitty, and she has been through alot. She used to be such a killer. She would catch birds out of midair and eat the whole freakin thing. Nowadays shes pretty frail, and has lot [i]alot[/i] of weight. I don't think she has much longer, and when she passes I'll probebly be devestated. She has a respiratory problem, and she coughs alot. Although she doesn't seem to be in pain.

Benjamin is our middle cat; orange and white. Benny is normally what we call him though. He's such a brat, in a good way. Outside he's a killer, and loves bringing us sacrifices, and leaving the carcuss downstairs in a corner under this table. But when he comes in, its the most adorable thing. He meows as loud as he can untell he finds someone to love him. Usually my brother or me. He's such a big baby, and he is pretty big, being a male. His nails are huge! You always know its Benny when he's walking accross the kitchen floor because you can hear the sound of his nails tapping on the floor as he walks. Benny also loves to suck on the tuffs on blakets..those strings sticking out on quilts.

Boo is the youngest, and a tard. She is the only cat we've ever had thats been declawed(front paws only though). I think she's about 2 years old, but she is so much like a kitten still. Shes actually our first long hair cat aswell. Her breed is Ragdoll, and its funny because the description of a Ragdoll cat describes her exactly. Its like she has no bones; when you pick her up its like she goes limp. Heh. She likes to greet me when I get home from work, and follows me around. She's very spunky and likes to do the Trinity Matrix wall run alot. Boo likes to jump in your lap from time to time too. Boo is grey and white.

I prefer cats over dogs. Dogs are loud, and too needy. Cats are more independent, agile, fun. Don't get me wrong, I still like dogs, but not as much.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=goldenrod]*points to user name and links in signature*

I most definitely have pets. ^_^ And a ton of pictures to go along with that statement. Well of my dog that is. The cat hates the camera and it's hard to get that stinker to look when you're taking a picture! lol

Anyway, as many of you already know my dog is a Bichon Frise named Aaryanna. If you're not familiar with the breed they are lap dogs. Very affectionate ones at that. They're also very playful and fairly smart. They remember where things are so if you leave the home and come back and someone has put a bag on the floor that wasn't there when you left they'll growl at it since they know it wasn't there when you left.

Hehe, Aaryanna likes to watch me when I rearrange my room so she can take note of where things had been moved to. lol Anyway, one of these days I'm going to record some videos of her to put on on youtube. But until then I'll just post a few pictures since I have so many to choose from! :catgirl:

Oh and just for fun I had postage stamps made with her picture on them. I'll never use them of course, I just thought it would be funny![/COLOR]
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I share my home with 2 dogs and 2 cats. They are all rescue pets from my days working in veterinary medicine. Most vets and techs have the "special needs" pets since they are the ones that don't easily find homes.

The evil overlord of the house is my Siamese Cat. Her name is Ana Ng. Named after the They Might Be Giants song of the same name. "Her voice is like a backward record, it's like a whirlpool and it never ends..." For those who have had the pleasure of hearing a siamese cat meow they know they don't sound like a normal domestic cat. They scream or screech. I figure much like a banshee would. The siamese cats Sia and Am in Lady and the Tramp pretty much sum up the siamese cat attitude. They are pure evil. My dogs, who are large dogs, are afraid of her and will not fight back even when she is swatting and scratching them. She will also attack me as I sleep just because she feels she rules the bed. I figure she just keeps us (the humans) around to tend to her needs, otherwise we are completely useless pets to her.

Harrison (cat) and Heston (dog) are my two sweet boys. Heston. He is my nervous guy. Found starved and covered in fleas and ticks by a client. I knew he wouldn't get adopted at the Humane Society so I took him home. He is afraid of men and after 10 years he will only approach 4 guys. He will run and hide from everyone else. He's a bit of a momma's boy, but he is very sweet. For the longest time speaking in a loud voice or picking up something would make him flinch. It was very sad. We figure it is from an abusive puppyhood. He is a cancer survivor and he loves baby animals. He will make happy little hoots when you show him a kitten, puppy or any small critter.

Harrison was brought into the vet clinic by a client who thought he had two broken front legs. He was actually born with a birth defect. His front legs didn't form correctly so they are short and curved. He spends a lot of time sitting up on his hind legs which makes him look like a penguin. Unfortunately since his front legs are short he cannot defend his head. So Ana usually likes to smack in on the top of the head. Overall he is very happy and loving. You can say his name and he will "meh!" and start purring. When he is sitting up on his hind legs you can put your hand out and say "high five!" and he will paw at your hand. It's really cute. He also likes to wear my shoes. I think it's because they raise him up so his back doesn't hurt. He never does this with my hubby's shoes, just mine. Currently as I write this he is "wearing" my black Roxy flip-flops. We joke that he's that little boy who sneaks into mommy's closest and wears her clothes. My crossdressing kitty. LOL

Brynner. Named after Yul Brynner. He was one of 12 puppies brought in by a rancher who killed the mom after she was stealing his chickens. He only found the puppies after the mom was dead. Brynner is a big boy. He is around 100 lbs and when he stands up on his hind legs he is as tall as me. (I'm 5'2). He thinks everyone comes to the house to visit him. He loves everyone. Unfortunately he is big and usually ends up pushing people over trying to snuggle up against them. His favorite toy is a giant stuffed fish which he will get when you ask; "Where's the fish?". You can also ask him: "Who is in the tub?" and he will jump in the bath tub. He is a big bear of a dog. He really looks like one when he holds his stuff fish toy. Kind of reminds me of those pictures of grizzly bears catching salmon in the river. His nicknames are: Bun Bun, Boo Buns, Bear Buns and Boo Bears. For some reason guys really like him. They always think he's a cool big dog.
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Well since Aaryanna already covered the dog. ;) I'll cover the cat. This is Alexander:
A Siamese mix that we got from the vets since he was a rescue cat. Ironically Alexander is actually semi-famous and has been on the news here in Utah.

Apparently an employee who worked for the city to collect roaming animals was up to no good. He would find a dog or cat roaming, catch them and then go find someone at home and get them to sign a form telling them it was only for having the animal removed from the neighborhood.

Turns out that they were signing a form indicating they were the owner and that it was okay to put the animal to sleep, so quite a few people were showing up at the animal shelter looking for their dog or cat that got loose while they were at work only to find out that the shelter had already put their pet down.

Alexander was special in that he was tagged by the humane society since he was an adoptee of that program. So when he got loose and was picked up when they went to check for a tag it didn't match with who had signed the papers for him to be put to sleep.

That pretty much opened up the whole thing to investigation as well as Alexander being on the news when it was featured. In the end we got him because the original family was moving and couldn't have a pet where they were going to so after the news bit Alexander was handed over to the vet who takes care of Aaryanna since he was a little sick.

We saw him since it was the same time we got Aaryanna and we were there for the vet to give her one of her series of shots, in the end we adopted him. And there you have it. ;)

Oh and Alexander has turned out to be one of the most expensive pets I've ever had. My ex who has always made sure Aaryanna is taken care of paid for the procedure for him to have both of his back knees fixed since they were horrible arthritic and deformed. That ran the tune of about $1000.00 It was worth it though since now he can get around just fine where before it was starting to reach the point where that poor thing could hardly get around.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]My family (NOT ME) has 2 cats, and I'm too lazy to go through the trouble of finding them at 1 AM to snap their pics, especially since finding them is hard as hell.

Now, see, in the course of my life my family has had one of every major pet. First was a parakeet, [B]Tweety[/B], who we sold away cuz he was annoying and crapped in our books. we had a dog named [B]Misty [/B] (like [B]Pokemon[/B]) who was a very tiny beagal that was extremely violent. Without provocation she would chase and bark at my brother who was like 3 at the time and terrified. We sold her away after like a week. When my aunt lived with us she had her dog, Sienna, who was an extremely shaggy little brown dog who I actually thought was pretty cool.

The others are pretty tragic... we had this big fishtank once. The first were 2 tiretrack eels - we found out the hard way they were nocturnal >_< BORING so we got some small fish to accompany. Sadly, the one time my mom went to clean the fishtank she accidentally killed all the fish in the process. My mom tried to save the last one and told me to run get a bowl of water. i did so but it was cold and the fish died instantly.

The most horrible tale, though, is of [B]Bijou [/B] and [B]Boss [/B] (yes, like [B]Hamtaro[/B]) they were 2 little hamsters in 2 little cages. Bijou died of reasons unknown on my birthday. We thought it was cuz we were too loud. We buried her in the backyard earlier in the morning - by an hour later I doubt we even gave her a second thought.

Boss lived longer and died more horribly. For several months he was ill taken care of. He was fed on the whim of whoever was around and no one wanted to clean his cage. My mom always yelled at us to clean it, but I guess she was too lazy to do it herself. He began loosing patched of fur and my mom thought he had some disease. He ended up dying when he crawled into a tube with food im his mouth, crawled into a tube, and apparently choked to death.

Well, that's all in the past...

3 years ago we got a cat, a 2 month old kalico, named [B]Kilala [/B] (origionally 'Little Boo' but we changed it to kilala. We wee huge [B]Inuyasha [/B] fans at the time.) In any event, Lala has always been a little rascal. For about a month we kept her inside and she was always playful. The minute she first got outside, though, she began trying to go outside all the damn time.

Early on, Kilala was the cat who was constantly stuck in a damn tree. My dad risked his life saving her a few times, and there were a couple times when we had to call the fire department - it's WAY harder to get them than you'd think and it ain't for free. One night she was stuck 50 feet up in a tree and we couldn't get help till the next day. She cried all night, pissed off the neighboors, and she has never climbed a tree since.

When Kilala was 1 year old she got knocked up by one of (or perhaps several of) the many neighborhood cats (everyone in our neighborhood had a cat, no joke.) she had a litter of four.

One was a kalico named [B]Kratos [/B] ([B]God of War/Tales of Symphonia [/B] reference), one was mostly black with a white belly. Since we were all sure that the cat named [B]Cookie [/B] was the father, and since this one looked like Cookie, we named him cookie. Next was an orange one named [B]Pumpkin[/B], and last was a black and white one named [B]Oreo[/B]. when we moved after about three weeks, we managed to sell away Kratos and Pumpkin and kept the other two.

For the 5 months we lived in the next house we had all 3 cats. They were spayed/neutered and all 3 spent most of their time outside. Because of this, we've had all kinds of scares with them. There've been times where we don't see them for several days or times when they've come home wounded - Oreo once almost died and we had to take her to the vet - we theorize she'd been hit by a car.

When we moved into the next house cookie disappeared within 2 weeks of our move. We searched for him and went to all the animal shelters, but he was never seen again. he is still missed - he was a really good cat. We were stuck only with his hellspawn mother and bratty sister (who's name is almost never Oreo anymore. My mom always calls her 'precious' or 'stupid'; with love of course).

Gradually, our cats have both matured into adults. both have intense skill and can kill anything. And they kill EVERYTHING. At that house and at the new one we just recently moved in to we end up with dead things appearing everywhere. There's always dead moles in the driveway, dead birds, dead rabbits, they even hunted a raccoon once. I'll never forget the two most intense xperiences with the things they killed.

the first was in the morning when I was leaving for my walk to school. Laying there in the front lawn was the top half of a baby bunny. It's chest was open in a way that i could see it's organs, and it's head was open where I could see it's brain. The frightening part was when I came in closer and realized it was [i]still alive[/i]. Right there, as I was staring in shock, Oreo came right over and started chewing on it's head. I almost cried.

the next is war more disturbing. In our last house, the cats often managed to trick their way into getting animals into the garage. Once one of them brought in a blackbird. It's feathers were strewn about. It's head was in a box. Varous organs were under a shelf. It's body parts were all hidden in places.

Nowadays the cats are both very adorable and inside a lot more than they used to be. Kilala always hisses at Oreo and keeps her in line. Oreo never fights back, but lala is downright evil toward her. Oreo also has developed a weird habit lately - she licks everything. You'll just be sitting there and she'll start liking you. It's creepy as hell and even if you throw her across the room, she comes back and starts liking you.

The cats are both healthy and neither has been hurt and quite a while, presumably because they've matured. Personally, I don't pay much attention to them. My 14-year old brother, who's always been a big animal lover, especially to cats, takes care of them and gives them superfluous attention. He lays claim to Kilala while Oreo is considered to belong to my 9-year old brother.

EDIT: For someone who can't stand pets, I sure can go on about them XD Over 2 pages in Word[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]I have 2 dogs. One is big and dumb and the other is medium-sized and pretty smart. Damien, my larger dog, is a gorgeous mixed breed dog that we got from the Humane Society. They said we was a lab/mastiff mix. I'm not totally convinced of this, but meh. He's a year old now, and still kind of hyper. My other dog's nameis Esther. She's a 2 year old Australian shepherd. She's an incredible escape artist and loves to chase squirrels. Both dogs are affectionate to almost an obnoxious degree... but I love them. I used to also have a cat named Kyo, but when the dogs moved in, Kyo moved himself out, and I haven't seen him since. That makes me a little sad.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Anyway, the first pet I had was a hermit crab named Balto (remember that movie?). It scared me... then we went on vacation and it died while we were gone. I remember when we got back my dad said he buried him, but he wouldn't tell me where... i only just realised a few weeks ago that he just threw him away *sniff* :). Ah, youth...
Besides the wee crustacean, I had budgies... I got two, a boy and a girl. but the girl flew away, so I got another one so the remaining wee creature wouldn't be lonely.. Then he died. So I got the recently bereaved one another companion... and then we went on vacation and they got eaten by cats.
Then the second year I was boarding, the family I was staying with had two cats.. not mine (they were actually my best friend's, but her mom just gave them away randomly), but i loved them.. so cute!! Then they got attacked by a dog and one ran away.. the other one was fine though.. she had three of the cutest kittens EVER. Then my friend got her back, and then she got run over.

Yeah... I'm never getting pets. They'll just die. I must be cursed.
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I was expecting some kind of man-trap to slam shut on Aaryanna as soon as she posted. This whole thread was basically an Aaryanna honey-trap! The only question that remains is what did CHW want with her ... and why didn't the trap spring...?
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[color=darkred]Until yesterday I had three cats, two of which are kittens. But one of the kittens went missing because my mom lets them play in our front yard (even though I've told her a million times not to do this, and put them in the back instead), where anything can happen.

She just... disappeared. It was weird. Weird seeing one of the kittens without the other because they are [i]inseparable[/i], and from the moment I woke up and saw that one was on his own, I knew something was up. I reckon some asshole saw them in the drive and decided they'd like one for themself because like I said, the two kittens are inseparable; if they were to get lost then they'd get lost together.

Sorry Muscles. We hardly knew ya.[/color] :beer:
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]ZOMG I 100% overlooked the turtles!!! That was the most emotional one of all!!! The turtles were [B]Squirtle [/B] (yes, like the [B]Pokemon[/B]) and [B]Shelly [/B] and thye belonged to my little brother when he was like 8. My brother has always been obsessed with turtles, so they were perfect for him. Both were little red-eared sliders in a tank in our kitchen where they lived peacefully.

Eventually, Shelly got some kind of disease and she died at the vet. Needless to say, my brother was freaking out about it. Even sadde is that we lost Squirtle only about 2 weeks later.

We were making a new home for him in the backyard. We had dug a hole and filled it with water and were adding stuff to it but we were trying to figure out what kind of thing we'd need to block escape. There was no more than a minute in which he was left unattended, but when we came back he was nowhere to be found. We combed the backyard, but there was no sign of him.

EDIT: Ohshit, I forgot about 2 others that came later. There was one big tutle that my mom brought home from the side of the road named Stinky cuz he was [i]rank[/i]. I can't remember if we had him a full day, I just know he escaped. Same goes for a turtle my dad found once and brought home for my brother. He has no luck with turtles >_<[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=goldenrod][quote name='Raiyuu']I was expecting some kind of man-trap to slam shut on Aaryanna as soon as she posted. This whole thread was basically an Aaryanna honey-trap! The only question that remains is what did CHW want with her ... and why didn't the trap spring...?[/quote]:bawl: How could you CHW?

Hehe, that would have been kind of funny. And yet not. Anyway... so I'm on topic here...I'll share another picture... :catgirl: Oh and a story too. I discovered yesterday, while watching you tube videos that Aaryanna gets all riled up and starts barking like mad when she hears a video of a parrot talking. o_O I have no idea what she thinks she's hearing! lol [/COLOR]
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[size=1]As of right now, my family has two pets. My cat, Lucas Skywalker, who is honestly psychotic... he chases invisible demons in the middle of the night, and he is extremely bipolar. But, you know, he's still nice and adorable. He's also a little chubby. Anyway. I got him at a shelter for my 11th birthday. His old family was incredibly abusive, so maybe that's why he's so odd. But, they even named him Bulls**t... how horrible... So. We adopted him, and he's been living lazily ever since.
Our family is known for raising fat cats... like Chester and Billy. Chester was a nice 35 pounds, and made an amazing pillow. A few years ago, he died at age six, because he just stopped eating one day. Ah... sad times. Billy just died of old age, but, we were proud of his 28 pounds, haha.
(If you want to see a picture of Lucas, I posted a picture of the two of us over in that one picture thread.)

And then, we have a golden retreiver. Her name is Keira, and she's not even a year old yet. But she's just stupid. Oh man. I thought me having a dog would help me get over not liking them, but it made it worse. I prefer cats, most definitely.
Okay, usually I'm on good terms with Keira. But a few days ago she ate my favorite pair of high tops. >>
Anyway, I named her, even though she's my mom's dog. The family was like, "aww, let's name her Baby." and I said, "HOW ABOUT NOT! I don't take part in beastiality, thank you. How about Keira?" And it sort of stuck.

Yeah. I've had a lot of pets, though. Such a hermit crabs, canibalistic gold fish, and so on.[/size]
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[color=dimgray] I'm pretty sure my dog beats everyone else's dog in the cute category.


She's a jindo gae, which is a Korean dog. I love jindo gaes as dogs, they're incredibly loyal and fun to play around with. :) Unless you're a stranger, since jindos don't take nicely to them. =_=

But she's really small for a regular jindo, so we think she might have been the runt or a half-breed. [/color]
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[COLOR=Indigo][quote name='Lunox][color=dimgray'] I'm pretty sure my dog beats everyone else's dog in the cute category.[/color][/quote]*looks at your dog and then at Aaryanna* Nope, no deal. Though cute, Aaryanna wins. :p I kid, they're both cute.

As for myself, I'm too allergic to pets, we had a cat when I was a kid and we ended up having to find another home for it since my allergies couldn't take it. She was a cute little tabby cat though and I was sorry that we had to give her up.

Though I hear that breeds like Bichon's don't shed or produce dander, making them ideal for people with allergies. So once I finish school, start working and get my own place, perhaps I'll get something like that.

Well once I find some way to get exposed first, to see if what I've heard really is true. I'd hate to get one only to have to find it another home as well. [/COLOR]
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As for myself, I'm too allergic to pets, we had a cat when I was a kid and we ended up having to find another home for it since my allergies couldn't take it. She was a cute little tabby cat though and I was sorry that we had to give her up.

[color=dimgray] I never knew I was allergic to cats until two years ago when I went over to a friend's house and snuggled her cat. With my face. :|[/color]
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[quote name='Lunox][color=dimgray'] I never knew I was allergic to cats until two years ago when I went over to a friend's house and snuggled her cat. With my face. :|[/color][/quote][color=#b0000b]I found out last summer that I'm allergic to cats. I don't know if that's a new thing (can one spontaneously generate allergies?), but if it's not, it's hard to believe I never noticed before.

I was at the house of some friends, and their cat had just had kittens?the whole place was crawling with felines and covered in cat fur. I was fine for most of the evening, until I suddenly realised that my chest had tightened up [i]and I could not breathe[/i]. Scary experience![/color]
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[COLOR=goldenrod][quote name='Lunox][color=dimgray'] I'm pretty sure my dog beats everyone else's dog in the cute category. [/color][/quote]Uh...No. Just plain no. :p
[quote name='indifference][COLOR=Indigo']Though I hear that breeds like Bichon's don't shed or produce dander, making them ideal for people with allergies. So once I finish school, start working and get my own place, perhaps I'll get something like that. [/COLOR][/quote]You heard correctly. It's part of why we got her. The only drawback is that a Bichon's fur is more like hair so it mattes easily and requires regular upkeep. But still, seeing how much the cat sheds like mad, it's worth it.

Also, I have friends who have pet allergies and so far my dog has never made any of them sick. So it works out really well since given a chance, I take her everywhere. :catgirl: [/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Aaryanna][COLOR=goldenrod]Uh...No. Just plain no. :p
You heard correctly. It's part of why we got her. The only drawback is that a Bichon's fur is more like hair so it mattes easily and requires regular upkeep. But still, seeing how much the cat sheds like mad, it's worth it. [/COLOR][/QUOTE][color=#b0000b]Oh, wow. That's really good to know! I'm a fan of big dogs, generally, but the idea of a pet I could actually keep in the house is very tempting. [/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Well I must say that my dogs are up there in the cuteness scale. At my house we have a total of 4 dogs, by age, Sam, Buster, Zeus and Raider. Sam is a border-collie mix, that was taken in after being abused by his prevouis owners. He is more commonly known as the 'closet dog'. While Buster is a rat terrier, with a big heart. He loves to snuggle at night and is fit as a whistle. Though he hates loud noices, so New Year's and Fourth of July aren't his favorite holidays. And then there's the two babies of the family, who have their own [URL=http://www.myspace.com/raiderandzeus]myspace[/URL]. They do share the spotlight with their big brothers though. These little pups are Chiweiner both from the same litter, but not many people beleive us since they look so different from eachother.

I think I've bragged enough about my dogs, though so I bid you all ado![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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