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[center][size=4][b][u][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Immortal[/font][/u][/b][/size]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]They are ancient and forever.[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]They are like the Sun and the Moon.[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]They are rage and fury and anger and wrath.[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]They are like fire and ice.[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]They howl at the centre of the universe.[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]They watch the passage of time,[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]And they spit in the eye of Death.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]They are Immortal, and even when this planet and all its inhabitants have turned to dust, they will live to laugh at our race, scorning it for its impermanence.[/font][/i]

[b][u][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Arcadia[/font][/u][/b]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Once a wonderful and prosperous world, with orange-leaved trees and purple skies, snow-capped mountains and green fields as far as they eye could see, Arcadia was home to the Immortals, a powerful and wise race whose duty it was to watch over and protect the universe. They did so and peace ruled across the many galaxies.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]But they came out of nowhere. A furious and powerful race known only as The Tempest. They appeared in the universe from nowhere, and rained fire and destruction and death upon Arcadia. The Immortals fought back, but there were far too many Tempest ships in the sky.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Immortals watched as their people perished, and made the final decision. A decision which would change the course of history forever.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]They unleashed the power of their ultimate weapon. A beam of pure white light shot from the heart of Arcadia, and hurled The Tempest into their own personal dimension, a hell, an eternal prison from which they would never escape.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]But this was a hollow victory. The energy needed to power this weapon was drawn from the very heart of the planet itself. As the weapon was unleashed, the planet began to collapse in on itself, crumbling, burning.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The only way off the planet was an emergency dimension shift, which would place a limited number of Immortals in another place in the universe, and any time period.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Six Immortals stepped into the shift gate. Six stepped out onto the planet Earth, 1862.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Every other Immortal in the universe perished. The six were the only remaining members of their race.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]They spread themselves across the Earth, each finding a home in a different part of the world, each beginning a new life, taking human form and starting to live as no Immortal had ever lived before.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]As a human.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Only now, in 2008, something is stirring, deep within the darkness. Something strange, something which is altering the very fabric of the universe itself.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]And the Immortals must come out of hiding to deal with the threat...[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]---[/font]

[u][b][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Immortals[/font][/b][/u]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Immortals, in their normal form, look very similar to humans, albeit with slightly thinner, more elongated limbs, and skin of a more golden hue. Their heads are more rounded, with large eyes (usually either red or green - blue is extremely uncommon, and brown is incredibly rare) and smaller noses and mouths.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]However, their life cycle is a massive difference to humans. Immortals can, theoretically, live forever, but no Immortal to this date ever has. An infant Immortal grows at a much faster rate than a human, reaching adulthood in a little under ten years. From then on, every seven years or so, they regenerate, becoming younger in appearance, in a process known widely as "Rejuvenation." The average Immortal goes through this process up to eighty times in their lifetime. Obviously, the older an Immortal is, the more times they go through Rejuvenation.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Immortals were the first race to arrive in the universe, and they took it upon themselves to guard it from any threats, watching over the entire universe with their near-infinite wisdom and power. This choice gave the Immortals the reputation of being arrogant, but no-one ever faced them with this accusation, knowing the universe would be a far worse place without the Immortals to guard it.[/font]

[b][u][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Tempest[/font][/u][/b]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Tempest were a race that revealed themselves from the shadows of the far corners of the universe almost overnight. No-one saw the creatures themselves, only their ships, as black as the shadows they came from. They came like a storm, tearing planets apart on their way to Arcadia, where they issued the Immortals a final ultimatum - to hand over the weapon or be destroyed.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Immortals refused, knowing that the weapon they held, in the hands of The Tempest, would destroy the universe itself. They fought the fleet that filled their skies, and used the weapon itself in a last-ditch attempt to rid the universe of The Tempest.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Tempest were resigned to a fate worse than death. An eternity in their own personal Hell dimension, with no way of escaping.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]But the Immortals were destroyed as well.[/font]

[b][u][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Six[/font][/u][/b]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Six Immortals stepped into a shift gate, and were transported to Earth in 1862. They used the last of the Arcadian technology they held to shift their own forms into those of human beings, and spread across the globe to blend in, and they began their human lives...[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]---[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]August 21, 2008[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]London[/font][/b][/i]

[b][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]"And the bizarre weather pattern continues today, as we have hot sunshine in South London, and blizzards in the North. Scientists have yet to come up with an explanation for these strange atmospheric conditions, but we have been assured there will be one as soon as..."[/font][/b]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Adam clicked the TV off and looked through the window of his London flat. The weathergirl was right. To the North, there was a blanket of snow covering the ground, and thick black clouds in the sky. A few blocks South of this, though, the clouds cut off in a perfectly straight line, and the sun was beating down on the pavements. Something strange was definitely going on, and Adam wasn't sure what it was.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]He straightened his suit jacket and grabbed his coat. He was in for a long day...[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]---[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]You are the Immortals. The last survivors of an ancient civilisation, now refugees on an unfamiliar world in an unfamiliar time. Some have made the most of their lives as humans, taking partners and making themselves a career and a life. Others cannot seem to let go of the knowledge that they are superior to humans, wishing for a time when they can shine as Immortals.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]One Immortal died many years ago. Killed within the first few years of his living on Earth, with no way of ever returning. Now only five remain, attempting desperately to keep those around them safe.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]But in recent years this has become more and more difficult. Ambient temperatures have risen by a number of degrees, causing the polar ice-caps to melt, flooing large portions of Europe and America, as well as Russia. The world is slowly getting hotter, and is beginning to rip itself apart. Global leaders believe it is the work of global warming, carbon emissions and climate change. But there are five people who know differently.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]---[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]This is my newest RP, Immortal. You will be playing the role of one of the five remaining Immortals, refugees from the planet of Arcadia, who have ended up on Earth. The time is the mid 21st Century, and the Earth has become a much less hospitable place to live.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Only the Immortals knew what was really going on, but most of them decided to keep their noses out of trouble. Others decided to help, to try and save a second homeworld from destruction.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]It is your choice...[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Here is what you need to tell me about your character:[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Real Name:[/b] take a look at my character for an example[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Human Name: anything goes here[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Real Age:[/b] anything from 500 to 30,000 years (you are Immortal, remember)[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Apparent Age:[/b] what age do you appear to be?[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Gender:[/b] simple[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Marital Status:[/b] married, divorced, engaged, widowed, single? Your choice[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Occupation: [/b]what do you do with your life?[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Appearance:[/b] a picture or detailed description - but both will get you extra brownie points[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Personality:[/b] what are you like as a person?[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Location:[/b] where in the world are you situated? This can be absolutely anywhere in the world - we will all meet up eventually[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Immortal Artifacts:[/b] up to five objects you have retained from Arcadia - these can be anything you like, just give a nice detailed explanation[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Real Name:[/b] Algar Daneth Adras-Mikhal[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Human Name:[/b] Adam Smith[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Real Age:[/b] Far over 25,000 years[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Apparent Age:[/b] Late Twenties[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Gender:[/b] Male[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Marital Status:[/b] Single. He could never face finding someone he loved, just to watch them grow old and die without him appearing to age a day. He has never had a partner, sexual or otherwise, since he arrived on Earth.

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Occupation:[/b] Government Researcher - Adam is part of a top-secret government organisation named Majestic, which carries out clandestine operations into the monitoring and combating of the alien life which occasionally ventures towards Earth, and is also charged with covering it up, hiding the truth away from the public. Adam is their top scientific researcher.

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Appearance:[/b] Attached, except his suit is entirely black, including the trenchcoat but excluding the shirt and Converse on his feet, which are all white.

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Personality:[/b] Adam has always, by everyone who knows him, been known as "quirky." He is funny and energetic, but behind the jokes and the laughter there has always been an element of sadness, of loneliness, which shows in his eyes. He is a scientific genius, with many people saying his intellect is almost...other-worldly. However, he is loyal, and sticks by those few people he truly cares about.

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Location:[/b] London, England

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]Immortal Artifacts:[/b] There are just two things Adam still possess from his homeworld. The first is a single black glove, made of a strange fabric which seems to move of its own accord, and which, when worn, moulds itself to the shape and size of the wearer's hand.[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The second is a small pewter fob-watch, which he keeps on a chain around his neck. However, the mechanism has been stuck for a number of years now, and he cannot remember what is inside.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]That's the kind of thing I need from you. This RP, while partially about extra-terrestrial threats, is also about personal character growth. It is about the personal lives of each and every character involved. You can create your own surroundings, and it is likely that you won't even meet many of the other characters playing until we are fully into the meat of the game.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]To begin with, this RP is going to be a personal story from each of the characters, either about their personal lives, or their work, and those who are trying to protect the Earth will be involved in the fight against whatever threat comes up*.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]So please, put some thought and effort into your characters. I will be leaving this recruitment thread open until I have five players who I think are up to the challenge, no matter how long that takes. I want this RP to be perfect, and fun for everyone involved.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Please PM me if there are any questions, anything you are unsure about, let me know. I will be setting up an Underground thread soon, but before then just drop me a PM.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Happy creating![/font]

[i][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]*Anyone who decides to be involved in protecting the Earth rather than in their own families could be associated with Adam, working for Majestic in a different country or something similar.[/size][/font][/i]
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[color=teal][size=1][b]Real Name:[/b] Rassilon Mont?da D?yanoi.
[i]Human Name:[/i] James C. Fisher.

[b]Real Age:[/b] Somewhere in the region of 28,000.
[i]Apparent Age:[/i] Late twenties/Early thirties.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Marital Status:[/b] Officially single but in his time on Earth James has had liaisons with many women, hoping to improve the gene-pool on the Earth in some fashion at least.

[b]Occupation:[/b] A Paranormal/Extra-terrestrial Investigator in New York State and wider America. Ever since arriving on Earth James has been looking for a way to escape the planet and return to his birth right in the stars as one of the Immortals but so far all of his investigations have either yielded wreckage or have been some human hoax.

[b]Appearance: [url=http://www.btinternet.com/~orlando/splash7.jpg]Click here[/url][/b].

[b]Personality:[/b] The word that best defines James is eccentric. Ever since he arrived on Earth the humans he has been in contact with have always found something odd about it, be it his obsession with the paranormal or his inability to stay settled for too long before moving on to the next big thing. He is not one for personal attachments either as he doesn?t put much stock in the human race, preferring to drift across the country and only making brief friends.

[b]Location:[/b] Primarily based in New York City but has various locations set up across America.

[b]Immortal Artefacts[/b][list]
[*][b]Perception Filter:[/b] Worn as a small badge on his jacket or any item of clothing James can use it to become barely noticeable to those around him.
[*][b]Quantum Screwdriver:[/b] A kind of ?do-all? tool from his days on Arcadia, though some of the functions no longer work or James has simply forgotten about them.[/list][/color][/size]
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[B]Real Name:[/B] Mallious I'Danten Mou't
[I]Human Name:[/I] Eric Fletcher

[B]Real Age:[/B] Running on 20,000
[I]Apparent Age:[/I] early twenties. When asked he claims to be 23

[B]Martial Status:[/B] Presently single, but has been married twice since his arrival on this planet.

[B]Occupation:[/B] Zoologist in Brazil studing the animals of the amazon. He finds not only humans, but most of the lifeforms of this planet to be fascinating. He was drawn to the amazon for it's great abundance of life of all kinds.

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment

[B]Persoanlity:[/B] Kind hearted and loving. He often feels the need to bond with another. He loves being close to other people and enjoys working in groups. Despite the time that has passed he still loves and mourns the loss of first two wives. He never had any children, but has thought about having thme before. He wonders how that would effect the human gene pool, so he's decided it best not to. He tries to whats right and always puts others before himself.

[B]Location:[/B] He works in the rain forest and moves around from camp to camp, but he does own a home in Rio.

[B]Immortal Artifacts:[/B]

A silver ring with a green gem studing to top. When he shines a unique fluorescent light on the gem it reflects back to him a picture of the family he lost back on Arcadia.

The second is a black marble cane with a bronze tip and round silver handle. It had belonged to his father. The length of the cane had a unique floral pattern designed alongside it.
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[color=darkorchid][font=times]Real Name: Lorerys Cojoure D'elere

Human Name: Lo Chi Yangshou

Apparent Age: 26

Gender: Female

Marital Status: widowed

Occupation: Therapist, specializing in work with abused children and teenagers.

Appearance: Short in stature, of regular Chinese features, short and spiky dyed hair, and prone to wearing bright colors so she doesn't go unnoticed. Regular, healthy weight, typical asian skin tones, and dark brown eyes that tend to sparkle when she's please or concerned for a patient. [The picture won't load as a file, *angst*]

Personality: Lo Chi is happy and cheerful and often thoughtful, as her work requires all three character traits and then some. When stressed or frustrated, she splutters and stutters, switching from English to Chinese and sometimes cursing under her breath. However, when she works with the children the state brings to her, she's patient and kind always, asking questions at the right time, and never pushing them for answers or unreasonable progress. Since her husband's untimely accident, she's pushed thoughts of their happiness to the side and doesn't tend to dwell on the thoughts. At times she feels guilty for being glad she wouldn't have to live for years with him, only to stay young as he died of old age. However this doesn't slow her down or keep her up too many nights.

Location: Monterey Park, California, U.S.A.

Immortal Artifacts: Vial of unknown animal blood; From an Arcadian animal, so old that even she isn't sure from which it comes. A thick, viscous maroon color, it doesn't even smell like human or animal blood, instead giving off a strange toxic scent. She's analyzed it in her spare time, determining it to be a poison.

Red Scarf; Knitted from silk, this marvelous piece of fabric twists around her neck on its own, shaping itself and fluttering in its own private breeze unless Lo Chi holds it down with her fingers. It appears to think on its own and has a rudimentary consciousness, which grows very slowly as she wears it more often.[/font][/color]

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[color=#40826D][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Quadraxis Charl Sychon-Iviel
[b]Human Name:[/b] Stephen Frusciante

[b]Real Age:[/b] Approx. 3000 years, relatively young compared to the rest of his race, and was therefore regarded as "little to nothing" by his fellow Immortals before the exodus.

[b]Apparent Age:[/b] Looks around 29-34.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Marital Status:[/b] Stephen has been single ever since his time on earth, involving himself in war as a means to keep women distant to him. He could never bear to feel the loss of someone he cared about again, not after Arcadia.

[b]Occupation:[/b] Stephen is a retired Major of the United States Armed Forces, given an honorable discharge after suffering a gunshot wound to the stomach that put him out of commission for around a year. Since, Stephen has decided to take up a musical career, realizing that it would not be in his best interest, nor the world's best, to get himself killed.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/2347/stargatejohnsheppardpd3.jpg]Stephen.[/url]

Stephen prefers to keep a nice five o'clock shadow around his face, feeling it adds personality to his features. He regards his crystal blue eyes with a certain affection, as he used to have a light maroon eye pigment. He has a deep scar on his lower stomach, as a result of the gunshot. A part of him hopes that the scar stays after his next regeneration. His lips are often in a slight smirk, tempting someone to ask what he's thinking.

[b]Personality:[/b] Possessing a dry wit and a sarcastic tendency to himself, Stephen is rather laid back and relaxed. He often jabs fun at people who make stupid mistakes, being somewhat analytical. He gets along fine with people who he respects, and dislikes those he perceives as stupid or apathetic. He believes in moving on from conflict, and yet cannot bring himself to move on from the genocide of Arcadia, leading to him preventing himself from falling in love. While hiding his darker side with jokes, he can get extremely agitated if his temper is pressed.

[b]Location:[/b] Salt Lake City, Utah. (United States.)

[b]Immortal Artifacts:[/b]

[i]Laser Screwdriver:[/i] A golden fountain pen device in appearance, it has a variety of functions from opening doors to scrambling signals. Several other functions are currently genetically locked, for the safety of others as Stephen would use it as a weapon if he got agitated.

[i]Wristwatch:[/i] A wristwatch with the appearance of an expensive 21st century watch, made out of a resilient metal. This watch keeps track of time, temperature, direction, and other parameters of daily life. It can be used to measure a person's vitals, to keep rhythm, function as a stopwatch, and regulate body temperature.

[i]Superphone:[/i] Using the laser screwdriver and several other materials, Stephen has modified a Razr v3t to his own preference. It can send out radio signals on several hundred frequencies, project an image, tap into government files, and use the built-in camera as an infrared and night vision camera. As a result of his modification, the usage of his phone has become untraceable by even the cellular provider, leading to free phone calls to anywhere he would like.

[i]Obsidian Band:[/i] An entirely dark ring wraps around his right middle finger. It appears to be made out of obsidian, but whatever mineral it's actually made of is far unknown to humankind. It's used in conjunction with his Laser Screwdriver to unlock a sealed feature.[/color][/size]
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[center][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]The cast for Immortal is now as follows: [/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Algar Daneth Adras-Mikhal/Adam Smith - Blayze [/FONT]
[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Rassilon Mont?da D?yanoi/ James C. Fisher - Jokopoko [/FONT]
[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Mallious I'Danten Mou't/ Eric Fletcher - Starwind [/FONT]
[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Lorerys Cojoure D'elere/ Lo Chi Yangshou - Neuvoxraiha Quadraxis Charl Sychon-Iviel/ Stephen Frusciante - Engel [/FONT]

[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode] The Adventure Square thread will be up soon. Congratulations![/FONT]
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