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Sign Up Pokemon: Crater Academy ((pg-VL))


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Pokemon: Crater Academy-

1. Story-
2. Rules-
3. Battle and contest info-
5. Sign up skeleton-
6. updates-
7. characters-
8.campus map-

The story begins 10,000 years ago when the legendary pokemon Groudon rose out of a lone volcano on the sea between the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. While the pokemon rose out of the volcano the magma oozed down creating the island which is now home of Crater academy. Kyogre of course wasn’t far behind and rose threw the volcanic rock making the lake of Crater academy, a battle raged for months making the Island larger until it was only miles from Mossdeep City. The trainers of the time period and their beloved pokemon did all they could to stop the battle, but all failed. Then when there seemed to be no hope, a pokemon from the sky flew down from the heavens Rayquaza.
The mighty pokemon silenced the battle with one blow sending the great pokemon back to their eternal slumbers.

Time passed and natives moved onto the island making homes and monuments, and of course bringing pokemon which now inhabit the area. About a hundred years went by and civilization flourished, towns were built and a mysterious religion worshipping the 3 legendary pokemon the created the islands. More time passed and 2 large pieces of land broke off from the main island which now are the pokemon sanctuaries where trainers on the island go to catch pokemon and attend certain classes. About 5,000 years ago, a deadly disease struck the people of the island killing only few at first but soon killing hundreds by the weeks and thousands by the months until no one was left.
Now in the year of 2007 an academy built only 5 years ago is accepting new students for the year to teach them to be not only pokemon masters but coordinators as well.
Here you will learn not only about pokemon and how to raise and treat them but everything from ancient history of the island, to certain types of pokemon. So will you join the academy!?

1. No godmodding you will lose battles and win them.
2. Keep it Pg-13 everyone
3. No cybering, romance is encouraged
4. No legendary pokemon
5. You have to attend classes at least once a week
6. Swearing is fine
7. This is a semi-literate roleplay in 3rd person view
8. No ta1k1ng 7ik3 di55
9. I’m god you disobey you go bye bye.
10. Have fun!
Battles and Contests-

Battles will have 10 moves per battle 5 for each pokemon, the trainers will pm each other on how the battle will turn out. The person who wins the battle will get 100 tokens which can be used on the island to buy pokeblocks and other gear throughout the island.
Contests will be held every week and will be decided on how descriptive your posts are during the contest event. The winner of a contest will be awarded a ribbon and 500 tokens.
Sign up skeleton-

Age-(Between 11, and 15, 11-13 meaning your a beginner)
Region-(where do you hail from)
Bio-(How did you get accepted to the academy)
Description-(written id preferred but pictures are acceptable, if a pic make them in link form)
Pokemon-(start with one pokemon, no evolutions. also include what the moves are 4 only)
Tokens-(everyone starts with 100)

Username- Metalcore501
Name- Craig Alitime
Age- 13
Gender- Male
Region- Johto
Bio- Craig was accepted into the academy after he and his father arrived on the island to excavate the area, his father is an archeologist and is there to check the ruins of the old civilization. About 2 weeks of excavating his father told him about the academy, Craig was sent there a week later.
Description- Craig has jet black hair that comes into his eyes which are blue, he’s large for his age looking much older that he is with brad shoulders. He is big for his age muscular and a little on the heavy side, Craig is normally seen in a black hoodie gray baggy pants. He has custom painted pokeballs of black and white with a gold line in the middle.
Pokemon- Turtwig- Razor leaf, headbutt, bite, toxic.
Tokens- 100

Campus Map-

Main building- Most classes are held here, this building also includes a battle arena and a contest stage.
Sanctuaries- This is like the safari zone of the island, there are also pokemon battle classes held here.
Dorms- There is a male and female dorm rooms, inside these buildings there are also a cafeteria and entertainment rooms.
Groutkey- This is the town about a mile down the main road of the island, there are many shop here that accept tokens from the academy.
Courtyard- Kids can hang out here and unofficially battle other trainers.
Sandtombs- These are the only known remains of the old civilization on the island.
I'll create a thread in the square once we have 4 more rp'ers
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Username- garmeil

Name- Cody Sasori

Age- 13

Gender- Male

Region- Johto

Bio- Cody was born in Johto,and started his journey there. He kept losing, so he had to goto the Academy. When there he still lost untill he met Craig Alitime. He saw thew first of his battles and was inspired to work harder. Because of this he became freinds with him realy quick. Though cody has been at the academy longer he still isn't stronger than Craig. Not that Craig is stronger or anything, but they're about the same strength.

Description- Cody has golden blond hair and two short hairs that come down on opposite sides. His hair realy isn't that long, but it is spiky. He's probably as tall as every body else, but about to inches taller than that. He ussauly wears a peachish whiteish colored T-Shirt that droops half way from the beggening of his legs to half way to his knees. The short always worn by him are gray shorts that are messured bellow his knees, and the finishing touch of a golden ring just wide anough to fit around his right middle finger.

Pokemon- Cyndaquil- Tackle, Headbutt, Embers, Flame wheel.

Tokens- 100

I Really hope i'm excepted.
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Money based, this should be intersting. Hard, but I will give it a try.

Username- Breeder

Name- Sean Williams

Age- 15

Gender- Male

Region-Hoen Area.

Bio- Sean in the son of a brilliant breeder, Jason Williams. For Sean's tenth birthday, he was given his own pokemon egg. He had no idea what was inside, but when it hatched, the pokemon Bagon and he made a connection. They were never seperated.

From that day, he just traveled around his hometown battleing his friends, then one day his father set something in his lap. He was told that if he wanted to become a great breeder like his father, he was to go to this school and learn as much as he could.

Sean agreed and soon after, he was at the school, learning all that he could to become the worlds best breeder. And his friend, and partner, Bagon would be there, helping along the way.

Description-This is [URL="http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q196/griff189/Archer-UBW.jpg"]Sean[/URL]. He stands about five nine, and normally wears what you see him in. He may look somewhat like an asshole, but his is nothing of the sort. He is normally a gentle sould, but when the going gets tough, he can become an ass. And his pokemon acts about the same as he does.

Pokemon- Bagon (on the verge of evolving into Shelgon. Soon but not yet of course).

Attacks- Dragon Breath, Double Edge, Overheat, Thundershock. (Of course he was taught three of the four attacks, but he is a dragon after all.)

Tokens- 100
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Heh, I'm in one Pokemon RPG already, and now I'm joining another one! And I see two people here from the other RPG I'm in...

[color=navy][u]Name:[/u] Ari Hakuremu
[u]Age:[/u] 11
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Region:[/u] Sinnoh
[u]Bio:[/u] Ari had a very close relationship with her older brother Gon for most of her life. They often enjoyed going on walks together, exploring together, or even playing video games together. However, Ari would almost always get creamed by Gon in a video game--not because she wasn't good, but because Gon was better. Anyways, the two spent most of their time together outside, so as to not make Ari feel like a loser. She was treated a little bit more like a little princess, because Gon often showed her around town while carying her piggyback.

...But then there was the exception that Ari lived the last four years of her life alone with her parents, because when Gon turned ten he went off on his Pokemon journey, receiving Chimchar as a starter. About two years later, Ari received a Pokemon as well--a Cherubi--but she never went off on her own journey. Instead, she decided to take the safe route by joining one particular Pokemon Academy when she was eleven... meaning now she's a total beginner at the academy.
[u]Description:[/u] Ari is about four and a half feet tall, her skin a pale yellowish tan. She's neither muscular, fat, nor bony--petite would best describe it. Her hair goes just below her shoulders and is straight and black, though its seems to be dark blue at certain times... Her eyes are dark--the color is not certain though. She wears a deep blue long-sleeved shirt that obviously looks too small for her, so small that another black shirt can be seen underneath it. She also wears dark gray pants, black shoes, a belt that matches her shirt in colour, and of course her favourite little hat, also that same blue colour, and her favourite little black gloves (she had been wearing those two things ever since she was little). Ari also wears glasses.
[u]Pokemon:[/u] Cherubi
[u]Attacks:[/u] Tackle, Sweet Scent, Leech Seed, Magical Leaf
[u]Tokens:[/u] 100[/color]
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Name-Skyler Grant
Age- 14
Bio-+Skyler grew up in Hoenn. Skyler is rich, he comes from a rich family, he lived in a 3-story mansion full of pokemon and butlers, and he loved pokemon. He learned to love pokemon because parents were always away at an academy far away, teaching.

Skyler first made his connection with pokemon at the age of 10 when he met a baby Torchic that hatched from an egg he had taken from the female Blaziken his father owned. He had an urge to battle but always could not get the little Torchic to budge.

After 4 long years with the Torchic, it started to fight the other pokemon in Skyler?s mansion, it had destroyed the mansion in a flash, When Skyler?s parents came home one night to find there home demolished by the little Torchic. They blamed Skyler for the damaged mansion and told him they were going to punish him and the Torchic by sending him to the academy they worked at. They said this would give Skyler an opportunity to learn to control the Torchic.

Description: Skyler stands about 5 feet tall and is very skinny. He has brown hair that is spiky. His eyes are green, which his parents thought made him weird. Skyler is always found wearing a leather jacket and jeans with a chain and a spike braclet.

Pokemon: Torchic

Moves: Peck, Ember, Growl, scratch.

Tokens- 100
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My rp is finally picking up and a much better turnout then on another site, all of you are accepted. I am going to wait 2 more days and see if anyone els is going to join before I start the main thread, I would also like to announce that once the rp is underway that you check the underground thread for the rp frequently for updates on the rp.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Username-Knuckles? Girl
Name- Aryanna Nekoi
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Bio- Living in Cerulean City she is an oddball in the town as she owns an electric Pokemon. She is known as one of the better trainers and coordinators in the town. She received the letter and with the help of her family made it to the island where she is now studying to be better then she already is.
Description- [URL="http://www.aroms.com/anime/pics/7635/girls/closeup/pics/aroms.com-closeup-084.jpg"]http://www.aroms.com/anime/pics/7635/girls/closeup/pics/aroms.com-closeup-084.jpg[/URL] She is around 5?7 and weighs about 118 lbs. Her hair is black unlike in the picture. She wears a form fitting sleevless white sun dress that falls to her knees. A white bow in her hair, her eyes are a bright blue. She has personalized Pokeballs, that are solid black with white stripe down the middle.
Pokemon- Electrike (tackle, thunder wave, quick attack, spark)
Tokens- 100[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Username- Lawliet

Name- Oliver Aradon

Age- 12

Gender- Male

Region- Hoen

Bio- Oliver comes from a family of Master Pokemon trainers. The family doesn?t allow its children to marry anyone who isn?t a Pokemon Master him/her self, so the traits of a good master stay with in the family?s gene pool. Once children turn eight, they are allowed to inherit a Pokemon form the family and begin going through very difficult training until they are 10 years of age. Oliver, picked his Grandmothers baby Eevee for his Pokemon, and began his training. Although he was a very strong trainer for such a young age, he wasn?t anything compared to the other children of the same age that were undergoing the same type of training. Oliver?s parents were the laughing stock of the estate(every Aradon has a home built inside a huge compound, surrounding Aradon castle, where the head family live) because they had produced a faulty child, who was not meant to be a master. Oliver?s parents were ashamed of their son, and by the age of 12 they couldn?t take it anymore and they sent him off to Crater Academy where he would hopefully learn how to become a master and where he would graduate the top of his class and prove to the rest of the Aradon that he was not a failure.

Description- [URL="http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb317/Lawliet9/Olivercopycopy.jpg"]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb317/Lawliet9/Olivercopycopy.jpg[/URL]

Pokemon- Eevee- Bite, Double Team, Iron Tail, Extreme Speed

Tokens- 100
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Username- Crazy Kev
Name- Karzar Jax
Age- 15
Gender- Male
Region- Kanto
Bio- Karzar came from a long line of dragon pokemon trainers. His family tradition is that every first born child has a Dratini as their starter pokemon once they reached the age of ten. After Karzar trained his Dratini with his father's Dragonite for a year, he was then sent to the academy. There he would gain more knowledge on dragon type pokemon and show the true power of a dragon type to all of his classmates. Well, at least once he gets his Dratini into a Dragonair and then into a Dragonite.
Description- Karzar stands about 5'10, with brown spikey hair and forest green eyes, though he wears sunglasses most of the time. He also wears a black zippy hoodie with a black sleeveless shirt under it. On the back of the hoodie is a symbol that that resembles a dragon, which is the family's insignia. He also wears cargo camouflage pants.
Pokemon- Dratini (Ice Beam, Slam, Thunder Wave, Dragon Breath)
Tokens- 100
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