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One thousand years ago, there was a battle. The battle raged for ten days and ten nights. Then, on the morning of the eleventh day, only one remaining survivor stood. Bloody and battered, she would not live to see the sunrise.

She casta spell on her, and her seven companions. This is the spell that was etched inot our history: "'Though we may die, here today, on this land, we shall live on. Our bodies will vanish into the earth, but our sould shall never die. One day, in the future, we will be needed once more, and when that time comes, it will not be the ones you see before you, but others, the same as us, and they will be us. This last fight was one that will never see past this day. The days of spells and magic shall die here on this ground, but our lives will not. When we are needed, look to the young, they shall be us, and we shall be them."

After she said those words, she died, never to be seen agian until the time comes in which a new eight were to be chosen, and were to help save the world. That day did come, but it wasn't until four hundred years later. That was the day that Trey, reincarnation of Del, of the Ice; Chase, reincarnation of Nie, of the Flame; Mark, reincarnation of Ject, of Lightning; Garret, reincarnation of Dom, of the Earth; Amelia, reincarnation of Lia, of the Wind; Ashara, reincarnation of Sa, of the Darkness; Oko, reincarnation of Eka, of the Water; and Riko, reincarnation of Adin, of Light.

These eight were the reincarnations of gods, if you will. Their fight was unknow, but they did prevail in the end and kill the man named Dogi. Who, unknown in the history books was acutally the ninth member of the original team, that became a trader and vowed to kill the Chosen Eight.

The result of the battle was horrid. Many members of the new Chosen Eight were killed, and in return, they became gods of their time. They vowed to help and serve the people of the world, but what they did not know was that there was another force brewing in the darkness that the one named Dogi left behind.

What he did was revive the Chosen Eight and used their souless bodies to battle the reincarnations. This strategy was good, but the power of the reincarnations was too much for Dogi, and he eventually lost his life to them. With his last words, he vowed that there would be a reincarnation of him one day that would try to do the same thing he had been doing. They would try to take over the world.

As he died, he let out a blast that tore the reincarnations to peices. All but one were left, and the remaining one said the spell that she had known, but never had the ability to say. She agian, said the spell that would one day remake the Chosen Eight to battle the evils that may try to take over the world.

As the last of the reincarnations died, the world continued on its normal path. Many a people never knowing that the battle had raged for nearly twelve days and twelve nights. But as the sun rose on the thirteenth day, there were no more survivors, and the myth became a legend once more.

Now, six hundred years later, it has started agian. The battle is going to be raged once more, but this time, it will be different. The time has advanced, and there are new weapons, and new enamies. The only question is, who are the enamies?


Alright, that is the background for this rp. A few of you might remember, this is a sequil off of one I did a while ago. Agian, you are a reincarnation, but what happens is this one, has no real relations to the previous. So, without further adue, here is the sighn up.

Just a little reminder, here is the list of the gods that you can be a reincarnation of.

Eca- Of the Water
Dom- Of the Earth
Nie- Of the Fire
Adin- Of the Light
Sa- Of the Darkness
Ject- Of the Lightning
Lia- Of the Wind
Del- Of the Ice
Dogi- Of Regeneration (This is a new one. He wasn't really in the last one. But his power is this, he is unable to be killed. The only real way to kill him is to destroy every particle in his body. Other wise, he will come back to life after a short amount of time.)

Age: 16-28 please
Gender: It does not have to be the same as the reincarnation. Say Lia is a female, you may be a male reincarnation.
Personality: Two paragraphs on this one please
Appearance: Pic or written
Rencarnation of: Which one are you
Power: Goes along with the reincarnation.
Weapon: Still times of melee so take it from there
Bio: How did you find you you were a reincarnation, or if you want to find out later, an experience with some of your powers.

Thats it. If you have any questions, please pm me about them.
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[B]Name:[/B] Desmond Toal
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Personality:[/B] Serious to the extreme degree, Desmond has virtually no sense of humour, though according to his brother he can smile. Desmond is also not one for wasting time, utterly despising laziness viewing those with it as a waste of existence. Thus Desmond is very intelligent, spending all of his free time either reading or writing about something that interests him.

His family and few friends can vouch for Desmond's highly competitive nature, not backing away from any reasonable challenge, and often taunting others.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [U][URL="http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l142/gooseberry_01/devilman.jpg"]Desmond[/URL][/U] However Desmond does wear clothes, usually found in a deep black coat layered under a black cloak and large hood.
[B]Rencarnation of:[/B] Sa
[B]Power:[/B] Manipulation of darkness.
[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL="http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x307/Haseo41193/scythe.jpg"]Scythe[/URL]
[B]Bio: [/B] Desmond first discovered his powers at the age of 13, he was being bullied by some of the neighbourhood kids and was running toward his home. Suddenly the ally in which he ran was cut off on both ends by the bullies. They slowly walked closer to him as they called names and yelled threats. You see, Desmond had neglected to do the other children’s' school work for them, and so they were mad. Seconds before the kids got t him Desmond looked up at the sky and wished with all his might that he could just fly away...Then it happened. A gust of formless shadow bellowed from within Desmond and large black wings sprouted from his back.

He took off like an arrow fired into the sky, but alas, had no idea what he was doing. He flew for about 30 seconds then crashed in a near by field. He didn't dare tell his parents about the mysterious wings but he did entrust his brother with the incredible secret. His brother of coarse wouldn’t believe a word of it at first, and so Desmond went to his home away from home, the town archives. He read book upon book, ancient scrolls and every type of literature between looking for an answer. Which he eventually found in a dusty old book half made of dust and ravaged by the ages. It told the adventure of he 8 gods and their betrayer, and how the reincarnations would one day come again. But unfortunately for Desmond, they did not tell him of adventure he himself would soon be twisted into.
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[B]Name:[/B] Demetri Toal
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Personality:[/B] Likes to take life one step at a time. He is know to be a procrastinator and halfass most chores and requests he is given. He is reckless and headstrong, he is one of the first to charge into a fight, but he knows when a fight isnt necessary, though he is intelligent it dose not show very often. One of his weaknesses has to be women, he sees himself as a romantic tho most of his attempts come up futile.

Though Demetri seems like a happy guy, it dose not mean that he will not get mad and take charge when needed. His brother can get out of hand so Demetri tries to get him to see reason sometimes having to become physical but Demetri tries his hardest to avoid these conflicts.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [U][URL="http://s119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/?action=view¤t=angelman.jpg"]Demetri[/URL][/U] is usually wearing a white tunic and loose pants, both of which have taken a tint of a light cream due to their use. He also wears a leather chest plate and two arm bracers along with belt strapped boots.
[B]Rencarnation of:[/B] Adin
[B]Power:[/B] Manipulation of light
[B]Weapon: [/B][U][URL="http://s119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/?action=view¤t=swords_ember_big.jpg"]Sword[/URL][/U]
[B]Bio:[/B] Demetri discovered his powers two years after his brother did. He was walking along the coastal cliff just outside of their town when the ledge gave way sending him sliding down the face of the cliff. He finally found his salvation on a out hanging rock that he wrapped his arms around. He looked down, he had to be at least 100 feet from the ground still, he know that a drop like that would kill him. Demetri ran his feet along the face and found foot holdings and decided that the only way he could live is to climb. He had only made it a couple of feet up the face when one of his hand came loose and he began to free fall. He was twisting in the air too afraid to open his eyes when he suddenly started to steady himself. He opened his eyes and saw that two wings had materialized on his back and he was gliding toward the water. he hit the water and both wing left as soon as the had appeared. He was able to swim back to shore before he passed out from exhaustion.

In the coming years Demetri had collected information that he was a reincarnation of Adin, a deity of light. He then started to learn what he could do with his new found power, keeping this from his mother and twin brother he would go to where he had discovered the powers and practice, he has finally perfected summoning his wings but he can only do so on occasion seeing as it takes a lot out of him. He has also learned to conjure up small orbs of light and is recently able to create a bright flash from his hand that can blind people (only thinking this because it has blinded him when he first learned to use it.
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[COLOR="Purple"][B]Name:[/B] Lycoris

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Personality:[/B] Lycoris has a twisted personality. At first glance she is cold and mean but she actually has a cheerful and kind side to her. When she was younger, she was all smiles and happy-go-lucky until she turned 13. That's when life took a turn for the worst for her. At her younger age, she never complained because she knew it would get her into trouble.

When she got older though, she had a change in personality. Instead of happy-go-lucky, she became cold-hearted and mean to those around her. She didn't care for anyone anymore or care how much trouble she got into. All she cared about was herself since no one cared about her.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Angelic%20Beings/framewings.jpg"]Lycoris[/URL] stands at 5'9" and weighs at 125lb.

[B]Reincarnation of:[/B] Nei

[B]Power of: [/B]fire

[B]Weapon:[/B] a parasol. It may seem strange but it works as an easy shield to protect herself using fire and it can help her when closes it and uses her fire to turn it into a sword of fire.

[B]Bio:[/B] Since Lycoris was little she has had a tough past. She was always made fun of the way she looked like her hair and eye color. She was also made fun of how her kindness was sure to be fake just so that she could get attention from others. She was only kind so that she didn't cause any trouble. She never complained at home since she knew that her foster parents would beat her. Since she was kind, she was patient but soon patience runs dry.

She had just turned 15 and that's when everything turned in her favor. She finally had enough of the teasing and stood up for herself but when she did, she was beaten by the others. She was badly cut on her right arm and that's what made her snap. Her foster parents were upset on how she looked when she got back home and told her that she need to clean up her act. Since she was already pissed off enough, she felt a burning feeling in her chest. She stood up after her parents beat her down and pointed a finger at them and told them that she would not belong to them anymore from that day forward.

She left the house and started living on her own. She had returned to her parents house and it made her angry. She was so angry that a fire came out of her from her back and formed wings of fire. She didn't know what was going despite that fact that she had a new power. She set her parents house on fire, killing them both while they were in the house. She had wondered what this power of hers was so she headed for the library in town, after she consealed her power. She read a book about 8 gods that had fought a betrayer who wanted to take over the world but failed. After their fight, the angel of light casted a spell on them all so that they would be reincarnated and come back when they were needed. Four hundered years after that, they were needed and their reincarnations had to fight the evil along with fighting themselves. It was gruesome battle but again, the angel of light casted a spell on the eight so that they would come back but so did the betrayer.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="Magenta"]Name: Yuuki

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Yuuki is carefree and joyful. She loves the finer things in life and has a way about it. She has always been this way since she was born. Yuuki is very trusting and considers anyone new she meets as a friend. She is someone easy to get along with and has no problem when getting along with others. Yuuki can be play around with people and loves to be sarcastic sometimes. Yuuki is also up in your face when she sees that someone is down and won't hold it against you unless you make her mad.

When Yuuki gets angry she doesn't have control around her. Sometimes even she can hurt her friends and will not remember what had happened. She is very patient yet her anger sometimes gets the better of her when she's in a fight or plotting revenge.

Appearance: [URL="http://s56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Celestial/?action=view¤t=celestial19.jpg"]Yuuki[/URL] is 5'7" and weighs about 126lbs.

Reincarnation: Del

Power of: Ice

Weapon: Two Katanas

Bio: Yuuki's only memory of when she was little was when she was about 10 and was in the snow during a snow storm. There was someone that came to her and when she turned around it was someone that was going to kill her. Them out of nowhere someone else came along and killed the man trying to kill her. Yuuki didn't know much at the time and was scared at the sight of blood. The boy that saved her took her to a man. That man took care of her and helped her try to get her memories back but it falied. Slowly, Yuuki was able to learn the things that she had lost and then went to school. The man opened a school and she was part of it.

Yuuki went to school and made many new friends. A lot of people liked her and she was nice to everybody. She was soon very popular. Then when she hit the end of high school, something happened. Someone had made her mad and she unleashed her power of ice. Yuuki had caused the ice to become chains that cut deeply into the girl's body. The girl wasn't cut too deeply but she never came back to that school. Soon, Yuuki asked her adopted father who she was and her didn't say anything about it.

When she was out of high school, she went to the library and found a book about the eight gods and the one that had betrayed the eight. She read the book and found out that her power of ice was from the god of ice, Del.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Name: Lie Hicha

Age: 18

Gender: female

Personality: Sweet and careing she is friendly and energetic. Loves to have fun and keeps everybody in a good mood most of the time. She is somewhat of a goof off and gets into trouble all the time for the fact that she talks to much as well.
On the other hand she has a nasty temper which can flare at the least expected moments, hates to be judge just for the way she acts she snaps when people sterotype her as the outcast and oddball of any group.

Appearance: [URL="http://www.animecubed.com/animegirls/games/Checkin/55105.jpg.shtml"]http://www.animecubed.com/animegirls/games/Checkin/55105.jpg.shtml[/URL]

Rencarnation of: Lia
Power: WInd

Weapon: [URL="http://www.sworddemon.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1207"]http://www.sworddemon.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1207[/URL]

Bio: It was a simple ay for Lie as they went to the celebration, she had heard that there was to be animal trainers and all sort of things there. As her and her friends arrived they were stopped by the gaurds and her sword was taken, she had ecpected as much and just smiled handing it over to the guards.
They walked in taking in all the sights and having fun, watching the entertainment she had almost forgotten that Tang told her she had to get her fortune read, shaking her head she walked into the hut and the women smiled at the others but when her eyes landed on Lie she stopped and frowned.
"You have a Green aura my dear."
Lie blinked taking in the old women, her hair the color of salt and pepper due to age, her face weathered and wrinkled she grabbed Lie hand and began to look it over as if she were reading something there. She looked up at her and took a deep breath.
"You are one of the eight."
"The what?
"The eight gods me dear, you are the Wind god. You have a nasty temper and you demand respect."
Lie just blinked and nodded.
"Yeah, we oughta go you guys."
As they left a shrill scream was heard and their enemies came rushing in around them. She only remembered running to get her sword, seeing Tang fall to an arrow and blacking out. When she woke up the area looked as if it had been through a tornado, everything was gone and the only one left was her. Her clothes in ribbons she got up and now travles from town to town not remembering what happened that night.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Alright everyone, I like the signups so far. We just need a few more. As soon as they fill, of I feel that it has been long enough, I will start it.

Name: Chris Gryphon

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Distant. That is the main way to describe him. As if he himslef has either seen death straight in the eyes, or, somone close has, and it has scared him. He has a hard time looking people in the eyes. He can, however stand up to someone. He is the least likely person youwould think of that would be seen fighting someone that is twice his size, but he will do it without even a change of expression.

He is also, smart. He can read a situation and start talking about the best ways to complete the task within minutes. This gives him an edge in some situations. There is a problem, just like everything else, he is hard to talk to. He is not one to go spilling everything on his mind, and it can get annoying at times, but most people just forget about him altogether.

Appearance: [URL="http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q196/griff189/226128157_small.jpg"]Chris[/URL], He stands 5' 7", short for his age, but he makes up for it in speed and strength.

Rencarnation of: Ject

Power: He can make electricity shoot from his body, as well as use it to increase his speed. At some times he will use it as a weapon, or defense. He is yet strong enough to use it to kill someone, but he is learning how to use it.

Weapon: He uses a halberd that has never needed to be sharpen.

Bio: It was fortold. That one day, the reincarnation of the reincarnation shall rise and risk his life with seven others to save the world. It was also fortold from his village, that one day, someone in his family would be the reincarnation of the one named Ject.

Ject was the saint for the village, and as it was fortold, Chrs was born the same day that Ject was. After he was born, his mother died, due to the birth. As Chris started to cry, sparks started to fly off of his body, and in return, he was praised a god by the village.

One day, he was cast from his home due to the death of his father. At the age of twelve, his father grew ill, and soon died from the illness, and from that day on, Chris decided he would test the fate of this legend for himself. As he traveled, he realized something. He understood the reason why his mother and father died.

The looked around one night, seeing other people around him. He began to have a nightmare, and then it happened. His body began to erupt with electricity, killing everyone that was close. Nothing remained but the charred remains of the the ones that got to close to him during the night.

After the morning sun broke the horizon, he vowed something. That the day after he does the task at hand, he may have to take his own life. Now, with things begining to become clearer, he knows that the day in which he must die is coming closer, and there is nothing he can really do about it.
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Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Strong. She stands up for herself and would defend others. Fianna is very strong hearted. She doesn't take crap from anyone but has a short temper. Even though she's strong, she has a very short temper and loses it constantly. She can't stand other people who are mean and spoiled. Fianna doesn't talk very much and would rather keep quiet until something starts to get out of hand. She doesn't like to pick fights with other people but will if they keep jabbering on and on about their lives.

Fianna is also very independent. She would rather do things alone and not bother anyone if she needs help. Fianna would like to take care of herself and doesn't want to bother anyone about what she needs to be done and anything about her. She keeps quiet about most of her life and wouldn't like to have others know about it.

Appearance: [URL="http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Anime%20Girls/Fighters/Angel3.jpg"]Fianna[/URL]

Reincarnation: Eca

Power: Water

Weapon: in the pic

Bio: Fianna was always delinquet. She never relied on anyone and would always leave the house late at night. When she was younger she was happy and very cheerful. She used to live with a noble family until she was in the the 4th grade. Her father had adopted her to another family. She was more like sold for about $65 thousand dollars. Fianna knew that her family was going into debt but she would have never imagined to have her own father sell her. She was the oldest of the two and never complained about anything. She did feel a little different from the others but loved her mother and didn't want to lose her.

Fianna then lived with the family but she felt like the atmosphere was suffocating. She then left one night to fight on the streets. She picked fights to fight off her anger from her father and so that she would get out of the chocking house. Fianna felt good when she was fighting since she knew just how they felt and that they were just like her. That's when she met her friend, Azume. Azume was born in a noble family and Fianna would go to her house on the weekends.

When she had entered high school, Fianna became a lot kinder. Though her anger still got the best of her sometimes. There was a guy that was picking on Azume because she was noble going to normal school. Fianna got in front of the boy. The guy started to make more fun of Azume until Fianna got really pissed off. That's when water came out of nowhere and shot through the boy's body like spikes. It killed the boy and that was when Fianna discovered her powers. Azume transferred to another school and Fianna transferred as well.

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[color=darkred][size=2][font=book antiqua][b]Name:[/b] Jason Gardes

[b]Age:[/b] 23

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Personality:[/b] Solid like stone. He keeps his emotions locked inside of them so they dont cloud his mind. Kind, caring, and gentle he will risk his life for anyone he trusts. He is far from a leader and prefers to take orders instead of give them.

Though he is quiet he does like to hold conversations with people about everyday things. Not one to be shy he will give advice as a friend to help people out. Always one to help he will drop everything to help someone out that needs it.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=DMC2_01.jpg]Jason[/url]

[b]Reincarnation:[/b] Dom

[b]Power:[/b] Earth

[b]Weapon:[/b] A large Hammer

[b]Bio:[/b] Born in a small town, he grew up a simple farmer's life. He began to find out his powers at around age 17. The only problem was that his town was hihgly religious and agaisnt anything that seemed to be witchcraft. It seemed at least once or twice a month someone would be burned at the stake or hung at the gallows for suppossed witchcraft.

Jason began to get nervous. Should anyone find out he would be killed. He decided never to use his powers again. As the next year passed he grew curious and began practicing at night. He grew stronger and stronger and began having to go farther from the village to practice so no one would see or feel. Everything was fine until one of his friends followed him out there without him knowing. The next day when Jason woke up he found the entire village outside his house with torches and weapons. They set fire to hsi house and began chasing him through the village.

As he rounded the turn he saw his family dead in front of him. Anger coursed through his veins as his eyes went green and a deadly earthquake hit the village. The ground rose and broke smashing people and houses. When it stopped Jason looked around to see not a soul remain. To this day he keeps his emotions insde so nothing like that would happen again.

He traleved the land learning from all the traveling masters, medicine man, and scholars. From one of the martial artists he recieved his hammer that he uses to this time. He synced the hammer with his powers allowing him to store it in the ground until needed and bestowing on it all the strengths of the minerals. He learned as much as he could about the earth and its qualities from the scholars. In one of the main cities he stopped at a library and was walking by one fo the shelves when he accidently knowicked a book out. He picked it up and was about to put it back when he saw it was covered in stange symbols.

It was this book that taught him all about Dom and the reincarnations.[/font][/size][/color]
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Not bad everyone. I will keep this open for a few more days. I will post it in the forum sunday, so if anyone else wants to join by all means go ahead. I still need one for the reincarnation of Dogi, but i don't have to have it for the story. With that, be looking for it sunday.


Alright, I know I said that I would put this up on sunday, but I got a pm about osmeone watning to join, and now that they haven't, I decided to put it up anyway. The character of Dogi's reincarnation shall be a cp that I will control, other than that, the signups are still open to anyone who watns to play him. Just let me know and send me the profile in a pm. Other than that, have fun...
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