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[size=4][b][i][center]HOMEWORLD HELL[/center][/i][/b][/size]
[size=1]Gavin stood uncomfortably, shifting anxiously in the green Saiyan battle jacket covering his upper body. He tried to breath it out, short purposeful breaths, as Andrew clasped a single hand on his shoulder and gave an acknowledging grin with accompanying thumbs up. After the destruction of their homeworld, a lot of the Saiyans had come to Earth, and mostly blended in with the human populace, a few even taking human spouses, but something like this brought most of them together again, as it wasn’t everyday that it happened, and it gave all of them something to celebrate.

The doors at the opposite end of the hall opened and he heart began to beat so hard it threatened to break out of his chest entirely. Beautiful wasn’t the right word to describe her, beautiful would have been the human word, but to a Saiyan, she was breath-taking, striding purposefully forward in a crimson battle jacket until she was face to face with him. Rai oozed confidence in direct contrast Gavin’s nervousness. His hand searched out hers and their fingers interlocked, his heart immediately calmed and with a final breath, all the tension was gone from his body.

Neil merely nodded, and opened his arms to address the hall of Saiyan warriors, family, and friends, all of them honoured guests. Vicky stood silently behind Rai, much in the same fashion as Andrew did to Gavin. Over the last few weeks, their relationship had apparently become more serious.

“[b]Brothers and sisters, welcome.[/b]” Neil looked all too pleased with himself, Gavin didn’t even want to consider what he’d have been like had he transformed like Andrew and Vicky.

“[b]Today, we gather not to fight... that is unless Gavin’s dad hasn’t provided enough to drink to later ![/b]” There was a ripple of laughter. “[b]But rather, we gather here to join our honoured friends here in a lifelong commitment to one another.[/b] Gavin had to give Neil credit, when he wanted to, he knew how to speak in front of a crowd.

"[b]Rai, will you stand beside Gavin in all his battles, as his wife and the mother of his children, both present and future ?[/b]" Her pregnancy was not news, after Warlock’s death at Sella’s hands it had been seen as something positive to celebrate.

“[b]I will.[/b]” Her gaze never left her love’s face.

“[b]Gavin, will you stand beside Rai in all of her battles, as her husband and the father of her children, both present and future ?[/b]” Despite his wife only being half Saiyan, they had chosen the traditional vows of their people, if only because Rai’s father had explained that Sennin vows involved a lot of fire and chanting. They’d opted for the simpler and generally safer ceremony.

“[b]I will[/b]” His mother’s normally deadpan demeanour broke into the smallest of smiles. It was something of an event in itself.

“[b]Then, as long as you name your firstborn after me, I give you to one another as husband and wife.[/b]” The lovers leaned into one another and shared their first kiss as spouses as the entire hall erupted into a shower and cheers and applause.

[b][u]Three Weeks Later[/u][/b]

“[b]It’ll be perfect honey, I swear.[/b]” Gavin was balancing four boxes containing mostly wedding gifts on one hand while trying to open the back doors of the haulage van they’d rented. Rai came forward with three boxes filled with junk from high school and college that they just couldn’t seem to get rid of, effortlessly she threw the door open and threw in their possessions and then placed a hand on her love’s face.

“[b]I’m sure it will be, I can’t imagine you’d be so horrible as to expose your pregnant wife to some small country town filled with hicks and yokels.[/b]” She was joking, as she always did, just to get a reaction out of her normally easily stressed husband.

“[b]You know I wouldn’t. It’s a nice place where we can raise a bunch of super-powered kids and grow old together happily...[/b]” Rai’s eyes narrowed at the mention of the word old, Gavin just smiled back before continuing. “[b]In many, many years time.[/b]” Her expression of mock outrage softened into similar levity.

“[B]Good, I can just imagine the fun you’re going to have trying to explain to a son exactly like his father that he can’t fly or show off his super strength to impress people.[/b]”

“[b]Who said anything about explaining, I’ll just...[/b]” He made a joking gesture of swatting the back of the head of his future son with a newspaper. He kissed her, nearly pushing both of them back into the van.

“[b]Then for our sakes, I hope he gets his father’s strength, but his mother’s brains !![/b] Rai wrapped her arms around Gavin’s neck, only to hear a cough from behind them. Andrew, Neil, Connor, Vicky and Bill stood looking trying to look uninterested in the couple’s antics. Vicky merely gave Andrew a grin as Will looked on thoughtfully.

“[b]I think we can all agree to that.[/b]” Connor had given the pair a miniature sword for their newborn, as a demi-god of war, he thought nearly the same as a Saiyan and they already had a pair of mini battle jackets from Andrew and Neil.

“[b]Well so long as he gets my looks, he's set for life.[/b]” Grinning, Gavin watched as Rai sighed in a theatrical fashion. Slamming the doors of the van closed, Gavin had to admit, he was amazed by the fact they'd managed to cram quite so much crap into one vehicle. “[b]Guess that's everything.[/b]”

The group went quiet. After everything that had happened to them together over the years, it seemed wrong that something other than death should separate them. Vicki was leaning against Andrew, closer than she had been before. Will tried to break the silence in his usual manner.

“[b]We'll visit the first chance we get after you've settled in, just so you don't miss us too much.[/b]” There were a few nostalgic chuckles as Connor adjusted his sun-glasses to hide what could potentially have been a stray tear. Climbing into the driver's seat, Gavin gave an assured thumbs up to those staying behind, as Rai gave a short snivel. After a few moments, they were nothing but a glimmer in the distance.

[b][u]Five Months Later[/u][/b]

“[b]They’re beautiful honey... I really can’t believe it.[/b]” Gavin bit down on his hand trying to avoid crying in sheer joy at the sight of his newborn children. Rai lay exhausted on the bed but managed a loving smile. Leaning over the banister of the stairs Gavin shouted to the assembled group of friends and relatives in the room below. “[b]TWINS !! A boy and a girl.[/b]” The roar that followed was nearly deafening, out of them all, Gavin could hear Neil most clearly.

“[b]Remember, you have to name the boy after me![/b]”

Just as Gavin was about to respond, the wall at the rear of their two storey house was blown open. There were dozens of shrieks as troops in full-armour burst into the room, killing anyone who couldn’t defend themselves. Leaping down, Gavin’s foot connected with the helmet of an oncoming trooper, sending him sprawling across the floor before sickeningly breaking his neck from the force of the collision with the opposite wall. Most of the other Saiyans had no trouble with the grunts, either blowing them apart with ki blasts, or breaking bones the old-fashioned way. It was all too easy, the he heard Rai’s screams.

“[B]GAVIN THEY’VE TAKEN THE BABIES !![/B]” After that the Saiyan male was operating on pure instinct, sprinting up the stairs, he couldn’t even begin to contemplate the sight in front of him. Fallen at the foot of the cot where the two infants had rested only a moment ago was Gavin’s father, with a deep ki wound in his stomach.

“[b]Dad ?[/b]” He grabbed the hand, trying to raise some activity from his father. “[b]DAD ?! DAD ?!!![/b]" Hot tears rushed down his cheeks, his throat hurt from the howls of anger, that sounded more Oozaru than Saiyan, his fists impacted into the floor with such strength the walls of the room shook. By the time Andrew and the others reached the room, the golden aura flaring around Gavin wasn’t even surprising.

“[b]There’s something you need to see.[/b]” Neil’s dad and the other older Saiyan men were seeing to Gavin’s father’s body. Numbly he followed his friend down to the Lounge, where a single trooper remained alive, if only badly beaten. “[b]You need to hear what he has to say.[/b]”


“[b]Your time is at an end Saiyan filth. The glorious queen who destroyed your homeworld has come to finish the cleansing. All of you will die.[/b]” The alien didn’t have a chance to continue, as Gavin’s closed fist smashed through it’s skull, leaving only a bloody pile of flesh and bone. Nobody said anything, they’d have done the same in his place without hesitation. There was only a murmuring over the name he had mentioned, everyone knew it, and now she had come to Earth.



Well then, I think that’s a good enough intro to this little project. Homeworld Hell is the sequel to D’Ann’s/Neuvoxraiha’s High School Hell story after those portrayed in the original thought it would be cool to have an RPG sequel. As you can see it starts off with a bang.

Unfortunately this is an [b]invite only[/b] RPG, those who’ve been invited already know, and those who aren’t invited, well sorry but you can’t take part, but feel free to read. For those who have been invited, the sign up is fairly simple, you just have to write your character’s reaction to what has just happened, twenty to twenty-five lines of text should be fine for it.

I hope this goes well.[/size]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Vicky shot a look towards Gavin and headed upstairs, where Raiha had, moments before, been resting. Weakened from childbirth, she found her childhood friend holding the soft yellow blankets that had been a gift from Connor's dryad mother. Her fists were clenched loosely around the folds in the fabric, her pupilless eyes cast downward to the empty bed. Vicky stepped forward and was about to say something reassuring and entirely out of character when Raiha's head snapped upwards, pupils filling with blackness.[/i]

"Raiha! Don't!"

[i]Downstairs, silence reigned, Gavin and Neil for the most part, controlling their anger and pain. Will and Connor both were considering the attack with the same sort of thoughtfulness that everyone expected of them while Neil's father began dragging away the corpses. Just as Gavin turned to look towards the stairs and his bereft wife, a scream more terrible and heartbreaking than he'd ever heard shook the house from top to bottom. A shockwave from upstairs leveled what remained of the building, blue flames scorching the debris, incinerating corpses, forcing the survivors to flee or be immolated. When Vicky's eyes adjusted, she saw Raiha bent down, feral teeth and claws sprouting from her body, her shoulder blades hunched over. Tears streamed from her eyes, evaporating instantly, floating upwards beyond her, disappearing into a bloody, white hot aura.

Her second scream created a blast wave that put huge cracks in the concrete paths and driveway, nearly shaking people off their feet. Then all that could be heard was a broken sobbing, and what was left of Raiha curled up over the last thing that had touched her children.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1][B]“TWINS!! A boy and a girl.”[/B]

Andrew lost all thought for a brief moment as the room erupted in a deafening roar, his own included. The sheer elation he felt for his two friends great blessing was incredible. He didn’t want to imagine how he'd feel when his time came to produce an heir.

Neil’s retort was lost on Andrew’s sensitive ears as he started considering those possibilities but not for very long. The very second the back-wall of the house exploded, Andrew was powered up and decimating armoured thugs, his golden aura surrounding as body parts and torn armour flew about the room. Each of the others tore through equally as many thugs as he until Raiha’s urgent plea caught them all.


At that moment, Andrew’s heart sank, even more so as he watched his friend frantically launch himself up the stairs. Thinking rather frantically himself, Andrew burst through the nearest wall and took to the air, eyes and senses scanning for whoever/whatever had taken away the children.

He already knew they were long gone. Whoever had taken them was either stupidly fast (faster than a Super Saiyan anyways) or could teleport. In his frustration he hurled a destructive blast at the nearest mountain.


Before he could head back in and report what they probably already knew he heard a blood-chilling scream that made him cover his ears before the remainder of the house was consumed in a blast and sent flying in all directions.

When he was a suitable enough distance away he could see that they were all ok but Raiha was in a ball on the floor with Gavin and Vicky a few metres away from her. As he got closer he understood immediately why they weren't by her side, they'd be smoking craters if they did with the intense heat she was giving off. The sad look on Andrew’s face said everything as he dropped down next to Gavin placing his hand sombrely on his shoulder. His empathetic gaze met a similar look from Vicky's eyes before they both looked on at the distraught mother.[/size]
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  • 2 weeks later...
The ringing in his ears did not stop, not even when Raiha had been reduced into sobs. It was not the explosions or the roars the halfblood had unleashed, but rather rage. For this to happen, for the defilment of this occasion meant something far more than it would have to other living beings.

Saiyajins are known for their ruthlessness and their bloodlust, but also for their bonds. The battles and traditions alike they go through forge ties that lie much deeper than flesh. For someone to invade his family's home on this sacred and blessed day meant death for all that benefited.

He stood downstairs, fists clenching and releasing again. Most others had gone back upstairs for simple moral support and to find something, anything, to do to make this all right. He didn't know what to offer, however. The only other being downstairs was his father, who was disposing of bodies out the back.

"Neil, stop standing around and grab this fucker's legs."

The old man's voice sickened him to the core, but he complied. He knew what was coming up. His father was strong enough to carry all the bits and pieces of the bloody corpses with one arm. The excuse to help was a setup to talk.

The large pile of bodies had grown high out back. The pair of warriors heaved and ho'ed and tossed the last block of shredded flesh that was once a foe on top. Neil's father took a few steps back and sighed, flicking his fingers to the ground, slinging blood from his hands. Neil stood apart, letting the crimson seep into his skin.

The silence lasted some time as the father and the son listened to the wind and the quiet sobbing that drifted away into the night.

"Well," the older Saiyajin started. "Light the damn thing. I know you can."

"Go play in traffic."

Neil turned to leave only to come back face to face with his father. Their past was checkered to say the least. At worst, Neil was a bastardized son who hated his lying, spineless father with every fiber of his being. He rued the day when his father reentered his life a few months ago, and was completely opposed to the idea of having him there at the homecoming.

"Come on, [i]son[/i], don't be like that."

Neil straighted his back and squared his chin. He was taller than his father now, but for some reason, it always seemed like the old man was always towering over him. But now he stared into his father's eyes and saw the same hate he probably had in his own.

"I thought that was your curse, not mine, Dad."

Neil sidestepped and walked past, bumping into his father and threw him off-balance. He did not look back to his father's snarl but instead continued upstairs. He deftly pushed off his left foot at the foot of the stairs and appeared at the top landing, disappearing from view in his quick leap upwards. He entered the bedroom and stood tall in the doorway, all six foot two and two hundred and thirty pounds of him.

Some of the others looked to him as if he were a complete stranger. He did not look himself over but knew he was a sight. Covered in blood, face drawn in a trademark scowl. His hair was tossed high and his tan skin was a darker bronze shade as his ki was elevated higher than normal. He cast an errie glow over the demolished house that was now drenched in a morbid rage and fear that would never leave.

He walked slowly and purposefully forward, pressing forward through the gathering. Raiha had seemingly descended into a hazy mixture of sobbing and a chilling gutteral growl. Her fiery aura had diminished, but still emitted a great level of heat. The fullblood stopped at her side and crouched down.

"No more tears," he whispered. "Now it's time for blood."

There was a moment of pure silence, and he stood slowly. He first looked to Gavin, and for a fraction of a second, his glare turned to a soft frown. And around the room he looked and turned to leave. He stopped at the door and looked into the shattered ceiling and beyond into the cloudy sky.

"Leave nothing."
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[size=1][I]OOC: *does weird frantic hand gestures worthy of a blind man on crack* Shit I forgot about this =/ I'm a bit lost at what to put as well so my apologies on both accounts (and for the blind-man-crack comment)[/I]


For the first time she could clearly remember, Vicky was dumbfounded and at a loss. Maybe it if had not been for the destruction and power Raiha had unleashed, she could have found something to say, some kind of small, futile comfort, even if that was never really her thing. The blast Raiha had created left Vicky at a complete loss for words, thoughts and even feelings... except for one, a strange combination of fear and despise. It was easy to pin the despise on the bastard who had caused all this... Vicky was just rather disturbed that one of her friends was causing this fear.

She clenched her fists hard, harder than even she had anticipated. A small trickle of blood dripped down her palms, but she ignored it, swallowing.

[B]"Damn it..."[/B] she muttered under her breath and looked over at Andrew, who was now on his knees beside Gavin. She was hoping for Andrew to say something, at least, although he only looked back at her sympathetically.

Vicky wasn't sure where to look, but when Neil stood at the door frame all of a sudden she was one of the few staring at him. She didn't speak, nor did anyone else, and stepped back reluctantly without anything else to do. She watched Neil speak to Raiha, but at that point Vicky wasn't listening. She just kept swearing over and over in her head.

And really, it was a sight. For the first time she could ever remember, Vicky had no idea what to do - whether to cry for her friend or stare at the floor in angry. She was probably doing a mixture of both at the moment.[/SIZE]
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