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RPG In Which Stuff Happens: Vol. 1


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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i][center]Introduction
And at this stage in the development of things, I would like to impress upon you all the importance of being as remarkably witty and sarcastic as possible. I will judge you based on those criteria as well as ability to use your fingers on a keyboard. For your first posts, you will be meeting your team members for your quests. Team one will have to visit a Seer that's blackmailing an Elf. Team two will have to go on a dragon hunting quest that will undoubtedly not end well. Team three will have to infiltrate a party of elves with the express intent of stealing something valuable.

But first...meet in whichever towns you like, start at home, start at work, start wherever you like. GO CRAZY![/i]

First Team:

Neuvoxraiha as Mercenary Mreelsa Kreyemuleté
Revelation as Sorceress Nazani Yerazig
YawnBoy as Theif Rel Nerom

Second Team:

Andrew as Count Vladmir the Embarrasser
Ikillion as Lagus Seraim Nnmai
Stephanie as Bouncer Raiyeesa
Tetra of Sound as Werewolf Rika KILL IT!

Third Team:

Gavin as Demon Ninja Nagata
Revolver as Rafael the Demon KILL IT!
[strike]GuyYouMetOnline as Mercenary Leresa Krales [/strike]
[i]Mreelsa Kreyemuleté stepped out over the lake from the isolated cave she'd been resting in. She walked on water with the best of them, feet barely touching the surface, barely breaking the stillness in the early morning. And the town was coming into her view. The town of Nalinae. Boring at best, but rumor had it there was a Seer hiring anyone with the qualifications. As a human with the powers of a sylph, Mreelsa figured there'd be something there for her. And by something, she was figuring on COIN! Lots of it. Enough to buy new armor, a new sword, perhaps more clothes, and definitely that new pair of seven league boots...

Shaking herself out of the reverie, she made tracks for the town in an instant, leaping across the peninsula and giving the fishermen just setting out in the predawn cheerful waves. For her trouble, she received two glares and three catcalls. A goblin and his partners waved at her cheerily, if not cheekily, and she turned to blow a kiss before sending a burst of magic induced wind to fill their sails and drag them out to the middle of the lake.[/i]


[i]Making her landing in a rather dramatic fashion, Mreelsa spooked three horses on her entrance and made a pixie dark out of the way only to be caught in flypaper. Ah Nalinae.[/i]

"Still smells like a brewery."

"Yeah but we've got the best ale in town."

[i]The tavernmaster passed her by, giving her a cheerful nudge that nearly sent her flying. Not that she didn't appreciate the docile ogres that ran the local pub, but he really didn't know his own strength. Being part sylph, if she hadn't grounded herself at his approach, she would've gone flying into the rain barrel and probably made the pixie laugh itself silly at her. Assuming it ever got free of that paper trap... ....oh whatever.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Actually, the noise was much closer to ?blllvwack? but that would sound a little strange and certainly not as dignified. Not that Raiyeesa could ever [I]be[/I] dignified. Anyway, the strange noise ? whatever it actually sounded like ? was the result of the half-asleep bouncer falling off her bed onto the floor, and then lying there staring at the quizzical face of her cat.

[I]Haha, cat,[/I] she thought drowsily. Why that struck her as funny, she didn?t know, but it always seemed to amuse her. Then again, she was easily amused. Ah, but she had strayed on another tangent. She had a bad habit of doing that.

[I]Quit doing that, Raiyeesa![/I]

She was startled by her own stern thought, although really she shouldn?t have been. She had a bad habit of talking to herself, too. Glancing up over her shoulder, she saw through the window that she was late for work. Again.


It took the flighty young woman a moment to realize that the voice she heard was not her own. When she did, she pulled on clothes hurriedly and unbolted her door. She jumped back as her sister Neeraya barreled through the door. She blinked a little as her mirror image poked her soundly in the breastbone.

?[b]You are so late it isn?t funny. Boss is gonna be furious![/b]?

If Raiyeesa wasn?t so nice she would have smacked the smirk right off her siblings face. As things stood, she smiled good naturedly and ushered Neeraya out the door and locked the house behind them.

?[b]Well, then, we?d best get going![/b]?[/size]

OOC: As per your example, simple but characteristic enough. I hope. o_o Hey, is there an Underground thread for this?
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[size=1][B]“For fuck sake! Get this shit outta my face!”[/B] Bellowed Count Vladmir the Embarrasser as he hurled his cup of tea back at his bumbling assistant.

[B]“How many butt-fuckin’ times do we have to discuss this Vegor? I don’t like your stinkin’ tea or any kind of warm drink for that matter!”[/B] He continued in a less than dignified tone, [B]“Now get your filthy worthless ass outta my sight!”[/B]

The hunch-backed, loopy-eyed man snivelled something of an apology before leaving his master’s hotel room. Reminded that he was in fact stuck in a hotel for a few days while on his latest treasure hunt he groaned outwardly.

However, Vladmir never was one to stay stuck in the same mood (other than perverted) for any great length of time. There were plenty of rancid Orc’s slinking about the town, but Nalinae was well-known for the many beautiful women who (for fuck only knows what reason) flocked to the place. This pleased the aged Vampire to no end. There were plenty of beautiful specimens to prey on and embarrass. This brought a very malicious smirk to his yellow-grey face.

[B]“Fuckin’ excellent!”[/B]


[B]“Would you like to see? I’m not the lying type love, it’s fuckin’ enormous!”[/B] Vladmir said with a very arrogant tone, a large smirk spreading across what should be his lips as the red hue of embarrassment started to conceal his female companion’s face.

She blushed profusely when his eyes met hers before travelling down to her more than ample chest. One of his horned eye-brows raised, his ivory white teeth on display.

[B]“Oh fuck yeah, definitely big enough to get between those lovely beaut’s!”[/B] He said, feeling that familiar tingle as her feelings of horny-ness and embarrassment flew into his veins. [I]Almost as bastardin’ good as the real thing![/I]

It seemed that she was finally coming round to his way of thinking, leaning over slightly to reveal more of her chest, the tight corset clearly not big enough to restrain it. Her dainty hand reached under the table, her slender fingers slowly tracing lines up his leg towards his crotch. His smirk widened even further as the tender flesh of her neck came into view.

And then, just as he was about to sink his fangs in for some sweet-sweet satisfaction the door flew open and two females stumbled in a heap on the floor and his lady friend was startled out of her trance only to get up and leave.

[B]“Ragga fagga…”[/B] He continued into further incoherent rambling while glaring daggers at the two females still stumbling over each other to get to their feet.

Vladmir then recognised the siblings as Raiyeesa and Neeraya, a pair of God-knows-what he’d met on his last visit. The treasure hunter he’d talked to about getting some dragon scales had also expressed that Raiyeesa join him on his quest, much to his dismay. To be bluntly honest, the girl was a ditz. She was attractive, Vladmir was a male after all, but as dragon-hunting company he could only imagine she’d be as good company as a smoking-turd-on-a-log or something to that effect.

Good thing the Hunter had requested he seek other assistance too.

Either way, the two sisters quickly blundered over to the bar tender without so much as a backward glance at him. He assumed she wouldn’t even notice him, but he’d get her attention later. Maybe after several more drinks.[/size]
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[size=1]Raiyeesa was giggling with embarrassment. She?d just sprawled all over the bar floor, tripping on Neeraya?s strategically placed, suddenly manifested tail. Luckily, she?d brought her overly cocky sister down with her.

?[b]Raiyeesa! You?re an hour late![/b]?

Still giggling, the cat-woman turned to face her rather chubby boss. He had a stern look on his face, but the edge of his mouth was twitching. Oh, we wasn?t really mad, she could tell, it was more of an agitation for a daughter ? or something of the sort. Neeraya had referred to it as his ?pimp? look before, but her clueless, ditzy sister hadn?t really gotten it.

?[b]I know, boss, I overslept. Those scoundrels we had to throw out last night gave me a run for my money ? and you know how I can be on four legs.[/b]?

She grinned, liking the irony of that statement. She hadn?t actually entertained the thugs, not in that way, but they had certainly been wishing she had instead of their alternative punishment.

Boss merely rolled his eyes and went back behind the bar. He began cleaning glasses, and then turned to her. ?[b]Raiy, how long are you going to be gone?[/b]?

Raiyeesa blinked in a moment of forgetfulness. Oh, yeah, that was right! Some Hunter dude had asked her to hunt a dragon! What was it he had said? She was supposed to work with ? him. Her eyes stopped on the suave empathetic vampire in the corner, who was glaring daggers her way. Out of the corner of her eye, she had seen his next victim leave the bar, completely oblivious.

?[b]No clue.[/b]?

She plopped down on the seat beside the door, generous bosom straining at her overly tight corset beneath the cream-colored shirt. For a moment, Raiyeesa was caught in her own long skirt, swearing loudly and with great skill before sweeping it up to her knees and sitting down, sandaled feet tilted up so the ball wasn?t resting on the ground. Time for work. Maybe she?d get something else later.[/size]
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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"] The town of Nalinae was not the sort of town that Rel Nerom liked to spend his time in. There was no great amound of work available (at least, not the type Rel preferred), no red light district, no drunken dwarves shouting obscenities at what they thought was an elf. Though as dull of a surrounding Rel found it, that was where he was and was going to be stuck at until he managed some coin flow.

The night's stay at the tavern was about to cost him his last few coins, after which Rel would be forced to scrounge in the pockets of a (hopefully unwitting, and ideally intoxicated) citizen of the town. He briefly considered shortchanging the ogre who he paid for his room at the inn, firm in the knowledge that ogres, as a rule, were big and dumb. But as he paid, he silently reminded himself that this particular rule just made them more dangerous.

He counted his coins aloud (twice) and handed them to the tavernmaster, making sure he knew that Rel believed him to be the owner of one of the finest establishments in all the land, not to mention having a very striking appearance that reminded him of an obscure monarch; then (with Rel believing the tavernmaster in much better mood, having been so thoroughly and convincingly complemented) asked him if he knew of any quick jobs available in town.

Then, with the seers name firm in his memory, Rel turned toward entrance of the tavern and decided to grab a bit of cash before he ran off to the seer. [i]Just a few quick coins, then I'm gone.[/i] he thought to himself, but then quickly revised it, [i]Just enough for a few drinks.[/i][/font][/color][/size]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Seraim finally ended up at his destination, or at least what he through was it. The only reference he had as to where to go was a picture for reference. Surely there couldn?t be more than one bar that looked somewhat identical right? No way right?! [B]?This place better be the right one this time ~Nesu?[/B] The Laguz took one glance, then a double, then even a triple take before rage eventually overtook him and he threw the horribly crafted picture aside on the ground and stomping it into oblivion.

[B]?I swear? if this isn?t the correct one?? [/B]

The inside of this bar however was seemingly tame. The obligatory sexy scene, slightly drunken person hitting on if not groping an equally drunk person. You know, the usual. Seraim?s eyes searched about. If he was to find the people for his party, they were sure to be the ones who looked un-ordinary, something that didn?t belong. Juxtaposition if you will. [B]?Now then? uhh...umm...? [/B]Well at least he could find one, that vampire seemed pretty odd. Then again... Crap, back to square one, some progress.

[B]?It doesn?t seem like any of them are here yet ~nesu.?[/B] The feline human?s ears twitched slightly just a tad, hopefully his directions didn?t cross up. He already made a decision to stay here. And stay here he was sure to. With an elongated stretch followed by an equally as long yawn, Seraim slithered his way to a table only to lay outstretched on a couple of chairs.

[B]?A nap should do me some good ~nesu, I?ll leave figuring out just what I?m going to do to later??[/B] Seraim?s tongue circled his teeth once before he slowly began to drift off into a very light sleep, his ears twitching at each and every sound.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]The thief Mreelsa had noticed come in earlier slunk through the crowd, barely drawing a glance from anyone but her. Perhaps it was just her sylph/sidhe senses working overtime, but he was trouble. Definitely trouble. But not the world ending domination megalomaniac trouble; just the pickpocket kind. Unfortunately for him, she knew what he'd try. She'd seen it all. But he didn't know that. To make a more exciting time for herself, she laughed aloud over her ale, pretending to be slightly more drunk than she would've been normally.

Meanwhile the vampire in the corner chuckled and leered at whichever woman was near enough to tongue and the cat human theriomorph was reclining like he owned the chairs he was sprawled over. The sidhe leporiadem bartender laughed aloud at the antics of the people around her... ...she probably never was short on entertainment. Just as Mreelsa was starting to believe the thief would never go for it, he did. She felt his hands going for the coin pouch at her belt, the one that held no more than a few coppers and as soon as she felt him, she responded. [/i]

"Try to steal from me will you boy?"

[i]As she screamed those words at the top of her lungs, the sylph grabbed him by the collar and slammed him down on the wooden table she'd been hunched over moments before. He attempted to gasp out an apology, but she was already straddling him amidst the splinters of a ruined table on the stone floor. Her hand had already procured a stiletto from her boot, and the point was uncomfortably close to that which allowed men to procreate. She leaned very close to his face, her lips inches from his, spitting him with her amber eyed stare. All around her, she could feel eyes turning towards her. Interested and distracted from their own doings. She smiled at him like any happy child and slowly released his collar.[/i]

"You shouldn't pick mercenary's pockets."


"Especially the ones that have more than two brain cells to rub together."

[i]She didn't get off him, she didn't move her left hand, and when the ringing in his ears had subsided, he realized that she was purring aloud...[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Vladmir continued to eye his female co-adventurer as she carried out her bouncing duties. He took a large gulp from his tankard considering how best to approach Raiyeesa in case she’d forgotten him from their previous meeting.

Vladmir’s delicate thoughts were interrupted as his eyes narrowed on the open door as yet another cat-looking create entered the fray. This one seemed relatively pissed off at something and Vladmir thought that he’d surely seen this man before. As these thoughts played across his mind as well as some very naughty images of boobies and the women he’d been previously pursuing, the cat man gave a brief glance his way before disregarding him and taking to sleeping on some of the chairs on the opposite wall.

[B]“Well fuck, don’t see that every-fuckin-day…”[/B] He spoke, bemused and quietly to himself.

Before Vladmir could further consider his re-introduction to Rai, there was a sudden commotion with two of the other patriots that Vladmir hadn’t even noticed till the current moment. Apparently, this thief had taken to attacking a very beautiful young lady. [I]Strange, surely I would have noticed a tight ass as hot as that?[/I]

As it turned out, the woman was a Merc, and she now lay straddling the bewildered thief with a very sharp stiletto at his crotch. As arousing as the image of the beautiful ass was, for some reason Vladmir kept imaging her stepping on his balls with the heels (or something to that effect). Lady’s with heels aren’t ones with which to fuck. It was one of them international rules that Vladmir had always known, and always respected in fear of his special gentleman’s place.

He groaned a little and then calmed down after they exchanged some words, the young woman now… [I]Purring?[/I]

[B]“Yeah! She wants you boy! Either stick it to that hot she-whore or move over for a real man to fuckin’ show her what’s what!”[/B] He shouted across the tavern, a large smirk revealing his perfect teeth once more.

The woman shot him a glance that looked as if it would burn him if he so much as breathed. She quickly hissed at him and then disregarded him, returrning to her purring, the man still more concerned with his gonads. Vladmir smirked back at her, thinking [I]I'm in love![/I] Some of the more merry members of the tavern gave wolf whistles while other’s imparted similar encouragement/words of wisdom.

[I]Yes, it most certainly is a very interesting evening indeed[/I] he thought to himself, still eyeing up the behind of the woman.[/size]
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[size=1][color=#8B008B]From the comforts of her store, Nazani Yerazig watched as new visitors filed in one after another into her hometown of Nalinae. She sighed as she turned away from the window and carried on with her daily routine- cleaning, arranging, and organizing. Nalinae wasn’t a grand town like their sister city, Kendrid but it was still a fair place. Nazani wondered why people were pouring over to her side of the world; perhaps it was a matter of Cymantics.

Nazani sighed again and watched her golems take form and begin work. She could see that she wasn’t needed and headed over to the pub across from her. As soon as she opened the door, a Sylph had grabbed one of the local thieves by the neck and thrown him onto a table, now pointing a stiletto at the man’s crotch. Nazani stood with crossed arms and a smirk across her face as she looked the mercenary over. This person had immense power and a strong aura to match, almost as strong as her own. It was quite interesting, if not comical.

As Nazani kept staring at this woman, she received a cold chill through her body. She had a strange feeling she had seen this woman before yet before she could figure out how or why, her thoughts were interrupted. When she looked up, she could see that it came from a cat-man who sat a little ways from the Sylph and the thief. She raised a brow and realized there were more than two unfamiliar faces in the tavern. There was a clumsy-looking catgirl sitting near the doorway opposite of her and a wolf-eared man sprawled across some chairs. It seemed that Nalinae was soon becoming an interesting town.

Nazani chuckled to herself and walked towards the Sylph to put a stop to whatever harm she was going to give the boy. She stood beside the two with her hands on her hips and looked at the boy with a raised brow. He looked up at her with pleading eyes filled with fear.

[B]“You really should stop this nasty habit of pocket-picking, my dear boy, or you’ll end up in a situation you can’t get out of.”[/B] Nazani snickered as she pointed out the near-castration. The boy began to stutter words but was silenced by the stiletto and by Nazani. [B]“Oh you poor thing, you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, have you?”[/B]

Nazani straightened herself and wrapped the Sylph in a gust of wind, binding her with air currents. She looked at the mess the two had created and snapped her fingers, watching the table become whole again. With a satisfied smile, Nazani turned to the Sylph and again something about her sent chills down her body.[/color]

[B]OOC:[/B] Changed my appearances.[/size]
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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][i]Not good![/i]

Rel's mind raced as he frantically tried to work out how many bad things had happened to him in the last 30 seconds and what they were. He quickly came to the conclusion that he'd been caught, slammed through a table, pinned to the ground, laughed at and was in immediate danger of a barroom castration but had seemingly been helped by a sorceress that had just entered. Back where Rel was from it was prohibited to use magic in taverns almost universally (nobody wants an indoor hurricane spoiling their evening drink), but thankfully in this part of the world it hardly seemed the case. But he didn't think it was a vast improvement, he was still on the floor with a clearly dangerous person on top of him and eventually the spell would have to be lifted.

[i]But, on the other hand...[/i]

The other half of Rel's brain recognized (partially due to a crude shout he half-heard from across the bar) that he was being straddled by a beautiful mercenary, who was quite definetly purring. She was certainly the type Rel had a tendency to fall for, dominant, with big amber eyes and- [i]Stop it, that sort of thinking has a habit of getting you into trouble.[/i]

Trying not to focus on the 'up side' of the situation, Rel instead tried to figure a way to distance himself from the stiletto. Force was completely out of the question as Rel wanted no sudden movement when there was still a knife so close to him (though, he doubted he could overpower her regardless). However, he was small and skinny, he might be able to slip out of it but she had him pinned so perfectly it would be difficult even with her bound; her eyes were still focused on him like a cat playing with its prey before it-


Rel stopped as he realized that a minute ago she had been very happily drunk but now her eyes were completely clear and her expression was quite sober. Then, deciding his last option would be to talk his way out of it or just act completely submissive and hope she wasn't in too sadistic of a mood but he decided he'd like to keep some slight dignity and asked in a tone that he hoped would make him sound braver than he felt, [b]"You faked it so I'd rob you, didn't you?"[/b] and hoped she wouldn't pick up any hint of fear in his voice.[/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]"There's something hilarious about trying to bind a sylph of air and light with wind... silly cousin."

[i]Mreelsa shrugged her shoulders in a swift liquid motion and the binding fell away as easily as anything. Then she refocused to look straight down at the thief once more and put her face close to his once more and smiled brilliantly.[/i]

"And you're so wonderful, so clever. I was faking it."

[i]The emphasis she placed on 'was' made him feel a sudden desire to escape the situation. He opened his mouth and was about to speak when she leaned forward and kissed his lips. Hard. For awhile. The room broke into spontaneous cheering and hollering. The vampire smirked and went back to sipping his drink. In the time between his drink and his smile, the kiss had progressed into a tongue session. The thief was confused to be sure, but when a gorgeous sylph with a modicum of control over the powers of air and light was on top of you with her tongue in your mouth... ....it's best to just go with it.

When Mreelsa came up for air, the thief was panting himself, and looking at her with a mixture of lust and utter disbelief. Apparently this was his lucky day. The sorceress just looked put out. The bartender was giggling into a gin and tonic. The vampire was jealous. The cat boy was asleep and the cat girl wished she was asleep instead of working.[/i]

"I think I like you."

[i]She kept her face towards him, but stood up very slowly, bent over at the waist completely, her backside up in the air. People watched. She knew it. It was funny. It felt so good.[/i]

"Imma keep you now."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"]Seraim began to stir; the sound of a crashing table threw him from his trance filled state. It was a…Sylph? It wasn’t easy for Seraim to tell in his current reclining position. He simply adjusted himself, sitting upright with his head on the table. That Sylph seemed to have caught herself a thief. At least that’s what it seemed like by her speech. All seemed lost until the other female came up from behind her in an attempt to bind her.
“Marvelous…” [/B]The Laguz purred still focused on the play that was going on before his very eyes, [B]“Tasty people have arrived… I just need to pick the correct one to play with, rest has a nasty ability of making me bored ~nesu.” [/B]The bonds of the second woman seemed to be ineffective. The sylph slipped out even to call the woman her cousin. This had to be some kind of a plot. The timing was all too impeccable for this to be a coincidence.

Seraim though on it for a while, to sneak his way over to those two lovely ladies and throw on some kind of an act for them. But they already seemed pretty preoccupied with their little thieving friend. It’d be a shame to ruin their fun for his own. Besides, they already had the attention of the entire bar. For what Seraim wanted to do it’d be better if he were more discrete with his actions.
“Which one… which one, need to find one soon ~nesu.” [/B]Seraim moved out of the chair only to crouch down on the floor. In the time that it had taken that licentious Sylph to turn a somewhat innocent kiss into a lust filled tongue sloshing session, Seraim was gone. Not completely however, only stealthed, he was invisible to the untrained eye and light silhouette to well trained one.

[B]“Here kitty-kitty…” [/B]His eyes locked onto his opposite, that cat girl sitting off near the door. She seemed interesting enough, let alone looking like a cat, that was always a plus.

Seraim stalked closer, and closer, and closer to her. Hopefully this would leave him unseen to the populace since it seemed like the sylph had the majority of the attention. Once close enough, Seraim didn’t think twice and straddled himself across her lap, breaking his stealth in the process so she could lay her eyes on him. If one was to look at it the wrong way, it would seem as if he were giving her an exotic lap dance.

[B]“Hey Kitty-kitty…” [/B]he purred, pressing his body against hers, [B]“Care to go for a ride?”[/B][/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]"[b]So, what did I miss this time ?[/b]"

Appearing within a small puff of smoke in the empty seat next to the vampiric Count Embarrasser, Nagata cast a curious eye over to the sight of the sylph Mreelsa standing over a rather bewildered and aroused looking boy. To his credit Vladmir showed no real surprise at the demon ninja's arrival, merely arching an eyebrow upwards.

"[b]You're too fucking near me, move across to the next seat. I don't want the ladies around here to get the wrong fucking idea.[/b]"

It was Nagata's turn to raise an eyebrow, between the pair of immortals they had enough conquests to their name to populate a small country. Shrugging his shoulders, the supernatural warrior steepled his finger and teleported to the next seat within another small puff of smoke.

It probably would have been easier to just get up, walk a foot and sit down again, but for some reason, it just didn't seem Cymantic enough. Extending out a pair of high value coins towards the serving wench he as, after a moment sipping down a passable attempt at an aged cognac. Returning his attention to the vampire, Nagata repeated his question again. [/SIZE]
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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]
[i]What kind of a bar is this, anyways?[/i] Rel thought to himself, feeling very confused and slightly frightened. Of the other occupants of the tavern one was a sylph whom had slammed him into the table and was now claiming ownership of Rel, two seemed to be part animal, Rel was fairly sure the one in the corner was a vampire (and not the eloquent, aristocratic type that you read about), another that summoned a wall of wind to protect him (briefly) and there was another one who quite simply popped into existence a few tables away. It was very likely that Rel was the only 'normal' human being in the building at the time.

But of the more immediate oddities, the sylph was now bent over him after giving Rel a (by anyone's account) long and (by Rel's account) amazing kiss. He'd felt his face get very hot as she started, but had quickly forgotten about that. Now though, bent over at the waist over him and claiming she liked him and would keep him she looked oddly funny. [I]Amazing that she can go from scary to sexy to cute in only a few moments; most women I've met do the opposite over a course of days.[/I]

It was only now that he realized he was still lying on the floor amongst the ruins of a table. Rel slowly rose up and (realizing again how embarassing the situation was) brushed shivers of the destroyed table from his sleeves and red hair. He took another quick scan of the tavern, only to remember that he'd just been caught as a thief in front of the entire place and wouldn't be able to make any money here.

Rel turned to the sylph and asked, [b]"Keep me?"[/b] though he had already worked over fifty possible meanings of the phrase that were now making him very nervous.
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[size=1][I]Jebus-Fuckin-Christ! Is everyone at it tonight or what?[/I] Vladmir thought silently to himself as he watched the familiar cat guy slink along the floor and start straddling Raiyeesa. It was then that he recognised the sleepy cat-guy.

Searching through his pockets he pulled out the two pictures (more like child’s sketches really) of the other two people other than Raiyeesa he was expected to work with. There was also a small written description on the bottom of the picture stating: [B]“Sleeps a lot, seems to wonder aimlessly, almost ALWAYS says nesu for some reason.”[/B]

Vladmir’s face became loose, his mouth a line along his face, his eyes dropped as he stared stupidly at the piece of parchment and the stupid hunter’s words. [I]I’d be stupid[/I] not [I] to think that this was the guy.[/I]


[B]“So, seriously, what did I miss?”[/B] Nagata asked again, this time in a firmer manner with the addition of ‘seriously’.

[B]“For once, quite a lot actually,”[/B] The vampire replied, seeming rather unfocused before continuing, [B]“First there was this beautiful bitch here going at it with me. She had some of the best tits I’ve seen in a long while. Then this idiot thief guy attacks the hot-biatch with the fine ass over there, then that other woman comes in and they start a little cat-fight!”[/B] He chuckled to himself, his thoughts returning to the cat-people straddling each other in the corner.

Vladmir casually stopped for breath before looking back over at the ass in question wondering how some people could get all the dumb luck. Nagata seemed to be following his gaze, much like every other set of male eyes in the entire tavern was.

[B]“Anyways, then she proclaims she’s gonna keep the lucky little bastard after he tried to steal her purse. I swear, some fucks get all the damn luck eh buddy?”[/B] He asked rhetorically. [B]“And then these two start going at it in the corner too. Like someone's injected raw sexual tension into the room! I’m getting such a good vibe off it all, I don’t even think I need another drink tonight or to take home a dirty slut.”[/B]

Nagata suddenly turned to him shocked. The sheer disbelief on the demonic-ninja’s face was almost laughable.

[B]“Seriously?! You?! Not drinking or taking women home?”[/B] The pitch of his voice dangerously high at this point.

[B]“Aw hell you’re right. Who the fuck was I kidding?”[/B] Vladmir replied with a knowing smirk as he picked up his next drink.[/size]
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[SIZE="1"]Nodding, Nagata drained the rest of his cognac back before waving the empty glass at the same voluptuous servant girl as before. Having paid her the equivalent of a month's salary for a single drink, she was, needless to say, very willing to be of service to the two customers. He noted, with some degree of interest that when she refilled his glass, her breasts were noticeably closer to his face than they had been before...a bit obvious, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

"[b]Hey bitch, what the fuck am I ? Chopped dragon's liver ? If you're gonna stick your tits in anyone's face, they ought to be in mine.[/b]"

The demon ninja watched as crimson spread across the young woman's face at an astonishing pace. As she finished pouring the drinks she mumbled something about being there if he needed another one, before withdrawing to the other side of the establishment. The normally icy cold Nagata cast a furious eye at his vampiric acquaintance.

?[b]Nicely played.[/b]? Vladmir shrugged his shoulders while an all-to-pleased-with-himself grin plastered his grey face.

Doubtlessly he?d enjoyed absorbing the emotions from the embarrassed girl, it was the equivalent of a drink on Nagata?s tab. Tossing back the amber liquid, he returned his attention to the scene of the sylph and the thief. It appeared that Mreelsa had taken an even greater interest in the boy than she did most mortal men, which was odd given how fragile they were. For the demon ninja humans were nothing more than brief entertainment.

As he was about to order his third drink, he felt a hand gracefully trace along his shoulder. Turning his head, Nagata was staring into the face of a rather attractive looking women. While his face didn?t outwardly change, the ninja noted by her stance she was carrying at least two concealed weapons.

?[b]Are you Nagata ?[/b]? Most humans pictured the most deadly warriors as being men over six and a half feet tall, armed with swords or axes that could cleave an ogre in two with a single swipe. In the demon ninja?s opinion, beautiful women between the heights of 5?6? and 6?0? were a more accurate estimation.

Of course she was no threat to him, he could kill her in a dozen different ways before her hand would leave his shoulder, but it was always fun to let them play their games.

?[b]How can I help you my dear ?[/b]? A sharp kick to Vladmir?s foot underneath the table sent a message for him to not interfere this time. The stranger leaned in close so that her lips were brushing against his ear.

?[b]You can die and make me very rich.[/b]? Nagata actually laughed, which for a normal person would have been the equivalent of falling to the ground and guffawing with such potency as to cause them to die from their lungs exploding from overuse. Grabbing the woman?s hand, he threw her roughly half way across the room through a few tables and one unlucky fairy who was now lying unconscious on the floor. Casting his eyes to the heavens, he teleported over to his would-be assassin.

?[b]Who are you ?[/b]? There were so many bounties of his head there was little point in asking who sent her, it was just one of the few drawbacks of being so famous.

?[b]Leresa Krales.[/b]? He raised an eyebrow. Her face warped into a look of pride.

?[b]Never heard of you.[/b]? The expression faded back again into anger.

Just as he was about to continue, a dagger flew out of nowhere and lodged hard in the young woman?s brow. She fell back, stone dead onto the floor.

?[b]Damn, I was aiming for the asshole who ruined my drinks.[/b] Oh well, better her than he. Tossing a few coins at the overweight man, who?s stench could very well have been a weapon in itself, Nagata suggested coldly that the man buy another round.

As the obese individual lost his courage, the demon ninja teleported back into his seat and waved the oddly empty glass at the servant wench again, before scowling at Vladmir for finishing his drink.


How long before I have to kill Rev too ?[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#8B008B] [B]?I?m sorry but I think you?ve got the wrong person.?[/B]

The sylph giggled as she turned to Nazani and put a hand on her shoulder. [B]?Silly girl, I think I?d remember the person who nearly blew up Aunt Iridium?s wedding cake.?[/B]

Nazani cocked a brow and mumbled, [B]?I swear I would?ve remembered if I?d had a Sylph for a cousin or even blowing up someone?s cake. At least...I think I would have.?[/B] Nazani plopped herself down in midair as a chair formed beneath her. She sat in the chair with furrowed brows and a slightly gaped mouth, her fingers tapping her knee. Nothing was registering, especially not the commotion that occurred in the tavern. [B]?Nalinae?s gone mad now.?[/B]

Nazani sighed and turned to the tavernmaster, holding up a finger. [B]?Give me the strongest, Kilora.?[/B] She looked back at the sight of things and was completely astounded. [B]?First there were five, now there?s six. An emotion-feeding vampire, a man with the power of teleportation, two anthropes in an attempt to grope each other, and a boy who was lusted by a sylph who claims to be my cousin within the last five minutes.?[/B]

The tavernmaster set down a glass of vodka and Nazani downed in seconds. She sent the glass back and received another, only to drink it down just as fast as the first. After her fourth glass, Nazani tapped the sylph on the shoulder.

[B]?I?m sorry to interrupt your lusting act, but who are you exactly??[/B][/size][/color]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]"I?"

[i]With all the grace of any White Witch or Sidhe, Mreelsa placed a hand across her chest, wrist turned towards her shoulder, fingers spread outwards and splayed so the sharpened points of her nails were extended. She flashed everyone present a dazzling smile.[/i]

"I am Mreelsa Kreyemuleté, descendant of Queen Mab, and penultimate daughter of the Autumn Knight."

[i]More than a few people present twitched. Kreyemuleté's line was hardly secretive, even if most of them did the noble sorcerer or crusading paladin schtick. The Autumn Knight, Sir Kreyemuleté himself was a mean, yet cool mortal man, having taught her daughter more than enough sorcery and swordplay to make her into a living weapon. He'd found himself a sylph of the storms of Oncoming Winter to trick into a night of wild and frivolous debauchery and thus, Mreelsa was produced. If she'd been male, she would've been another Attila, serving the Autumn Court of the Sidhe Queens under their benefactor and leader, Mab of Air and Darkness. But either way, it was interesting that she seemed so human and so cuddly and interested in the doings of mortals.

Definitely seemed more human anyway than the demons that had recently appeared in the vicinity. She helped her new partner, read slave, up from the floor, and dusted him off with a free hand. [/i]

"And it's only an act if I'm not turned on."

"Hear hear!"

[i]The vampire across the way saluted Mreelsa and Rel Nerom with his tankard only to get a view of one of Mreelsa's middle fingers splayed across her right nipple. He chuckled into his mead and made some whispered comment to the demon sitting across from him.[/i]

"Anyway Nazani, we should get going to that Seer. He told me to get you and Rel both. But if I can subjugate this cute mortal into my hands at the same time, our job just gets that much easier. Right cutie?"

[i]She trailed a long finger under his throat, scritching the stubble that was making a late night appearance there.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1]As Nagata popped back to his seat, his serious, emotion-less face returning as the same barmaid placed a new drink in front of him. Vladmir didn’t bother her this time, he was too busy staring over his shoulder at the very dead carcass of one Ler-loser Krabes. Something to that nature anyway. His bottom jaw slowly rose to meet his upper teeth as he turned back to the ninja.

[B]“What the Fuck man? You could have put the moves on her before she died. Least you coulda’ done to put a fart cushion under her or something with your nin-jesque! I thought we were buddies?”[/B]

Nagata just looked at the vampire, not so much as a flicker to his face. Apparently Vladmir was starting to over do it. How the vampire that feeds on emotions got stuck with the ninja who was more likely made of stone than flesh was a complete mystery. Annoying, but a mystery no less.

As the fresh-faced, huge boobied barmaid returned with a new tankard for Vladmir he smirked, thinking of all the juicy things he could do to get some kinda rise out of her. She was mercifully rescued as the conversation between the two crazy bitches rose loud enough to attract his attention.

[B]“…descendant of Queen Mab…”[/B] The hot-ass bitch (who’s name he’d just missed), continued talking to the other one but Vladmir started talking himself to Nagata so the rest was cut out.

[B]“Well fuck me is it a small world or what?”[/B] He said, still looking at them with a nostalgic smile on his face.

[B]“Or what?”[/B] Nagata returned, mildly interested.

Before Nagata got an answer from his acquaintance, Vladmir got to his feet and toasted to the two women with a manly growl. At the sight of the extended middle finger across the nipple, Vladmir smirked. He could feel the sexual tension coming off the woman in waves. The boy too. It was delicious, juicy and sweet flavoured. [I]Almost like Jelly…[/I] Vladmir mused.

[B]“The hot bitch,”[/B] he started, speaking hushed close to Nagata’s ear, [B]“I knew her great ancestor, The Mab woman. The slut turned me down for dirty sex so I embarrassed the fuck outta her! It was very classy.”[/B] He wiped a mock tear from his eye with a sad look, [B]“Aww, thems were the days, ay Nag?”[/B]

[B]“I wouldn’t know Vlad, I didn’t know you then,”[/B] He said in a disinterested tone before quickly adding, [B]“Much to my dismay.”[/B]

Before Vladmir could make any kind of return comment, the demon ninja called over the great tits that served drink again. Vladmir smirked yet again. [I]She ain’t getting away this time[/I] he thought with great excitement. He could already feel the rush of energy as her cheeks coloured over at the very sight of him.

[B]“Ah, Young lady. I do apologise for my behaviour earlier,”[/B] Vladmir spoke, this time with a far more refined accent. Her embarrassment eased somewhat and a brief smile flooded her pretty features before Vladmir continued, [B]“So, you the kinda dirty little bitch who fancies getting real fuckin’ lucky with a man who knows exactly how to drain the juices out of a fine piece like yourself?”[/B]

The colour crimson all over her face again. He smirked as he took another drink while practically drooling over the top part of her breasts that spilled from her top.[/size]
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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][i]How does she know about me?[/i]

Rel couldn't figure it out, but somehow the seer knew that he was going to be working for him before even Rel knew and had told the sylph he had just been on the floor with to bring him there. The most likely possibility seemed to be that there was a conspiracy in the town to bring Rel to the seer and everyone in the tavern was working towards that end and no matter how ridiculous the idea was, Rel figured that it was a much smaller chance that the seer had actual foresight and knew his travel would bring him to Nalinae in search of work.

[i]But really the how is more important than the why,[/i] Rel decided and realized that he should return his attention back to making some coin. He preferred to work alone, as a rule, because sharing his earnings wasn't something Rel enjoyed. But, he might need some help and the present company certainly seemed... capable. He could use their help to get the job done, and maybe even slip away with their earnings. Unless of course, Rel got caught.

[b]"If you're planning to subjugate me, might as well get me a drink."[/b] Rel said to the two, finally regaining some of his confidence from the pride shattering table slam, [b]"I generally don't speak to employers if it can wait until the morning, but..."[/b] He let the sentence hang- telling the sylph she was the boss was probably unnecessary at this point.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Mreelsa smiled prettily and leaned over to nibble on Rel's ear, noticing his jump and shiver with some amusement.[/i]

"Aren't you the clever little one. But only an idiot visits a Seer after dark. Especially this one."

"Isn't this the one that tried to evaporate the lake last year...?"

[i]Nazani's brow furrowed as she tried in vain to remember the last exploits of Krell the Seer. He was a little loony to be sure, definitely nuttier than Sven the Sometimes Seer of Bassackards. ......best not to push things though. Either way, Mreelsa took another pull at her tankard and turned to look over her shoulder and glare at the emotion feeding vampire. The demon that had recently taken up residence in the inn earlier was staring at the motley assortment of magical and moral beings with a vague sort of interest. But it wasn't like she could fault him. Places like this must be boring when compared to the spirit realm.

Oh yeah, boring as hell. What with fornicating cat creatures, embarrassing vampires, and busty little sidhe waitresses. How could they even compare? Mreelsa turned and signaled the nearest pageboy, the kind that began to appear once the guests staying for the night slowed down their drinking. The little satyr tripped up to her table and made a courtly sort of bow for a 10 year old.[/i]

"Have our rooms been made up for the night?"

"Oh yes Miss. I can take you there now if you like. Is, er, your property going to share a room?"

"Wait a minute-"

[i]Mreelsa cut off his protests with a short wave of her hand and gave him a mildly fanged smile. The look in her eyes could've only been described as wicked, because to be sure, her intentions were definitely not innocent. As far as Nazani went, she could see the gates of hell opening in the amber eyes of her apparently cousin sylph.[/i]

"Oh yes, I do hope you made the bed for two. It'd make the sex a tiny bit awkward if it wasn't so."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Seraim leaned forward just to the point where their noses were about to touch until he stopped just short of rubbing their faces against one another. One would think that he was trying to take in her features, that rosey red color seemed to be her theme of sorts, yet his eyes were closed tight. It sure was a very awkward way to start a lap dance.

[B]?I was wondering?? [/B]he muttered as his head went to a side of her neck, his eyes full of hunger that a small taste of her flesh would easily satiate. Maybe just a nip, or even a tantalizing lick he though, his mind was still caught up in just what to do with this little kitty beneath him. That sylph could take all the attention that she wanted, all Seraim wanted to do was have a little fine.

[B]?Just what is your name ~nesu.? [/B]He made his move, his hand wrapped loosely around her neck, the heat of the moment being more then enough to propel himself closer? and closer? and closer yet to his prize. Just for the added effect Seraim pulled his shoulder inward to his body just enough to let a bit of his clothing fall and show a bit of his own flesh. [B]?Don?t tell me I?ve come in between your work to get an answer. ?[/B]

Not one to be outdone, Raiyeesa smirked, her eyes connected with that of the stranger on top of her and away at others. He didn?t seem to be causing any real trouble, so why spoil the fun? [B]?Raiyeesa??[/B]

In mid movement Seraim froze, his hand still entwined about her body before he rose to look at her.[B] ?Oh? You are, are you?? [/B]Seraim searched about his clothing to see if that was the name he was looking for, only to remember he threw it out before entering. [B]?I think you are that Raiyeesa? I?ll be sure to finish you later ~nesu?? [/B]Seraim?s tongue quickly ran across his lips before standing and looking about the bar.

[B]?Now then, to find the others in this dragon hunting quest??[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]Raiyeesa blinked in surprise. In a matter of moments, this attractive young cat man had managed to completely confuse her. Admittedly, that didn?t take much, but he?d done it with such skill, and accidentally, that she just sat there blinking at him before really registering the fact. Hearing him mutter to himself, ears perked forward, Raiyeesa cleared her throat.

?[b]Mind telling me who you are? Oh, and our other team member is that rather perverted vampire lounging in the corner over there with the? ahem, demon.[/b]?

Seraim looked at her in surprise, then glanced over at Vladmir and Nagata. Raiyeesa chuckled. ?[b]That?s Vladmir. He?s actually pretty regular here. You know, the one messing with the barmaid.[/b]?

When he didn?t move, still looking at her funny, Raiyeesa stuck out one rather feline foot and pushed him, using his butt as a propeller, towards Vladmir?s table. As usually, she misjudged her strength, and Seraim tumbled into the busty barmaid, causing a rather impromptu pile: barmaid, Vladmir, Nagata, and Seraim. She bit her lip, trying not to laugh. ?[b]Oops.[/b]?[/size]
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[size=1]Vladmir’s most enjoyable breast-ogling enjoyment was harshly cut short by the obnoxious illiterate were-wolf. Definitely not enjoyable! The crimson coloured barmaid quickly bowed her head to Nagata, whispering an apology again before leaving them to their business. Vladmir felt her sexual tension leave with her, its juicy, strawberry fresh odour and deliciously slutty feeling quickly leaving his delicate senses.

Vladmir was not amused, to be sure.

[B]“Me? In a team with you!? You are’ fuckin’ off your head girl, if you think a highly dignified individual such as myself would team up with your sorry fuckin’ carcass!”[/B] He roared across the Tavern at the newly arrived werewolf. As his tirade continued, he rose to his feet, with his right fist clenched, held high and facing the sky.

[B]“And so cockin’ what if I’m a dirty perv? I take pride in saying so!”[/B] He stamped his twin talon-ed foot against the floor like an impudent child to re-iterate his point. [I]Damn this bastardin’ treasure hunter and his stupid choices for companions![/I]

At this point most in the tavern had gotten over the initial shock of seeing (yet another) bar brawl in the making and continued with their drinks. Vladmir scowled at the lack of attention his heart-felt speech gathered and then spread his pale lips in a malicious smirk as a new idea dawned on him.

[B]“So… I gather you like perverts eh?”[/B] he spoke, hushed, deep and husky.

One of her eye brows quirked at this, apparently she was stumped. Having no idea what answering his question would further imply to the dastardly plan he’d just formed she shock her head and then smirked arrogantly.

[B]“Yeah! I love them! So what are you gonna do about it?”[/B]

[I]This girls thinks herself clever. Well, let’s burst her bubble[/I]

[B]“Gentlemen,”[/B] Vladmir spoke, now addressing the whole tavern (naturally full of old perverted men), [B]“It would appear that this… Fine young lady loves perverts. Especially the dirty old fuckers like yourselves. Anybody wanna take her off my hands for some mind-numbingly boring sex?”[/B]

Before he’d even finished the lecherous old pervs were off their seats and pawing at the girl before she knew what hit her.

Ogres and sex is a funny thing to watch, Vladmir deduced. Most of them were brutishly over powered, and deliciously (in this case anyway) uncaring for their sexual partner. Although their emotions were pungent, stinking even, Vladmir enjoyed taking it in along with the agonised screams of one terrified were-wolf.

[B]“Ah! Now, where was I? Oh yes, Tits! C’mere! I need a new drink!”[/B] He called, playfully to the well-endowed barmaid.

Just as she placed the drinks in front of them (Still with blood-red embarrassment), she was violently upended, falling forwards onto Nagata and Vladmir, then the familiar cat-guy ended up on top of her. Through the twisted mess of body’s (most notably a fine pair of tits), he could see Raiyeesa smiling sheepishly, mouthing something of an apology.[/size]
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