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[FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][CENTER][IMG]http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/697/socwor1.jpg[/IMG][SIZE="1"]Banner by [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?u=30891"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][U][B]Rachmaninoff[/B][/u][/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE][/CENTER]
Many tens of thousands of years ago, in another part of the galaxy an Empire was born. Before that they were broken into ten different factions and were constantly torn apart by multiple wars; eventually this chaos brought about the formation of a High Council with a representative from each faction in an effort to restore peace. And in time it did. This Empire built by a race that called themselves Versilan’s then turned their focus outwards expanding their reach into the depths of space as their technology grew.

At first their efforts were peaceful, but as time went by and they began to also enhance their lifespan through genetics, they began to see themselves as being superior to other races that they had encountered. Corruption began to build from within as people turned their backs on the unpleasant rumors so long as their every wish was fulfilled. And slowly but surely, the High Council became more military in nature, more separate from the common person.

And now for over a thousand years they have been slowly conquering other races, crushing all opposition both from within and from without. They are experts at keeping the common civilian happy and yet recruiting those into their ranks who believe the teachings that other races are inferior and meant to be used to serve the Versilan Empire. But there were those who did not agree and when key dissidents began to disappear those who were more cautious remained silent choosing to work in secret, and thus the Versilan Resistance was born. Risking everything they worked to put in end to the slavery as well as other injustices that had occurred.

Now due to recent events those few who risked everything to stop those in power have at last succeeded in bringing to light serious crimes committed by a select few of the High Council. For you see all Versilan's, other than those of the High Council and their families have been genetically altered to remove feelings of compassion towards those of the lesser races even though mental alterations of this nature are forbidden. Also, about fifteen hundred years ago, when genetics were fairly new and conquering other races had only just begun, some of those of the lesser races managed to pass themselves off as Versilan, resulting in four of the factions of the High Council having mixed blood due to their ancestors; something that is considered unacceptable since interaction with those of the lesser races is also forbidden.

Even though most Versilans consider themselves superior to those of the lesser races who were enslaved, in light of these events being made known, six of the fourteen sectors have broken off from the Versilan Empire, demanding that all beings of the lesser races be freed as well as ending the mental alterations that are done to all Versilans when they are genetically produced. But those who are still in power are unwilling to free the lesser races, pointing out how their economy depends on the labor of those who have been enslaved. They have instead declared their intent to retake those sectors that have broken off. They have declared war.

Welcome to [B]Silver One: Civil War[/B]. Where the fate of the powerful Versilan Empire is in your hands. If you are on the side that would keep those of the lesser races as slaves, it is time to reclaim the sectors that have broken off. To remind the rest of the Empire just where their loyalties should lie.

If you are a member supporting the dissenting factions, those who's ancestors includes those of the lesser races, you have finally reached the point where you no longer have to hide your mixed heritage. Though most if not all were not aware of it since those who served on the High Council kept such knowledge a secret. But now five other sectors have joined your cause, along with those of the Versilan Resistance who brought this injustice to light. With their help you can finally put an end to the distasteful practice of slavery and illegal genetic modifications.

Now before you decide where your loyalty lies, there are some things you need to know. For starters, [B]Silver One: Civil War[/B] is a continuation off of the first installment, which can be found here: [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=56080"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B][U]Silver One[/U][/B][/COLOR][/URL] However, knowledge of this or having read it is not required. Although the story is picking up where those who participated before have left off, knowing what happened before will not be necessary since those who are continuing will be providing a short summary of what their character did. Everything will be included in their signups and in the opening posts. As well as basic details as to how things work in the underground thread; which includes a basic history line of all that has happened so far. That can be found here: [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=57987"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B][U]Underground[/U][/B][/COLOR][/URL]

However, this will merely be a list of major events as any new characters would not be aware of what happened before other than those events that were so shocking or important that everyone in the Versilan Empire knew. So joining in at this point is much like finding out that your country has gone to war and only now are you required to take sides, to put aside your everyday life to help restore peace.

Now in this RPG you have the chance to create two characters to play. You do not have to decide immediately, as you can start with one and then later create another one. Most of the people who have already decided to join the battle are already controlling two characters, myself included. I also intend to follow a format where any player who for whatever reasons is unable post, their character will become missing in action. You can do this on purpose if you have exams coming up. You can send your character on a mission and then re-join the story when you return. If you are unable to return, your character at that point will either stay missing, or will be killed in action.

[CENTER][SIZE="4"][B]Sign Ups[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
[B]Name:[/B] Pretty much anything you want. I have been using English names for the Versilan characters for the simple reason that it’s easier for me to follow.

[B]Age:[/B] Sixteen to two hundred. Sixteen being the youngest one can enter the Versilan military and two hundred being the oldest for enlisting in the Versilan military.

If you are human the age is eighteen to fifty years old.

[B]Gender: [/B]Male or Female.

[B]Race:[/B] Versilan or Human. Either one is fine.

[B]Loyalty: [/B]This is where you decide if you are a member of the Versilan Military or from one of the Sectors that have broken away. You could also be a member of the Resistance that is backing the Sectors calling for equal treatment. Or you could be neutral.

[B]Description:[/B] Pictures are acceptable; however they must be humanoid in appearance. Anime is acceptable so long as there are no wings, cat ears, tails, or things along that nature

Also, all Versilan’s have silver colored eyes; this is a result of the genetics used to give them increased strength, as well as longer life spans. I realized that finding pictures of characters with that color would be difficult. So whatever color your character does have will be what they use when the character has a need to visit other planets. Like Earth for example. Someone with silver eyes would look very strange.

If your character is human, then the color doesn’t matter.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Primitive weapons are a definite no no if your character is a Versilan. The Versilan’s have long since left swords, knifes and other such weapons behind. Hand to hand combat since the average Versilan is much stronger than other races and laser/disruptor weapons are what the military prefers to use. Special high tech explosives are also used, but they are strictly regulated and only officers receive the necessary training to be able to use them.

Bullets and other such primitive weapons are strictly forbidden on any ship and thus no character would really use them. However that doesn’t mean there aren’t many versions of laser/disruptor-based weapons. This is really more of a brief description of what types of weapons you have been trained to use.

If your character is from Earth, then more primitive weapon skills are acceptable.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] Is your character a doctor? An officer? Or a computer programmer? If you are with the resistance or the sectors that have broken off, are you in the Versilan Military working as a spy and if so what skills make you a good choice? Which side are you spying for? Or are you on the outside working to recruit more members or find ways to help with the fight to put an end to slavery, as well as to the prejudice facing those with mixed heritage?

If your character is from Earth, what is their profession?

[B]Personality: [/B]What’s your character like? The only requirement here is that there needs to be some variety among the signups.
Short Bio:[/B] A snippet of what your character is like. It can be a flash back, or a post in the setting you have chosen. It doesn’t have to include everything, but enough to give me a good feel for your character. I’d say about thee to four paragraphs would be a good start.

If you are continuing from before, a summary of what you character did in the last installment is preferred. Just the highlights is enough.

[CENTER][SIZE="4"][B]Current Cast:[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

Celestia Lynn Henderson (Earth/Versilan): SunfallE
Jason Eric Sanders (Earth): SunfallE
Daniel Landers (Versilan): Aaryanna_Mom
Kiva Salqarian (Versilan): GuyYouMetOnline
Marc Nazarian (Human): ForestCrusader

[B]Versilan Empire[/B]

Jared Waldo Scorer (Versilan): indifference
Sandra Tessa Luciana (Versilan): indifference
Crystal Matheson (Versilan): Aaryanna
Darren & Kerstin Anderson (Versilan): Rachmaninoff
Greydon Kreid (Versilan): Blayze
Vallon Drace (Versilan): BKstyles


Colin and Bright Eyes (Human & Dog): Shy

One other note, it is absolutely [SIZE="3"][B]not[/B][/SIZE] required to play two different characters to be a part of this story. You can if you wish too, but please don’t feel like you have to.

Also, if it helps to know, this RPG won’t be following a chapter system, but rather one of an event system. Similar to chapters only there’s no post order. Indifference or I will be posting about major changes in the story line that affect everyone. A banner and a notation indicating this will always head these posts to help avoid any confusion. I intend to leave a lot of leeway in how things progress as I’ve tried to tailor my plot twists to fit different directions to avoid restricting the actual story. I intend to provide objectives that need to be completed, but in addition to that you’ll be able to add a lot of your own ideas into the storyline.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Sandra Tessa Luciana & Jared Waldo Scorer

[B]Age:[/B] Sandra is 50 years old and Jared is 45

[B]Gender: [/B] Sandra is female and Jared is male.

[B]Race: [/B] Both are Versilan.

[B]Loyalty: [/B] The Versilan Empire.

[B]Description: [/B][URL=http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/3407/sandrasl7.png][COLOR=indigo]Sandra[/COLOR][/URL] -- [URL=http://img446.imageshack.us/img446/9366/jaredvh2.png][COLOR=indigo]Jared[/COLOR][/URL]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Both Sandra and Jared are fully versed in the various forms of disruptor and laser weapons available to the military. Being officers, both of them are also trained to use special explosives. Although they do not use weapons such as swords, guns and other more primitive weapons. Both have received standard training in using such weapons should the need arise. Though their experience is with holographic representations of such weapons and neither one has actually handled a primitive weapon.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] Sandra is well versed in military tactics and leadership, she currently is the Commodore commanding the flagship the [I]Creator[/I]. Sandra is also a member of the High Council, one of those who rule the Versilan Empire. Normally one must be a candidate for the position for a set amount of years before being allowed to serve. However, with recent developments, including the discovery of treachery on her father's part, she was promoted to take her fathers place once he had been executed for his crimes.

Recruited by Sandra to serve as her sub-commander, Jared is also well versed in military tactics. In addition to his training he is also an expert interrogator and is quite ruthless in his pursuit of resistance members. Though he started by serving under Sandra on a smaller battleship, when Sandra was promoted to Commodore of the [I]Creator[/I] Jared was promoted as well and became the Commander of the [I]Creator [/I]and continues to serve as Sandra's second in command.

[B]Personality: [/B] Sandra is resourceful, dedicated and a bit cold at times. She is accustomed to power and has little to no respect for individual rights, even of her own people. Though occasionally she has a warm side.

Jared is ruthless, cruel and takes great pleasure in using others to satisfy his own needs. His dedication to always following through with his duties as a Commander before anything else makes him an ideal officer; since unlike others who enjoy tormenting others he never allows his personal agendas to interfere with his sworn duty.

[B]Short Bio: [/B]

Both Jared and Sandra were a part of the force that headed the invasion of Earth and following setup of enforcing Versilan rule. Once Resistance factions on Earth had been dealt with, both of them returned to Sector One, the location of the home world and High Council.

Both have been heavily involved in the declaration of Martial Law, and following investigation of the High Council as well as working to restore order. Now both of them are preparing for retaking the sectors that have broken off.
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[COLOR=#483d8b][B]Name:[/B] Kiva Salqarian

[B]Age:[/B] 74

[B]Gender: [/B]Female

[B]Race: [/B]Versilan

[B]Loyalty: [/B]Resistance member

[B]Description: [/B]Kiva is a rather tall woman, well over six feet in height. She's very good-looking, though not what one would call beautiful. She's in very good physical shape, which one can tell just by looking at her. She has the look of one who's been through quite a bit. In particular, she has a few scars at various places on her body. She preferrs to wear clothing that's loose-fitting, but not baggy.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Kiva's firearm of choice is the HM-SS.7 model gun, the most recent model in the HM-SS series. The HM-SS series of weapons has long been Kiva's favorite. An HM-SS gun is designed for fast access and easy aiming, and the HM-SS.7 model features the addition of a fully automatic fire mode in addition to the series' standard semi-automatic fire mode. In addition, HM-SS power cells are quite long-lasting, as well as easy to replace. However, the HM-SS series' effectiveness is lessened against armored targets. The HM-SS.7 is an excellent anti-personel weapon, but is almost useless against heavily armored targets, such as millitary vehicles (though it works just fine of human millitary vehicles).

The HM-SS series features one uinique characteristic. An HM-SS weapon is strapped onto the user's hand. To fire the weapon, one must first deactivate the safety lock that prevents it from being fired accidentally, which is a risk with the HM-SS series. Instead of a trigger, HM-SS series weapons detect a specific voluntary muscle action, which triggers the weapon to fire. The HM-SS.7 model uses a different muscle action for the autofire mode.
[COLOR=darkslateblue]Special Skills:[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=darkslateblue] In addition to being quite proficcient with the HM-SS series of firearms, Kalria is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She's also good at reading people, and at deceiving them as well. However, she's probably most skilled as a hacker. This skill set makes her very useful as a spy, which until recently is what she was.

[B]Personality: [/B]Kiva is a very resourceful person, and her determination is strong. She can also be pretty stubborn at times. Once she starts something, she will finish it, and she'll probably do so in a way that nobody will see it coming. She's quite inventive. She's also quite intelligent, and is a fast thinker, as well.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#483d8b]Kiva turly enjoys her work. Sometimes it appears that she really doesn't understand how serious the situation is, but this isn't true[COLOR=darkslateblue]. She just seems that way because of how much she enjoys what she does. She's well aware of what's at stake, and she seems to have a personal involvement as well, though she's never revealed what it is. The assumption is that it's related to her father, a[/COLOR] neutral scientist who was killed by either the Versilan Empire or the resistance, depending on which side's version you believe (OOC: His death was actually an accident).[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#483d8b][B]Summary: [/B]Kiva was a resistance operative undercover within the Versilan Empire. Success in her role as an officer in the Imperial military led to her eventual promotion to Elite Specialist. She, along with her crewman Daego Kelse, was assigned to assist in the invasion of Earth. Eventually, she was chosen to receive the working prototype for the new class of messenger ship, a highly advanced vessel she named the [I]Transcendence[/I].[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#483d8b]After returning from Earth, Kiva met with High Councilor Erica Kendrick as per standard procedure, as she has just captured the Empire's two most-wanted individuals. The two were alone and unmonitered when the meeting took place, and Erica revealed to Kiva that she was the leader of the resistance. She had Kiva participate in her exposure and capture as part of her plan to expose the information about the illegal mental alterations. Because of Erica's illness, interrogation would kill her, so nobody could get information such as Kiva's status as a resistance agent from her.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#483d8b]AfterErica's capture, Kiva took a couple assignments, eventually capturing high-level Resistance member Daniel Timbers, who knew of her role as an undercover resistance operative. And he was in perfect health, so there was no reason he couldn't be interrogated. And his interrogation would undoubtably lead to the compromization of Kiva's position. So Kiva fled sector1 in the [I]Transcendence[/I], taking Daniel with her. Daego, who was sympathetic to the resistance's positon, went with Kiva and Daniel to sector 9 to join those opposed to the Empire.[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Darren & Kerstin Anderson [[SIZE="1"]the two of them are brother and sister[/SIZE]]

[B]Age:[/B] Darren is 60, Kerstin is 46

[B]Gender: [/B] Darren is Male, Kerstin is Female

[B]Race: [/B] Versilan

[B]Loyalty: [/B] Versilan

[B]Description: [/B] [URL=http://img68.imageshack.us/img68/705/darrenfi0.png]Darren[/URL] | [URL=http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/6510/kerstinty3.jpg]Kerstin[/URL]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Other than to know how to use the most basic of laser and disruptor weapons, Darren has no special weapons skills. He has learned basic hand-to-hand combat, but not much beyond that. Most of his knowledge in regards to weapons is in knowing how to safely transport and prepare them as occasionally his merchant services are hired to deliver them.

Like her brother Darren, other than to know how to use the most basic of laser and disruptor weapons, Kerstin has no special weapons skills. As a civilian she has never needed to learn anything beyond the basics for simple safety. And even then she has never even handled a true weapon, only holographic representations of one.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] Darren is a bit of a handy man in that he can fix most basic repairs to his space ship and run the most basic of computer programs as well. Though not a true expert in any field other than transportation, he has a wide range of general knowledge. He also has field experience as a commander. Not for the military but rather for the company he started over thirty years ago. Now he is working as the Shipping Expert for the High Council and thus for the entire Versilan Empire.

Kerstin is an artist. Her specialty is in creating ancient attire for the nobility as well as then painting by hand, portraits of said nobility (as well as other wealthy Versilans) wearing the outfits she created for them. In addition to that work she also paints pictures of different cities and older long gone ones as well. She also converts her work into digital art for those who are not interested in owning the real deal. Kerstin?s greatest talent is that once she has seen a face she can paint a portrait from memory of the person in question.

[B]Personality: [/B] Fairly easygoing, though quick to take offense. Darren has no patience for those he perceives as lazy.

Cheerful and sunny, Kerstin has always been outgoing and forward.

[B]Short Bio: [/B] Initially Darren was simply working as a merchant delivering the Crystals essential to all Versilan technology. However, his clearance to travel through sector thirteen just prior to the invasion of Earth was a result of the Resistance hacking the system to divert his ship into a restricted area. Sandra and Jared who were proceeding there for the preparations to invade Earth stopped him.

Since being in a restricted sector is a crime punishable by death, Darren was then given no choice but to work for the military and use his knowledge of shipping to convert Earth?s primitive methods over to how things are done in the Versilan Empire.

Later, since he had written the protocols used for shipping, he was asked to update them in light of the recent attacks by the Resistance in other sectors, once done he was then given no choice but to become the Shipping Expert and work for the High Council. A position he does not want as he wishes to return to being neutral.

Darren went to sector one along with Jared and Sandra where he met up with his sister Kerstin who was currently attending university in sector one on the moon called Reflection by the artist community. Both of them have severed ties with their family who would use Darren?s political connections to gain favor.

In an effort to force Darren to give other shipping companies an edge, Kerstin was kidnapped along with Daniel Landers, but Elite Specialist Kiva rescued both of them. Now Kerstin is still onboard the Creator with Darren, with the outbreak of war she is undecided as to what she should do. Especially since Daniel, who was with her when she was kidnapped, turned out to be a resistance member. She is torn due to his actions to protect her while they were being held and as a result she is no longer sure of which side she believes in.
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[B][SIZE=1]Name: [/SIZE][/B][SIZE=1]Greydon Kreid
[B]Age: [/B]89
[B]Gender: [/B]Male
[B]Race: [/B]Versilan
[B]Loyalty: [/B]Versilan Military - specifically the Elite Specialists and Task Forces
[B]Description: [/B]Kreid is of average height, and fairly well-built. His muscle is sinewy, making him seem weaker than he actually is - a slightly smaller body structure is accompanied by unusual strength and agility, making him a fierce opponent in hand-to-hand combat. His jet-black hair falls over his forehead a little, but never strays into his eyes, which, of course, are silver. He has a long, thin scar running from just above his right eyebrow, down to his right cheekbone, from a fight a number of years ago, when he was still in training.

As for his clothes, he wears a jet-black version of the standard Versilan military uniform, with red piping at the hems. He has no display of rank or serial number apparent on his person.

[B]Weapons: [/B]Kreid carries around a pair of custom KRS-200 series laser pistols. These are weapons which he has been working on to improve their performance for a number of years, and as such they no longer look like military-issue weapons. They are sleek, silver objects, lightweight enough for them not to be a burden when carrying them, but still powerful enough to incapacitate whoever gets hit by the beam. The power cells which the weapons are powered by, while small, are incredibly concentrated, allowing them to last for months at a time without wearing down. Even so, Kreid still makes sure that he has a number of spare power cells with him at all times.

[B]Special Skills: [/B]Being a member of the Elite Specialists and Task Forces of the Versilan military, Kreid is an expert in many forms of hand-to-hand combat, his physical strength and agility making him a formidable opponent in any case. He is also incredibly able with firearms, specifically the custom laser pistols he has modified for himself. He has also undergone a great many hours of training which make him able to block out his pain receptors, meaning he can withstand most physical interrogation methods. The final part of his training was to do with stealth and covert ops, and as such Kreid can make himself blend into almost any setting, whether he is blending into a crowd or infiltrating any form of high-security facility.

[B]Personality: [/B]Kreid is somewhat of an enigma. He is totally dedicated to his cause - he is a true believer in what he is meant to do - and yet, he knows that he cannot exist in the universe he is attempting to create. What he does makes him evil in his own eyes, but he does it anyway because he has no illusions that it is the right thing for the rest of the universe.

[B]Short Bio: [/B]Greydon Kreid is one of the top covert operatives in the Versilan military, thus he has been enlisted by the Council to infiltrate the Resistance and attempt to bring it down from the inside. He has no rank or serial number, and it is quite possible that Greydon Kreid is a false alias, and as such it is near-on impossible to find out anything real about him - he is not listed on the Versilan military database.

He is currently underground in sector 9, beginning his infiltration of the Resistance movement. He poses as a low-ranking member of the Versilan military, who grew wary of the Empire's motives and joined the Resistance, feeding them what little information he could from the flagship [I]Creator[/I]. However, he claims he was found to be a member of the Resistance, but fled before he could be apprehended and put to trial.

He has managed to blend in with the other Resistance members thus far, and has most people believing his story. There are a few people who are still somewhat wary of him, but he knows that he can bring them around soon enough...
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[B]Name:[/B] Daniel Landers

[B]Age:[/B] Daniel is 53

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Race: [/B]Versilan.

[B]Loyalty: [/B] Resistance

[B]Description: [/B] Daniel is about 6?4, 200 lbs with reddish brown hair.

[B]Weapons:[/B] As a former commander in the Versilan Military, Daniel is well versed in all forms of laser and disruptor weapons. When he was still an officer he was well known for being a dead mark when it came to shooting. He is also trained to use special explosives that only the military have.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] Having served in the military before joining the resistance, he has both field and command experience. Daniel?s kinder nature made him a natural leader and he quickly rose in the ranks to become a commander of a small battle ship. Until he was later accused of treason and tortured by the Military since they believed he, like his father was a member of the resistance. Ironically he now uses that same charisma and leading skills to aid in recruitment and the teaching of other races to defend themselves against the Versilan Empire.

[B]Personality: [/B] Daniel tends to put on a stern front when in reality he?s always been on the kinder side. Although good at understand others in terms of command, Daniel has always been on the clueless side when it comes to more regular life.

[B]Short Bio: [/B] Once a Commander in the Versilan Military, Daniel was stripped of his command and considered a traitor since his father was a member of the Resistance. He would have been executed if not for being rescued by the Resistance. Daniel commanded three underground resistance bases on Earth until all three were eventually located by the Empire and destroyed.

He then went with William, who was posing as the leader of the resistance, to sector one to gather intelligence to not only expose the High Council but to find a way to free his daughter Celestia and son-in-law Jason who had been captured on Earth when the final resistance base was destroyed.

While searching for information he was kidnapped along with Kerstin Anderson and then later freed by Elite Specialist Kiva Salqarian. The events surrounding the kidnapping eventually led to him being exposed as a resistance member and he was caught by Kiva as he attempted to flee the sector.

However, Kiva was an undercover agent for the resistance, a fact that Daniel was aware of, so instead of handing Daniel over to Fleet Admiral Stevens when requested she fled with him and her crew to sector nine to join the others who now oppose the Empire.

Now he is considered the second in command for the resistance forces as William has become the new resistance leader since Erica Kendrick the previous leader was arrested. He is working in sector nine to prepare while William has headed out to gather other important information needed for the fight.
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[indent][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Colin and Bright Eyes

[b]Age:[/b] 9 and 10 (In human years.)

[b]Gender:[/b] Male and Female.

[b]Race:[/b] Colin is a human and Bright Eyes is a dog.

[b]Loyalty:[/b] Neutral. Bright Eyes is very loyal to Colin, though.

[b]Description:[/b] Colin stands at a little less than five feet tall and has a slender build. He has thick, bushy black hair and brown skin that has become tan from working in the sunlight for long hours at a time. He dresses in a way that reflects his history as a slave, and only owns one threadbare outfit.

Bright Eyes is a black mutt with small patches of gray fur due to her age. She is a fairly large dog, but remains lean due to her poor diet and large amounts of exercise. Bright Eyes wears a ragged leather collar with a silver charm attached.

[b]Weapons:[/b] No.

[b]Special Skills:[/b] Colin is very intelligent for his age and seems especially adept at things of a mechanical nature. He is one of the few slaves fortunate enough to be literate, and has taught himself how to read and write.

[b]Personality:[/b] Colin is an optimist through and through. He is very friendly, talkative, and loves to learn about the world he lives in. Being a child he is very quick to react to certain situations, and wears his emotions on his sleeves. Bright Eyes is also friendly, but is extremely cautious and overprotective of Colin.

[b]Short Bio:[/b] Colin has spent his entire young life alone as a slave in Sector 11’s homeworld of Gallana. In fact, the closest thing he has ever been able to call a ‘family’ is his loyal dog, Bright Eyes. Colin has been told by fellow slaves that he was abandoned at an early age, but he has spent his entire life denying this possibility. Rather the young boy believes that his parents are out there, somewhere, in the middle of the Civil War he has heard so many stories about.

Sector 11 has recently cut off its’ ties with the Versillan Empire, and has formed an uneasy alliance with The Resistance. This has thrown Gallana into political upheaval, and as a result Colin and every other slave on that world have suddenly found themselves free. Some former slaves have pledged their support for The Resistance's military, while others are eager to earn a living for themselves and their families. Colin and Bright Eyes have begun the long walk to Gallana’s capital city in hopes of finding his family.

Bright Eyes has been inseparable from Colin ever since the child was born. It is believed that she was a gift to the child from his birth parents, since both were found together on the streets of Gallana’s capital city.[/size][/indent]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][color=darkslategray][b]Name[/b]: Vallon Drace

[b]Age[/b]: 58

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Race[/b]: Versilan

[b]Loyalty[/b]: Versilan Space Forces

[b]Description[/b]: [url=http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/Vallon1.jpg][b][Vallon][/b][/url]
-He stands at 6'3 with a between slender and average muscular build.

[b]Weapons[/b]: Vallon uses his hands and feet mainly in unarmed combat as his speciality, but utilizes a pair of laser knuckles to enhance his striking power and range. Being a high ranking officer of the military, he is skilled in disruptor projectile weapons as well though he normally does not carry any on his persons. He is also a collector of many ancient relics including bladed and blunt weaponry, as well as armor sets. His favorite of which being an obsidian shamshir. They serve as hobby and not a source of armaments.

[b]Special Skills[/b]: Vallon is a glutton for pain and has an exhorbitant withstanding of it. He enjoys showcasing his proficiency in hand to hand combat, and has uncanny stamina due to his heightened pain warding, making him difficult to fatigue by most conventional means. He dislikes doctors very much and virtually never accepts medical attention when needed. Vallon is still new to his rank and his new stationing, and has yet to receive anything that could be considered a life-threatening injury. Other than skills essential to military success and intense solitary training since childhood, Vallon is well educated and can talk his way in and out of many situations.


A man who exudes a thirst for power and holds others at arms length is a valid description of Vallon. Denying himself the luxury of legitamate friendships until he reaches a desireable position of authority, he keeps only the important connections needed to further his own ambition and goals. He is not one that trusts, and will not hesitate to use another's trust to his advantage. He understands well what is needed to maintain status and be succesful in the Versilan military, and will deal with his superiors as required in order to keep things at an equilibrium until he one day commands his own flagship.

Vallon has a confident demeanor, at times to a fault. He treats people he deems as insignificant as such, and relies only on what he knows he is capable of, as well as his ability to expand beyond that. Though he shows no apparent interest in romantic or sexual relationships, Vallon enjoys a liking to submissive and dark haired women. He is normally soft-spoken during downtime, but is also known well for his outbursts.

[b]Short Bio[/b]:

Blood splattered along with the remnants of the light Vallon's disruptor knuckles emitted after each swing. Bodies fell one by one until they stopped coming. The only sound left after the smoke had cleared was the commotion of his supposed reinforcements trapped behind the large double doors. He eyed the door maliciously through strands of his black hair and gritted his teeth, soon morphing into a demented grin of satisfaction. He licked his lips and reached for a disruptor rifle from the creates intended to be delivered to the armory. With a single blast, the control panel next to the door sparked and deactivated any locking mechanisms it was holding into place.

[b][i]'Simple tricks with the base's wiring will not give these Resistance sheep an advantage. Vallon Drace needs no help ridding the world of their inconsequential existence.'[/b][/i] the dark haired Versilan military officer thought to himself as he tossed the gun away.

Versilan soldiers poured into the room, about two dozen. They scattered only to realize there was no longer a need for them. It was not Vallon himself who had requested their presence afterall, one of the soldiers stepped up after staring in awe of the slain bodies of Resistance members.

[b]"Sir...you've dealt with them all?"[/b] he asked. Vallon's eyes squinted and shot violently toward the inquiring soldier's direction. He took a running start, and almost glided toward him with his arm outstretched. He grabbed hold of the soldier's neck and forced him close enough to him to be level with his face. Vallon glared into his eyes intently with his own, as if burning a hole in them, destroying the window to his very soul.

[b]"Am I to understand that there was a hint of doubt in your voice just now? Do you realize who it is you serve? The requirements and standards for allowing recruits into the military must be dwindling with the times."[/b] Vallon snapped as he tossed the soldier back with enough force to put him seated onto the floor. The confident sub-commander of the Battleship Baron turned gracefully and began walking toward the exit to the docking bay. He recomposed himself by fixing his hair and disarming himself. The Resistance's invasion was more than likely not yet completely surpressed, but he has destroyed the last of the detachment to storm the Ru-xu-kou's east wing control sectors. However, It was the next sequence of events that would prove most suprising.

He walked through the double doors into the open arms of a Space Forces envoy. It was made up of the emissary himself, four soldiers between the ranks of Lieutenant and Fleet Specialist, and a dark blue and black haired woman tan in complexion who appeared to be a member of the SF Security Squad from the tags on her uniform. Vallon surveyed the line, showing a skeptical glance in his eyes as to what the purpose of this was.

[b]"Vallon Drace, your transfer from the Battleship Baron under the command of Commander Sergei Bale to the Flagship Creator under the command of Commander Jared Scorer is hereby ordered and in effect immedietely. You will serve the ship as your newly appointed rank of Sub-Commander. Please gather any belongings you may need and report to the Commander personally as soon as possible. We will wait here until you are ready."[/b] the emissary spoke.

Vallon's eyed widened, as it took a few moments to sink it. [b][i]'The Creator...? I've done it...this is it! Second only to Commander Jared. Finally, I will have what is coming to me. '[/b][/i] Vallon cracked a satisfied grin again and began laughing subtly to himself. He stretched his arm out and patted the speaker on the shoulder insincerely and turned to gather his things from the Baron. The defense of the Ru-xu-kou would soon be over as the numbers of the invasion appeared to dwindle significantly. Though that was no longer the primary thought on the newly appointed sub-commander's mind.[/FONT][/color]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Great sign ups everyone. :catgirl: I'm only going to comment on the new ones since those who are continuing from before are already accepted.

Anyway, Blayze, I love yours especially since it's a type of character that hasn't been in the series yet so you'll fit in perfectly.

Shy, your's is fantastic too and just as we discussed on AIM, the side story of your character would definitely make a nice addition to the story line.

BKstyles, your's is perfect as well. But then we already discussed this last night on MSN. So everything is in order.

I'm still going to leave it open of course but right now as far as I'm concerned all of you would fit perfectly into the story. ^_~ Aaryanna will be putting hers up and then of course in a bit I will put mine up as well. Then like Crystia said in the underground thread, close to the first of next month we'll get this show on the road. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Marc Nazarian

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Loyalty:[/B] Resistance

[B]Description:[/B] [U][URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/evening_mood_by_janaschi.jpg"]Marc[/URL][/U], he is about 6' 2", has various tattoos and a scar on his left cheek.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Marc has a varying arsenal since he is often looting Versilan weapon shipments. He has favored one a Versilan [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/engfieldsolarisLMG60.jpg"][U]Engfield Solaris LMG60[/U][/URL] which he has customized with various parts from various guns [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/engfieldsolarisLMG60custom.jpg"][U](pic)[/U][/URL]. Other than his firearms Marc likes to think himself as a expert martial arts master, even though he is only at about an average level. He also likes to flaunt these abilities with a [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/RAM20011.jpg"][U]retractable baton[/U][/URL].

[B]Special Skills:[/B] Marc has police training from when he was an officer on earth. He has a basic knowledge of hand to hand combat from his job which makes him very efficient in close quarters. He he is good at battle tactics and is somewhat renown among the ranks of the resistance for his knack for knowing just how to take the enemy by surprise. This has its down side as some of his fellow officers have accused him of being a spy. he has proven these accusation false though by showing his absolute loyalty and placing himself in immediate danger to help a fellow in the field. He is currently part of a unit tasked with looting Versilan shipments and the occasional rescue mission for slaves or captured resistance members.

[B]Personality:[/B] Marc is very idealistic, standing up for what he believes in with a mighty ferocity. He holds no love for the race of the Versilan but respects the ones he fights beside for standing up for what they believe is right and fighting their own people. Marc has sort of a "soft spot" for the people enslaved by the Versilan and jumps at the chance for a rescue mission to free as many as he can.

Marc tries to see a pleasant side to most predicaments, making jokes a lot of the time in hopes to raise spirits. He comes off sarcastic and stoic to some of his fellow officers but when he is on a mission he seems more relaxed and natural. Marc is eager for missions, he enjoys the adrenalin he gets from being fired at by the enemy and the satisfaction of getting the job done.

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Marc was originally from Earth, starting his career as a law enforcement officer. During the invasion he was captured and placed into slavery. He spent only a little over a month in slavery before he was freed by a Resistance team. He pleaded with them and was placed into the ranks of the resistance.

Since that day Marc has been loyally serving the resistance. Proving his usefulness by intercepting weapons shipments which help supply the resistance further. After seeing his skills and efficiency in combat his superiors deemed it necessary and he was promoted to Sargent and placed as head of his platoon. He lead his platoon through many missions and would have give his life to save any of theirs.

He was sent on a mission to intercept and sabotage a supply ship on way to Sector 7. They boarded the ship and set the charges on the engines cooling system but were intercepted and captured on the way back to their ship. They were interrogated, tortured and eventually executed one by one. Marc and two other were left when the charges finally blew, they used the confusion to escape their deaths and made it out on one of the ships shuttles being picked up three days later by a passing Civilian ship. Marc still has a scar on his cheek from the interrogation which he has never really told anyone much about.

Marc is currently waiting for assignment in orbit above sector 11.

[B]OCC: if you want me to change anything just private message me or contact me on AIM[/B]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][color=goldenrod][B]Name: [/B] Crystal Matheson

[B]Age: [/B] 83

[B]Gender: [/B] Female

[B]Race: [/B] Versilan

[B]Loyalty: [/B] Versilan Empire

[B]Description: [/B] [URL=http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/4361/crystalvy7.png][COLOR=goldenrod]Crystal[/COLOR][/URL]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Crystal use to command the smaller battle ship the [I]Tempest[/I], but she is first and foremost a doctor and her training for command is very basic. She knows how to use the most simple of laser and disruptor weapons but nothing more.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] She is a doctor, specializing in genetics. Originally she served as the ships doctor on commander Sandra?s ship the [I]Crimson[/I]. But after several humans she had modified were rescued by the resistance; she was promoted to commander and given the ship that Daniel use to command. Now she has been moved to become the chief doctor on the [I]Creator[/I].

[B]Personality: [/B] She is kind and considerate, and dedicated in the sense that being a doctor comes before worrying about other things. Though sometimes the orders she receives pains her, she always follows through. She's also very blunt and forward and Crystal has no patience for officers or crew who avoid regular checkups or needed medical treatment.

[B]Short Bio: [/B]During the invasion of Earth she commanded the battle ship Tempest and was in charge of setting up all medical facilities on the newly conquered world. Crystal was also working with the High Council on various research projects in sector fourteen. While on Earth she was kidnapped and held by the Resistance who confiscated her research notes on her hand held computer.

Crystal was located and rescued by Elite Specialist Kiva and then later once the three Resistance bases on Earth were destroyed she was recalled to sector one to do genetics research. Proof that all Versilans other than the High Council had been modified since birth as well as proof that four of the factions had mixed blood was done by Crystal in the genetics lab at the Council Center on the main home world in sector one.

Now, with Civil War having broken out. Crystal has been transferred to the [I]Creator[/I] to not only oversee Erica Kendrick?s treatments since Erica is dying from a terminal illness, but so a seasoned officer can command the [I]Tempest[/I] in battle. It is a move she is quite happy with since commanding a battle ship is something she did not want to do in the first place. She still retains her rank as a commander and also has the authority from the High Council to overrule top decisions if medically she sees a need to countermand an order. [/color][/FONT]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Just a little more on the newest sign ups. ForestCrusader, your sign up has a slight issue that I've pm'd you about. Nothing that's a real problem, just a matter of the time line being adjusted slightly.

Revolver, you can put up a sign up later, provided it's not too much later. Also, depending on how things go, I only promise to look it over, nothing more. I will give you a decision though, should you post a sign up.

Anyway, I'll have mine up in a few days as well as finishing setting things up based on the new characters and then sometime next week I will launch it. ^_~[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]No worries Revolver, just work on being more active in the RPG that you are in. ^_~ Anyway, even though it will still be open through the weekend, here is my sign up. As of this moment I think everyone will fit in well into the story so I'll be updating the first post and adding a character sheet to the first post in the underground thread. Then you can expect this to start running next week. ^_^

[B]Name:[/B] Celestia Lynn Henderson & Jason Eric Sanders

[B]Age:[/B] Celestia is 25 and Jason is 29.

[B]Gender: [/B]Jason is Male and Celestia is Female.

[B]Race: [/B]Jason is Human where Celestia is a mix since her mother was a human and her father a Versilan.

[B]Loyalty: [/B]The resistance.

[B]Description: [/B] [URL=http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/7477/jasoncelestiaxd8.png]Jason & Celestia[/URL]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Although initially Jason studied martial arts with his sister Sara, after their parents died due to complications from cancer Jason focused more on computer programming instead. Since he became a member of the resistance he has been re-learning how to fight and how to use the most basic of laser and disruptor weapons.

Other than the basics Celestia has no weapon skills. She’s in excellent shape but even after joining the resistance she has not learned more than how to use the most basic of Versilan weapons.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] Before his encounter with the Versilan race Jason graduated with high honors from College and then continued to obtain his masters and PhD degree in computers. He then worked for several major software programming companies before he applied for and was hired to work for Henderson Inc at age 26.

Celestia’s, mother died when she was only four years old. She was placed in a state orphanage, as she had no living relatives on Earth. Celestia was one of many children who was run through the enhanced/speed learning programs by the resistance in an attempt to advance Earth’s technology enough so they could resist invasion. It was believed that the learning programs did not work and the resistance erased the memories of the children and left Earth. Being a Halfling, her memories were not completely erased.

Later she wrote her first holographic program at age fifteen. Due to it’s success she then established Henderson Inc at age eighteen. She began construction of her gaming Silver One project at age 20. A program about humans fighting off aliens invading Earth who had silver colored eyes. Two years later she hired Jason Eric Sanders to assist in the final development and testing of the new phase of her holographic technology.

Though Celestia is the smarter of the two, both of them use their skills as programmers to assist the resistance in their fight against the Versilan Empire.

[B]Personality: [/B]Though smart, Celestia is terribly shy when it comes to dealing with members of the opposite sex. Deep inside she’s very kind and friendly, but due to her financial success with her company she tends to be more standoffish as so many people were only interested in her money.

Jason is also a bit on the shy and reserved side; he’s hard working and always follows through with what he’s been asked to do. Since he and Celestia were captured by the Versilan’s and then later rescued by the resistance, he has become almost driven in his desire to not only help the resistance but to protect Celestia as well.

[B]Short Bio: [/B] Initially Celestia along with Jason were captured by the Versilan Empire as they were preparing to invade Earth. Celestia didn’t realize that the knowledge on how to build holographic technology or that the details on how to prevent an invasion were from when she was run through the learning programs by the resistance. It was this that drew attention to her and Jason since her program was detected by the Versilan task force investigating Earth.

Later both her and Jason were rescued by the resistance. After their rescue they were recruited into the ranks of the resistance to work as programmers. Since joining Celestia and Jason are responsible for most programs and technical advances for the resistance, leading to them becoming the most wanted individuals in the Versilan Empire.

Both Celestia and Jason were on Earth when it was invaded, after the invasion they were later captured when the final main underground base was found and destroyed. They were shipped to sector one to work as slaves for the High Council.

Normally slaves are not allowed to stay together, but before Civil War broke out changes that allowed family members to stay together were being implemented and since Jason and Celestia had exchanged simple vows and considered themselves married it was decided to keep them together.

When the High Council was put under house arrest, Celestia and Jason were on the team breaking into the data vaults of different Council members since they refused to give their personal codes to access them. Now as the fleet in sector one is preparing to head to reclaim one of the sectors that has broken off, both Celestia and Jason have been transferred to the Creator to work in the computer labs on the ship. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][b]Name:[/b] Merva Devaniel Ordenza
[b]Age:[/b] 38
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Race:[/b] Versilian + distant Human ancestry
[b]Loyalty:[/b] Versilian Empire
[b]Description:[/b] [url=http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c135/Minneymin/060820.jpg][u][b]Merva[/b][/u][/url] © [i]rcowada[/i]
Merva has pale white hair, the distinguishing characteristic of the Ordenza family line. Her eyes, while usually the typical silver color, at times seem to hide hints of the palest blue, a clue that could betray her hidden ancestry.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Merva has a firm distaste regarding weaponry, and so although she has basic training in common Versilian weaponry, she will never carry weapons or firearms of any sort. Instead, she has had extensive and rigorous training in hand-to-hand combat. She is a lethal in her martial skills, and can also disarm any opponent within seconds.

[b]Special Skills:[/b] As befitting of the daughter of the Ordenza family, Merva was given an extensive and rich education from early childhood. She was instructed by private tutors in a variety of subject matters, and read extensively throughout her life. Merva is fluent in over 40 different languages (some archaic) spread across the 14 sectors and more, has a mastery with various musical instruments of different cultures, is an excellent artist and performer, as well as a clever writer. She is at times considered the epitome of what a daughter of Versilian aristocracy should be, if not for her father.
Merva is also a skilled scientist, and she has been studying the genetic alterations and phenotypic differences in the various races over the 14 sectors. At times, because of her expertise in different fields she has been called upon for consultation by the High Council, as well as with sensitive missions within the Versilian military. Some of her scientific and technological discoveries have been used to advance Versilian weaponry and communications, as well as in the cases leading up to the executions of several Council members. However, all of her involvement has been kept highly classified, and only a few select individuals within the Council and military know of her participation.
Following the arrest and death of Hunter Orion Ordenza, Merva succeeded her father and subsequentially became the youngest member ever to be inducted to the High Council thus far.

[b]Personality:[/b] Quiet and unobtrusive, Merva has a demure and gentle demeanor. She is highly intelligent and well-educated in a breadth of subject matter, and so her opinion is sought by many. Because of her family line as well as her status in Versilian society, she was selected to take her father?s place in the High Council, bypassing her elder brother. The Council is depending on her lack of skills in deception and her naivety to be able to control her, and many within the Council secretly believe that Merva is ill-suited to serve in the Council. She was inducted simply to be a puppet for the other members.

Unbeknownst to the Council members however, Merva has a strict sense of right and wrong, and will not let others infringe on her ethical boundaries. While on the outside she shows the utmost respect due to others, she is quite aware of how other individuals have assessed her. Admittedly Merva knows that she is an amateur in the games of political intrigue, but at the same time she is unwilling to be submissive to the wills of others. In her own mind she finds the actions and decisions of the Council (and at times the military) to be detestable, and she is determined to bring change to the moral structure of the Versilian Empire for the betterment of its people.

[b]Short Bio:[/b]
[i]Merva was raised as the daughter of High Councilman Hunter Orion Ordenza and his wife Fiora Vane. However, what is not known is that her mother Fiora had an affair with another Versilian citizen who had mixed ancestry, resulting in Merva being prominently (but not purely) Versilian. Shortly after Merva?s birth Fiora separated from Councilman Ordenza, leaving with her daughter to a different estate where she raised her daughter. Councilman Ordenza raised their older son, Cerul, in the capitol; this resulted in Merva meeting her elder brother only a few times throughout her childhood and adolescence. However, the Councilman still made sure that his daughter was raised in luxury, as well as ensuring her education in the fine arts and other subjects. Merva?s mother passed away when Merva was 27, taking the secret of Merva?s true parentage to the grave. At this time Merva came to live with her father and her brother Cerul in the capitol, where she was introduced to Versilian aristocracy; she has resided here ever since with her brother after the death of her father as well.[/i]

The gray sky reflected in the water, ripples extending farther than she could see. Her eyes, unbeknownst to her, flashed pale blue for a moment, but the color was gone too quickly to see clearly. Merva let out a small breath, watching the white petals drop from her hands into the water below, leaning onto the railing of the balcony. Inside, she was already beginning to feel nervous of the coming day. The same gray sky would be here this evening when she went to her formal induction to the High Council.

Merva still didn?t understand fully what had happened. Her father?s death had been sudden and unexpected, but had been ruled as natural in the event that he had been 272. The years had taken their toll on him, and the attack on Sector 4 had finally been enough to scare his spirit into death. Still, it had taken less than a month for the High Council to formally offer and go through the proceedings of installing her into Hunter?s place. It was unprecedented, the speed of the Council?s action as well as her age. Not to mention, the position should have been given to Cerul? There was no law specifying detailing the specifics of succession in Versilian society, but the usual customs had definitely been bypassed in this matter.

She still remembered when the communication had come from the High Council. Shock settled into her, until finally she looked over at Cerul, who had thanked the messenger and sent him on his way. When they were alone Merva had merely folded her arms, wondering if she should say something. Was this fair? She didn?t know, and the protocol was unfamiliar as well.

Cerul made the first move. Suddenly he was directly in front of her, and then he lightly embraced Merva in the folds of his cloak, brushing his cheek against hers. His voice was quiet, [b]?Congratulations, little sister. Serve well.?[/b] Then he was gone, and the heavy door had swung shut to his study.

After ten years?they were still complete strangers. [/COLOR][/FONT]


[FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][COLOR="Navy"][b]Name:[/b] Cerul Graven Ordenza
[b]Age:[/b] 187
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Race:[/b] Versilian pureblood
[b]Loyalty:[/b] Versilian Empire/?

[b]Description:[/b] [url=http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c135/Minneymin/oro_hae_00009.jpg][u][b]Cerul[/b][/u][/url] © [i]Oros[/i]
Cerul, like Merva, has inherited the pale white hair of the Ordenza?s. His appearance is more wraith-like than his sister?s, and his presence can be quite disconcerting. Despite his tall stature, Cerul moves so silently that the only sound to alert you to his presence is the faint whisper of his cloak.

[b]Weapons:[/b] As a member of the Elite Specialists, Cerul is well-versed in unarmed combat as well as the variety of weaponry used in the Versilian military. In his hands almost any object can become a weapon in itself. However, because of the focus of his specialty he has not handled common combative weaponry for a few years. Instead Cerul has a variety of ?kits,? in which are contained every device that could possibly be used for torture. Blades, needles, clamps, picks, chemicals, etc?all kinds of inhuman and nightmarish tools are included in these cases of his. There is sometimes special machinery and technology that he uses as well, depending upon the case, which can vary from electrical and chemical torture to more harrowing methods as provided by the vast array of Versilian technology. Many of these instruments Cerul designed himself.

[b]Special Skills:[/b] Cerul is an interrogations specialist, and hand-in-hand with this job usually comes the use of torture. He is a trained medical physician, and so has a sophisticated knowledge in various anatomies and medicines, both human and Versilian. Not only this but he is also highly versed in the knowledge of psychology, and has studied the mental workings of a variety of species. In his studies he has traveled quite often outside of the 14 sectors, each time bringing back specimens, books, and more knowledge to his vast library of study.

He is often regarded as one of the most skilled interrogators in the Versilian military, and thus is also one of the more feared individuals as well. Most of the general public does not know his status however, while in higher society he is sometimes avoided. Cerul pairs his medical training with his acute knowledge of the individual psyche, and this he uses in a subtle yet excruciating manner to extract the necessary information out of his subject. While most information collected from torture is unreliable, Cerul?s skill has become infamous because all of his subjects have given him only reliable and concrete information. He is extremely sensitive to the hidden intentions of individuals, and can detect a lie almost instantly.

Yet due to the sensitivity his profession demands, and the classified nature of most of his missions, Cerul is unknown to keep any relations except with his only remaining family, his sister Merva. Since Cerul?s skill is so invaluable to the Versilian military, he is usually kept in Sector 1 or the capitol to ensure not only his safety, but also swift contact if a task should appear.

[b]Personality:[/b] Cerul is most often quiet and somber. His voice is rarely heard except during interrogation, in which he has the odd ability to mimic almost any timbre or quality of a person?s voice after hearing it only once. While many fear and avoid Cerul, in truth he can be gentle and dignified. He is always polite to any that he meets, including his subjects. However, it is hard to judge his mood because he never shows any hint of emotion or feeling. He is like a man floating through life without a soul, and very few choose to associate with him. Cerul is highly desensitized due to the fact that he not only works on humans and other ?inferior? species, but has also had to extract information from Versilian traitors as well.

While in the beginning he had some difficulty in fulfilling his military duties, Cerul has deadened the parts of him that are lithe to feel compassion, pity, or sorrow. What no one knows is that Cerul is beginning to doubt more and more the intentions and ability of the Versilian Empire. Because of his travels and own missions, Cerul has a deep understanding of the sins of his people, finding himself disconnected from the society he is part of.

While he has never allowed his personal agenda or opinion to interfere with his work, before the attacks on Sector 4 and the resulting enactment of Martial Law, Cerul had been retrieving different information from his subjects. At times he did not quite divulge all information on resistance hide-outs or planned attacks to his superiors, but instead began to build his own personal directory ? if known, it would be concluded as treason. Somehow his father Hunter Orion Ordenza was implicated instead, and subsequently put under house arrest. Amidst the attack on Sector 4 and the revelation of mental alteration in the general public, his father passed away, leaving Cerul with the responsibility of his father?s disgrace and death. As a result Cerul has let guilt overtake his moral responsibilities at the moment, serving the Empire faithfully in his father?s stead.

[b]Short Bio:[/b]
Carefully rinsing the last bit of disinfectant off of the wickedly spiraling blade, Cerul carefully dried the metal tool with a soft cloth. He could see his own pale reflection in the cold metal, distorted with the sleek curve of the instrument. Into the case it went, sinking gently into the folds of cloth after he secured it into place. Checking that the rest of the instruments were fastened, he gently closed the case. He nodded to the soldier beside him, and the man quickly gestured to more men who quickly began to roll the cases out on a cart.

Cerul walked out into the next hall, not glancing at the blood-spattered room he was leaving behind. All the crimson would be washed away, and the next time he visited ? which would be soon, he knew ? it would be spotless and gleaming, waiting to be filled with the screaming and pleading, the splinters of bone and tissue? But for now, he simply changed his boots and peeled off the layers of blood-soaked cloth. It had been particularly messy today...but it had been useful, and he had learned the target of the next attack. Steam rose from the floor as Cerul stepped into the cleaning station, and five minutes later he was in a fresh change of clothes and heading home.

When Cerul entered he already found something bothering him. Merva was upstairs he knew, probably reading some foreign literature, or composing letters to gently decline various offers of engagement. Ever since she had come to live with them, the girl had been like a light in their socially gray world.
But Cerul?s attention was hooked immediately as he came to the doorway of his study? It was open. He silently closed it behind him, proceeding down the spiraling stairs as quickly as he dared.


For the first time in a very long time, he felt something odd creep into him. Not fear, but something more akin to?shame. [b]?Father,?[/b] he whispered.
His father was standing in the middle of the vast room, holding a small book that Cerul instantly recognized. It was a book of Greek myths that his father had brought him from Earth, so very long ago. [b]?Father, I??[/b]

[b]?Cerul, do you know what you have done? If anyone finds that you have this, or how much information you?ve been keeping from them?your life is forfeit!?[/b]

[b]?No one knows! No one will find out ? how could they??[/b]

His father?s face was sad all of a sudden, and very tired, [b]?They always find out. You should know that by now, my son.?[/b]

Cerul swallowed. His father alone had always been against what he did for the Empire. His father alone knew the scent of blood and metal that followed Cerul from the first day that he had cut into flesh.
Into one of the small heated basins the book went, followed by vials of liquid that dissolved the contents. Cerul could see the pages melting, illustrations of Apollo and Daphne disappearing, as well as the hidden glass disc suddenly gone, all turning into a bowl of clear liquid.

[b]?Cerul, it?s only a matter of time. The evidence is gone, but they will still know. You must not be caught ? do you understand??[/b]

He had only nodded silently. He had not understood then that his father would sacrifice himself to lead them away from him. He did not understand that until much later, when the first heavy footstep was heard, and he had been forced to lead the way of the Elite back to the Council, his father following behind in the cloth of the condemned.[/COLOR][/FONT][/size]
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Name: Shaun

Age: 19

Race: Pure Human

Loyalty: Resistance

Desription: Shaun is wearing his ancestors (Conteneint: USA) camo combat outfit. He cuts his hair short. Hair color is dark brown, eyes are hazel. Stands 5'6"

Weapons: Shaun carries around a primitive 50 cal sniper rifle he built from scratch. the rounds are specially made by him. He made them to resist air movment, hit the same power has if they were fired close range, and turn into plasma (those take time to make so about 5 plasma rounds at a time). he also has a relic from the old days. The mounted gatling machine gun which is unusable at the moment considring that it is in pieces. (Gatlings fir a rate of 6,000 rounds a minute, 30 rounds a second)

Skill: Mostly from trail and error, he learned the skill of sniping from old training video and range feilds. During a small armed conflict on Earth, he learned that you have to be fast at aiming, stealth, and mobility to make sure no one sees you.
Personality: Shaun loves to be around people but tends to fool around with them. He would rather be out fightung than sociolizing.

Bio: He lied about his age to get into the United Earth Army so he could learn more about the sniper skill. He learned from the best on how to sniper and counter-sniping. Learning basic skills on how to snip and camo cover. After he completed his training and his 4-year service, he joined the Resistance. he felt that no one should be judged on what race they are and no one should be enslaved.
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]I've decided to go ahead and close the sign ups for this instead of leaving it open through Sunday. Here is the list of those who are accepted:

If you aren't on this list and want to know why you can pm me for the details, but that's not going to change the cast list since I have chosen the ones that best suit the plot and story I have in mind.

For those who have been accepted, expect the main thread for this to go up no later than next Tuesday. If anyone has any questions then direct them to the underground thread. Also, thanks for the sign ups and interest in the RPG. ^_~[/FONT][/COLOR]
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