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RPG Death Note: Junior Detective Club!


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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]OOC: Remember, everyone, sign-ups are still open! Go [URL="http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=791984#post791984"]here[/URL] to sign-up! : D

- - - - - -

Ah, the first day of school. The day of new traditions and continuing old ones. Catching up with friends, seeing what's new, and what kind of things they were going to do this year. Ayame grinned as she watched the school yard fill with people. So many candidates, so many possibilities!

Finally, one dark blonde head caught her eye and she bounded towards him, nearly tackling the boy to the ground. She held a flyer in his face. [COLOR="Navy"]"Ne, ne, Yagami-kun!"[/COLOR] she began excitedly. [COLOR="Navy"]"You're joining, aren't you? I told your dad you were interested, and that's one of the reasons he supports it. The Junior Detective Club's first meeting is after school, okay, so don't be late, Yagami-kun!"[/COLOR]

She ran off before he had a chance to answer.

It was the pure excitement and adrenaline that was allowing her to get through her sentences so flawlessly today. She ran through the halls, shouting advertisements and propaganda to anyone who would listen, until she had to go to class.

Even then, the dark haired girl managed to arrive before the teacher, and wrote at the top of the board:

[COLOR="Navy"]"Remember, everyone! Junior Detective Club after school! Don't be late!"[/COLOR]

Her handwriting, though, was horrible, and the message turned out to be less of message and more of a scribble. The teacher erased it as he walked in, causing Ayame's face to fall, and warned the students that drawing pictures on the board was inappropriate. The students around Ayame chuckled and comforted her in whispers, saying it wasn't her fault she wrote like chicken scratch.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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~School building, 3A Classroom~

"Hmm." Odin remarked on seeing the course of events. While not really spectacular, he had already determined that this teacher would not tolerate such things for long. Leaning back a little in his seat, front row near the window, he turned his head to look at his classmates.

It would be somewhat surprising to anyone if they found out about how Odin knew so much- for someone who always seemed so lazy in class that didn't mean when he wanted to know something he was unstoppable until he found it. His remark at the teacher erasing the board and confirming his prediction was correct, by listening to conversation held by previous students of this teacher he had determined that while you could count on him for a laugh or two at times, when teaching was to be done there was no mischief permitted.

[i]Though that is interesting that they would form such a club now, especially with all that has been happening in the news. [/i] Odin thought, turning back to face forward, pausing for a moment at his rival- Light Yagami. [i]Other than Light, this is lot is typical, I'd best stay quiet untill I figure out how they work, lest I mess up and have them use me for target practice. [/i]

Taking out a pencil and paper, and clicking the pencil until a lead appeared, he scratched out a coded note in the margin containing a detail or two about this class, anything notable or something to watch for, and also scratching out in code a reminder to see about this new club that is being formed.

Already people were going through their usual introductions, the same old first day ritual that always bored Odin to death, and typically a bit of an irritating moment when they called on him to introduce himself. His turn was first this time, and like every year, he gave his name and age, and nothing more before sitting down again.

[i]Nuisance ritual, not like most of us don't already know each other from previous years. [/i] He thought to himself, slipping partially into a daydream working on one of his designs while the class continued. Only someone who knew him well could tell what was really going on in his head, despite being partially spaced out he still looked as though he was paying attention. In reality he was, multitasking at a high level was one of his favorite abilities, and he did so often because the material was dull, often a review of something he had learned on his own years ago.

"The answer is pi exactly." He halfheartedly answered when called on to solve a math problem. Even the teacher gave a puzzled look, wondering how he had known that so quickly out of the formula on the board.
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[SIZE="1"]Chas sat against the school building watching as the majority school was finding their friends from past years and telling each other how their break from school was. Chas put his headphones on but before he was able to turn on his music the familiar voice of his friend Haru chirped from beside him.

[B]"So did you get it?"[/B] he asked with an excited grin. Chas smirked and turned to him.

[B]"What do you think?"[/B] he replied sticking out his tongue and jiggling his newest piercing. [B]"I also got this little beauty."[/B] Chas lifted his left pant leg showing hi new calf tattoo that covered the entire calf.

[B]"That is awesome, my parents only let me have the ear gages, but i guess when you got your others your dad kicked you out."[/B] Chas and Haru were interrupted by a hyperactive girl running by yelling about a club and practically throwing flyers at people.

[B]"What was that all about?"[/B]

[B]"She is advertising a Jr. Detective Club, she gave me this flyer,"[/B] Haru pulled out a folded piece of paper out of his back pocket and handed it to Chas. [B]"Sounds like something you should do, that way you will know how to avoid being identified at your next crime scene."[/B] Haru laughed patting Chas on the shoulder and got up heading to class.Haru sat reading the flyer over. He folded it back up and shoved it in his pocket. He got up and headed to class.

It was the first day of the school year and he was counting the minutes until the end of the day. He slid his headphones on and turned on his music. The teacher was explaining what the class would entail and Chas slowly faded to sleep. He was woken up by his teachers sharp nails prodding his in the shoulder. He jumped up and looked at the clock, only fifteen minutes had passed, Chas sighed and knew it was going to be a long day.[/SIZE]
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~School building, 3A Classroom~

Sitting second desk in the first row on the window side a girl with chocolate brown hair that covered her face sat. She was in her own little world as she drew a fantasy drawing. It had a little girl with brown hair wearing a white dress with a blue ribbon in her hair standing beside a grown man and woman, standing in front of a red car. They all had smiles on there faces; Sue smiled slightly with a warm look in her eyes.

Soon enough a hand slammed down on her desk and she quickly looked up pushing the hair out her face. The teacher grimly looked down at her, then to her paper which she had been drawing on. Giving her an angry look, the teacher took her paper and crumpled it mercilessly, throwing her drawing into the trash.

Depression spread through her body quickly as she put her arms on her desk and rested her head on them. Sighing, she looked at the boy in front of her. He was rather a nerdy boy, always getting the right answered, people must hate him for knowing so much. She doesn?t really care that much to hate though, she didn?t know him but from what she heard though is that he was cold so she didn?t bother getting to know him. Although she did find him rather cute for a nerd, but she would never pursuit happiness. Turns out happiness is one thing she?ll never have.

Sue turned her head so it looked out the window, she ignored the math teacher since she already knew all the math but never bothered to participate. Looking out the window she daydreamed some more, wondering how her life could have been, but one she?ll never have. She then wondered onto the subject of the Junior detective club, she had thought a long time about it and decided that she?d go to the meeting and find out more info.

The teacher walked passed her desk once more and stopped, noticing Sue wasn?t paying attention. [B]?Ms.Momishin, what is the answer to this equation??[/B] The teacher snapped at her.

Sue jumped into her senses looking at the board quickly, looking at the long hard formula quickly. [B]?The answer is 2!? [/B]She said quickly, pushing the hair out of her face once more. Her face completely red with embarrassment.

[B]?Good?? [/B] The teacher said slowly, raising a brow at her before moving away again.
This time Sue kept her eyes on the teacher since she didn?t want to be embarrassed like that again.
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Ayame grimaced, and pulled on her collar a little. "Uh, well," she stalled. The teacher had been giving questions to students out loud all hour. What did that say? She could hardly read it. Was that "X" or pi? Deciding to go with pi, she began counting on her fingers for a moment.

"Takanaka-san, this is [I]not[/I] grade school!" The teacher snapped. Feeling her face flush, she let her hands fall, but continued counting on them.

"Is it..." She started, before answering more confidently, "The answer is the... the square root of pi!" With a quick side glance, she saw two of the smartest boys in the class shake their heads, and mouth something to themselves. Reading their lips, Ayame added, "times X."

The teacher nodded. "That's right," he sighed, "maybe next time you can get the whole answer without the help of Yagami-san and Odin-san."

The two boys gave her an odd look, and she blushed before grinning sheepishly. "Thank you," she mouthed, though she knew they had no idea what was going on.
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OOC: Couldn't really think of anything. Sorry if it be short.

He rolled his eyes at Ayame. He was surprised he had actually done what he had. 'Whatever.' he thought to himself, maybe it was a bad reflex or something, who knows. Even though he didn't usually he decided to space out a bit, twirling his pencil in the air a bit, slowly at first and got a little faster until the teacher said something to him.

He was telling him to answer another question on the board. He recited the answer like he was telling someone his name.

'School is so boring.' He thought looking out of the window.

There it lay, out there on the grayish pavement. He could tell from here the pages were slightly torn and the cover was a deep black. It peeked his interest and he sat up straighter in his chair to get a better view of it.

'Wonders who's that is?' The thought flashed through his head.

"Yagami-san. I can't having you looking out the window. What were you looking at?"

"Ah." He snapped back."Oh, nothing."

Once attention was drawn away from him, his gaze at the notebook continued. He stopped for one second to gaze down at his desk under his books he looked at the flyer for the 'Junior Detective' Group the Ayame girl had started. Lifting his head up he continued looking at the notebook.
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~School building, 3A Classroom~

Mika wiggled in the desk that was slighly too big for her as she listened to the other students give their answers. The teacher was probably going to give Mika a hard problem as the teacher didn't like a fifteen year old in her class. Mika shrugged to herself, feeling another headache coming on.

Her calculating eyes went all around the room. They paused on the girl Takanaka-san. What had she written on the board earlier? Mika closed her eyes and thought, getting the exact picture of it in her head. Junior Dectives? She smiled inwardly, that would be fun and challenging. Rather ideal. She would go.

Once again, she moved her eyes about the room. Yagami-san was daydreaming out the window. As was most of the others. Nothing to concern herself with.

Before the teacher asked Mika for the answer of the problem given to her, she replied in a quiet voice, "The answer is 42."

The look of distain on the teacher's face was something that could send chills people, "That is correct." Her voice cold.
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OOC: After Ruroni posts again with Light we should timejump this so that class is over. Otherwise we're risking a fade out from lack of events in the timeline.

~School Building, 3A Classroom~

Odin had noticed the book laying in the street that Light seemed fixated on, as if something kept drawing him to it. As usual he was bored out of his mind, held back by the average minds in the room when he could really go way beyond their level even on his own. [i]This is why I hate public schools.[/i] He thought as the teacher went over some simple equation that Odin had known for years but was new to most of the class.

“What’s with that notebook that has your attention so strongly?” Odin whispered to light while the teacher was in the back of the room lecturing somebody who answered wrong on why they need to pay more attention to the lesson and not what their friends are doing. “It looks perfectly ordinary to me, like it belongs to a Goth girl or something. Kind of the style Misa might use for her pocketbook since she models the Goth style.”

Silencing himself again as the teacher came back towards the front of the room, but not having heard what Odin said because of another student falling asleep and making their book fall of their desk he hid a smile.

Turning briefly to look at his classmates while the teacher wrote the next problem on the board, he turned his chair slightly to look behind and see the girl who had guessed two and got it right.

There was something odd about her though. While most people Odin would look at them briefly and then go back into his mind, there was something different with Sue. Several moments passed before he forced himself to look forward again, not wanting to be rude by staring at the strange girl that captured his attention, and had soon drifted back into his own world, today’s design being one of his favorite projects dating back to freshman year.
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]OOC: Agreed. Only... I'd rather not wait longer than I'd have to. We're already dangerously close to fade out, I believe...

- - - - -

[COLOR="Navy"]Later, much later, an excruciating amount of time later, Ayame was free to run straight to the computer lab. They were going to come, no doubt about it! After all the spirited advertising she'd been throwing around all day, how could they resist?!

Practically slamming the door open, she found that she actually was not the first one to arrive. A few people, a few she recognized, were waiting. Her grin returned to her face.[/COLOR] "Good afternoon, everyone!" [COLOR="Navy"]She exclaimed, running towards the front of the room, where the teacher would normally stand.[/COLOR] "And thank you for your interest in the JR Detective Club!"
A murmur of polite responses, and Ayame's face fell.[/COLOR] "You guys don't seem very excited..." [COLOR="Navy"]She sighed.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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After class had ended Sue had went to the first meeting of the Junior detectives. She sat there silently, her hair in her face mostly looking silently down to her sketch book that was in her arms. Her mind filled with brilliant idea's to sketch, she held her book a little bit closer to her chest.

Soon enought the club creator ran in through the door and seemed really excited. Sue pushed the hair out of her face and smiled, [B]"Hello"[/B] She said with a rather small, shy smile. Her eyes soon left the girl and wandered across the room to where the boy who sat infront of her is class was. He sat there rather silent, he hadn't noticed her yet but she knew him from work but they never actually talked or crossed paths. She wondered if he recognized her? Well, if he had he would have talked to her by now.

Sue looked away and back to the club creator, waiting for more information.
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OOC: Light, shouldn?t you already have the notebook and tested it? Or should we make the notebook that was laying in the street go to MisaMisa so that your reign of terror would have already begun as planned for the start of this.
~School Building, Computer Lab~

[b][I]Meh[/I][/b] Odin thought, taking a look at the group before the leader arrived. Most of the people who did show up were kind of punk-ish and probably petty criminals wanting to learn how to dodge the law better, while a fair number of people were fairly honest and intelligent looking people who liked a puzzle. Light had not arrived yet, Odin secretly hoped that he wouldn?t show up so that he wouldn?t have to deal with his shadow.

As the group leader arrived and started talking, he looked towards the girl who sat near him in class. They briefly caught each other?s eyes, Odin?s pale eyes getting a flicker of life for a fleeting moment in an otherwise lifeless blue.

A faint, almost imperceptible blush swept over him, as she turned to look back towards Ayame. Very quietly, Odin stood up and moved to sit next to Sue while Ayame was talking, several others took the opportunity to make themselves more comfortable as well.

[I]I?ve definitely seen her somewhere before. [/I] Odin thought. He whispered to her, [b]?You work at the studio for Misa Amane don?t you. ?[/b]
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Chas left class heading for the computer lab where the meeting was being held. He thought that maybe he could see some action while working with one of the officers. He looked around the room and saw a lot of the intellectual sort of kids that would just think that Chas was a loser stoner.

He saw some other kids like him but he knew they were just there to waste time and wouldn't come to another meeting. He sat down in the back row getting some awkward looks from some of the others wondering why he was there.

Chas started to space out when the girl who was running around in the morning came busting into the room. She had one of the biggest smiles Chas had ever seen on her face as she greeted everyone to the club with a mixed response from the group. She seemed disappointed from their lack of excitement, even though hers was enough for the whole group. Just from her mood it seemed like she was looking forward to the meeting for years.
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The door knob rattled and opened a few seconds later. As Light stepped into the room he ended up behind Ayame right after her burst of joy. He slightly coughed looking down very slightly before closing the door.

"Sorry I'm late." He said sharply and right to the point.

He sat down in one of the chairs, placing the black note book on his lap. The cover was facing down, so the characters on the cover weren't visible. He could hear some small side conversations as the preparations were getting ready and the finishing touches were set on everything.

He looked around the room noticing everyone in there. A lot of them did look like criminals. How foolish he thought, this wouldn't help them dodge the law, they'd still be caught.

He looked at the Ayame girl standing up.

"So what're we starting with?"
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The boy finally noticed her and sat next to her, he sat rather close so she pushed away from him a little. Her hair infront of her face, holding her book a little bit more tightly and she made a small shy nod. Sue wasn't a normal shy girl, she was more of the really REALLY shy girl who barely spoke to others especially boys. Anytime a boy would ask her a question or talk to her she'd go red asa cherry and turn away.

She noticed another boy walk in, she was pretty sure his name was Light. He sat beside Odin in her class, her eyes traveled from Light back to Odin then she looked awy again. His pale blue eyes on her, she couldnt look him in the eyes. Everytime she looked in his eyes she could see a deep pain and it hurt her.
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OOC: Dialogue arranged by IM with Momishin. This is a fairly typical arrangement for the two of us, and later on you might see some multiple-page long posts between us.

[b] “You’re definitely someone who works at the studio, though for the life of me I still don’t know your name.”[/b] Odin whispered as she hid her face and blushed, the pain that drained the color from his eyes frightening her. Turning to face Ayame again as Light walked in, he moved back a little to give Sue her space.

[i]Dammit, I’m going to have to deal with Light again. You’d think for once he would let me run the show, instead of always being ‘that kid that thinks he’s better than Light’. [/i] Odin thought as his rival entered the room.

[b] “So what has you interested in this?”[/b] Odin asked Sue, still keeping quiet so not to be overheard. It wasn’t usual for him to be outgoing to anyone, nor even talk to anyone because they would always compare him to Light or make some rude remark how Odin looked like a nerd while Light actually looked decent.

Sue sat there for a few moments quietly before replying to him. He pushed the hair out of her face and turned towards Odin, [b]"My name... my name......"[/b] She paused and looked down at the ground sadly. She did not want to tell him her name, what if he got striked down to? Everyone who has ever known her has died... She closed her eyes. [b]"Sue."[/b]

Odin’s eyes connected briefly with hers as she said her name, the soft brown eyes that most people would think are innocent in reality holding a pain even worse than his own. He looked away again, not wanting to scare her, but also to think about what he saw.

[b] “My name is Odin. I’d prefer if you called me ‘M’ though, since people seem to like comparing me to L.” [/b] Odin answered, still keeping down to a whisper as Ayaname started in on the club’s workings.

Turning away some more, Sue wondered why he was talking to her. Why her? What was so interesting about her? If there was any interesting about her at all, it was that anyone who got close to her died.[b] "Please move away from me."[/b] She said, it came out cold which she had not intended but she didn't want anyone else to get hurt.

[b]“Alright.” [/b]Odin whispered back, a defeated look on his face. There was something unusual about that girl, perhaps he had sensed a pain from her, but if she didn’t want to talk about it then it would be best to let it be.

Looking around the room again as Odin moved back to where he was sitting before, he noticed that already some of the punks had bored looks on their faces, and he realized that the club size would be reduced by more than half after today.
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]Ayame looked around. [I]What a great turnout,[/I] she thought, grinning, before holding up her hands to ask for some silence. They obliged, and the girl felt as though the authority was going to go to her head.

[COLOR=navy]"Alright, so, now that we're all ready, my name's Takanaka Ayame, but you can call me anything from Taka-kun to Aaya!"[/COLOR] She explained. [COLOR=navy]"This is the Junior Detective Club, as I'm sure you all know, and here, we're like rookie cops, pretty much. We go around, completing assignments handed down from the police force, and we have the normal equipment and authorities of regular police officers. The only problem is, if we step one foot out of line, we lose these priveleges, okay? So stay sharp."[/COLOR]

Ayame was getting serious now, for some reason. Her grin had disappeared, and had been replaced by a scowl. [COLOR=navy]"We handle things ranging from traffic violations and shoplifting to domestic disturbances. We are [I]not[/I] heroes, and we do not rush in, guns in hands, kicking doors down. We are rookies, without guns, mind you, and we are basically in field training, for those of us who want to be a police oficer after school. We will [I]not[/I] be handling criminals like these."[/COLOR]

Picking up a remote, the raven haired girl turned on a TV, which had the news already on.

[COLOR=navy]"Earlier today, Kurou Otoharada, the 42-year-old who was holding eight hostages in a nursery school, died suddenly of heart failure right before the riot police stormed the building."[/COLOR]

Promptly, Ayame turned off the TV, and her stony eyes didn't miss the look on Yagami Light's face... he seemed... conflicted about something...

[COLOR=navy]"These criminals, these [I]monsters[/I], we leave up to the real police officers. The people who have more training, more knowledge, more experience. Anyone who wants to argue, get the hell out now."[/COLOR]

Surprisingly enough, a few people, mainly punks, stood up and walked out, calling the club [COLOR=navy]"lame" [/COLOR]and [COLOR=navy]"useless"[/COLOR]. Ayame had to keep herself from snarling and throwing the remote at them. There was one, though, who stayed. She eyed him carefully before continuing.

[COLOR=navy]"Well, for those of you who stayed, thank you very much. Please write your name, age, class, and phone number on the sheet of paper hanging on the door on your way out. I'm keeping this short today, because I know a lot of us have work or prep school soon, but don't worry, in future meetings, it'll be nice and long, and we'll have plenty to do. I'll get everyone's equiptment soon, before the next meeting, which will be next week, eh, let's say, Friday."[/COLOR]

Her grin was back on her face, and she waved. [COLOR=navy]"Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to see you all soon."[/COLOR]

She didn't leave, though, she simply stood there, gazing into space. Typical for her, an odd sight for others.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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OOC: I was going to wait for everyone else to post, but since nobody else has made a post and we're still in a low spot I'll give it another push. As usual, arranged by IM with Momishin.

~School Grounds, Computer Lab~

[b]“Most of the time it isn’t the cops who do the high end heroics. A typical cop has never fired their gun outside the target range or even removed it from it’s holster, and the majority never even see action more intense than pulling over an elderly person who happened to be going a little faster than they should. Sometimes they do get involved in searching for fugitives, but most of the high end stuff is left to the Special Ops category of law enforcement.” [/b] Odin remarked in response to Ayame as people left the room. He made a mental note of Light’s reaction to that footage, though it was clear that he had seen it before as Odin had too something didn’t feel right about his reaction to seeing it.

Ayaname was standing there staring blankly into space, it might seem unusual to some but really not as much as anyone would think. Odin turned on one of the computers and logged in, surfing to a news website to find out a little about the incident- light's reaction to seeing it being on his mind.

Sue felt rather cold all ofa sudden, she looked up and saw you crimson eyes looking down at her. It was in the shape of a man, he had long jet black hair and wide demon wings. He put out a clawed hand to her chin and felt it.[b] "Such a pretty girl you are... Don't go making friends or they'll die too..."[/b] He said with an evil smirk on his face.

Then man slid his long thumb claw nail against her chin and a long red streak began to drip as he disappeared back into her dreams. She quickly covered her dripping chin and took out a tissue and held it to her face. She knew she was the only one who could see it, it must of been odd to see a girl get cut out of thin air.

Unfortinately she wasn’t quick enough hiding it, Odin saw the blood that had fallen onto her lap and soaking through the tissue. [b] “Are you alright Sue? How did you get cut just now?” [/b] He asked, picking up the box of tissues and setting it on a desk near her.

Sue turned away from him, [b]"I'm fine." [/b]

[b] “Alright. I just felt something cold, and then you got cut suddenly.” [/b] Odin answered. Turning back to the computer and his research, he started scribbling out a coded message for himself on a piece of printer paper. Strangely though, this particular message when written in code ended up looking like a form of abstract art, it was most peculiar how that had happened.

[b]“Just out of curiousity, what part of Misa’s studio do you work in?” [/b] He asked, without looking up from the various news feeds he had found on the recent hostage situation and without the tapping of his pencil against the paper missing a single beat.

[b]"I mostly just transfer things from one part to the other... you probably dont see me very much since Im always carring large boxes..." [/b] Sue said looking down at the floor, completely oblivious of what he was doing.

[b] “If I hadn’t seen you around a fair number of times I wouldn’t have recognized you. You probably don’t see me that often though, I’m usually up in the light rigging changing bulbs or rearranging the power connections to make specific patterns of lighting. Most of the time if you aren’t looking for me it’s as if I am not even there. [/b] Odin answered. He shivered slightly, the cold presence from before had returned.
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The footage hadn't really shocked him. He put on a fake display of expression. Although no one could tell of course it was fake. It was odd, an expression of shock.

"How could someone die that randomly of a heart attack?..."

He kept reviewing the tapes. In his mind he was saying how great his work was going so far. The Death Note was a wonderful tool. Soon this world would be his. He looked around the room, spying Ryuk off in the corner somewhere. He spun fully around in the chair to make it look like he wasn't looking for anything and he was turning to face Ayame.

"Any ideas?" He replied looking up from the chair he was sitting at one of the computers reviewing the footage for the third if not fourth time.
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[FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Navy"]"Ideas?"[/COLOR] Ayame repeated before climbing into a chair next to Light, sitting in it Indian-style. [COLOR="Navy"]"Well, there's a lot of theories I've got about that. It could have been the stress of the situation - after all, there was no known motive; perhaps we don't know the entire story? The news may have been tampered with; there's no footage of him actually dying, and the police could have actually shot him, or one of the nursery school teachers may have fought him off. Then again, it may have just plain been divine justice? Okay, probably not, but still, it's a theory."[/COLOR]

Ayame scratched the back of her head. [COLOR="Navy"]"Sorry. You asked for my opinion, and such a random heart attack just doesn't seem natural to me... Maybe I'm just over thinking things, or I'm overlooking something, but..."[/COLOR]

Taking out her bag, the girl retrieved a box of strawberry pocky and put a stick in her mouth, nibbling it carefully. [COLOR="Navy"]"Anyways, all I'm saying is that it's suspicious, but if the police had anything to do with it, the news wouldn't talk about it as much as they are."[/COLOR] She sighed.[COLOR="Navy"] "I think I just confused myself...[/COLOR]"[/SIZE][/FONT]
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OOC: Why does it seem like we're still in danger of stalling? Still not enough going on. Possibly it would be to benefit to add material not present in the original mangas, such as some unrelated cases. And yes, I am rereading these mangas as we go along, I know exactly where we are.

[b] ?You would think by now that the medics would have determined the cause of the heart attack, being that he has been dead for several hours now. Most interesting I think that they have not determined, or if they did figure it out haven?t said why.? [/b] Odin remarked as they started discussing what had happened. The tapping and clicking from the computer Odin was using was ceaseless and without missing a single beat, on screen it was apparent that several programs were being multitasked with an almost unnatural efficiency as the net was scoured for more information on this event.

[b]?Nothing, absolutely nothing. Either the police are keeping tight mouthed about this ?sudden death? or it really was a coincidence.? [/b] Odin remarked as several of the windows on screen closed, a look of disgust on his face from the lack of information on this event. [b] ?Well at least nobody in the building was hurt.? [/b]

The typing and clicking continued, several new windows opening up to replace those that closed as several searches operated at once.

[b] ?You know Ayame-san, I might not be much use out on the streets, it just doesn?t fit me. I probably won?t be needing the equipment, since I will likely take on the information gathering and processing role working behind the scenes.? [/b] Came Odin?s next comment, still employing the computer to its full capacity searching for information
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Everything seemed all to similar to some of her cases, whenever she made friends or gt new foster friends theyd eaither die a horrible death or have a regular heart attack. A few of her friends had died of heart attacks, which was very peculiar due to the fact they never had heart promlems personally or in there family history.

Sue had joined this club to find out more about these strange coincidences, and maybe find an answer for her own problem as well. What was the creature that haunted her and her dreams? Was it all in her head or it is real? Well, if it was all in her head who cut her chin? It boggled her mind, but at the same time it depressed her. Whatever that creature was, it was evil.

Sue sat silently taking all the info they were giving and soaking it all in.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sitting on a computer behind the group, in a non-existant form sat the Shinigami that haunted Sue, who's name was Darc. He had a cold look in his eye, and a grin on his face. He knew what was going on, he could [I]easily[/I] kill all these fools in a few seconds and [I]easily[/I] frame it on Sue to make her life a more of a living hell.

This girl named 'Sue' was quite an interesting one. Darc has harrassed other people before like what he is doing to her. His game was to torture them with as many loved ones dying until they, themselves commit suicide. Darc hada sick pleasure of seeing them squirm after there love ones die one by one, only to kill themselves. He has been worken on ol' Sue for a while now, probably around 12 years now? He had to admit, this girl was strong and not giving into her deep grievances.

All the people who'm Darc has tortured never thought of an idea like this girl did. She was clever not to get close to anyone, not to love anyone. She had caught onto Darc's little charade, he floated over to behind Sue and touched her hair. Sue just sat there unknowing that Darc was touchibg her. Darc looked to her left and saw that Odin boy, he examined Odins label above his head and grinned. [I]"I won't kill you just yet..."[/I]Darc said quietly to himself but he did float over to Odin. Darc raised one of his clawed hands and put one of his fingers on Odin's shoulder and trailed it across and up his neck. He wasn't going to cut him but wanted to freak him out, Darc started to laugh. No one could her his laugh except for Sue, which made her look around the room that made her look suspicous.
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]Something strange was going on... Ayame knew this. She didn't know [i]what[/i] was strange, but it was odd. Seconds away from stating her observation, a loud, high-pitched tune sang, causing the room to look her way. Ayame blushed and picked up her phone. [COLOR="Navy"]"Oh!"[/COLOR] was all she could gasp before fumbling with it until she turned it on and spoke.

It was one of the police from the NPA. He was her superior for now, since Chief Yagami was busy.[COLOR="Navy"] "Ne, ne, Matsuda-san. What are you doing, calling me now? I'm bonding with my future detectives!"[/COLOR]

There was a chuckle from the other end of the phone, and it was completely audible, even to the rest of the room. Light raised an eyebrow, easily recognizing the man. Ayame blushed again and turned her phone off speaker. [COLOR="Navy"]"The Chief asked me to see how many people turned out, and if his son came. Light-kun did show up, right?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]"Of course he did. He was a little late, but he showed. And we've got six, including me, and I know that's not a lot, but what we lack in numbers, we make up with talent! Let me tell you, we may even put you out of a job!"[/COLOR] Ayame bragged, grinning at her fellow detectives-in-training.

[COLOR="Navy"]"Good, good. Six people should be enough. We've got an assignment for you guys. His name is Takuo Shibuimaru, and goes by Shibutaku. He's the leader of a bike gang that's notorious for harassing citizens, even going so far as assault. Not a bad first assignment, ne?"[/COLOR]

Oh... just a street punk. Resisting the urge to sigh - Mastuda seemed so pleased with himself for this - Ayame nodded, though he couldn't see it. [COLOR="Navy"]"Gotcha. Shibutaku. We'll get 'im, no problem. Talk to you later, Mastuda-san."[/COLOR]

Snapping her phone shut, Ayame bit down on the piece of pocky that was still in her mouth. She grinned. [COLOR="Navy"]"Thankfully, none of you left. It seems we have work to do."[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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~School Grounds, Computer Lab~

Odin nodded slightly as the cold fingers of darc the shinigami came near his neck, while he could not see darc he could most certainly feel his presence. It had always been like that for him, he was one of not so few who could sense a presence, or could listen carefully to a machine and tell you exactly what is wrong with it long before it actually broke.

He shivered again from a reflex reaction to the cold feeling, but essentially ignored the presence that was about to touch him. Long ago he would have indicated he felt the presence, but since neither he nor anyone else could prove that there really was something there he had given that up because it caused him to be ridiculed for some time.

The windows open on his computer continued to be managed quite well, and one opened and was used for a while- listing some information on mythical beings. A particular being caught Odin?s eyes, nobody knowing exactly what he was thinking, and he opened that link to a page showing different shapes and styles of shinigami gathered from fictions works throughout the centuries. Reading for a little bit before the presence moved away again, Odin hid a smile. Knowing full well that such things don?t exist outside fantasy worlds he found it interesting how people would imagine such a thing and then try to classify them and apply scientific method to them.

[b] ?Hey, they are saying that Bucky Phillips broke out of prison again. Last time he shot a cop, I hope they catch him for good this time.? [/b] Odin remarked, closing the information on shinigami and opening several new ones to continue searching for information on all sorts of things. [b] ?Still nothing new on the hostage deal, I think that is pretty well done since the perpetrator is dead and the victims are mostly unharmed. They?ll probably reconstruct it and theorize and everything for the next few weeks, but I doubt we?ll see any more of it in the main news feeds? [/b]

Most of the windows closed, leaving only a few of them continuing to search for relevant news to the club?s interest.

The phone rang and Ayame told them who the first person they would be tracking would be. [b]?Takuo Shibuimaru??[/b] Odin asked, a real smile appearing on his face without showing his teeth. There was a flurry of typing and mouse clicking from his direction as once more almost a dozen windows opened up, all searching for any clues and leads they may have on him.?

The indicators on the network equipment in the corner of the room began to blink faster as others logged into a computer and began searching too, this time of day the school?s network would be quite fast since not many people would be using it.

[b]?Well the newspapers have certainly done well tracking his activity. He?s got a whole list of minor crimes that any single one or even a few of them wouldn?t warrant anything more than a fine, along with the ones you mentioned. ? [/b] Odin remarked as his searching produced results. [b] ?The computer you are at Ayame, is it the one connected to the projector? I can send you these links so we all can see them.? [/b]
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Until now Chas had taken the lead of Ayame and spaced out. Chas felt a strange chill come over him and he started to notice that everyone seemed to have the same feeling come over them. Most of the others were talking among themselves when Ayame’s phone started ringing startling everyone to a degree. She turned her back to the group talking on the phone and turned back she turned back to the group she had somewhat of a smile on her face.

[B]“Thankfully, none of you left. It seems we have work to do.”[/B] She said in a somewhat accomplished tone. She mentioned a biker named Takuo Shibuimaru and he just sounded like he wouldn’t be much a problem, just a local punk who likes to think a lot of himself. Chas got up and walked over to where Ayame was sitting against a table next to her. She gave him an awkward glance.

[B]“So how exactly are we gonna find this guy?”[/B] Chas asked trying to make conversation.

[B]“Well that what we are doing now,”[/B] She said turning back to the computer and scrolling through a couple more news columns. [B]"You know i didn't expect someone like..."[/B] Ayame cut herself realizing that she might offend him.

[B]"Like me,"[/B] Chas said letting out a small laugh.[B] "I understand,"[/B] He held out his hand to her. [B]"Chas."[/B] She paused then took his hand giving him a little smile.

[B]"Thats an interesting name, I'm Ayame."[/B]

[B]"Well Ayame, what do we know about this guy other that he is a biker with a bit of a temper?"[/B]
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]Ayame snorted indignantly. [COLOR="Navy"]"Takuo... I had a run-in with the jerk once a couple weeks ago. From what I can tell, he's just an arrogant punk who thinks he's the hottest stuff on a bike. He's got a weak jaw, though. He was buggin' me, trying to get me to go with him, and -whack- I kicked him in the jaw after he tried grabbin' me. Jerk. Anyway, most biker delinquents rely on their friends a lot, so we're probably going to take the whole gang in, you know?"[/COLOR]

Surprisingly enough, she was grinning. [COLOR="Navy"]"Yeah, this is great. Our first assignment, and we're already taking out the trash of the streets."[/COLOR] Suddenly, Ayame blinked and looked at Chas before grinning sheepishly.[COLOR="Navy"] "Sorry. I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite. Ever since I was little, I've always dreamed of taking out the bad guys, and getting as famous as L, maybe even meeting him one day. I guess... I'm still just a little kid."[/COLOR]

Laughing at herself, Ayame blushed and thumbed her nose.[COLOR="Navy"] "Oi, M. How's it going over there? And everyone else, why're ya just sittin' there? Start working! I'll call the station and start on that equipment."[/COLOR]

Taking out her cell phone, she proceeded to do just that.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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