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Chillin' with the Homies...


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Well, regardless of how much a loser you may be, everyone has atleast a couple of friends. Really, the only question I'm asking here is "What do you and your friends do when you hang out?".

Go to the movies? Listen to music? Play video games? What are you favorite activities to partake in when hanging out with your buddies?

Personally, I have several different friends I hang out with. On one spectrum, I have the friends whom I make music with. When we hang out, we usually either work on music, talk about music, or go perform it. Really, this is a budding friendship hardly two months old. But lately its been something that's taken up more and more of my time. They're supposed to teach me how to skateboard soon, also, seeing as how they all do that to without me.

Another group of friends are my "fitness friends", which the main thing we hold in common is our interest in martial arts and fighting, so when we hang out, its usually to work out, learn martial arts from one another, or to go to a class or practice together. This group is also part of another group.

The hardcore gamer group, whom, are all suprisingly rather atheletic individuals. The thing is that their only other interest other than working out is playing video games or watching funny movies. With this group, I play hours of Halo, Guitar Hero, Super Smash Bros., amongst other games. We're a typically outrageous group and involve a bit of arguement and trash-talk in our fun.

My core group of friends, my closest friends, are a combination of the other three, gamers, athletes, and muscicians, but we do more than just those things together. Some days we just hang around the house and talk about wierd things, we go to football games to holla at girls, or we go out on the town and fool around at Cafés and at other people's houses.

Sometimes we'll try something productive, such as making a funny movie or something, but we usually get sidetracked by other things. Sometimes we'll go to a movie, or we'll go bowling, which is always fun. I'd have to say my favorte activities with my friends are playing video games and generally hanging out in public places, joking and laughing aloud too much. It's just an enjoyable and memorable expierence when you and a couple of friends can just hang loose and enjoy one another's company.

So what about you? What do you do when you chill with your homies?[/color][/size]
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[I][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="SeaGreen"][CENTER]Lol well this is amusing.. Me I normally Do my thing on-line.. But when i am not online i got two groups i hang with... One is my Roomie Group.. Basically My Roomie and his boyfriend.. We talk, Play games and Watch Tv... The whole while smoking Cigs and maybe drinking some wine... depends..

The other group is more of my Recreational Activity to get in trouble involving.. Alcohol and a bit of Gambling. and since the group consists of 4 girls and 3 guys ( myself included) we normally end up bettin on clothing... It's Outragously fun when i get the time.. Other things gets sometimes get passed around.. which leads to insane giggling and sometimes outragous dares.. Generally i go for the dares.. It's safer then telling the truth lol cuz they ask some Very Personal things lol[/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT][/I]
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[SIZE=1]I have three groups:

[B]School friends[/b] wherein we hang out in school, hanging around on the corridors and talking to the teachers in a non-geekish way. We sometimes go out together, but not as often as we used to. There's a group picture [url=http://a364.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/88/l_cd041fe2a00b48ee87772173bdcd8b5b.jpg]here[/url] from last year, minus about three of the group (me being on the far left against a wall haha). All we do is chill and take the piss.

Then there's the [b]drinking buddies[/b]. As in alcohol, duh. That mainly consists of... [url=http://a475.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/54/l_955537d079c719e22a882d0730622eaa.jpg]these guys[/url], minus about five in this picture, haha. We chill in the city centre, messing around, drinking, chilling in skips, having a laugh, having fun in general, because we can. Normally the group for this is massive, back in summer there were about twenty or so of us hanging around down by a river, but it's not summer, you see. We sometimes end up staying out all night at a party if we can find one, or the older ones go to a club or something. It's fun. Really.

The last is the [B]Urbis[/b] kids I hang out with. I normally wonder on there when I'm with my friends on Saturday, and there's quite a lot of people on there. I know a vast majority of them, we normally go into the Arndale, get thrown out, and travel a lot (which I do with my drinking friends as well). No picture haha.

So that's all I do. Hang out. Do stuff. Sit. Chill. Talk. Drink. Laugh. Get thrown out of places. The works.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="1"]I basically have four types of friends. They are my close friends of high school, college friends, friends from church and friends from work.

I either work with my close high school friends or just play video games. Last time we all went out together was when we saw 300. Usually we just play guitar hero and Halo 3.

When I hang out with the college group, we seem to watch anime a lot. Kyo Kara Maoh! and Deathnote to name a few. Besides anime, we watch a lot of Japanese quiz shows like Human Tetris and we laugh over guys trying to read English out loud. (Ex. A guy trying to read 100, and the way he says it is ten ten ten ten ten, etc.)
Got to love the Japanese, eh?

My church friends and I spend time watching movies and playing carpet ball. We also enjoy feeding homeless once a month, and going to various Bible studies.

At work my friends and I stick together in order to handle the stresses of the day. Talking about annoying and dumb customers and laughing at them passes the time and keeps us from getting bored. Plus one of my co-workers starts these funny things and they so happen to catch on with the rest of us. I brought Dr. McNinja and his defeat of Ronald Mcdonald. Everyone jokes about that from time to time.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]k. Well, there's the kids at my lunch table/in my classes (same kids - I got lucky) whom I talk to. We just talk about stupid ****. What's funny is, whenever someone new comes to our table, they either leave after 1 day and never return, or they never leave XD. It's the sort of love or hate group that's fun to be in - I'm ALWAYS the center of attention.

There are 3 people who I actively hang out with outside of school. the first is my UBER-OTAKU (way more than I am) friend who's a hikkikomori genius that recently tested out of school and spends most of his time bored. He and I talk a lot on Yahoo messenger and we go to each-others houses on weekends for anime marathons.

Next is my goth extremely-metrosexual friend who is slowly but surely becoming an otaku. We've been hanging out since last year when I met him in Japanese class, introduced him to Tenacious D, and we sat there and sang their songs throughout class. He comes over to m house a lot - I won't come to his cuz he lives in the ghetto. He and I play a lot of videogames and watch videos on youtube. Recently, though, I've been majorely getting him into anime. He comes over often these days.

Finally, there's my younger brother's best friend, who unfortunetally had to go to a different high school this year. however, he still comes over every weekend. He only ever wants to play video games or just have fun doing whatever.

It's very rare for me to go to others' houses, because most people want to come to mine. We have so much crap it's rediculous, you can pretty much find anything at my house so our friends have always come over here. As for actually going out to do things, I've never done it, and I've never had friends who invited me to do such. Because my friends are all either nerds or they're poor, lol. i have some otther friends who want to come over, but never manage to. My hikki frend is the first one to ever have a more awesome house than mine (otaku ****ing paradise) so I actually go to his house more often. [/COLOR]
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[font=Arial]My group of friends are the same more or less for all that I do at school. I guess I'd consider us a sociable, party-going group that stays in on a friday night to play guitar hero every once in a while.

But generally we go to typical college parties, sometimes downtown to shop for clothes or hit up clubs, but always living life to the fullest.

Three of my buddies in this larger group go to karate with me. One of my friends I love to debate with simply because he can play semantics really well, which can be entertaining. One of them is my room mate, and I've met most of my friends in college through knowing him. He's extremely extrovert, and while I'm not generally a quiet guy he's really forced me out of my comfort zone and into talking to people. Good times all around.

Our weekend hobbies include, but are not limited to:
- Hookah (generally in the dying days of summer)
- Drinking
- Talking to girls
- Partying
- Getting with girls
- Buying clothes
- Playing videogames when there's nothing else left to do

A very meaningful existence, indeed.[/font]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Well many of my friends, we do a little of everything except for the playing video games bit. Most if not all of my friends who live close enough don't play video games and the ones that do, we never seem to get together alone for just that, it's always with everyone else to go to a movie or just hang around and talk about stuff. I do get online for playing Diablo II with them though, not nearly as often as I'd like since our schedules just don't leave room for that kind of stuff. In the end, the biggest get together is usually, movies, going out to dinner together and simply talking about whatever topic comes to mind. We get off on the weirdest stuff sometimes. lol

The only exception to this would be another set of friends who for the most part we only get together to do scrap booking classes. Usually once a month or every other month we set up at someone's house on Saturday and literally spend all day long working on our pictures and photo albums. I always look forward to that since we share ideas on how to do pages and just spend the whole day talking about all sorts of stuff.

What I need to do is get together with some of my friends from when I was truck driving... If only their job didn't have them all over the US and thus making getting together next to impossible now that I'm not driving anymore. XP[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Arial"]I usually don't see many of my friends outside of school, because I don't have a car, and those that do are usually busy anyway. I just talk to them during school, online, or by text messaging.

There's one friend I can always hang out with, though, and whenever she comes over we usually just watch a movie or work on our band. Occasionally we'll go out driving somewhere, like to Guitar Center, Fresh Market, Chipotle, or this amazing Chinese place we found.

Sometimes she and another friend, the bassist of our band, can come over together and then we'd practice.

We used to have sleepovers with two other friends a lot, and we'd stay up all night watching movies or TV and baking. It was a ton of fun, so I really hope we can have one again.

A lot of my friends like Guitar Hero, too, so we'll play that if we're together and bored. [/FONT]
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[color=deeppink]Dungeons and Dragons. It's pretty much the only even remotely sociable thing I do, in part because that's one of the only things I'm willing to leave my room for and because all my friends spend all of their damn time playing WoW.[/color]
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Well I have my music friends, the ones that we get together after practice and do things like catching a bite to eat or simply talking about what's up. There's also the friends who are fellow students and teachers and we too get together when we have time. Though we tend to stick to topics surrounding music and school.

Then there is my friends I grew up with and my roommates, the main things we do together is watch movies, go out to dinner, play games, or rather they play games while the rest of us talk about whatever topic is currently on the table so to speak. We don't really party or drink so it's more like a simple get together to hang out.

When the weather is agreeable, we do a lot of hiking on the weekends in the surrounding mountains. Part of why I commented in another thread about the lack of scenery being appalling at some college. Sure you can go wandering around in a city, but I wouldn't consider it hiking and that's one of my favorite pastimes. :p
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="2"]Well, when I'm with my friend's I usually do stuff like play Halo, play TF2, talk about stupid crap, maybe go bowling, or talk about anime. Yeah, I live a pretty simple life where I pretty much do the same thing's day in day out. :animesighI need a new life...[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[quote name='Vicky'][SIZE=1]...There's a group picture [url=http://a364.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/88/l_cd041fe2a00b48ee87772173bdcd8b5b.jpg]here[/url] from last year, minus about three of the group (me being on the far left against a wall haha). All we do is chill and take the piss...[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[size=1]Woot!? It's Vicky without a mohawk! I'm shocked!

Anyways, I suppose I only have two main friend groups.

The first are those I've met in work. And in turn, this group is broken down in to another two groups. The first group is the group of boys who I went to college with in my first year. I don't really see much of them (except on our college day) since we've all spread about the factory doing our own thing. Only ever really see them in work/college except for the guy who I travel with. Although he's started inviting me to go out drinking with him which I may be tempted to take him up on sooner or later. The second group is those I've met in work and get along well with or those who know my brother (he works in the same place I do which helps). Normally see these guys every day in work so I mostly just work with them with occasional periods of messing around and having a laugh thrown in for good measure.

My other group of friends mostly comprises of my friends who I used to go to school with. Although they all work well in a group, I usually do different things when I'm with them one-on-one. Usually I'm with my cousin and we can go out and get smashed together or spend time laughing about the good ole' days or trying to best each other on Pokémon or Guitar Hero.

Another of my friends (who I've known since I was three) is my main Gaming/Anime/Manga/Random Stuff buddy. Like I said, we've been friends for like 17 years so we're pretty close. We just talk about random ****, share our manga and anime collections and occasionally influence each others musical tastes. He doesn't like to come out drinking so much with us as a group so me and him usually get together to play games, download new anime and research new manga and the like. Generally we talk bÓllÓcks as a general rule.

My other closest friend is my main musical buddy. We generally have the same musical tastes and he also plays bass in our fledgling band. He'll normally come out for a good drink with us (or just me and him) and normally we get on pretty well. Other times he can be the most annoying person on the planet but generally we laugh about that.

The majority of other friends from school I don't get to see so often so there's not really many things I do with them aside from going and having a good hard drinking session.

As the joys of having a copious and dispensible income! ^_^[/size]
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