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[size=1][[WARNING: Possible mature content.]]

[I]Click[/I] go black high heels on a wooden floor.
[I]Click[/I] goes the lock as she closes the door.
[I]Click[/I] and the gun is pointed at your head.
[I]Click[/I] one time more and [b]bang[/b] you’re dead.

For a long time, the rather uneducated populace of Ramsey continuously mocked the Assassin’s Guild. Anyone with common sense would know better. It was the [I]Assassin’s[/I] Guild, for Nyx’s sake. But then again, after their rather dramatic fall into disfavor with the royalty of the realm not five years past, most people found it a way to discourage the rebuilding of said Guild – and to keep themselves from being afraid of what they probably still considered a very dangerous group.

I sighed softly, gazing around me at the lushly upholstered church. At least, that’s what it was called. I knew better, as did the rest of the Ramsey populace. To any foreigner it would indeed look like a rather well sponsored place of worship. And, I guess in a strange, twisted way, it was. Only not to God. Or whatever outsiders called Him. Instead it was a place of worship to a rather extensive pantheon of Ramsey’s own creation – not to exclude what other cities liked calling our “Goddess of Whores” and our ever popular “God of Merriment” – to put them nicely.

It was also right across the cobblestone street from the Assassin’s Guild. Sitting in the small room in front where the greeters stood every worship day and passed out booklets, through the wooden double doors I could see the rather broken-down building styled after barracks. I could also see through [I]their[/I] wide open doors that they were renovating. Which perplexed me. The Queen hadn’t openly accepted them again, but here they were, funds obviously at their reach to rebuild.

With a languid stretch, I rolled to my feet. Literally, rolled. I am catlike in many aspects, and this was one of them. Which was why I was going to investigate. I needed a job – rather desperately.


We are in a rather large city by the name of Ramsey. It is the center of a small country – the name of which is undecided but unnecessary – and has many guilds. If you can name it, there probably is one. As you may have guessed, there is an Assassin’s Guild and it has fallen into disrepair. This is because of a (as of yet) unspecified falling-out with the royalty of the realm four years ago. This is set in an almost renaissance-like setting, but with all the modern perks. Like the world stuck with the style but advanced in technology. This is not the world we know of. As insinuated, Ramsey has rather eclectic tastes – in accordance to other countries – which includes a pantheon of gods with tastes ranging from the perverted to the holy. Create a sect if you like, but talk over details with me. I don’t want things conflicting too much.

I realize this may be a lot of BG info, but mostly it’s just so you have an idea of the world. Women have just as many rights as men, if not more. Now, I am planning on doing this in chapters, and each one has a basic goal. I’ll create a Backstage thread for it, and each time we switch chapters I’ll give you heads-up. There isn’t actually too much of a specific [I]story[/I] line to follow – just don’t do anything major without clearing it for me. If you can be creative, I’m sure I can work it in. That’s the beauty of worlds previously uncreated. :)

All I’m going to tell you is that we need recruits for the Guild. In accepting this challenge, you accept that your character may end up being a pawn against the Crown – or maybe against the Guild itself. But my main goal is to rebuild the Guild. Also, unless I am divulging important information – which I will probably only do through personal PMs or through the Backstage thread – I will be writing in first person. This leaves a little more to the imagination in some areas. And a little less in others. You get the idea.

Creativity is the biggest factor here. I am creating a world. ^_~

[center][b]Sign Up[/b]
[b]Gender:[/b] Believe it or not, this CAN be neuter, male or female… honestly, if you can place a trannie or a he-she, go ahead.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Either detailed description or picture.
[b]Sample:[/b] Write a sample of your character. This’ll give me an idea of your writing skill, creativity, and how well you grasp the world. Now, if your writing isn’t as high as mine, don’t worry, part of the reason we RP is to develop skills, yes?[/center]

[b]Name:[/b] Esme Larange
[b]Age:[/b] 24
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://www.animegalleries.net/img/31428]Esme – Relaxed[/url]

I know, I’m not doing the character sample, but technically, I already did. *points up* So yeah. :) Have at ye![/size]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="bookantiqua"]W00t! First post!

[B]Name:[/B] Soren Kemille
[B]Age[/B]: 30
[B]Gender:[/B] male
[B]Appearance:[/B] Soren stands at middle-height, around 5’10, with an average build but a stature that betrays an inner assurance. His brown eyes are direct and piercing, his face narrow with a straight nose and curving mouth. Tawny brown hair goes to mid-ear length with short bangs. His slender hands are covered in numerous scars, which show white on tanned skin. He dresses almost exclusively in earth-tones, preferring loose-fitting clothing for concealment of weapons. His glare gives the impression that he thinks you a fool, his smile that he knows things that you do not. Everything about him bespeaks secrecy.
[B]Sample:[/B] For four long years I have waited in patience for this unbearable [i]slump[/i] in my beloved guild’s prosperity to pass. The higher-ups tell me nothing, and I can feel their unrest whenever I broach the subject. But I do not begrudge them this. These are delicate times, and not all is as it seems within Ramsey. What has happened to our reputation? I pass young men talking of joining my guild as if it were an after-school club! The nerve! Just four years ago, we were not spoken of except in whispers, a cautious glance over the shoulder. But I will not be softened by their insolence. No! I shall remain the predator among them, claws concealed behind the semblance of a sheep!
My fellows criticize me for my methods. Blades are outdated, they say, impractical in the age of firearms. I say a knife is the only practical weapon a man can carry! That is not to say I do not admit the usefulness of a gun (even I carry one on my person), but a blade never jams, does not run out of ammunition. And this I can tell you for certain: the only way to be sure of death is to hold your enemy’s body in your hands and cut all life from him![/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Arial"][SIZE="1"]Name: Evaline
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: [URL="http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/4664/p2wm0.jpg"]Evaline[/URL]
Sample: I hummed cheerfully as I sat on the bench, swinging my legs back and forth. Truth be told, I couldn't really remember what I was doing here, but the people in the other room told me to wait here while they "decided," so I did. Actually, now that I thought about it, I wasn't quite sure where "here" was. Squinting, I saw a faded sign outside. "Assassin..." I murmured as I read. Ssassin's Guild? Well, that wasn't like me.

[I][COLOR="Red"]Eating meat isn't for you! This is for me![/COLOR][/I] Someone shouted in my head. I nodded. Well, that was okay then. As long as I didn't have to kill anyone.

[I][COLOR="Blue"]She isn't the brightest one here. Maybe we should have picked the Mage's Guild?[/COLOR][/I] That was a different voice. "No, no. I don't like alchemy," I argued with it. [I][COLOR="blue"]I suppose you have a point.[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR="Red"]You baby her. She needs to start doing things she doesn't want, if she wants to grow up sometime soon.[/I][/COLOR] "Grow up? But I'm hardly fifteen," I protested, furrowing my brow.

There were two of them. They always argued about me, and in the end, I never really knew what was decided until it was too late. In any case, the two men from the other room came out. One of them handed me a gun and a dagger. "Welcome to the Assassin's Guild," he said simply as I took them.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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Name: Wolfie

Age 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wolfie stands 5'6" tall, wheres camo clothing, carries a arsonal of weapons in a bag. Dark Brown hair that is short cut and hazel eyes. His camo clothing is worn out from his travels.

Sample: I walk through the gates of Ramsey to see a city with life but no soul. I walk around looking for a taveren or a store to get some food, hopefully a job while I'm at it.
I heard a fight going on near me and turn to see a body come flying at me.

Wolfie: [COLOR="DarkRed"]"Oh crap! Not again."[/COLOR]

Wolfie gets slammed by the body of a kid.
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Ema Larange
[B]Age:[/B] 20
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i9.tinypic.com/6ps4oxy.jpg"]Ema, Esme's younger sister.[/URL]
[B]Sample: [/B]Ema ran into her sister, but not on accident. However, she seemed like she had something on her mind so she almost didn't bother her. Almost.
"Hi Esme. I didn't expect to see you here." She whispered.
Ema didn't look at her sister's face, in case she glared or something of the sort.
"What are you up to?"
She didn't get an answer, which was probably because she didn't wait for long. She turned to leave.

A few steps away from her sister, Ema pretended that Esma motioned for her to come back. She stayed a few feet behind though, in case her sister noticed her and chased her away.
But after no word from her sister, Ema knew that Esme was just trying to be quiet or wanted Ema to join her if she could keep quiet also. There was no way Esme couldn't hear her, since she wasn't as cat-like as her older sister. Ema continued to follow in curiousity of what Esme was after.

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Name: Lucas Jericho

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: [url]http://s73.photobucket.com/albums/i215/snowdrift_2/Male%20Anime/?action=view¤t=bb6ec4df.jpg[/url]

Sample: It was cold at this time of night. Lucas' cloak was full of holes. He had come to this, city, to get away from his father. He grew up in a bad part of the country, having to fight for everything he had. He left the cloak on the ground, it wasn't helping.

He entered a building he saw. A, with gray hair, man sat at a desk farther back and looked up at him. "Can I help you?" he asked with a stern look. "Are you recruiting?" Lucas asked hopefully. The gray haired smiled. "Sure your fit for this kind of work?" "A man would do anything if desperate enough."

The man tossed a small bag at him. "Here, buy some new clothes. Try to bring some respect and class to this guild." Lucas scowered at the remark. Guess he deserved it, he did look pretty beat. "Right," was all Lucas said before leaving to what the man asked.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Century Gothic]Sign Up

Name: Kolson (pronounced Cole-son) Rott

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'11'' Normal body type. Short brown hair and a stubble. Kolson wears a dark brown cloak with a hood over his entire body to conceal his self anytime he's not in battle. Underneath he wears a brown leather vest with six throwing knives attached, 3 on his left rib and 3 on his right. Underneath the vest is a dirty white shirt, long-sleeved. He wears brown leather pants. He also carries a sword around his waist that hangs over his left side, a dagger across his back, and a small silenced pistol on his right.

Sample: Silence. Kolson stared at the wall, dimly lit red from his alarm clock opposite him, tired. He always had trouble sleeping. Thoughts scattered across the back of his eyelids as they came closing down. They won't let him get the sleep he needs, relentlessly assaulting the peacefulness of his room. Time sliding by as he lays there, shifting about uncomfortably. Seconds feel like minutes to him, unbearably.

"Fuck this," he breathed out-loud as he sat up in his bed, frustrated. He sighs, it's only 2:01am. He grabs a bottle of whiskey on his nightstool and takes a big gulp of it, finishing the bottle he bought only two days ago. "I guess it's another night wasted..." He thinks to himself. As he stands up and glares around his messy room, searching for his clothes, he drops the empty bottle to the stained carpet floor.

He walks over to the only window in his entire apartment to stare out at the city of Ramsey. The pale yellow street lights illuminate the alleys below. Few were out at these hours, very little activity. Perfect for those that can't sleep.

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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][B]Name:[/B] Jacques Blight

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/2003/beztytuuft8.png"]Jacques[/URL]


"[I]Mister, mister![/I]"

That was fast...

"[I]Is that a gun on your hand mister?[/I]"

Let's see...I'm pretty sure you are nothing but a 6 years old girl. You are nothing but a snorting little brat that runs to her mama when a stranger approaches her and says "Hey kid, why don't you go inside that house and see if this guy is around." while showing her a picture of a scary beardy old guy. But instead of being scared or anything least, you happily accept the task, ran inside, and came back with a yes. Really, I was just trying to bully the kid for a bit, but then I get more than I want, unexpectedly too.

"Yes, this is a gun."

Seriously, time shifts faster than I thought. When I was a kid, people would whisper in low tone how the existence of Assassin Guild is a terror to the whole city. Now, they're eating snacks whilst they laugh about it. So much things happen people already lost the sense of danger supposedly radiated by my 'lovely' little guild.

Just look at this girl, she happily dances in front of me, a member of the guild. Does her parent teach her not the meaning of cautiousness? Or worse, maybe her parents have lost its meaning.

"Well, I gotta get going then. Thanks kid, see you around."

I grin and wink, while gesturing a thumb's up to the girl.

"[I]Yes! Bye mister![/I]"

I wave my left hand around to my back, to the girl, while my right hand shoulder my trusty custom long-barreled gun I named Reaper. Pretty cool name no? I thought so too. Although it does sounded a bit cliché, with all the drama stuffs going around. But hell, what do I care? This is my gun, I can name it whatever I want.

Then I enter the lone house situated on an alley far from the main road.


That should do it.

Hiding his body? Who cares! He got a lot of enemies anyway. People will surely thank me instead for killing him. His home is like a hermit's home far from civilization. It's now night and very quiet. So I guess for real, everything is telling me to finish the bastard off.

I walk away happily with a whistle. Mission complete, time to retrieve my paycheck and had my favorite drink over the bar across the street. I'm willing to bet that this'll be a fun night, and I hope the ladies over there think so too.



Away far from the house, an angelic familiar voice originates from a tiny figure standing in front of me.

"[I]Did you kill that man?[/I]"


I casually answer.


I approach the girl as she stumbles on what to say. She might have already figured it out, but she just can't know what is the proper words to say to me at the moment. Well, I understand you pretty well young lady. So then, I guess I'll do you a little favor.

I place my left hand on the girl's head, patting her as I bend down to stare at her eyes directly. I 'smile', and say with a low voice.

"[B]I didn't do it.[/B]"

The girl stacked still and shudders instantly...

Then I left the girl alone, waving as I waved to her before. I continue walking down the street, whistling, with my gun placed on my shoulder. That was one easy task, and I once again think about the hot beer I could gulp down once I arrive at the usual place. I hope Mary's around, she's one of the hottest girl there. I'm sure it will rock if I can get there at the right time.[/FONT]
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[color=cornflowerblue][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Garviel E. Loken.
[b]Age:[/b] 27.
[b]Gender:[/b] Male.
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img66.imageshack.us/img66/15/edrolandma9.jpg]Garviel.[/url] A lithe and tall man, Garviel's body is a bundle of muscles packed into a 6'2 package. He wears a blackened leather vest tattered and torn in places and stained with blood and other human fluids in other places. His legs are clad in the same dark leather, with a white sash tied around his waist to give him a place to store various weapons and necessities. His fingertips are covered by thick, but fingerless plate gauntlets and his feet in plate boots with curled up toes, like a jester's attire. His facial expression is almost always dark, and the corners of his lips have scars that stretch up to his ears, like someone tried to cut a smile into his face.
The streets were covered in a dense, early morning fog. It rolled in from the east that night, draping the city in some preternatural blanket. Garviel walked through the catacombs of the streets, his hand tracing over the white sash draped around his thin waist idly. Gently, he withdrew a silver pistol from the silk sash, jamming a clip of ammunition in the magazine and creeping onwards, the smile cut into his face smiling forever even as his lips remained placid.

A large sword was thrust through the sash as well, the blade surrounded with cutting teeth that were on a rotary track. The hilt held two surprises. One, was a hollow compartment within the grip that stored a roll of bandages and antibiotics, and the other was...an engine. The teeth of the "chainsword" were stained a dark maroon with the drying blood of battles fought. Garviel swore softly as he spun around, firing two shots into the misty morning darkness. Someone was stalking him.

No matter. He wouldn't make it easy. He dipped the pistol back into his sash, tightening it around the weapon as he withdrew two small daggers, making a running leap at a brick wall, jamming the knives into the weakened mortar to hold himself up on the wall. From there, it was a simple matter of getting to the top of the building, and fleeing from there. Surely, his followers wouldn't expect that. Or if they did, the fog provided some cover for Garviel.

It wasn't long before he stood on top of the building, and was in even less time tha the threw himself to the ground as a shadow swept over the wall, aiming to knock him down. In a fluid motion, his chainsword was out and roaring to life, the blades rotating and spinning fast enough to appear stationary. He was garbed in white vestments of cloth, like some sort of holy man. However, very untrue to holy origins, he held a gun aimed for Garviel's head. He barely had enough time to jerk the blade up to deflect the bullet, charging forward and cutting down his attacker with a messy and fatal stroke that sent the spatter of human entrails along his body and the ceiling.

Powering down the chainsword, he carefully positioned it into his sash, as to not rip the fabric. Kneeling down, he searched the clothes of his attacker for some sort of identification. He pulled a shining metal cross from the corpse, examining it with a careful eye.

"Looks like they've caught up to me."[/color][/size]
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[size=1]Wow. I'm relatively impressed and flattered by the turnout.

Muad'Dib [b]as[/b] Soren Kemille
Che [b]as[/b] Evaline
Lilt [b]as[/b] Ema Lerange - what happened to their age difference? It went through the roof!
The13thMan [b]as[/b] Kolson Rott
Raphael [b]as[/b] Jacques Blight
Engel [b]as[/b] Garviel E. Loken

[b]dragoonreaper[/b]: I know I said I wouldn't judge by quality, but yours doesn't even cross that line. Besides, I honestly only have so many spots, as there are only so many players I can keep track of.

[b]Ushima[/b]: Yours is not a quality control problem - your sign up looks pretty good, although not quite the quality of some of the others. But like I told dragoon, I only have so many things I can do at one time, and I think six is it. I just had to choose the ones I liked best.

Thank you for your sign ups, everyone! This should be starting this weekend, although it may take me till sometime next week to get it up. If anyone feels than can submit a sign up that will make me change my limit (and you two, Ushima and dragoon, are not excluded) take a stab at it. Otherwise: [b]sign ups closed![/b][/size]
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