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Christmas Wish List


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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Century Gothic]I typically don't like starting these types of threads. They rarely warrant any real good back and forth debate over anything. But i just recently realized i've yet to decide upon anything to get for Christmas. So i figured i'd see what everybody else was getting.

So far the only thing i can think of to get is a Zune. My 4th gen iPod just broke on me and i don't really care to get it replaced. It's really outdated. So i was looking at the Zunes today. They look pretty awesome. 80gb for $249, that's pretty good. Plus i love the Zune Originals they have out. It's basically just a Zune with art lasered onto the back, good art too!


I'd love to hear what other people have to say about the Zune though.

So, what does everybody else want on the J-man's birthday?
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The Zunes are great by the way. I have the regulare 30gb. The screen is so big that it out beats the Ipods.

What I want for Christmas is
[COLOR="magenta"]Some clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle.[/COLOR]
There's also this really cool slim camera that I've had my eye on. I read the reviews and it said that it was a really good slim camera.

[COLOR="magenta"]That's about all I want for Christmas.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"]J-man, heh, I love that. A women at my church calls my brother J-man, because his name starts with "J". :p

Anyway, I've been trying to compile a little list for Christmas.

- Wii
- Mario Galaxy
- Zelda: Twilight Princess for the GCN
- 8oz. Boxing gloves, my current ones spell [i]really[/i] bad.
- Some old cartoons like Tales Spin, or Dark Wing Duck, those sorts.
- Phantom Hourglass for the DS
- Super Paper Mario

I love Christmas, and I know the true meaning, but it just isn't as exciting as when you're little. I could buy all that stuff myself, so it kind of takes the fun out of it. :/
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I would like to have lots of stuff... Haha! But so does everyone else. ^_^

Well, here's my Christmas List:
-Sidekick LX
-Nintendo DS (already have one but want another one)
-Pokemon Pearl Version (already have the Diamond Version)
-Mangas from a variety of anime (Naruto, Fruits Basket, Tsubasa Chronicles. MAR(Marchen Awakens Romance), and other anime series.!
-Perhaps a iPod Video would be nice.
-Adobe Photoshop CS3
-Paint Shop Pro X
-Anime Merchandises!!! (EX: Naruto Keychains, Posters, Forehead Protectors.. etc.)

As you can see, I want a lot. But I doubt I'll get everyone I want. But I'll be happy to get whatever I get this year. There's always next year. ^_^
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[FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]I wish for a boyfriend that won't ever lie to me this Christmas.


Haha, just kidding... kind of.

I actually don't really want that many things this Christmas, just a few or so hereand there.

- Hot Gimmick
- Maison Ikkoku
- Bleach
- Some clothes I already picked out
- Fruits Basket
- Graphic Design Artists books

And that's about it. I used to be all about games and ****, but now it's like I need other things, haha.

I guess that's what growing-up is all about? :rolleyes:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]This Christmas I really don't want too much of anything for the sheer fact that my parents have been helping me out with my finances for the past few months.

They bought my insurance for all of December, paid for me to renew my license, paid of a few outstanding traffic fines, fixed my car. They've just been really helpful this whole year and I want to pay them back when I can. So if not getting any gifts work towards that then I will surely take nothing because I've already got a ton of stuff.

However, my mom being my mom insists I get something and she won't let me get something small.
At first I was like; 'Shoot, I don't know..A box of Jujubes would be just fine.'
And she just would not take that as an answer.


Rock Band
Unreal Tournament III
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[color=indigo]I asked for an X-Box 360 but I would be surprised if I actually got it. For some reason my family always seems to disregard things that I ask for and, instead, buy me things that I don’t want or need because they “think” I might like them.

Really, I have no idea why they ask me what I want. I have a feeling, because I am addicted to the food network and cooking in general, that I will get a lot of stuff for my kitchen. It is sort of cool, but sort of pointless, because I already have everything I need to cook the types of food that I cook.
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I used to ask for just games, though the last few years my family just gives me money usually, so i can get what i want later on when I've finally decided.:p

Anyway, this year I've asked for:

-Money (for a laptop I need for my ICT course)
-A Rise Against Album (I need more music!)
-Clothes in general (My Parents are aware of my clothing tastes, so I can trust them to buy me stuff :animesmil)

I don't ask for much, as it's not really about the presents for me. Always get more then what I ask for anyway.

...There is one other thing on my Christmas wish list, that people can't buy for me :animeshy:

-To meet the girl of my dreams beneath the mistletoe at a party.

Cheesey, I know. :p
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[B]Electric Wizard[/B] albums (Dopethrone and Witchcult today)
The only band I like that is stoner metal. They are damn good too.

[B]Polkadot Cadaver[/B] album Purgatory Dance Party
They are really innovative. So I listen to them.

Kinos Journey Short Novels (1-3)
the anime was smex so the novels must be good.

I already got a High Def Tv as an early present. Super nice. It's 20 inches and made by LG. It's really really really nice.
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[font="trebuchet ms"]


I asked for a Sephora gift card. lol[/font]
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[quote name='Heaven's Cloud'][color=indigo]I have a feeling, because I am addicted to the food network and cooking in general, that I will get a lot of stuff for my kitchen. It is sort of cool, but sort of pointless, because I already have everything I need to cook the types of food that I cook.

[FONT="Arial"]That's exactly how I am; Food Network is the only thing I watch on TV and I really like cooking. I know my parents got me some cookware (thanks to a little snooping, hahaha. I've figured out that one of my two packages contains a [spoiler]chef's knife[/spoiler], just based on the [spoiler]large knife[/spoiler] shaped dent in the wrapping paper). I think they other one is some sort of chef hat, but that's a 100% guess.

The only thing I really wanted this year was an Epiphone Les Paul Standard guitar. For a while I was afraid they were only going to give me money to help me buy one, which would end up being about $100 short. But I did some more snooping and I discovered a HUGE box in my mom's closet, which, by process of elimination and deductive reason, I believe belongs to me. <33333

I asked for Guitar Hero 3, too, expecting my sisters to ask for it as well so we would definitely get it. They didn't put it on their lists, though, so I highly doubt we'll be getting it under the tree. :/
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Guest Nightmare
My parents got me speakers for my car. It's not really what I wanted for Christmas, they [b]thought[/b] I might like them. What I really wanted:

-Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
-Sixth Day by Gackt
-Gackt 2008 calendar
-Dirge of Cerberus (Yeah, I've heard it's terrible, but I don't care. xD)

And all of that would have been CHEAPER than the speakers. =_=; So now I'm not going to have ANYTHING under the tree. Grr. >_>;

At least my best friend bought my the Third Strike (YYH) box. <3 Hello, Kurama keychain that will never leave the box! I bought myself a Trinity Blood vulture's cross for Christmas. Merry Christmas to me. xD;
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Well, I had to help my dad with the Xmas shopping so I already know what everyone's getting and he's currently wrapping all the presents... in the living room XD telling no one to come in, lol.

As for the spoils, we'll be getting a Playstation 3, however each my brothers and I have individual gifts to receive...

Mine Include: Gankutsuou DVDs volume 5 + 6, Kamichu DVD Box Set, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya volume 4 Special Edition, and Pani Poni Dash DVDs volume 3-6

My brothers Include, for one, Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction, Resistance: Fall of Man, Link's Croossbow Trainings, and Nights. The other bro is getting Rock Band for PS3 and maybe Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

anyway, I can't wait till tomorow~ [/COLOR]
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Hello, beautiful.

Well, I already know I'm getting a DS game because of the package's shape. I've more or less been hinting at this for a while now, but I'll be fine if I don't get it. That's what Christmas money is for (well, that and Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.)

My DS is dearly loved by myself.
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