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Anime Songs that remind us of Anime series


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I'm sure that we've all listen to a song and thought gee this would fit -insert Anime title-.
Some of the ones I've had.

"Gone" by From Zero / Haibane Renmei, The crow caw at the end of song kinda seals it. The song fits Reki and everything she's been through. Although when I first heard it I thought it fit what Rakka could be going through after Kuu's day of flight happened.

"Plastic Lips" by The Aqubats/ Chobits. It just seems to fit.

"Danger Woman" by The Aqubats/ Saiyuki. The whole song sounds like it could be Lirin's off kilter theme song.

"Enough" by Dance Hall Crashers/ Saiyuki. Hakkai's and Gojyo 's first meeting when Hakkai was still Tenpou Gensui and their current relationship as seen through the eyes of many a Yaoi fangirl I've run into at Conventions and on the web is what this song brings to mind.

"Breathe" by Taproot/ Saiyuki. Lord Kougaiji's thoughts on his life before Ni put him in berseker mode and his mother issues.
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[color="#1234"][B]'The Running Free' by Coheed and Cambria [/B]seems like a good theme for Eureka Seven. It reminds me of Renten and the Nervash.

[B]'Nothing for me Here' by Dope [/B]is a good theme song for naruto because in thebeginnning Naruta wasn't mister popularity in the village.

[B]'Vicarious' by Tool [/B]is a good theme song for Ergo proxy. The sheer psychology of Ergo Proxy and the lyrics of Vicarious fit perfectly, IMO.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial]Odd, but Floodlights [Lunar / Hybrid Awaken] for Eureka 7, even though it technically isn't a song, having no lyrics.

Also, "I Wish I Had An Angel" [Nightwish / Once] for Evangelion, mainly because of the rock organ part in the center, and not the angel references. I dunno; I can see stuff for that one.

Along the same lines, "Planet Hell" [same album] for anything Gundam related. I think it'd make a good homage....[/FONT]
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