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[COLOR=Red][B]WARNING:[/B] This RPG will contain strong language, violance sexual as well as other adult themes and religious themes as well. Discretion is advised.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=White]In another universe distant from our own, there exists a world known as Terraprim. This world is much like ours. It has seven continents, each with a name similar to out own continents. The Amerika's, Yurpoe, Asya, Australya, Afreeka and Antartika are all the same. However, the history of some places is different from the history of ours. For example, The United States gained independence after a group of soldiers to Yurope and killed the king. The first president was Markus Alington, the man who killed the king and freed the patriots. After the Revolution, no war was waged for over 2 centuries.

In this world, there exists a religion known as 'Prophetism,' which is much like Christianity. In Roman times Jesus, the son of god gave his life for humanities sins. About 300 years later, the Vatican was built and became a Holy place in Yurope. The first Lord high priest was Kystil Jhon the IV, a powerful adn very energetic old man. He became a symbol of the Propetism Church for years.

There is a bible too, however it is different from the Christian one we know of. There is also magic in Prophetism, unlike Christianity where magic is forbidden. There are also spirits known as prophets that contain powers. These spiritual beings have chosen a body for which they are attached, these souls are know as 'Manifests.' Prophets that have found a human must be brought to the world by rituals when a human is 16 years of age. From then on a Prophet is attached and must befriend their Manifest, and until the human's death, they are attached to the person.

Now in the 21st century, religion isn't as major as it was years ago. Now Terraprim is focused on technological advancements. However, the Church of Prophetism still thrives and is known as the biggest religious sect in the world. But there is a force hidden beneath all of the beliefs, this force could change the Church of Prophetism, and Terraprim forever.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=White][U][B]SIGN UPS[/B][/U]

[B]Name:[/B] Anything modern in today's world.
[B]Age:[/B] 16-30. Characters can't be less than 16 due to the cfact that person's under 16 don't have prophets.
[B]Gender: [/B]This is obvious.
[B]Personality:[/B] What your character is like.
[B]History: [/B]What has happened to your character in the past.
[B]Attacks & abilities: [/B]Give me 3 for now, and three for later.
[B]Appearence: Image would be nice.[/B]

[B]Prophet's Name:[/B] Anything modenr, old or weird.
[B]Gender: [/B]This is also obvious.
[B]Special Power(s):[/B] What powers does the prophet have, and what impact does ith ave on your character.
[B]Personality:[/B] What your prophet is like.
[B]History:[/B] What was it like in yourprophets last life.
[B]Appearence:[/B] Image would be nice.[/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]I'm assuming this should have been in this forum in the first place.
[/SIZE] [/center]
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Just in time.

Name: Julian Darrickson
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: Zealous. Julian is obsessed with upholding the doctrine of Prophetism, and doing away with nay-sayers and pagans. He is cruel, ruthless, and obviously anti-social. The only loyalty he has is to the church.

Julian's childhood was wrought with misfortune. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father constantly beat him. School was hardly better. He was the prime target for bullies for seeming so weak, and his grades were very poor.
One night, Julian's father attempted to kill him. The man had been drinking and decided that his son was the one responsible for killing the love of his life. But when he got home, Julian was not there. He had run away.
The father stormed out of their apartment and began searching for him. He would not be denied. Julian hadn't gotten but three blocks away when he saw his father running after him. Terrified, he started running. But there was no escape.
Julian's father caught him and slowly began strangling him, in plain view, on the sidewalk. As the world darkened around him, Julian heard something like a thud. Suddenly he could see. There was his father's head rolling on the ground, and a priest sheathing a sword behind him. The priest was muttering under his breath, praying for forgiveness.
After all was said and done, the priest turned to leave. He walked a few steps and looked back over his shoulder at Julian. The boy needed no second bidding, and followed the merciful man of God who had saved his life . . .

Almighty Round- A 'super bullet' that's three times faster and produces an explosion on impact.
Judgement Round- A seeker bullet capable of making 90 degree turns. Follows its target until it hits.
Merciful Shot- A reduced power shot that never kills.
Ark Trial- An attack that causes ever-increasing pain for 40 days. Intended to cause insanity.
Herald Angel- Essentially a flare. High temperature burns and melts most objects.
Sin Volley- Fires seven more powerful bullets in near-instant succession.

Appearance: (Attached)

Name: Calvin Reuter
Gender: Male
Special Power: Imbues Julian's gun with the ability to fire unique bullets. These rounds do drain his stamina, so excessive use is lethal.
Personality: Lazy. Unlike Julian, Calvin believes in religious tolerance. Calvin does have a sense of justice, and refuses to allow innocents to be harmed if he can help it. Likewise, he has a deep hatred for anyone who abuses power and tramples on the weak and defenseless.


Calvin was a prominent Prophetism priest in the 1600's. After leading a relatively boring existense for forty-three years, he rose to defend a family of atheists who had settled in his town. The pieous townspeople believed him to be overcome by the devil and burned him alive in boiling oil.

Appearance: (Also attached) You can't see it in the picture, but he
has goat legs. Satyr form is a weird punsihment.

The young blond one is Julian. The old one is Calvin.
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[COLOR="1234"]It's good Inculta. You don't have to change anything. But if you want to you can, just PM me telling me what you changed.

[B]Name: [/B]Endorph "Endy" Dillinger
[B]Gender[/B]: male
[B]Personaltiy: [/B]Endorp is falling downword into depression. The deaths of his parents at the age of 3 and the death of his brother two years ago, has been pressure on him. But only recently his personlaiy has becomre droll and sad. Endy is always bored, and he never cares about anything, however he does not insult and is very sensitive. But, despite not being rude or judgemental, Endy can get really angry, however this usually gets supressed causing him to get more depressed. He never vents out anger unless he is terribly mad.

[B]History[/B]: Endoprph grew up in a fairly religious and very happy town in Northern Vermont. However, this doesn't mean his life was great too, on the contrary Endy's life has been very sad. When he was three his parents were killed by the local priest after the priest's Prophet seemed to snap causing them both to becomre murderous. The priest, possesed by a tainted Prophet, killed his parents and three of his friends.

When he turned 16, he was inducted into the church's ceremony and was empowered by his Prophet, Gene. His brother, Thomas Dillinger, was suppsoed to be at the ceremony with Endy, but he died in a car crash. This caused Endy to rapidly spiral downword into a depression. Ever since then he has become different from otehrs at the church. His cllothing, music choice, and behavior has changed, and he has started to become and outcast in his town. But his Prophet, Zenos, has also become a factor in his strange life.

[B]Abilities: Hell Split [/B]- Endy uses Zenos' blade to crack teh groudn and turn it into ice, this also cools teh earth below Endy freezing it to the point of brittle cracking. The Endy can split the ice, thus called Hell Split.
[B]Will of God[/B] - Endy can heal himself and heal others by prayer. Endy can also use this spell to cast thunder spells on evil beings and people.
[B]Mirror of St. Peter [/B]- Endy can put someone in a false bliss, making them happy yet unaware of what endy can do. this makes people halucinate and see good things. however, when this is performed, Endy drains 1 day of his lifetime and gives that day to god.

Angel Ripper [/B]- Endy sacrifices part of his religious sanity to gain power. WHen this spell is used, Endy lloses his humanity and becomes deranged. During this state, Endy's Psyche-blade emits a terrible anger and he is able to rip apart the heaven's themselves.
[B]Scythe of the Mercilious[/B] - Endy's sword becomes a scythe and he gains the ability to reap the souls of the departed. He can gather this energy for a limited time, and use them to attack without mercy.
[B]Sacrificial Lamb -[/B] Zenos and Endy fuse their bodies together and obtain immense power. Howver, this takes away 7 days of his life, and puts Endy into '7 days of rest.' During these 7 days, Zenos's soul deterioratesfrom within Endy and seperates. If this is disrupted by an outside force, endy and Zenos become one permanetly
Appearence: [URL="http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb136/Sasukes_BadGirl/anime16.jpg"]Endorph[/URL]

[B]Name[/B]: Zenos Wiheim
[B]Gender[/B]: male
[B]Special Power(s):[/B] Zenos allows Endy to perform attacks of darkness at high speeds. Zenos also giaves Endy the mysterious 'Psyche Blade,' an artifact that Zenos creates using his spiritual energy. This balde turns endy's hair balck and make shim glow red with power. This also makes Endy faster, stronger and gives him more energy and life.
[B]Personality[/B]: Zenos is best described as a smartass, ignorant, and bad-mouthed jerk. Zenos likes to see people get annoyed, adn even pranked. Endy feels happy when soemone feels miserable. But Zenos has a soft spot hidden within his tough-macho-man exterior.
[B]History[/B]: Zenos' life as a human was not so enjoyable for him or for his peers. He was a priest, however, not a good one. Due to the way he acted -always calling epople names, laughing at someone's misfortunes and for being a jerk- God decided to trap his soul until someone could arrive and take it. Zenos was cast away into a deep sleep within a sword, which Endy obtained in the year 2008, 506 years after Zenos' imprisonment.
[B]Appearence[/B]: [URL="http://www.angel-guide.com/images/Angel-sanctuary-angel-anime-angel-picture.jpg"]Zenos[/URL]

NOTE: Prophets don't have to look entierly human, they can have odd traits, like wings, in fact, it isn't odd for them to have weird features.

Also, as you can see, Endorphs spells become different later on. The Underground thread should be up soon.[/COLOR]
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Name: Wrest Verdenstidd
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Wrest's bleak and distant disposition tends to unnerve those he comes into contact with. His straightforward attitude is often seen as rudeness, and he tends to very quickly gain the disfavor of those around him.
History: Wrest's mother died in childbirth. Raised by his father, a military man, he was often left to his own devices. He preferred the broad and untamed wilds of nature to the pedantic lectures of the religiously learned, and thus was not exposed in any degree to prophetism during his childhood.

However, in his late teens, Wrest was rudely awakened to the realities of prophetism when his father, accused of high treason and conspiracy to commit heresy, was put to death. Though, before he died, he expressed to Wrest the nature of the charges against him, and that they were merely tangential to some secret of the prophetist church. With rage and rebellion in his adolescent heart, he spent the next few years in and out of a variety of prisons, charged with lesser crimes against the church and crown. During that time, he became a capable fighter and a bitter survivalist, learning very quickly to fend for himself.

After his most recent release from prison, he dropped under the radar, becoming notoriously difficult to find. Only recently has he come to light, still bitterly opposed to the church, yet empowered by some strange and eldritch power not unlike a Prophet, calling itself an "Eon".

Attacks & abilities: With the power of his Eon, Wrest is capable of several impressive feats of strength and agility.
1. Ghost Trail - Wrest, harnessing his Eon's eldritch power, is able to tap into hidden reserves of energy that make him move much faster than normal. Though powerful, the reserve is limited, and is meant to be used over very short periods of time. (e.g. the charge before a punch)

2. Ice Drift - Wrest's strength is amplified by his Eon, taking power and essence from the spirit of Ice itself.

3. Icicle Spear - Wrest's Eon manifests itself in the form of a titanium spear of cold, which Wrest can then wield.


4. Wind's Grace - Like Ghost Trail, but with a much longer duration.

5. Frozen Breath - Able to breathe a gust of sub-freezing air, Wrest can freeze nearly anything, or at least cool it significantly.

6. Heart of Permafrost - Wrest's body is cold and icy to the touch when this power is activated. An aura of wintry majesty anoints his very presence, and one can faintly hear howling winds when near him. Ignorant to most pain, this power lasts until it is deactivated, at which time an orb of frozen breath extends from his body over a radius of 6 feet. Inside this area, Wrest can create any amount of ice, giving it kinetic or potential energy as he sees fit. This power, however, is difficult to use, and extremely taxing to the user.

Appearance: Dresses plainly, with a tendency toward darker, less obvious colors. His eyes are a cold, dark blue, and his hair is a deep brown, extending to his shoulders. His face betrays a weariness, uncaring and unsympathetic to the suffering around him.

Eon's Name: Isa
Gender: Female
Special Power(s): Isa is the Eon of winter, governing the snowfall and the winds that bear it. She has the ability to cause snowstorms, and aids many of Wrest's abilities.
Personality: Perky and upbeat, Isa is sharply contrasted against Wrest's stony disposition, taking any opportunity to lighten his mood. Though, she too harbors great sorrow and regret.
History: Isa's history is the history of Terrapim itself. She is ancient, the Eon of winter, which comes to all in some form. Some say her first love, the sky, cast her out from his home, and that the snowfall is her sorrow manifested in icy tears.
Appearance: Isa is a strikingly beautiful and lithe young woman, looking to be in her early twenties. Though, her eyes betray her true age, manifesting years of sorrow and loss and death that no mortal eyes could bear. She prefers garments of blue and white, has long white hair, light blue eyes, and pale white skin. Her lips are round and full, and almost always bear a playful smile.
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[COLOR="Blue"]Sounds interesting. I think I'll join. ^_^

[B]Name[/B]: Jonathan Stallard
[B]Age:[/B] 21
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Personality:[/B] Jonathan is usually the jokester and the heart of any group. Granted he has played his fair share of annoying as hell pranks but if anything serious happens he is the first one a person can turn to for support. However he does get agitated easily by sheer stupidity and constant whining. Most people believe that's why he's been kicked out of most of the coffee houses, he starts up a lot of crap with the emos. However he is a firm believer in what is right and wrong and believes in his religion of Prophetism.

[B]History:[/B] Jonathan grew up in a normal middle working class family with two older brothers and a younger sister. His father worked and still does work for a large factory that is partially owned by the church. His mother worked for a law firm until she had Jonathan's sister. Then she became a dedicated stay-at-home mother. Their life was a typical family's life until Jonathan's oldest brother turned sixteen.

The family celebrated and Jonathan's oldest brother went to hopefully gain a Manifest. However the ritual soon took a turn for the worst and a demon escaped on accident and took over Jonathan's brother. The young boy went on a rampage. First eviscerating the priest that had performed the ritual and then he turned on Jonathan. But the demon was stopped in his tracks when a younger priest and his Manifest were able to stop the creature. But this was not without its consequences. Jonathan's brother was forever scarred by this encounter and had to be locked up in a special institution within the Vatican to make sure that if a demon ever tried to take hold of the boy that they would be able to stop him.

For the rest of the family Jonathan's other brother declined to have a ritual for a manifest saying that he didn't want to end up like his older brother. Jonathan however wanted to go through with the ritual and when he came of age he performed and was met with his manifest Michael.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://userimages05.imvu.com/productdata/images_af9caed995374950293910045e69722e.jpg]Jonathan[/URL]


Ragnarok-Jonathan produces a massive sword of fire and whomever and whatever comes in contact with it is immediately scorched and rendered lifeless.

North Wind- A strong force of cold air is ushered in and causes snow and ice to fall. Usually this leaves the target of this attack either frozen solid or left stunned.

Dragon's Endurance- This ability allows Jonathan to survive any type of weather condition. His body temperature will warm if he is in freezing conditions or will drop if in too hot of weather. His stamina is also increased to sustain him for days without food or water. Though once this ability is finished, it generally is turned off when Jonathan wills it. He is left famished and extremely tired.


Heavenly Strike- With a short prayer for the soon to be vanquished foe Jonathan will launch himself into a frenzy of sword strikes that are almost invisible.

Lance of Longinus- Jonathan will summon forth the holy lance and use it to finish off any resistance. However he will rarely use this, only big threats are worth this.

Wrath of Heaven- With an intense prayer Jonathan will be able to summon forth an Archangel and it will take over the fighting for about five minutes. Though this only will work four times.

[B]Prophet Name:[/B] Michael of Acre
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
Vorpral Slash- Focusing his energy into a blade that Jonathan has he can cause an invisible blade to lash out from the sword that will never miss its target.

Impenetrable Shield- Michael will create a barrier capable of blocking most physical attacks. Bullets, it not from a machine gun, are blocked as well.

Master Swordsman- Adding his skills to Jonathan's the two are able to pull off some very complicated and very powerful sword attacks.

Blade of the Templars- This will allow Jonathan and Michael to use the most powerful blade among the Templar Knights. This blade is unblockable and will not be denied a target.

Heavenly Shield- Michael will sacrifice some of his energy to call upon heavenly devices to protect the young Jonathan.

Darkened Sky- This attack practically blots out the sun as thousands of arrows rain death upon the fool stupid enough to invoke Michael's wrath.

[B]Personality:[/B] Michael, being a Templar Knight is very secretive to most people but lets the young Jonathan know all of his secrets and is capable to assessing a situation quickly. He is your average soldier/knight.

[B]History:[/B] Michael was a Templar knight during the last of the crusades and fought against many enemies and was able to secure the holy land for the church. But like most of the Templars he was betrayed by the Vatican and killed because of his "treachery" . However he was accepted by god and awaited the day until he could meet someone who could possibly set him free.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/9365/celestialbyjasonengledk2.jpg]Michael.[/URL] [/COLOR]
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Name: Vahn
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet, Determined,Humble, Caring and Would give the very shirt off his back if it was needed. His giving nature often gets him into and out of trouble. He believes everything has a purpose and many people who meet him believe him to be self destructive in his way of life.
History: The first seven years of Vahn life is unremembered due to a Event which he left in his past.. Emerging from the burning remains of a unforgiving home and Taken into the Arms of the Chruch. They Raised him to the young man he is today. The Docturnes, Sermans, Prayers and Hymn's Filled his Teenagehood Until he was Choosen for the ritual. Shortly afterward he was sent out into the world. Both Blind in Sight and Faith they said... So they forced him to walk it out. See what road he would pave in his wake. For the last three years Vahn has Traveled Near and far. Moving from Pocket to pocket of people with relative unbelief. Converting some and Striking Humility into others.
Attacks & abilities:

Eye Of Judgement - When Using this Ability Vahn can Force a Mortal being to review their Life. In Some Rare Cases this Ability has caused such a shock it has killed people. Thus his blindfold. However on the bright side many who survive have gone on to more productive lives.

Banishment - More Well known as Casting Out of Demons and Impure Spirits Tied to a human Or mortal Host. This Act unlike many others is Very simple and is often more a difficulty of knowing the Correct wording and Exherting will into the Act.

Healing Heart - Placing a hand on his heart and a hand on the Wounded or Ill And Falling into a prayer Vahn Either repair the Wound in a glowing nimbus of light or he can Take on the Attributes of the sickness into himself and then Purify himself and the Person in question.

~ Later ~

Circle of Divinity - Keeps those With Evil in Heart and Mind at bay This Circle is not a shield but more of a ward.. If a Evil minded or hearted person should Step through they would seem to be burning with Holy light.. However they would feel the circle and it would be a concious effort. Generally Only the blessed, Innocents and Good hearted people can cross this ward. Any Phsyical object can as well. Magic And other such things are Nullified inside this circle.

Breath of Life - Using this Vahn can Pull one Recently Dead person back to life.. Assuming their body is fairly intact.. The useage of this Ability weakens him to the point of near death himself. But still the result is Generally One being brought back from the Grave.. The said Returnee is generally Lethargic for a time and Loses all memory from his life before.

Trial By Fire - Using this Requires A Certain Situational Occurence. It summons a huge Metoer Storm that Rains down Fire and Brimstone onto the Local area.. Destorying and wipeing out everything.. Ally and Enemy Alike.

Appearence: Under the hair is Milky white Blind eyes and his back is lined with Cuts and Burned skin. He is Often Seen with a Strip of White cloth over his eyes.

Prophet's Name: Diometras The Demented
Special Power(s): Diometras Gives Vahn the Second sight.. THe ability to see the world through a series of Heightened Senses. As Such Vahn may be blind in body but with eyes of the soul. Along with Eyes Diometras seems to have the ability to compel people to Listen to what Little Vahn does say making him extremely hard to resist. During Intense Fighting Diometras takes complete control and will send himself into a sort of Whiteout in mind where only the body reacts making them both move at speeds that is blured and with a enhanced strength
Personality: Dark Humored, Arrogant, Self Rightous, Hot Tempered and quick to Anger, harsh, Blunt and Heavy handed in his beleif.. for some reason As Much as the two Bitch and Bicker to each other.. They seem to have a unique friendship.
History: Diometras Was a Roman Solider during the Days of Christ.. Seeing what he had in those days of strange occurances and miracles he against all common sense and Dignity Left the Roman Army and pursued the life of a priest finding parts of it soothed the Pains of years passed and scars never healed. Working with the early Prophectic Docturnes and Songs and Stories.. Pooling facts and compiling them into a article.. Yet this dream would never be reliezed for when a band of Dervs passed through they burned down the small Hut and made sure all occupents inside died as well.
Appearence: Diometras is the guy with the white hair. The other picture is Vahn
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[B]Name:[/B] Chance Heartlock
Age: 25
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Personality:[/B] Silent but stern, Chance remains quiet unless he has something important to say, otherwise he just listens and pays attention to the environment and people around him. Being brought up to only serve and commanded to do what his masters say, Chance hasn't had the experience to truly live his own life by freedoms grasp.
Appearance: [/B]Chance is a white male standing tall at 6'4'' with a muscular built body, brown hair hanging down to the length of his shoulders and hazel eyes that change colors from time to time. Chance wears black sweat pants that drag a bit at the cuff and a white short sleeve shirt, his scars can be see on his arms and on his face as they run down his eyes and the side of his cheeks. Chance wears no shoes since he's in and out of the church all day long running errands and keeping busy.

[B]History: [/B]
Chance barely remembers his own childhood, when he was 12 yeas old his father had died of a rare illness in thier families history; so his mother had to work a lot to keep shelter over their heads and food on the table. She even had to resort to prostitution at times, Chance did his best to help around the house and neighborhood to save money. When Chance turned 17 his mother was caught during the night and was brought to jail and later executed when officials found out a priest at the church bred her body. Chance was adopted by the Prophehetism temple to the public as a sign of love. To Chance though proved to be the opposite, the church gave the boy 20 lashings marking his body from head to toe, breaking his spirit. They performed the ritual on him while he was bleeding out, the spirit was absorbed into his body saving the child and granting him with a powerful yet dangerous companion.

Since then, Chance has lived at the church obeying their every command against his will. Disobeying them or the priests would mean punishment and beatings, food restrictions and more chores. Chance has never left the city limits, every time he sees children having fun and excitement it makes Chance angry with rage, for his own childhood was never carefree or free for him. He does not know why the people cannot see the churches deception, but he gave up on caring a long time ago.

[B]Attacks & abilities:
Natures Wrath[/B] - Lifting his might arm into the air and smashing it down onto the ground, Chance creates a large shock wave that vibrates through the pavement to rise up like a title wave and flow towards his surrounding enemies.

[B]Inner Demon[/B] - Concentrating all of his anger and clearing his own mind, Chance can expand his muscles causing his body to grow taller and more buff than he already his. The side effect to this ability is that Chance goes into a blind rage and mistakes friends for foes if they get in his way.

[B]Angels Cry[/B] - A loud sonic boom is created in a single path direction when Chance expands his arms to their full length at his sides. With a swift motion of bringing them together to clap causes the violent shock wave that can clear a path through a forest with ease.

~ Later ~
[B]Atonement [/B]- Chance gets on one knee and begins to pray verses from the Prophehetism scriptures, the surrounding people that hear his voice begin to gain more energy and their flesh wounds heal. This takes a great deal of life force from Chance, leaving him vulnerable and defenseless when he's finished.

[B]Blasphemer's Toll [/B]- Again, Chance strikes the ground with his mighty fist, but this time large chunks of the ground shoot into the air and levitate for a moment. When Chance glares at his enemy in sight the large pieces of earth break apart into sharp shards and rain down onto the assailant.

[B]Prophet's Name:[/B] Lord Cronos
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Special Power(s): [/B]
[B]Fire Wall[/B] - A small crack of fire emerges from the pal of Cronos' hand, flying away from his position the small crack of fire grow into a large 10 foot wall of fire, 200 feet wide. Providing protection and a means of escape.

[B]Open Minded [/B]- Lord Cronos found a way to enter the mind of any person with ease and control their very thoughts and actions while the puppet remain unaware of their actions.

[B]Spit Fire[/B] - Cronos simply snaps his fingers and a stream of lava spurts towards his enemies with lighting fast speed, leaving a burning trail of molten lava on the ground.
Personality: Lord Cronos is very cunning, able to talk his way out of risky situations and persuade people to be on his side. He is a very dangerous man, killing to him is like sport, those who survive can live only to be hunted the next day. Cronos will use whatever he can to use others for their services, when he is done with them he eliminates the puppet.

~ Later ~
[B]Heaven's Light[/B] - Dark clouds come into view over Lord Cronos as he summons a single bolt of electricity into his hand, clenching his fist to charge his attack all the mage has to do is aim at his enemy and the bolt of lightning fires without hesitation.

[B]Cruel Intentions[/B] - This is a stronger ability than Open Minded, small red orbs are generated by Cronos' magic and inserted into the body of his puppet host, slowly he gains full control over their very mind, body, and soul for life if enough orbs are inserted and the human is weak minded.

History: Lord Cronos lived in the 1500s and was thought to be a kind and gentle mage of the forest, but he had a dark side to his life that no one knew about. Being devout to the Prophehetism Church was his cover when he would assist them in their teachings and message across the lands. Lord Cronos dabbled in the dark arts and practiced spells, incantations and summonings that were though to be forgotten in the world of magic. The Prophehetism church caught wind of his side work and sought to end his life, for if the people knew he was connected to the church with his dark magic it would disgrace their name. One night a clan of priests and summoners arrived at his woodland cottage and placed a spell on the mage, ceiling him inside an ancient artifact until he was needed for their use.

Sealed away for centuries, Lord Cronos developed his powers internally through meditation. One day though he was summoned and casted into Chance's body, saving the boy in the process and staying with him as he grew. Lord Cronos could feel the dark side of Chance's mind grow and manipulates it to his advantage and personal use.
Appearence: [URL="http://www.icewindmud.org/images/drow.jpg"]http://www.icewindmud.org/images/drow.jpg[/URL]

Man, that was a long one. Hope this makes the cut.
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[COLOR="1234"]You shouldn't have hoped to get through in the first place, that was mighty fine sign-up.

With the addition of 2 new people, I will start the RPG. Look for it tonight or this afternoon. For now, the sign-ups will stay open, and we'll see what happens.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][B]Name: [/B]Hunter Predd

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] Hunter Predd is a very free spirited individual; he takes life in all of its ups and downs. Oddly enjoying every moment of it, no matter the circumstances or conditions and to many people, he is off in the sense that he expresses his free spirit not though direct personality, but through an aura that give others a small glimmer of hope. He is an individual, in all the meanings of the word, he thinks for himself no matter what. He is very tolerant of everyone?s religion and accepts everyone for their flaws and traits. He Takes people advice as it comes, carefully dissecting each piece of information presented and then pulling out different meanings, thinking in many different ways at once.

Some people would say he is a genius, others say he is just a smart-ass since he seems to know so much for only being in his twenties. But, everyone agrees that his intelligence does not reflect in his on personality, his social and somewhat annoying disposition confounds people since normal geniuses are usually tucked away from the world and in their labs. He is also and excessive risk taker, doing things people would find as very frightening to do, but since he is afraid of nothing he enjoys the things people don?t do, especially his Parkour. But, he is a very different person when someone insults or threatens his life or those lives of the people he cares for. He quickly turns into a methodical attacked and makes sure to put someone down quickly, and efficiently

[B]History:[/B] Hunters life was rather pleasing and normal by the standards of the rest of the group?s life, his family was very well mannered, even thought they grew up in low-middle class family. He didn?t have much growing up so he didn?t have the fuss of buying things they didn?t need, he lived a quaint life with his mother and father, being an only child was sometimes boring and uneventful, so he would cause small trouble in his neighborhood, many people just laughed when they knew it was him playing jokes. Others did not take it so well, he was scolded many times by these people and sometimes hit when he stared off as he usually did when he was being scolded by other people.

He never took what they did or said personal; he simply brushed what they said off. The only fight he remembers part-taking was when he was about 12. Someone on his block had called his mother a whore and said his father was a wife and child abuser. Hunter took this personal immediately and basically made the other kid eat his own words, but smashing in his teeth in by slamming his face against the concrete sidewalk. No one ever spoke ill of his family after that incident, or scolded him for his childish pranks. His father thought was a good man and did some interesting work for the time they lived in. His father was Wing Rider, not the first but certainly not the last.

Wing Riders were revered for their bravery and heroism; they were the few people who tamed Roc?s. Birds of massive size, far larger then any bird known to man, they are so big that they can carry three people on their back easily. Hunter was proud of his father, and his Roc, Rashim, and he was always amazed when he saw his father fly though the air. It was an amazing spectacle and never ceased to amaze him. He dreamed of becoming a Wing Rider and soon enough his dream came to reality when he turned 16. He was not only initiated into the Wing Riders, receiving his very own Roc named Obsidian, but he also received a Prophet. The beings name was Abaddon oddly enough named after a fallen angel; Hunter gladly accepted his new partners and learned about and from both as he aged.

[B]Attacks & abilities: [/B]

[B]Wings of Freedom:[/B] Hunter produces a natural aura that causes people around him, especially those of friendly nature, to feel the ever present grasp of doubt and worry be lifted from their minds and many have said they feel like a cool summer breeze surged through their bodies and left them in states of tranquility and calmness.

[B]Riders Call:[/B] This is simply Hunter using the right pitch or tone to signal Obsidian to act and attack in the right manor and direction to enact a destructive and powerful force on the person who is the target.

[B]Fathers Judgment:[/B] Hunter can take some of the aura around him and give it a negative charge, not so much in the effect of electricity, but in negative thoughts and doubts. And then channel them in another?s mind, this requires concentration and time enough for him to stand still and focus the energy.


[B]Fall from Grace: [/B]Hunter?s body changes with the help of Abaddons unique powers, his clothing becomes apart of his skin and quickly thickens and turns into a thick coat of armor that has skin like color. This is used when he is free-falling from Obsidian to deliver a powerful blow to his enemies using his weight and speed to crush them.
Hands of Power:[/B] Hunter?s arms grow in size, not to a size of obviously disgusting proportion, but in strength mostly. With this he becomes strong enough to lift cars over hi head and hurl them like baseballs. This drains his physical strength and him as the spell lasts.

[B]Shifters of Ages:[/B] This power is purely based off of Abaddons powers. This gives Hunter the ability to shape-shift himself and his Roc into any weapon. This is powerful in the fact that there is always a use for it, in any situation. But, with this spell, Hunter grows older. The shifting feeds directly off his life, causing him to age and his body to wear out. He can only use it in dire situations, such as to deliver the final crushing blow to his enemy

[B]Appearance:[/B] [B][I][url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/markcopy.jpg] Hunter Predd. [/url] [/I][/B]He doesn?t have the red eye, and his clothes consist of more practical things to wear as a Wing Rider. He has a normal, blank long sleeve shirt and a tough leather vest with unique leather gloves that cover his hands. He wears cloth pants that were made for wear and tear, especially from the back of a Roc, and the rubbing of the harness against his legs.

Prophet's Name:[/B] Abaddon

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Special Power(s): [/B]Abaddons powers are that of a shape-shifter. He can alter the very physical nature of his own body. Changing every aspect of his look at a whims notice, this ability of his gives Hunter the power to change his appearance in a multitude of ways. Sometimes subtle ways, sometimes not so subtle, he can make himself look like someone said person knows and can imitate their behavior perfectly. This is a perfect tactic for gaining the trust of someone with proper information. The only proper way he can imitate a person is by simply touching the person they are trying to find out information from.

[B]Personality:[/B] Abaddon is very manipulative and very cunning; he is ever calculating and is constantly figuring out ways to make the situation favor him. He as very little regard for people and their beliefs and constantly berates other religions with saying that Prophetism is the only true religion. He is a radical in short terms and finds no flaw in ridding the world of non-believers and heretics. As he calls them.

[B]History:[/B] Abaddon was a radical as earlier mentioned. He took action constantly, and was very forceful in his dealings. He always pressured people into the faith, making them believe that if they weren?t part of the faith, they would forever damned to the deepest pits and shunned by others for eternity. He was also very brutal in his actions towards others who were speaking of other faiths; he criticized them openly and made them out as fools to the people. He tore them down bit by bit and forced them to retreat in every meaning of the word.

He was a very intolerable man and always refused to listen to other preachers of his faith about his ways and tactics. How they were the wrong means to gain confidence in the people, he ignored every word they spoke and would even dare to ridicule them in front of the entire sect. He was hot headed then and always ready to explode at someone if they questioned his ways. He soon learned the hard way that preaching to the people, meant you needed to be subtle and kind in your words. Force only lead to an unhappy way of sending you to unwanted places. Normally, he would have been killed for his complete disregard for the faiths rules. But, due to the fact he was successful enough to draw in enough people to their sect, he was simply imprisoned into a pair of finely made leather gloves. The very same pair that Hunter Predd wears to this day.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [B][I][url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Art%20images/Nightwalker.jpg] Abaddon. [/url][/I][/B] He looks this way so that it is easier to shift forms, whenever Hunter speaks with him, he always assumes a different form, and never remains in that form for long. Always shifting bodies as the conversation continues. Only taking the black from shown when he deems the conversation over.

OOC: Hope this is all good for you Premonition. Glad to be part of this.[/SIZE]
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