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[COLOR="Red"][B][FONT="Arial Black"]Warning, this will be a mature RPG. You have been warned.[/FONT][/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]AA(After Armaggedon) 1290, July 20th
It has been many years since the day we found those magnificent machines in the dirt, the dig was so succsueful that I did not think I would be able to go a singal night with out a camera in my face. There were 12 in all, these great machines were like works of art, completely unharmed by nature and preserved perfectly; they all had unique systems that I thought we would never be able to restore but to my amazment they became functional on their own. It all happened so quickly one day, it began with the machine crafted to look like a king Cobra, all 12 of these were crafted to look like animals and the detail was amazing, the Cobra one day became operational. The systems were working as if it were brand new. It baffeled all of us, these machines were obviously built during the cyber era before our time, before we were born. It is amazing to think that they will one day be able to be used to help us defend this place we have come to call home.

August 14th, AA 1290
It has finally become a reality, we have modified them and made them opperational for this generation to use. Decifering the codes and laguages to this era and made them able for use. We are holding a ceramony to congratualte all of our scientists for making these beautiful machines. The ball is tonight and I am looking forward to handing out our awards.

August 15th, AA 1290
There was an attack tonight! Half of the machines were stolen! The Bear, Eagle, Weasle, Cobra, Hawk, and Pheniox were all taken from the hanger while the ball was in full swing, what we have left are luckily what we have considered to be the strongest of the 12 we found, the Dragon, Griffin, Black Panther, Fox, Falcon, And Wolf. I just hope the ones that were taken are not used for the means I fear that they were taken for. We are seeing who we can find to piolit this lost technology and help keep whatever threat I feel in on the horizon at bay.

Here are the Good Mechs:
Dragon(The Black Order)
Griffin (Mine)
Black Panther(Knuckles)
Falcon (Ugamon)
White Tiger(Makurayami)
Wolf (Lilt)

Opposing Mechs

Cobra(The Black Order)

Sign Ups:

Apperance(image if you can please):
Other(anything else you would like to add about your character):

Will post mine later. Have things to do.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="SeaGreen"]Name:Kredion Akimia (( Aka Gizmo))

Age: 17

Personality:Kredion Pretends to be a tough guy but has a soft kinder side. He can be very arrogant and crude however generally gives his friends what they want. He is very stubborn and Determined when he feels as if he is being challenged or threatened.. and would go through hell and high water.

Apperance(image if you can please): See attachment.

Good/Bad: Good


Other(anything else you would like to add about your character): Dispite his Age Kredion is a Mechicial Whiz and it almost seems Errie how quickly Technologies from times past seem to work for him.[/COLOR]
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[B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black]Name: [/COLOR][/FONT][/B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black]Tilda "Timofey" Alun[/COLOR][/FONT][B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black]
Age: [/COLOR][/FONT][/B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black]16
[/COLOR][/FONT][B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black] Personality:[/COLOR][/FONT][/B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black] Timofey is what people of ancient times would have called a 'son of a gun'. Since she was born into such a violent and war-torn world her personality has reflected this. She is a tough, tomboyish girl who doesn't like to ask for help unless she absolutely has to. However she is not above helping her friends out and working as a team.
[/COLOR][/FONT][B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black] Apperance(image if you can please):[/COLOR][/FONT][/B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black] [URL="http://i12.tinypic.com/878wrau.jpg"]Timofey[/URL]
[/COLOR][/FONT][B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black] Good/Bad
Mech: [/COLOR][/FONT][/B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black]Wolf
[/COLOR][/FONT][B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black] Other(anything else you would like to add about your character): [/COLOR][/FONT][/B][FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=black](Might add later but for now N/A)
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Here is mine. Looking good you guys.

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]
Name: Tynae (goes by Ty) Maxwell
Age: 20
Personality: She is bouncy and loud, loves to have fun and just be her self. She is out spoken and believes her heart no matter what. She is friendly and boyish but she is hardly ever one to see pouting, always wearing a smile it is sometimes hard to tell what she is thinking.
Apperance(image if you can please):[IMG]http://images.quizilla.com/X/XxArisaXx/1127512740_anime_girl.jpg[/IMG]
Good/Bad: Good
Mech: Griffin
Other: She acts younger than she really is and hates to act her age, he belief is it give you wrinkles to worry to much.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Name: Sorivile Ton


Personality: Completly insane, he likes to kill, he doesn't do it often though knowing if he does it too much he'll be sent back to the asylum, he has a thing for sharp objects and fire. If you befriend him he's very sweet and funny. You can always find something about him that makes you laugh like his poofy pants, or the hampster that lives in his shirt.

Apperance(image if you can please):
(He has a fang yes, only one, he's human, just with a fang)

Good/Bad: He's good, he just seems like a baddy.

Mech: Dragon

Other: A hampster lives in his shirt, he named it Sirt.He has a thing for calling people "meat sacks" when he doesn't know them, he also likes eating raw meat. (kinda crazy for a good guy huh?) He may seem crazy but he has moral and rules, he only kills the bad guys.


P.S.If you think he's not a good guy you can put him in the bad catagory and give him the weasel.I don't mind.:catgirl:
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Name: Cain Exodus
Age: 22
Personality: He comes off cold, he is quiet and reserved only saying things when it is most important. No one knows alot about him because he is not close to any one in the base and seems to like it that way being one to stay in the corner and listen not bringing attention to him self except for the true fact that he is a tacticians genius.
Apperance: See attachment
Good/Bad: Good
Mech: Panther
Other: He is known as the base shadow, he is hardly seen and never heard, silent and precise he keeps to himself and doesn't seem to like attention.
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Name: Bobby Caliendo

Age: 21

Personality: Bobby is a decent guy that doesn't like to be judged on his appearance. Bobby has pretty good manners and is actually rather acomadating (sp?) to others and rarely says no if he sees no problem with what he is being asked. He also tries to perform random acts of kindness or good deeds when he can. Bobby doesn't take kindly to be used, though, and will not stand to have be stepped on because he is too nice. He's very friendly and doesn't mind meeting new people.

He usually wears a white red shirt over his black pants with a pair of black boots. Yes, that is a tatoo on his left shoulder, it's just a tribal design that he thought looked cool. And his eyes are hazel.

Good/Bad: Good

Mech: White Tiger

Other: He tends to smoke. It's a bad habbit he's trying to get rid of.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Dang! It's been awhile since my last login! I'm gonna start the year new by joining Knuckles' Girl's RPG!

[B]Name:[/B] [COLOR="DarkRed"]Alexandria Frontier (AKA: Alta)[/COLOR]

[B]Age:[/B] [COLOR="darkred"]21[/COLOR]

[B]Personality:[/B] [COLOR="darkred"]Alta is a little twisted. She likes doing things in an off-handed manner and not caring about how she gets the job done. Usually she's just lazy and doesn't like to be bothered by simple matters that seem to mean nothing to her at all. She has a tendency to be kind when the time calls for it but she is very mean and cold all the other times. She may look young but she is wise and is great at giving advice from.[/COLOR]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Gothic%20Lolita/lolitapunk.jpg"][COLOR="darkred"]Alta[/COLOR][/URL]
Good/Bad:[/B] [COLOR="darkred"]Good[/COLOR]

[B]Mech:[/B] [COLOR="darkred"]Dragon[/COLOR]

[B]Other:[/B] [COLOR="darkred"]Alta has a tendency to smoke and drink. She is very fond of alcohol and always ends up with a hangover that makes her feel like shit. She smokes from a pipe that she always has with her.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Okay everyone, this is looking good, I have spoken to The Black Order about this and I am putting it out for those of you who would like to do this. If you have a good Character and would like to have a second and be a bad guy as well, PM your sign up I will look over it and let you know.

myanimeworld149, I went ahead and put you in the Weasle cause I think you would do better there as far as writeing goes, you seem to have alot of imagination when it comes to being evil so don't let me down. lol.

As soon as we get some evil people in here or the rest of us deciede to be a baddy I'll get this up. Thanks to everyone that joined.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Here is my second character!
[B]Name:[/B] Timothey Night

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Personality:[/B] Timothey is a sweet and caring type of guy. He cares for those around him even if they are strangers. He is best known for having a two-sided personality. While he may look nice when he's going on his daily life, he can become mean and cruel if you piss him off which is very hard to do and is rarely shown. He has a thing for animals and absolutely loves birds. He seems to attract animals and little kids due to his kind nature.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/jmb.jpg"][COLOR="navy"]Timothey[/COLOR][/URL]

[B]Good/Bad:[/B] Bad

[B]Mech:[/B] Cobra

[B]Other:[/B] Though he is on the bad side, he seems not to look the part due to his personality. He always carries a smile on his face even when he is pissed. He does this to fool others in thinking that he is just a nice guy that wouldn't harm a fly and man, are some of those people dead wrong. He has the uncanny ablity to see the true side of every person. He can see what the person is like on the inside.[/COLOR]

Hope this is good enough![/FONT]
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[COLOR="Blue"]Name: Jared Conners (Aka Jay or Belios)


Personality: Jared is a Quiet, Observing and will at times be blunt and Cruel to the point it Seems As if he is out to get you personally, He tends to rush into fights leaving him Vulerable to attacks. But generally gets himself out of trouble. He is highly Agressive and has been know to Beat down a Comrade who Cross him or says the wrong thing.

Apperance(image if you can please):See below

Good/Bad: Bad


Other(anything else you would like to add about your character): Jared has a Knack for Observing peoples Weaknesses and Playing on them. He also is a heavy Smoker, Alcoholic Whiskey being his Drink of choice and a avid Druggie for some thing called Saint he Claims awakens some deeper level of him and removes inhibatations. He also seems to have some strange connection With Kredion But as to what.. Neither will admit..[/COLOR]
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Name: Gar Hunter

Age: 23

Personality: Loud and rude. He has a profane mouth and swears constantly. He also drinks often, though his normal manner is so bad that drinking doesn't really make it that much worse. He smokes often as well.

He has a thin build, but has a decent amount of muscle. Heusually wears some jeans and a normal t-shirt.

Good/Bad: Bad

Mech: Eagle

Other: "Swears like a Sailor" - this expression pretty much defines his attitude towards everything
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Well, its been about half a year since the last time i did this, so please everyone, bear with me.

Name:Felix Alcadia


Personality: Just as he looks. He is cold, and isnt much of a people person. Although, he is very protective of the space around him, he will try to avoid a confrantation more than trying to fight.

When things get to the point that he can not leave, then he starts to become enraged.. He is a demon, thorugh and through, and his smile, matches everything dark within him.

Apperance(image if you can please): Please See Below

Good/Bad: Evil Yo!

Mech: (I asked Knuckles' Girl earlier if i could take this spot, so, i am going to try anyway.) Pheniox

Other(anything else you would like to add about your character): His eyes have an uncanny way of knowing what people are feeling. He can look at a person and then all he will do is give a small smirk. When his eyes atart to turn crazy, few people have the chance to run away before his true demon emerges.

Alright, i think that about covers it. If anything needs to be changed, please let me know.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]its going to get started soon, promise, I'm just trieing to get a few things organized and I'll have it up in the next couple of days. sorry for the wait.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]
[COLOR="Red"]Okay everyone, I have one more mission to do, since my husband decided to take over the Bear Mech I decided to make a couple new mechs so as to let my self have a second character as well. These are the new mechs.

Hyena-which is the one I will pilot and as such my sheet for the character is below.....and....
Meerkat-this is open to anyone who signs up for it, if it is not taken for when we start it will be open at anytime if someone wants to join later on for my plans for these two are for them to be found later on in the story line. I am also starting a Backstage thread shortly for questions and discussions to take place, please feel free to ask anything and let me know of any ideas you might have, I am open minded and love imagination.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Name: Ivy Stone
Age: 22
Personality: Cold and violent she hates to be bothered by unnecessary things that do not concern her. She is what many men would call a black widow for she would sooner kill her significant other(if she were to have one) than put up with them. She will do anything to have things move in her favor and will never hesitate to pull a trigger or slice a throat.
Good/Bad: Bad
Mech: Hyena
Other: She is known around the base as the viper, she is quicker to snap at someone and bite off their head for bothering her than she is to say hello or a kind word to anyone.
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Name: Nanashi De Morte
Age: 23
Personality: Cold and Quiet, not one to mess with, he won't hesitate to knock some one out or kill them just for bugging him.
Appearance:See attachment
Good/Bad: Bad
Mech: Bear
Other: His mech is a reflection of him. Large with enormous strength; dangerous and territorial with personal space.
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Name: Vulsar
Age: 19
Personality: Very observant and very reclusive. Has little to say to anyone about himself or anything in regards to him. What he does tend to leak is covered in a sort of mystery because it's mostly clues and riddles.
Good/Bad: Good
Appearance: [URL="http://www.freehomepages.com/santanada/Xellossecret.jpg"]http://www.freehomepages.com/santanada/Xellossecret.jpg[/URL]
Mech: Meerkat
Other: Trust isn't one of his best qualities.
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I don't know what good it would do to ask if their is anyroom for me but here it goes.

Name: Shaun Gear

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shaun usually dresses in jeans and a t-shirt dark brown hair hazel eyes small 5'6".

Pesonality: Shaun keeps to himself sits alone most of the time loves to take anything apart and doesn't really like other people who just stare at him

Perfession: Shaun works as a mechanic for a local shop.

Bio: Shaun was a natural born "grease monkey" taking things apart and fixing them since he could pick up a screw driver. He heard about those machines they dug up and dreamt about taking them apart or at least seeing what they looked like with out their metal exteriors.

I hope you can find a spot for me Knuckles Girl. Even if it is a small one.

Its okI know their was 1:100 chance I could get in. Well good luck and good posting.
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