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Sign Up The Chosen Eight


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Well, its been over a year since the last time i put this one up. It did pretty well, and, I want to bring it back and see if I can get some new blood into it. So, have fun, and the ones that were in it before, please, by all means, go for it agian. Have any questions, pm me and i will explain.


A man walked into a room and gasped. He was not expecting anyone else to be in the room with him. He had no clue who this person was, but he had a felling that he was about to find out.

"Sit down young one, I am going to tell you a tale, it has many truths behind it, and it could possible be what you were looking for." He took a long drag from his pipe and then sat down in a rocking chair.

"Listen old man, I am no relation to you. I was told to come here and ask you of the Chosen Eight." The young person sat down as told, but there was a look on their face as if they did not want to be there.

"Very well, tell me something first, what do you know about the eight you so desperatly seek?" The old man took another puff from his pipe then looked at the young person sitting in front of him.

"From stories, I know there were more than eight. There were hundreds, maybe even thousands, but there were eight that stood above the rest. Eca of the water, Dom of the earth, Del of the ice, Adin of the light, Sa of the darkness, Ject of the lightning, Nie of the fire, and Lia of the wind. They were gods of sorts." The old man nodded for him to go on with what he knew.

"They were powerful, and one of many that could use powers at the snap of a finger. They lived many years ago, about fourhundred, but their spirit still lives with us today. They felt that their powers were given to them for a reason. They felt that it was their duty to save the world and anything living in it. But not all of their kind felt the same way. There were many that had these powers as well as some that did not that faught agianst them to try and kill them." The young person smiled and shood their head.

"Go on. So far, you are right, and I want to know what else you know about them." The old man cleaned out his pipe and set it on the table next to him.

"Well, after four years of fighting, it was down to one last one. Each side had thousands of troops to help them. There was the good, the side that the Chosen Eight were on, and then there was the other side, the Faction, as they wanted to be called. They were only murders in many peoples eyes though."

"To go one with this story, the final fight lasted ten days, and at the end of it, only one of the Eight stood, badly hurt, she would not live much longer after this. Knowing this fact, she cast a spell on herself as well as the other seven. Noone knows what kind of spell it was, but after that day, both sides had been completely destroyed." The old man smiled as he light up his pipe once more.

"True, but only two people know what kind of spell it was. And, that is why you were sent to me. I do know, and I have to ask you a question before I tell you about the spell. How long have you known that you were a reincarnation of them?" He pointed to the boy who seemed to be shocked.

"Well, since I was twelve. I knew about it ever since I read the journal of my grandfather. Why, is there something strange about it?"

"Nothing, the spell that Adin casted was this, 'Though we may die, here today, on this land, we shall live on. Our bodies will vanish into the earth, but our sould shall never die. One day, in the future, we will be needed once more, and when that time comes, it will not be the ones you see before you, but others, the same as us, and they will be us. This last fight was one that will never see past this day. The days of spells and magic shall die here on this ground, but our lives will not. When we are needed, look to the young, they shall be us, and we shall be them." The old man closed his eyes as he started to smile.

"What is it, what is so funny?" The young person asked, sitting up a little more.

"In these times, the outside, what everyone sees is wonderful. There appears to be no harm, but that is only a coverup. Down deep within our world, it is turning into a hell. Soon, the world will be ingulfed in flames, and the Chosen Eight will be the only ones to stop it. And you, young one, are a reincarnation of someone from the past. Who, i do not know, but you appear to have chosen a wonderful new body, please help find the others. You will know when you meet them, and they will know when they see you, who you really are. Now, go, you are needed elsewhere." The young person stood up and walked out of the building.

"This is freaking crazy." The young one looked up to the sky and looked around. Something was pulling at their heart, and the feeling was clear, come here, now!


Alright, thats it. There will be seven signups, plus mine. I will take more, but only one of each reincarnation. Fight for them if you want to. Here are the eight to pick from.

Eca- Of the Water
Dom- Of the Earth
Nie- Of the Fire
Adin- Of the Light
Sa- Of the Darkness
Ject- Of the Lightning
Lia- Of the Wind
Del- Of the Ice

Pick from one of those. In this rp, you are a reincarnation, but the reason why you are back are a mystery. Somehwere something is going wrong, and it is big enough for you to be brough back to handle it. IF there are any questions, please ask and I will answer. Here is the sighup.

Age: 16-28 please
Gender: It does not have to be the same as the reincarnation. Say Lia is a female, you may be a male reincarnation.
Personality: Two paragraphs on this one please
Appearance: Pic or written
Rencarnation of: Which one are you
Power: Goes along with the reincarnation.
Weapon: Still times of melee so take it from there
Bio: How did you find you you were a reincarnation, or if you want to find out later, an experience with some of your powers.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]WooT! I was wondering if this was ever gonna come back. lol. Good to see you again konske.

Name: Ai
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: Playful and childish she loves to play pranks and have fun. She is energetic to the brink of ADHD and loves making people laugh. She is an ice breaker and makes friends almost everywhere she goes not judging a person she gets to know them first. But this once she is in a fight her personality flips and she becomes serious and dark. She is merciless in battle and never blinks when she kills.
Appearance: [URL="http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g307/akina_anime_gurl93/?action=view¤t=Asakura_Tsubame_by_maxwindy.jpg"]Ai[/URL]
Reincarnation of: Lia- Of the Wind
Power: Control over wind and the ability to create wind storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes.
Weapon: She wields a large scythe, the handle is solid oak and the blade is jet black. She also carries two short swords that she keeps on her back.
Bio: She was born in a small village in the south, she was always treated special and trained harder than any of the other children in how to defend her self. Never understanding she went with it regardless. She was in her early teens when a freak accident caused her village to catch fire. Since than she has been on her own, she was 18 when she was attacked in the woods by a group of bandits and as they played with her life she became more and more angered until a large gust o wind spread the fire across the camp traping them all within it. Her eyes a solid white the wind began to rip them apart and kill them with out judgemet. She realized than that her anger is what triggered it and began to practice with it more and more. At the age of 20 she has the strange power down to where she can create small wind storms and adding the wind to her speed of running. Feeling a strange pull at her heart she is heading in the direction the pull is coming from.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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(this is gonna be a challenge! i like challenges!)

Name: Kailo Lisathera

Age: 18

Gender: female

Personality: Kailo is very sweet most of the time but does get violent when mad just like a fire. When she gets free time she enjoys reading and sketching, sometimes making fires start in a fireplace with a snap of her fingers. Many see her as a gentle kind girl, but her last three boyfriends will tell her discipline techniques are quiet harsh.(he uses a sword)

Not most people know her anyways and just know her by,"That girl with the purple hair" The ones that dop know her always will say "Nice, but don't get her mad, she burned down the neighbor's house one time" So don't get her mad.

Appearance: [url]http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?id=244105[/url]

Rencarnation of: Nie- of the fire

Power: controls fire(obviously), can concentrate the fire into a very intense small ball that can burn nthrough almost anything and cause holes in people sides, very good hand-to-hand skills, a few little surprises that will come up in the story later.(not that big, just like "oh i didn't know you can do that!" kind of thing)

Weapon: a staff with a point on the bottom.(helps her control the fire) made of wood, straight and smooth the top looks like a lioness's head and a large black heart charm off it.

Bio: She was met by a strange man who told her she was a reincarnation, at first she didn't believe him but sooner or later she had to once she accidently set her neighbor's house on fire.:animeswea
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[COLOR="magenta"]It's been a long time since I last saw this thread put up. I'm ready to rock and roll!![/COLOR]

Name: [COLOR="magenta"]Riiko[/COLOR]

Age: [COLOR="magenta"]21[/COLOR]

Gender: [COLOR="magenta"]Female[/COLOR]

Personality: [COLOR="magenta"]She was taught to never waste things and to live your life like it was your last. Riiko shines like the sun and has the most carefree attitude of all. Nothing ever seems to get by her and it's almost scary how happy she really is. She also has a dark side to her which she supresses in order to keep her well being and everyone safe. Not all is happy when "it" appears and decides to take over.[/COLOR]

Appearance: [URL="http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Anime%20Girls/Normal%20Girls/m44251477.jpg"][COLOR="magenta"]Riiko[/COLOR][/URL]

Rencarnation of: [COLOR="magenta"]Adin[/COLOR]

Power: [COLOR="magenta"]Light. She can control the light anything that has to do with "Good Magic." She is like a preistess that can send energy waves and balls of light from her katanas along with some wicked spell casting.[/COLOR]

Weapon: [COLOR="magenta"]She has two katanas that she carries on her back.[/COLOR]

Bio: [COLOR="Magenta"]Born near the shores the beautiful sun and the gorgeous beaches is something that is memorible to Riiko. Bright blue skies and the sun that never seemed to darken were just what she loved about the ocean. Darkness was something she didn't like. It felt like it would shroud her or overcome her. She was taught to be strong and live up to what her expectations were. She loved the sun and soon become of the most beautiful girls around her area. That didn't last long though. Although she was beautiful she never had a real family. She was adopted when she was around ten and life never seemed to same since.

All of her dreams when she was adopted seemed to have disappeared until she was fourteen. For those two years of her life all she could remember was the rushing sound of waves crashing against the shore and pulling back to effortessly. Riiko's pursued her dream of becoming something useful. Although she still is a college student but has begun to see the brighter things in life. Her life that is. But little did she know that the light in her heart was a whole different meaning.[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Nero

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Personality:[/B] Nero's a bad ass in every respect, he has huge problems with authority but doesn't like taking the lead and sticks to himself, this usually causes conflict in large groups trying to work together. By the way he dresses and how he looks over all, allot of people tend to be afraid of him. Which works out because he isn’t really a people person. Preferring to have 4 or 5 close friends rather than knowing 700 people by name and gender.

However for those kind - or perhaps brave - enough to get to know him, Nero is actually a very nice guy. He protects those he cares about, defends others rights, and he‘s even a romantic at heart. Unfortunately his smart alec mind set and lack of any tact what so ever has made him the enemy of practically all who haven't known him personally.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs4/i/2004/215/a/7/Gundam__Yukio_Unbound.jpg"]Nero[/URL]

[B]Rencarnation of:[/B] Sa, of darkness.

[B]Power:[/B] Nero controls the power of darkness and shadows. Changing and bending it to is whim he can blot out all light in an area around him. As well as using it's powers to manifest physical force. To hold someone, draining their energy, or in extreme cases crush a limb or something. Though even a fore-arm fracture takes fair bit of concentration. Another innate ability he has is that of night sight, Nero can see perfectly even in pitch darkness. Though he is getting more and more skilled with his powers everyday. Most recently trying to master his ability to travel in shadows (litterally)

[B]Weapon:[/B] The katana in the pic and these [URL="http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l142/gooseberry_01/darkgauntlets.jpg"]Gauntlets[/URL] which help him channel his dark energy.

[B]Bio:[/B] Nero knew he was “special” from a very young age, through no fault of his own either, he was just talking to some of his fellow classmates and they came to the conclusion he was the only one among them who could find his way around in the dark of night. It was not long after when he learned he could control the darkness itself. He was a bit of a miscreant when he was smaller so as usual he was sneaking around into off limits areas just so he could say he did. That night it was the local library’s ancient studies wing, where only the most regal and powerful of elders and royals were allowed to enter during broad daylight. All Nero had to do was hop a fence pick a lock and he was in, walk in the park, then go home and everyone will be in awe. His classmates, on the other hand, believed it would be funny to tell him there was no-one guarding the library at night. When most of the class knew that Reginald‘s, Reggie for short, anyway they knew Reggie’s father was in fact the watchman on duty that night. They also knew Reggie’s father liked to beat trespassers to a pulp, regardless of age.

As Nero entered the library the only thought in his mind was “I am going to be so cool tomorrow.” As he walked through the ancient studies wing he was oblivious to the guard walking just two isles away. He did however hear him once he walked into a small table hidden in the shadows. The guard was quite tired now and wasn’t walking as straight as possible. Nero quickly ran around a corner, witlessly making clear noise as his feet clonked against the hardwood floors. He looked around and every isle was clearly lit by two fairly spaced open flame lanterns. Nero’s eyes darted back and forth, he finally gave up and kneeled down praying the guard would just walk by and miss him by chance. As the guard entered the isle Nero was hiding in, the shadows cast by each lantern twisted and turned back on itself strangely. The shadows eventually slithered all the way back to the flames and consumed them. As the guard looked down he could only see darkness. He walked blindly down the isle arms stretched forth to find the seemingly put out lantern. Although Nero’s darkness can only hide objects, it does not blink them from existence. The guard didn’t know this fact obviously, and tragically, ended up putting his hand into an open oil flame. Of coarse the guard ran for the nearest water source, in this case a decorative fountain near the front of the library. Nero took his chance and dismissing the strange events for now ran out of the library, via the back door. He later discovered what had happened and learned to control his abilities, though not fine tuned yet he does have a major advantage over your everyday thug.
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good, I like them so far. Of course, i still need more. So, signups are still welcome, so, have at it people. Here is mine.

Name: Immanuel Gabriel (Manny For Short)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: He is a pretty care free guy. He smiles alot, despite his appearance. He is a hyper and go getter. When given the chance, he will joke around and mess with people untill they start to get angry.

He does hjowever, care about people. He will use his electricity as a sheild if he is able. He would rather protect people than let them get hurt. Wether they like him or not.

Appearance: Its below

Rencarnation of: Ject Of Lightning

Power: Due to his spontanious nature, he is able to be absorbed by lightning bolts and travel within them. He is able to exit them at his own free will. Also, he is able to feel the electrical pulses of a creatures heart beat, as well as the electrical impulses of a creatures mind, wether they are human or not.

With his weapon, he is able to create a current within the weapon so that if anything touches it, they will get an electrifying jolt. Think of an electric fence, but he is able to control the ammount of voltage that travels through the weapon itself.

Weapon: He uses the sword in the pic below.

Bio: At the age of seven, he was struck by lightning, eight times. After the last bolt, he stood up and walked into his home. As he walked in, leverything metal started to risea nd float into the air.

His parents started to freak out. They tried to grab him, but as they did, an electric blast shot from him, causing their hearts to explode, killing them in an instant. The only one to survive was his sister, who at the time was at school.

When she got home, she saw her dead father and mother. She looked around and tried to find Manny, but wasnt able to. She then began to search for him. Not knowing that after he killed them, he ran, trying not to harm anyone else until he was able to control his problem.

Four years later, he now at the age of eleven, he was traveling through a small town when he heard someone call his name. As he turned he saw his sister, she has a look of joy on her face. He frowned and looked away.

He told her the story and told him what happened four years earlier. She began to freak out nad was about to try and attack him when his electricity shocked her, knocking her out cold.

Waslking past was a man. He reached out and was able to touch Manny. Though, struggleing, he gave a small smile. As Manny looked at him with a shock on his face. All the man could do was smile and say, "I am glad to see that the reincarnation of Ject lives so strongly within such a capable young man." After the old man said those words, he nodded his head and walked off.

From that day forward, Manny used his powers to try and find out the most he could about this Ject. He left hsi sister in the town, ad has been able to control his powers a great deal more than he was able to when he was eleven. He also got word that his sister got married and now has a family of her own. He misses her, but he knows that being a reincarnation means that he has a destiny that must be fufilled, and he has chosen not to die until he is able to complete his mission.

there she is. as i said before, hope i get more signups, and have fun yall.......yeah....
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[B][I]Name:[/I][/B] Isa

[B][I]Age:[/I][/B] 19

[B][I]Gender:[/I][/B] Male

[B][I]Personality:[/I][/B] Isa is intense. Not intense like the heat of searing flames, but intense like the steady movement of a monumental glacier through the northern waters - powerful, unrelenting, and unforgiving. Isa speaks little, but his words are often beautiful and cold, like a wintry day so soon consumed by night. His voice carries the burden of icy years, and his silence carries the chill of the newfallen snow.

Beyond the layers of frost and rime, his heart is heavy with sorrow, chilled by a hope that one day past tragedies will be forgotten.

[B][I]Appearance:[/I][/B] [URL="http://fuzzyblowfish.com/sandman.jpg"]http://fuzzyblowfish.com/sandman.jpg[/URL]
Reincarnation:[/I][/B] Del, of the Ice

[B][I]Power:[/I][/B] His pact with the unyielding glacier has brought him superhuman fortitude and longevity. His pact with the spirits of the frost has brought him the power to freeze any liquid, and also to sustain its solid state. His pact with the blizzard snows has given him the power to call the might of ancient snowstorms into a single, chilling blast springing forth from his palm. His pact with the north, the winter, and the chilling breeze has brought him speed and agility that far surpass the mortal man's.

[B][I]Weapon:[/I][/B] An innumerably large number of handcrafted vials of multicolored liquid. He also carries several waterskins on his person at all times.

[B][I]Bio:[/I][/B] A winter's chill crept through Isa's body as he trudged through the windswept snow. The wind shrieked through his hair and cloak, howling like a mad spirit between the oak-branches. The snowflakes swept past his face at blinding speed, and yet he traveled on.

Darkness fell, and yet the world was still white for all the snow. Each step towards the summit sank deep into unmarred snowdrifts, every footfall measured, calculated, every leg outstretched with unflinching rhythm and unyielding intensity. The wind could howl and screech, awaking the nightspirit with its horrid wail, but Isa's ears were deaf to its agony.

Onward he climbed, each step bringing him closer to the summit. The wind cried out for him to turn back, a futile gesture to Isa's focused mind. Soon, his dark eyes fell upon a circle of stones, pulsating blue and radiating the cold of the relentless snowfall. Isa did not yield, not even in a gesture of reverence for the awesome sight, for fear his legs would fail him on the way.

He entered into the circle, almost continuing beyond it in his desperate momentum, but an invisible force held him rapt in the center. The winds around him died, the snow around him fell silently to the ground.

[i]"What question would you have us answer, Del of the ice and cold?"[/i] The stones spake, a voice that seemed to mimic the tortured wails of the wind, but at a whisper. The hush of the voice was almost soothing to Isa's now throbbing head, but held with it the painful reminder that to rest would mean death.

Isa drew a breath of frigid air, and asked the question.

The stones answered.

The force holding him fast relented, and he felt his feet continue with their momentum, heavy with a new kind of burden. With clockwork precision and measured steps, he climbed steadily down the mountain-face no longer mortal.

Downward he trod, step by step.

The stones had spoken, calling him by name.

Del, of the ice and cold.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]OMFG! I can't believe that it's back! I am so ready to get this show on the road!

[B]Name: [/B]Sanagi

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Personality:[/B] She is very twisted and weird. She tends to do things in an offhanded manner and never cares what the outcome would be. She enjoys watching the plants grow because to her it's like the life of a human on how it grows up and then slowly dies away. She can be kind and gentle if the matter comes for it but she can be mean and cruel. She doesn't like to say much but she is good at giving great advice. Almost sage like.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m5/key_of_darkness/everyday%20anime/Gothic%20Lolita/LolitaGirlsofHaruhi.jpg"][B]Sanagi[/B][/URL] is the one with the black and white dress.

[B]Reincarnation: [/B]Dom

[B]Power:[/B] The fact of her sage-like personality, she is able to grow plants and use them for herbs for injuries and what not; but she can use the plants as weapons and poison. She is able to use the plants to do her bidding and can supply food for herself and commrads. She tends to care for mostly the flower, lotus since it symbolizes lonilness or forgotten.

[B]Weapon:[/B] She is usually seen holding a parasol. Many people find it intersting but she just carries it around. The parasol is actually a hidden sword. She carries around kunai and shuriken as well as a few poisons.

[B]Bio:[/B] Sanagi had live a hard and terrible life. Losing her parents at the age of 4 seemed have turned the worst for her. After that tragic moment, none of her relatives would take her in and she was forced to live by herself. But she didn't care. She thought that everyone was against her and that it was better for them to not care for her at all.
She had been living in a house that she found near the shores. Near the side of house, was a bunch of herbs that grew and flourished. She had planted some plants so that she didn't have to go into town to get food. She just perfered to by alone.
One day when she was watering her plants, a knock came from her door. She set down the watering pot and walked towards the side gate and went through to the front. She saw that standing there was nothing more than a plant. As she walked closer, she looked around to see if it was a trick but her keen eyes saw nobody. She picked up the plant and walked inside her house.
She set down the plant and wondered what kind of plant it was. It had no buds and it didn't look like a food plant. She went back outside and all she could think of when she was watering her other plants, was what kind of plant that plant was. After she finished watering her plants, she walked back inside and to her surprise, the plant had bloomed into a lotus flower.
She was amazed and suddenly started hearing voices.
[COLOR="DarkRed"][B]"Dom of the Earth. Hear our call! We have long waited your return![/B][/COLOR]
She didn't know what to do. She was shocked. The lotus was calling to her and calling her [I]Dom.[/I][/FONT]
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[color=royalblue][u]Name:[/u] Selenia
[u]Age:[/u] 28
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Personality:[/u] Selenia's name means "divine sea", and such a name certainly has had an effect on Selenia's personality. Like the gently flowing waves of the sea, like a brook cascading its way through the foggy hillside, Selenia flows through her own fantastical world. She is a very creative and imaginative sort of person, one who sees beauty and purpose in the world around her. Perhaps that is why she's so into music and potery, as those two are expressions of the essence of life. Selenia really formulates a lot of what she talks about out of her own observations and ideas, so it can be said that she's selfish under the surface. Actually, above the surface, she can be a very kind and respectful person. It's just not in her nature to hate people--a part of her system of beliefs is to respect those around you, and to always be aware of divine presences all around. One such divine force is karma--an extra reason to be extremely careful in causing any sort of harm. In fact, the only reason why she might carry weapons is as a form of self-defense. In her case, self-defense really is an issue, so...

Other than that, Selenia does like to be involved in conversations with people. Maybe not to start them, but to help them along, like the waves of the ocean causing a boat to bob up and down. Also, as for when she happens to be in a perilous situation... If she's assaulted or kidnapped, say, she'd most likely wait patiently then sneak away when the time is right. Just like water leaking out of a pipe that strives to contain it. Selenia really is good at sneaking around and being unnoticed, and if she were not so worried about karma, she might make a good thief as well. Well, she might be a good (insert name of destructive occupation here) if she really had reason to be. And perhaps if she could only focus on something instead of drifting away into other states of mind... Anyways, as for likes and such, Selenia does not like to fight and loves cloudy or foggy days and clear nights, and has a slight love of the darkness in general, as it is during the nighttime that the moon is out and has the chance to cause beautiful reflections on the water. She also has an affinity for legends and rumours.

[u]Appearance:[/u] Selenia is a short little woman, not too much taller than four feet, a rather slender figure topped by wisps of long black hair. Her light, pinkish skin tone compliments her raspberry-coloured eyes, not to mention her pointy little nose and the way her ears slant back in an almost elf-ish sort of way.

As far as outfit is concerned... Most people who see Selenia first notice a unique crystal-blue garment made of a soft yet fairly thick, glossy, and flexible material. It looks a little cloak-like on the top because of its large, elbow-length sleeves and the little hood in the back, but then on the bottom it tapers off into three petal-like tails on the sides and back. The whole cloak-like thingy (?) is fastened in the front with a circular charm consisting of a crystal orb and silver wiring across it. But enough about that. Selenia also wears a skirt that's white on the top and dark purple on the bottom, and short black boots made of a very soft fur. 'Tis about it... unless you count the large, padded bag made of a sort of black reptile skin.

[u]Reincarnation:[/u] Eca (Water)
[u]Powers:[/u] Selenia's powers are more of the magical sort, especially of water and lunar magic. (Well, countless water goddesses have also been moon goddesses, so... and besides, the moon influences the tides.) She's most noted for being able to manipulate the shape and pressure of water, sort of like using telekinesis to move water and only water. (It works with ice and steam too, but not as effectively because they're not in the liquid phase.) When combined with an ability to breathe underwater, this makes a person who can move through water very quickly. Anyways, Selenia is also very good with potion-making, as that is also considered a water-based practice. One of her most common potions is one that instantly heals wounds--it also helps that blood is also ruled over by the element of water, so this would be easy for her to make.

Selenia also has a few moon-based powers--the effectiveness of these varies with the lunar phase (they're most effective during a full moon). Most notable of these is a blast of lunar energy fired from her sword. Then there's the ability to detect the presence of water. Finally, Selenia's energy level tends to vary a lot with the lunar phase.

[u]Weapons:[/u] Selenia mainly carries around a sword made of crystal rather than any sort of metal (well all right, the handle is made of silver...), and even has a few sapphires embedded in the handle. The crystal part of the blade really helps with channeling lunar energies, and in some cases can be used as a dowsing rod... Still, Selenia is not an expert in using a sword, so it's a good thing the sword is light and also has another "ability" or two. But anyways, Selenia also carries around a small cauldron and a few little bottles for storing potion ingredients in (one of which always contains something similar to holy water), an ocarina, and a little silver knife that can be used for anything from stabbing people to cutting up ingredients to picking a lock.

[u]Bio:[/u] Selenia comes from a sort of community that occupies an entire hill, called Castle Hill. It's an obvious name, since it's a hill with a castle on top. This castle obviously houses the king or queen of Castle Hill, currently the benevolent King Ferien and the mischievous Princess Blackmere. Supposedly the King has known for ages about the Chosen Eight and has awaited their return for several years, and the Princess is formulating a plot to destroy the Eight. The castle itself guards a portal to a foreign world where it is always nighttime, a world that's inhabited by faeries and dragons and merpeople and the like. The king's main job is to regulate what can go through this portal, and he's very strict about not letting any non-humans through the portal. The only people that have been through this portal were kings or queens, or members of a certain family of thieves and spies. This family was the Reishi family, and was the family Selenia was born into.

Selenia only traveled through the fabled portal once in real life--when she was a little girl, her mother carried her through there on one of her nighttime sneaks into the castle. The only thing Selenia remembers about that experience was riding on a dragon for a short while, an experience that occasionally showed up in a dream later on in her life. But over time it became increasingly harder to enter the portal (it became more heavily guarded), so another such opportunity never arose. But this gave Selenia the opportunity to focus more on the little things in her life on Castle Hill. So she would explore the grassy slopes and the foggy river and the moonlit lake, and take up interest in such things as cooking, dancing, writing, and potion-making. The latter she actually learned from her grandmother.

Long ago, residents of Castle Hill undertook a journey at some point in their life to discover their true purpose in life. The journey often involved going through the portal in the castle, but that was obviously near impossible in the present. Selenia always wanted to take such a journey into the outside world. Even though that journey was delayed by taking care of her three children for a while, Selenia eventually found herself wandering into a cave in a nearby hill... which led into a word of fog she couldn't see in at all. Eventually she came to discover a crystal sword, which led her back home. This sword seemed to be embedded with water magic and lunar energies, and also seemed to be part of a new turn in her life... For over time, Selenia began to discover abilities within herself, which she always found out about through prophetic dreams or through meditation, and which she often practiced near the lake by moonlight, secure under cover of the surrounding fog. For Selenia could not imagine how people would react to her newfound abilities.

Then Selenia had a dream where a seahorse swam out in front of her and said, "Hello Eca, deity of water. Or should I say 'reincarnation of Eca, deity of water'. Do not be afraid, water child. Come with me, ride on my back, and you shall unite with the other Chosen Eight. I will meet you by the lake on the third night of the full moon..." Anyways, after the dream, Selenia immediately headed out to the lake the seahorse told her to go to, upon which she immediately spotted the little seahorse jumping in and out of the lake. A few minutes after she spotted her, though, a shadow moved across the full moon, causing a lunar eclipse. When the moon was fully eclipsed, the seahorse transformed into a horse that Selenia knew too well--Yuna, a young white horse with hooves that looked to be coated with silver, a horse that had been her companion for many years. Apparently, Yuna had just become a "were-horse", a horse that transformed into a seahorse during a full moon. But anyways, the following day, Selenia left the village, riding on Yuna towards another voice that called to her...[/color]

OOC: I hope having the horse is okay... I added the bit about beign a "were-horse" (see last paragraph of bio) just for a little fun... :)

And I might have the king and princess mentioned in the bio take part in the story as well...
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alright...now that all the slots are filled i think its about time to get this thing started. just a heads up for all of you, it will get started in about a day. so, be looking for it. hopefully this thing will do as good as the last one. so, we shall see.
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[B]OCC: konske and I worked this out.[/B]

Name:[/B] Natin Uriel[B]

[/B][B]Age: [/B]23[B]

[/B][B]Gender: [/B]Male[B]
[B]Personality:[/B] He has a very mature feeling about him. He rarely jokes around, finding those that do to be childish. He has been a drifter for a while now so he prefers solitude over the company of others. He is rarely seen smiling and seems to have a pessimistic outlook at situations, always seeing the grim side of everything. Despite all of this he seems to have a charismatic aura. He is very polite to everybody and tries his hardest to be nice.

[B]Appearance: [/B]See Below[B][/B]
[B]Reincarnation of:[/B] Kroan[B]

[/B][B]Power:[/B] [U]Spirit[/U] - since every living being houses a spirit, Natin (even though he doesn't know it) can control them and even posses a person. Like a puppet master he is able to make a person move, but the stronger the person's will is the harder it is for him to control them. He can also sense other people spirit and can find out many things about how they live by doing this. Another ability he has is to concentrate the living spirit that is all around us into pure energy to use like an extension of his body. Such as focusing and being able to bring spiritual energies into our plane of existence and manipulate it to his needs.
Weapon:[/B] A long sword (see below)[B]
[B]Bio:[/B] Natin dosen't remember much of his own childhood, just that he and his family were enslaved when he was only three years old. He was sold off almost instantly to a nobles family as a servant, never to see his parents again. He was put to work as the family's daughter's playmate, and from then on Natin held a strong hatred for his mistress. He grew up, with each year came a new chore to do for his mistress but he always held the duty of her playmate. She too grew up and with each year her beauty seemed to multiply tenfold, but no matter how she appeared and what kind thing she would do for him he would always hate her and her family. Natin sat in the garden waiting for his mistress for their play date as per usual routine after his chores. She walked up and Natin sprang to his feet and bowed as was expected of him. She asked him to sit back down and she sat with him. She seemed distracted and distant they sat in silence for a while and she finally lunged forward pecking him on the cheek and then speeding off. That night Natin was stopped by his mistress on the way back to his quarters where she confessed her love for him. She pleaded for him to elope with her but he declined her offer. She realized that he felt the exact opposite for her and would probably never return her feelings. She set him free not only as a gift for him but so she may be able to forget her feelings for him. He gave a humble thank you and left that night without saying another word. He has been drifting from town to town ever since.
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