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RPG The Chosen Eight


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[CENTER][I][SIZE="2"]"We may die, here today, on this land, we shall live on. Our bodies will vanish into the earth, but our sould shall never die. One day, in the future, we will be needed once more, and when that time comes, it will not be the ones you see before you, but others, the same as us, and they will be us. This last fight was one that will never see past this day. The days of spells and magic shall die here on this ground, but our lives will not. When we are needed, look to the young, they shall be us, and we shall be them."[/SIZE][/I][/CENTER]

[COLOR="Red"]"So, when are they gonna get here?" [/COLOR]A tall man said, a smile on his face. He turned around as a ball of fire engulfed a small pile of sticks.

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]"Calm down Nie. they will come when they are ready. As far as that time comes, who shall know when it is."[/COLOR] A calm woman smiled sitting around the fire.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]""Well, Adin, it is said that they are to come soon. Or at least, that is what you always said. As long as they are strong, that is all that I care about."[/COLOR] The giant of a man said, looking down at the fire as lightning bolts started to dance along the night sky.

[COLOR="Sienna"]"Right, you just hope your reincarnation isnt a girl, right Ject? Besides, what should it matter what gender they are. As long as they are able to do the task that we set them put to do, what does it matter?"[/COLOR] A burly man of the earth said, a smirk on his face.

In the cold night air, one man slowly falls from the sky above. His laught startles the rest of the group. All eight of them stand, weapons drawn. They are ready, for they know that their enamy is close, and they know that they are of no match to him at the moment.

"Where the hell is he? That low life bastard!" A girl with dark hair spits on the ground, looking around for the source of the voice.

[COLOR="Blue"]"Sa, keep your calm. He will show himself soon enough."[/COLOR] Another woman said, looking behind the group.

[COLOR="Cyan"]"I knew we should have searched for them on our own. Damn. Lets hope he doesn't show himslef any time soon, Eca." [/COLOR]A male with ice blue eyes said, gritting his teeth.

[COLOR="Pink"]"Well, Dom, don't hold your breath."[/COLOR] The last said, pointing up at the sky as a man in multi color landed before the eight. A wicked smile shown on his face as he looked from person to person.

Its not nice to talk badly about someone. You all should know that. Listen, i will tell you this, and only once. I want your reincarnations to come at me with full force. Send them. If they keep me waiting, i will start taking over this world and I will leave nothing in my wake. You have been warned, I would hurry if I were you all." His laugh started to scare even the birds away. And, as soon as he had shown himslef, he vanished into the darkenss of the night.

"Adin, I think it would be smart to gather them all here, as soon as possibe." Sa said, walking next to her counterpart. "If we wait any longer, they may be hurt in the cross fire between us and him."

[COLOR="darkorchid"]"You are wrong, my sister. We no longer have bodies, unlike him. We must do our fighting through them. Let us pray that they are ready."[/COLOR] She clasped her hands together as a beacon of light rose into the heavens, calling the reincarnations to their location, ontop of the giant mountian.

[COLOR="darkorchid"]"You must come, you eight. You have been chosen, so head my call. Come as soon as you are able. We will not wait long. Please, hurry. We do not have much time."[/COLOR]


Off to the mountian we go, that is where we will start this. See you all there.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Sanagi was busily tending to her plants in her garden when she heard what seemed like a woman's voice calling. She looked around but she didn't see anyone. She went back to tending her plants when the voice came again. Instead of looking around, she closed her eyes and focused on the voice. [I]'You must come, you eight. You have been chosen, so head my call. Come as soon as you are able. We will not wait long. Please, hurry. We do not have much time.'[/I] said the voice as it faded away.

Sanagi didn't know what was going on until she opened up her eyes and she was facing the huge mountain near the end of the valley. She could see a light coming from it and wondered if anyone else could see it. She remembered the words of what the voice said and she knew that something was waiting for her, but what? She walked back inside her house and started getting a few things to make her way to the mountain. She made herself a lunch since she knew it wouldn't take long, a day's worth at the least. She grabbed some kunais and shuriken incase something were to attack her. She grabbed her parasol which was actually a hidden sword. She took a few poisons and healing herbs.

She gathered all the stuff and put it into a bag. She swung the bag around her shoulder and grabbed the parasol as she headed out the door. She stood at the back of her house and felt the calm cool breeze of midday. [COLOR="DarkRed"][B]"It's a beautiful day today. I better get going if I want to make it before nightfall,"[/B][/COLOR] she said as she started walking towards the mountain towards the light that had called her and others that would soon follow.[/FONT]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ai sighed as the voice faded from her head, she had a feeling that something like this was going to happen. Tapping her toes on the path to make sure they were tight she began to sprint towards the large mountain in the distance. In her head she calculated the time it would take to get there.
"A few hours tops, maybe less if I punch it."
She felt the ball of energy swell in her chest and concentrated on it pushing it downwards towards her feet and felt her speed pick up though she never moved her body faster. The large scythe on her back causing the wind to whistle as she ran, the pale outfit she wore giving her plenty of room to move as she ran, something that she found in the last few months she loved to do. It was only an hour till she reached the mountain and decided that she would stop and take a break, she had a feeling that getting there first wouldn't be the best prize in the world. She chuckled at that thought, usually first there always got something good, but her gut told her not this time. She would wait and see if anyone else would listen to the voice and show. She ducked behind a tree and changed into a par of dark brown slacks, black boots, and a black tunic, letting her Grey/black hair down she shook it out and ran her fingers through it as it brushed the back of her thighs; she took a deep breath as she replaced her weapons and stepped out into the clearing just before the large mountain, sitting down she began to chew on a piece of dried deer meat and waited patiently.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Nero was having a nice long rest after a busy night. Nero tended to be sort of nocturnal. While he was sleeping however he had a very strange dream, even stranger than how weird dreams usually are.

[I]He was walking down the street in some sort of huge town,. The streets were packed and travelling merchants covered everywhere that there wasn't a door to some actual store. As he walked he noticed something strange. Everyone on the street was not speaking normally, they were all repeating one little speech "You must come, you eight. You have been chosen, so head my call. Come as soon as you are able. We will not wait long. Please, hurry. We do not have much time." Each tourist and vender simply repeated it over and over, each in his or her own accent and voice, and not exactly in harmony. Nero started looking around and panicked a little when he realised he wasn't wearing his gauntlets and his katana was missing from his hip. As the world seemed to begin spinning around centered on Nero, all the voices became distorted and eventually synchronized and changed tone to that of a woman. "You must come, you eight. You have been chosen, so head my call. Come as soon as you are able. We will not wait long. Please, hurry. We do not have much time." the uniform feminine voice of thousands simply repeated over and over, louder and louder. Finally there was dead silence and everything went black "Nero come now!" a mysterious new voice called. out the voice was so loud, so demanding, Nero cold not focus on anything else it echoed in his mind. Then from the shadows he began to see an image. It was a mountain, with a bright beacon shining from the highest peak the light became brighter and blinded him, the voice repeated once ore "Nero come now!".[/I]

Nero then sat upright in his bed. "Whoa!" he said loudly, whipping the cold sweat from his brow. "What the hell was that about?!" he spoke to himself. He sat in his bed breathing deeply for a while, with his hand gripping his katana so tight it was quivering. Nero slept with his katana in hand as a result of his minor paranoia. "I so need a walk" he told himself as he got out of bed. He forced his palm open to let go of his sword long enough to put on his clothes. He fit on his gauntlets and secured the blade tightly to his hip before heading out, sure to lock his door behind him. It was sunset, he probably would have woken up in a few hours anyway. As Nero walked down the street with his black trench-vest blowing in the cold wind, his arms were not cold, true his vest had no sleeves but his gauntlets covered practically his entire arms and shielded them from the feint cold. "Damn, that was messed up." He sad to himself quietly. No matter how much he tried he could not focus on anything but the saying which the people in his dream repeated so stubbornly. His mind frame was a little distracted when a real merchant called out to him.

"I'm just about to close young man are you sure you don't want to buy anything?" Nero replied already angry "Hell no!" he insistent shop keep would not give up though "I have the finest meats in all the land, it will be a chilly night, are you sure you do not want to cook up a fine strew with fine meats?" Nero has such a short fuse it's likely he doesn't have one at all, which could be noticed in his next reply "Hey buddy, if you don't leave me alone I'll make you into a stew! got it?" Nero gripped the handle of his katana and unsheathed it about an inch. "Understood!" the man answered before running into his shop and locking the door" "Damn sales-men." Nero complained as he slid his bade snugly back into it's home. "The sun quickly set but Nero could still see clearly as day, not as usual which he could attribute to his night vision, but because there was still a bright source of light. He looked around saying "where the hell is that coming from?" His eyes went wide and his mouth fell open as he finally located the light's source. "No way" he tried to convince himself he wasn't really looking at it, but there was no escaping. The light was coming from a mountain off to the south. "Nero, come now" he remembered the word in his dream. With a slightly disturbing grin Nero opened his arms toward the mountain. "Fine! I'll bite." and with that Nero began his long walk toward the mountain.

Fortunately the gargantuan hill was not far from the town he resided in hand he made his way, by about morning, to the mountains base. "I wonder if anyone else will be up there... Well one way to find out right?" ad as he spoke to himself once more, Nero started hiking, hoping to make it to the tip before noon, as he hated noon, for it was the time when there were the least shadows and he knew he would be at a disadvantage should he get into a scrap. He was roughly half way up the mountain when he noticed the position of the sun, squinting s he gauged what time it was. With a large sigh he noticed it would probably be exactly noon when e got to his destination, "this is gunna suck!" he whined as he pulled himself up a stony ridge, making his way ever closer to the summit.

Sorry about the long post, couldn't stop myself :animeswea.
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"What the?" Kailo sat there, hearing a voice in her head.
Thinking it was important since all the voices in her head has never steered her wrong set out for the mountains." Mountains? well, it's not that far, i could make it in a couple hours."

She made a friend along the way,it was a stray cat that followed her all the way to the mountains. She decided to keep it and name it Kira. it was black and sleek, it liked running around chasing little fireballs she controlled like a toy mouse.

She got to the top after an exhausting climb and saw eight people, confused and dazed think it was an illusion scrambled the rest of the way up and kind of hid away.[I]Who are these people?[/I] She thought hard, she started thinking.

(ooc: ya, i'm not so good in the begining, don't worry! i'll get more ideas as we go on!^^')
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Riiko sat in her in college classroom that was teaching her something about science things. She hated this class and spaced out by looking out the window that she sat next to. She watched as the clouds passed, each one seemed to be different than the other. She rested her head on her hand and started to close her eyes. As her eyelids slowly closed, a figure seemed to have appeared in her [COLOR="magenta"]head. "Please. You must hurry,"[/COLOR] said the woman.
[COLOR="magenta"]"Who the hell are you?" [/COLOR] Riiko replied.
[COLOR="magenta"]"You know who I am. I am always with you no matter where you are I am always with you."
"Alright. What is it that you want?"
"You must go to the mountain where all of the others are headed. There you will find the answers to your questions."[/COLOR]

The woman faded and Riiko woke up. Of course the teacher saw her falling asleep and came over to her. [COLOR="magenta"]"Miss Riiko. I don't think that my class is that boring so if you will pay attention then maybe you will ace the next exam."
"Whatever. I already pass all of you exams and pop quizes,"[/COLOR] she replied.

Afterschool, Riiko went home and got some things ready for the trip. [I]I wonder if I will be alright on this. I'm not so sure but I have a feeling I might find out.[/I] She packed some snacks, grabbed a coat, and headed out. It was getting dark out but she knew that it would be light soon. She headed towards the place where she thought her questions might be answered.

OOC: Let's get this show on the road!!!
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"Immanuel Gabriel, if you dont get out of this store right now, i swear to god that I will personally smack your ass from here until sunday!" An elderly woman was raising her arm as Manny ran out of the store holding a loaf of bread.

"Sorry grandma, I will pay for this one day!" He waved as he rounded a corner. He hated the fact that he had to steal for food, but he didn't have a job and well, he didn't even have a home. What other choice did he have?

Don't think the wrong idea, the old woman was not his grandmother, but someone that only wants to see him succeed, in whatever it is that he is good at.

The only problem is that he is only good at stuff that others would be scared of. He slowed down from his running and sat down, trying to catch his breath when a burly voice popped into his head.

"What the hell is wrong with you? The chosen Eight don't steal! I should shock the living hell out of you right now, you little punk!" The voice sounded angry, yet tired at the same time.

"Ject, calm yourself." A pretty voice popped into his head, scolding the one named Ject. " Listen, Immanuel, we need you to come to the mountian as soon as you can. Fallow the lightning bolts, they will guide you the way you need to go. Please, hurry." The voice fadded, scolding the man that talked before.

"What the hell? Alright, so, that was the voice of Ject. Damn, and now I have to go and meet him?" He shook his heqand then looked down at the loaf of bread that he had just taken. He looked around and saw two little children huddled under a roof top.

Lightning started to form in the clouds. Manny looked up and then handed the kids the loaf of bread. "Here, I don't think I will need this any more. Please, you two, cover your eyes." He smiled as they did, smiles on their faces.

He looked up one more time as a bolt of lightning shot down, hitting him. As the bolt vanished, so did Manny.

"Within seconds, another bolt of lightning struck the top of the mountian. As the bolt fadded, Manny was standing there, his hair frayed and smoking a little bit. "Damn, still havent quite figured that one out." He shook his head and then noticed nine other people looking at him.

A tall man walked over to him then hit him on the head, "You damn retard! We dont steal, and how the hell did you do that. I havent even been able to figure that one out!"

Manny rubbed his head with one eye closed, "Owww, that hurt you overgrown baboon. What the hell is wrong with you?" He glared up at the man who glared back. "Oh well, looks like I am your reincarnation, right? Nice to meet you grape ape." He smirked as the man clenched his hand into a fist.

"You little punk. I am gonna kill you before you are even able to do any good. Get your scrawny ass over here!" He reached for Manny, but he dodged and then held his sword to the tall mans neck. "What?"

"Watch where you put your hand there big guy. I dont mean no harm, so, calm down, will ya? There are a few more people about to make their way to the top. Hope you all are ready." He smirks as they all begin to look at him. "What did I do this time?" He lowered his sword and then started to laugh as he scratched the back of his head.


well, that was alot longer than i intended. so, hope you guys brought your glasses....heh....
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Having no one show at the bottom of the mountain, Ai decided to make her way up. She streched as she reached the top and arched an eyebrow as a young man stood with his sword point against a large man's throat.
"Wow, looks like might be fun."
A tall, well built young woman made her way over and began to circle Ai, inspecting her.
"Hey, what are you doing? What were you a vulture in another life? Sheesh."
Lie smiled and nodded.
"Oh, yeah, your perfect. I like her Eca, she's funny."
The girl named Eca shook her head and smiled.
"You only like her for the fact that she reminds you of yourself at that age."
Lie smiled big and laughed as another woman looked over Ai.
"She is skinny Lie, and she has very little muscle."
Ai growled in her throat and spun around on the woman.
"And who the hell do you think you are? I am not skinny and I do to have muscle! I just don't look like it."
Ai stuck her nose towards the sky and huffed making a few of the eight laugh as Lie nodded in agreement. Lie looked at the woman.
"You know Sa, you could be alittle nicer."
"Lie if I have told you once I will tell you a thousand more times, I am not nice."
"Than why are you my best friend?"
Sa opened her mouth and closed it quickly.
"Just shut up Lie."
Lie giggled and looked back at Ai as she looked around.
"Your my reincarnation."
Ai nodded and looked at her, her eyes bright now and full of excitement; something that she had not felt in years after her village had burnt to the ground.
"I think this might be interesting."
They sat down and began to talk to each other, laughing and snickering the whole time. Ject, the man that the young man had at knife point put two fingers on the bridge of his nose and sighed explosively.
"Great, just we need...two of them."
The others chuckled but nodded in agreement none the less as Lie's hair flew back from a demonstration from Ai to show her what she knew.
"Whoa! That's a rush!"[/FONT][/COLOR]
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"Shit" the group looked over and saw Nero heaving himself up the edge of a large rock. "I hate noon" he explained as he noticed some of the weird looks. He looked around the odd group and noticed Sa walking over. "Is this poor excuse for a fighter supposed to be my reincarnation!?" she said angrily. Nero glared and tightened his metal clad fist. Sa felt threatened which made her even more mad, so she leaned in nearly 2 inches from Nero's face and taunted "What are you gunna do? huh?" Nero replied "Watch it bitch, personal space." Lia whispered to the others "it's like she's arguing with a mirror" The group chuckled. Sa then made a "hmph!" and turned away from Nero stomping off.

Now as the rest of the group inspected him, he returned the favour to them. "They all seem pretty strong." he mumbled to himself except..."hey, who's the twig?" He called out gesturing to Ai. Both Ai and Lia replied "Why you..!" almost in perfect unison. "Chill." Nero replied. The group laughed at their similarities and they calmed down a little, still glaring at Nero. After introductions and finding out just what was going on Nero took a deep breath and said "Ooooooh well that explains allot. Wait we're still expecting4 people right?" The original eight nodded each at his or her own pace. "Hmm I wonder what they will be like, if they're anything like the wierdo's we've already got this will be one hell of a party." Nero mumbled to himself. "Hey I heard that!" Sa shouted, after which the etire group, minus Sa and Nero, broke down in laughter.
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(OOC: I apologize for my lateness. I need to skip the travel scene, as it's where I'm getting stuck)

The trek up the mountain was simple. Isa had made it many times. Being nearby was a mere luxury, as tall stones and steep slopes rarely presented him with any difficulty, regardless of the situation.

His eyes swept to the summit, where stood several humanoid shapes. He climbed up, hands finding easy purchase in the wall of stone, hoisting him up and onto the peak of the mountain.

Isa walked towards the group, taking his place just outside their circle. Del sent him an approving look, turning back the the apparent comedy of the man dressed in black.

"Where are the others?" Isa replied, his voice distant and uninvolved.

"They have been called - it's all a function of when they choose to appear," said Del, looking over those whose reincarnations had not yet appeared. "It's a pity they have chosen to take their leisure, as time [i]is[/i] of the essence."

Isa chose not to respond, he only entered into the group, looking over his fellow reincarnations with an unchanging, icy glare. "I am Isa," he said, bowing his head slightly. The vials inside his cloak clinked softly as he receded to Del's side.
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Riiko had finally made it to the mountain. She looked up and knew that it would be a long way. As she headed up towards the mountain she saw someone ahead of her. Riiko yelled,[COLOR="magenta"] "Hey!"[/COLOR]
The girl turned around and stopped. She looked at Riiko and then said, [COLOR="magenta"]"Were you called her too?"[/COLOR]
Riiko ran up to the girl and said, [COLOR="magenta"]"Yeah, I just got here and I wondering if I was the last one or not."
"No, it doesn't seem like it. There may have been others that might have passed by here before us. By the way, my name's Sanagi."
"Mine's Riiko. Nice to meet you Sanagi."
"It sure is gonna be a long way up there,"[/COLOR] said Sanagi looking up.
[COLOR="magenta"]"Yeah, but at least I have someone to talk to so the trip won't be as boring."[/COLOR] Riiko said smiling.
[COLOR="Magenta"]"You've got a point there."[/COLOR]

They both walked up the mountain together talking about what they did for a living and wherethey lived and such. When they finally got to the top of the mountain they could see that there were others that had reached the top as well.

[COLOR="magenta"]"Looks like there are still some missing,"[/COLOR] Riiko said looking around.
[COLOR="magenta"]"You're right. But it seems that there are more than eight here,"[/COLOR] replied Sanagi.
[COLOR="magenta"]"That is because there are eight of you and eight of us,"[/COLOR] said someone from behind. They both turned around and Riiko said, [COLOR="magenta"]"You're that woman from earlier."
"Yes I am. My name is Adin. And you are my reincarnation,"[/COLOR] she said.
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After gaining courage slightly and noticing someone else walk there she comes from hiding and walks over.

"H-Hello." She said smiling nervously. Nie looks over.

"Oh hello there!" He said getting up and looking at her. "You're a cute one! who do you think you're the reincarnation of?"

" Hmmm...." She thinks playfully. " You?"

" Bingo!" he said and she just laughs.

"Aw! too bad your so much older and dead now, I could've dated you." She said playfully winking.

" I like this girl!" he said smiling. Kailo laughs

(ooc: i cant to write more but i can't think of anything.i also thought nie would of been like a charmer since he is fire, he'd be firey and flirtasious!(sp?):catgirl:)
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]OOC: OberOn the Neko...I think that you put the wrong name for your person who you're supposed to be reincarnated from. I believe that you're supposed to be Del not Dom because that guy is my person. Just wanted to point that out.

IC: Sanagi had reached the top of the mountain meeting a new friend along the way. She looked around at all the people and the ghost like figures that she could see. She turned and saw one that seemed to know her best. As Adin and Riiko left to go and talk, Sanagi went over to the man that seemed fimiliar to her.

[B][COLOR="darkred"]"Excuse me," [/COLOR][/B]she said as she caught the man' s attention,"[COLOR="darkred"][B]I feel like I know you from somewhere but I can't put my finger on it. Do you know what I mean?"[/B][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR="darkred"]"Yeah, you're my reincarnation. You don't seem like someone who can weild the power of earth,"[/COLOR][/B] the man said.
[COLOR="darkred"][B]"Well excuse me for not looking the part. I just happen to look different because of who I am not what I am." [/B][/COLOR]she was pissed at his remark.
[B][COLOR="darkred"]"Hahaha. That's good. It really does seem that you are my reincarnation. The name's Dom if you were wondering,"[/COLOR][/B] said the man as he gave her a smile.
[COLOR="darkred"][B]"I see, I've heard of your name before. The guardian over earth."[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="darkred"][B]"Yup, I'm the one."
"Yeah. I happen to be fascinated in the earth and the wonderful plants that it makes. I'm own a garden back at home but I'm guessing that I'm gonna be away for a while."[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="darkred"][B]"So, where did you hear my name from?"[/B][/COLOR] Dom asked puzzled.
[B][COLOR="darkred"]"I heard it when I got this flower," [/COLOR][/B]she said as she pulled out a glass that had a lotus in the middle of the glass. [B][COLOR="darkred"]"It just happened to be at my doorstep and I walked away from it for awhile and it suddenly blossomed."[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR="DarkRed"]"I see, I sent that to whoever my next reincarnation was going to be. I didn't know who it was but it was destined to go where ever the reincarnation was. I guess that it found its way to you."[/COLOR][/B][COLOR="darkred"][B]"Yeah."[/B] [/COLOR]she smiled and looked at all the other people and their reincarnations. It was a happy sight but Sanagi had a feeling that this wasn't all fun and games.[/FONT]
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"Shit." Ject said, looking into the sky. "We dont have much time left. I do not know how much longer we can wait for the last one. Adin, you got a guess to run off of?" He looked at the woman who just shook her head in dessappointment.

"No, I cant tell where she is." Adin looked down at her reincarnatin and smiled. "Why dont you try? Can you sense her?"

Riiko shook her head and frowned. "Thats fine. You are still learning your power. Its getting dark agian. Lucky for you, Sa, and Nero as well. This is your time to shine, well not really I guess." She smiled a little and then turned to Manny.

"Yes, is there something on my face?" He looked himself over and then smiled at her. "I am only kidding. You know that right? This lug here couldnt get that." He turned to Ject who hit him on the back of the head.

"Stupid punk, I swear if you werent my reincarnation." He crossed his hands over his chest and then closed his eyes.

"Ow, that really hurts. Oh what, now its the silent treatment? I can play that game." He smirks and then holds one hand out. On the gorund below his hand, a small tiger made of lightning forms and starts walking around in circles. It roars a little, making no sound. Manny smiles.

"Little twerp." Ject opens one eye and then smiles as a lightning dragon comes and flies through the little lightning tiger. Manny begins to glare at Ject, who is only smirking.

"Them two really like to play jokes on each other don't they?" Sanagi asked Dom who let out a sigh and nodded.

"Hey, bro, why are you messing with the kid so much? Let him be, ok?" Dom asked in a pleading voice.

"You tryin to start something here, big guy?" Manny asked standing up pointing at Ject.

"Will you shut the hell up? You are being so damn loud, its getting on my nerves." Sa said, walking over to Manny. In a flash, Manny raises his hand, creating a blade of electricity pointed at Sa.

"You little shit!" Ject stands up and walks right into the electricity. "You know it doesnt hurt me." He smiled and then frowns.

"Next time, dont hurt my tiger." He smirks at Ject who just lets out a sigh.

"They are getting on my nerves. Will they ever shut up?" Sa and Nero said in unison, glaring at Ject and Manny.

"what now? I just think its a little quiet here. Is that a problem? I mean, we could always make it a little bit of a lightning show, I am sure Ject still has that in him." He looks over at Jects as Sanagi walked over and grabbed Manny by the shoulders. Dom did the same to Ject. They forced Manny and Ject to sit down.

"Will you two please shut the hell up while we wait here. If you have a question ask, then shut the hell up agian. Damn, you are so annoying!" Sanagi said, a little annoyance in her voice. She then fallowed Dom and sat down on the other side of the fire pit.

"Hey, I think she likes me a little bit." Manny wispered to Ject, who had to laugh a little. Then stopped as he saw her glaring at the pair.
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OOC: Wha...? Thirteen replies in two days? :wow: I have to get up early the next day, but I'll cut my sleep time from 7 hours to 6 just for this RPG. :catgirl:
[color=royalblue]The newly proclaimed "water lady" known as Selenia had awoken late in the foggy morning on Castle Hill, riding on the silvery white horse known as Yuna. The night before, Yuna had transformed into a seahorse due to the presence of the full moon, and had called to her in her dreams to come to a mountain clear on the other side of the land. As she descended the slopes of Castle Hill and passed by a few early-waking civilians, some people mistook her for a sort of hallucination--a dwarf or an elf riding on a pony, perhaps, human though Selenia was and almost fully grown though Yuna was. She and Yuna rode over the plains and along a river--the Moonlight River which was always so calming to Selenia. This was the same river that started at the top of Castle Hill, gathered bits of fog along the way, and traveled all the way to the foot of the mountain she was now headed for. Unfortunately, it was a quite shallow river, so it would not be easy for Selenia to get there by swimming.

After an hour or two, close to noon, Selenia dismounted Yuna--she had arrived at the mountain. She noticed a group of seventeen people on top of the mountain--two of them had apparently had a sort of fight, involving a tiger and a dragon summoned by thunder. A girl with a black-and-white dress and roses in her hair was shouting at one of the thunder summoners. But there was one woman in the group that was talking with a younger woman (younger than Selenia, in the very least) with blue hair and a blue outfit. Talking with them was a woman who now shifted her gaze to Selenia. This woman looked almost exactly like Selenia--the same hair, the same face, and the same style of outfit. But she was wearing a simple purple jacket instead of Selenia's cloak-ish bluish, erm... Anyways, the woman's eyes were also a deep, iridescent blue, in contrast to Selenia's raspberrry-coloured ones. The woman was a bit taller than Selenia as well, and started announcing something to the group while keeping her gaze on Selenia...

"Erm... I think we can leave now--I believe my reincarnation has been found."
Selenia knew who the woman was talking about immediately, Yuna following closely behind.
"A dream that called to me last night told me to look for Eca, who I suppose is standing right before me, my twin of sorts." Selenia then bowed slightly to Eca.
"And you indeed are Selenia, my reincarnation." Eca spoke in a voice that was softer and higher-pitched than Selenia's was, which was probably why Ai and Lia mistook her for a younger girl. "And that sword..."
Here Eca pulled out a sword that looked nearly identical to Selenia's. Selenia pulled out her sword as well, and the two blades touched with a nice soft clink.
"...why, we match. It seems reincarnation causes similarities to the original, if connections between original and reincarnation are strong."
Selenia couldn't help but agree with these wonderful words of wisdom. It was as if she had come up with the very idea herself.

Ai was talking to Lia, but had occasionally glanced at Selenia ever since her arrival. Eca had previously commented on how Ai and Lia were similar, after all, and here stood Selenia and Eca, looking almost like identical twins.
"I suppose now you get my point," Eca commented to the two. "Original and reincarnation share many things in common, yet some more than others."
"I hope I wasn't holding you back..." Selenia said half to Ai, half to random people in the group. "I can tell we should all be leaving soon. I truly apologise for being late--though I would have been later if it weren't for Yuna here."
Selenia indicated the young white horse standing next to her. Then she spoke mainly to Ai.
"Let's see, partners of Wind, I suppose you are? Do you happen to know why we have been called here? For some reason I didn't pick up on the reason, but I suppose Water is not supposed to know why it flows."
Selenia paused for a moment. She often spoke this strangely when talking to strangers.
"Anyways, I'm Selenia, and you are...?" Selenia blushed at finally saying something useful.
"...Ai," the younger woman replied. "Now, which one of you is Eca?"
Ai had a hard time stifling a giggle.
"I know, funny isn't it?" Eca laughed, though much more gently. "I'm Eca."
"Oh of course, the original's always taller, right?" Sa commented.
"HEY!" Ai retorted. First she calls her skinny, then she hints at calling her short...[/color]
OOC: Yes, I know, that post was rushed... I just don't want to hold everyone up.
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Isa stepped forward once again, regarding everyone suspiciously. "[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]If I may interject, perhaps we should continue with the matter at hand?[/COLOR]" he said in a voice that was not loud, but surprisingly carried over the din of laughter. Everyone stopped and looked at him, a question on their eyes and lips, unspoken.

"[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]We were called here for a reason. This is not a family reunion. Did you not hear the peril in the voices of those who chose us? Can you not sense the omen and the [i]weight[/i] in their words?[/COLOR]" he said, as a cold wind blew over the group. His eyes still swept over the supposed chosen. "[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Perhaps it is time for them to speak.[/COLOR]"

Del stepped forward. "[COLOR="Teal"]That's enough, Isa. I'm sure they understand. However, you speak true. Levity has very little place here, and your laughter is but escapism from the task at hand. We have a task to explain to our chosen, now. Who will do the honors - as I do not suppose myself the leader of our circle of eight?[/COLOR]"

A few drew breaths of impending protest, but Isa stared them down, not unkindly, but as a warning. He waited, like the rest, for the request to be spoken. He was not one for idle games of chatter sweet, and knew that this was no mere camping trip. Somewhere in his heart, he felt the pangs of regret, of knowing that some might not return.

A softness met his gaze as he let it fall upon the group once more, knowing that though they'd never treat him with the same reverence as they would more flamboyant reincarnations, there was always a chance he would see a few breathe their last.

He closed his eyes a moment, opening them once he heard one of the circle begin to speak.
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Adin smiled and slowly stood up. She looked around the group and then her eyes went sad. "What I am about to tell you all will not be of good news." She was mainly focusing on the reincarnatins as she spoke.

"So far, you all know that you are the reincarnations of us. We chosen are not alive, not anymore. We died, along time ago. What you are looking at is a spiritual body, which does have mass, suprisingly." She watched all of their reactions.

"What she is trying to get at, is well, now that all of you are here, there is no more reason for us to be here. Our time spent here is nearly up, and our task is nearly completed." Ject said, standing next to her.

"Thats right, and well, it was nice to meet you all, I think it is about time for us to leave." Adin raised her hand as eight ball of energy formed behind the reincarnatins. One made of ice, one of light, one of darkness, one of wind, one of fire, one of lightning, one of stone, and one of water.

"In those spheres contain our spiritual powers. What you are all not realizing is that when you touch those, we will no longer be able to walk this planet among the living."

"Hang on, are you trying to tell us that you are all giving us your powers?" Kailo asked, looking at Nie.

"Thats right. We are about to make the ultamate sacrafice, no we already did that didnt we? Well, we are making another big one, thats all that matters." He smiled weakly and then turned back to Adin.

"As a final warning, there is someone else out there, no make that two of them. One has challenged you, the other does not know who he is. If you are able to get the one that does not know himself to help you, it will make things easier, but you are still able to do this without him. What I am getting at is this, you eight have been challenged, and unless you move on this request, the world as you see it will start to wither and die. Everything, from the planet itself, to every living thing that resides on it."

"So, this is our last and final request, you must stop him. That is all I am able to tell you. We will try and store a little bit of energy to help you along your way. All you must do is call for us and we will try to be there. So, we bid you good luck, and please, do not give up."The original eight all smiled and bowed their heads. As they began to raise them, the eight spheres of energy bolted to the reincarnations, creating a column of light that flashed into the nights sky.

As the light fadded, all that remained were the reincarnations, standing alone, all with questions and hardly any answers.
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Natin stared at the summit and made a deep sigh as he started up the path to the top. The voice lead him here, for what reason escaped him but he wasn't thrilled about making the rigorous journey. He started up the path making occasional stops to situate his pack in a new spot and continued on.
"Hurry."[/B] The voice hissed in his head.

[B]"I heard you the first time, I'm almost there maybe you could give it a rest for a couple hours."[/B] Natin replied to the voice. He had been enduring it for his week long travel to the mountain and he was looking forward to getting to the peak to see what it wanted and get back to the normal routine. Something about a ominous voice chiming in hiss head for every minute of every day bothered him.

A couple hours passed with the voice urging him to move faster saying that their goal was almost achieved. The sun had set and Natin had noticed a light coming from the peak. This was a sure sign that he was on the right track to getting rid of the voice. He stopped for a moment and decided that it would be faster to climb the face of the mountain instead of continuing along the path.

Climbing proved to be no easy task as Natin realized after making it halfway up. He found a outcropping and sat there to catch his breath.

[B]"Don't stop now, we are so close."

"Unless you want me to fall to my death you will let me rest, you could tell me why we are here."

"You will see soon enough no you must continue."

"Alright, I'm going."[/B] Natin clambered to his feet and started back up the mountain. The trek seemed to go even slower now. He was now within feet of the summit. He shifted his pack and took it of his back. He fixed his footing and hand hold and threw his pack as hard as he could over his head. It barely made it but it made it to the summit. He made it a couple more feet and was within grasping distance of the summit. he reached up but his feet suddenly slipped. he held on for dear life as his feet scrambled for a hold.

[B]"Gotcha!" [/B]Natin heard as he was hoisted up over the edge. Natin feel to the ground at the feet of an man with metal clad arms. [B]"That was close, good thing you beaned me with your bag or else I would never of found you."[/B] Natin tried to articulate his gratitude but he we still shaken up from almost falling. A young woman in a black and white dress walked up and keeled next to him.

[B]"Why the hell would you climb up this mountain?" [/B]She spouted looking him over.

[B]"Why the hell did you?" [/B]Natin shot back.

[B]"I was called here just like the others."

"Well I was too." [/B]A look of shock dawned on her face as she looked down at him. The looked back at the man with the armored arms and back down at Natin. [B]"Whats wrong?"[/B]
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[FONT="Century Gothic"]Sanagi stood there in amazement when she turned to her right. She saw that Dom wasn't there anymore and she thought that it might be due to that flash of light and the spheres that appeared. She looked around at the faces of the other people there and saw their expressions when she suddenly heard a *THUMP* She looked around to find a backpack near the edge of the cliff. She walked over to it and saw a man dangling there. She grabbed his hand and hoisted him up.
He laid on the ground panting for air. She kneeled down in front of him and looked at him.
[B][COLOR="darkred"]"You alright? Why the hell did you climb up this mountain?"[/COLOR][/B] she asked.
[B][COLOR="darkred"]"Why the hell did you you?"[/COLOR][/B] the man replied back as he looked up at her.
[COLOR="darkred"][B]"I was called here just like the others,"[/B][/COLOR] she said as she stood up.
[COLOR="darkred"][B]"Well, so was I,"[/B][/COLOR] he replied as she looked at him and shock .[COLOR="darkred"][B]"What's wrong?"[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="darkred"][B]"It's nothing. It's just that...Who's reincarnation are you? Or are you the one who is lost?"[/B][/COLOR] she wondered as she looked at him. [COLOR="darkred"][B]"I think I should ask the rest. Hey everyone! There's someone here who has also been called here! I think he might be the other one that Adin was talking about!"[/B][/COLOR]
The group looked at Sanagi's direction at the man who was now standing behind her.[/FONT]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ai sighed and looked around, the new guy that had just arrived, the others, there were so many things it seemed as though things were going out of control.
"Man, this is a load of bull!"
They looked towards her and she flopped down onto the ground.
"We still have no idea what's going on, they just practicly threw us to the wolves. What do we do now?"
They looked around at one another, and shrugged. She sighed again and waited while the others tried to decide as well.

Sorry its short. cant think of much at the moment.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]"We serve to gain nothing by running from the wolves, as we know they lurk just beyond the trees,"[/COLOR] Isa said, walking to the edge of the peak, [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]"Let us make corpses of this lupine threat, and perhaps the pelts will be worth the hunt."[/COLOR]

He looked back at the group, expectantly. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]"We can say our 'hello's on the road. We will only find answers in haste."[/COLOR]

With that, he crawled down the rock face and proceeded slowly down the mountain.
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[color=royalblue]When the orb of water entered Selenia from behind, Selenia's sword flew out of its its sheath, through the space between the handles of her bag, and hovered in the air for a brief moment, as two swords rather than one. Apparently, one of the swords was Eca's--this one had turned into more of a ghost of a sword. The blade of Selenia's sword glowed with a bluish energy form that looked a lot like water in a lake. Then the two swords merged together, and eventually returned to the original sword that Selenia had known for a while. This sword fell right into Selenia's hand.
"I shall name you Eca," she said softly to the sword. I've been looking for a name for you for so long, and naming you so is my final and eternal act of gratitude for the original Chosen."

After putting the newly named sword away, Selenia looked behind her to see Yuna cantering down the mountain. She had apparently been startled by all the energy orbs, and started to run away from them.
"Oi! Yuna!"
It really was crazy to try to outrun a horse, but Selenia tried it anyways. She didn't waste any time--she bolted towards the edge of the mountain, leapt down onto one ledge, then another, keeping an eye on Yuna and another on where she was going. Fortunately, Yuna had to stop for a while because the slopes made running dangerous, then started to trot towards a larger ledge with a few rocks and a patch of grass on it. The ledge looked large enough to hold four or so people and one horse, so Yuna must have felt pretty safe here. However, going down the mountain from that ledge was going to be difficult...

At the same time, Selenia had reached a smaller ledge above the larger ledge where Yuna was. Then she started running down a steep slope that led to the larger ledge, and came to a stop right next to Yuna. Yuna whinnied in fright when she saw someone approach her, but it was only Selenia. Besides, the ledge and the slope below made it difficult for her to run away without getting hurt. Selenia was looking down at the very same slope...
"That certainly is not the easy way down," Selenia observed. Far off to her left was the getler slope where she and Yuna had ascended the mountain a while earlier. "You just had to pick the hard way down..." Here Selenia stopped to catch her breath, and Yuna whinnied again, probably in displeasure, as Selenia guessed. That horse had a special connection to her ever since becoming a "were-horse" and talking to Selenia in her dream. But Yuna could only actually talk to her while she was in her seahorse form, which she would not enter again for another month. The moon was full last night, after all--now it clearly appeared to not be perfectly round.

Selenia patted Yuna on the back and fed her a small potato from her bag. Yuna loved potatoes.
"It's all right--you were just a little frightened. It must be perfectly natural for you. ...But, we still have to find a way down the mountain from here. It shouldn't be too hard for us, after countless times of effortlessly going town hillsides, but let's still be careful..."

A while later, Selenia led Yuna towards a rocky and slightly more level slope, which Isa was now descending. The going was fairly slow--Selenia didn't have as much trouble getting around on the slopes, but Yuna was more fragile--one near slip and she would probably jump right out of her skin. Fortunately, Yuna wore special horseshoes that provided more friction against the ground, so slipping wasn't as easy as without them. Within a while, Selenia and Yuna were right behind Isa, careful to keep a slight distance from him in case Yuna did happen to slip. After all, Selenia was definitely not strong enough to stop such a heavy animal from tumbling down a mountain. But she was close enough to Isa to catch him if he started to fall.
"We're lucky that what you said earlier was a figure of speech," Selenia said to Isa as she comforted a slightly startled Yuna.
"Who knows--we might encounter wolves on our journey," Isa replied. "But of course a [i]real[/i] pack of wolves is not who we're after."
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Those who had not yet left talked amongst themselves making the occasional glance in Natin's direction. He didn't know why they were acting like this but he sure as hell didn't feel very welcomed. Suddenly the woman in the black and white dress walked up to Natin and got a couple inches from his face and then started to scan him up and down.

[B] "What did the voice say to you?"[/B] She asked while still looking him over.

[B] "Just to come to this mountain, I am still wondering why the hell I'm here."[/B] He replied taking a couple steps back from the woman.

[B] "We were warned about a man who doesn't know who he is."[/B] A girl dressed in light blue spouted stepping forward.

[B] "Well I know who I am, My name is Natin Uriel, I just don't know where I am or why I am here,"[/B] The group was now completely focused on him. [B]"Okay, you caught me. I have come here to kill each and every one of you,"[/B] He walked over to his pack and unstrapped his sword taking it from its sheath and walking back to the group. [B]"How will we do this, one at a time or all at once?"[/B] The man with the armored arms drew his sword and jumped forward. [B]"I was just making a point, calm down."[/B] Natin sheathed his sword and the other man hesitated before doing the same.
"Okay then, what are you planning on doing?"[/B] The second girl chimed in again.
"I personally have no clue, but if I can get rid of the voice that is going off in my head I will do it."[/B]
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The path was worn and well-known to Isa, who had tread this treacherous path in winter's deep snows. He took a measured step down onto gently sloping earth. The ground was softer here, and provided easier purchase for the feet of the weary.

He looked back over his shoulder, seeing a few humanoid shapes remaining on the mountain's peak. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]"Selenia,"[/COLOR] he said, not turning his sight to the path, [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]"is anyone following us, or are we going to have to wait for the rest of our contingency at the bottom?"[/COLOR]
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Manny walked up tp the edge of the peak and looked down. He could see Isa and Selenia making their way down. He smiled and then turned to the rest of the group. "Hey, I think it would be a good idea if we talked about this down at he bottom. Who knows what could happen this high up." He turned back to the edge then started taking a couple of steps back.

"What the hell is this guy gonna do?" Natin asked, watching Manny as his face got a little serious.

"Beats me. He is strange, but he has a little bit of a hyper side to him." Kailo said, watching Manny like the rest.

"Alright, so, I guess that we will have to wait for you all at the bottom?" Manny glanced over at the rest of the group and then started running twards the cliff. As he neared it, he jumped, clearing the edge. "Oh hell yeah!!" He screamed and laughed as he started falling twards the ground below.

A few feet above the ground, lightning flew from his body, causeing his body to slow down alot. After a second, the lightning fadded, letting his body fall the last foot or so. He repeated the steps a couple more times and before he knew it, he was at the bottom, looking up as everyone else started to make their way down the mountain.
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