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[size=1]Hello good citizens of OtakuBoards. You may know me as the hermit of the Art Studio. Or.. you may not know me like that, that's also a possibility. Some call me Boo, some call me... Well, I don't know. But anyway, it's not the point how you know me, it's the point if you know [b]shlum[/b].

Now [b]shlum[/b] is a mistery. I have not been able to completely solve it yet, so I need everyone's help on it. Don't google the word, they don't give the real answers to the questions of [b]shlum[/b].

Like I said, I need everyone's help to solve the mistery of [b]shlum[/b]. Ezekiel and I have been breaking our heads over this case. We were sitting just talking and suddenly we both had the revelation of [b]shlum[/b]. It has appeared in many forms. So far we've found out these things:
[list][*]Do not use [b]shlum[/b] just randomly in people's names. [b]Shlum[/b]slinger does not sound like a good idea.
[*]It's musically adaptable:
Shlum shlummidee shlum shlummidee shlumshlum shlumeeeee
A shlum is as shlummy
As shlummy can be

Shlum shlummidee shlum shlummidee shlumshlum shlumeeeee
Good shlum will rub off when
I shlum shlums with you
Or shlum me a shlum
And that's shlummy too
[*]It is very easy to censore your swearing with, though they only sound worse and more offensive when you do so.
[*]It's like a disease. Once you [b]shlum[/b], you never go... back.[/list]

Please anybody, can someone help on the topic of [b]shlum[/b]? Think of anything you can think of but of course don't spam, or this topic will be closed and Ezekiel and I will never find our answers.

[color=gray](footnote: we are two of the "creativity moderators", so one of the purposes of the thread is of course to have people come up with creative solutions to the mistery of [b]shlum[/b])[/color][/size]
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It sounds to me like a censor bypass of slum, or possibly a misspelling or slang term that is being integrated.

Though I also get the impressing of Shalom skiing from it...

Edit: Um Boo, I think you need to look at what Urbandictionary says about it. It's actually pretty explicit I think, I probably couldn't explain it here without having to censor bypass.

It's a high innuendo though apparently.
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[color=#9933ff]Barring what urbandictionary has to say on the matter, it sounds like a possible slang corruption of the word "slum," as in a poor, run-down neighborhood.

Schlum can also be used for purposes of alliteration, in conjunction with the view that it represents the noun "slum," as in "that schmuck lives in the schlums."

I also agree that it can be used to censor a *certain* swear word, but it just sounds awkward.

I disagree with using schlum as a "filler" in music, personally preferring "sha-la-la." ; )[/color]
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[quote name='Boo][size=1]Don't google the word, they don't give the real answers to the questions of [b']shlum.[/b][/quote]
I already found out that others think they have an idea what [b]shlum[/b] is, but they're wrong. Period. It was a divine revelation during a conversation between Ezekiel and me. Their's is just a made up word. We demand creativity and insight to find the real meaning of [b]shlum[/b]!

There are suddenly signs of [b]shlum[/b] all over the Earth. I found this sign just a moment ago. It was extra terrifying because I live in the Netherlands, so this sign had come a long way:


If you find any of such signs, please let me know. Or you could tell the government, but they'll tell you you're mad and that do everything to control this threat to their supreme rule.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Century Gothic]Perhaps shlum is an enigma by nature. Why must you know? Ask yourself this and perhaps you will learn something about yourself. I think that the questions that arrive from shlum are by leagues more important than the answers you may never receive.

Anyways, that's my crack at it. I honestly have no idea what the heck this thread is supposed to be about. Best luck to ya.
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[FONT=Arial]Shlum can be substituted for or in almost any word, but it is almost exclusively limited to the first syllable; instant shlummaging, for instance, or shlumtastic.

Some words, like "carton", defy the shlum. They are identified as non-shlummable.

Shlum is mostly a verb or an adjective/adverb, although humorous times can be had from consuming a bag of potato shlums.

Other than that, I'm shlum out of ideas at the moment.

In the words of Johnny Storm; "Shlum On!!"[/FONT]
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