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RPG Wings of Destiny


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ok, its takes me a while to think up this rpg, hope you guys enjoy it, this is unlike any rpg previously posted on the boards, I hope it works, here are some of the main rules....

in this rpg you will have to choose a job, job descriptions are at the bottom of the page, choose your job wisely....

weapons and armour, you will be given the standard weapons and armour for your class when you start, you will find or be able to buy better ones as we go through the quest....

everyone starts off with 1000 yuki, that is the name of the currency, money will be won from enemies, or otherwise, as we go through the quest....

when fighting an enemy, you will only be able to use one go, you cannot do multiple goes one after another, an enemy is not defeated until I say so, so keep attacking until I say it is dead

everyone starts a level 1, you will become of higher levels as we go through the rpg, I will say when someone is level up, something like "*insert name* has become level 2"

when we get to a town, I will post up details of available stores and the products they are selling and for how much, if you wish to sell something, ask them how much they will give you for what it is you want to sell, and I will post and say how much it is

thats it for now, I'll post up the main story either tomorrow or the day after, here is a little intro into the rpg....

history tells us of many wars that has happened through the ages, the most interesting war of all is the one year war, which occured some 400 years ago, fought between the 2 biggest countries in our world of Taia, these 2 countries, Resnil and Linburg, fought over power as to who the new king will be, since the old king of the planet had recently passed away, history tells us that this war ended with the intervention of one young man, Zaid, however, recently the church of Linburg has shown a secret book from those times, stating that history about the war was false, and that the true hero's of the war were a group of forgotten warriors, when asked about this, the church would call these warriors blasphemers, but is this really the truth? will you join me in the search for the truth? I am Lain, and my crystal ball sees all, so join me in searching for what happened during the 1 year war....

sign up, post the following....

Job Class
Limit Break

here are the details about them....

name-characters name

age-characters age

gender-characters gender

job class-there are 4 job classes in this rpg, here are what they are, with descriptions....

Knight-strongest and has the highest hp out of all the classes, but due to heavy armor is slowed down, is able to use some kinds of magic

weapons-a knight can use a sword, long sword (2 handed), lance, pike (2 handed), can use a shield with one handed weapons

starting weapon is a "light sword" and shield is "eschuson"

accessories-a knight can have strong types of armor and headgear, no other class is able to equip the headgear and armor that a knight uses, a knight is able to use a secondary accessory, such as speed boots, as can all other classes

starting armor is "light armor" and starting headgear is "light helmet", no secondary accessory equipped

hp/mp-a knights starting hp is 130hp, and mp is 15mp

swordsman-these are all round fighters, good sword skills and are pretty quick on their feet, they can use more types of magic than a knight, though because they are not able to equip the armor and headgear that knights use, their hp is lower

weapons-a swordsman can use a sword, long sword, daggers (2 handed), and a bowgun

starting weapon are "daggers"

accessories-they can use a lighter type of headgear and armor as opposed to a knight, can use secondary accessory

starting armor is a "clothes", and starting headgear is a "feather hat", no secondary accessory equipped

hp/mp-starting hp is 90hp, mp is 25mp

wizard-spell casters, are able to use all kinds of magic and can also summon powerful demons later on into the quest, the wizards are the weakest out of all the classes

weapons-a wizard can use a rod, staff, stick, and pole

starting weapon is a "rod"

accessories-wizards are able to wear robes for armor, which increases their mp and magic strength, no other class are able to equip robes, wizards are able to wear the same headgear as swordsman and gunners, they are able to equip secondary accessories

starting armor is a "light robe" and starting headgear is a "feather hat", no secondary attached

hp/mp-hp is 70 hp, mp is 60mp

gunner-gunners use guns to fight enemies, fast and skillful, they can take out enemies before they can get close enough to attack, though it can be difficult to attack if an enemy gets too close

weapons-a gunner can use a handgun (2 handed), rifle, auto's (2 handed machine guns) and launchers (rocket launchers, grenade launchers, etc.)

starting weapon is a "pistol"

accessories-a gunner can equip the same accessories as a swordsman

starting armor is "clothes" and starting headgear is "feather hat", no secondary equipped

hp/mp-hp is 100, mp is 20

limit break-everyone can choose 1 limit break skill which can be used out of desperation, make it suitable for your job class, make up a name and offer a description

hp/mp-refer to job class description to find out what your hp/mp is

ok, thats it for now, I should post up the main thread tomorrow, so if you sign up you can start straight away when I post it, may as well post my details....

Name-Reiken Hucast



Job Class-Knight

Limit Break-Climhazzard, pierces one enemy, causing huge damage

hp/mp-130hp, 15mp
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Guest QuickSilver
name-john smith
job class-knight
limet brake-slash attack, keep slashing at enemy, trys to chop off the limbs
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Name- Mike Colts

Age- 16


Job Class-Knight

Limit Break-Omega - A small green mist shoots out and causes huge damage.

hp/mp-130hp, 15mp
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OOC:sounds interesting...I am game ^_^

Name:Zack Mansfield


Gender:Male...I think...

job class:this is a hard one...well we need a range striker, Wizard

Limit Break:Omega's Drain- In an act of desperation, Zack pours all his remaining magical energies into the strongest attack spell he can muster, he focuses the spell in his weapon, then attempts to strike with the weapon, releasing the concentrated spell at the same time


Equipment:wearing a light rope and feather hat, carrys a rod to help focus his energies
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Interesting Rpg mesa wanna join! :)

Name: Bass

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Job class: Gunner

Limit Break: Hyper Bass- As Bass gets aggresive Bass turns into Hyper Bass with with two large Launcher thats blasts multiple fireballs.

Hp/Mp: Hp=100/Mp=20
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Hey cool!
Job Class-that's pretty tough. They're all good, but I pick Swordsman.
Limit Break-fire swords: her weapon bursts into flames and shoots out several flaming daggers. It doesn't hurt the one wielding it, and as soon as the attack is over, it turns back to normal.
hp/mp-90 HP, 25 MP
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Name: Axel Zorn
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Job: Gunner
Limit: Full Unload: Throws his sunglasses at the enemy to distract it as he loads up all of the guns he has. Once he's done, he unloads all of his guns, one at a time untill the monster dies or untill he runs out of ammo.
HP/MP: 100/20

Reminds me of Final Fantasy tactics.
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Name: Kallabow
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Job: Swordsman
Limit Break: Berserker. Kallabow will run, weapons drawn, at whatever opponent challenges him. He'll then do his absolute best to hack them into niblets.
hp/mp: 90hp/25mp.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cloud Strife00 [/i]

Reminds me of Final Fantasy tactics. [/B][/QUOTE]

yeah, thats where I got some of my inspiration from, lol....

ok, the main thread should be posted up later on today, in about 6/7 hours time, could be earlier....
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Hey, no-one leaves me out of an RPG!

Name: Kain Hikaur

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Job Class: Wizard

Limit break: Din's fire. He strikes his weapon into the ground, releasin a ring of fire, going out like a shockwave, giving good damage to everyone.

Hp/Mp: 60/70
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Name: Ash
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Job Class: Knight
Limit brake: Pyro sword, he charges up his sword with fire which has immense heat and will meslt anything within a foot of it except the holder of the sword.
hp/mp: 130,15
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