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[SIZE=1]This here is a thread for any and all musicians to tell the world (or the rest of OB) what instruments you play, what makes they all are and how they are the greatest instrument you could ever ask for.

I'll go first:

I have an alto saxophone lying under my bed which hasn't seen any use in some months, unfortunately. It's a Yamaha, so pretty good quality, although it's currently a little beaten-up and doesn't play as well as it used to. But I think scratches and dents add character, personally.

The instrument I'm most into at the moment is the bass guitar. I have two, one which I rarely use any more since I got my new one. My old one, which is hanging on a hook in my bedroom in it's gig bag, was an Ibanez GSR200 in Jewel Blue, and I loved that thing. It was my first ever bass, and it has seen so much use, and quite a number of gigs where I thrashed it pretty hard. It got really scratched up, and the battery compartment doesn't hold as well as it used to, but I managed to fix the internal wiring problem so it plays ok.

However, my new bass is the apple of my eye - a natural ash Musicman StingRay. It's such a beautiful thing, and the tone is so perfect that I've been told I'd have to get a bass custom-made to beat it. I don't have any stickers or anything on it (unlike my Ibanez) because I'm wary of ruining the paintwork, however, I'm in a sort of punk/funk band so I may well have to grunge it up a bit. I really love this thing, I play it pretty much every day for a good few hours, so it's already got a lot of fret-wear which looks awesome.

I run it through an Ashdown Perfect 10 30-watt amp, which has gorgeous tone to it, although I am thinking of upgrading to a slightly heftier wattage sometime soon. I also have a Digitech FX pedal which I use occasionally, but again I'm thinking of getting a couple of stomp-boxes to replace it (probably a fuzz pedal and a synth wah envelope filter).

Anyway, music nerd stuff over, I'll let anyone else take their turn.
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]Your bass sounds like a real beauty. I'll have to play one of those, next time I make a trip to a Guitar Center.

As for me, I play quite a few. My instrument of choice, is of course, my Ibanez RG, which for the most part, is a cheap guitar. But, it roars, when I play it, especially now, that I've put new strings on it, after a year. The humbucker pickups in the guitar sound amazing running through my Marshall 100 Watt amp. Before I got my Marshall, I played through a Fender Deville 100 Watt amp, with a Boss ME- 50 pedalboard. I also play a Fender Telecaster, with an Egnater Half- Stack. Others that happen to be laying around, is a beauty of sorts. A golden painted old school Fender Strat. Sigh. Nothing beats the oldies. Also, an old Charvel Charvette semi-hollow body with a Dean Markley pick up in it...

Other than Electric Guitars, I play a Breedlove Acoustic guitar, which really fits for any purpose. Classical, strumming, everything. The guitar sounds beautiful, and looks great as well, for its hard for me to look at most acoustic guitars and go "wooooww".

Onto my bass. The only bass I own. Peavey Axceleator. Beautiful baby blue glammer, and a good sound. The tone is a little dead right now, because the battery is dead, but it still sounds good. I'll just have to put in a new battery.

The ongoing list.... I recently bought a CASIO WK-3300 Keyboard. I love it. For $300, it has amazing effects, and a buttload of tones, for both piano, and even more for organ, as well as drum effects. It's almost a full-size piano, but it only has 76 keys, instead of 88. I can record what I'm playing as well, onto the step coordinator, for future preferences. Good buy.

Before I started playing guitar or keys, I was playing drums. Been using the same kit ever since. Roland V-Drums with a PDP single bass pedal. Yes, I know. Sucks. Electric drums. Crap. Not really, however. These are good, I can play them easily, the PDP pedal is by far the best pedal I've ever played on, seeing as I can do double eights (metalcore stuff that you do on double bass) on single bass. Also, I can line directly into the computer, for recording. I can change what the drums sound like, from acoustic, to hip hop, to alien percussion. :] Very nice. Though, I do wish I owned an acoustic set as well.

To end this all, I use a MXL 990 studio mic. That's pretty much it. So, yeah, those are all my instruments... Well, actually, I do have more, that I failed to mention. But I'd rather not mention every harmonica, and acoustic guitar... not to mention the mandolin I have mounted on the wall. Eek. :][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT="Arial"]Jebus, Hunter, I didn't know you had so much stuff. I'm envious.

I mainly play guitar, but I like to fool around with a piano, and drums when I can.

I have four guitars - two electric and two acoustic, but I only ever use one of each. I still have my first acoustic, a tiny First Act from WalMart. I don't actually know where it is at the moment, and it's so crappy I never even bother with it. Instead I play an Esteban. I wish I had a better one, though.

I usually play electric because it's easier. I have a small sized Wildfire guitar stuffed in my closet, which doesn't even work anymore. I had it for about three years and for how cheaply I got it, it wasn't such a bad guitar. Just lackluster.

For Christmas I got an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. There's not much more to say about it than I adore it; it's absolutely beautiful and is one of the best electric guitars I've played.

For amplification I have a Hartke 60 watt half-stack. I got it because it was all I could afford and I needed a decently powerful amp. The tone isn't that great on either channel, so I wish I could magically transform it into something amazing. Like a Marshall. Oohhboy.

I also own an OLP MM2 bass, but it's been in my friend's custody for almost a year now. I honestly don't know if it's a good bass or not because I bought it used, and it's only ever been played through a crappy 15-watt beginner's guitar amp.

There's a real piano in my living room, but I usually play with the Casio synth that I keep in my room. It has a few decent tones but no sustain option, so if I'm recording with it I usually use "Harp" or "Synth Pad," which actually sounds like NES music.

Uh, to record stuff I just use a Rock Band mic. It's pretty sweet.[/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][size=1]All I really have is my Fender 'Squire' bass guitar. It's meh, but I love it. I'm not really good at playing bass, but I'm really improving. I'm able to play the intro to In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, and I've been watching Michael Todd of Coheed to help me play, and it's improved my style a bit.

I also have my Rock Band guitar, which in between songs I'll play like a real guitar, and I KICK ***! I do want a real guitar, but insuficiant funds. Maybe Hunter could lend me something :p[/size][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"]Haha, I feel like a spoiled brat now... Because I actually didn't list all my guitars... Just the ones I play regularly. >_< I started out on a Fender Squire, which now resides under my bed. My bro DJ is playing a Squire American Tele, which actually doesn't sound too bad. But, it's not the best with distortion, but my Marshall can definitely make it sound sweet. Actually, most of my recorded work for TCKK was done on my old amp, which was a Roland Micro Cube. About the size of my head, but it actually sounded great. Though, a change in size would've done well. Lately, I've started playing my dad's Ovation Electric Acoustic Semi- Hollow body. Long, yeah? It sounds good and all, but I'd rather go one way or the other, and not have an electric neck with big bulky acoustic strings that are hard to bend. The Breedlove sounds much cleaner. Thank you D' Addario, as well.

Claire, you really need to get a Breedlove. I'm just saying. Those guitars are scrumptious. And if I had the money, I'd get a Les Paul. So for that, I'm too envious. I've wanted one for a while, but my acoustic set me back... a lot.

Also, I'd like to add that if I had the money, I'd buy an acoustic set of drums. With the same pdp pedals, of course, because they're very lightweight. With Splash, and China symbols... Roto toms, two high hats... Everything. But right now, that's just a dream.

Another dream, is a Paul Reed Smith single cut. Sigh. That's a good one.[/COLOR][/SIZE].
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[color="#9932CC"]I play the TRUMPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I play for the Liberty Band (Newark,OH). By the way December 12 , 2011 is the Christmas Concert if you want to come.

Pretty much the trumpet is a bell,valves,tubing and a mouth piece.
Not much more about it .:wow::suave::wow:
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