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RPG Wings of Destiny (Play)


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for those who signed up in the sign up thread, you may begin to post as of now....
[I]The days before the one year war broke out, the king of the whole planet of Teid, King Aikon, was seeing his final days, now laying at his bed, surrounded by family members and friends, this once great warrior is now within his final hours....[/I]

aikon: do not fear about my death, my sons, I will be merely moving on to a better place

haider: is there anything you would like, father?

aikon: yes, where is reiken? I would like to see my youngest son before I pass

haider: dammit, where is he? do you know, brother Leadla?

leadla: no, I have not seen him all day, just when we need him most!

[suddenly, a young man barges into the room]

reiken: father!

haider: shhh, keep your voice down

aikon: ahh, reiken my son, come closer, let me take one last look at you, you have grown to be a fine young man indeed, you look just like I did when I was your age

reiken: .....

aikon: haider, leadla, take good care of reiken, he may be your half brother but he is still of my own flesh

heider: of course, father

aikon: become....a fine knight, reiken...make me proud....

[and with that final word, the king of teid passed away, the castle was quiet for a few days, not many people say either of the 3 brothers or their sister, rozanne much, though reiken was usually plastered at the bar, many warriors walked in and out of the bar, but because reiken was known for being of the royal family, Hucast, he was usually left alone, something which he has grown accustomed to, but which he does also not like, finally the day after, he was summoned by his brother, haider]

haider: you ok, reiken? you don't look well

reiken: I'll be fine

haider: listen, we have word that a band of thieves are trying to make their way into the city, want to try and stop them?

reiken: ....sure

haider: good, then make your way to pub, most of our fighters should be there, choose who you want to accompany you and make your way to the town square, that is where they should be arriving in about 2 hours time

[reiken made his way to the bar and looked around, there were many fighters at the bar, so instead of choosing, he made a speech]

reiken: listen up, we have word that a gang of thieves are making their way into the city as we speak, arrival time in 2 hours, those who wish to aid me in dealing with them please step forward now, you will be rewarded when the battle is over

[there was silence in the bar, but some movement was going on, it appears some people will be joining him (presumebly, yourselves involved in the thread :p )

to be continued....
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Guest QuickSilver
john stands up

john:i will join you, you can count on my sword

john then goes and stands next to reiken.

reiken:anyone else
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A man in black and red robes stands. His head covered by a hood, so his face is shadowed. He pulls back his hood, revealing a young man, pleasent looking.

Ralvenar: Your majesty, I am at your service.*bows*

Reiken: Rise, my old friend. Come forth!

Ralvenar grabs his rod, and stands beside Reiken.

Reiken: That's three people, anyone else?

John holds his hand out for Ralvenar to shake.

John: My name is John Smith, I am a knight from the West.

Ralvenar: I am Ralvenar Notano, I much respected wizard, from right here in this kingdom.
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Guest QuickSilver
john:lets go to the bar and geta drink

they both walk to the bar.

bar tender:what will it be boys

john:two pints of bow, dont worry its on me
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A young man stands up

Ash: your majesty, my blade is yours, as is it always

Reiken: I knew i could count on you Ash. Go join the others at the bar.

He joins John and Ralvenar.

Ash: Bartender make that three pints of bow and it's on me instead of John.

They both make theirselves accuainted with Ash
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reiken: do not worry my friends, all drinks are on me, drink as much as you like, just don't get drunk, we have a battle in 2 hours

[reiken turns his attention on the other warriors, still seated]

reiken: so, is there anyone else that would like to join us? you will be paid for your services, and please everyone, stop calling me your majesty, just call me reiken....

to be continued....
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Guest QuickSilver
john:make that 4 pints of bow, what would you guys like.

bartender hands him the drinks and john then necks them back

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Ralvenar: Sorry your majesty (couldn't resist)

Ralvenar stands up, and walks towards the door.

John: Aren't you going to have a drink?

Reiken: Where are you going?

Ralvenar: No, I do not want a drink, and I'm going to keep a look out. Call me when the team is assembled.

Ralvenar pushes the door open with his staff. He stands motionlessely outside, just staring out into the mountains, looking for the thieves.
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Guest QuickSilver
after his sixth pint john goes out to chat to ralvenar

john:whats the matter, why are you out here on your own

ralvenar:nothings the matter i am just waiting for the robbers

john:why didnt you have a drink

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Ralvenar: You'll see why I don't have a drink when the fight starts, and I'm killing thieves left right and center, and you can't hit a damn thing.

John: You wizards are so uptight!

Ralvenar: Well whatever we are, we come prepared. When Zack arrives.... we will show you.

John: Who's Zack?

Ralvenar: Another wizard of my order. He is as strong and as wise as I am.
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[COLOR=red]Another figure grunts and shuffles through all the people to the front...[/COLOR]

Man: I will go...

[COLOR=red]Walks over to the corner of the bar and waits for any others to come up...[/COLOR]


Muahahahahahaha :devil: For once in my life my character isn't going to be an idiot that is one of the jokers/fools in the RPG!! :D :D :D
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[i] A man in sliver armor arises from the shadows of the bar [/i]

Omega: Reiken, i will join you...

Reiken: Thats good, thanks

Omega: Sure, ill help myself to a drink and get to know everyone

Reiken: Okay

Omega: Hello Rev

Rev: Hello Omega...

Omega: How are you?

Rev: Im good

Omega: Cool

[i] Omega walks to John [/i]

Omega: Hi john, how are u

John hi and im good, thanks!

Omega: Sure

[i] Omega sits and drinks [/i]
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[i]Bass who just recently came from out of town didn't know much about this place but wanted to help take care of the thieves with others who joined.[/i]

Bass: I'll like to take part of this thief situation,Reiken.

Reiken: Good to hear,sit and have yourself a drink.

Bass: Alright thanks for such kindness.

[i]Bass sat and talked to the others.[/i]
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Mike: Why hello Bass..

Bass: Hi Mike, how are you?

Mike: Oh im good, and you?

Bass: Im cool

Mike: Thats cool

[i] They continue to talk [/i]
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A man with a red shirt and baggy black jeans comes out of the bathroom of the bar. As he approaches his seat he notices other people that look kind'a wierd talking about a fight. He looks at the pistol in his pocket and sits with them.

Axel (Ax): So, what's this about a fight?
Reiken: There's some thieves we have to take of.
Ax: Oh, could I help you? I am an expert gunner. If only I hadn't lost my AK....:(
Reiken: Don't worry, you will (be paid?)
Ax: Ok, then I'm in!
Reiken: They come in two hrs. Get prepared.
Ax: Ok.

( Dang safer, FFT is all over this!)
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*A tall, brawny, man steps up to the bar.*
Kallabow: I'll follow you, Reiken, as I followed your father. I only hope, your wisdom and bravery can match his.
Reiken: So do I.
Kallabow: I spent most of my late teens and all my 20's fighting on the frontier for Lord Aikon. I'll not miss a chance to see one of his sons in action. I fought my last formal battle five years ago...so I'm afraid I have no weapons other than these daggers. I lost my only sword in a clan battle a year ago next month.
Reiken: They'll do fine.
Kallabow: I'm afraid I don't drink. But I'll be waiting outside for you and the rest of your men.
Reiken: Very well...your loss.
Kallabow: heh...we'll see.

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Becoming interested, a man hunched over the bar rises and approaches Reiken.

Raziel: My lord, my sword and my life are yours to command.

Reiken: You are a swordsman, are you not? That's quite a blade you've got.

Raziel: Thank you, it was a gift from an old friend. And my skills are among the best. Your father was a wise and just king, and you have my deepest sympathies regarding his passing. I will aid you any way I can.

Reiken: Very well, your services are welcome. Have a drink, please.

Raziel: Thank you, but I believe I have had enough for one evening.
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[I]A young woman came from the crowd.[/I]

Samantha-I will serve you. My sword will fight alongside you.

Reiken-Are you sure? This may be quite a task for one such as yourself.

Samantha-I can handle it. My father trained me to protect you, your brothers, your sisters, and your father since I was young. This is what my training was for.

Reiken-Ah. You must be Lorwan's daughter. He was very brave. A good swordsman at that.

Samantha-yes. That he was. So I will do his last wish and help you in any way possible.

Reiken-.....You're help is greatly appreciated. Please have a seat in the bar and help yourself.

Samantha-Thank you. *bows and heads to the bar to get aquainted.*
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cloud Strife00 [/i]

( Dang safer, FFT is all over this!) [/B][/QUOTE]

well, just the starting, I'm doing this thief thing so everyone can get to know what the fighting style in this rpg is like....
reiken: it would appear out two hours is almost up, let us make our way to the town square

[they all get up and step out of the bar, making their way to the town square]

kallabow: so what will the battle formation be like?

reiken: wizards and gunners stay at the back, wizards casting spells and gunners shooting, swordsmen and knights at the front flank, I will lead at the front

kallabow: heh, your father used the same tactic for such battles, his spirit surely resides within yours

reiken: thank you, but I doubt I am anywhere as good as he is

ralvenar: only time will tell, reiken, I sense that the thieves are close by

reiken: good, then battle formations everyone, I can see them coming, 5 thieves coming, each of them has daggers, green armor, apart from the one wearing a different colored armor to them, who has blue armor, and has a sword, too, probably their leader, battle start NOW!

Battle Start

Reiken and the blue thief head towards each other, reiken strikes the blue thief, it connects, the blue thief retaliates with a strike back at reiken which also connects

reiken hp has gone down to 110/130hp

ooc: one thing to add, at this point, all wizards have the main 4 elemental magic of fire, ice, bolt and earth, though as we go through the quest you will learn far more, other than wizards, noone else has learnt magic yet, also, everyone has 2 potions in their inventory, which heals 70hp, and they have 1 phoenix down, which revives a fallen teammate

to be continued....
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[i] Mike sees Samantha [/i]

Mike: Hello Samanatha

Samantha: Hey Mike

Mike: How are you?

Samantha: Im good, and u

Mike: Im good

[i] They continue to talk amongest the crowd [/i]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Forte [/i]
[B][i] Mike sees Samantha [/i]

Mike: Hello Samanatha

Samantha: Hey Mike

Mike: How are you?

Samantha: Im good, and u

Mike: Im good

[i] They continue to talk amongest the crowd [/i] [/B][/QUOTE]

what the hell are you talking about? didn't you read my last post?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Sephiroth [/i]

what the hell are you talking about? didn't you read my last post? [/B][/QUOTE]

Lol,maybe he didn't or just enjoys talking during a battle.Anyways back to storie.

Bass: Alright I'll take the back with some of the skillful wizards we have.

[i]As the wizards cast their spells,Bass pulled his pistol trigger back and aimed.[/i]

Bass: Target locked if i persumed correctly.Timing correct alright aim & fire!!!

[i]Bass fired as bullets flyed rapidly to the thieves,4 of the 5 thieves dodged and hitted one of the green thieves in the arms as it broked.[/i]

Bass: Alright one down four to go!

Kallabow:Good shot Bass very impressive!

Ax: Heh you got some great shooting skills,now watch me.

Bass: Thanks guys,and lets see your shooting skills Ax you must be very skillful.:)
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Ash runs forward with the rest of the knights and swordsmen. Ash heads straight for one of the theives in green and begins attacking. Four out of the five blows connect but as the last one is evaded the thief throws a hefty shot to the body of Ash (100/130hp) which winds and shocks him. His pain comes as a dose of rage to Ash and he soon finds himself slashing away at the now unfortunate thief.
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Ralvenar raises his wand as a theif runs towards him. He holds his rod up with both hands infront of him.

Ralvenar: Power of Earth!

Ralvenar strikes the ground with his rod. A directed tremor goes straight towards the theif, knocking him over, and doing some damage. Ralvenar's MP goes down by 10.

Hp 60/ Mp 60
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Hajime and the Blue Theif charge at each other, Hajime swings his sword, which misses, then the theif throws a punch at Hajime which connects

Hajime has gone down to 75/90hp

Hajime then slams the hard end down on the theifs head, stunning him

(how much hp do they have? Anywayz, the guy goes down 25 hp)

Hajime then swings his sword at theif, connecting with his arm, ripping it off! (llots of hp :D) The theif then screams like a little girl and gets bloodstruck eyes, to which Hajime brings down his sword, slashing off the guys OTHER arm! The theif though jumps up with all his strength, and headbutts Hajime right in the face!

Hajime goes down to 60/90hp

Hajime then punches the theif in the face, then cuts him in half.

Theif is dead.

Hajime: :blackeye: That wasn't so hard...


Seph, was I too "invincible-style-fighting" or was that ok?
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