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Sign Up Iron men (women are invited as well)

Drizzt Do'urden

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The year is 2085, John Conner has been dead for years and the machines are gaining ground day after day. They don't eat, they don't sleep, they don't stop. In 2050 all groups of humans have been slaughtered, except the few that remain as slaves for various reasons, and one last group of rebels.

The rebel encampment is still strong, they move around every day and their numbers are still high. They still house over 200 people, but everyday they lose someone. About 3 years ago they developed a prototype humanoid that was supposed to turn the tide of the war. It was able to do so much, it could manipulate the elements, teleport, telekenisis, heal itself, it had blasters in its palm that delivered a blast of directed heat with a temperature that of the core of the sun, but fired in a way that it gave no bleed off. It was perfection, it flew at speeds over mach 8, carried a gattling gun, mini rocket launchers it was the answer. The humans were so confident, they didn't bother making anymore.

The machine was perfect, it destroyed over half of skynet's army in a matter of weeks. The war was soon to be over, but it wasn't to be. Somehow, Skynet hacked into the prototype "iron man"'s brain. You would have think the humans would have learned their lesson, but of course they didn't. They didn't plan on Skynet being strong enough to take over their perfect creation, but it did. Soon it came back hunting them, in one day the rebels lost over 300 of their over 600 people before shutting [I]Iron man[/I] down.

3 years later, reports have come about that Skynet has remade the humans [I]Iron man[/I] and they have been seen in the air patroling. In a last ditch effort, the humans have perfected another. This time however, its a suit to be piloted by a human. In this way, Skynet had no way of controlling it. Though it came at a price, the first suit had all the capabilites of the first. They quickly found a human body couldn't handle the strain, and the first pilot, James Conner, John Conner's Grandson died as a result.

Instead, they took the different powers of the suit and put them into several different suits. The suits all offered doubled strength and increase speed to the wearer. The flight system was shot though, as a human body couldn't withstand the force. The rebels had to resort to transporting their team with either helicopters or by train. The tide of war was indeed turning, but would it be in their favor?

Okay, I obviously thought of this after watching the new Iron Man movie. The story revolves around our team of furturistic "Iron Men"(or Women). The suits are not as strong as the one from the movie, they can take some small arms gun fire but anything larger greatly reduces the power.


Appearance: Your character not the suit, the suits all look like the one from the movie, though the color is customizable.
Suit Color:(Be descriptive/Creative)
Suit Power: (What power did you take away from the original design? The ones I listed in the intro are just examples. Basically anything you can think of (within reason) is acceptable.
Suit Primary Weapon: Other than your power, could be a blade, gun (big or small), rockets, missiles, etc.
Suit Secondary Weapon: Smaller weapon, could be a blade, smaller gun, hidden missle.
Bio: The story begins just before our last training excercise. Use this to give a little introduction to your character, just make sure he ends up in the [I]Main conference room[/I] with the rest of the characters.

I'll post mine once I see how the story is received.
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[COLOR="Sienna"]Name: Cassandra
Age: 17
Appearance: Bottom.
Personality: Sneaky, intelligent, a little weird, but she's got a great sense of humor and is fun to be around.
Suit Color: The main colors are black and purple. The head is plain black, while the arms and legs are black and have long purple flames. The main part of the suit is black and the back of it is just covered in purple flames.
Suit Power: It can fly, it gives Cassandra extreme speed when she's running and increases her endurance. :excited:
Suit Primary Weapon: Shot gun that has extremely hot bullets. Also, missiles. (much like those used my Sektor in Mortal Kombat)
Suit Secondary Weapon: A small missle located on her leg.
Bio: After a grueling training session, Cassandra smirked and shook her head. "Don't these people know that I can't be beaten?"
Someone tapped her on the shoulder.
"What?" she span around and was about to give a good punch when she saw it was the recruiting man.
"Sorry, Ms. Cassandra, it's just that you're needed in the conference room."
"Oh. Ok. Sorry."
"It's alright."
Cassandra smirked again and made her way to the Main Conference room.
"This is gonna be so good." she said.
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Name: Leon Ashbaugh
Age: 26
Appearance: [URL="http://suikosource.com/chars/list/imageviewnojs.php?img=m/mike01.jpg&char_id=374"]http://suikosource.com/chars/list/imageviewnojs.php?img=m/mike01.jpg&char_id=374[/URL]
Personality: Leon can be best described as a very deliberate person. He is quite cold and calculating, constantly picking his spot while remaining silent. This is not because of an unsavory personality but just due to the fact that he has little time for other people.
Suit Color: The main colours are Red and Blue; The armour is primarily blue but details such as the chest and face plate are coloured blue.

Suit Power: Leons suit took on the ability to teleport which perfectly suits Leons strategies during a skirmish.

Suit Primary Weapon: Leons primary weapon is a [I]very[/I] heavily modified sniper rifle, allowing maximal power with minimal offset to accuracy.

Suit Secondary Weapon: Leons secondary weapon is a fairly short blade, used only when the enemy is too close to short and if teleporting is a poor option.


[I]'Target, seven hundred metres. Standing due north with little wind'[/I]

Leon smiled as he lined up the target in his sights, this may be only be a simulation but it would be nearly impossible to miss this shot. Lining up the sights on his rifle, he deliberately aimed at the smallest area that would register a hit.

[I]'Alert, changing conditions'[/I]

"What?" Leon yelled as he scrambled to find his target again, the terrain had altered itself and strong winds were whipping around from everywhere. This was something he hadn't expected. Considering his options, Leon decided it would be best to retreat instead of fighting on an unknown terrain.

Once the simulation had ended, he found himself sitting in front of a pair of trainees moaning about the fact that the simulations are primarily for the training of those who do not have access to field training. Leon ignored them, punks like them meant little in the long run. They would generally be nothing more than fodder in a real fight.

"Uh Sir. I was sent to find you, the higher ups have requested your presence in the main conference room."

Leon was pulled back from his private thoughts by a young-ish soldier who handed him a notice before giving a hurried salute and rushing off again. Leon glanced at the note before pulling himself to his feet and made his way to the main conference room in uncharacteristic determination. This seemed like it was his big chance and he wasn't going to let it slip through his fingers.

Just let me know if you want me to change anything.
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Okay, Drizzt, I'll bite. You and I have been trying to get an RP off of the ground for a while now. I'm determined. I'm using a character I created for your 'Death Squad' RP that never went anywhere just because I like him so freaking much.

Name: Boris "Sheep" Nikitin
Age: 43
Appearance: Sheep's long past his physical peak, but still as hard as old hickory. His large Fu Manchu mustache accents his wide jaw, and stubbled face. A deep scar goes over his left eye, where a glass eye now replaces it featuring a bulls eye target in the center. His stern cowl matches his strong man physique and arms incased in tattoos. He's got a real rough and tumble quality to him with his deep, bellowing Russian accent and his own version of the 'high and tight' regulation hair cut complete with large mutton chops.

Personality: The mad Russian has a regal, even statuesque quality about it. He has much distain for these young guns who want to show what they're worth. He sees himself in them, and that bothers him more than anything. Due to his lack of solidarity with the rest of the brigade and the inability of most people to understand more than half of what he says there's a mystery to this man, which maybe deserved.

Suit Color: Gun Metal

Suit Power: State of the art detection Technology including:
[B]Infrared and Heat Seeking Technology[/B] with the ability to detect the heat signatures of the machines and their weoponry from up to 1 mile away. It can detect faint signatures through most materials (cement, steel) but is rendered ineffective through lead.
[B]Acoustic Detection[/B]. Picking up sounds waves and pinpointing their locations from up to 5 miles away. However sound waves travel slowly and this can be an unreliable attribute when used by its self.
[B]RADAR[/B]. The suit transmits radio pulses, which are reflected by a target, and transmitted back to the suit. By comparing the delay times for various echoes, information about the geometry of the target can be derived and formed into an image. Effective up to 60miles.
[B]Microwave Detection[/B] This is the most reliable of the suit's detection technology. A scanner can pick up the electro magnetic waves (microwaves) emmited by electronic sources and pinpoint their location. But like many other detection technologies there needs to be little to no barrier between the suit and the target. This is accurate up to 48 miles from the target.

Primary Weapon: Twin Incendiary Gel Flamethrowers that project flames from the palms of the suit. While they do release linear waves of fire just like standard flamethrowers they have a hidden feature as well. Just below each palm is a small barrel that fires flint infused translucent shells the size of marbles (similiar to paintballs) full of Incendiary Gel Napalm that sparks on impact. The gel sprays over a 7 foot radiance, immediately catching ablaze. The gel burns slow and white hot; hot enough to melt iron. Just a couple of these green 'Gel shells' can easily take down a scouting party of cyborgs. They are true flame throwers. Two small cartridges underneath the forearms hold both the Gel and the Gel shells.

Secondary Weapon: Dual barbed, titanium bayonets that can be unsheathed from the tops of the forearms. They measure 23" from the wrist to their end. These blades will shred the cyborgs to bits in hand to hand combat.


Sheep shovels down the last bite from his lunch. He's barely able to stomach the gruel that the Rebellion serves up to them, but he's not one to complain. At least they're alive to eat. He sucks his fork clean and makes his way to the hanger for training. He arrives there and across the hanger notices Leon just stepping out of the simulator, and Cassandra coming in from the air field still suited up. They both appear to be in quite a hurry.

Sheep picks the last of whatever he just ate out of his teeth and steps up to his suit which is mounted for cleaning and repair. A couple boys (too young for enlistment) have just finished giving it a proper shine. He smiles in approval.

"Does it look good, sir?" one of the boys asks.

"Da, it looks good." Sheep answers in his garbled mix of Russian and English.

The boys step away and move on to another suit. Sheep runs his fingers over the small ram's head emblem on the suit's left chest plate (under his name and tag number). He checks the Incediary cartridges. They'll need to be filled. In the glossy reflection of the suit Sheep can see a man approaching him from behind.

"'Dobroye 'ootr, Mr. Lench," Sheep says acknowledging the man's presence but doesn't bother to turn around and face him.

"Um, your presence is required," the man answers.

Sheep turns around and notices the Lench has his arm raised in salute. Sheep chuckles and gives a quick one of his own to placate the green horn.

"Oh is it now?" Sheep scoffs.

"It's a team meeting," Lench responds.

"Team, what team? This brigade's defining attribute is arrogance. The only thing they can accomplish as a team is getting us all killed,"

Sheep flicks open his lighter and stokes up a cigar.

"Fill up those Insendiary cartridges for me," Sheep hands Lench a plastic card.

Lench looks at him with a puzzled look.

"It's a key card for the armory. Just don't blow yourself up, or rather don't blow my suit up."

Sheep blows out a large cloud of smoke and walks from the hanger, making his way for the conference room.
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[B]Name[/B]: Ivan ?Wraith? Stone

[B]Age[/B]: 37

[B]Appearance[/B]: Ivan stands at 5?7? and has a pale, ragged look. His hair is raven black and his light blue eyes seem empty most of the time. Physically he has a decent muscle tone, but still appears dangerously thin. Often unkempt and unshaven

[B]Personality[/B]: Shell-shocked, a drunkard, ?temper issues?. All of these tags have been applied to Ivan. The war has gotten to him, he drinks heavily and fights with others. If not for his calm head and skill in field he likely would have been kicked out of the project long ago.

[B]Suit Color[/B]: Primarily black. The face of the unit is painted white and resembles a skull with empty eyes. The only other break in coloring is a handful of red broken gear emblems on the left breast of the suit (Ivan?s kill count).

[B]Suit Power[/B]: Total stealth. Ivan?s suit is able to camouflage itself completely from visual and electronic systems. Visual, auditory, infrared, ultraviolet, all such direct systems are useless, although long-range tectonic sensors can pick up his footfalls. In addition to that the suit is agile, removing many of the restrictions in movement that others of its kind have.

[B]Suit Primary Weapon[/B]: A vibrokatana mounted in a sheath across the suit?s back.
Suit Secondary Weapon[/B]: Hard points for mounting several grenades and packets of explosives. Also a pair of vibrodaggers attached to the suit?s thighs.

[B]Bio[/B]: A calm heartbeat, slow breathing, and the insistent digital ticking of the countdown clock were the only sounds greeting Ivan?s ears inside the confines of his suit. Outside of the suit it was a warzone. Shells explodes and shook the ground, flashes of gunfire danced through the air, and the Skynet army marched past his position as if he was nothing more than a ghost.

[I]Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick.[/I]

Ivan wanted to smash that timer right now. Others may have said the war drove him half mad, but he?d be damned if he was going to let such a meaningless machine finish the job. His hands began to sweat inside the suit?s gloves. It was always slightly unnerving to watch others pass you by in a battle as though you never existed, but that was his role. Recon, sabotage, and commander killer, all required the use of stealth. If they did not see him then he had already won.

[I]Tick, Tick, Tick, Beeeeeeeeeee?..[/I]

The sound of the alarm jolted Ivan out of the dream once more, and he slammed his hand down on the clock and growled. It was the same thing, every morning. Ivan growled again and hoisted himself out of bed.[I] I need a drink[/I], he thought while glancing at his ?to do? list of the day, [I]and looks like I?m going to be late for the meeting? again.[/I] Tossing on a pair of ragged jeans and a T-shirt he headed out of his room and towards the conference hall.
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nice sign-ups, I'm going to get this up and running on Tuesday morning. The sign-ups will be open until then.

Name: Keith "Wolf" Biggs

Age: 23

Appearance: Keith

Personality: Keith is very energetic. He is often looked down upon by the other members of the team because of his youth, and ability to never see the urgency in a situation. He tends to turn everything into a joke and not take much seriously.

Suit Color: Keith's suit is a Dark silver, almost black. The helmet is silver on the sides, but the face is a midnight blue. The arms and legs are accented with blue. The chestplate and back piece are Silver with a single word written on the back "Wolf".

Suit Power: Energy missiles: Keith's suit harnasses the arc generator's energy to the fullest. He has the capabilities to use massive amounts of this energy at any given time to create energy missiles. Using the suits system, he can draw massive amounts of energy from the reactor, and combining the energy with his on board computer he can lock on to targets. The computer takes the heat signature of the target, matches it and looses the missile. The drawbacks are he must remain perfectally still while using this power, if he takes any damage while using it his suit will become imobilized for over a minute, and he is limited to 5 missiles at a time and has to wait 30-40 minutes for the suit to recharge all missile.

Suit Primary Weapon: Shockwave blasters; The blasters emit strong bursts of sound waves that are condensed into small streams. They can be adjusted via the suits computer, and can range from merley knocking an enemy back. To blowing him to pieces (however, it can be danergous adjusting it too high, and uses an emense amount of energy).

Suit Secondary Weapon: Small missile Pod: A small missile conceiled in the left arm of the suit. When deployed it is launched over the target. Once it is over its target, it releases 6 grenade size explosives. Also a modified desert eagle with armor piercing rounds hiddien in a compartment in his leg.

Bio: I'll have to finish this later on. Sorry I know that's lame
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This isn't looking half bad. Drizzt I'd like more of a run down of the suit's abilities that run standard, besides our individual suit power what do we all share. You covered this vaguely but if you could go into a bit more detail I'd appreciate it. I have some ideas I'd think you might be into. If you want to hear them, let me know and I'll PM them to you.
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Name: Axela ( Night Wing) Noe'

Age: 25

Appearance: [URL="http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/3729/reginareginayh8.jpg"]http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/3729/reginareginayh8.jpg[/URL]

Personality: Very serious and strict. She always plays by the book, and hates change. She tends to stick to herself, and has trouble trusting others. You have to prove yourself to her first, usually by battling her. She expects the best from everyone, and hates slackers.

Suit Color: All black with a red bat covering the face plate.

Suit Power: Peering orbs- Small crystal orbs that shows anywhere or anything that the user wishes to see, including the past.

Suit Primary Weapon: Lazer wing- Two large red wings unfold from her back, and lazers shoot from the tips.

Suit Secondary Weapon: Energy Swords.

The water was cool, as it rushed down her throat. This was the only break she'd get, but now was not the time. Axela quickly caught her breath and got back to work. She immediatly started with small jabs to the bag, quickly progressing to round houses and ax kicks. The sweat beaded on her forehead, slowly rolling down her cheeks and into her black sports bra. Every inch of her was soaked in persperation, and her muscles tensed as they pounded the bag with all their might. Suddenly, a loud beeping filled the gym, and she ran over to her bag. Quickly removing the phone, she turned off the alarm and gathered her things.

Once arriving in the bathroom, she removed her drenched bra and shorts, and walked to the shower. The water was just the right temperature as it cleansed her body, surrounding her every curve. It had been a while since she had time to enjoy a shower. She was always very busy and in a constant rush. No time for breaks or small luxeries such as this,but today was different. She had an important meeting to attend to, and she had to look her best.

A chill ran up her spine as she stepped into her room. *Someone really needs to fix that heater.* After drying herself, she threw off her towel and walked to her dresser and suited up with her usual atire. After strapping on her gun and slipping on her boots, she was out the door. Glancing at her watch, she looked at the time, 9:00 a.m.

" Perfect."

She opened the door to the conference room and walked in.
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