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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.
Winter kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
A little life with dried tubers.[/font]


[align=justify][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]There are eyes in the skyscrapers, or at least their skeleton remains. There are voices in the walls and life in the floorboards, scouring and breeding without any kind of intervention . The dogs are dead and the wolves are the masters; they’re responsible for eating all the toy dogs and putting good use to the dead flesh of their domestic brothers in the cities.

The North American planes become littered with ten of millions of cattle, bisons and horses, the largest herds that had ever been seen since before humanity. The monuments in the desert are hidden beneath layers and unmonitored sand dunes, the great statues eroded and covered over by moss and trees. There isn’t a trace of any kind of intelligence left beyond instinct and feral desires – there is no life beyond the nature.

Except for the very faint remains, when the rains come down, of steel foundations and century old cell phones, sometimes bleeping out the last of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.[/align]


[align=justify]Cryogenics reached its peak during the last half of the 21st century. It was a process that cost money and was often only given as an option to those [I]with[/I] the money, or the select few who gained the sympathy, having some kind of disease or illness that was possible to be cured by medical advances. Either way, a cryogenics lab was established underground in a few selected countries, totaling only fifteen.

At some point during the end of the 21st century there was a massive wave of increased intellect and talent, often called the next stage in human evolution, or the calm before the Posthuman era. Due to political tensions amongst nations and fear of economic collapse the future of these spectacular human beings the majority of them were placed into the ‘Sustainable Future’ programme – which was simply a means of placing them in the cryogenics programme at either a young age or an age where they would show above-average qualities.

No one knew why, nor how, but shortly after the arise of the 22nd century, humanity was gone.

The only traces that remained were around one hundred skeletons scattered across the globe, the statues that they build, the roads and the damage. There was not a trace of humanity left in the world and no one knew why, because no one was around to ponder it.

Some five hundred years A.H. (After Humanity) the cryogenic labs located under ground (as opposed to the ones above which had been completely broken) either began to malfunction or shut down completely. Those who did survive centuries after their time walked out into the underground labs, perhaps the only places preserved on the planet, and proceeded to the surface.

It is those who are the last of human kind – the rich, the dying, the savants and the vague Posthumans. The awakening times of each varied but when all did awaken there seemed to be some hidden obligation, some pride for their own species, to unravel the mystery of what had happened.[/align][/font]


[img]http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/38/l_d7b3d17747194109895abdeac0544740.png [/img][/center]

[align=justify][FONT="System"]You will be playing a cryogenically frozen individual from 2050 onwards (apologies for that not being on the timeline). You have awoken either in 500 A.H. or around 450-445 A.H. (although please remember you’ll be very old the earlier you wake) in a cryogenics lab beneath a once thriving city similar to modern day New York but in an unknown location. There are no weapons beyond your wits, no shelter beyond the clothing you wear and absolutely nothing out there except those frozen with you and the vicious, primal wildlife roaming the streets. You have nothing.

Despite all this a few of you are wondering what the hell happened. There are cars crashed into trees and remaining buildings; where did humanity go? There are no computer logs available where you are and no documents to tell you. It would be feesable to go around ignorant and re-building the population, but how could you possibly know the same fate won’t happen to you? How can you possibly ignore a hidden obligation to your species?

Your allegiances, your hospitality, your desire and your trust in your fellow humans is the only thing that will make or break you.[/align][/font]


[b]Age:[/b] Include in brackets the year frozen (the 'Sustainable Future' programme is active in 2080 - yes yes, I forgot to put that in the bloody timeline!)
[B]Status:[/B] Rich, [i]suffers from illness[/i] (apologies for my retarded description earlier), ‘Possible Posthuman/Sustainable Future’ human, above average IQ, special skills .etc etc (feel free to make one up, but if you’re unsure run it by me, think along the lines of doctors, psychiatrists, artists, zoologists, any-ists etc etc).

[B]Description:[/b] Real life image preferred for the casting, you can add extra description if you like/changes to the image.
[B]Personality:[/B] Must be developed as it’s a great necessity here.
[B]History:[/b] What makes them so rich, special or lucky?

You don’t need to follow this sheet to the letter, this is just what needs to be included. Present the information in whatever creative manner you could come up with and I won’t be judging people on how insane they make the profiles… just the characters. The characters are the priority to get into this RPG (not to say you should completely ignore good grammar and reasonable sentence structure, either).


[align=justify][b]Name:[/b] Galileo Chase
[b]Age:[/b] 32 [2085]
[b]Status:[/b] 'Posthuman' - Sustainable Future candidate.

The low-down of Chase is a boy who shows off his extraordinary memory whenever he can, who can be verbally abusive when he pleases, a dominant prodigy, arrogant and, above all, formidable. The personality is often considered a 'persona' to hide something deeper but Chase himself is incredibly good at keeping up the said persona without so much as a chink in his armour.

Chase is well-known as a television personality because of his genius and because of his incredibly strange outlook, nicknamed the "Jersey Jackal". Chase tends to be a very, very subtle sick human being who is well known for using his intelligence to tear a part people on his shows, or make comments about people he knows he is better than. There have been numerous controversies around Chase's shows and the comments he makes (he is most infamous for his politically incorrect sense of humour), in which his general response is "it's just a joke!".

At first hand Chase comes off as the 'funny guy' but quiet observation shows him to be much more. He is a devious and calm character who only ever shows this man who is always smirking or laughing, rarely showing his true feelings. It has often been speculated that Chase uses his sick humour and personality to hide his depression (a disease that runs in his family) but this is, like many other explanations, simply a theory. Despite his controversial nature and impulsive need to comment on everything and belittle everyone he comes across, Chase has been a valued member of society. His numerous skills have given him a reputation beyond the 'Jersey Jackal'; he is mostly renowned for his work in philosophy and music (on the downside he often twists this philosophy to meet his own needs).[/align]

[center][b][u]The Jersey Jackal[/u]


An unauthorised biography.[/center]


[align=justify]Galileo Chase, named after the great Galileo Galilei, is perhaps better known as the Jersey Jackal. He was born not in New Jersey as many assume but instead the island Jersey off the coast of Normandy, France. When asked about his childhood Chase would never give a full reply, instead a blunt one, but it soon became clear to me after talking with parents and relatives that Chase was quiet, recluse child who received no recognition for his intelligence nor had the chance to exercise that incredibly formidable persona.

As many well know, young Galileo was born with an eidetic memory (that is, the total recollection of all images, sounds, smells and sensation). For the majority of his childhood we assume he took up most of his time studying mathematics, literature, philosophy and music as when he [i]did[/i] emerge on the 'Posthuman' scene he was already well-versed in these subjects. He only became known as a prodigy at a University lecture with his father when Chase corrected Ali Bhutto's physics portion of the lecture. He was tested for his IQ at the same University and managed to gain a score over 170 points, a massive score at the age of thirteen and perhaps only occurring in 2% of the population. Despite the score it is alleged that Chase said, bluntly and sarcastically, "I've done it before."

The more attention the boy was given the more his 'Jackal' personality developed. Chase delved into as many subjects and categories as he could, often appearing on talk-shows and receiving the same amount of media coverage as other 'Posthumans' were given. Chase's abilities were often passed off as his extraordinary memory rather than actual talent, although Chase argued that his abstract abilities (such as music and writing) could not be memorized.

It became almost common place for Chase to appear on television. He was characterised for his snappy remarks and degrading comments, as well as a tendency to do as he pleased. It was a mystery as to why Chase was so impulsive and formidable as, generally, the most intelligent humans were quiet and modest (leading once again to many theories of how he developed this persona).

At the tender age of eighteen Chase managed to convince (or, more than likely, force) a network into letting him host his own show. His show was somewhat popular and helped in projecting his television personality; soon enough Chase had trouble getting guests on his show because it was common place for them to be ripped a part. For the next part of ten years, Chase improved his mental agility, participating in debates on talk shows. Though music and philosophy were his main interests, Chase's memory allowed him to bring up information his opponents could never know; that being said, it was rumoured that the big bad Jersey Jackal had never once come face to face with another child prodigy and had refused any such offers.

It was often said that after his long talk show era, the [i]great[/i] Jersey Jackal let too much of his personal life go. To the media's delight, Chase honed some strange fears and antics - above all it was said that Chase feared other Posthumans or even vaguely intelligent beings so much that he would completely ignore them. There were also the amusing internet rumours surrounding Chase's fear of statues and birds.

Chase eventually became bored with his adventures and was offered a place in the Sustainable Future programme, although the presidents were reluctant to have such a loud-mouthed, foul creature on board. The Jersey Jackal now spends his days in a freezer, and we're not entirely sure if that's a bad thing.[/align][/size]
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Name: Dr. Alen Wentworth
Age: 29 (2080)
Status: Psychiatrist

Description: I'm going to have to post this later today when I have access to my home PC.

Dr. Wentworth became one of the United States most prestigious Psychiatrist, along with the youngest, and most arrogant. Alen has always seen himself as a sociopath at heart, always seeing himself as someone above the human race. This is what drove him to Psychiatry, what drove him to be the best.

As soon as he finished interning at New Yorks most reknowned psychological institues. Alen took up an offer given to him by an un-named celebrity, soon after exposing said celebrity on a well known cable televisoin program. Dr. Wentworth used the celebrity to gain an offer for his own televison program; of course he made sure he planted a paparazzi or two nearby recording the conversation. That way when big shot Dr. Wentworth made it clear he was in his work to help, not for fame it sparked his career even higher. He was now the man everyone wanted to work with. He rode this out for another two years until Alen was approached by a top military official who informed him about the sustained life program.

Seeing it as a chance to be "reborn" during an era of increased need for someone of his intellect. Alen took the man up on his offer, he marked the first person to be frozen for the program (of course it was a stipulation Alen had written up in his agreement/liability waiver before he would agree.)
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[B]Name:[/B] Chiyoko Hasashi
[B]Age:[/B] 21 (2085)
[B]Status:[/B] Suffers from episodic cluster headaches

Despite the moods Chiyoko experiences during her illness, she is usually seen as a dreamer and a girl with much empathy and optimism. However, most of her optimism and empathy is to keep herself from slipping into depression over her sickness and pain. Caring for others is a good distraction for her, but not all of her caring personality is out of selfishness. She likes to observe the situation around her also, before speaking out right away and coming to a decision. Thanks to which, she was labeled as a dreamer. Besides all of this though, she is very strong willed. And if she decides on something, she won't let most people change her mind for her.


The only distinguishing mark Chiyoko has are tribal tattoos in four very private places, that she got shortly after her twentieth birthday when she was feeling a bit rebellious.

It is almost ironic, because Chiyoko's curse, her cluster headache, might have turned out to be her greatest blessing. Since because of her illness, she was eventually accepted into the Sustainable Future programme.

Chiyoko's childhood was nothing very special, before her illness. She was a normal kid just trying to make friends. However, when she contracted the cluster headaches, she was finding out that it was harder and harder to keep the friends she had made. A lot of them worried that they would catch it from her, even though she told them over and over again that it was not contagious. (And even if they believed her, their parents would think the same and tell their children not to hang out with Chiyoko.) At least she had her best friends still.

After a few bad nights at sleepovers (Chiyoko waking up in the middle of the night in pain, ruining the sleepover for everyone) and after disrupting class rumors started to spread about other illnesses she probably has. So soon, the general thought around the school was that she was a sick child. The rumors got so bad that there was talk of her being taken out of public school and put into a better education program for her needs. Then one day, it happened.

The kids at school were being especially mean to Chiyoko that day. They called her all kinds of names and did their best to avoid her when they got bored of name calling. What made things worse though, was her best friend was at home sick so Chiyoko didn't have anyone to comfort her. At lunch, one boy that she never really liked just wouldn't leave her alone. So she surprised him with a punch to the nose. After he was taken to the nurse to stop his nose from bleeding and all of the girls at school stopped chanting at how she was such a guy for fighting, Chiyoko was taken out of public school.

Not sure what to do with their child after this incident, Chiyoko's parents received an offer from one of Chiyoko's uncles. He offered to put Chiyoko in the Sustainable Future programme, in the hope that one day they might have a cure for her illness. After a few days of thought, they accepted his offer. Chiyoko's parents hated to see her go, but they knew it was for the best since it was a chance she would be able to live without her illness. Or at least, that is what they thought.

Several years later, when Chiyoko turned 21. Her parents talked to her about the idea and she agreed. She didn't know what awaited her, but it would hopefully be better than her constant pain.
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Name: Shaun Geary

Age: 19 [2088]

Status: Inventing genious.

Picture: [url]http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=113901302&albumID=2126356&imageID=30593778[/url] (Copy ad paste in an address bar.)

Personality: More quiet than talkitive than most of people. In school, he would sit by his self and not talk to anyone. Fiddling around on his laptop then socialize with te kids. When at home he would tke scrap parts from anything he could get his hands from construction sites to the dump or scrap yards. He also had a hard time focusing on things that lost their luster because of AD/HD. It wasn't a factor in his genious but it did make him more scared to make any new friends. That made him a social outcast frm the kids and some adults.

History: Shaun was a gifted invintor from a young age. His mother and father where average hard working people who believed that hard work was the only way to being true happyness. His mom was a mother of 3 and worked at a company as VP and his dad was a sucessfull Police officer. His dad was also a weekend hunter. At the age of 3 doctors diagnosed him with AD/HD. Its nothing life threatning but can have negative social affects. Even though with ADHD hindering good efforts to pay attention to things for very long, Shaun still managae to graduate High School at 14 and graduate collage at 17. During which he invited several things. One was a watch that had a computer with the power of a super computer and the battery life of 25 years. It was a big hit after he graduated from collage.

He even dipped into weapons manufacturing for his dad. Shaun made sveral weapons for his dad but wouldn't sell his designs to anyone for he feared that his weapons might be used to kill people. So he kept them in a stanless steel safe just make sure no-one stole them. After turning 18, he went into the Army and designed with some of the best invintors of his time. He helped invint a portable heavy machine gun that could deploy and be left their for enemies to find. It was usually placed in hall ways and drive ways to most military complexes.

All though he had the most brilliant invinting mind of his time, some of his ideas where a little too far advanced for the capabilities of the material used in the modern things. When he turned 19 the Army offered him a deal to freeze his self till the materil catches up with his mind. After saying good bye to his mother and his father and anyone he could ever care about, he boarded a bus to take him to New York City to be frozen at the most advanced Cryogenics research lab in North America. He was told that certain side effects might occure after the melting process but he wasn't listening to a word he was saying. He just wanted this to be done with and to sleep. Shaun was frozen at the year of 2107AD. He hope to sleep for a 100 years. To sleep for a 100 years only to wake up 500AH.
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][b][center]Medical File/Case Study: CIPA[/center][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Gilia Lexica

[b]Age:[/b] 32 [2082]

[b]Status:[/b] CIPA: Congenital (from birth) insensitivity (indifference) to pain (heat/cold) with anhidrosis (inability to self-regulate body temperature).

[b]Physical Makeup:[/b]

Not pictured is a long scar that runs across her jaw and hairline from a hot wire she pressed into her skin just for kicks. Her body is also swirled with various Maori tattoos that sweep across her back, legs, and genitals, if only because she didn't notice they were going that far while being done to her. Blond hair, blue eyes, 5'7", 130 lbs, 28 teeth (Wisdom Teeth Removed at 18), no other defining features.

[b]Personality Test Results/Theories:[/b] Gilia is a rather typical chronic disease A type personality complete with anger, inability relax, recklessness, and a consistent burning desire to prove herself. She has no real drive to attempt to act normal even when badly injured because early attempts at mimicking normal responses to pain made her feel stupid. No split personalities or other flaws detected with usual tests.

[b]History:[/b] She's special because she's one of perhaps 90 CIPA cases in the United States on record, also because she's one of the long term patients that hasn't died due to overheating or self inflicted injuries. Her family began training her very early to self check for any potential injuries, and as such she is more than capable of avoiding dangerous situations but often chooses to do so anyway. At 12 she broke four ribs after falling down a staircase, fractured her wrist, and twisted her ankle. At 15 she sustained a greenstick fracture of the right clavical after tripping and falling in gym class. At 22 she received a mild concussion and laceration to the forehead while walking in the dark and falling against an armoire. Currently she has no injuries that affect her normal functions, no limps, and no serious dental injuries.

She's been obligated to sleep with a mouth guard to prevent night bruxism and showers with cold water to avoid second degree burns from overheated water. Her family was extremely careful with her while simultaneously being not so careful that they ruined her completely. It has been hypothesized that she will never truly suffer from cryogenic side effects and was chosen to be part of the program in the name of scientific investigation. With any luck her case study will lead to breakthroughs on understanding the human nervous system's approach to managing and curing pain disorders.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"]Name: Lon Grosvenor

Age: 54 [2090]

Status: Wealthy Big Game Hunter/Tracker


Personality: Lon's never taken too kindly to people and it seems people have never taken to Lon either. You won't hear him talk very often, but when he does his voice cuts you like jagged glass, soft but course like sandpaper. A life time of sucking down cigars and living in the wild will have that effect on a man. If he didn't have to deal with these... people, he wouldn't.


Lon Grosvenor aquired his fortune in the early portion of his life. While living in Northern Africa he earned outlandish fees as a tracker for Europian royalty and other well-to-do personalities. However in his early forties Lon abruptly abandoned his career at the height of his fame and fortune. He has said this:

"I will always regret letting fools kill those beautiful creatures. They in turn should have been the ones being slaughtered. They were not hunters, they were murderers. There was no art in what they did."

Lon has hunted around the world many times over, taking down Elephants in Kenya, Jaguars in Tanzania, Tigers in Siberia. But now many years later Lon lives a simple life deep in the Adirondack Mountains. They say he's become a wild-man, living off of the land, rejecting society and still sitting on his massive fortune.

At the end of the twenty-first century big game hunting does not carry with it the glory that it used to. The areas where the sport is still legal are few and far between. Most big game species have either become extinct or endangered, and the slaughter of an endangered animal is a serious crime. A continent wide ban of big game hunting has forced any remaining hunters to cross oceans and move thousands of miles away from what they know. But not Lon, he's staying, and that just might be the end of him.

The Beginning of the End

The arrow sailed between the trees. Lon held his bow, his fingers pulsing from the release of the string. A female black bear lay on the forest floor, blood pooling around her motionless body. It’s never easy to kill, but… it’s what he does. Everything carried out that afternoon just as it had for years before. He returned to his cabin, gutted and cleaned his kill and settled by the fire for some coffee and a cigar. But something different happened that night. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Office showed up at Lon’s door, slapped handcuffs on his wrists and told him he was coming with them.

“Your time is over, old man,” One of the guards whispered in Lon’s ear on their way out of the door.

And that’s when Lon Grosvenor realized that he didn’t belong in this world anymore. It was the world that had changed, not him. He didn’t want to spend the remainder of his days waiting to die by the fire; he still had some fight in his bones. After donating a generous amount of his fortune to the National Parks Association he was released from custody. He was banned from hunting and living in the Adirondacks. It didn’t matter; Lon wasn’t planning on staying around here much longer anyway. He had gotten one phone call while in custody and what the man on the other end of the line said gave Lon the hope he was looking for.

“Have you ever wanted to live in another time, Mr. Grosvenor? What do you know about cryogenics?”

“Freeze myself?”

“It’s more complicated than that but yes, that’s the general idea. Freeze yourself and wake up in the future where society’s woes won’t hang over you. Without the threat from hunters animal populations will spike. In forty years or so you’d be able to live the life you enjoy again. Of course with your age there may be complications. You have to be aware of that.”

“It’s better than living here; I’m already dead. How much will this all cost?"

"Everything you have."[/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"]So I heard you were looking for more people...?

heh, just kidding, I've been looking at this for a few days now, I've just been too busy to make a character up till now. I PMed Vicky with regard to the exact nature of what she meant by 'post-human', and I'm trying to be careful with how far 'out of the ordinary' I go. But, of course, if any part of my character is too far out there, just let me know and I'll happily change it.:catgirl:

[B]EDIT:[/B] History section's done, and with it, my sign-up sheet is complete!

[b]Name: [/b]Ilyasviel von Einsbergh[b]

Age: [/b]11 [2142] [b]

Awakening: [/b]500 AH[b]

Status: [/b]She comes from a wealthy family through adoption. She shows symptoms of mild Muscle Atrophy, or cellular deterioration, that was determined to be progressive and, ultimately, terminal, unless she was placed into cryogenesis until such time as genetic research found a way to cure her. She exhibits several abnormal mental traits, and was placed into cryogenesis for the Sustainable Future program partially for the purpose of allowing further research at such a time as better methods of study became available.

Savant Syndrome – Ilya is a chronosavant, meaning she has a constant and precise knowledge of what time it is, owing to increased activity in the portion of her brain that controls her ‘internal clock’. One of the lesser reasons for her containment was out of curiosity as to whether or not her Savant skill would carry on throughout her cryogenic slumber, and allow her to discern what time, day, or even year she was waking up in.

Ilya also displays traits associated with First and Second category Psionics, such as the ability to see the past of an object by touching it, as well as image projection, or the ability to send and receive subliminal messages that are realized in the form of mental images.

Ilya is unique in that she displays all the special mental talents associated with one having savant syndrome, but lacks the autistic traits typical of people with savant syndrome. Her only negative symptom seems to be a constantly hallucinatory state in which she sees and hears things that aren’t there, or envisions objects in a manner other than what they are in actuality. Her inability to properly make contact with the world around her is the subject of much research that was hoped to be conducted on her when she was sealed away.[b]



Ilya looks perhaps a little younger than this, and her typical outfit falls much more in the vein of this outfit:

[URL="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ms/e/e2/Illya.JPG"][U][COLOR="Blue"]Ilya's casual attire[/COLOR][/U][/URL]

(apologies for the anime picture, but I figured it’d be excusable as clothes are really easy to translate from drawing into real life. Also, yes, before anyone points this out, the character in this picture IS named Ilyasviel von Einsbergh. So I’m being slightly unoriginal there, but I wanted to portray a certain [i]type [/i]of character, and this name really captures the feeling of elegance and royalty that I’m trying to portray, so I…borrowed it)

This severely-bundled style is due, of course, to how incredibly cold it gets in Russia during the winter.

The sound of Ilyasviel’s voice can almost be described as dainty, light, wispy, and angelic, all at once. Her primary language is English, and the Russian influence that she’s grown up in has had little effect on her accent, which is generally so light that it could almost be mistaken as slightly French.[b]

Personality: [/b]Ilyasviel was raised by an aristocratic mother and father who taught her to always act in an elegant but humble manner, wishing for a daughter that had an air of sophistication about her without the stereotypical snobbish attitude that is sometimes associated with wealth. In this regard, Ilya is the perfect example of an exemplary child. Soft-spoken, cultured, and well-refined, her speech mannerisms illustrate the high-society environment in which she was raised. She can be sharp and incredibly perceptive when the situation calls upon it, and a first-class education from a personal scholar has made her exceptionally intelligent for a girl of her age.

On the flip side of this coin, underneath the elegant, sophisticated nature in which she has been raised, Ilya is, first and foremost, a young girl. Kind, sympathetic, naïve, and trusting to a fault, she is a perfect illustration of book-over-street smarts, and is not very familiar with the general workings of the world around her. With little outside experience of the world around her outside of her time in a small orphanage, Ilya is quick to frighten, is frequently taken aback by unfamiliar sights and situations, and is easy to manipulate, as she takes peoples’ words for truth without question or objection, and always accepts her elders as holding absolute authority.

In short, Ilyasviel is a young, impressionable mind that, while undoubtedly intelligent for her age, simply lacks the life-experiences to maintain a singular existence. It is questionable how, or even for what length of time, a person of her mental and physical status would be able to survive on their own in unfamiliar or harsh conditions. Indeed, for Ilya to survive the current situation for even a while, she will need to quickly come into contact with someone to attach herself to and follow the example of. [b]

History: [/b]Though she was taken in and raised by a wealthy couple of russo-american descent, her appearance suggests that she was probably originated somewhere in the asian area. She has no record of birth or even a proper form of identification, lacking even so much as a name (the name Ilyasviel was given to her later on by her adoptive parents), and it is difficult to determine how exactly she came to be a child under the supervision of the orphanage that the Einsberghs eventually found her in. The common explanation that she ‘just sort of showed up one day’ is readily accepted and seldom questioned.

David and Vera von Einsbergh were incapable of producing offspring of their own, as Vera was infertile, and the two wished for a charming, beautiful young daughter that easily stood out from others in both appearance and mental capability. To this end, they conducted a several year long search across a not-so-small number of countries to find what they deemed to be the ‘perfect little girl’. In their pride, they turned down every potential they came across, at one point even refusing to take in a stunningly cute ten year old girl with an Intelligence Quotient of 142.

But then one day, they happened upon the orphanage that Ilya was being kept at.

When questioned on what happened that day, Ilya gives the same lengthy narration, word-for-word, every time. A transcript of her account can be found in the following segment, although one must be reminded that, due to the unreliability of her perception of the world around her, some of the facts might not be entirely (or even remotely) accurate. Please keep this in mind as you read.


I’ll tell you exactly what happened that day. I can do this for you, because I remember every detail of that day as though it were happening to me now. My ability to form and maintain memories is far better than that of the average person – not to say I’m better than you, of course, so please don’t misunderstand me. Some people are just good at certain things, I suppose.

Several of the kids are playing with each-other in the playroom. As per usual, I am being excluded by the others. It is cruel, perhaps, that they cast me aside, avoid me, and even sometimes push or hit me, but I am used to this sort of thing. It isn’t their fault that they act the way they do – they couldn’t possibly be expected to understand that I’m just a child, just like them, no matter how…unique…I am. I accept this, and am perfectly willing to let them enjoy themselves while I resign myself to my corner.

There’s the sound of the front door opening, and everyone briefly stops what they’re doing. We can hear the sound of the director’s voice coming from the other room, speaking to some unseen patron. An expectant buzz fills the air; I can hear it like an electric surge undertoning the usual ticking that I hear every waking moment, like a clock inside my head. Or a bell.

In the next moment, the figure of a tall man steps into the playroom, ducking slightly so that the doorway can accommodate his considerable height. He glances around, and his eyes are literally radiating with the intensity of one who knows exactly what they’re looking for, and is doing an initial scan of whether or not the item in question is there. He is followed quickly by a young-looking woman who seems to be beaming with a positive, hopeful energy. The searchlight-gaze of the tall man passes over me and I freeze, my heart stopping-he is an intense man, and it feels almost uncomfortable to be looked at by him. Like I’m being judged. Like the man is somehow larger than this whole room, and his presence dwarfs everything else in comparison.[b]

“Whot do you zink, my love?” [/b]he turns to the woman beside him, speaking in a heavy accent. [b]“Do any of zees leetle children catch you’r eye…?”

[/b]The woman in turn does a brief survey of the room, her gaze more akin to precision lasers than anything. After a brief moment of consideration, she turns to the Director, who seems suddenly small in comparison to these larger-than-life strangers. [b]“Do any of these children possess any outstanding skills?” [/b]she asks him.[b]

“E…excuse me?” [/b]the Director gives his confused response.[b]

“Special talents,” [/b]the woman clarifies, and I notice that she seems to lack the accent of her husband. [b]“Dancing, ballet, singing, musical instruments. Perhaps any artists or fine authors? Mathematical geniuses?” [/b]The woman presses on, but it is increasingly apparent that the Director won’t be able to make a proper ‘recommendation’. I’m just about to turn back to my corner and focus on drowning out the buzzing in my ear when I hear him reply.[b]

“Well, there is [i]one[/i]…” [/b]he begins, catching the woman’s interest. [b]“One of the girls here is a bit…[i]different[/i]…than the others.” [/b]He’s pointing at me. I can tell, even though I’m not facing in his direction. He’s pointing at me.[b]

“Different?” [/b]the woman echoes, for clarification.[b]

“Well, the other kids don’t really get along with her very well. She’s a bit…well, [i]out there[/i], like, in the [i]brain[/i], you know. She’s not dumb or dangerous or anything, just…-” [/b]Before the Director gets to finish, the husband walks over to me and squats down in front of me. He grins a big, friendly grin at me, and extends a hand. I almost take it, but hesitate. Something tells me that I shouldn’t touch him, that it would be improper in some way.[b]

“Wot ees you’r name, leetle one?” [/b]he asks heartily. I shake my head; it’s the only answer I can give. [b]“[i]Non[/i]? Vell, let us try again. Vould you like to come home with us?” [/b]I nod my head slightly.[b]

“Yes, sir,” [/b]I add after a moment.

The man seems unimpressed. He glances back at his spouse. [b]“Whot do you zink, love?” [/b]He asks over his shoulder to the woman behind. She walks up to me and kneels down alongside her husband. She looks me up and down, considering.[b]

“She’s certainly very pretty,” [/b]she comments, her voice cautious but appraising. Somehow I can’t bring myself to be flattered by this. [b]“So, dear, what can you do that makes you ‘special’?”

[/b]I get it. So [i]that’s [/i]all they’re interested in. Or at least the woman, at any rate. And I don’t really like to show off my…unique abilities, certainly not to complete strangers. I shake my head, shying further back into my corner.[b]

“I can…[i]see [/i]things,” [/b]I reply. Realizing that this probably merits further explanation, I go on. [b]“I can know things that I shouldn’t know.” [/b]The look on both of their faces as they look at one another, puzzled, tells me I’m perhaps not making the most sense. But…but that’s the only way I can think of to describe it.[b]

“Looks like another fruitless venture,” [/b]the woman laments after a moment, getting back up to leave.[b]

“Eet would appear so, love,” [/b]the man replies, glancing towards the door. He similarly makes his move to get up and leave. It occurs to me that this may be the last chance I have to get a proper family. And if I can demonstrate my talents to them, then maybe…

I run up from behind them as they walk out the door to the play room and grab the man’s hand.

And I see. I see everything.


“David von Einsbergh,” [/b]I say.[b]

“Hmm…?” [/b]the man glances back at me, confused.[b]

“Your name is David von Einsbergh. You were born in Saint Petersburg Russia forty-three years, three months, seventeen days, two hours, seven minutes, and twenty-two, twenty three, twenty four seconds ago. Your current residence is Einsbergh Manor in Moscow, Russia, where you live with your wife, Vera Einsbergh, to whom you’ve been married for five years, one month, three days, two hours, and forty, forthy-one, forty two seconds.” [/b]I take a deep breath before carrying on, trying to ignore the growing expressions of shock and disbelief on their faces. This is just for starters. This alone doesn’t make the point I want to make.[b]

“You and your wife discovered that you were incapable of producing offspring four years, two months, six days, thirteen minutes, and twelve, thirteen, fourteen seconds ago. Since then, you’ve been conducting a global search for a beautiful or exceptionally talented girl for you to adopt as your daughter.” [/b]I look up at the two astonished Einsberghs expectantly. [b]“Need I go on? I can do simple stuff too, like favorite colors, number guessing games, and that sort of thing, if you’d like…”

“What [i]is [/i]she…?” [/b]the Mrs. Einsbergh asks after one last disbelieving moment, turning to the director.[b]

“She’s just a girl,” [/b]the director shrugs. [b]“Beyond that, well…nobody really knows.” [/b]The two look at one another and nod. I get a warm feeling in my heart – the feeling that something wonderful is about to happen to me.[b]

“Show us ze papers, then, Mr. Director,” [/b]the Mr. Einsbergh says with a smile. The director bows deeply to this aristocratic man and smiles down at me, gathering the papers.[b]

“Congratulations. It looks like you’ve finally found a mommy and daddy,” [/b]He says. [b]“Here are the papers,” [/b]he directs his attention to the couple. [b]“You’ll notice there are several spaces missing in her profile, and I won’t be able to give you a birth certificate, either. Nobody knows anything about her; she doesn’t even have a name yet. As her new parents, you may of course fill out a name for her at this time, right here…” [/b]the director indicates the appropriate spot as he goes through the finalizing procedures.

Twenty-one minutes and twelve seconds later, I walk out the front door of the small building that I had reluctantly come to call home for most of my life, hand in hand with my new mother and father.[b]

“What time is it, dear?” [/b]mommy asks daddy. [b]“Our flight back home leaves at 6:10.” [/b]Daddy fumbles around in his pockets briefly, cursing.[b]

“Ach, where did ah put eet…” [/b]he mumbles. But I’m still holding his hand.[b]

“It is now five forty three and fifty six, fifty seven, fifty eight seconds,” [/b]I answer brightly, smiling up at him. [b]“…you left your pocket watch on the dashboard,” [/b]I add after a moment, answering the other question. Mom and dad both laugh.[b]

“So, dear, what did you decide to name her?” [/b]mom asks.[b]

“I give her old Russian name,” [/b]dad replies proudly. [b]“Ilyasviel. Can you say zat, leetle one?” [/b]he adds, smiling down at me.

I test it out. [b]“Ilyasviel.”

[/b]Ilyasviel. My name is Ilyasviel von Einsbergh. I’m eight years, three months, one week, four days, seventeen hours, forty-one minutes, and thirty-seven seconds old, and I’ve just started a new life.


After that day David and Vera raised Ilya as though she had been theirs all along. Everything she ever needed, she was given, and what few things she asked for, she received. To help make her into the outstanding girl they expected, David and Vera appointed a personal tutor for her to teach her, as she asked them not to make her go to a school, as the other kids wouldn’t be able to understand her. With the best education money could buy, and a cultured upbringing amidst aristocracy, Ilya was taught equally in such things as cooking, housecleaning, table manners, and proper etiquette, as well as the usual subjects of fine art, mathematics, and the sciences.

She was also trained in the arts of playing piano and violin, and her remarkable memory-forming abilities helped her quickly master these instruments, performing famous classical pieces for guests when they came to the Einsbergh estate, before going on to write her own pieces, which were beautiful in their own way, but demonstrated the decidedly childish nature of her musical preference, which turned out to be melodic, but somewhat haunting. Like a lullaby, almost, but with a strangely darker undertone.

She fell mysteriously unconscious while walking down the center staircase in the oversized lobby of the mansion when she was eleven, and had to be taken to emergency care. David and Vera, hoping that she had simply had an unfortunate fainting spell, were devastated to learn that she was violently anemic, and her muscle tissue was deteriorating at an alarming rate, due to some unknown illness that was causing her body to ‘overclock’ its system when exerted past a very low threshold. There was no cure for her. At least, the doctors said, not yet…



“No…no cure…?” [/b]David echoed the man’s statement, his face going pale. Vera was speechless beside him.[b]

“I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t even know what’s wrong with her, let alone have a way of curing her. In her current state, I’d give her about three or four months. We can give her medical aid, but it would only be a delay. Past a certain point of deterioration, her body’s functions will give out at a rate faster than what we can compensate for. I’d give her about six months in that case.”

[/b]There was silence among the three adults with grieving faces around the hospital bed on which Ilya lay, unconscious. David’s face was stoic, but his agony was clearly evident. Vera, on the other hand, was completely beside herself in sorrow, weeping into her husband’s arm.[b]

“There is…one other option,” [/b]the doctor said hesitantly, eyeing the girl. [b]“I don’t know of how much help it would be to [i]you[/i], but there might be some hope for [i]her[/i].”

What can we do, doctor?” [/b]David asked, his voice cracking for possibly the first time in his life.[b]

“Do you know of Cryopreservation?” [/b]the doctor replied. David shook his head uncertainly, not liking the sound of where this was going. [b]“It’s a procedure in which a subject is placed in a container and then rapidly cooled to sub-zero temperatures.” [/b]Sensing the impending breakout of horror from the couple’s faces, the doctor continued. [b]“If done properly, your daughter can be preserved indefinitely, until such time as medical science produces a cure.”

“How long would she be…[i]frozen[/i]?” [/b]David asked, apprehension in his voice, as though he didn’t want to know the answer. The doctor shrugged unenthusiastically.[b]

“Who knows? It could take anywhere from a few years to a few decades. She might even be frozen longer than you or I live to see. It all depends on how fast a cure is found.”

[/b]David visibly slumped at the notion that if he took a shot at this idea, there was a very real possibility that he wouldn’t live to see his only daughter wake up ever again. [b]“Doctor, I will do anything eef eet means saving my daughter. Just tell me this: Are you sure this ees de only way?”

[/b]The doctor paused for a moment before giving his answer, looking down at the girl on the table. So much to live for, and so many things that could be learned from her. [b]“It’s her best – her [i]only [/i]chance. I’m sorry.”

“I understand,” [/b]David said, his voice heavy. [b]“Where do I sign her up for the program?”

“That won’t be necessary,” [/b]the doctor shook his head. [b]“The Sustainable Future program is an unofficial project funded by the government. As long as we have your approval, that should be sufficient.”

“Very well, then. Do what you can for my daughter.”

“We hope to put her in a brighter future than she has now,” [/b]the doctor asserted. They shook hands, and the Einsberghs kissed their only child once more, then they were gone. The doctor looked down at the sleeping Ilyasviel, and shook his head. [b]“Poor thing,” [/b]he lamented. Taking his pen in hand, he turned his focus at the clipboard in his hand. Ilyasviel’s medical record for her time in the hospital. Everything was filled out. Blood type, height, weight, condition.[u]

May twenty second, 2142. Patient name: Ilyasviel von Einsbergh. Deceased.
Time of death: 5:43 PM.
Cause of death: Classified.
Relocated to: Classified.

[/u]After setting the clipboard on the bedside desk, he pulled the sheet over Ilyasviel’s face, and rolled her out of the room, down the hall, and eventually, out of the hospital, giving a suitably fabricated destination when questioned. Her future was now in the hands of science.


Three and a half hours later, and a half a mile underground, Ilya was safely frozen in a personal cryogenic pod, sealed away as the world slowly continued on. She was scheduled to awaken when science had progressed enough to cure her. But fate, as it turned out, dealt her a different hand.

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Name: Alex Stone
Year frozen [517]
personality: careless, witty, rude, humerous, emotional


Alex Stone was raised in a very rich family. He was an inventor. He created a lunchbox microwave along with many other things. He quickly rose to the top. He created his own industry. Everything he made he remembered. When starting first grade they discovered his intellegence and skipped him to fifth grade then skipped to a senior 2 years later. All bullies that picked on him he embarrassed with his humor, wit,and quick mouth.

He had many houses across the globe along with many girlfriends.
He encountered another inventor and soon became arch enemies. Alex beat him in inventing. Then they both fought to invent a very important serum to immunise people from all flu diseases.

The other inventor had beaten him to it and Alex fell apart. Alex had obsessive compulsion disorder. He soon lost all his girls and houses and had nothing. He heard of the programme and snuck into his parents house and stole some money. With it he got trapped in a freezer.
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[size=1]Sign-ups officially closed.

I'm sticking with my original three - that be Blonde, Neko and Nessaja. Sorry Dragons Wolfie and Pedegg, you guys didn't make it this time but don't like that discourage you from joining any of my future games or any other games on OB! Good try.

No more bets, please, the game has finally started to kick it up![/size]
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