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RPG anime worlds clashed >>>rpg sign up


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the worlds grew dark....the inhabitants all became confused about this sudden darkness.....

then all worlds colided with a roar of thunder and the darkness went away revaling a large world with all different kinds of people


DBZ,Pokemon,Digimon,Cardcaptors,And All The Other Anime Charecter Worlds Get All MIxed UP...so there are pokemon and digimon and dbz charecters and others all mixed into one planet trying to figurer out what happened and how to get their planets back again
sign up by doing this >>

Anime show: example(dbz)
name: exampl (davis)
age: 1234567890
discription: looks and all dat
personality: what you are like


champion so on


starter pokemon (must be in first stage and not to strong)
lv... must be between 5 and 10


well i dont now about this one but you should be able to figure it out

and uhhh well you go from there

And the others you name and tell who and what you are


anime: digimon
name: tammera
age: 14
personality: loner hates evil and never fights unless absalutly needed
description:wears black shirt under blue vest and jeans yellow shoes

in training: demiveemon
champion: exveemon
mega:imperialdramon..(i know but i wont use wormmon unless ther is one in this rpg ,to digivolve to ultimate)
digiegg: friendship

i know this may seem real stupid but it just came to my mind i had to put it up i now i now its stupid ahh the worlds all clash gohan kills pikachu digitamamon kills gohan bla bla bla

*sigh* i just thought this up and wanted to see how it would go
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Animé show: DBZ
name: Gohan
Age: 14
description: looks like Gohan did from the cell games but he now wears the same clothes as Goku.
Personality: Son of Goku. Is kind hearted and caring like his father and would never do anything to harm him in any way as he looks up to him and will listen to almost every cpmmand
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OOC: I was wondering if anyone was gonna do an RPG like this. I'm gonna use mine from MKRayearth.
Anime show: Magic Knight Rayearth
name: Hikaru
age: 14
discription: see avatar and is in the 8th grade.
personality: outgoing
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[color=green] Hmmm

Anime: Battle Angel Alita
Name: Lupus Sentrak
Age: 532
Description: Looks like Alita's black armor. Just with his face.[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Anime show: Trigun
Name: Vash the Stampede II
Age: N/A
Description: Basically an cyborg replica of the actual Vash, wears a black coat instead of the usual red and has silver hair instead of the normal blonde-ish color, otherwise, the same.
Personality: He one wild cat! Don't let his ominous appearance fool you, he's not really all that scary.... unless you piss him off :demon:[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Name: Darien Shields / Tuxedo Mask
Anime: Sailor Moon
Age: 19
Description: Tall, Dark Hair and Very attractive to the ladies.
Personality: Tuxedo Mask lives by honor, and that is how he expects all of his teammates to act. He hides in the shadows and will usually attack an opponent without them even knowing he was there.[/SIZE]
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[color=crimson]Can I have a Digi and Poké?

Name- Star
Age: 13
Personality- Me, only under a different name :P, she is calm and anti-evil. She has waist length reddish brown hair, blue eyes and wears a sky blue short sleeved jumpsiut and white sneakers. She wears a crystal pendant.
Mammal Vaccine
Bubble Blow

Fox Mammal Vaccine
Fur Punch

Fox Mammal Vaccine
Fox Fang
Tail Sword

Fox Mammal Vaccine
Fox Claw
Magic Mist

Angel Vaccine
Angel Wrath
Fox Flame

Angel Vaccine
Light Sheild
Vixen Cry

Bunny Virus
Parasite Tide
Bunny Bite

Basicly, Aireo is a white fox with blue tufted paws and a tail like Ninetails, only 6 fewer, and blue. He has a saphire in his forehead.

A Poké on its own--No forms,
TYPE: Dragon
ATTACKS: Dragon's attacks
LV- 5-10? *Sigh* lv 10
LOOKS: A pale blue dragon with silver claws and jewels on its paws and forhead. Powerful though at lv 10.
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Name:Kiss (Short for Yue's Kiss)
Anime/Manga:Card Captor Sakura
Age:Immortal... just like Yue
Description:Yue is an Angel, Kiss is a Demon
Personality:Same as Yue's
Notes:Guardian of the Sun... wehre Yue draws his power from Sakura, the Sakura Cards and the Moon... Kiss draws her power from Syaoran, the Genesis Cards (same as Clow except there are 100)and the Sun. Kiss is very strong and can activate any of the Sakura Cards or the Genesis Cards simply by speaking their name

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