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Sign Up Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters


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Out beyond far reaches of any law biding system lies a enormus ship that was just finished and was being run by the building crew to a planet on the outer rim. Equiped with the most advanced weaponry, high quality space ships, high quality armor, self sustaning onboard systems incase of critical systems failure, capabile of manufacturing mostly anything it will ever need. Bascially its never needs to dock for most of its supplies besides fuel, food suplies, and new crew. It is a small colony thats isnt a station nor a planet. Its a moble colony capable of defending and attacking anything. Onboard this monsterous vessel never before seen is a bounty hunter with a name that installs fear into any one in any system he alone has visited or inspires leagues of bounty hunters, smugglers, and transporters to follow him.

Alone he sits in the command deck of the ship with only a monitor infront of him. 4 people's files from his own privit source where on the screen. Staring at each one for a long period of time. Their are many bounty hunters that where either more famus or well equiped than them but those are just obtainable things. Individual talent that showed through their looks, their style, through their personalities. Thats what shows in his eyes. Thats why he sent very advanced Combat Droids to deliver the message to each of them.

"Lafeil, how long before we reach nearest world with a space port?" He said even though he was alone, or so you would believe.

"We are approximently 3 days away at maximum speed." Lafiel said to the bounty hunter.

"Adjust speed to match an arrival date of 7 days. That should give them enough time to make it back with the droids. Don't you think so?" He said with a laugh. A laugh that he hasnt made in a long time.

"Adjusting speed, star drive engaged. Yes, It would seem likely." Lafiel siad.

"Falerious, thats the nearest planet. Thats where It all begane for me. This should be enteresting. Lafiel, when we arrive. Keep us out of range of the planets sensor gride and prepare Mako 10 for transport to the surface." He said.

"Yes sir. Logged and creating sub-routen for that date." Lafiel said.

Its been 9 years in the making, this ship, and he couldn't be happier. The building crew can have shore leave and pick up others to fully staff the ship. He already has a league of followers of the bounty, smuggling, and transporting jobs but that wasnt the crew he wanted. He would be employing 100,000+ others from every job lines from cooks, janitors, and maids, to engineers and weapons experts. His dream is finally coming into fuition.

Hopefully others would show as well.

Ok, thats the intro to the story. its time for the sign-ups! (YAY!) The usually but with twist. (explained in these parathenses.) When posting your audtion, keep the explanations out please.

Name (If you would like to be called by a nickname put in "thesse"):

Race (Be creative or choose a species from the three things in the BGB [Back Ground Board] New RP Idea (No name Yet), no vampires,got it?):

Age (Certain species have very long life spans but you can be older than 150. Ok?):

Birth planet or where ever you where born (Make a planet up that isnt far fetched. Or from a station in orbit or in free space.):

Bio (How did you end up either bounty hunting, smuggling, or transporting and/or how you got the droid's messege.):

History (Optional! Give a taste of what the history of you and your species):

Personality (Any personality is fine but define it and give a few sentences with an NPC so for the others to see how you react and base their future repsonses and post on.):

Transport to Planet Falerious (How you and the droid got to Falerious got to Falerious. BTW: the Droids ship is a single destanation ship and has to have its very expensive drive core replaced [escape pod!]):

Usual attire [attire military for cloths] (anything you want from skimpy clothing to over the top outfits but make sure you dont over do it!):

My characters sign up. Until he meets yours face to face, all you know that his name and reputaion.

Name: Alphatan Odtotio Walfenken "Wolfie"

Race: Advanced AI based Machine (or synthedic)

Age: Estemated 149 years

Birth planet: Area 51, Nervada, USA, Earth.

Bio: Wolfie was an experimental AI based self adapting, growing, evolving machine. Even though AI was banned by most world governments and galatic law. He was developed in secretcy on Area 51. It was an attempt to create a learning AI brain to simulate human learning from birth. It was a success but was found out by the Galatic Government and was ordered to destroy it. Obviously, years of devotion to raising this unique AI Machine from creation till his mid teens made the researches anger. They put him on a ship, locked his memory even from him about his past, gave hime a large amount of credits, and blasted him off to Falerious. A planet just past Galatic Laws reach. Thats where he learned to be a bounty hunter. His unique skills made him a perfect hunter.

History: Wolfie is a unique individual whose race was destroyed anywhere . He can not access his memories from age 15 and lower. He knows nothing of his early past and seems to be looking for a way to access them.

Personality: Considering he is AI, his personality is that of any organic species. Kind, freindly, serious yet playfull, ruthless yet compasionate. Unforgiving but understandable.

"Sir, we have reports of Galatic Law vessels on approch to the ship" Master Coms Officer Dalio.

"Thanks, Dalio, hail them and ask them what they want." Wolfie.

"Yes sir, To approching Galatic Law vessels, state your intentions." Dalio.

"We have come to take Alphatan Odtotio Walfenken into custady and deactivate immediatly" Officer.

"Dalio, I'll handle this. Take a break and relax." Wolfie.

"Yes sir, You want anything while I am atthe mess hall?" Dalio.

"Please call me Wolfie Dalio and grab me a soda." Wolfie

"Yes sir...um Wolfie. Diet or reg?" Dalio.

"Reg please. Ok back to buisness. What is it that you want again?" Wolfie.

"You are to hand yourself and your ship to the Galatic Police." Officer.

"I haven't done anything against the Law officer. I have rights and you are demanding my death. That goes against your law." Wolife.


"I have no Idea what you are talking about. I have the permit to build and own this ship provided that I do not use it against the Galatic Government. If you want to take it by force then I have no choice but to destroy you. I may be "machine" but what gives you the right to say I dont have rights." Wolfie.

Dalio walks in and hands a soda over to Wolfie.

"Thanks Dalio and its my fav!" Wolfie.

"I know you Wolfie. I'll be in the lounge." Dalio.

"Has you see, officer, I can eat and drink. I have a conciense, Im intelegent, and I am aware of my existance. That makes me like you. Just because I am mechanical doesnt make me a tool nor a computer. Now if you don't mind, go away and report this to you supperiors." Wolfie.

"You are just a machine. Comply with my demands now!" Officer.

"Ah the old obey the master routen. Too bad who ever made me made sure no one could ever control me." Wolfie. Pulling out a knife. "If I was an actuall machine, I wouldn't feel anythin. But I do feel pain. Just watch."

Wolfie jabs the knife into his arm. Cursing and clenching his hand. Pulling the knife out of his arm, blood pours out.

"Like.I...said. I Feel pain. Leave, you have nothing here to take in." Wolfie.

Covering the deep wound.

"Dam it. All ships, pull back to base. We'll be back." Officer.

"I'm sure you will. Dalio cut coms." Wolfie.

"Yes Wolfie....coms to Galatic Police vessel has been cut. What about your arm?" Dalio.

"Its true I am machine but I am like any other person. Dont ask me how I came to be because the truth is: I'm not sure myself. The arm already healed its self. Continue course to Falerios." Wolfie.

"Roger that Sir. Resuming course to vector 794.243-4 at speed 123AUpS." Master Navigator Om.

Transport to Falerios: The monsterous ship Wolfie calls Lafiel. Special build allowed by Galatic Government under strict restions not to engage in combat operations with Galatic Police.

Ok, their is my audition. Let the auditioning begin!
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[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Name: Nathan "Cross" Wolfwood[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Race: Edta "Newman"[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Age: 58[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Birth planet: Edtarak[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Bio: Cross is a bounty hunter not out of want or need, but because he thinks it would be fun. He had done many things in his lifetime, which travels slower than that or normal humans. Due to the age difference, in human years he is mearly 25, but he has the knowledge of someone twice his age.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]He was introduced to bounty hunting from an old family friend that did it as a profesion. Cross decided he wanted to give it a shot, and enjoyed himself in the process. Ever since that fateful day, twenty years ago, he has played along with the bounty hunting rules, not really caring who gets in his way, but not trying to make enamies either.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]History: Edtarak is a recently discovered planet that resembles the original Earth so much it has been called "Earth II". The landscape, rivers, oceans, and even the animals and humans that inhabit the planet resemble Earthlings nearly to a tee.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]There is two races that live on the planet Edtarak. The first is the Edta, which resembles humans more than their brethren, the Korda. The Korda resemble more of reptiles or amphibians, than humans. Thus in turn has caused many disfunctions between Earth and Edtarak, mainly because of the closed minds of the Earthlings.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]The Edta on the other hand resemble Earthlings so much they have been given a new name as well, one that is normaly only used by Earthlings. The name they were given is "Newmans". The only real difference between the two races, Edta and Earthlings, are their lifespans and aging process. Earthlings age nearly three times as fast as Edtas.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Also, Edta are not quite as tall as the average Earthling, yet their strenght is nearly four times more than Earthlings. This causes Edta to be very dangerous when entering into fights with other races.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Personality: Cross is very entergetic. He likes to joke around, and won't fail to give you a smile no matter the situation. He is smart, being alive for 58 Earth years, but he still has a juvinile attitude twards things. And if he senses that you are getting annoyed at him, he will smile and try to push a few more buttons until either calling a truce or laughing his ass off.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Nathan, get in here." A burly voice calls him into the next room of the gigantic mansion. Cross makes his way into the room holding his signature gun, strapped to his back.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Yo, pop, hows it goin'?" Cross gives him a wave and smiles big as he sets the gigantic gun next to a chair then plops down, letting out a little laugh as he does so. "You called, old man?" Cross looks down at his gun then back up at his foster father.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Tell me, son. When do you plan on stopping this pathetic game of yours. Everyone knows you are a good bounty hunter, but what are you getting out of it? One of these days your going to get shot, or even worse, killed. What then?" the elderly Edta leaned back into his chair and let out a sigh.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"Hmm, thats a good point there, pops." Cross rubbed his chin then let out a big smile. "I really don't know. I'm not tired of it yet, so I think I will keep doing it for a little while longer." Cross let out a big laugh as the elderly Newman sighed deeply.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]"You do realize that your mother and I am very worried about your safety. That is all." The older man looked at his foster son, caring and sympathy radiating from his eyes.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Cross looked at him and then smiled. "I know, pop. The thing is, your still doing it, right? How is it, that the son of the infamous Harlem "Bloody Moon" Wolfwood can sit there, worry and sympathy in his eyes, and tell his own son to stop doing the work that he, himself is conducting? It's a little contradictory right?" Cross smiled weakly and then stood up. "Don't worry, old man. I've got things under control." He gave a wave and then headed twards the door.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Before leaving, his foster father called after him, getting cut off as the door shut. "Nathan, you can always call me, if you need help. Be careful son."[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="navy"][SIZE="1"]Transport: As stated before, his foster father, Harlem "Bloody Moon" Wolfwood is a bounty hunter as well. He is one of the most well known on the planet Edtaka, so this means he is a wealty man. On his son's 25 birthday, he bought him a medium grade star ship built to house a crew of only 4. This of course is nothing special, and can be run with only one person, which is the way Cross likes it. He is the only crew member on board, and he seems to just fine taking care of everything that happens to come up.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="1"]Usual attire [attire military for cloths] (anything you want from skimpy clothing to over the top outfits but make sure you dont over do it!):[URL="http://i648.photobucket.com/albums/uu209/clanker_sin/wolfwood.jpg"]Cross[/URL] The sun glasses are a must. His gun, which is the one he is using, is normaly strapped to his back, and is wrapped up, covering it, keeping it safe from the elements.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name[/B]: Shiala Kai'mae "Shiva"

[B]Race:[/B] Makiarii, They are a mono-gendered race, though they have a female exterior. ( Like the Asari from Mass Effect.)

[B]Age[/B]: 83

[B]Birth planet[/B]: Abyss Mul' of the Onyx Rhaiyne Cluster.

[B]Bio[/B]: Shiala was born and raised with the Nocturnas. Taught how to fight and kill at a young age, she was quickly hardened into the warrior she is now. It was sixty years before she ever left her region to explore the lands, since traveling to the other regions was greatly frowned upon..

During her long travels, she met another Makiarii from the Sisterhood. The girl was on her pilgrimage to find "inner peace" with her furry companion Cho Cho (a miniature bear with a long tail and tiny antlers). After a while of talking, Shiala decided to go with the girl [Lee'net] on her pilgrimage as a body guard. This traveling lasted a few years, all the while bringing the Makiarii's closer together. At the end of their journey, Shiala had convinced Lee'net to return home with her. She had never found a partner as kind as Lee'net, and was not willing to let her go so easily. Unfortunately, when they arrived home, her fellow Nocturnas were not so accepting of the new blood. This was quite surprising the Makiarii, since she had grown with the belief of equality amongst the species. Apparently this wasn't the case for fellow Makiariis.

Over time, Lee'net started to grow on the others as well, since they also knew only of violence and fighting. The new girl's strange companion, and loving nature was strange to them. The most intriguing aspect however, was the girl's relationship with the sea beasts. These beasts which they had been fighting for centuries were calm around her, even showing affection towards her. This talent reached it's way to the highest level. Catching the attention of the Nocturnas leader, and Elder amongst the Makiariis, Verdana. When she heard of the Tamer amongst her people, she was not pleased. Through her anger, the Elder sent her assassins after the traitors.

Fleeing the planet on a stolen ship, the girls traveled far from home, even racking up a reputation of their own. Whilst trying to make a living, they had become space pirates, now not fleeing only from their own people, but bounty hunters as well. Earning the names Shiva and Vishnu( They were actually quite the opposite since it is Vishnu with the temper and blue skin). Roaming space raiding ships and killing any that got in her way, Shiva loved her new life. Vishnu, however, was not so pleased, she had led a life without violence or hardships, but now she was a criminal on the run. In the end, it was her kindness that begot her capture.

During a raid of foreign transport vessel, Shiva had gone ahead to seize the captain and his ship, while Vishnu stayed behind as a lookout. After seizing the ship, Shiva went back to retrieve her partner, only to discover a bounty ship hauling her away. Once her chase of the hunter failed, she dedicated herself to breaking her companion out of the Nocturnas prison, and finding the hunter who dared take her. In order for her to do this however, she herself needed to become a hunter. Giving up her pirate status, she gave her crew a choice to stay with her, or leave. Those who stayed were willing to change their occupation for a while in order to help their captain, hence starting her hunt for the hunter.

[B]History[/B]: The Makiarii are a very protective species, with a prudent "family" code. They originally lived together in a peaceful medieval style environment, until new races started to visit their planet, bringing their customs and technologies. Most of the Makiarii refused to conform to the alien customs, but there were some who did. Eventually these two groups separated, causing the planet to split into three sections.

The first section lies on the lower east region of the planet, these "Phoenix's" follow the old customs, refusing to change their ways or mix the bloodlines, their fighting style is very tribal. They are recognized by the large phoenix tattooed on their body.

The second group is the " Nocturna's". These mixed-bloods lie on the outer regions of The Sea of Medusa in the North Western region, this ocean is filled with many deadly creatures, ancient beasts from the olden days. Because of this, the Nocturnas have become very territorial and violent. Constantly in battle with themselves and the creatures around them. These "girls" are hardened warriors with incredible skill. No longer medieval like there Eastern sisters, they have formed a large city, filled with multiple races and mixed-bloods alike. They are recognized by a large tribal bat tattoo, and more modern apparel.

Lastly, the third group is the " Sisterhood". These are the neutral Makiarii. They believe in peace and harmony amongst all species, excepting anyone willing to convert to a life without violence. The Sisterhood live on a large island in The Sea of Medusa, spending their time taming the wild beasts (including the sea creatures) and meditating in their temples. Against self-mutilation, they are recognized by a sun pendant and their tamed animals by their side.

[B]Personality[/B]): Shiva is very hard-headed and independent. She believes in never giving up and standing up for your beliefs. Her hot temper does cause alot of conflict, but it fuels her to reach her goals. She can be very protective of what she loves, and isn't afraid to risk her life for her comrades.

"Captain! We have a problem!" The young man hurriedly yanked on the controls, trying to slow the massive hunk of metal hurdling through space. Shiva quickly ran through the long hallway to the cockpit, easily evading the protruding wires frantically waving through the air. The hull had been severally damaged during their recent fight with the newest bounty they had been chasing. *This one was heavily armed...and psychotic. Never a good combination.* Making her way through the jammed door, she stumbled to the back of the mans chair.

"What's the problem?"

" That last blow hit the engine room, I'm afraid we won't be having a very fun landing." The man smiled cautiously and turned to assist the identicle man beside him. "Hey,don't mess with that!"

"I know what I'm doing runt, get out of my way!" The other man screamed back angrily, causing the other to get more violent. The twins were a great asset to the team, but their constant fighting made things more complicated then they aught to be.

"Knock it off boys! I need this ship ready to land, and unfortunately you two are all I got. So move your ass's!!" Grabbing the radio, she calmly called the rest of the crew. "Listen up ladies. She's going down fast and rough. So you better get the hell up here now. I'm not risking my ass to save yours." Returning the radio to its rightful place, she sat down and buckled up. Once the other members arrived and buckled up, she smiled and closed her eyes.

The large male that had just sat down frowned and kicked her seat. "What the hell are you doing? This isn't the time to sleep captain."

"Ah, leave her alone Thor. You know she isn't sleeping." The teen laughed and straightened her hat.

"Whatever Driver, I don't listen to suck ass mechanics."

" Son of a... I have been fixing ships long before you were created! Dumb shit robot!"

"I'm the dumb shit?! I'm a cyborg not a robot genius! Being a mechanic so long, I thought you would know that."

Sticking her tongue out, she crossed her arms and frowned. "...*mumble*...stupid sex robot..."

"Alright you two. I'm trying to concentrate." Releasing her breath slowly, a blue aura quickly engulfed her body. Instantly opening her eyes, a steam of neon blood trickled from the sockets as the ship came to a screeching halt, then softly landed on the ground. After landing, Shiva took a deep breath and unstrapped herself from the seat. " Well, that was fun." Walking over to the pilots, she looked out the window. "Where are we boys?"

" Lets see...according to our calculations..we are on... Falerious. Nice job with the landing by the way. Although, I'm surprised you could handle this size ship without Vee'net." Looking behind him to see the captain, he saw Thor holding her. "Oh...well that means I was right...as always."

Thor sighed and walked out of the room. "I'll take her readings, page me if anything happens."

Driver smiled and stretched. "Well...I've got alot of work to do. You two try and behave...unless your fighting in the shower, than call me...hehe." Skipping out happily she started towards the engine room.

[B]Transport to Planet Falerious[/B]: While Pirateering the galaxy, Shiva picked up a few ships along the way, which she stored in a dead zone. She traveled to this spot and chose an old Fleet ship they had stolen. It needed some work, but it was nothing her 4 man crew couldn't handle.

[B]Usual attire[/B]: Her Attire and Appearance- [URL="http://i348.photobucket.com/albums/q350/theauthor3/girl.jpg?t=1242435047"]http://i348.photobucket.com/albums/q350/theauthor3/girl.jpg?t=1242435047[/URL] Add a tribal bat tattoo on her chest, and take away the shoulder armor.
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Hey today is yesterday's tomorrow so as promised my sign-up done tomorrow!

Name: Derrick "D" Tigerclaw A.K.A. "The Demon"

Race: [URL="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_uUOl9OZX71c/SWcLOBO7iOI/AAAAAAAAFdM/qZ7rnQHCfN0/s200/%5BAnimePaper%5Dscans_Hiiro-no-Kakera_Mitsutama(0.71)_2169x3048_210429.jpg"]Felician [/URL] (Picture of a normal Felician man)

Appearance: Derrick resembles a typical Felician, though with a few minor differences. His optical implants turned his eyes a blood red color, he is slightly larger then most. Derrick stands at 6'4 and weighs 210lbs. Which is a good deal larger then his counter parts. His hair is completly black, and he's burned his whiskers off so he can pass as a human when he wishes.

Age: 60 (24 in human years)

Birth planet: Felicus Orion

Bio: Derrick was born to a military family on Felicus Orion. His father was a great general, his mother a colonel, both warring in distant galaxies leaving Derrick to grow up alone.

At the age of 20 he was informed his parents were killed by raiders on their return trip home, he then vowed to get revenge on those that harmed his parents. He got his chance just a year later when he stowed away on the same raiders' vessel. Stalking out he slaughtered the entire 20 man crew with nothing but a pair of scythes.

As it turned out those same raiders were wanted by the government of Felician Alpha, as such Derrick was rewarded with the raiders' vessle and enough money to begin hunting.

The other thing Derrick recieved was a thirst for blood. Since he began hunting, all but 2 of his contracts have resulted in the brutal death of the mark and the mark's crew.

History: Derrick grew up with a strong interest in architecture. Finding the design aspect too easy he took up structural engineering. He took that background to his hunting as he's learned the strength of materials, and structural abnormalities that most would never guess.

He's also taken this engineering mindset into creating weapons for his crew, he specializes in making melee weapons with a perpetual energy system that allows them to stay energized for as long as the circuts remain intact.

Personality: Derrick is, in a nutshell, a blood thirsty maniac. He strongly believes in the law, and believes any who violate it should be dealt with swiftly. The only people he believes deserve to exist are the good people who exist in the universe, and any bounty hunter with the kojones to do what needs done. This plays into the name he is known by around his galaxy "The Demon",

Usual attire: Derricks nickname didn't come from his tactics and eyes alone. He perfers to enchance his appeal by wearing a suit of black leather making him seem all the more sinister. He has a silver Demon wolf with huge Red wings tatooed on his back. Though Felicians and "Wolf Peoople" tend to not get along, he says he respects the tactics, brutality, and overall demonic aire that wild wolves convey.

"Captain, we are closing in on the enemy vessel. They seem to refuse to drop their shields and accept our hail." Derricks number 2 William called from his station.

"Are we certain this is O'leary's vessel?" Derrick had been chasin Jack O'leary for a week now. He was a human raider who escaped from other bounty hunters, a challenge is what Derrick enjoyed most.

"Yes Captain, we caught a transmission just a few moments ago. What are your orders?" William started arming the proton torpedo before Derrick said a word.

"Eck, humans and their lack of attention to detail. Aim just below the rear thruster and tell the men to stand down. This things over." Derrick smiled as he watched the brilliant sheen of the torpedo as it skyrocketed towards its target.

His smile only grew bigger when the torpedo struck the area right on target. The torpedo, of Derrick's design, slipped in through the weak area of the shield and detonated the rear thruster. Instantly disrupting the ships reactor core and detonating it within seconds. Closing his eyes, Derrick thought of the look on O'Leary's face when the torpedo slipped inside his shields. Derrick was the one who came up with the new torpedo design, and as of now nobody else had even heard of something like that.

"Sir...an unmanned droid pod is hailing us to dock. Do you want it destoryed or allow it permission?"

"I doubt O'Leary would've been smart enough to arm a droid and use it against us. Go ahead and give its persmission, and go ahead and send a message back to Felicus Alpha and let them know that O'Leary is done so I'm expecting payment by the end of the day." Derrick stood and exited the room towards the hanger bay.

The droid ship was already checked by his men by the time he arrived, the message already downloaded. "Sir, it appears to be a message from a Alphatan Odtotio Walfenken requesting you...and a few other hunters to meet him at a destination encoded into this droids system...the only problem is we need to dock to get a new core."

"How long have you worked for me?" Derrick starred the new crew member down. "Just a month sir, why do you ask?" Derrick pushed the crew member to the ground, walked to the droid, and began tinkering with it.

"There, circuts reconnected, that goes there...and...done." The droid ship began humming ever so slightly.

"Listen, if you want to continue working for me put a grappling beam on this droid as soon as it exits. We'll let it tow us until we can determine where it's heading is." Leaving the room Derrick closed his eyes...[I]"What is this all about?"[/I]
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[B]Name[/B]: Furacao "Fury" Heartwell

[B]Race[/B]: Lion Hybrid

[B]Age[/B]: 25

[B]Birth Place[/B]: The Lion Breed Moon of Jupiter, Lemur Space Station of Jupiter

[B]Bio and History[/B]: Long ago as the technology of Earth grew throughout its years, so have advancements in gene splicing and hybrid experimentations. Scientists from the inner ring planets decided to set up colonies along the outter ring planets to test their experiments further. The Lemur Space station was one of the most successful area to splice and create human/animal hybrids with the help and cooperations from female humans. Fury's father, Cavernoso, was one of the first generation hybrids to be created. The following years of his growth me fell in love with a human female and mated the natural way, not artificial.

Fury was born outside of a test tube, and aqs such was sought as the prized final experiment by the scientists of the space station. As a cub he was sent to the Lion Breed moon of Jupiter to grow up accordint to the lion breed tradtion. Advance combat training, hunting skills and full body growth. When Fury turned 18 he was sent to the Lemur Space Stationt to mix with the colony and continue his education in communications and engineering.

When Fury turned 21 he sought a little more adventure and action rather than books and technology, he learned of the bounty hunters in space and what they stood for and decided to join to local police to start his traiing. After a year Fury was certified and ready to be out alone in space catching bounties for his own living finances and making a life for himself.

[B]Personality[/B]: Though Fury has been trained exclusively in remaining calm in stressful situations, he's still young and reckless, so his parents and friends tell him. He is very cocky and arrogant, but takes to heart what people have to say. He takes great pride in his work and often gets offended and angry when others try to correct him, but he's a team player through and through.

[COLOR="Green"]Furacao slowly crept onto the bridge of his next target, after spending months searching and doing a lot of "on=paw" tracking down he finally managed to find the bounty he was searching for. A known murderer that was wanted by the Galactic police in both the inner and outter ring planets. Fury's tail dragged on the metal floor as the lion hybrid finally came to the door of the bridge, the alarms were disabled by Fury's A.I assistant on his portabloe PDA pad, and the guyards were easy enought to detain and pummel. Fury smiled to himself as he prepared to enter the bridge.

"This was too easy" With a mighty leap the large lion rammed the metal door down and stood tall and mighty with his claws extended and muscles buldging. "Freeze Avente Monzon, you're...under...arrest?" The hybrid paused his words as we only saw the man barrels of laser pistols armed in every direction towards the lion. Growling to himself in anger the muscular lion raised his arms in the air.

"Did you think I wouldn't have noticed a novice bounty hunter like you on my ship? How foolish" The outlaw laughed as he continued to face the viewing screen of his bridge. His hentchmen surroundede Fury still pointing their weapons. "You were fun to watch in the hallway, but this was not even a challenge. Though, you are the first animal like creature to have come after me, it was not even a threat" The words burned through Fury like lava, enraging the lion hybrid.

"I'm not so easy to get rid of, as you can...SEE!!!" Fury roared to the top of his lungs letting out a sonic boom through the air knocking back everyone in his way, even pushing down the bounty off his captains chair. It was time to think fast as Fury grabbed his bounty and ran out of the bridge followed by a barrage of lazer blasts. Running down the many cooridors the alarm finally sprung to life, more guards ran around trying to find the intruder who captured their captain. Fury sniffed the air to retrace his steps and finally made it to the docking bay, but it was not the one he docked at.

"Put me down you monster...GUARDS I"M IN HERE!!!" Avante screamed, Fury leapt off the stairwell and down onto the docking bay platform of the ship, quickly finding a random ship he boarded it.

"Fine" Fury stated as he picked up the captain off his shoulder and slammed him into the ground, knocking him out. The lion hybrid walked over to the heml's seat and tried to operate the vessel, but it was already locked on a sestination. "Falerious??, where in the world is that?" Before Fury could manage to press anything else the vessel began to move and make its way out to space and away from the ship, Avantes ship began to open fire causing great damage to Fury's ship. "Dammit!! I can't die here!!" Fury tapped randomly on the helm counsol until he heard a lout humming noise, the ship went inot max drive, escaping the bounty ship's fire and making it's way towards Falerious.[/COLOR]
[B]Transport to Planet Falerious [/B]: During a hunt for a bounty, Fury went into a droid vessel that was detained by the outlaw he was hunting. Since Fury was the first person to be inside the vessel, the computer began to run it's programming and launched the lion hybrid and his bounty to Falerious.

Appearance: [url]http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z154/ookami06/Hot.jpg[/url]
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Ok, Mage17. Nice creativity but check your spelling. example(s): traiing, guyards, surroundede, sestination, lout, and inot.

Drizz, You already have a sign up. just make sure you put it up. (It was a joke).
Anyways, I'll start the main story thread. When Signed up (This means Drizz and anyone interested) PM me imediatly so I can send either a droid or arrange something to pick you up if you dont have your own ship (If your too poor to buy your own and use another mode of transport.)

If you didnt encounter the escape pods you will soon. The messege will be delivered one way or another.

Dont worry people who havn't signed up yet. The sign ups are always open because their is never enough bounty hunter/smuggler,transporter to fill the need for their service.
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