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Hey, I just want to see how many people would like a sort of bounty hunter rp universe thats a mix between Star Trek, Star Wars, and Mass Effect (360 game).

I hope 6 people will be interested in it enough for me to actually put the audition up. Im going to be putting up how its going to work and what limits are going to be imposed for awhile in the RP. Ok, enough gibber gabber, here it goes.

Their are going to be 3 groups of 2. Bounty Hunting isnt the only way you can make credits. You can also smuggle anything from goods and services to slave hauling (very dangerous), just simple transport runs (Paid non slave kind) to highly dangerous transports (Important people, other peoples bounties, or anyother person thats being chased after), theirs also contracts for just transporting goods from a company (very well paid of course), and merc jobs.

No person in the RP can kill any other player. NPCs can be killed off at the creator of thems will. Or if that person gives the right to another player. Bounties can range from just some wanted thug all the way up to political figure head. Most bounties are live capture but occasionally their will be ones worth more dead than alive. My character is a retired bounty hunter thats soo famus that even his name strikes fear or admoration from other bounty hunters. He employs only the best to work as hunters for him. Usually hunters who dont have a ship, needs a place to live, or both.

Ok, that covers how it will run out, now time for the long tidious tech limits. Starting with the Star Wars tech.

Star Wars tech limitations: Im sure everyone has seen one of the movies. Hover bikes are not restricted and can be equiped with low level blasters and one rocket.

Blasters are limited to energy depletion and are very costly and usually not equiped to bounty hunters, priviteers (pirates), and slavers. (Dont worry, you can aquire them). Hand guns like Han Solos are avalibale to everyone and are usually pretty cheap. They charge quickly and are usually very weak. If a person has a personal sheild it wont hurt them. Personal sheilds are avalible to most cheap but good ones are expensive and usually are fitted to the wearers body. Ships are never cheap. usually ranging from 100,000 credits to 1 million credits (Obivously good ones are the more expensive ones.). Ships range from simple transports (like Solos but not has fast) to the massive Super Star Destroyer (scared yet?) but are expensive and usually are faster than most others. The engines do not require fuel but the power generators do but fuel is cheap and can be brought in most ports.

Star Trek tech limitaions: Not really that many but no BORG! Ship based Phasers are allowed but limited to what ship you are in. They are not that good at ranged fights but close fights are dangerous. They also have a cool down time and range in power. Small ships have the quickest cool down time ove 1 minute but are low power phasers. The bigger the ship, the stronger the phaser but increases cool downs. Coms (Star Fleets badge coms) are standard issue and ussually come with basic survival kits. Ok their will be two types or replicators. One is the food replicator and usually come with modern ships. Industrial replicators are usually equiped to big ships but can be installed into smalls ships with good power output. Ships all have sheilding capable to their power outputs.

Last but not less,

Mass Effect tech: The weapon tech isnt restricted but Armor is. Light armor is cheap but doesnt protect much. (Meaning a pistol wont take the sheild down but anything more powerfull can take them out and injure you!). Medium gives so or so protection and heavy gives you exellent protection and are expsensive. Biotics are permited but restriced to Lift, Throw, and Barriers. Omni tools are not restricted. Ship Mass Cannons are good at ranged ship to ship battles and come in varity of ship packages. Small ships can use them but with reduced range while bigger ships have more range.

Thats the tech limitations but I just have one more thing to say. You can be anything you want and have any basic equipment when you start off. Dont base your response off the post before but use the sign-ups personality traits as a bases when dealing with other players. NPCs dont count so you can make them act anyway you want. You can either start off working for me, got a mail with a letter asking you to join me, or request permision to join the crew.

I'll wait till thursday to see if anyone is interested. Post here if you are. When six people say they will join up, PM each other to see if you want to join together. Either 3 groups of 2 or 2 groups of 3. Or anyway you want.
Thanks if you want to join in advance.
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Ok, the RP Tittle is Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters. Audition your heart out.

I know their going to cite me about double posting but I have to post again. I'll create a backstage for the story. For everyone who wanted to sign up, its on the audition page under the name Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters.
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Haha I was looking for this section in the Backstage area for a while, don't know how I missed it. But yeah I'm a huge fan of Star Trek: Next Generation and I didn't know you were using that as an element alone with the others in the RPG, I keep calling the driver's seat "Helm" and all that, lol.

Where is everyone else though who signed up?
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Hey, everyone who has signed up. POST all ready, and we are not going to go straight to bounty hunting.
We are making a 2 week jump run to a planet thats basically an information heaven on anything. But we make a stop at an uncharted world with a unique moon and magnetic field. I have a twist up my sleeve but I cant tell you yet. Also to those who want to join up. You dont have to be a bounty hunter, you could be a PMSDF (Privit Military Ship Defense Force), A normal citizen abord the ship, or a bounty that can escape GP (Galatic Police) time after time again and be a repeater.

Just keep it with in the RP paramiters and NO GOD MODDING! Thanks, happy posting.

PS: I'll be posting on Adventure of Space Bounty Hunters tomorow before or maybe after work.
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