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[SIZE="1"]Welcome to Earth 53 backstage thread.

In her you can present any questions about any hero or villain in our universe. A lot of stuff will be fair game in our world and no one will say anything about it. There are a few rules that will be enforced, they are very few but they are important.

The first rule we have is that you cannot interact with specific characters, here is the list: Brainiac, Darkseid, and Wonder woman. Interaction can be anything from physically fighting these people, to even seeing them in a place they shouldn't be.

The next thing you should know is that, whether you be villain or hero, you don't make all your battles equal, such as making it fairly balanced, not having too many wins under your belt. Or we will judge your fights, and no good things can come of us judging your battles. So, just remember that, the fairer you are with your fights, the better off you are. We also ask that if you have any suggestions for plot line, or challenges to fight with other players, go ahead and put it here.

The final thing I have to mention is fairly important, like the other things. There will be a Justice league and a Legion of Doom later in the story. When and how it will occur is our business, but what you should know is the members who are destined for the League and the Legion. These people can be interacted with, but cannot be killed off or crippled in anyway.

[B]Legion of Doom:[/B]
Solomon Grundy,Lex Luthor, Jack Frost, Gorilla Grodd, Supergirl, Red X (Jason Todd), Tala

[B]Justice League:[/B]
Superman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, John Stewart, the Bat, Artemis, Flash

That is really all I have to say, as we have mentioned before, contact either me, Muuh Puar, or The 10th, we will answer any questions you may have and any problems you have can be resolved with us. Have fun and hopefully we see some serious action going. See you all on Earth 53.[/SIZE]

EDIT: Red Arrow has been replaced with Artemis
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[SIZE="1"]PC killings are a possibility, but, that possibility can only arise if said player has dropped from the game and either wants to go out with a bang, or has now become just another NPC. If they are still actively participating in our story, the only way your gonna die is if you allow it.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]Alright then. So, as Afro posted ealier, there are characters that you can't make contact with. These characters are off limits for some reason or another (e.g.: Batman.... cause he's dead.)

But, there also some characters that are in the world, but you will not be able to communicate with/ fight/ etc. until certain key points in the story. These points will introduce the new NPC into the main story, making them available to others posts. These introductions will be done in posts at random points in the story as posts. They will usually appear to help a player thru a difficult fight, so that character will get to add them to thier posts first.

The characters this applies to are as follows:
- The Justice League line up as posted earlier
- The Legion of Doom line up as posted earlier
- Braniac
- Darkseid
- Hal Jordan
- Diana (Wonder Woman)
- The Red, Black, Purple, or Indigo Lantern Corps.
- The Teen Titans (including): Falcon, Cyborg, Miss Martian, Wondergal, Zoom, Changling
- Barbra Gordon
- Nightwing
- Doomsday
- Superboy
- Deathstroke/Slade
- Booster Gold
- Ra's al Ghul
- Talia al Ghul

More may be included as they come up in brainstorming (yes, we still are working on some minor points, but the story's pretty much set).

If you have any problems with this, please feel free to contact Afro, The 10th, or I with any questions you may have.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]Alright, well I have some questions to answer.

1) As for the Justice League thing, that's not going to happen soon. As of this moment, there is no more Justice League. All the heroes are doing their own thing for the time being. But, they will be coming together eventually, so once we're at that part, it's totally okay.

2) The RP should be starting on Friday at the latest. I've been trying to talk to Afro and the 10th for a couple of days, but we've all been busy so it was rather difficult. I'm sorry for the wait.

That being said, I hope you'll enjoy this RP. And remember, any questions, just put them up here and we'll get to them.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Just a quick note for everyone, signed up or not: The signs up are very much still [SIZE="4"][B]OPEN[/B][/SIZE]. Matter of fact, sign ups will be open the entire duration of the RPG.

What we're hoping for, if possible, is a Story that never has to finish or "die". Just as the DC Universe has been around many ages and seen it's fair share of plot twists and story arcs, we hope that our very own Earth 53 will live through various events. We want this RPG to be open to anyone at anytime, even if you only have a limited time to participate, or even if it's been months since the last person has posted.

And rest assured that the character you start off with is not the character you need to continue through with. Let's say you get tired of playing the hero, and you're interested in a career change into a villain, but it isn't practical for your current character. Simply write up a new sign up so we know how your character ticks, post it in the auditions thread, and you're good to go.[/FONT]
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I have a question:

Is it public knowledge that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same? I know that Muuh Puar briefly touched on this in his last post but I just wanted some confirmation.

Additionally, is Oracle still around or did she exist in this version of the DC Universe and if so may I briefly use her? I've come up with some interesting ideas that I would like to explore but I don't want to be stepping on any toes.

- D.D.
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"]To answer your questions, Dmitri_Dragoon:
[*]Only the superhero community knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. To the public, Batman and Bruce Wayne's passing away one after the other was just a terrible coincidence.

[*]Though Barbara Gordon is Oracle in our DC Universe, she is currently off limits, though she will be available for use as soon as Muur Puar, Afro or I introduce her to the storyline. If you'd like to run your ideas for Oracle past Muuh Puar we could possibly introduce her sometime soon for use.
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[SIZE="1"]I just thought I would bring this up, in case anyone was a little bummed by this.

All characters on the list of 'Off-Limits' can be reffered to in your stories, just not interacted with. That will change in time, but as for right now, you can talk about most of them. Just try to keep away from Brainiac, Darkseid, and other extremly powerful DC characters.

If there questions on this, feel free to contact me or any of the other creators.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"]Well, we don't have to come together. We will be working with one another for some events, but not all in one team at once. However, you can team up with anyone you like, whenever you like (as long as the other player knows and is willing to join you). We will be having a critical event soon enough. We just wanted to get everyone rolling before we start up a critical event, so everyone can be on the same page.[/SIZE]
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Well, if anyone wants so meet up with my character then its cool with me, but i know for my story that I?m unaffected by quite a few of the major story line points that will probably bring a lot of characters together. my guess is that some characters wont be meeting up for a long time.
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  • 2 months later...
[SIZE="1"]I've sent out the re-invitations to everyone that posted an character sheet, so I've spread the word. This is just a public announcement.

During the time in the grave, I've decided to make some changes to some of the rosters. I'll contact The 10th and Afro about them to get thier opinions on them. Until that time, there's nothing changed in the original posts.

I have made a actual timeline, so if you want to see a draft of it or want to pitch an idea, contact any of the three of us.[/SIZE]
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  • 2 weeks later...
I would really like to see more posts here, i have looked at the storyline and there is plenty of action to be had. anyways I could nag you all day, but it seems smarter to keep it short, Its up to you guys weather you want the RP to die or not.
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[SIZE="1"]Alright, seeing as I've heard nothing from anyone but CaNz, I'm guessing that you aren't interested anymore. I apologize if I've bored you or annoyed you at all about this.

That being said, I do plan on continuing. I've still got too much in mind for this RP to let it die because I'm lazy. So if you care to join me, Just PM me or post an audition. As for those who already have a character, you have about one week to get back to me. If you choose not to, there will be no hard feelings at all. But the characters that are left behind will become forfeit to the story, thus they will be inserted whenever I feel appropriate and they will exit the game when I see fit. You can always join back up, but you will need to make a new sign up for a new hero.

Well, I know you wont read this, but it needed to be stated. I'm here when you need me, so don't be a stranger when you have questions or complaints.[/SIZE]
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Well... it looks like fourth world has joined the earth 53 lineup, from your darksied conversation i think you will do just fine here, even though this world does have quite a few differences.

Though the amount of active charicters has fallen quite sharply I think we should be picking back up pretty dang soon by our standereds. I have seen some works in progress... and i have a pretty good idea of what my next post is gonna be.
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  • 7 months later...
[size="1"]Alright, the new post is up. This is pretty much just so that we can entertain ourselves with some DC writing. Auditions are still open, but They will be looked at a bit more carefully.

The new post is pretty long, but it's easy to navigate:
1st part- Teen Titans in San Francisco
2nd part- Metropolis action
3rd part- Gotham action

Whatever pertains to you, find what you need and work with it.[/size]
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