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RPG Team Alpha [Mature]


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Finch "Fox" Foster was having a pefectly nice dream about his family when he fell out of the tree he was sleeping in. Pulling himself up from the dewy ground, he had to put some effort into remembering where he was. "That's right...I'm in that creepy abandoned park...," Fox mumbled. Alphas often had to stay in out-of-the-way places like that, so Fox was used to sleeping in uncomfortable nooks and crannies. It was about 7:30 in the morning, and there was a light fog laying over the small town. "We~ell, I better get outta here before the agents show up or somethin'!" Fox yawned, a big grin stretching across his face as he finished the sentence. And with that, he began bounding away down an old country road.

Fox was sitting on a stump on the side of the dirt road, eating some beef jerky when he heard the sound. It was a loud, metallic, "BOOM" with a steady rythm. "What the heck is that?" Fox muttered, rising from his seat. Following the sound, he made his way through the fog until he found what was making the noise. It was an enormous, walking robot thing with a girl inside, a [I]naked[/I] girl! The girl lifted her head up and glanced at the red-headed boy that barely even had to try to keep up with the robot suit.

"H-how are you doing that?" the girl called out to Fox.

"Gravity manipulation, sweetheart! It's like walkin' on the moon! So why're you in that thing?" Fox answered.

"You're an Alpha, too?!"

"Yep! Now answer the question, please!"

"Topotech put me in this thing! I can't use my abilities in it! It's going to a study center!"

"Need some help?"

"That'd be nice!"

Okay, let's get going, people! If you want, please join in and help get Hilde outta that mobile prison! Topotech agents, do what you will!:animesmil
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[SIZE="1"]Cold, dank and dark.


These missions were easily her least favourite. Maybe that's why they did it. Hiding themselves away in some rotting abandoned hellhole just to frustrate their pursuers, to make them slip up.

It didn't matter, though. Alexis would find him. She always found them - always did what had to be done.

And besides, this Alpha was hardly an expert. From the moment her team had entered she had felt him using his ability to reach out to her, poking and prodding with his mind, giving away his position. It was a trap, of course - but it was an obvious one. A rookie move, as it were, and one that she'd seen from many young telepaths over the past 6 years. She had to give him some credit, though - he'd at least pulled back once it had become clear that she wasn't going to fall for it. If it hadn't been for that little slip of emotion before he'd broken the mental link, he could've dragged this thing out for hours.

The poor boy had been intrigued. Maybe he'd never gone toe-to-toe with an agent before, maybe he just found some odd fascination in her - she couldn't tell from such a brief 'mistake'. All she'd known was that a part of him wanted to follow her, to fight her, and that she could use that to her advantage.

Since then it had become a game of cat and mouse... except the mouse had been tricked into chasing the cat. Imprints left in her wake had lead him on, unsuspecting, not yet realising that his thoughts were no longer truly his own. And now Alexis could hear him, hear his footsteps faintly echoing in the corridors behind her.

[B][I]One more corner[/I]. [I]Then you're mine.[/I][/B]


The bold+italic parts are her thinking directly, if that makes any sense. I probably won't do that much beyond the opening bit, I just didn't think it'd be appropriate for her to actually talk while she's trying to spring a trap, heh.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Century Gothic]Hilde had stopped struggling within the MCS until that boy showed up. It was a very basic MCS, only keeping a hold of her arms and her legs, the rest of her body was exposed and unrestrained. Unlike the more advanced models, which keep their captives completely covered. This would hopefully be Hilde's advantage though, since it shouldn't take too much to get the arms and legs off.

[I]"Wait, arms and legs off..."[/I] Hilde thought to herself.

The red-headed boy was out of Hilde's line of sight, but hopefully he was still around here somewhere.

"Hey, red-head!" Hilde called out.

"Who are you calling red-head, sweetheart?" The boy asked, popping back into Hilde's line of sight and pointing at her own red hair.

Hilde ignored his comment though, and offered him a plan.

"Listen, if you can't find a way to stop this thing, then please just get rid of my arms and legs so I can escape."

The boy looked a bit surprised, and then shook his head.

"No way, I won't kill you. I know how badly Topotech treats their prisoners, but I won't let you take the easy way out. I'll find some way to get you out of there."

The boy bounced off again, before Hilde could explain her plan and her special power. She sighed in annoyance.

[B]OOC: Sorry for the short post, Chibi. :animeswea I just wanted to offer up an idea on how to get my character out of there if all else fails. Also, I don't want to move things along too fast yet.[/B]
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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Cody sits on a peace of dry wood, with a dead rabbit. He placed his hand on the edge of a jaged rock, senseing how sharp it was, and picked it up. With the rock he cut open the rabbit. First shanking the point into it's torso. The rabbit was drained of all it's blood earlier, so he didn't have to wait. The fire he'd started a few minutes ago seemed to have been blazing furiously. So he pierced the now skinless rabbit with a stick and placed it over the fire on two other sticks.

He looked to the side as he exhailed deeply to see a hugenormous scorpian, his mouth watered over the apitizer, grabbing it, ripping it's tail and pinchers off, and gourgeing himself on what was left of it. This only made him hungrier. So absorbig a bit of heat around him a illusionary wave of heat baked the rabbit that he quickly began to tear apart.

His head was so burried into the food he barely noticed the russeling coming from the (whatever the dessert version of bushes were). He silently placed his rabbit down on the scorched desert ground and continued stareing at the bush, "They've found me..." Immediately and near in the same movements, Cody fell into a portal under him and the topotech agents rushed up from over a dune of sand and out from the bushes shooting at where he was.

Cody fell onto the floor of some supermarket followed by the stray bullets. He looked around at the people around him that were in awe at what had just happened. Trying to pretend as that didn't just happen, he walked into a random isle. He watched the shelves as he passed them, looking for a change of cloathes. He snatched up the closest thing he could find that would fit him and he'd to find something to drink. Guzzleing down one bottle, he cleared the shelf of water bottles, brushing them off into his arms. Looking both ways to make sure noone was watching, he'd dissapear into a portal.

He appeared in some corridor with some boy running down it. Cody squinted his eyes at the boy's face to see the boy's emotions. The boy stopped, shuttering at Cody, frightened and confused on how he just appeared out of some portal. The boy was too paranoid to think Cody was an alpha, "Please don't take me away!" Cody didn't really know what to say to that as he had been deprived of human contact for a while. At a loss for words he just stared at the boy with his mouth gaped open. The boy was around 3-4 feet infront of him when his eyes shifted to a topotech agent that had just ran around the corner to see them. Cody quickly grabbed ahold of the boy's arm, dorpping all the water and shit he'd stolen, and pulled him through a portal to the side of them. They were thrown out of the portal and into the middle of some dirt road.

OOC: That agent was Alexis, if you have any problems with this please do let me know. I'll edit any shit that need's to be changed. I just made it Alexis so we could develope bit of story and what not.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"][I][B]This should do the trick. The kid'll never see it coming.[/B][/I]

It was all set up perfectly. She'd brushed her hand over a loose brick in the wall a couple of feet beyond the corner, and knelt in wait no more than 10 meters deeper into the corridor. With his attention focused on her, he'd never see the brick coming. She'd just need to follow it up with a tranquiliser dart, and then he'd be out of it for good. Quick, quiet and relatively painless; easier for both of them.

Of course, Alexis hadn't expected him to stop.

She cursed under her breath when his footsteps fell silent. Had he seen through her tactics? Broken free of her imprints' influence? Whatever had happened, the boy had forced her hand. If she couldn't lure him in, she'd have to take the trap to him. Slowly, quietly, she stalked forwards, sliding her left hand along the wall's rough, broken surface as she went. If he was ready for her, she'd need all the ammunition she could get. Alexis was almost within reach of the corner when a voice cried out in the darkness.

"Please don't take me away!"

For a moment she waited, silent and confused. It didn't make sense. If he was waiting there for her - waiting to strike - why would he shout out to her? And why did he sound so surprised?

And then it hit her.
Damnit, he's not alone![/I][/B]

She raised herself to her feet and ran around the corner, and quickly discovered that she'd been right. There were now two people in the corridor - a young man, not even out of his teens from the look of it, stood opposite her target. And they were both staring right at her. Instinctively, she thought back to her hiding place, reaching out to anything that would answer her call; and with a wave of her hand brought a storm of bricks and rubble whirling around the corner in her wake. But she was too late. The newcomer dropped his belongings and leapt through a rift in the wall, taking the boy with him. She tried to redirect her attack through the portal, but it wasn't enough. Dust and noise filled the corridor as the barrage crashed harmlessly into the wall, the portal gone in the blink of an eye.

Alexis couldn't help but fall to her knees; but it wasn't from exhaustion. She'd lost her target. She never lost her targets.

Her hands trembling with frustration, she reached for the radio clipped to her belt and keyed in her assigned handler's frequency. A brief hiss of static came through her earpiece, followed by a click.

"This is Recovery Agent Alexis Sorren," she had to pause for a moment - her nerves were getting to her. "Mission failed. Target alpha has evaded capture."

A brief silence followed, but it was long enough to send a shiver down her spine. "Understood, Agent Sorren. Return to headquarters immediately." More silence. "We expect a full report, have it ready on arrival."

The static kicked back in before she could respond. She knelt silently for a moment longer, lost in her emotions. She'd never failed a mission before. This was all new to her. But she'd find a way to cope.

"...I always do." She whispered, with a grim half-smile.

With a reluctant sigh, she finally dragged herself to her feet. It would be a long walk to the nearest extraction point - and a long report to put together on the way.
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Fox was still bounding next to the metal suit, thinking about how to get the girl free. "Don't worry, hon, I'll figure out somethin'! But I ain't gonna kill ya'!"

"Wait, you don't understand-!"

"No buts! I don't wanna hear it!" Fox examined the suit. "First of all, let's get it to stop movin' so fast!" Fox shot his hand out toward the mobile prison and closed his eyes. Suddenly, both he and the suit came to a halt. Fox was in the middle of a leap and crashed into the ground.

"What happened?!" the girl gasped. Fox jumped up and brushed himself off.

"It IS a little hard to decrease my own gravity while increasing the gravity around your suit, y'know... It wa a little confusing, so I let go of the decrease... Now let's take a look, shall we...," Fox huffed, walking up next to the suit. The metal prison groaned as it tried to move forward. ".....Hey, how far is your arm in there, girly?"

"Not very. And don't call me that..."

"Hmm... I think I got an idea...," Fox mumbled, ignoring the last sentence. Fox walked around to the back of the suit and studied the wires. "Okay, I'm going to increase the gravity until the pressure causes these things to snap. I've never tried this, so tell me if anything happens that's out of the ordinary, m'kay, girly?"
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[color=darkred]Darren grittedhis teeth when he heard about Alexis' failure. That was something new to him. He shouldered his rifle and went into the prone posistion. He and three other agents were tracking an Alpha that they had found in a major city. She already refused to come to Topotech so they were ordered to take him out before he left town. The crosshairs sat right on the Alpha's fromt door, the girl was repoted to be packing her things the minute the agent walked away after talking to her.

Sure enough within five minutes the door opened and the girl stepped outside. Darren's finger slid to the trigger as he steadied his breath and adjusted his aim. The girl turned around to lock the door as Darren sighted in on her head. He pulled the trigger and gave a small smirk as the girl's blood slapptered against the door and she slumped to the ground. "Target neutralized, returning to base" He cleared the rifle and made his way to the extraction point.[/color]
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Charley waltzed her way up the spiral staircase. It wasn't fully spiral, there were spots where it squared up, but it still twisted upward. It was dark in the abandoned building save for the few spots of light that shined through the irregular windows on the stair case. As she walked up the stairway, slowly, in anticipation of movement, her handgun poised at the stairs above her. Charley's orangeish eyes were wide open, not blinking even once; if you blinked, you couldn't see. And that was a spot of vulnerability.

The hammer to the handgun clicked back, and using her own weight, Charley busted the door to the roof open as she walked inside, looking around for the target. And suddenly, through the corner of her eye, a flash of movement and she quickly turned around. Her eyes went wide in surprise a bit at the fact that the hunted Alpha was attacking her instead of running. The attack was easy to see coming and in turn, she wrapped the man's own arm around his neck, dragging him to the floor as she strangled him. His eyes bulged from his head as they frantically looked around the roof for some hopeless means of escape. His legs shook and shimmied as he struggled to break free in his last moments of life. And through those final breaths he murmured.

"P-Please...Don't kill me..!"

Charley hesitated for just a second, and he took a large gust of air. She shook her head as those emotions of confusion and the memories of the child who said that rose to her head. She closed her eyes.

"No!" Charley yelled out, making one final and violent pull.

The man's neck seemed to move in the opposite direction from his body, his eyes glazed back and all movement stopped. Charley stood up, slightly out of breath and readjusting the coat on her torso.

"Maybe I'm just getting soft..." She shook her head once more, the calm and ice cold emotion came back over her face as she picked up her cell phone, dialing one of the many encrypted numbers.

"This is Bennett, the target's dead, mission successful." The voice on the other side murmured something along 'Good job' and 'See you soon' before Charley hung up, sliding the handgun in the back of her waist band and setting both her shirt and jacket over it to cover it up. She took one last look at the body, and quickly turned back. That was another sign of weakness, and there could be no weakness.
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Fox closed his eyes and hovered his hand over the wires. The wires started to crunch up. Fox opened his eyes to see if his plan had worked. The wires were done for, that's for sure. Suddenly, a loud sound of metal wrenching from metal filled Fox's ears. Fox turned to look at the right arm of the suit, the one making the sound. Then, the arm shot right off the rest of the prison, taking Hilde's arm with it. Hilde let out an ear-splitting shriek as her arm was ripped from her body. Her blood pressure plumetted almost immediately, killing her. "NO! ...Oh, no...what the hell have I done?!" Fox sobbed.

Okay, don't be worried! Remember Hilde's abilities? This is all according to plan!:animesmil
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Chishio was still fleeing, as usual. It was along a dirt path this time. It was near a river of sorts, so she had some sort of way to flee. Water was her turf - most agents couldn't follow her there, and those that could usually were hurt upon grabbing her, since guns weren't the best in an aquatic environment.

The young female known to those she used to team up with as "Samehada" or "Kisame" - meaning "Sharkskin" and "Demon Shark" respectively - soon saw two males. Chishio had, of course, seen them just come from a portal. The two would make the perfect team to go with her. Of course, in most situations, Chishio was relatively useless.

Chishio made her way to the young boys, being cautious the entire time. What if they were agents for that damned organization in disguise? Chishio would be in major trouble if they were.

"Konichiwa... Who... are you..?"


So you know, Chishio is one for the Japanese language, if you couldn't tell by her name... which means "Blood Mayfly".
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkRed]Hilde almost passed out at the feeling of her arm being ripped off at the shoulder. However, she managed to stay conscious and tried to tell Fox she would be okay. However, soon the suit exploded with the rest of her stuck inside. Fox just barely managed to jump out of the way as he was knocked to the ground. However, what he saw next left him in shock. Hilde, the girl he had tried to save, was now blown to pieces. He didn't know what to do next, when it suddenly happened.

A tattoo that Fox didn't notice before, on what was left of the girl's body, suddenly lifted off of her skin and came to life. It was a wolf, covered in blood. However, it soon disappeared and Hilde stood up in front of Fox, in one piece and as naked as she was before the accident.

"W-what just happened?" Fox asked in surprise.
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[color=darkred]The sound of an explosion was audible to the red haired girl as she looked out from the rooftop. Her orangeish eyes peered out in the direction. Taking an acrobatic leap, she made her way from the top of the building to the streets. Rather violenty, she pushed her way through the people, crossing the streets At the last block, Charley broke into a sprint, pulling the handgun from her waist again as she rounded the corner to face the two Alpas.

Charley really didn't expect to see what was going on. A slight look of surprise cracked through her emotionless exterior. She noted the remains of the suit, not attacking the two at first, at least one was needed for research. Instead, she called out; her gun pointed at both Fox and Hilde.

"Stop, right there!"[/color]
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"B-b-buh!!!" Fox gasped.

"Yeah, I'm alive. I am able to gain a different ability every time I die. It feels like I now have the ability to make my tattoos come to life... But, like my other abilities, I can only use it when naked," Hilde explained.

"I was about to ask about that...," Fox mumbled.

"Thank you for helping me, by the way!"

"No problem!" Suddenly a voice shouted out to them.

"Stop, right there!" called out yet another redhead.

"Oh, shit! Topotech agent!" Fox cursed. Fox held out his hand and sent the agent bashing into the ground, unable to move even a finger to pull the trigger of her gun. Fox saw something flutter around her. He cautiously made his way toward the agent.

"What are you doing?! We need to get out of here!" Hilde hissed at him.

"I just wanna check something...," Fox replied, now standing in front of the agent. He picked up the fluttery thing, a picture of two adults and a baby. "Is this your family? I thought agents were supposed to be devoid of this kinda emotion. You sure you made the right career choice, little lady?" Fox wondered aloud.

"DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!" the agent shrieked, struggling against Fox's gravity. Fox raised his eyebrows.

"Okay, okay! I'm putting it down right here... See? I won't touch it. Now, my friend and I better be going. If you follow us, I'm going to take you down again and I'll see to it that your picture meets a gruesome end. Cruel, I know, but you brought this upon yourself." Fox grabbed Hilde's arm and started bounding down the dirt road again. "Come on! I can't keep the gravity on her there for much longer!" Down the road, Fox and Hilde could see three silhouettes.

"Great, more company?" Hilde groaned.

"They might be Topotech agents. Let's approach with caution...," Fox whispered.
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[SIZE="1"]"Agent Sorren, this is HQ."

Alexis stopped dead in her tracks. She'd been so absorbed in her report that she hadn't even heard her radio come back online.

[B][I]It's barely been 5 minutes, what the hell could they want...?[/I][/B]

"We have a high-priority situation developing 10 miles to the west. An alpha has escaped custody, and certain gravitational anomalies suggest that at least one more is present. We're reassigning you to assist in their capture. Agent Bennett is known to be nearby, so co-ordinate your efforts with her if possible."

"10 miles?" Alexis sighed, "How do you expect me to-"

"We've already taken the liberty of activating your GPS beacon, Agent Sorren. One of our extraction helicopters has been dispatched to your position and should be arriving shortly." The voice paused for a brief moment. "The targets managed to destroy one of our MCS units, so be sure to exercise caution."

"Understood, HQ."

She couldn't help but be intrigued by that last comment. Even basic Mobile Captive Suits were designed to resist most alpha abilities; no wonder they were so eager to get their hands on those involved.

"One more thing, Sorren. You will be working under one of our other agents for the duration of this operation. He will be waiting for you onboard the chopper."

"What?!" She said. Or at least she'd meant to say it; it came out as more of a yell. She could barely believe that they'd do this to her, after all this time. "But I-"

"Those are your orders, Agent. I suggest you follow them."

"But who-" The line had already gone dead. Furious, Alexis tossed her earpiece to the ground and kicked out at it, sending it clattering down the road. How could they do this to her, after six years of loyal service? She slumped down on the curb, head in hands, trying to make sense of it... but after 20 seconds of trying, decided it would probably be best not to think about it. They at least had enough faith in her to give her a new mission, even if it wouldn't be her mission. And in the end, that had to count for something.

The rythmic beating of rotor blades had began to fill the air, growing louder and louder. Lifting her head from her hands, Alexis squinted up at the descending helicopter, hoping to catch a glimpse of her new taskmaster. When she finally caught sight of him leaning out of the cabin door - that long brown hair, those cold and piercing eyes looking back at her - she almost wished she hadn't.

"Guider, seriously?" She murmured as her head dropped once more. "I thought they wanted them [I]alive[/I]."
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Cody was calm as he exited the portal that was just then departing, he was a bit used to it. He would land on a knee, kneeling in the parched earth road. He began looking forward into the lush vegitation beyond him. It was beautiful, the trees sprouted from a light green grass with it's vividly colored roots crawling through the ground. It'd been a while since he'd seen any plant life other than weeds and cacti. The boy on the other hand was different about it.

The boy flew out of the portal tumbling across the ground. He picked him self up and looked back to the portal, amazed. It dissapeared with an instance. The boy looked to Cody and said, "Thank you so much for saveing me... I'm D-" As he wasabout to state his name, he noticed Cody quickly turn his head to bhind the boy, makeing the boy's head quickly follow. Some one was standing there, she was vaguely silent so not to be heard.

Cody stood up and brushed himself off, feeling no iminent danger from the girl. "'Ello there." He stared at her showing his attention on her.

OOC: I didn't want to RP anything for u tetra, I'm just not good at that, I tend to mess it up badly and get yelled at. "MY CHARACTER DOESN'T ACT LIKE THAT!" and "THAT'S GODMOD U DOUCHE CUMER!!!!" So leaving that open for you to do whatever your character would do.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]Chishio had found the two to be of no danger to herself, so she slowly approached.

"I'm Chishio Kagerou, though almost all that I've worked with call me 'Samehada' or 'Kisame'. I'm pretty useless outside of the water, though..."

Chishio looked off to the stream that had been in the distance. It would be her own quickest escape from the agents if they showed up.

"You see, water is where the more useful of my abilities kick in. The other one... let's just say it's a good idea not to touch my skin the wrong way. If you go from head to toe, I'm perfectly smooth, but if you rub my skin the reverse way... you'll lose some flesh..."


Not a problem. I'm not good at doing others' characters, either. All I can ever do are my own and a pretty good Zetsu. ^_^
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Fox and Hilde carefully approached the three figures. There were two boys and one girl. They heard the girl talking about her abilities. "She doesn't SOUND lika an agent," said Hilde. Fox nodded and together they stepped up to the three Alphas.

"Hey there!" Fox said. Immediately all three Alphas turned toward him and Hilde. The girl was eyeing the water and the boys were crouching defensively. "Whoa, whoa, wait a minute! We aren't Topotech agents! My name's Fox and this is... Y'know, I never did catch your name."

"It's Hilde. And I'm not an agent, either you guys!"

"How are we supposed to believe you?" the boy behind the one that was talking to the girl said.

"Would a Topotech agent be completely naked?" Fox asked, pointing to Hilde. "Or would an agent be running away from an agent they just took down? 'Cause that's our situation!" The other three Alphas were silent for a bit. "Uh, saaay... How about we start this off by saying our names and abilities, huh?" Fox suggested. "Here, I'll start! The name's Fox. My actual name is Finch Foster. I have the ability to control gravity! Okay, who's next?!"
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]Chishio's shyness was soon diminishing, but her cautiousness wasn't.

"Nice to meet you, Fox. I'm Chishio Kagerou, though I'm often called 'Kisame' or 'Samehada' by others who have seen my abilities. You see, I'm at a huge advantage in the water, while my only protection on land would have to be my skin. It's truly not a good idea to touch it."

Chishio took the back of her hand, and rubbed it against at tree from her fingers to the wrist. The bark easily peeled off of the tree, showing the inside of the wood.

"It's strong enough to rip the flesh off of a person's bones and can smooth steel." Chishio said as she pulled the bark off of her hand.

Chishio then gazed out towards the water. It always reminded her of swimming away from trout as training with her father... before he was killed by Topotech.

"Next is my ability to adapt to any underwater environment. In most cases, it is a shark-like appearance, complete wit[COLOR=Black][COLOR=Purple]h sharp teeth, enhanced sense of smell, blue skin and more. It is my best way of fleeing, which I tend to do more rather than staying and fighting."[/COLOR]
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[color=darkred]"Yep your right Sorren its me" He could tell she was uneasy hell he was rumored to be one of the most ruthless and unmerciful agents out there. He clipped the drum into his m60 and loaded the rounds on the tray and pulled the charging handle to the rear.

Alexis watched him intently as he loaded his rounds into his .45 magnum and 1911. "I thought we were suppossed to bring them in alive?" Darren gave he tell tale smirk and noticed how uncomfertable she was. "We are"

"But if.." He snapped his head and looked straight into her eyes. "As long as you dont shot them in a vital spot they will still be alive just in too much pain to do anything. This isnt my first rodeo" She didnt say anything. "YOU GOT THAT AGENT?!" She sat straight up "YES SIR!"

"Now load your fucking mags we drop in five mikes" He leaned back in his seat. Granted she had a little problems with following the rules to the teeth and not coming up with her own solutions for getting the job done she wasnt bad. He smirked as he closed his eyes thinking to himself that this might be the first aganet he takes back under his wing again.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Book Antiqua]Hilde decided that she should go next.
"Well, first off, thanks for saving me Fox." Hilde said as she stepped forward.
Fox said nothing though, just smiled. So Hilde continued.
"My name is Hilde Eckhard. As for my powers, I can't really tell you. Not that they're a secret, but I really don't know. You see, each time I die I gain a new power. However, I never know it will be until it happens."
Hilde looked lost in thought a moment, but then continued.
"I guess that is the only power I know about though. I have the power to die and return to life with a new power. Also, if any of my limbs get cut off I can control them and reattach them. I would show both of my powers now, but they still hurt when I use them."
Hilde looked over to Fox once again, then back to the new people.
"About that suit I was in though. I was grabbed by a Topotech agent and knocked unconscious. I don't know who grabbed me though. As soon as I woke up, I was in that suit. We've got to do something to stop them though!"

[B]OOC: Sorry for the short post, Chibi. :animeswea I think we need a direction so we can get this moving. I'll post in the backstage thread soon.[/B]
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