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RPG Digital Take Over


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Foolish DigiDestined, Tamers, all you children. You think all Digimon follow you around like little faithful pets? HA! We have formed an alliance to show you differently!

Meet the Four Leaders:
Shymon (Shyguy), Baemon (Blanko_El-Miez), Cotomon (Cera), and myself, Rondomon (GinnyLyn)!

We are tired of being called cute and cuddly, of being insulted by our humans.

And we aren't taking it anymore.

Capture your humans! Join us...or fight us, for if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Let the war battle for the Boards begin.
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ginny you have way too much time on your hands


baemon: i am taking a stand and you can to do you want to be bossed around all the time do you want to get hurt just because of a puni human join us and we will rule the boards and world soon after that muhahahaqha
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[SIZE=1]*Shyguy walks into his living room to see Shymon on the computer*

What are you doing on the computer Shymon? I thought I told you not to use it anymore.

Shymon: I am teaming up with other fic digi's to take over the boards. And there is nothing you can do to stop me!

*Shymon walks up to shyguy and bonks him on the head with his umbrella, shyguy falls to the floor*

Shymon: That was simple enough *continues typing on the computer*[/SIZE]
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frankie walks around the room thinking ' ahh why me now my champion level digimon hates me and i created him its not fair'

baemon: all fics welcome if the want to take over the boards

frankie: baemon get away from there right now or i will zap you with my rod
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Almighty sits looking at the posts by the fic Digis. "Bortoromon, we need to go." He grabs his D-Tracker. "D-Tracker, DNA Split!" Bortoromon splits into two versions of himself. "You guys know the drill." "Bortoromon Mega Armor Digivolve to... Kalentamon!" "Bortoromon Golden Mega Armor Digivolve to GyroWarpmon!" "GyroWarpmon!" "Kalentamon!" "DNA Digivolve to... Tsunamimon!" "D-Tracker, Digimerge Mode! Tsunamimon Armor, Activate!" Tsunamimon dissapears and blue armor appears on Almighty. A double bladed sword appears in his hand. "Let's go."
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what a mouth full almighty (sp)

warrocaceramon: ok i am angry now WARROCACERAMON TITAN WARP DIGIVOLVE TOO ....

?????: TITANIUMROCACERAMOn rawwwwwrrr

frankie: stop it stop it stop it

TRM:make me you lame poster you been here sence agest and you arent even a member yet how lame
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"Time to stop this. X-Blade Slash!" Almighty separates the sword into two blades, crosses them into an x, and thrusts them forward. A blue X flies out of the blades and hits TRM, sending it flying. "Just to let you know, my Tsunami Armor is more powerful than any Digimon. Don't try anything."
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Bulldogmon: Wow this Rondomon sounds like she knows what shes doing.
John: Bulldogmon where's my food?
Bulldogmon starts typing response to Rondomon while John screams in background.
John: Bulldogmon!!!! Thats it i am going to the digital world and leave u there if u don't .....
Bulldogmon: Fine i will find RONDOMON AND JOIN THE CAUSE!
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Trekmon: I'll have you know I follow Matt by choice, and I'll defend him! Cute and cuddly my tail spike!

Trekmon waits until the middle of the night in the real world, while Matt is alseep. He turns on the computer, and sets off in the digital world to defend his honor. He suddenly finds himself in the middle of a would-be battle between Baemon and Tsunamimon.

Baemon: You're no match to me! Go back to your human!

Tsunamimon: Never!

Trekmon: Allow me to give you a hand Tsunamimon. Trekmon, warp digivolve to.......TERRADRAMON!

Terradramon lowers his head, raises his tail spike, spreads his membranous appendages and his four large wings. A very powerful display indeed, Terradramon assumes battle mode.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Darncoolguy1 [/i]
[B]Bulldogmon: Wow this Rondomon sounds like she knows what shes doing.
John: Bulldogmon where's my food?
Bulldogmon starts typing response to Rondomon while John screams in background.
John: Bulldogmon!!!! Thats it i am going to the digital world and leave u there if u don't .....
Bulldogmon: Fine i will find RONDOMON AND JOIN THE CAUSE! [/B][/QUOTE]

Rondomon: *growls deeply* That's it, you're my personal lackey from this point. I'm a GUY for crying out loud!
GinnyLyn: *muffled* Rondo, stop thi--!
*Rondomon whacks her with her own Mod Rod* HA HA HA!!!:devil:
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titaniumrocaceramon: you guys are so puni and pathetic why should i fight you this was all rondomon and shymons idea inthe first place they are my friends and i will stick with them....
and plus they have a good point why listen or fight for someone who needs your protection that means they are so weak and puni they should not have a digimon no one should we should fend for our selfes not thoses puni little humans who always need protection.....for goodness sake why protect or be friends with such a insugnifagent puni worthless humans

frankie: ... why do you have to be like this is there a virus in you or am not your friend anymore

TRM: shut up you stupid insect you have no rule over me so just shut up before i destroy you before its time
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Fivermon: Cool!! Rondomon's my hero!! Humans are the last things a digimon needs, especaily cloned digimon!!! Like me. It's not fair that rare Clones like me have to live like shadows... I say we leave the Boards and go wherever we please!! And I'd like to see those pathatic humans stop us now...... Okay, Rondomon, I'll go recruit some digimon to help us out, clones, like myself. I'll be back to help as soon as I can!! (Dashes off, fast as Entei)
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[FONT=century gothic]"Cotomon, [i]what are you doing?!?[/i]" Cera gaped at her small digimon, seated on a great pile of books scattered about her bedroom floor. "Those [i]used[/i] to be on my bookshelves!" she shrieked. "I swear, you are the most [i]contrary[/i] creature--"

Coto giggled.

"It's not [i]funny![/i]" Cera exploded. "You mangy, fleabitten, hyperactive, lousy excuse for a--"

"I know something you don't know," Coto said cheerfully.

Cera shut up, immediately on her guard. "What?"

"Not telling!"

"Tell me."


"[i]Tell me.[/i]"

"No!" Cotomon giggled again. He glowed blue for a split second, then disappeared.

[size=1]"I [i]hate[/i] it when he does that...."[/size]
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[COLOR=chocolate]Listen everyone, it's me, GinnyLyn. If anyone can hear me, anyone not out to take over the Boards, then please help us!!!
*hears Rondomon coming*
I don't have much time, for the love of CCEBs, helllllppp!!!
*resounding whack, sound of a body falling to the floor*[/COLOR]
Rondomon: We now return you to your regularly scheduled take over, already in progress. MU HAW HAW HAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!:devil:
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Matt awakes to find his computer on. He hears the message from GinnyLyn, then looks around for Trekmon, but he is nowhere to be found. There was a note by the computer, it read: "Gone to defend honor in digital world. Be back soon so don't eat all the cookies!"

Matt: Digital takeover, huh? You're not defending our honor without me, Trekmon!

Matt quickly gets dressed and arms himself with his six foot staff. He holds his digivice up to the computer and is sucked in.
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[COLOR=purple]Heh, this should be good...[/COLOR]
*Alice falls asleep while doing her homework and listening to Linkin Park, Bellamon crest digivolves to Tsukibellmon and sneaks down to the computer*

Tsukibellmon:C'mon, hurry up! aH! yes!!!!

*Tsukibellmon gets sucked into the computer and lands in the Digital World next to Rondomon*

Rondomon:Who are you?

Tsukibellmon:I am Tsukibellmon, Digimon od Destiny, and it is my Destiny to put an end to the human infestation!

Rondomon:Excellent! Join us!! A new Digimon from the opposing side has entered the digital world... go help Baemon!

Tsukibellmon:With pleasure!

*Tsukibellmon takes off and lands next to Baemon*

Tsukibellmon:Need some help?

Baemon:Eh, thought crossed my mind...

*Tsukibellmon stand ready to fight next to Baemon*

Tsukibellmon:Bring it...
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Rondomon: It's time to plan! Let us all rally and decide which parts of the DigiWorld we wish to take over...then, the Boards, and then.....THE WORLD!!
*more evil villan type laughter*
(My gosh, if only Ron knew what his Digimon character was doing...:laugh: )
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Matt lands in the same place as his digimon did. Matt looks up to see Terradramon, Tsunamimon, and Titaniumrocaceramon prepared for battle.

Titaniumrocaceramon: Well then, I am off to rendez-vous with the rebellion. Try and follow me, and you will die.

In an instant, Titaniumrocaceramon was gone. Terradramon looks down to find Matt.

Terradramon: Matt? What are you doing here?

Matt: You're not doing this without me. You know only when I'm near can you use your full power. And since when can you digivolve to mega without me?


Terradramon reverts back to Trekmon in the rookie stage.

Trekmon: Accident.

Matt: Ok then, we need to gather the others and crush the rebellion. Let's be off then.
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*Liam sits at his computer when a message suddenly appears when he's on the net*

Liam: huh? *clicks on the message and hears GinnyLyns plea for help* must be some game or something. .

*something on the message distracts him, he looks close into the screen until he sees a strange little creature jumpining up and down*

Liam: what the. .?

*Suddenly the computer monitor glows and some sort of device appears in his hand*

Liam: bwa? what the. .a digivice? but thats only a show. .

*The monitor glows again and a digital port opens up with the same digimon looking at him smiling through the window*

Liam: who are you, what are you? *unwittingly he presses the hand with the digivice to the screen, and is sucked through*

Liam: *hits the ground* oof! what is going on? *stands up and gawps at his surroundings*

???: you're here!! Finally!!! *runs around hyperberry*

Liam: erm who are you?

Mynechmon: why i'm Mynechmon! your partner digimon!!

Liam: my partner digimon. .wow. .*runs hand through hair*

Mynechmon: there isn't much time, theres a massive rebellion going on!, i managed to summon you here, but we must hurry to my hiding place!

Liam: what the.. ? *gets dragged away*
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As they head for Primary Village, Matt and Trekmon stumble across Liam and Mynechmon.

Trekmon: Hey, Mynechmon! Long time no see.

Mynechmon: No kidding, how've you been. Oh yeah, I got a human now. His name's Liam!

Matt: Nice to meet you.

Mynechmon: Glad we met you, with this rebellion it's not safe to travel in just pairs. Where are you guys headed?

Matt: Primary Village. Why don't you guys come?

Mynechmon: Great!

Liam: Yeah and maybe you could explain some things to me on the way. This digital monster stuff is still new to me.
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