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Rayne yawned, and decided to go to bed. Putting the controller down, he turned off the system and got up to walk to his room. On closing his bedroom door, he smiled, and looked at his things lying around.

In the CD player, though not yet played, was one, very special disk, containing a recording of someone singing, a once very popular opera singer who had disappeared without a trace. He had been youthful, though with a voice that sounded as if from the heavenly choir itself. Rayne looked at an old poster, slightly discolored and yet something wonderful. Pressing the 'play' button, Rayne's voice rung out, enchanting notes weaving themselves around and through the rooms. Moments later, there was a knock on his door.

"Come in. It's unlocked."

Anue and Taryn both came into his room, the obviously confused expressions on their faces giving them away as to why they had come.

"Rayne.... Is... Is that you?" Taryn asked, his disbelief so very evident. Chuckling, Rayne nodded, and Anue's jaw dropped as she spotted the poster at the same time. "YOU WERE EYES RUTHERFORD?"

"Once upon a time." Rayne turned to the two, and let loose with a beautiful siren song, ending with a high pitched note only a handful of people in the world could hit. Stunned, the two with him could only stare as he spoke again. " I thought maybe I could use my singing talents to blend into the school, though I doubt I will. I should keep an eye on Tahlia so she doesn't get into too much trouble."

"You should definitely go for Choir! That was awesome!" Anue yelled. amd Rayne smiled. "That good, huh?"
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Taryn shook his amazement out, the smile on his face faded as he took in Rayne's last few bars. Putting a hand on the angels shoulder he shook his head, "As much as I would love to have a "reincarnation" of Eyes Rutheford in my class I think that may make us a little too obvious.

"You know those preppy cheerleader types, they're probably all members of the choir. Rayne could fit right in, get a drop on them." Anue seemed to be pleading, his voice must've really touched her for her to bring the pup dog eyes.

"Its not up to me, but I worry more about him taking a blade to the back when he's singing a solo. A voice like that from a high school student isn't really something you hear." Taryn shrugged and turned to leave.

"I enjoy listening to your past concerts, it was a shame when you "passed". Anue want to help me make dinner? I'm thinking pancakes, eggs and sausage." Taryn smiled, he loved brinner.

OOC: Glad to see you back and kicking here Inu, and yes Taryn said brinner.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue gave a large smile and looked at Rayne.
"Well whatever you do, it's all up to you. You know we're behind every step of the way!"
She ran out of the room and leaped onto Taryn's back wrapping her arms around his shoulders and put her head on his shoulder ontop of her arm. Looking at him she smiled and nodded.
"Sure I'll help. But not much, it's your turn to make dinner anyway. I made breakfast."
He nodded and began to walk towards the kitchen, she wrapped her legs around his waist and felt her cheeks heat up with a small blush as she held on. She enjoyed te small moments she could steal like this. She doubted Taryn would let her do something like on a normal day. When they reached the kichen she hopped off his back and went about getting the things he would need to make dinner that night than sat at the bar and smiled as he started.
"So, what do you think we'll run into?"
"Not sure but I'm sure we can handle it."
She gave him bright smile and propped her elbow on the counter and rested her chin in her hand.
"Your right, and besides we'll have each other so there'll be nothing to worry about. I'll make sure to protect you."
She smiled more as he shook his head and chuckled.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tahlia yawned loudly as she and Syria made their way back into the hotel rooms, and they could smell the wonders of the kitchen feast being made.

"Well... Think we should just relaz untill dinner is finished?" Tahlia asked, guesturing to the love seat in front of the television.

"Sure... there's nothing else to do for now."

Tahlia and Syria sat together on the loveseat, Tahlia with her arm around Syria's shoulder. Dinner came along soon enough, and the masses of food were piled high on the plates. Rayne of course had the smallest portion, though the rest of them munched wildly on the foods. Tahlia yawned again, barely able to keep her eyes open suddenly.

"I'm going to go to bed, guys... See you in the morning."

Tahlia walked down the hall and into her bedroom, before collapsing on the bed into slumber. However, her dreams were anything but pleasant.

[I][CENTER]A pitch black room lined with dark purple blooms much larger than they should ever be... Feminine figures lined up against a wall... Their faces all hidden by the gloom, save for a single light cast by a flickering lantern.

"Ah yes.... the finishing touches on my faithful soldiers... And then the amulet to enslave them completely!" Malicious laughter rung out as one of the blooms spread it's petals. The lantern's flame erupted from the tiny flicker into an all out blaze of feindish potential and energy.

All of the figures... their faces....

All of the figures were slaughtered clones.... their faces identical. Tahlia tried to move, to scream, but nothing came, and her body wouldn't respond. For some reason, she wanted to sob, but nothing would come. It was like she was trapped in her own mind. Turning her attention to the blooming figure, Tahlia wanted to scream once more. It was her in the blooming flower...[/CENTER][/I]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue quircked an eyebrow as the voice came through the door and shrugged at Taryn, they were the only ones left in the main living area, going to the door she opened it and blinked as a girl stood in the door way.
"Can I come in? I was told to come here by someone..."
Anue frowned and looked back at Taryn silently telling him to go and get Rayne. Moving aside she let the girl in and closed the door locking it behind her. She walked around the girl and joined Taryn and Rayne as they came back into the main room, she stood beside Taryn and propped her elbow on his shoulder. Rayne walked over to the girl and crossed his arms as he studied her. Anue put her other hand on her hip.
"She said she was told to come her by someone. Thought you might want to talk to her."
Rayne nodded.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: I'm going to expect much better from you from now on, kari, or I will have to ask you to drop out of the rp. Don't think of me as callous, though. I understand your character is meeting the rest of us. So, I'll let you get away with the short post this time. Try reading other posts, and get a feel for writing.

"Who are you?" Rayne asked, His eyes surveying the girl. She didn't appear to be much, her powers were weak. She seemed timid, if anything. "Speak, or leave."

Rayne's serious demeanor seemed to have caught the girl off guard, though Rayne didn't think she had much of one anyway.

"I was told... I'd be shown my destiny." The girl looked down at her feet, obviously nervous. However, Rayne couldn't be sure it was genuine, and not an act.

"You will have to forgive the stand-offish demeanor, we've learned caution is the best course of action when dealing with others of the.... supernatural persuasion, shall we say." Rayne motioned for Anue to step forward. "Tell me, what is your name, little one? You are young, and I doubt your demeanor is... an act."

"Kari. I... don't know who the man was who told me to come here. I just hoped I would have purpose is my existance." Rayne's eyebrow twitched slightly at Kari's answer.

"Our enemies might be trying to round up all our kind, to get us in one place for one fell swoop, Rayne." Taryn spoke. Rayne nodded in agreement. "Of course. I have thought that might be the case. If it is, then we can use all the more to join us. Come, Kari, and sit with us in the living room. Anue, would you make some tea?"

"No problem." Anue went off to do so, though Rayne knew she was also going to get Syria, Damia, and Tahllia. Within a few moments, the others had all joined them in the living room, Anue with a large kettle of fresh, hot tea, as well as several cups and saucers.

"As you can see, we are a team. We don't go picking fights on our own, and we always have backup. I assume you have a place to go, because we can't accomodate you here. So, we willl keep in touch by means of cell phones. I assume you have one?"

"Yes, though I have almost no minutes on it right now."

"That's not an issue. We will be sure to refill them later on. Now, What is it you desire by coming here?" Rayne leaned back on the sofa, his deep hazel eyes appearing as if to see into Kari's very soul. Rayne's syes seemed as if to shimmer ever so faintly red, though Kari couldn't be sure if it was her imagination or not.

"I don't really know. I want to find a boyfriend... and know my place in this world."

Rayne stood up. "I see. Well, it is getting late, and most of us have to be up early for school. We'll be attending San Bernardo Public High School. Join us there, and we'll see what you can do. Untill then, I bid you farewell." Rayne motioned for Tahlia. "Be a dear and show our guest out, would you?"

Tahlia nodded, though it was obvious to Rayne that she was troubled by something. After showing Kari out, Tahlia came back into the room, and sat down. "So, what do you think about her?"

"We can't be too cautious, though I doubt she's in with our enemies. Of course, that doesn't mean our enemies steered her to us, for some reason I can't forsee ir understand at the moment."

"Rayne, you think we should trust her?" Damia asked, still looking to the door. "She seems... too innocent. I don't know if she can handle what we can."

"Agreed." Taryn replied. "She's young, that's for sure. Naive, too."

Tahlia shrugged. "But, we could use more allies, right? I'm sure she can toughen up."

"I'd rather refrain from corrupting innocent children, thanks."

"I doubt we'll have to worry about that." Rayne spoke, after hearing the debate. "Something tells me she's seen her fair share of darkness already. But, honestly, we have more pressing issues to deal with other than the kid. Let's go to bed, and deal with things as they come." After all of the nodding, people began to turn in for the night.

"Tahlia, I'd like to speak with you alone."


The two walked out onto the balcony, and Rayne could feel a cool breee stirring his hair. Tahlia sighed. "Is it that obvious?"

"Very." Rayne turned to face Tahlia, and leaned back against the railing. "Another dream?"

"Yeah." Tahllia began to describe her dream, and several she had had before. Rayne listened, taking in alll of the information given to him. "What do you think the dreams mean?"

"I... Don't know. Maybe I don't want to know. I'm afraid that they're memories from long ago."

Rayne sighed. "I think they are, too." Turning around to look at the moon, he continued. "I know of... a ritual... or rather maybe a process. It makes demons. It sounds like... you were one of the demons made from such a ritual."
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Oliver entered his apartment yawning and stretching, holding his pack of socks above his head. He was still getting use to this sleep thing, that humans had to do. Each night a substantial portion was wasted with their eyes closed in something close to a comma . But his evening had not been a waste, his trip to the store gave him a sneak peak at the competition, sort of. He had felt the presence of powerful supernatural beings, but decided against finding out exactly who it was.

[I]" It was either one of my "allies" or it was a member of the hunters. If it was a weaker demon, avoiding them spared me a boring conversation, and if it was a hunter I would have had to make up some reason to introduce myself... if they are as talented as I've heard, spying on them from a far without the aid would have been picked up on, and then I'd have been in a real mess.The only thing I would have learned anyway was what their human forms looked like, and hey, this way I get to be surprised when we meet for the first time. [/I]

His phone vibrated. He flipped it open, answering a call from an old college buddy.


" I didn't have any reason to stay, some crazy bastard cut me open and ran off without a trace..."

"Lack of police support was the reason the guy wasn't caught in the first place"

"No, I don't remember if it was a guy or not, I was just generalizing... Yeah a chick with a sword would be kinda hot. Way way way out of your league though, maybe I could manage it..."

"So the party is pretty good huh, well I don't know what you want me to tell you, I left to make some money and to stay under the radar for a little while."

"Oh, will you tell Alison that I didn't mean what I said the last time I talked to her, and that she isn't the reason I dropped out."

"Why not?"

"Dude, come on. It wasn't poisonous or anything, and I can't take all the credit for putting it in your closet, snakes aren't my thing."

"Whatever, be angry, I just thought I'd have you tell her so you had a reason to talk to her, I mean your face is kinda messed up, and it'd do you well to lose a few pou..."

"When'd you get a girl?"

The phone vibrated again, the screen flashed an unfamiliar number. [I]If they continue to change numbers, I'll continue to ignore them. The cheerleaders can be trusted with their private line, but I am forced to wait until they want to talk with me before I can attempt to get some information out of them.[/I]

"...yeah, I'm still here."

"Then go have fun, nothing beats beer bongs, see you latter."

Oliver hung up the phone, maintaining contact with his old friends was annoying but necessary, if he completely cut off all contact from his family and friends his parents would worry. As much as he wanted to drop the college kid retinue he was stuck with it for at least a little while. It wasn't real work though, his friends bothered him on a fairly nonstop basis, trying to figure out "why" he left college, because apparently his fake reasons where not good enough. Some of them, like the guy he just hung up with, tried to get him to return every time he got a chance.

Oliver dropped down to the bed and pulled up the blanket. He reached over and set his alarm for 6:45. To make the 8 o'clock bell he had to give himself enough time to make the 5 minute drive, and since he hit snooze for almost an hour each morning he had problems getting anywhere in the morning on time.

[I]This should be nice, meeting new people... to bad I will have to lie to them, at least for a little. Hopefully they will be fun to be around. Though I doubt any conversation of real importance will come up, the won't reveal themselves as the hunters until the absolutely have to, and they won't be able to sense me, because I'm technically human. [/I]

Oliver closed his eyes and tried hard to think about pleasant things that returning to high school would bring, though go round, it should be much more fun.
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Tahlia sighed. "Yeah... I've heard of it too. Think.... Think I'm one those demons made?"

"It's possible. You could just as easily be the original subject from which demons were copied from. But, it doesn't matter. Just keep chasing your future, not searching for your past."

Tahlia smiled. "You always know just what to say to make people feel better, don't you?"

"It's part of being the leader of a team. If you dont care for your team, then you shouldn't be a leader."

Tahlia let out her breath. "True. Well, I'm going to go curl up with my lady. She's probably wondering where I am."

"Then go do so." Rayne watched as Tahlia walked off, to go lie down with Syria. Their feelings for each other were genuine, and they knew that it could end at anytime, from one of them being killed. Hearts know not the dangers... But, perhaps that's what made the team members who they are. Perhaps they shared more in common with the humans than any of them cared to admit. Strange....

Rayne's thoughts turned darker, as he contemplated what to do next. The night was cloudy, it was supposed to rain tomorrow. Perfect time to just go for a flight. Spreading his majestic wings, Rayne jumped off of the balcony, and soared high into the sky. The city below him spanned out, relaxing him. Flights were always a good way to clear his head so he could think.

Rayne soared over the city, though when he moved to return to the hotel suite, his keen sixth sense started picking up.... well, he didn't know what. It wasn't human, but it was.
Interesting.[/I] Rayne followed what he sensed, his own presence undetectable, as he as a being drew his presence back into itself. He was nothing more than the presence of a life, though what wasn't clear at all, at least for those who could sense such things. Rayne dropped from the sky, landing on an apartment building. It would be obvious that his presence wasn't human, especially if it just 'appeared' from no where. Being alone, it was foolish to let his presence be known. However, he sensed that the being was just going to sleep. Rayne jumped from the rooftop, landing on the empty street below. This wasn't a bad spot, and only two blocks from his team's hotel suite. This would get real interesting real fast if Rayne stayed, so, he placed his hands in his pockets and walked calmly away. The being didn't stir, and he felt that the being, whatever it was, was on the opposite side of the building, so he wouldn't be seen even it it was an attept at a trap.

Rayne walked back into the suite a few minutes later, and into his bedroom. Lying down on the bed, he soon drifted off into an uneasy slumber. Things were picking up quickly, and he didn't know just what to think.
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"Ugh.... I hate mornings." Tahlia groaned, and hit the snooze button. Syria sat up, but Tahlia put her arm around her waist. "Lay down with me a little longer..."

"We have to get up for school... I don't like it anymore than you do."

"Ungph..." Tahlia replied, rolling over. "I don't wanna get up..."

"Well, that's just too bad right now. We can sleep in on the weekend."

Sitting up herself, Tahlia rubbed her eyes. "I am so first in the shower. You take all the hot water."

"And I'm showering with you." Tahlia smiled. "Ooooo my lady wanting some morning fun?"

"No, we have to get to school on time." Syria replied, and Tahlia laughed.

A few minutes later, the two were dressing for school, Tahliaa in rather modest clothing, especially for her taste. Syria dressed herself up, though she was much more plain. Tahlia would definitely draw attention to herself, which was kind of what she wanted. If the cheerleaders attacked her, she'd have a good chance of handling herself. It wasn't that she thought Syria couldn't do the same, but more along the lines of Tahlia wanting to protect her anyway.

"You need lessons on dressing like a human teenager..." was Syria's only comment. Tahlia smirked. "Just because my lady lumps are bigger than yours doesn't mean I should cover them up."

Sighing in resignation, Syria walked out of the room to make the team's breakfast, as it was her turn to cook. Tahlia always helped, though she wasn't much of a cook. She usually wound up burning everything, so she just made coffee usually. They had about an hour and a half before school started, so they were fine. Soon enough, as the smells of a delicious breakfast began to waft around, the other members of the team began to emerge from their rooms.
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Taryn heard the girls ruslting aroud in the next room, he'd played things the "smart" way and got up earlier to get his shower and get ready. Even though there was over an hour before the troop would get on their way, he would depart in half an hour to get his classroom and get his bearings. Afterall, a new teacher showing up with a new group of students wouldn't exactally be the best way to stay under he radar.

Taryn walked out of the room, he couldn't hide the fact he was a bit nervous, but only about the mission. He'd spent years now feeling like the "adult" in the group.

Walking past Anue's room he knocked, "Come in" was followed by a huge yawn. Walking in Anue was stretching around, rolling over he heard her begin snoring.

"Now that's real talent" he chuckled to himself as he walked over and gave her a gentle shake. "Hey kiddo, if you don't get up you're going to spend the afternoon in detention." He laughed as she whined for a "few more minutes."

"I'm leaving for school, and I can't unitl I'm sure you're up. Rayne said I have to be in charge of that after...you know." Taryn smiled as Anue's face turned bright red when she remembered the incident where Tahlia tried waking the girl up and met with a barrage of explitives, pillows, and a table lap the hotel had bolted to the ground.

Of course it wasn't anything to do with Tahlia, it was a game of russian roulette waking the girl up. So far Taryn had been able to do it unscathed, so far.

"Fine, I'm getting up but if I'm in any of your classes I expect an A." The girl huffed as she got out of bed.

Taryn rose as well and said goodbye to everybody on his way out.

"Wait!" Syria's voice stopped Taryn in his tracks. Turning he saw the girl poking her head out of the kitchen, "Tahlia and I are working on breakfast, you can't leave before we're done." The girls pouts made Taryn put down his briefcase, that only contained papers and a hidden compartment for his weapon, and entered the kitchen.

"Wait a second...has Tahlia touched anything except for the coffee?" Syria nodded not understanding the question, grabbing a mug and filling it with a cup he bolted for the door. Syria was a great cook, but Tahlia typically stuck to the coffee for a reason.

On the street he hailed a cab and was off to school.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue yawned as she entered the kitchen, her clothes simple yet flattering, a pair of tripp pants and a white tank top, black braclets and a silver cross around her neck. Running a hand through her hair she mumbled a good morning around her toothbrush, grabbed a cup of coffee and a piece of toast and walked back to the bathroom where she finished brushing her teeth. Walking out she stopped by her room, grabbed her mailbag smiling slightly to herself as the picture of a little green dog named Gir was on the front with the word 'Doomed' written above it, and headed for the door dowing her coffee she dropped the cup off on the counter and said a muffled 'see ya at school' through the toast in her mouth and began to walk down the street. She chewed slowly as she walked thinking about her wake up call this morning and thought it odd that Taryn was the only one that could wake her up without almost getting his head torn off. It was a well known fact amoung the group that she was not a morning person and would rather sleep in during the day than eat. She had nearly beaten the others to a pulp for waking her in the mornings before she thought it was time including Rayne but so far Taryn was the only one who could wake her up and not come out with a black eye. Finishing off the toast she gathered her bareings from her thoughts and began to jog in the direction she was ment to go and within about fifteen minutes she was at the school, walking into the main office she told the lady her name and smiled as the woman brought up her files and printed off her schedule, she smiled inwardly as she saw Taryn's name at the top of the list, Prof. Taryn, how odd that sounded. Shaking herself out of her thought she gave a thank you and began to walk through the school finding all her classes an getting to know the layout incase something happened. No doubt Taryn had did this as well when he arrived. Once done with that she walked to the back of the school where the small individual buildings were for smaller classes and tapped on the door to her first class, she gave a bright smile as Taryn blinked down at her.
"What are you doing here?"
"This is my first class, go figure right? Can I come in? I like to get first pick of seats if you don't mind."
"I don't know if that's such a good idea Anue, we're supposed to be laying low."
"Than let me go back to sleep, no harm in that, right?"
She gave him a pleading look that eventually made him sigh and step to the side letting her in. She picked a seat in the middle, not to far in the back but not to far to the front where she could have a good range of the entire area if need be. Putting her mail bag on the desk she crossed her arms over it and lay her head down letting her hair fall forward into her face as she closed her eyes and almost instantly began to doze until Taryn broke through, surpressing a growl she looked up.
"What do I say if someone comes in?"
"Tell them this is my first class, I'm having problems at home with my siblings and parents keeping me up all night fighting and yelling at each other and you let me in to catch up on my sleep so I can pay attention in class."
She gave him a bright winning smile and lay her head back down giving him no more room to argue as she began snoring lightly, one hand buried in her hair the other pillowed under her head. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tahlia stretched, and headed out the door, Syria staying behind to clean up some before heading off herself.

Tahlia walked, her eyes searching for signs she was being followed. One never could be too careful.

Tahlia herself wasn't too sure what they were up against here, and she didn't trust their enemies not to make a public display of force.While she too was a demon, she wasn't like others. But, just what was she, anyway?

Such thoughts plagued her mind, and her dreams hadn't been helping. If anything, they had only served to confuse her more. Lost in thought, she made her way to the school.

On arriving, she immediately noticed many of the students were eyeballing her and her clothing. Not that she was surprised, humans often stared at her, in awe of her wild beuty and forward demeanor. But, somethiing here just didn't seem right. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, as her gaze turned to a group of rather preppy looking females, all of which were in bright red cheerleader outfits.

Tahlia opened her backpack, removing her make-up compact to apply some eyeshadow. Using the mirror, she watched the cheerleaders gossip and make fun of those less than they, which was about everyone. As Tahlia thought, they were also trying to subtle in observing her.

But then Tahlia saw something...

One of the cheerleaders looked identical to her.
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Kari got up and just stared at her room in the city orphanage. Than she got up and started to get ready for school. As she changed to her school clothes she thought of her meeting. She thought the people there were pretty nice. Kari decided to think about that later as she finished getting dressed, She then brushed her teeth and went to school.

The school wasn't far so Kari could walk there. Kari walked into the school and stopped by her locker. "Hey Kari wanna walk to class. together?" Kari's friend Mini asked. "ok, Mini" Kari answered. They both walked into their class room. Kari and Mini took there seats.

OoC: Is this ok?
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Rayne smiled, knowing his place in the school. Tahlia had frozen in front of him, staring at something by the entrnce to the school.

It was then he noticed it as well.

Playing the part of leader and insuring a bit more of any kind of cover they had, Rayne walked up to her, and smacked her back, hard.

"AH HA HA HA! THERE YOU ARE!" Byu laughing loudly, people's attention was drawn to him, and away from Tahlia. "I was wondering where you went!"

Tahlia now starred at him, and wasn't all all surprised when he heard a snide, female voice. "With all the racket, you'd think there were devils nearby."

The crowd parted, and the cheerleaders were there, each looking extremely displeased and malicious. "New kids, eh?"

"Yes, Martie. Fresh meat." Another replied to he first. They were each preppy in their own way, and wore heavy make-up. They were each of different ethnicities, though Rayne doubted these were the girl's true forms.

"Indeed, ladies." He spoke, pushin up his glasses. He wore a simple short sleeved dress shirt, along with black slacks and tennis shoes. He sore a studded collar with the top two unbuttoned holes of his shirt, showing a faint trace of the flawless skin of his chest. Turning to the female demons, he smiled, and bowed. "As such, we are quite honored to attend school here. We're simply new, and quite the family. Perhaps you ladies would like to play a game with us later." Rayne smiled, though it was far from benevolent. The girls smiled as well, though their leader smirked. "You sure you want to do that? We play a little rough." The girls behind her tittered with laughter, and Rayne giggled as well. "Playing nice isn't in my vocabulary. You're more than welcome to be as rough as you like."

"Good. We'll be seeing you."

"And I you." Rayne glance over, at the one who appeared identical to Tahlia. She was looking on at her, and only when Tahlia stood up, did the girl walk away.

"You okay?"


"Liar. Rayne pointed up to the roof of the school. "There. After third period."
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?I hope I?m not expected to attend this new kid pummeling? Oliver ambushed the cheerleaders as then turned the corner. He eyed Martie trying his best to determine what she was thinking.
Martie?s face changed from one of disgust and irritation to happiness and she grabbed Oliver?s hand and pulled him closer to her ?Oh sweetie, you?re lucky that you are important to whatever plan the higher ups are trying to get going or I?d have killed you weeks ago.?

?Oh honey? Oliver pulled himself away from Martie?s embrace ?If we are caught talking to one another I won?t be able to do my job.? Oliver was getting annoyed with this whole game she was playing. So what if he had betrayed her initial feelings for him and slept with one of the other demoness on the day he arrived. He felt it was best to get some sort of ally within this group of lesser demons, and the best way to do that is to have some sort of emotional connection. Martie was the de facto leader and it was hard for Oliver to gauge her loyalty to the cause that they represent, whatever that was. Jenny, on the other hand, was not as cruel as the rest and always had slight moments hesitation before each kill, which lead Oliver to suspect that she had the least resolve and thus would be the easiest one to turn to his side. Of course these observations were based on only one days worth of interaction, so maybe he was wrong.
[i] No reason to doubt myself now I suppose [/i] Oliver walked away from the group of girls and made his way to his locker [i]I hope I don?t end up sharing any classes with these people, that way I don?t have to betray any off my future teammates, or pretend betray them. I?d be ideal if I just slipped in the fray towards the end, prove my worth, and join the team? after I have drained these criminals of as much information as I can. [/i]
?Dude, you?re gonna be late if you don?t stop staring into your locker!? Markus, one of the people Oliver tricked into befriending him, was calling from the class room down the hall. False friends would make for good cover, the Dark Hunters would be on the guard and if they found out that another student transferred from out of state they would suspect him. And is they distrust him from the beginning, it?ll be harder to convince them to accept him into their group. Blending in was key.
?No one likes English anyway? Oliver said as he hurried to meet his friend.
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The periods seem to flow by, and doon enough, the end of third period sounded.

Arriving at the rooftop, Tahlia spotted Rayne waiting for her. "We have three minutes to get to class. This better be quick, and I better not get exscuses."

Rayne leaned against the fence, looking at his cell phone. "Time's ticking."

Tahlia sighed. "I don't know what up with the one who looks like me. I think... we're sisters."

"Sisters?" Rayne moved torwards her. "If that might be the case, then we can't let down our guard, and we can't rely on the fact she might not In this life, we don't have such luxuries. However, you may approach her. I doubt they'd do anything stupid on school grounds."

"Yes, but what if we have to fight her? What if she's like me with doubts about who she is?"

"We'll know when the time comes."
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Rayne had indeed been waiting. However, with their time constraints at the moment, it had to be short and sweet.

"We will know when the time comes, Tahlia." Rayne looked off into the coming storm. "Tahlia, do you think you can handle our missions?"

Tahlia grew silent. "Of course. I am not about to be demolished by someone whom I can't remember. I don't even know what's going on."

Rayne nodded. "Assume they will pull something. Try to play with them as well. These little games we'll be playing won't seem like much, but in truth will be more like a chess match between two very skilled players. Don't drop your guard. And don't let them know of your... emotional attachments." Rayne looked deep into Tahlia's eyes, his shifting to a deep red. "There will be no mercy for those whom display they have love for another."

Closing his eyes, he sighed. "We better get to class. Part of the game, you know." Rayne shot a glance deliberately to his right, and pointed enough for Tahlia to get the hint. They turned around, and went inside.


"Ooooooh, a little meeting. I guess he's the leader after all." Martie spoke, and smiled. The dark haired beauty identical to Tahlia nodded. "Too bad, he's kind of cute. Those glasses work quite well on him..."

"Now now, Dola. You aren't at all concerned with her?" She made a guesture to the other girl. "Tahlia, I beleive."

"Why should I? She's sided with them. Though, we can play a new game with them." Dola smiled. "We are siblings, of a sort."

"You know what you are, because you remembered. Has she?" Martie questioned. She sounds off handish, like this didn't really matter to her. However, every word was poised. Turning her face to Dola, she smiled, and flicked her forked tongue at Dola. "See to it that you keep it that way. Let's play your game for awhile. It seems like fun." After looking over to Rayne and Tahlia, she giggled. "Oops. They've spotted us." The two leaped off of the building, and down to the ground, heading inside.
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Syria was cramming a shitload of binders and books into her locker with great ferocity. "I hate how small these stupid things are!" she hissed.
"Hi there!" Syria heard a peppy voice call out. Syria's head whipped around toface what looked like 5 of the cheerleaders.
"Oh, hi. So, what's up?" Syria replied.
"Look, we need your help with something...," one of the cheerleaders stated.
"My help? Uhm, sure, I guess." Syria had made sure that Tahlia's locker was right next to hers, just in case of such a situation. She quickly scribbled a note that read, 'Going with cheerleaders. Look for me if not back for dinner.' and slipped it into Tahlia's locker swiftly and smoothly.

"So, what do you need my help with?" Syria asked. The cheerleaders had taken her to the locker room.
"Cut the crap. We know who you are and what you're here for," hissed one of the cheerleaders.
"Excuse me?" Syria asked.
"Now we're going to kidnap you and get that friend of yours to give herself up."
"We'll see, won't we." Syria transformed into her angel appearance. A bright yellow cross glowed in the middle of her forehead , overhsadowed only by the slightly brighter halo. One of Syria's large wings smashed a cheerleader into a wall. The injured cheerleader gasped as Syria's staff, 'Heaven's Light' came crashing down through her skull, killing her instantly.
"Impressive. But not good enough," the head cheerleader sneered. Syria was attacked from all sides and could barely fend of the blows. The head cheerleader faked a punch, then kicked Syria's legs out from under her, causing her to fall. Syria was immediately jumped. She knew she was going to lose. Syria used a last effort to harden her wings and slice one of the cheerleaders straight down the middle. But she was then knocked out and her sight faded to black.
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“An angel” Oliver looked concerned as he played with the sub standard food on his plate, a high school’s lunch room special. Jenny sat across from, away from the rest of the cheerleaders who usually left the school grounds for lunch. “She hot?” He asked louder that he should have. Sounding like a regular guy was important, especially when your fake friends were eye balling you from a few tables down.

“Yeah, the bitch took a few of us out before we got her, I got stuck cleaning up the bodies and blood before the weight training class had to take showers… I think I got most of it.” Jenny had taken the clue to lower her voice, though she did look a little hurt.

“Where are they keeping her?” the tower of peas and corn where crushed by the plastic spoon, only to be rebuilt again.

“You assume that they are keeping her alive?” Jenny said. Oliver shot an urgent glance at the door to the outside. He had almost considered rushing to find his ally to be.

“Killing her won’t do much good, it would only escalate the situation. Holding her hosta-”

“Stop that!” Jenny had her concerned face on. “The other girls have been saying stuff about you being a traitor, we know that you’re smarter than most of us, and you haven’t exactly warmed up to most of the other ones. Plus Martie is out to get you big time and unless what you say is an obviously good decision for the rest of the group, they won’t listen to you… any way… why would it matter if they killed her?”

“I’m sorry, if I gave the impression that I was interested in her well being and even more so if I lead you to believe that I would choice her over you, I was just trying to think long term. The more people that die in and around the town, the more the police will get involved, and while they are not a threat to you and your friends, I am far too weak to battle an army of armed officers.”

“So all you are interested in is self preservation? That would explain why you hooked up with me so fast.” Jenny was still hurt by his comment. [i] I guess being normal, has its disadvantages too [/i]

[i] Clearly the others opinion of me isn’t a good one… poisoning the mind of my connection to the “in crowd” . Would they even have told me about the angel? It is most likely they plan on killing her and using her body as a message to the other hunters. Plus, there is going to be some sort of rumble going on tonight between the two… hopefully it was nothing, but maybe both parties are looking to end this tonight. If that is their aim, then I will have to work faster. The master minds behind these demons are hidden better than I thought, not even all of these girls know where they are. Locating them, and gathering as much information about “that group” as possible and I’ll need to kill them to cover my tracks. Yami is bound to have more assassins around [/i]

“What are you thinkin about?” Jenny was staring intensely at Oliver.

“A plan to deal with these hunters.” Oliver looked back down at his tray of half eaten food “What do I need to do to make this group trust me, to make you trust me?”

“I-I do trust you, it’s the other that don’t and it doesn’t matter if they trust you or not because I lo-“


“Lunch is over, you guys make sure to pick up all your trash, I’m tired of having to pick up after you guys!” yelled one of the teachers that was eating lunch at the staff table.

“I will see you later yeah?” Oliver got up, moved his popsicle wrapper onto his tray and smiled at Jenny.

“I don’t know, unlike the others I actually like school so I won’t be cutting any classes to guard the bitch angel until we decide what to do with her, but after school I have to guard the… place where she is hidden. “ Jenny’s face told Oliver that she had already said much more that she was suppose too.

“It’s fine” grabbing her tray for her with his free hand, still smiling “If you aren’t suppose to tell me, then don’t tell me. I feel like I already betrayed your trust, I won’t bring up the thing again.” He had to watch what words he chose now that people were all moving around the cafeteria heading for the exits. “Maybe after you’re done you can, come over to my place and we can do stuff.”

“Oh yeah, that’s a great idea, it’s not like we sleep right” Jenny was smiling at the idea of getting to go over to his apartment, in the middle of the night to “do stuff”. She got up and headed for the exit closest to her next class.

“Cool, I’ll see you then” Oliver called after her.

[i] If I stake out on the roof of the building next to mine, I’ll be able to see which way she approaches my apartment, that’ll give me a rough idea of where this angel is hidden. Hopefully they decide to keep her alive longer than I expect them too and hopefully this rumble they have planed isn’t the end all. I still need to use these demons and they people organizing them. [/i]

History after lunch, not a good sign if he had planned on taking any notes, listening to a boring professor lecture about boring things after he had just eaten tended to put Oliver to sleep. History was always his worst subject in this human world. Most kinds have a basic understanding of these events from the time they are very little, but Eilif, having been trust into the middle of the higher learn of history the college provided, found the whole thing to be rather difficult, especially since he had 750 years of demon history to remember too.

[i] I guess it can’t be helped, a good nap sounds too wonderful to pass up, besides, I haven’t had any of these hunters in any of my classes so far, none of them must have been put in the Advanced Placement classes after all [/i] It was necessary for Oliver to take these hard classes because the rest of the cheerleaders had all the other classes, except the AP ones covered. Oliver walked to class, getting ready to enjoy his nap.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue paced back and forth as the late bell rang.
"What are we waiting for? It's obvious she's not coming and they figured us out thanks to you two and your little fiascao with them...and you told US to lay low! I don't understand how-"
"Anue, I'm sure it's not how Rayne wanted it to go. You know that as well as I do."
Anue looked at the floor and let out a deep breath and looked up at Taryn.
"Your right, and I know your right it's just we were all planning on this going down with out a hitch...and now look, where's Syria? She's missing. And I bet they are looking for the rest of us as well."
Rayne nodded and tapped his chin.
"We need to lay low, no one do anything that would draw attention to your selves in anyway."
Taryn looked at his watch and cleared his throat.
"Like being late?"
They all looked at their watches and Anue blinked letting out a string of colorful swears. All of the filed out of the room and scattered down the halls, Anue grabbed Taryn's hand and stopped him for a moment. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a small charm and put it in his hand.
"If anything happens, this stone will let me know."
She touched the cross on her neck and smiled.
"Keep it with you at all times please...I dunno what I would do if something happened to you."
She gave him a warm smile and sprinted down the hall towards her next class.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Rayne hurried to his next class, and on finding it, knocked cautiously.

The teacher turned to look at him, and Rayne smiled nervously. "Yes... I'm sorry I'm late... I'm Rayne Dalma."

"Ah, the new student. Yes, this is your forst day here, it's quite alright." The man stood in front a dry erase board, and beckoned him into the room. "Class, this is our new student. Rayne... Take the empty seat next to Oliver. Oliver, raise your hand please."

Rayne looked into the class room, and a very groggy boy peered back at him with his hand raised. Taking his seat, Rayne smiled at the boy, a silent 'thank you.'

However, Rayne... sensed something. He wasn't sure what he felt coming from the boy, so he simply sat back in his chair and tried to figure it out. Absently, he fiddled with the studded colar around his neck, trying to make sense of the strange aura of the boy. He just decided to snooze, and Rayne sensed his mind was active, he was far from it. His attantion was definitely focused on Rayn, especially with the random, furtive glances. Rayne didn't know who this boy was, though he definitely wasn't completely human.

Rayne shrugged, and tuned out the teacher, spacing out to try to figure out what had happened to Syria. He didn't like this. Not at all....
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Kari was a bit tired. It was the end of lunch and she was heading to her next class. Kari felt uneasy. A bit earlier she thought she herd a thunk far away. Then she felt a strange feeling in her head. Kari decided to think abut it later.

Kari sat at her desk in her science classroom.The teacher talked for an hour when Kari's head began hurting. "Kari are you alright?" the teacher asked. "Just.. a b-bad headache." Kari said. Kari's head started spinning. She had never felt so much energy. Due to the pain Kari passed out in a dead faint.
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