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Rayne kicked back in the diner booth, observing his surroundings. The group of school kids to his far left were tittering loudly, their underage drinking obvious. Then again, being centuries old, Rayne had picked up on a few things about humans.

His fellow hunters had positioned themselves around the diner, some outside, and some inside. Using their extensive abilities and methods of 'persuasion' they had discovered that an angel gone bad had been frequenting this diner, and taking humans to kill them to increase it's powers. For some reason, the angel prefered to take them from this particular diner.

A serial killer with super powers. A wonderful thought, yes?

Rayne felt his ankle, and felt some medium of comfort from the facr 'the Gospel' was tucked neatly away there. As Rayne looked on into and around the eatery, his sixth sense about other paranormal and theological creatures was beginning to go off, tingling in the back of his mind. His eyes narrowed as aa beautiful woman walked in the front door, she appearing to be nothing more than a goth fetish chick.

Rayne couldn't demean her attire, after all, he wasn't dressed much different than he was. A waitress walked up to the table, she looking tired and very much so like she had had a very long day.

"Hi! I'm Christy, and I'll be your waitress tonight. Do you know what you'd like to order or would you like a few more minutes?" She placed some silverware on the table, and held up a small note pad for Rayne's order.

"Yes, I'd like aa cheeseburger with pickles, tomatoes, mayo and ketchup with a side of fries and a Pepsi, please."

"I'll have that out to you as soon as I can." She smiled, though Rayne could tell that she didn't think it would be 'fast food.' She also had no idea an angel would be killed tonight to possibly spare her her own possible premature demise.

Rayne motioned to his partners, and they began their moves. Each took their place, in positions that should something happen, human casualties would be minimuzed.

But, being hos Rayne's people were by far the most attractive, the angel would probably go for one of them. Rayne's ability to sense others like him wasn't one of a kind, though this angel did not possess a gift like Rayne's.

It was time for the sting.

OOC: Alrighty peeps, everyone take your places. We're setting it up to take the angel down.
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Taryn sat in his own booth brooding over the plan. He hated waiting until someone was in danger, but Rayne was in charge and this truley was the best way to flush these baddies out. He eyed the room, being careful not to dwell on one of his teamates too long incase the angel was in the crowd now.

Turning to the girl sitting behind him he pulled his sunglasses down and shot the girl a wink with his ice blue eyes. He'd never risk his eyes being seen, they were too noticable and always drew attention. There was luckily nobody behind his teamate and only she would see him.

"You got a light?" He asked sticking a cigarette in his mouth.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue chuckled and lit the stick in his mouth and than moved to sit next to him.
"Didn't realize you guys were here yet. You both so freakin quiet."
"It's good to be quiet Anue, you sneak up on people that way and kill them easier."
She shrugged at them and leaned back taking a fry from Rayne's plate and popped it into her mouth chewing happily.
"You know, sitting around here doing nothing is boring...why don't we go out and do something?"
They both rolled their eyes and Rayne leaned in looking at her.
"Why not order a coffee so you can have a caffine rush and crash, would make my life so much easier, you know that?"
"Aw, Rayne, I didn't know you cared so much."
Taryn smirked as Rayne leaned away from her.
"I can't win with her, she's crazy."
"Which is why you love me so much, it'd be boring without me."
Again they sighed and shook their heads as she smiled and drummed her fingers on the table, Taryn's hand dropped down on top of her's silenceing the noise she was making, he looked at her and blew a plume of smoke in her face making her smile more and chuckle.
"Do you have any idean how annoying that is?"
She nodded at him and began to do it with her other hand, only when he went to stop her this time she doged and giggled as he growled at her.
"Would you two know it off?"
She mock saluted in Rayne's direction and smiled as she settled back against the booth.
"This is going to be interesting."
The other two groaned and put their hands over their faces only making her smile bigger.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Syria was outside on a bench. She glanced around with a blank stare. [I]I hate waiting![/I], she thought to herself. She crossed her arms and legs and her face gave way to a pout. She didn't see why she couldn't just torch the angel in the middle of the parking lot or something. "Hey, why do you look so upset, cutie?" some random guy asked, sitting next to Syria on the bench.
"I have no desire for your company. If you don't leave me alone, I'm going to be even more upset," Syria snarled. The guy leaped off the bench and scurried away. "I swear, every damn time we do this I get guys like that bugging me! The next one is getting 'Heaven's Light' swung through their skull!" Syria pushed her glasses up her nose, though she had no need for them. She could see the angel through the diner's large windows. "Feh! She [I]wishes[/I] she could pull off that outfit! She deserves to rot simply for her stupidity!" Syria spat, trying to pass time by insulting the angel. [I]If this doesn't get exciting real soon, I'm going in there...[/I], she grumbled in her head.
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Tahlia smirked, dropping down off of the roof of the diner next to Syria. "My my, a bit testy?"

"Cram it, Tahlia."

"Oh dearie me," Tahllia said, in a mocking southern accent. Tahlia's eyes scanned the diner, and saw Rayne motion to a woman.

"So, that's her." Tahlia said, crossing her arms. "Kinda bites... I thought that the target would look more powerful."

"She's a whore." Syria said, spitting.

"That attitude of yours will be your undoing, Syria." Tahlia turned, her eyes ablaze like the demon she truely was. Leaning in close, she whispered into Syria's ear.

"I have seen it."

Tahlia backed off, her eyes returniing to their normal hue. "Well... Time to play... You coming?" Tahlia smiled. "You can play my date."

Syria only looked to Tahlia, unsure if Tahlia had been playing around or serious. "Yes..."

The two women walked into the diner, Tahlia smiling and laughing as if she had just been told a joke. She made a fuss to 'reconize' Rayne,and walked over to him, giving him a big kiss on the cheek. Even Rayne was taken aback by it, and Syria walked over to a table behind the target.

"Well, my lady is in a tiff over something or other... Catch you later." Tahla said, and walked over to take her position as well.

Rayne nodded, and so the take down move began.
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"Taryn. Bathroom. Now." Rayne said, and jerked his thumb in the direction. "Be sure to tell me how the view is later." Rayne watched him get up and head to the bathroom, observing the target's reaction to him. She stared blankly at Taryn as he passed, and Rayne knew it wouldn't be Taryn she picked for her next victim.

Syria and Tahlia were arguing incessantly, looking very much so like a lesbian couple. The angel kept looking at them, and Rayne knew that one of them would be the better target. The angel always picked people who were fighting in the restaurant, the angel picking the one who had the most fighting spirit. Rayne looked to Anue, and she grabbed another fry from Rayne's plate, though now she was eyeing his cheeseburger.

"Looks like someone is interested in our ladies... Which one do you think she'll go for?"

"Dunno. Syria is an egotistical hard ass and Tahlia is dressed like an evil hooker with a vicious personality streak. My guess is either of them."

Rayne leaned onto the table, munching a fry, his head resting on his hand and his elbow on the table. He observed the angel and his partners, they attracting more attention than either of them even realized they were getting. Many guys in the diner were looking like they thought this argument was hot.

"I think people are fantasizing about them." Rayne stated with a completely straight face. Anue just stared at him, blinking. "Do you not have any tact whatso ever?"

"No, not really. Why should I?" Rayne stood up and moved to the end of the table. "It's time. Let's make our move."

Rayne walked out of the door, and behind thebuilding to the bathrooms. Looking up, he saw Taryn looking down at him. "Go back and have Syria and Tahlia start a fight like they're a couple. Then we go after the target when she makes her move on which ever one."

"Got it. Anything else?"

"No. I'll get up high and watch from outside." Spreading his wings, Rayne immediately went up into the air, hovering above the diner, hidden in the black of the night sky. Removing the Gospel from his ankle, he tucked it into the back off his pants. "Well... It's showtime..."
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Syria was arguing with Tahlia in a trying to be quiet voice. Her eyes flickered toward the bathroom, where Taryn exited from. He silently mouthed "start fighting". Syria blinked in response, then got a little louder. "And you know what?! You need to tell your brother to stop asking for handouts all the time! I know he's your flesh and blood, but you made a commitment to ME when you got into this relationship!" she snapped.
"Commitment?! What would you know about that?! Your head turns every time a busty slut gets within 10 feet of you!"
"UGH! How dare you?! At least I don't hog the blankets!"
"You know I get cold easily!"
"Psh! You COULD have just asked for MY help with that!"
"Like you'd ever agree! You wouldn't wake up if the roof caved in! And you snore!"
"Don't go there, hun!"

Ask the fighting escalated, Syria could see the hungry gleam in the target's eyes.
"You know what, SWEETY? I think we're interrupting these peoples' meals. let's take this outside," Tahlia suggested.
"You always were a control freak!" Syria scoffed, walking out with Tahlia.
"Nice performance!" Rayne whispered from above.
"Shh! She's coming out, I think!" Syria hissed.
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OOC: Evil hooker? Lesbian lovers?

"You know what? IT'S OVER!" Tahlia screamed. "I'm sick of arguing with you constantly! Babe, I love you, but I can't do this!"

"Fine! I'll sit your stuff out on the sidewalk! Then you can get the hell out of my life!"

The angel came walking out of the eatery, her expression one of disbeleif and awe. Tahllia turned away, anf began stomping down the street. The angel smirked for but a second, before advancing to Syria, who was sobbing rather convincingly on the pavement. On walking around the corner and out of sight, Tahlia leaped onto the roof of a neibouring building, and Rayne swooped down to meet her.

"Looks like Syria gets to be the star of the show."

"She must be happy..." Rayne commented. "The others will catch up to us. There is one good thing about this hunt, though."

"What's that?" Tahlia asked, her brows raised in confusion.

"She doesn't hide her victims so we don't have to find them."

"Ah. True. That is a comforting thought." Tahllia shivered at the memory of looking at the crime scene photos, the images of innocent people drained dry and skeletal in appearence, their faces frozen for eternity in fear. "So what's the plan?"

"Get the target out of sight of large numbers of people. Syria can handle that. Then we take her out. If that fails, we pursue. We can;t let this one get away."

Tahlia smirked. "Can we ever?"
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"Unfortunately, no."

Syria was walking along the street to one of the three vehicles they had stolen for tonight. Rayne could hear her talking about Tahlia, and how she wanted her back and such. Typical post breakup things. The Angel was patting her and reassuring her, and Syria thanked her for her kindness, offering the angel a ride. Of course, while the team of hunters could all move reasonably fast, they needed the vehicles to follow at a good speed.

Taryn and Anue were leaving the diner having paid for the food. The last thing any of them needed was drawing attention to themselves in any way, shape, or form.

Rayne dropped down from the sky and pulled the handle on another of the vehicles they had taken, this one a classic with some serious engine power. Tahlia got into the passenger seat, and Anue and Taryn got on the motor cycle behind them. Rayne cocked The Gospel, readying it for a moment's notice. Syria knew well the dangers of tonight, Rayne just hoped the target didn't try to satisfy her hunger before they had a chance to act.

Starting up the car, Rayne followed closely behind Syria and the target, while Taryn and Anue behind him. Rayne knew this maneuver was difficult, they couldn't follow too far behind, or too close. And they would have to stop following at some point and switch to air tactics.

Tahlia sat quietly, looking out of the car window.

"Something bothering you?" Rayne asked, his eyes on the car in front of them.

"I had another of those dreams..." Tahlia's black hair hid her eyes, which Rayne knew were clouded over thinking about her dreams.

"I hate to say it, Tahlia, but those might be memories."

"I know.... But if that's the case then once upon a time I was no different than the monster we're hunting now."

"But that was then. This is now. That's all that matters."

Tahlia turned to look at Rayne, though he remained concentrating on the vehicle with Syria in it. "You can be sweet, sometimes." Tahlia snorted. "Sometimes."

"Glad to know." They pulled up to a stop light, where Rayne pulled out his gun again. "I think we need to make our move now. Something's going to go down, and soon. We need to get Syria out of there."

"Agreed. Shall I?"

"Do it."

Tahlia got out of the car, and walked up to the back end of Syria's vehicle. Grasping the back end, Tahlia lifted the car's back tires off the ground with ease. She lifted the vehicle over her head, and flung it across the intersection like a sack of potatoes. Rayne sighed, though knew the deserted streets would be their ally for now. Syria's car spun around on the roof another fifty feet away, the passenger side now facing Rayne. Stomping on the gas, Rayne sped his vehicle right at the angel, she looking to be in shock.

With a violent crash, the vehicle Syria had been driving skidded again into a building and coming to rest on its wheels, completely wrecked. Taryn and Anue stepped off their motorcycle, Taryn sighing.

"Did you HAVE to wreck the cars? They were classics!"

Rayne ignored the comment, getting out of the wrecked car he'd been driving which was now leaking various fluids all over underneath it. Syria's vehicle's horn was buzzing loudly, smoke billowing from under the hood. Rayne began firing his gun, the bullets peircing the car easily. Syria was hurridly climbing from the broken driver's window while the angel ducked for some kind of cover. Rayne, though seemingly just firing rounds into the car, was carefully aiming as so not to hit Syria in the ass with a bullet.

When Syria was safely at Rayne's side, Rayne stopped firing. "You could have warned me you were going to do that!"

Tahlia quirked up. "Hey babe, happy to see me?"

"Shove it. You're the one who flung the car around!"

Rayne watched the angel wrestle herself ouf of the ruined car. She glared at Rayne, who never lowered his gun. She snarled her next words while holding gun shot wound in her shoulder. "God damn you all!"

"A bit late for that." Rayne replied, moving forward, his gun leveled. "God turns a blind eye to us now. You obviously didn't care before, so why change now? I'm sure those humans you killed didn't feel heaven's mercy and warmth when an ANGEL killed them." Rayne fired another round into the car, causing it to blow apart.

Rayne lowered his gun, point blank between the angel's eyes. "You won't be hurting humans any more for the sake of increasing your powers. Maybe you should pray for forgiveness. I'll give you the opportunity you never gave your victims."

"Go to hell." She replied. Rayne shrugged. "After you."


Rayne turned to his comrades, they all looking at him for what to do next. Rayne lowered the gun at the motorcycle, and fired a round into the gas tank. Another loud explosion rocked the deserted streets, and Taryn sighed. "Man... I really liked that bike."

Police sirens were sounding off in the distance as they all dissappeared into the shadows, to meet back at the apartment they maintained as a kind of headquarters. Rayne stayed behind to make sure the Angel was no more. He watched as her body crumbled to little more than dust to fly away in the wind before taking off himself.


Not surprisingly, Rayne was the last to make it back to the apartment. Opening thee front door he was greeted with stares and smiles. Taryn opened the refridgerator and tossed Rayne a cold beer. Popping it open, Rayne downed half of it in one swig.

"Anyone got any ideas as to where to go next?"
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue jumped into the air doing a backflip almost catching Taryn in the head with her right foot, landing she spread her arms wide.
"Disney land or the Circus might be nice."
"I know it's hard for you but can't you be serious just this one time?"
She stuck her tounge out at Rayne and sighed.
"I've heared there has been alot of activity in Athens lately, maybe that might be a good place to look. I dunno. Cause there's always NewYork, that place would be like a an Angel feeding ground with all the violence and murder and what not that goes on around there."
Taryn shook his head and looked at her.
"The crime rate has gone down you know..."
"Yeah by like what, 5, people, per month? Yeah not much if you ask me."
"Which no one did."
She gave Syria the middle finger and looked back at Rayn as he took a drink from his beer and looked at his feet pondering what she has said. Yawning she walked over and flopped down onto the couch and grabbed the playstation 3 controller and smiled as Taryn sat down next to her taking up another one.
"Let us know what you decided. You know we'll follow you one way or another. So it don't reallly matter to us."
She growled at Taryn and bumped her shoulder to his trying to throw him off and make him loose but only manageing to loose herself.
"Alrihgt, best out of three, winner drives the bike this time, and picks the model."
Taryn gave her a smile and looked back at the screen.
"You are so whipped."
She smiled and paused it for a breif moment looking at the others she let the smile slip and became serious for just a moment.
"Look, we got the target tonight, there's no point in getting to morbid about it at the moment. We did a good job, or I should say Rayne did a good job cause no one really got to have to much fun tonight...but we did it. Chill and relax for a little bit til we can figure out where to go."
Syria frowned at her as she smiled and gave a thumbs up to the others before turning back to her and Taryn's game.
"How can you be so light hearted with the job we have?"
"Simple, no matter how many of these things we kill there will always be more and people will aways die. Wethere it be by Angel, sickness, or accidental death humans will forever be dieing. The more Angels we kill the more of a chance we just give the human race to destroy it self. They kill each other for petty things like money and women, they'll never be peaceful. No matter how hard we try."
She began pressing the buttons on the controller cursing here and there as Taryn laughed at her mistakes.
"I did that on purpose!"
Taryn smiled and pointed to the screen.
"Best out of three, remember."
She growled and tried again.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tahia had long since fallen asleep, though her dreams were far from pleasant.

[I][CENTER]A trail of blood spanned before her, almost as if a dark invitation to walk along it. Dark storm clouds rocked the heavens, lightning crashing and striking the ground around her. People littered the ground, their eyes glassy, their bodies broken.

Looking down, Tahlia could see her hands and arms were caked in blood. Tahlia could feel heself having touble breathing, panic and disbeleif setting in. Something moved behind her, and she whirled around, if only to see a figure moving away from her, covered in blood, just like her, though it's face hidden in shadow.

"No! Please don't leave me!" Tahlia cried, running at the figure, to follow it away from this place. When it finally turned to her, Tahlia screamed.

It was her own face she saw upon the gutted torso.[/CENTER][/I]

Tahlia woke up screaming, clawing at the air, still lost within the dream.
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"Tahlia! Tahlia! TAHLIA!" Syria shouted, holding Tahlia down and shaking her a little. "Wake up already!" Tahlia's eyes fluttered a bit, then she began to sob and shake. Syria nervously patted her back. "...Uh... I-it's alright... It was just a, uh, nightmare...," she mumbled. "Rayne!" she hissed. "Rayne, get over here!" Rayne grunted and stumbled sleepily to Syria's side.

"Shit!" he grumbled. "Tahlia, calm down... Syria, can you get me a wet towel?"

"Yeah, hold on..." Syria put a towel under the faucet and handed it to Rayne. He patted Tahlia's face with it. He lifted her up and helped her to walk to the bathroom.

"Here, you can tell me when you're ready...," Rayne whispered. At this point, everyone was groggy, but awake.

"Huh? What was that all about?" Anue yawned.

"I...don't know...," Syria replied.

"Can't we talk about it in the morning? I'm going back to sleep!" Taryn growled, shifting around in his blanket.

"Yeah...," Syria muttered, laying down on the floor and staring at the dark ceiling.
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Taryn felt a little bad for his outburst, he hoped losing the second two games to Anue would be a "cover". The truth was it WAS Anue, but it had nothing to do with losing, it was her comment that kept him up.

[I]"The more angels we kill the more we give the human race a chance to destroy themselves." [/I]

Taryn, unlike some of the older demons and angels that were human once, remembered everyday of his human life. He'd even visited his great nieces and nephews a could times, spying on their progress.

He also remembered everyday of the war, he'd experienced the brutality of human beings first hand. He'd never seen an angel or demon attack with the ferocity that he'd seen the German soldiers attack with when they stormed trenches.

He was surprised how much of his humanity he maintained during the transformation into a demon, he still pitied human beings and wanted to help them...but he killed multiple people during the war, so maybe it was now that he was seeing things from the outside that he was capable of seeing the inevitable end that Anue pointed out.

Getting up as quietly as possible Taryn creeped towards the door. Sunup was just a couple hours away and he needed to clear his head. As he reached the door he heard somebody stir behind him. Not knowing who it was he whispered loud enough so the person awake would hear, but hopefully wouldn't stir anybody else. "I'm just going for a walk, I'll be back before daybreak."

He eased the door shut behind him and sighed, this was the third night in a row he wouldn't get any sleep. He was actually thankfull Anue handed his butt to him, next time he could let himself doze a bit while she drove.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue followed him out the door and through the empty streets til he stopped and looked back.
"I told you I was just clearing my head."
"And you know what we're hunting and even though we all can handle ourselves its so much safer travling in packs."
"What are we dogs?"
"Might as well be, 'Kill that angel. Yeash Mashter..."
She gave him a large smile before looking down. and watching as they fell in step together.
"You think what we're doing is even right? I mean who are we to judge who should die and who should live?"
"They kill people."
"In a sense so do we. Do you kill a Tiger for being a Tiger? Do you kill a Shark for being a Shark? Just cause they kill does that make it right to kill them?"
"They kill people."
"Who probably have just as many sins as the ones that kill them do. I dunno it all kinda seems pointless sometimes. All we're doing is giving the humans a chance to do what they do best."
Taryn nodded and she clapped a hand on his shoulder and smiled.
"But you never know I may be wrong. Humans have perservered before so you never know."
She let go of his shoulder and bumped her's against his and laughed as he stumbled slightly.
"So, you ready to ride in the bitch seat?"
She saw his eyebrow twitch and smiled more.
"I know one thing, Rayne is NOT wrecking the next car I pick, I cried when he wrecked the 89 Mustang I picked out a few weeks ago...that car was so beautiful."
"What are you picking this time?"
"96 Z 28 Camero, jet Black."
Taryn nodded smiling slightly.
"Nice choice."
"Thank you. But if I get a bike it's gonna be a Kawasaki Ninja."
He gave a chuckle and shook his head.
"So what were you out here doing anyway?"
"Thinking about what you said, about humans destroying themselves."
"Don't let that bother you to much Taryn, humans have a funny way of proving others wrong. I mean look how long they've lived, look at what they've done and they have no powers. What they've discovered, what they've made. Ya know? I was just making a statement. Not a prediction. The best thing we can do is do our job, sit back and watch."
She gave him another smile and threw her arm around his shoulders and pulled him along as she began to walk again.
"I heard there's a good little diner in this area, care for some coffee and a bite to eat?"
She didn't really give him a choice as she pulled him along still talking about random things.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Rayne sat with Tahlia until she had calmed down, though she refused to go back to sleep. Rayne had noticed that Taryn and Anue had left, though their buisness was their buisness.

Rayne stood up, and went into the kitchen to make some hot coaco to help Tahlia go back to sleep. Rayne sure wasn't.

Soon, the delicious smell of the hot chocolate filled the apartment, and Rayne took some into Tahlia. Syria had fallen asleep again, and was mumbling in her sleep about something Rayne couldn't make out.

Letting Tahlia have her alone time with her hot drink, Rayne walked into the living room to make a phone call.

"It's me." Rayne said, speaking to the woman on the other end of the line. "Got any information on our next target?"

"I'm just finishing up an interogation for just such edibles." There was the sound of someone being punched, and then a giggle. "Well, if you would just tell me what I want to know...."

"Come on... get over here pronto. Get rid of the small fry and bring whatever info you have for us."

"Will do. See you in a few hours."

"Be carefull."


There was a click as they hung up, Rayne turning his gaze out the window into the lightening sky. Dawn was a few minutes away.

Hopefully, they wouldn't have too much trouble the rest of the night.


"I don't see why we have to be the ones shafted with this job."

"Shut up, we're being paid a heafty sum to take them out."

Two dark clad women in skin tight leather biker outfits gazed upon the unsuspecting demons. They were about to get alot more than they had anticipated for the night. Their facial features were hidden by bike helmets, so they would remain anonymous and intimidating.

"Let's do this."

OOC: Alright, let's get a little action bound. Drizzt, Knuckles, you two get to be attacked by.... something. It's your turn to do some fighting. However, your assailants are female AND you have to let them get away, though not nessessarily willingly. Give them one hell of a fight.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue felt the skin on the back of her neck prickle and reached down taking Taryn's hand, he looked over at her strangely as she lenaed in putting her had on his shoulder.
"Don't look so uptight, I'm doing this so I can speak to you without being noticed."
He blinked and was about to say something when she continued.
"Something or someone is following us."
"How do you-"
"I dunno I just fell it. Be on the look out...cause it ain't friendly."
He nodded and blinked more as she smiled up at him with bright eyes making herself look like a girl in love and kissed his cheek.
"Time for some fun."
Letting o she back flipped over a woman in leather as she tried to take her feet out from under her, landing on her feet Anue rolled her shoulders loosening up. Taking a fighting stance she wiggled the toes in her left foot and brought up her knee in time to block a punch, she smiled as the woman shook her hand, the small sting in her shin making her smile, she pushed back and lashed out with her foot catching the helmet with her boot causeing it to crack but not break. She ran forward and caught the woman in the chest with her left foot causeing the oxygen to rush out of her lungs and cause her to roll on the ground trying catch her breath, before she could Anue was on her kicking her in the ribs and hearing a satisfiying crack from the rib section and sending the woman skidding under a dumpster. She cocked her right hip out resting her hand on it and looked back at Taryn to see how he was fareing with his own prey.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Unfortunetly Taryn was caught off guard while watching Anue work over her assailant. Blindsided by a kick to the temple by the other woman Taryn hit the ground, rolling back to his feet he rubbed his head and eyed his new target.

He quickly drew his weapon and leveled it at the woman's head. "We only need one of you alive to talk, sorry." As he squeezed the trigger the girl spun quickly, her foot catching Taryn's wrist knocking his weapon from his hand. As it hit the ground it vaporized, a little safety feature to ensure it couldn't fall into the wrong hands without Taryn's approval.

"Great, now I have to resummon it again. Thanks alot." The girl lunged, her fists moving quickly but Taryn was matching her step for step blocking each punch and only giving a small bit of ground. As he felt the brick wall behind him he let the girl get in a punch, as she threw her other fist forward Taryn dropped to his knee and dodged her other punch.

He could hear bone break as the girl punched the wall with all her weight traveling behind it. Rising up he grabbed her by the now broken hand and squeezed and twisted, dropping her to her knees. "Sorry hun, I don't hit woman."

"Asshole" She muttered as she brought her knee up into his groin. Taryn dropped back to a knee in pain, hoping Anue was fairing better at that moment.
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[COLOR="Indigo"][COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue took a step to help him when she heard the footsteps of the other woman rushing towards her, she side stepped as the woman she had been fighting stumled past her and threw her arm out. Anue winced slightly as she felt the bite of a blade in her shoulder and growled.
"You stupid bitch."
Wrenching the blade from her shoulder she threw it at the woman and smiled as she screamed as it piereced her foot and ran forward flipping onto her hands she spun in a swift arch bringin her left foot across the womans helmet and effectivly knocking her out for the time being. Straightening she sprinted in Taryn's direction and brought her foot down in an axe kick on the other woman's head and than spun around bring her other foot into contact with her midsection and sending her flying away from the two of them. Turning she helped Taryn to his feet.
"That's the one thing that sucks about being a guy ne?"
She chuckled as he shot her a glare and shook her head.
"Don't worry, I won't tell the others you were brought to your knees. It'll be out little secret."
He looked at her shoulder and frowned.
"Your bleeding."
"It's nothing major. Just a scratch."
Putting her hand on her shoulder she smiled with grim notifcation that it was bleeding much heavier than just a scratch. Her ear twitched and she put her hands on Taryn's chest throwing him to the side as well as her self as the women came at them at the same time.
"Well this looks like it might be fun what do you think?"
She looked up and cursed, gaining an unreadable look from Taryn.
"Said we'd be back by dawn...we need to wrap this up."
She put a hand on his shoulder and rushed forward dropping down into a crouch and flipping herself onto her hands she brought both feet up into the woman's chin making her fly back and land heavily on her head. She looked back as the other woman lauched her self at Taryn and glanceing back at her opponent was dissapointed to see that she had vanished, most likely run and was not coming back for another round.
"Taryn, we need to finish this up, Rayne's gonna kill us as it is for coming back late."
She leaned on the dumpster she was close to and watched as he finished up his fight.[/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR]
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"You don't hear me rushing, shit" Taryn was cut off by the woman with the cracked helmet's punch barrage, he easily dodged each punch.

"You're slower then your friend, and as I told her I will not strike a woman." Taryn dodged a final blow by the woman, kicked his foot out tripping her. As she started to fall he grabbed the back of her jacket, shifted his weight and directed her straight into the same brick wall her partner broke her hand on.

The face sheild of the helmet smashed, and the woman cried out apparently pierced by some of the glass. As she went down she reached into her pocket dropping a small ball that exploded into a blinding light. As everything cleared she was gone.

"You need to knock off the chivalrous BS, you're going to get yourself killed one day." Anue patted Taryn on the back as she spoke, her wound clotting and slowing down the blood flow.

"You know, we saw them earlier. We didn't realize it but they were checking us out from a couple of sweet street bikes ;kawasakis I believe. What's say we go see if they left them for us?"
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Anue threw her arm around his shoulder and threw up her other fist and whooped rather loudly.
"Sweet! And I swear to the great gods that if Rayne wrecks tham I'll wreck him!"
She pulled Taryn along with her as they walked through the streets til they found the bike and she ran forward and clamied the black and red bike that was sitting next to a black and silver one.
"This one's mine!"
She looked back at Taryn and smiled largly at him before starting the bike and revving the engine. She looked up at Taryn and gave him a sultry wink.
"Think you can keep up Mr. I won't hit women?"
She lifted her feet from the pavement and sped down the raod laughing as Taryn followed suit not far behind, it wasn't to long before they reached the apartment and walked in Anue laughing as Taryn looked down at her shaking his head. She slamped her mouth closed as Rayne walked forward, the look on his face told the two that they were in for it.
"What the hell took so long? I thought you said dawn."
Anue threw her arm around Tayn's shoulders and leaned in smiling.
"We just thought we would have some fun that's all! We went and got a hotel room and than we bought some wine and than we-"
"We were attacked."
Anue looked down and pouted.
"Your no fun Tayn...I wanted to see his face."
She winced as Rayne grabbed her shoulder.
"This is no time for jokes Anue-Your bleeding..."
"Yeah, we did get attacked. I took a good hit. But don't worry, I'm okay."
She clapped Tayrn on the shoulder and gave him a smile as she walked down the hall and into the bathroom where she stripped off her shirt and cleaned the wound on her shoulder looking at the damage she sighed as she noticed it would leave a good scar.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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"Who were they?" Rayne snapped as he dragged Anue over to the couch. He forced her down, and then forced off her shirt which was already begining to stain red with blood. Looking at Rayne, Anue noticed his eyes were red.

[I]Oh shit... [/I]she thought.

Taryn spoke now, while Rayne inspected Anue's wound. She winced as his hands touched it, though she was surprised he wasn't rough with her any further. "We don't know. They were females, about 6'0" and maybe 150 lbs. wearing black leather biker outfits and helmets. They were scoping us out at the diner. Anue and I procured their motorcycles, but they got away."

Rayne's fingers trailed along the wound, though now as he worked, Anue could feel no pain. Placing his palm on it, Rayne's hand began to let off a soft, gentle light. A few moments later, the glowing stopped. When Rayne removed his hand, the wound was gone, and not even a scar was left. Taking a deep breath, Rayne spoke again. "Next time you two are out alone, be more careful, alright? I don't want to lose anyone on this team."

Taryn looked down at his feet, his guilt apparent. Anue didn't look too perky either.

"We're sorry." She said. Rayne shrugged. His eyes no longer held that red color, and he smiled. "Can't do anything about it now... What matters is that you're alright."

"Can we keep the bikes?" Anue asked. "They were so nice... We couldn't help it!"

"Tell me you were smart enough to at least park them AWAY from the building?"

"We're not dumbasses!" Anue cried. Rayne's eyebrow lifted, but said nothing in response. "Get some sleep. We have a guest coming over in a few hours. They have information about our next target."
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[SIZE=3][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Century Gothic]It was late, and Damia seemed like she had been away for years. Although that was pretty close to the truth. She had been out on her own, gathering intel for her group. Now, she was back. She flew in and landed on the roof. Using her code, she gained entry to the building. She slowly changed into her human form and walked quietly, since it was pretty late when she got in.

"Rayne? Are you here? We need to talk. It's important." She whispered, trying not to wake the others. They could hear about this tomorrow, or tonight if Rayne decided it was necessary. For now, it was important that he found out what she learned.

[B]OOC: There we go. Sorry for the short post, I just wanted to get my foot in the door before it's too late. Also I wanted you to decide on the important intel, Inu. Unless you need me to come up with it.[/B]
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Rayne emerged from one of the bedrooms, his eyes dropped from being sleepy.

"Welcome back. We had an exciting time... How did you fare?"

"It was eventful. I hav some info on a target."

Stretching and yawning loudly, Rayne sat on the sofa. "Spill."

Damia smiled. "How do you feel about gossipy, blonde, cheerleader type bimbos?"

Rayne blinked in surprise. "Our next target is a demon slut?"

"No. A pack of demon sluts. Apparently, they've been killing for profit lately. They recently got hired to take us out..."

"Taryn and Anue already got attacked by them. They're fine, now. What are these demons doing right now?"

"I don't know. They've been killing all across the country. Their favorite targets are teenagers. I was able to track their whereabouts to a high school in southern California. Recently, there have been a string of strange abductions and dumps. The victims personalities have changed, though everyone beleives it's what happened to them while they were missing that caused this change in them. In truth, they've become monsters who prey on other humans, the human souls trapped within their bodies, forced to obey their masters. Those whom they attack are ripped apart. But, what's weird is that this troupe didn't used to operate like this. They were simple hitmen, or rather, hitwomen. This new change in their methods hints at something bigger than them."

Rayne crossed his arms. "Interesting... I'll agree with you that this seems like a small piece of the big picture. Regardless, we have to deal with them, or they'll keep coming after us, and with 'friends.' I don't like this. It seems someone much higher up than we are has been tracking us."

Rayne closed his eyes, and leaned back on the sofa. "This can wait untill the others wake up. If anything, this was more than likely dropped on the information market to lure us into a trap."

"And we're going to walk right into it?"

"Why not? It'll give us a chance to see what's really going on."
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Syria had been in the bathroom getting dressed when Damia arrived. Syria finished shoving on her black slacks and light blue sweater and emerged from the bathroom. When she saw Damia finish talking to Rayne, she put a hand over her mouth and went back into the bathroom. "It's her! She's back!" Syria whispered to herself. "How long has it been since I actually had a face-to-face conversation with her?" Syria shook her head and started polishing her small glasses. "It doesn't matter now. What's done is done and there's nothing I can do about what happened." Syria left the bathroom again. She wordlessly crossed the living room and went into the kitchen area to get some cereal. She could feel Damia's eye(s) jabbing into the back of her head. [I]I can't take this![/I] Syria screamed in her head. She rushed to the closet and grabbed her jacket, threw open the door and exited. She would go find a bench to sit on or something. [I]I'll suffocate if I stay in there...[/I]
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"Can you guys keep it down, I'd like to sleep for a couple hours." Sitting up from the couch Taryn rubbed his eyes

"Go back to sleep Taryn, I'll fill you in later." That type of courtesy was rare for Rayne meaning the conversation he heard either worried or intrigued him.

Hoping over the edge of the couch he nodded to Damnia, "Is nobody going to go after Syria? Seems like a bad idea with slutty demon cheerleaders running around. She is, afterall, attracted to hot demons." He chuckled at his joke.

"Guess that puts me on it, riding the karma train." Taryn shook his head, Anue rescued him from himself earlier time to repay the favor.

Grabbing his coat he ran out the door hoping Syria didn't get to far down the way. It was about an hour till dawn, no sleep again tonight afterall.
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