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Super Bowl XLV


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  1. 1. NFL Champion Will Be?

    • Pittsburgh Steelers!
    • Green Bay Packers!

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We are getting pretty close to the biggest television event of the year.... may as well get ready by having a team to root for. Don't worry about getting eliminated cause I will edit the polls once we get to the big game, and people will be free to vote again if they pick a team that doesn't make it. Have fun and be a good sport! Edited by CaNz
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[color=royalblue][size=1]Ooof, I'm flashing back to my sophomore year in high school. Bears got to the game. School was filled with people in Bears t-shirts and jerseys and the excitement level was high. Hell, even I got a bit excited.

And they scored the first touchdown! We were all "OMFG YES"

And then we swear that the referees were working against us and we lost terribly. :(

Flash-forward four years to my sophomore year in college. Okay, I'll root for you Bears. Cautiously. I don't want to be hurt again.[/size][/color]
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Out of those teams I like the Steelers and am hoping they dominate the Jets. I cannot stand them (now). Blame all that trash talking. I know that's who they are but I just don't like loud mouths.

And even after all the things the Bears did I'm still cautious of them because it just seem like they're gonna implode, so I'm choosing Packs over them.

Steelers for the whole thing though.
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It is as I feared... Packers have made it to the superbowl... It was closer than I thought but it that's the was it is...
anyways there is plenty of time left to pick a winner! and you bears fans need a new band wagon to jump in.

Well... now that I am stuck with a team that I have an unbridled hatred towards and the steelers... a team tainted by a quarterback that I would much rather see behind bars then in the biggest television event of the year... but that's life...

anyways this means for the first time in my entire life I am rooting for the packers. As much as I hate them for beating my favorite team so much.... I do like Rodgers, and I can't deny that. If they beat the Steelers here... I will denounce my grudge. Edited by CaNz
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My friend moved to Pittsburgh to attend their art school, so naturally she cheers for the Steelers. I don't really follow football, so I could care less. In fact, that's how I am with all sports. Really, I just like being around people when they watch sports. I only get into watching a basketball game or football game or even golf if my friends are psyched. So I'm excited for the Super Bowl merely for the company. I'll root for whoever they do.
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I am just here to escape this awful half time show.
Glad Slash and Usher came in to make it suck less... but whatever....

Anyways keep it up GB. 21 to 10 at the half. Its closer than I hoped, but with Aaron Rodgers playing like he is I know they can do it.

~Hi Gome, enjoy the massive amounts of alien movies! Edited by CaNz
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I agree!

but right now I am just pissed that the packers have dropped two touchdown worthy passes. Luckily they have loads of turnovers in their favor


thanks to everyone who participated,
congratz to: Mistress Duck , Morbo , Cat, Mage17, ME! Edited by CaNz
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